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Fantasy or Reality?

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2007 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; bond; toys; cons; X

Fantasy or Reality ? A short description of some simple latex and bondage fun.

Saturday night is our night for indulging our sexual fantasies. We have been sexual partners for many years and we have tried many things. I learned that my favorite fantasies involved latex clothing and bondage. So this is a description of one of those fantasies (or is it reality?).

This past Saturday was my turn and we start early. I tell her to undress in front of me, which she does with great skill. I resist the temptation to jump her right there as I have more interesting plans for the evening.

Having undressed I now tell her to dress completely in latex. It is her choice what to wear (up to a point, as we will see), but she must be covered entirely in latex clothes.

She walks to the wardrobe and pulls out the toy trunk. I watch her rummage through deciding what to wear. After about 15 minutes she has made her choice and the show starts.

I love watching her dress in latex outfits, the sense of arousal from seeing her pull on the tight rubber garments, the sounds and smells are intoxicating.

She first pulls on a pair of red latex split crotch panties. These are high waisted and help to flatten her already small waist line. She follows with a red bra and red garter belt, both in shiny latex. The bra has little bumps on the inside that help to arouse her.

To get my juices flowing she as also selected her corset. This is in red and black rubber with lace fringes. I love this and she knows that I do. She needs my help to cinch it tightly and I am happy to oblige. Once properly laced up it narrows her waist incredibly and pushes up her small breasts in a most alluring manner. Being close to her to help lace the corset, the smell of the rubber, and her appearance almost causes a major loss of self-control. But I hold out.

The next items are a pair of black stockings. These are so very long, right up to the top of the thighs and then hooked to the garter belt. I watch her crotch as she pulls up the stockings. She follows these with a pair of black elbow gloves and gives me a little twirl to show that phase one is over.

Phase two begins as she pulls on her black thigh length boots, the only non-latex item she will wear tonight (the boots are leather). I think the boots turn me on as much as anything in our perverse little collection. As she knows this, she takes some extra time to put them on making sure I see and hear every movement. The latex she has on makes small squeaking sounds as she rubs her arms and legs together pulling on the boots.

With the boots now zipped up, she stands and steps into a calf length, black hobble skirt. She pulls this up and once in place she can only take small, restricted steps. She also puts on a red blouse with long sleeved arms. (You can tell we like red and black latex!). She is now covered in shiny latex (and leather boots) as commanded, with the exception of her head.

I congratulate her on her wardrobe selection but her choices are now at an end. As I said earlier, I get to choose one or two items myself. As her head is bare, this seems the place to start.

I take a black hood that has eye and nose holes and a pump gag attached. She pulls this on and we make sure the gag is firmly in her mouth and inflate it. Gagged women are a major turn-on for me, it's something about the small noises they make when they get aroused with the gag in. Over the hood we pull a black rubber gas mask and her latex ensemble is complete. (Just in case anyone asks we take EXTREME care to ensure proper breathing is allowed. We use a coded sequence of noises and/or physical signals which mean "get me out of this, fast!").

Of course, being dressed from head to toe in black and red latex is only the beginning of the evenings pleasures for her (and for me).

I take several pieces of rope and proceed to firmly restrain her. First her wrists are tied behind her back and then her elbows are cinched together. This causes some grunting behind her gag which I can only assume are complaints. As a result her ankles and knees are tied equally tightly. For good measure I give the gag a couple more pumps. The grunting subsides.

She now lies on our bed propped up against some pillows. As I have a captive :-) audience, I decide to allow her some fun. First though I take her favorite dildo and push it up between her thighs and up into her crotch. Between the hobble skirt and ropes she cannot really dislodge it, but to make sure I take more rope and firmly tie her legs and upper body to the bed. She is now totally immobilized.

I turn on the dildo and the reaction is immediate. She cannot really move but her thighs and buttocks begin a twitchy little dance and despite the pumped up gag in her mouth she starts to grunt and moan.

Next I undress in front of her. I then pull on some latex items of my own. As she is the submissive one tonight, I limit my choices to a pair of briefs, a tee-shirt and some short gloves. I do however, love wearing a gas mask so I pull one of those on too.

I take plenty of time doing this and make sure she gets a long view of all the important features. This plus the dildo are working a magical effect on her. The grunts and moans from behind the gag have gradually subsided to whimpers and I am pretty certain she has had at least one orgasm.

To start the rest of the evening off I lay down next to her and begin playing with her breasts. The further stimulation provokes a new outburst of moans and much struggling against the ropes.

This amusement goes on for some time involving various parts of her body and mine, some ice cubes and various other toys. It ends with her at a peak of sexual excitement, but exhausted and me equally excited and raring to go.

I turn off the dildo and untie her. She almost melts as the ropes come off, I'm certain she is sweating off pounds under all that latex she is wearing.

But now she works on me. I want her to remain gagged so she can only use her gloved hands. Of course, given the state I am already in it takes her about 30 seconds before I lose it all. Still that's ok, this is just the start.

I tell her that she must go downstairs and bring up some ice cold drinks. She makes her way slowly down to the kitchen, remember she has spike heeled thigh high boots and a hobble skirt on. I follow just to watch her ass wiggle as she takes the tiny steps allowed by the skirt. It takes a little while
longer than usual to make the drinks as she has to do it in her latex gloves which are now pretty much filled with sweat. She carries the drinks back to the bedroom.

As a final torture I leave her gagged while I finish my drink. I know the mouth filling rubber gag must be driving her crazy by now. It's a couple of ours
since the fun began.

Taking my time I take off her gas mask, deflate the gag and remove the hood. Freed at last from these restrictive devices she kisses me passionately. She is now free from my whims. Quickly she takes off the hobble skirt and the latex blouse, however she leaves the gloves, stockings, corset, bra, panties and boots on.

She asks me to put my gas mask back on and I am only too happy to do so. Then, still dressed in a very sexy latex outfit, she just screws the hell out of me! Afterward she promises her revenge for the tight bondage and a couple of hours in the latex outfit will be very sweet. I can hardly wait for next Saturday night!

Fantasy or Reality.... Only you can decide.



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