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Storycodes: Solo-F; dreams; fetishes; fantasy; latex; catsuit; sleepsack; bond; straps; hood; gasmask; toys insert; sarcophagus; encased; tormented; sendep; cons; X

Sarah had just found a new fetish website where people talked about their darkest and most extreme fantasies. Having read through some of the long and detailed dreams other people had placed on the site, she set to work writing her own deepest secrets. 

She would split the fantasy over two stories and would go into great detail with everything she wanted. 


Sarah wanted to be covered in thick rubber from head to toe and extremely well bound, before being put in an inescapable carbon fibre sarcophagus which was only just big enough for her to fit in. She would be very well gagged and hooded with a medical collar and neck restraint keeping her from moving her head. A gas mask would be locked over her head. Liquid food and water tubes would enter the gas mask go up her left nostril and into her stomach. The tube would be made from hard rubber and would not bend or fold inside her. She would breath through her right nostril and she wanted just breathing to be horrible. She wanted the air she breathed in to stink and make her gag. So the gas mask would have a long rubber tube going out from the sarcophagus and into a large rubber barrel. The barrel would be filled with something that made every intake of air a nightmare. 

The gas mask would be made from thick rubber and enclose her head perfectly. An even thicker latex bondage hood would be under it with only holes for her nose. The hood would be very tightly laced at the back and padlocked shut. The hood would squeeze her skin and keep the tubes in place. Under the hood was a new type of gag. It was a rubber model with a hole for her tongue, trenches for her teeth, the model could be inflated inside her mouth and the rubber skin was covered in an unbreakable adhesive. The adhesive would join together with her skin as it warmed up to her body temperature.

The inflated gag would be glued to the walls of her mouth. Her teeth would be frozen in the trenches and her tongue would be trapped and locked into the gag. Then her face would be wrapped in electric tape to cover to rubber ball and entomb it inside her mouth. The valve used to inflate the rubber gag could be closed and the pump removed. So the surface of the rubber gag that could be seen between her lips was flat. The valve was pushed into the front of the gag and clicked into place. Layer after layer of tape would be wrapped around her head from the bottom of her chin to her nose. 

Before the tape could be used to enclose her face a couple of things needed to be added. large rubber ear plugs would be driven into her ears. She wanted to be as deaf as possible. Her ears would then be taped over. Wrapped from under the chin and around the top of the head. Making sure the tape lined up with both her ears and covered them. Next up for her was leather blindfold that would be tightly locked over her eyes. It would completely blind her. Once again tape would be wrapped around her head. This time from her forehead down to her end of her nose, so just her nostrils would be seen. Tape would be used to reinforce the gag as it was looped around her head. The tape would enclose her whole head. She would be unable to move her mouth. Talking would be almost impossible.

With her mouth gag, eyes covered and her ears plugged. Her head would be isolated from the rest of the world. She would only have her mind for companionship as the sensory deprivation crushed her soul. Her wanted to become a mindless slave inside the extreme bondage of her dreams. With the gag, ear plugs, blindfold, tape, hood and gas mask. She would become faceless and be dehumanised.

She wanted the same thing to happen to her body as her perfect bondage session was being put in writing. The first thing she put was about her pussy and ass. She would have inflatable rubber bulbs in each one. With a see through harder rubber bubble over both holes. She would need to get rid of waste throughout her time. The rubber bubble allowed a small grip into which her waste could flow. The bubble was joined to her surrounding latex catsuit. It only just covered the area around her pussy and ass. A black rubber tube would be hanging from next to her ass so the waste had somewhere to go. The whole unit would be air and water tight. The inflatable sex toys in her holes would also exit the same way. They would follow the waste tube down into the ground at the base of the sarcophagus. In the area under the sarcophagus would be a giant rubber tank and inside was an air pressure system. The air pressure system was built into the ceiling of the tank and couldn’t be reached by any waste. The system itself was made up of a couple of large canisters and pump and a computer control box. 

The inflatable plugs could be expanded to a painful size or deflated so she could go to the toilet. She wanted to be locked inside a perfect latex catsuit which was thick and without any air pockets. She put all her sizes on the page. She had measurements for every part of her body. She wanted to have a shiny and amazing fitting suit. That would enclose her whole body like a second skin. She even worked out what impact her bondage equipment would have on her suit. 

She wanted to be restrained with thick leather straps that would keep her captive. They would go from her toes and up her sexy body to her neck. The straps would be pulled as tight as possible. She would be strapped at her toes, centre of the foot, heel, ankles, shin(x2), below her knee, above her knee, thigh(x2) and groin. She wanted her arms to be placed down her side and strapped against her body. But before that her hands needed to be made useless. She had designed a new rubber mitten for the job. It was split into an inner and outer glove. The inner glove could fold her fingers over into five small balls. The outer glove had holes built into it for the bend fingers to go into. The outer glove was then inflated and locked on. A d-ring at the end of the rubber mitten would join it to one of the leg straps. 

She would then have her whole body strapped up with her arms being pinned to her sides. She only wanted a small gap between the straps so the catsuit could be seen. All the straps would put pressure on her breathing and movement. Which is just what she wanted. She would have seven straps around her body and still wanted more bondage. She dreamed of overkill. To keep her head and neck completely still she would use a medical brace. The brace was made from harden plastic and covered the dome of her head. It had four poles which had been belted to the sides over her ears. So they would not get in the way of her gas mask or stop her from laying her head down flat. The poles where made from heavy duty steel and had been belted into the massive harden plastic collar she would have locked around her neck. The collar was the size of her neck and had a plastic model sticking out from it. The model went under the whole of her chin and keep it pointing upwards.

She would be unable to move her head from side to side and up and down. The straps would also keep the waste tube in place and compress her enough to be put in the sarcophagus. But her deprived mind wanted the ultimate bondage. Something she would never get out of. Something she couldn’t even move in. She wanted layers of bondage and loved the feeling of being a prisoner with no hope.

That was the first layer of bondage complete and she was wet just thinking about how well bound she would be if it happened to her. But she dreamed of more and kept writing her fantasy onto the increasingly long page. Sarah had a huge rubber/latex fetish and wanted a full body latex sleep-sack. The latex sleep-sack would be made from very thick latex and would be skin tight from the neck down. She wanted the outline her restraints to be clearly seen though the sleep-sack. A zip would run from her neck to her ass, were a hole was made for the waste tube. The zip the hole would be reinforced. The sleep-sack would be locked on and shinned. She would be unable to remove the sleep-sack and it would be so tight the straps would be outlined through the latex. She had one more bit of bondage for stage two of her bondage layers.

A metal pole with two solid metal cuffs at each end. The pole was to kept her from bending her body. One cuff would be put around her feet and the other would lock around her neck. The pole would press into the sleep-sack and had d-rings running along it’s length. When designing the medical head harness and collar, she had planned for this new bondage device. At the base of the collar was a gap just big enough for this cuff to fit. She loved how the second layer of bondage would work with the first layer. The pole would keep her in a pencil shape at all times. The sleep-sack added to her fetish for latex and made reaching any strap impossible.

Sarah was rubbing her pussy as her dreams continued to flow down onto the web page. With the first two layers done, it was time to be put in the sarcophagus. She would be put onto the lower half of the shell. Which she would only just fit in. After being lined up and the waste tube bring pulled through a hole in the base of the sarcophagus and joined to the tank in the floor. Chains were used to lock the metal pole to d-rings build into the walls of the sarcophagus. A long chain was pulled through on both sides and padlocked all the way down. She was now locked into the sarcophagus and unable to move her body more than an inch. 

The top half was lowered onto her as her latex layers squeezed. The tube for the gas mask was feed through a hole and the lid was closed. On the outside of the sarcophagus on both the upper and lower shells were modules sticking out. The modules matched up and large padlocks closed them for as long as needed. The gas mask was lined up with its food, air and water supports. 

With that done it was time to add torture to the programme. The tank her air come from was filled with a horrible smelling mix of odours and she would struggle to get air through the layers of bondage. The inside of her latex catsuit had been filled with itching powder and horse hair to drive her mad. The pumps in her pussy and ass could leave her stretched and gapping. The skin of the sarcophagus was lined with heating strips so she would really sweat. It was also possible to unlink the waste tube and have some more fun by joining the waste tube up to a torture device. Sarah called it the box. The large hard see through plastic box could be filled with stuff and used to torture her pussy and ass. The tubes for her inflatable sex toys could also be unlinked at the some point in the tube. But the sex toys would have to stay deflated or inflated to the max. A stand could also be placed in the box. She wanted options for the torture. Electrics, stimulation, ants, suction and needles.

All of that would attack her sex holes and drive her mad. Her bondage dream was finished and so was she. She wanted the isolation and the layers of inescapable bondage. It was a massive turn on for her. So she did another story with her deepest nightmares turned into a fantasy. She saw how much people loved her fetish dreams over the next few months as she got feedback on them. Then one night a loud bang made her open her eyes. She was no longer in her flat, but tied up in the boot of a car speeding along. She had headphones taped into her ears as she struggled in her hogtie. Her story echoed into her ear drum as she moaned into her duct tape gag. Her dreams are about to come truth. 



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