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by MyBootGirl

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Storycodes: M/f; latex; bond; rimming; oral; anal; toys; cons; X

There was still time before you arrived and I wanted to make sure everything was ready.

The clothes were all set out on the bed: the clear latex babydoll, thin black latex opera length gloves, latex stockings with suspender belt and of course the favourite strappy sandals with those killer stiletto heels. Everything was shiny black, apart from the babydoll. I was already getting hard at the thought of what was to come especially when I moved to the other accessories.

The small nipple clamps were a simple affair, a slider making them grip, and a chain between them, it would look good under your see through latex top, your nipples aroused and taut. I try to push those thoughts out of my mind for now, it will look so much better in the flesh.

Next is the inflatable vibrating plug, something we hadn't tried before, but an interestingly kinky addition to our erotic games. It could be used in either hole but I knew where I wanted it to go. By the time I'd done I just knew you would be begging for more!

And the final item, a black PVC padded blindfold, for that extra super sensory dimension.

I check the dvd player, our favourite kinky video all set to go, just to add to the sexy atmosphere, always fading into the background as we get more into our games.

The scarves are already tied to the four posts of the bed, just waiting for your lovely limbs to be embraced and secured.

I look at the note I've left one more time - Hi Rach, you have half an hour to prepare yourself, put on the clothes on the bed, attach the clamps, nice and hard mind, and put on the blindfold. Don't be tempted to make yourself cum, because I shall know and have to punish you and that bottom of yours. Don't forget to turn the video on and wait for my arrival. Andy XXX

All seems in order and I add another log to the fire, not that we'll need any extra heat.

The anticipation is high and my mind is racing as I leave the room and make my way to the lounge.

A short time later I hear your car pull up on the drive and I quickly slip out of the back door and look through the window as you come through the front door.

You look stunning, having obviously gone to a lot of effort to ooze sexuality. Your tight short red dress, barely covers your bum and your legs disappear into some devilishly sexy spike heeled ankle boots, also in red. Your blonde hair frames your lovely face as a look of confusion spreads over it.

You shout my name, but receive no reply and head through to the bedroom, assuming I am asleep.

I race around to the bedroom window, just in time to see you reading my note. A big smile appears on your face and you toy with the clothes, just wondering what will happen when the waiting is over.

You suddenly glance a the clock, its just after 8, so you have until 8:30 to get ready. I see you thinking, as though you are trying to decide what to do first, which delicious garment to slip onto your body, to grip you tight in latex.

First you remove your dress, revealing your breasts, straining in their sexy bra, nipples hard and needing attention, and right on cue you give them a tweak, a hint of a moan escaping your lips. I notice with a smile that you are not wearing panties, and I'm almost sure that that I can see a glisten to your naked sex. But for a moment you turn and bend over to tackle the buckles on your sexy boots. I'm so aroused now, such an amazing sight in front of me. It almost seems a shame that you are removing them, and just when I'm thinking this you stop, as though you have read my mind and remove your bra instead.

So there you are in all your glory, teetering in your little ankle boots. You move to the bed and pick up the nipple clamps and ease one on to your left nipple. You slide it tighter, nice and slowly, as if savouring its increasing grip. Your head rolls back as you give the clamp a final push, your nipple taking the pressure and deepening in colour as it stands proud. You give the chain a pull to test its hold, and proceed with the right… Same process, nice and tight, you seem to be getting into this and a flushed look is on your face.

Next you pick up the babydoll and slip it over your head, pulling it down over your body, feeling it caress your skin and grip your breasts, straining and stretching the erotic material. Your eyes close and I notice your hand creeping towards the apex of your legs. For a moment you lose yourself and a solitary finger traces the line of your damp lips, your mouth open now, a definate moan escaping. You catch yourself before you go any further, intent on completing your sexy new look.

At this point you remember the video, and walk over to the TV cabinet, your hips swinging as you go, latex swishing  about your body, I'm loving every moment…

The film starts and as the titles are rolling, you return to the bed and pick up one of the gloves. It has been talced to ensure it slides on easily, as have the other garments. You ease it onto your left arm and squeeze out the air, and do the same with the right. It's beautifully shiny and just adds to your erotic look. Finally you bend down again to remove the boots so you can frame your legs in tight shiny black latex. It's cold outside but I can't feel anything apart from a throbbing between my legs. It's difficult not to rush in now, but it will be worth the wait.

The stockings roll on and you slip on the sussie belt and attach. The image is almost complete and you already look stunning. You turn and take the the strappy sandals. I can see you thinking, and you decide the boots are best, a good contrast to the black latex stockings. I think that you have probably made the right decision, but make a mental note that you have not followed the instructions so a few extra slaps on your arse are in order later.

The look is complete and I'm in heaven looking through the window, but 10 minutes still to go and there is still the blindfold to go on. Your outfit complete you are feeling supremely sexual, you catch sight of yourself in the mirror and love the look and feel you now have, caressing your body to take it all in and enhance the sensations now coursing through your body.

There is now some action on the screen and it has caught your attention. Laying back on the bed you study it for a while, checking the clock, you have some time… The DVD in play is now focusing its action on a bed. Three women in heels and lingerie are on the bed and one appears to be in charge. She is asking the other two if they have been touching themselves against her orders. They fail to convince and first one and then the other is bent over and a spanking is administered with lots of caressing and touching in between. As you watch you can't resist moving a gloved hand between your legs, the touch of the latex electric on your smooth sex. You are drifting away, probing fingers inside you and rubbing your excited clitoris. You are building to climax, the images on the screen, the sexy gear and the thought of the fun to come all playing on your mind. I can see you going past the point of no return, you are frantically rubbing at yourself, unable to control your desires. Bucking suddenly you reach a fabulous climax, grinding on to enhance and prolong the orgasm.

So that is the second rule broken, however delicious it was to watch and however close to bursting I am, you will have to pay, albeit in an enjoyable way.

As I move away to enter the house once more and continue the fun, I see you slipping on the blindfold and settling on the bed to wait for the next exciting chapter…

I walk up to the bedroom, the door is open and I stare ahead at the latex goddess on the bed. It's you laying there, a stunning vision, flushed, hot and wet, just waiting for me. I just wonder at how lucky at am to have you here fulfilling my/our desires. I can barely resist the temptation to give up the game and just take you right there and then, such is my passion. But we have plenty of time for that later and it would be a shame to break out of the game, just when it is set up so well. So I watch a little more while removing my clothes. My bulging manhood is finally released, standing proud from its shaven base, straining just a little more then normal. How I hold back I do not know.

I had hardly noticed the DVD still playing, even though the sound is on quite high. There are moans and groans coming form the screen, two women engaged in a 69, the third probing the arsehole of her mistress. You can't see this of course, but the sounds are just adding to the sexual atmosphere filling the room. I can see how worked up you are and noticed your right hand moving down once more to your yearning wetness. It's time to speak, "What do you think you are about to do?!"

You jump at the sound of my voice your hand moves away, not reaching its target.

"Don't think I haven't seen you playing already my naughty little rubber slut!"

I move over to you and onto the bed, I have to kiss your mouth, sucking your tongue into mine, holding it, playing with it. My hands move all over you, savouring the mix of skin and latex, your hands over me, latex tugging at my skin, fingers, toying with my arse. The see through latex giving barely restricted view and access to your excited breasts and nipples. I pull on the chain to test their grip.

You hands grip my passion and stroke up and down its length, feeling your sightless way. I stop you for a moment, my heat threatening to boil over with excitement. I have a pressing need to look into your eyes, to savour the passion burning there, to connect in a very deep way, the way in which we both acknowledge the deep desires that are raging inside us. I have never seen quite such a look as tonight, and it confirms to me how much you are into our game. Again it is so difficult not to simply get carried away, but I resist and with a smile replace the blindfold.

Now for the next part of the game. I quickly turn you over and pull over a couple of pillows to place under your stomach. Now to tie you down. I place your hands above your head, tie them together and then to the posts at the top of the bed. Your face is buried in the silk sheets. Your bottom is sticking out, fully exposed to my gaze, my favorite look for a woman, so sexual and open. I trace my fingers down your back, the babydoll riding up. Down over your arse cheeks, and then suddenly a smack to the right cheek, not too hard, but enough for an imprint of my cupped hand to show, you yelp a little. Quickly now one to the left, with this time more of a groan escaping your mouth. Thoughts of a gag enter my dirty mind but I have other things to do, and this will keep for another time maybe.

I push your legs open wider, tying around the knees to the top posts and around your sexy boots to the bottom posts. Now you are spread wide, fully exposed and cannot do anything about it. I know you don't want to. Now for a mixture of a little painful spanking and pleasure all rolled into one.

I haven't touched your sex yet, especially your little pleasure button. I run my hands up your latex clad legs, enjoying the sensation and the visual impact they make. I know you will be feeling it more then me, the tight material enhancing your sight deprived senses. "Im going to be punishing you now Rach, and it will be worse than I had intended, you broke the rules twice".

Your response indicates you are getting into the role more than I had hoped… "but I havent done anything wrong sir" …and my arousal goes off the scale. "So whats that wetness on your gloves my dirty girl?" A well placed slap over the join of your buttocks silences a response, just another yelp.

I reach over for the inflatable dildo and pull it down between your bum cheeks, stopping slightly at your sensitive rosebud hole, just long enough to make you think, that that is where it might be going. But move down further, that pleasure is for later, when you'll want it more than you ever thought you would. It slips into your sex easily, you are so wet, almost dripping in your lust. You are moaning now, wanting more than this, needing a release. I inflate for a few pumps and you start to feel full up, a horny feeling you hadn't experienced before. I turn on the vibrations and you jerk a little. Still nothing touching your clit, passion rising still higher.

I start to spank you in earnest now, your sweet sex full and taking your mind off the sting and warmth spreading through your cheeks. I pause for a moment, and just lightly rub your button. The effect is like a shock, your try to grind on my fingers, getting so close to cumming, but not close enough. I remove my hand and continue to spank your bottom.

Your poor bottom now has a healthy glow, the heat spreading into your enflamed sex, pushing your desire further and further. I trace a fresh hand print, and then slowly move to your quivering rosebud hole. It needs some attention, and preparation. I kiss and lick your painful buttocks savouring the smoothness, before gliding my tongue down between them and hitting home on your secret place. The little moans coming from you betray what you want, my tongue gradually working into your tightness, probing and opening you. All the time the incessant vibrations from the dildo are working you into a frenzy. Your erogenous zones being over stimulated.

Your little hole is open now and lubricated by my tongue. I deflate the dildo inside your sex and pull it out. I slowly move it up, so slippery, coated in your sex juices, and place it at your other opening. Surprisingly you push back, wanting it inside you. Something seems to have clicked inside you, self control disappeared, "Oh push it in sir, fuck me with it fuck me now” the desperate need clear in your voice, the dildo slides home and I inflate it, filling your behind, the vibrations working in a different spot.

"Oh I'm going to fuck you my sexy rubber slut, you are my rubber slut aren't you?"

"Oh please sir, fuck your rubber slut, I need you inside me, inside your rubber slut… "

You really are coming on better than I ever imagined, my own passion beyond previous limits.

I release and roll down your left stocking, enough to expose most of your thigh. I lick and tongue from the bottom to the top, getting ever nearer your dripping sex. I know you want my tongue there, almost as much as you need my cock there. All in good time, I want you at an even higher peak… I skirt the edge of your sex lips, you are trying to guide me to full contact, but not yet.

Finally I lick all along your opening, dipping inside you, tasting your wetness, and then flicking your button with my tongue tip. Once more you buck and writhe trying to bring yourself off, desperate to do so. I can hold on no longer, and bring the head of my throbbing cock to your pulsing cunt, and push the end inside. You groan loudly and push back hard, your bondage giving you just enough leeway, filling yourself with my sex. "Oh fuck me fuck me!" you shout as you continue to push backwards and forwards. I turn the dildo vibrations to full, so I can feel the vibrations too, and start to thrust in unison with you, going even deeper inside you.

It won't take long, the passion too high, our desires for release too strong, "fuck me rubber slut", as we grind together. I bring my hand to your clit and press home. This is just too much, you go over the edge, straining in your bonds, shuddering as you go faster and faster… taking me over the edge with you, a huge climax building inside me, before exploding into your twitching sex. You cum again and again as we spiral into near unconsciousness from the sheer pleasure pulsing through us.

I release you, and we entwine our limbs together, your blindfold removed, the spent passion burning in your eyes, reflecting my own. We kiss long and slow… fantasies fulfilled, post orgasmic bliss descending. "We so have to do that again!" you say, "but can you turn off the dildo and take it out please!"… we laugh long and hard as I do as you ask, turn off the long forgotten video and slide back into your arms.

We had drifted off into a deep fulfilled sleep, the passion subsided for a while. My mind becomes full of ideas for further play and I open my eyes as my throbbing dick pulses back into life. I glance at you sleeping peacefully, and smiling, slowly moving off the bed to look back at you. You look stunning still, the only thing out of place your still rolled down latex stocking. So there you are sleeping in your sexy boots, incredible how you've taken to this so soon.

Time to put some of my ideas into practice. First off is to gently restore your bonds, hopefully without waking you. It seems that you are more drained from the first encounter as I manage to fully tie you. So once more you are helpless, at my whim. Just how I like you!

My hardness is driving me more urgently now, your mouth looking so seductive in your sleep. It's time to wake you up and I have a great way to do it.

I move up the bed and straddle you above your straining breasts. My cock is hovering above your face and I slowly rub it across your lips. They part slightly and I can't resist the urge to push inside a little. A little precum just oozes out as I withdraw, and I see your tongue snake out and taste it, your eyes flicking open. You soon realise your predicament and pull at your bonds, all to no avail. Now for the fun, a truly new definition for prick tease, this time its mine and I'm teasing you. My hardness is above your mouth and you want it in that mouth of yours. The only problem is you just can't reach it. Your head lifts off the bed as you chase the prize, your tongue is outstretched for some extra reach. "Lick the end!" I tell you and you gladly lick the head, your reward some more clear love juice.

"I'm going to fuck your mouth slut, how'd you like that?"

"Oh please sir, give it to me, please fuck my mouth… " you beg. I quickly slide inside, filling your mouth and hitting your surprised throat. And then pull out, feeling you sucking and grabbing with your tongue to try and keep me inside. You moan out loud, this is so frustrating for you. I reach back and test your wetness, oh you are so wet again, betraying once more how much this is turning you on.

I now start sliding back into your mouth, giving you what you need, feeling you working on me again, your expert mouth filling me with raging desire. I increase my pace and start to fuck your mouth, slowly at first, but building speed. It feels so good and you are moaning at how little control you have. Despite having just your mouth available to pleasure me, you are doing an amazing job and I have to fight the urge to shoot into you right there and then. But that would be too soon, I pull out, again your mouth chasing after what you seem to think is all yours.

I turn around my arse now facing you, and you know what to do, your tongue finding its target easily, if you can't have cock then my arsehole will have to do and you start to work your way inside. This feels so hot and I have to reward you. I lean forward, pushing my hole further onto you, wanting you as deep as possible, while using my own tongue to lick your wetness. Your hips lift as much as the bonds will allow, forcing your sex into my face. You taste so sweet as I lick along you, finding your button standing proud, begging to be sucked and probed. I can hear your groans, echoing my own.

I lift for a moment and push my engored tool back into your waiting mouth. I start fucking you again, all the time tasting, licking and tonguing your enflamed sex. I can feel myself starting to lose control once more and can fight it no longer, wanting to unload my seed into your waiting throat, just imagining it, firing me to new heights of pleasure. I can feel you bucking beneath me as your own climax begins to build. I'm on a different world now, concentrating on bringing you off, my own thrusting cock almost forgotten apart from the huge build up of amazing sensations your hungry mouth is creating, sensations that are spreading through my body. I must be in your throat time after time, thrusting harder and harder, until the inevitable peak is reached. I can feel my climax shooting out of me as I suck you hard, your orgasm pulsing in my mouth. I shout as I release into you, pulling back enough so you can taste me properly, as you are greedliy sucking me down.

We keep sucking and licking, savouring the latest big climax, not wanting it to end…

Finally I raise myself off you and smile back at you, reaching down for a taste of each other as we kiss passionately, tongues swirling, wanting each other still so much. I have further plans for you yet and this time I don't release you from your bondage. You are looking back at me as I stand at the bottom of the bed, a smile on your face, echoing the one on my own, but perhaps there is a a hint of mischievousness in mine. And rightly so because I'm planning to take you on a ride you won't ever forget…

I drink in your vision, latex clad sexy slut, tied and at my whim. I can't wait to put things into place and the first thing to do is to restore your blindfold. You look at me questioningly as I start to pull the blindfold down, but I ask you to trust me, "You're going to enjoy this baby, believe me."

I realise that the nipple clamps are still on your poor tortured nipples and make a mental note to release them at some point, because that will be such a sweet pain to combine with the pleasure that will soon be building up inside you. I look down on you once more, helpless and in my control. Time to move on.

I go to the cupboard and remove another inflatable vibrating dildo, so now we have two. To start I reinsert the first into your still well lubed arsehole, a moan coming from your lips as I pump it hard filling you up. The vibrations are set to high and thats how they'll stay. Next I insert the new addition to your dripping sex, your hips rising as much as the bonds allow to welcome this intruder. Once again I pump hard and set the vibrations going. Now for the final addition, a small vibrator, shaped in a square with ties on each corner. I place it right on your swollen sensitive clit and tie it around the tops of your legs and turn it on, standing back to observe the effect it has on you, as you start to writhe, the incessent vibrations in your holes and on your sweet spot driving you rapidly towards the first of what will be many orgasms.

I place a new dvd in the machine, one of our favourites, and then fetch the headphones from the lounge. I run the lead from the player and carefully place them over your ears, but not before telling you, "Right baby, just enjoy yourself, I'm just going to take a shower… "

"Oh God Andy, you're gonna leave me like this????" you shout, just as the first orgasm hits home and you moan loudly as I walk away.

You don't know whether I'm there or not, the sounds of sex filling your ears and your eyes in darkness, senses focused on the vibrations and fullness between your legs. I watch for a short time from the doorway as your second orgasm hits home, so quickly after the first, your body shuddering at the massive hit this is giving you, continual moans escaping your mouth. Again I think of gagging you, but I love to hear you. I'm wondering what is going through your mind and look forward to asking you about it later. But for now it's time for that shower, and it ought to be a cold one because I am so hot right now, my cock needing release.

The shower is powerful and I love the hot jets hitting my body, all the time my thoughts on the bedroom, where I know wave after wave of orgasms is hitting your body, your mind unable to think of anything else but the next orgasm, wanting it, needing it.

I take my time, slowing drying myself, before heading back to you, cock already back to its peak, ready to have some fun with my latex slut. The sight of you is amazing. Every inch of skin not covered in latex is sheened in sweat, it's running off you, your body quivering and then lurching into a bucking motion. You fall still for a moment and all I can hear is the buzzing sounds of the three pleasure givers. I'm concerned for a moment before your hips start moving once more, unable to control yourself, urging on the next climax.

I move onto the bed, you're oblivious to my presence, lost in your world of pleasure. You are moaning and mumbling incoherently, "Fuck, yes, fuck me, oh, oh, fuck, fuck my cunt, mmmmmm, fuck my ass, mmmmm fuck , mmmmmmm" and a loud groan, another orgasm hits, and you strain against your bonds so hard I think they may break. They hold firm. I move my cock to your mouth and stop it groaning. I've never seen you this hungry for cock in your mouth, you eat it up as I thrust in hard, straight into your throat and begin to thrust. You can't get enough and yet another orgasm surges through you as you move your head up and down wanting me deep inside you. I know I'm not going to last long, I so want to shoot into your mouth and I can feel my own orgasm building. I reach behind me and feel under the latex babydoll for the chain of the nipple clamps and start to pull.

Your nipples are straining, pulled even tauter, my thrusting cock plunging in and out of your greedy fuck mouth, the sex noises in your ears, your arsehole filled and pulsing, your cunt full and throbbing, your clit twitching like never before. Oh I'm coming in you baby, into your mouth, you're coming off again and I pull the clamps off your swollen nipples, the blood surging back into them, they are on fire but mixed with the roaring orgasm and the cum and cock in your mouth it pushes you to the biggest climax so far, taking you somewhere you've never been before, you are perfectly still, temporarily your senses are overloaded, mind shut down.

I quickly remove the three sources of delight and untie your bonds, just as you start to stir. I remove the blindfold and the source of sound, your eyes burning so bright staring into mine. "You bastard! What have you done to me?" you shout.

"Who me?" I reply.

"Whatever is was, you better do it again, that's better than any drug!" and we collapse into each others arms laughing and kissing, before drifting into a very satiated slumber……



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