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by Seneca

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Storycodes: F+/m; D/s; femdom; maid; machine; enema; latex; suit; hood; bodymod; tv; enslave; oral; climax; cons; X

I had roamed the streets of the city for hours. It was evening by now and, despite being summer, the atmosphere turned already dark. The sky was covered in clouds and the smell of rain hung in the air.

Wearing a long black PVC-Mac didn't surprise anybody. As a gleaming black figure I walked the streets of my town. Today I decided to wear a latex body with long sleeves and a zipper at the crotch. A noble looking latex jeans and rubber boots completed my outfit. To stay as calm as possible I had decided to go without an exciting anal plug, still the approaching appointment excited me very much. My painfully erect member was looking for a way to escape his already wet latex prison.

Surely you want to know why I am here, well then. About three weeks ago I answered to an advertisement in a well-known fetish magazine. Granted many of you don't believe in these advertisements but I thought, "Why don't I give it a try?" The text said that she was dominant and good-looking woman in search of a TV maid for full domestication. Often I dreamed of being trained as a TV maid, but I never believed this would happen to me. So I sat down and wrote a letter to the unknown lady immediately. You can imagine my surprise when I received a letter merely a week later.

It took only a few letters of her and in my eagerness I signed a slave contract with the unknown lady, without having seen her. In it I handed my body and my own free will over to her. Two days later the telephone rang. A warm voice with a deep timbre asked me if I was ready to leave my current life behind. Certainly I was ready.

What did I get out of my life until today?

I met several nice girls. However, most of them weren't able to deal with my TV-inclinations. They were looking for somebody with a strong hand, who took the decisions out of their hands, takes away their doubts; as was I. Once I really thought I had a streak of luck. She was attractive and her friends and acquaintances knew her as a lesbian. At first she didn't notice me at all. But when we went to a s/m party and she saw me dressed up as a girl in latex, with high heeled, thigh high boots and long hair, this changed. For three months I shared my dream with her then she told me she had found another guy - great lesbian. Since then I thought everything was lost. Until now.....

Her instructions were explicit: I was not to wear any textiles and I should meet her at 9 p.m. at the Cafe 'Ambiente'; it was time to direct my steps into that direction.

I sat down at an empty table for two and ordered a pot of coffee with much sugar. My thoughts circled around my possible future. I was supposed to quit my work at the medium sized forwarding agency. What could I expect? Maid duties with a mistress or another disappointment on my long way? I stared into the milk clouds in my coffee.

"May I take this seat?"

The voice, warm and dark but full of energy tore me from my thoughts. When I looked up my cheek-musculature dislodged and my jaw fell on the table. Petrified I absorbed her appearance: She had an exciting figure with luscious breasts and wide hips, it was covered in a metallic-blue minidress with stand-up collar. Underneath a corset's *bars* stood out which gave her a wasp-like figure. Black PVC boots, that disappeared under the hem of her dress, stressed her already erotic appearance. A rhine-stone collier with matching earrings and a belt made of chromium rings (which reminded me a bit of hand cuffs) rounded off the picture. Her features were noble. The nose was small and her eyes were large almond-shaped emeralds. Her full, glossy, red lips hinted about pleasures every man would want to taste - at any price. Her black hair cascaded down her back like a tidal wave. She shows me a bright smile and I can see her immaculately white teeth.

"Hello, may I take this seat?" she asked me a second time.

Finally I am able to shake off my paralyzation.

"Yes, certainly. May I take your coat?" I ask as I notice the dark blue PVC coat in her hand.

Without a word she hands it to me. As our hands meet, I can feel her hand is coated in rubber too. Hurriedly I hang the coat on the wardrobe. Meanwhile I have the opportunity to scan the cafe. The people are quiet and all stares are resting on the lady.

As I return to my seat, the waiter has already taken her orders.

"I am Isabelle and you have to be Peter - correct?"

I nod, still feeling a little off kilter.

"I like your appearance, with a little effort we can prepare you nicely for your job."

While speaking she touches my cheek with her rubber-clad hand. I close my eyes and sigh softly. Are my dreams really coming true?

Whack. A slap on my check brings me back to reality. Her voice is sharp, the previous warmth blown away - her features show her disapproval with my actions. Her body language is threatening.

"If I am supposed to be your Mistress, you must respect me at all times by looking into my eyes when I talk to you - did I make myself clear?"

"Yes Milady, you are absolutely right. Please forgive me."

"Alright, this once I will forgive you. But be warned - in the future you will be severely punished for your bad habits. You wrote in your letters, that you would like to be a TV-Maid. Are you sure to do this 'til the end of your days? Think of it seriously, because when we complete your education you will not be able to fit into any social niche. We will alter your body irrevocably to make it suitable for serving my needs. You have no say in which clothes you will wear and there are no textiles at my home. What do you say?"

My mind was a jumble. Transformation in my dreams was fine but permanent changes to my body sounded really dangerous. On the other hand the situation excited me. So the decision had been made before she had posed the question. My penis was hard and I tried to rub it inconspiciously at the table. However, Lady Isabelle glared at me coldly so I stopped abruptly.

"Yes Milady. I want to take your offer. I want to serve you and be transformed so I can serve you in the best way possible."

"So it shall be. Now follow me to your new destiny." She said and paid the bill, adding a large tip.

Wordlessly I helped her into her coat and she left the cafe with a regal aura. Silently I adored her wonderful figure and imagined looking like that.

She guides her steps towards a large American car. Almost overzealous the chauffeur opened the door to the back of the sedan. His uniform glistens under the light of the street illumination. The drizzle gathers on his PVC jacket and creates streamlets down to his latex pants. Rubber riding boots finish the picture. We sit down in the back which is totally covered in latex and intoxicating aroma assaults our nostrils.

I squeak as I slide across the bench. Lady Isabelle, however, gracefully avoids making noise as she sits down. The tinted windows of the limo prevent prying eyes from looking in but also keep me from seeing where we go. Lady Isabelle presses a hidden button and the bar opens.

"What do you want to drink, Peter?"

My throat is dry as parchment and I realize I am thirsty.

"Just orange juice, please! What may I serve you, milady?"

"Prepare a sherry for me!"

Carefully I pick out a longdrink glass and a snifter. Slowly I fill the sherry glass first, then mine. Milady takes the sherry out of my hands and toasts.

"Your new name is Michelle and you will be trained to become my personal maid. Welcome to our society!"

"Thank you very much, milady," I reply and drink hastily from my glass. She doesn't drink.

"Well, the first thing that will change for you, my sweet Michelle is your morning routine. Before your final preparations you have to complete the test period successfully. For you this means getting up early and to prepare everything for me."

"Yes milady." I feel strangely tired and I can't suppress a yawn. My eyelids become heavy and eventually close.

"Sleep well, my sweet Michelle," says milady and tenderly caresses my head. "The next days will be exhausting for you."

Meanwhile the limousine heads for a large country residence. Peter's or better Michelle's drugged body is carried into the house. She cannot see the muscular figures, dressed in full rubber suits who carry her through the hall into the elevator to lay her down on her bed in her new domicile.

Slowly I awake. The last moments in the limousine flash by. Milady didn't drink her sherry so I conclude all drinks of the bar were spiked. "Very well," I think, "you asked for it, now it's too late to complain."

Carefully I open my eyes. Darkness.

"Where is the light switch?" I say, more to myself than expecting an answer.

"There is no light switch." A soft female voice replies.

I cannot make out the location of the voice. I stop trying to examine the layout of the room in the dark.

"Who are you?"

"I am the house computer, Michelle."

"And what are your duties?" I ask totally dumbfounded.

"I control the rooms. Extensive sensor arrays are scattered throughout the premises. There is almost no room hidden from my view. I make sure all servants do their duty correctly. Silly, your file says you like science fiction, thus you should have known what my duties are."

"So you are this mansion's computer?"

"Please call me Fairy. They all do."

"Fairy - light!"

"You are not very polite. But you are new, alas: Light it shall be!"

Slowly the light increased and revealed more and more of my surroundings. My respect regarding the furnishing and the software grew. In front of my eyes the room takes on shape. The walls are covered in light red rubber. The light seems to originate from behind the rubber as the light takes on a bright rose color. A large built-in cupboard makes one side of the room. It shines in a deep black. When I touch the surface with my hand, I feel it has to be padded with foam rubber. Very pleasant. All the other furniture, bed, chairs and vanity is padded the same way. I notice that I am naked.

"Michelle, I have to prepare you for your duties now."

"What does that mean, will I receive lessons from you?"

"This is only partially correct. Yes, you will get lessons, but not from me. Additionally you have to be prepared. One of the maids will help you with dressing that's something I can't do. Please go into the bathroom you have to shower."

Part of the wall slides aside and clears the view on a magnificent bathroom. Pink tiles gleam allover the place. A circular bath tub, about 2 meters in diameter in the middle of the room. On one side there was a large pink washbasin and a large mirror makes the left wall. A shower cabin, almost as large as the bathtub, sits in the left back corner. Immediately as I enter I notice that the tiles are covered in rubber, as is everything else.

"Fairy, I have to relieve myself. Where is the toilet?"

"Straight ahead through the door, Michelle."

Here, too, a part of the wall slides open. The room behind the door looks similar to the bathroom, except it only features a toilet and a bidet. Naked as I am I sit down on the seat. It is padded like the furniture in the other room and features arm- and backrests. Suddenly something starts to hum and I feel my arms, legs back and even head being sucked into the rubber by a vacuum. Within two seconds I am almost helplessly tied down.

"Help, what happens now?"

"You get an enema, Michelle. Calm down, you won't be hurt."

"An enema? Now that's a great start!" I sound discouraged.

"Why just a start? According to Lady Isabelle you are supposed to get an enema every morning. Her personal maid. Also it will be extended every day to increase your limits."

I feel something being sprayed on my anus. Then a rubber-covered tube enters me. I can't suppress a sigh. I try to move but without success. The bondage is much too effective and my dick is hard, obviously this is a real turn on for me. Somehow the tube has to be double-walled as it inflates in my anus and seals it completely. A slow flow of luke-warm water sets in. But this is not enough from the ceiling a hose with a strangely formed nozzle descends. I can hear a sucking sound then the device, which is formed similar to a vagina, covers my penis and starts sucking. What a devilish construction. The slowly rising water level within me excites me. It doesn't take long and my belly swells visibly. After a few minutes, during the device sucks on my dick and the enema in me, I explode into the hose from the ceiling. In the same moment the pump starts and empties the enema out of me.

"Now that you are clean from the front too, please don't be afraid you will be fitted with a catheter."

"Ugh," I sigh, "is this necessary?"

"Certainly, Michelle, but I have to remind you that you are not allowed to talk back just follow the orders that you have been given. I am programmed to gag disrespectful maids and slaves if they don't shut up."

I made a mental note to think before I opened my mouth again. I was not eager to find out which possibilities Fairy had at her disposal. The fitting of the catheter wasn't very painful, obviously the computer has taken my measurements very good. After the rubber balloon in my bladder was blocked with aquadest I was released from my bonds.

"Please step under the shower, Michelle."

Without a word I obey her order. The sliding door opens and closes automatically. Here too, everything is coated in rubber.

When instead of water, a milky, viscous fluid rains down on me, I fear the worst. I am right - I hate it when I am right - after a few seconds I watch my hair going down the drain, literally.

"Michelle, please clean yourself of any hair that you have. You are supposed to be cleared of all body hair, including your lashes and eyebrows. Understood?"

"Yes Fairy." I answer, my unhappiness showing through. But I do as I am told. A few moments later my body gleamed hairless from the water running down my body. Obviously I like this bizarre scenery, as my dick is already hard again.

Now I am sprayed with a mild soap and am able to clean myself from the depilatory cream. Clear hot water rinses the foam off my hairless body.

"You will be sprayed with a special moisturizer, distribute this well. It will help you get into your second skin. Your maid will help you get into your clothes. But she has been punished and has been gagged; thus she won't be able to speak".

Carefully I spread the fluid everywhere. Fairy remarks I should take special care with my anus and so I coat it in a liberal amount. When I open the shower cabin my eyes fall upon a maid with a wonderful figure. She wears a maid's uniform made of black latex with white rubber applications, white apron and bonnet. A black and red PVC corset forces her in an upright position while she teeters on incredibly high heels. However, her skin irritates me the most. Obviously she wears a truly skintight rubber suit which went into every crevice, giving every blemish away. She appeared as if dipped into wet red paint. Black pupils watched me intently and then I noticed what should have been her mouth. An anatomically correct rubber vagina replaced her lips.

"Serena, suck on Michelle's dick. This stiff it won't fit into the sheath of the suit." Wordlessly Serena sinks to her knees and takes my already engorged member into her 'mouth'.

She starts to suck with obvious enjoyment. The situation is bizarre and excites me tremendously. The feelings are so intense within a few moments I release myself into her. Heavily panting I wait for what's next. Serena hands me a flesh-colored rubber suit with attached silicone breasts. The entry is through the neck only. Serena helps me to get into the rubber suit. Even with the slippery moisturizer on me it is hard work to get the suit up completely. It is especially thick at the waist and molds my figure nicely.

The suit had been made to my exact measurements, the rubber tubing fitted incredibly precisely into my anus. Thanks to the gel the tube slips swiftly into me after only little problems. Now I am held wide open. However, you could not see the tube as my cheeks were molded perfectly and the tube ended where the suit's surface began.

The most difficult task is to get my limp penis into the special sheath. The catheter tube is pulled through the opening so my penis is pulled backwards between my legs. A clamp prevents leakage only pressing on my bellybutton would release the clamp so I could pee with my new rubber vagina.

"Now Serena will fit you with your day mask. Please go over to the washing basin and bow your head beneath the faucet."

"Yes Fairy", I reply obediently and walk over to the basin.

Serena had pulled on a pair of single-use-gloves and opens the valve. A kind of a gel comes out of the tap and spreads over my head. Serena spreads the stuff evenly on my head, face and also the neck of the suit. Or should I say my 'second-skin'?

She takes the flesh colored full latex hood and struggles to pull it over my head. Despite its stiffness the rubber quickly encapsulates my head and shows no wrinkles. Swiftly the nose tubes slip into my nostrils. The mask feels tight against my skin. I am surprised the mask features fully developed ears and lips that reach somewhat into my mouth.

"Michelle, please open your mouth so Serena can paint the inside with liquid latex."

"Ain't that dangerous, Fairy?"

"No, silly, we developed a non-toxic solvent so no harm will be done to you. What would we gain if we damage you? I don't see any logic in your question."

Only mildly calmed I open my mouth. Serena steps up with a tube and a paintbrush. Quickly she spreads the goo over teeth, tongue and the whole inside of my mouth. Except for a mild burning sensation the process wasn't unpleasant at all. It was a strange feeling as the latex inside my mouth dries. Now every bit of my body was covered in rubber. She repeated the process three times, until I had trouble moving my tongue. I turned towards the mirror to watch the result.

Unbelieving I stared at the creature that I had become. My skin gleamed pinkishly in the light and my bald female head looked highly erotic. The mask's features made me look very attractive. Large eyes with long lashes framed by feminine eyebrows, my lips a seductive pout. My breasts are large and firm, yet pliant like the real thing. The rubber encasing my legs made them shapely and everywhere I touched myself I felt rubber, nothing but rubber.

"For your information, Michelle, the moisturizer for your body contains not only vitamins but also a high amount of estrogens that will help with your transformation. Lady Isabelle ordered me to give your face a more feminine shape. The gel on your head and face will make sure the mask can alter your features to those of the mask. I have also been ordered to change your eye color to green and give you long blond hair."

"How can you do that?" I blurted out surprisedly.

"Sit down in front of the vanity, Michelle."

The seat has an eerie resemblance to the toilet seat. And I am right, I hardly sit and the vacuum sets in immobilizing me immediately. Serena puts a few drops into my eyes and my vision blurs for an instant. Irritated I blink a few times.

"Serena hold Michelle's lids open, I will change her iris color."

The mechanical arm that descends from the ceiling reminds me of a visit at the dentist, but it approaches my eyes rather than my mouth. I can see two small needles but I can't feel how they enter. The same process is repeated on my other eye. Here too I cannot feel a thing. However, I need a few minutes until my vision clears again.

In the meantime Serena fetches a wig from a drawer out of the cupboard. She pulls a foil of from the inside then presses the wig firmly on my head, after making sure it will sit correctly.

Looking in the mirror I can make out that my eye color really changed from brown to green. The reality here was beyond my wildest dreams.




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