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Explore Inc

by Steff469

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© Copyright 2004 - Steff469 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/f; bond; leather; harness; latex; machines; electro; vacbed; hood; cuffs; armbinder; toys; insert; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

I am a photographer and a freshman in college. I mainly take sports pictures. Some of them even get into SI and other magazines. I also shoot models and fratparties. Frat parties pay the best but they are the least fun.100 drunks all trying to get into my pants, to see if I am a natural redhead and if my 34C breast are real.

One day after diving practice, I made the diving team. A gentleman approached me as I was drying off and asked, “Are you Steffine, the photographer?”

“Yes, that’s me” I replied, “What can I do for you?”

“I am David. I am looking for a good photographer to shoot a few things that I am marketing,” he said.

“What kinda things are they, if I may ask?”

“Come to the Explore Inc. building on 2nd and Smith at 6 PM and you will see. Bring your camera too. If you are interested you will be ready, if not I will pay you $50 for your troubles,” was David’s reply.

I needed the money and $50 for just showing up? “Sure, I’ll be there at 6.” I went home, showered and got on-line to see what Explore Inc. was.

Explore Inc. develops new sex toys, and experiments with new types of cloth and clothes. I figured David had a new line of clothes. I got dressed to go out dancing; it was Friday after all. I went to the address. The building was bigger than I thought. “That’s how he can afford to pay me $50 to just walk in the door,” I thought.

David met me at the door. “Hi, welcome, please come in.” The lobby looked normal enough. He escorted me to the elevator and we went to the 8th floor. Once in an office He said, “We have come up with some new bondage devices. I wish you to shoot my models. I will pay you $250 for the shoot. If I like the pictures I will pay $100 per picture I use.”

I have seen bondage pictures before, they got me wet, but I have never tried it or shot it. “Sure sounds good. I take it your models are ready?” I asked

“Yes they are,” he responded. “Right this way.” I followed him through the door to a larger room. The room had large Explore Inc. emblems on all 4 walls. There were assorted leather straps, harnesses and hoods hanging on the walls; as well as chains and other restraining devices. Besides that I noticed benches, chairs, stocks and other types of bondage furniture throughout the room.

“Interesting room,” was all I was able to say.

“You are welcome to try it out, after the shoot,” David replied with a grin. “That is another thing you get out of the shoot. All employees can use this room. I am sure you would look great in some of this stuff.”

I blushed and said, “Maybe some other time.”

“Maybe,” he replied, “Let’s get started. Lori is first.”

A woman came out wearing an intricate leather strap and harness system. There was a tight collar with rings coming out of the front, back and sides. Coming down from the collar were two straps; one in front, one in back. They were connected to a strap that went around her body just above and below her breasts and around her waist. The straps that went around her breast also went around her arms. Attached to the strap that went all the way down Lori’s back were 3 straps that went around her arms. They forced her arms behind her and were pulled so tight that her elbows touched. The main strap from her back continued down and was pulled tightly between her legs. The strap was connected to the one in front and connected to the strap around her waist, forming a chastity belt. She was also gagged.

I took a few pictures as she walked around and tried to wiggle and bend to get loose. She started to moan and sweat really bad, “What is happening?” I asked as I continued to shoot.

“I think she is having an orgasm,” David told me “She has two vibrators strapped in place. They use moisture and movement as their power source. The more power they get the more they work.”

David was interrupted as she screamed into the gag, fell to the ground and started convulsing. “Wow” I said and continued to shoot more pictures.

Two men came in and carried her out. Another woman came in. She wore a tight leather suit that bound her really well. Her arms were behind her in a single arm sleeve. The sleeve, in one piece, went over her shoulders and down around her chest, back and waist. There were holes for her breasts, however they were too small and squeezed them at their base, forcing them to stick out. Her waist was also squeezed like she was wearing a corset, but there was no sign of one beneath the suit. The suit continued down tightly around her ass and down to her knees. Once at her knees it loosened up, giving her room to move her feet about a foot at a time. As I took pictures I did not notice a seam or even a zipper.

“How does she get in or out of that thing?” I asked.

“It’s a new material we invented that wraps itself in a predetermined pattern then molds together.” David replied, “There is a transmitter that sends the material’s computer a signal. As long as the signal is received the material holds that form. Once the signal stops the material returns to its normal form.”

“Where is the transmitter?” I asked.

“Here.” He took a small coin sized object from a pocket in the suit. “It only has a 10 foot range. It’s a safety precaution. Once you program the transmitter it transmits for a set amount of time. If problems arise someone just takes the transmitter from the pocket and walks away.”

“I see. Can I get some shots of it as it comes off?”

“That sounds good” he replied. He walked away from the model and the suit made a slithering sound as it split into several straps and loosened up. David still had to help the model out. The suit still held its original form, only larger.

“Way cool!” was all I could say.

“We are all out of models and I see you are dressed for a Friday night. Why don’t we continue tomorrow at about noon?” David asked. I looked at the suit while David escorted the model out and returned. “Would you like to try it out? You can also try out some other toys. Just pick it up and follow me, I will show you the other stuff.”

I don’t know why I followed but I did. We went into the room that the models come from. On a table were 4 different dildo type things. Hanging one the wall next to them where 2 harness systems.

David picked up two dildos. “These work well together. If you are interested you can try them out with the suit. They are remote controlled so they will not be activated till the suit is. I promise you will enjoy it.”

I looked at him and said, “Why not. It might be fun.”

“Good. Please remove your clothes while I clean this,” he said as he walked away with the suit. I stripped and examined the dildos. They were actually attached by a transparent rubber type material that formed thong type panties. I found some lube and lubed them up, then put the panties on. Once I got the dildos into place I had to spread my cunt lips as a bump of some kind fell between them and was resting on my clit. It felt strange but was not uncomfortable. As I walked around the room I felt things moving inside the dildos. The movement felt like little ball. I was getting hornier by the second.

“I see you figured them out,” David said as he entered the room. “May I?” he asked pointing to the panties.


He kneeled down as examined the panties. He reached between my legs unexpectedly. I jumped at first then spread my legs for him. He pushed up on the dildos one at a time. Next he slid his hand over my clit feeling where the bump was. “You got it right. Now what color? We have red, blue or green. We use a liquid to cover it.”

“Blue please,” I said

“OK.” He guided me to another room with a large machine. He gently turned my back to the machine. “Hop up,” he said. I looked and there was a small flat platform sticking out. I hopped up and backed up to a pad on the machine. He folded the front of the machine. It came up to the top of the panties. Next he pulled an arm out of the left side of the machine and connected it to the front of the piece he folded in front of me. He did the same for the right side. “Here we go.” He pushed a bottom and the machine gently but firmly tightened around me. Something came up from between my legs and forced me to spread them. As the machine tightened a soft material inflated so the metal would not hurt. “If you want to go all the way spread your arms and grab the handles.”

I looked and saw handles on both sides of me, just about arms length. “What do you mean all the way?” I asked. David shrugged and just stood there. “What the hell, I have come this far.” I reached out and grabbed the handles. As I did straps wrapped around my wrists. The machine sent mechanical arms around my upper chest. Something that felt like bugs began crawling on me where the arms held my chest. I screamed and tried to shake them off. Something on the arm inflated and stopped my movement. Next a strap wrapped around my forehead and pulled it back into an alcove that was now present. Another arm wrapped around my lower head and neck. “Wha…” I shouted, but as I opened my mouth it was filled with some kind of gel.

There I was sucked into a machine that held me there with mechanical arms wrapped around my head, chest, and waist. The gel in my mouth kept coming till my mouth was full, and then it hardened some. It felt like thick jello, but worked well as a gag. I felt something being sprayed one the front of my face, just where the arm held me. Then my hair was gathered by something and sucked deeper into the alcove. I could feel something being done to my hair but I could not tell what. The spray split into two and slowly began to work it way around my head.

The bug on my breast began moving again, but only at my nipples and around the base of each breast. Suction grabbed my breast and pulled them, almost hard enough to hurt. Then something was wrapped tightly around the base of each one. The suction was released on all but my nipples. A warm gel like liquid covered them. I could feel the jell begin to harden. After a few seconds the suction was replaced by a sheet of something that was wrapped very tightly around my chest. I felt warm air being blown on my chest and back. The material melted into place around me. It loosened a little but not much. When the heat stopped it felt like I was wearing a push-up bra that was too small, all but my nipples. Whatever covered my nipples still kept the suction on them.

What happened next was really exciting. I felt a warm liquid being secreted from the dildos that were inside my holes. The liquid, besides being warm, tingled. The tingling started deep inside and moved out. From there the liquid and the tingling moved to my clit. When it got there I started to cum extremely hard. I jerked, pulled, and squirmed but the machine held me firm as I came again. The feelings continued and continued to cum. I don’t know long I came for but when I recovered the machine was releasing me.

The first to be released was my head. I found my mouth was still filled with the rubbery substance, but it was now shaped like a penis that filled my mouth. It was held in place by a blue band that tightly went around my head. The whole area that was sprayed is where the band was. My hair had just been braided and kept out of the way (thank god). My chest was next. I was wearing a tight blue strapless push up bra that only slightly showed my erect nipples. They were still caught in some kind of suction. The bra also gave no hint of the tight bands around the base of each breast.

“Now don’t touch,” David said. “They are still kinda wet. The oils in your hands will dull the glossy finish. In about half an hour you will be good to go and you can touch all you want. After that they can be removed and put back on. They are yours to keep. Do you understand?”

“MMMPH.” Then I nodded yes. He pushed a button and I was lowered to the floor before my wrist and arms were released.

The panties were now the same bright blue as the bra and gag. They also fit very tightly.

David approached me with the strap outfit, “Ready to try this out?” he asked

I nodded again. If I could not touch my “outfit” what else could I do?

“Good girl. You will not regret it.” I stepped into it from the top. He pulled it up like a dress but had to work it a little to get it over my hips. From that point on I put my arms behind my back and the arm sleeve was worked up my arms at the same time the front was. “Put your hands palm to palm” I did as David pulled the rest of the suit over my shoulders. He pulled here and there till my blue breasts fell into the hole in the suit made for them. “Ready?” David asked. Nervously I nodded.

He grinned and pushed a button on the remote. First it tightened around my waist. It kept tightening till I could not breath, and then it loosened up a little. I had to work for every breath. It tightened gradually up and down. My ass was wrapped so tight that it almost disappeared. From my knees up I could not move at all. My breasts were squeezed even tighter than they were by the bra. Next the sleeve tightened. First around my wrists then the sleeve pulled my elbows together and lastly the rest tightened. A collar tightened (which till then I had not noticed), it was tight but not quite uncomfortable.

“Very nice. See for yourself.” He motioned to a large mirror. I walked slowly towards the mirror and looked.

The outfit pulled my waist very thin and I wondered if I was looking at me or someone else in the mirror. My blue breasts contrasted nicely with the black. I noticed that the blue gag went all the way down to my neck. I pointed to my camera with my head “MMPH MMPH.”

David walked over and picked it up, “That’s the spirit.” I wiggled and squirmed, what little bit I could. I could not bend at the waist or move much at all. When David finished he put the camera down and walked me over to a padded portion of the floor and laid me down. He pushed another button on the remote and the suit tightened up around my ankles.

“Here we go” David said, “Your blue bikini, you know what the lower half does, but it also has mild electric abilities. The top does too, but it also moves. Your nipples will be sucked on too. I have to go and talk to the boss. I will set the timer for one hour.” He walked to the table and messed with something. Then he came over bent down and kissed me on the forehead. “For luck, and just to make sure that you cannot get loose, here.” He put the remote into the pocket on the suit and walked to the table pushed a button on something and walked away.

I laid there struggling for a few minutes when the bra started to come to life. It felt like someone was kneading my breast. From the outside the bra looked normal, no movement at all. Next the thing that my cunt lips were wrapped around, and the dildos in my ass and pussy started to vibrate. It all felt really great. Then my nipples received a mild electric shock. It sent a chill down my spine but really felt good. I started to struggle, wiggle and squirm attempting to get loose, because I knew what was coming next. I screamed into the gag when both holes got a shock too. I came when the second shock hit. Just when I was coming down my clit got hit by a shock too, which caused me to cum again. Between the attention my breasts were getting and those damned panties I started to cum constantly. The black outfit prevented me from doing anything to stop them.

I lay there in pure sexual ecstasy cumming till I passed out from sheer pleasure. I awoke to another, more intense orgasm. As I came down, I felt that the dildos were also moving, ramming deep inside me, as well as vibrating. My nipples were also being sucked on. I was about to cum again when everything just stopped. I laid there for a few minutes and just about caught my breath when the bra and panties started again. This time they were even more intense and quicker. I felt a large orgasm building quickly. Again the black suit held me firm as I tried to get loose. Then it hit. I came; it was the most intense orgasm yet. All I could do was scream into the gag as wave after wave of pleasure hit me.

After what felt like hours I came down. As I did I realized all the vibrations and other activities had stopped. David was standing over my. “Did you have fun?” he asked. I breathed deeply, at least as deeply as the suit would allow, and nodded. He grinned, picked the remote out of the suit and pushed the button. The suit loosed up all over. He pulled the suit down until I could step out of it. He reached around my head and removed the gag. “What do you think?”

“Oh my god, it was great.” I replied. I reached up and felt the bra. It felt like rubber. The nipples were hard.

“They are interesting.” He said. “There are electrodes in it and because it has two layers the outside does not move when the insides do. The way to get the bra off is to just peel the back apart then you have to pull the cup inside out. One at a time is the trick. You put it on one cup at a time also. You have to get your nipples hard for it to fit correctly. When you stick your nipple into the bra’s nipple, it will be held in place by suction. Then you just roll the cup over and finally stretch the base around your back. Bending over seems to be the easiest way to do it. For the panties you just have to work the dildos into place.”

He helped me remove the bra and then put it back on. The bra and the gag stretched and once you touched both ends together they stuck. I removed the panties, gave them to David and he left to get them cleaned. Once I was dressed and fixed my hair I looked at the other things. There were all sorts of things, restraints mostly. Some of the intricate strap systems I had no clue what they were for. There were corsets, bodysuits, and all kinds of toys, some of which looked scary.

David returned with a box. “Here you go,” he said as he gave me the box. “Will you return tomorrow for more pictures. The models will have more time.”

“Ya.” I told him.

“Good. Afterward you can try out more toys if you wish.” He commented and winked at me.

I went home and slept like a baby. When day broke I was looking forward to going to Explore Inc. I ate brunch then arrived at noon. As I walked in David met me at the door.

“Good afternoon” He greeted “How are you?”

“I’m good. Thanks again for last night, it was great.”

He grinned, “Right this way please.” We went into the photo room and started the shoot. By the time I was done I was really horny.

“I think that went well” I commented.

“Me to,” David replied “Was there anything that interested you, that maybe you wanted to try out?”

“A few, but I was wondering what other new things ya’ll have. Getting fitted for the suit yesterday was a real blast.”

“We have some,” he said with an evil grin. “However there are two conditions. First; once we start I can get more personally involved, touching, playing, that sorta thing. Second; you are mine till 2 am.”

“It might be fun. I am in,” I said nervously.

“Great! Remove your clothes and follow me.” I did. We went into a different room when he stopped by an archaic looking machine. “Lay down” he said

I laid on a padded table. He guided my legs into tight rubber boot like sleeves and strapped the tops just above my knees. Next he buckled a thick strap around my waist. As I exhaled he tightened it really tightly. My arm were spread out and buckled into cuffs at the wrists and just above my elbows. A collar and mouthpiece were buckled into place. The mouthpiece covered my teeth. David pushed my knees up and out as he put my legs into stirrups and locked them into place. Next he lubed up a long vibrator and slowly slid it up my ass. “Comfee?” he asked.

“You are a dirty old man, but it does not feel too bad.” He grinned and pushed a button on the vibrator. The part deep inside me began to enlarge. “What are you doing you me?” I asked, kinda worried. When it stopped inflating he let the handle go. Now I could not force it out even if I wanted to. David pushed a button under my head and the table tilted back. My head was towards the ground and my feet where in the air. “WHAAA” I screamed as the mouthpiece forced my teeth apart.

“You see,” David said calmly as he removed his pants, “the mouth piece will keep you from biting me, but you can still use your lips to get me off.” I laid there in shock. “Don’t look so surprised, you knew I wanted you. Do you want to stop here?”

I shook my head no. He grinned and walked over to me. The table had my head at the perfect height for him. He slid his cock into my mouth and I closed my lips and started to suck him good. I almost gagged when he started the vibrator working. It shrunk then he started pushing it in and out as I continued to suck him. He pushed the vibrator deep inside me, filling me with every stroke.

I was tied upside down getting fucked up the ass and in the mouth, but enjoying it. He started to eat me just as he came down my throat. I tried to swallow, but as distracted as I was most of it ran out and down my face. I did not care; David knew what he was doing with his tongue and teeth. He had me cumming in no time. He continued the assault between my legs till I came a second time. This one was better than the first. He stepped back and removed the vibrator after pushing the button behind my head and I was returned to the laying position. He blindfolded me and removed the mouthpiece. He started to kiss me deeply and I retuned in kind.

“Having fun?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” I relied.

“Good,” he said as he flipped a switch. Something under the table began to vibrate, like something was moving.

“Wha…” I tried to say but a rubber cock was put into my mouth.

“I have to go and talk to the boss.” David whispered. “Don’t worry you will not be bored. This machine is the “Fuck O Matic.” It will keep you company. Later dear.”

As he left a dildo slid into my ass. I tried to stop it but with my legs tied in the stirrups and my waist tightly secured I could not move much. Then a dildo made its way into my pussy. I felt really full, not quite uncomfortable. To my relief the one in my ass started to back out. Just before the head slipped out the dildo began to move back in. As that started the one in my pussy began to withdraw. The machine fucked me like that, one moved in as the other moved out. Just when I was getting worked up my breasts sucked into some kind of suction cups and gently pulled on. My clit started being attacked by a pulsating stream of water. I came soon after the water started. As I started to come down both dildos started to vibrate. I came right after. Once again as I started to come down the dildo in my pussy started to shoot a warm liquid in me. That got me cumming all over again. With all the attention I continued to cum for a long time or one right after another. I tried to get some relief by kicking and wiggling but the bonds held me tight. Wave after wave of pleasure hit me for what seemed like forever. All I wanted was relief. I never thought I would say it but I wanted the orgasms to stop, but it just continued. The intensity subsided just enough that I would not pass out.

My world was white with ecstasy. All I could do was lay there tied, spread out and let the machine fuck me. The machine slowed down and the water assault on my clit stopped. The orgasms stopped, finally, but the machine kept me on the edge. Again I tried to stop it but tied the way I was all I could do was wiggle just a little.

“You look like you are having fun.” David commented.

“MMMMOOOO,” was all I could get around the cock in my mouth.

All of the sudden the machines intensity increased. It was more then ever before. The vibrators went faster and deeper, the water on my clit became a solid stream, and my breasts were pulled on more often and harder.

I screamed into the gag and pulled with all I could. Still I could not move and the machine just continued as I came and came and came. Each orgasm was long and intense. After what felt like ages I passed out on pure ecstasy. I awoke to a faint sucking sound. I was laying on something soft and rubbery. There was something holding me in place. Whatever it was, it stuck to me really tightly. I could not open my eyes and I was also gagged. After a few seconds I realized I was breathing though my gag and I was in some kind of vacuum bed. I struggled but could hardly move.

After a few minutes of struggling I felt someone messing with the hair around my pussy. I could not tell what was happening, but whatever was going on I could not stop it with my limited movement. Soon it stopped. Then I felt something warm and wet being put all over down there. “Try not to move, I would not want to nick you. I will be done in a sec.” David whispered. I felt a razor between my legs It was very unnerving not being able to stop him when he had a razor on my pussy. The hot towel when he was done got me fighting and moving. Again my movements were limited by the bed.

“That’s better,” he commented. I felt something moving between my legs, the next thing I knew David was licking me. God it felt good on my bare pussy. He continued till I had my second orgasm. “I guess you liked that,” he said as he adjusted the bed to release my head.

“It was really good,” I told him after he removed the gag.

“Good,” he said as he stuck his cock in my mouth and began to fuck me with it. I sucked and licked him to a quick orgasm. “MMMMM, thanks, I really enjoyed that,” he said, as the cum that I could not swallow was running down my face.

He helped my out of the bed and took me to a shower. After I cleaned up and got dressed David returned “Present for you.” He said as he handed me a big wrapped box. Then he escorted my to my car and I drove home.


I got home about 3 PM. One of my girlfriends was waiting for me when I drove up. “Hi Julie,” I said.

“New boy friend?” she asked.

“Not really, not yet anyway.”

We went in and talked for about an hour or so then she said, “Damit girl open it up, I am nosey.”

“I’m kinda tired and it’s Saturday night. Give me three hours to nap. When you come over to get me I will open it then.”

She looked unhappy but agreed. Once she left I went right to sleep. I woke up later with Julie jumping on the bed. “These are cool,” she said handing me some pictures “I did not know that you were into that kinda stuff.”

I was embarrassed “I took those last night, I was on a job.”

“And this was part of the ‘job,’ I’m sure.” She picked the pictures David took of me in the strap outfit. “It really looked like work here.” David obviously was busy. Julie handed me a picture of me on the ground, still in the suit, in the middle of an obvious orgasm.

All I could was lay there and blush. After a few minutes I said, “I did not know that I was into it either. Since you know let’s see what is in the box. It is from them.” We walked over to it and opened it. On the top was a video labeled “Our Best Shots.” Under the video there were three boxes. The biggest one was labelled “Straps 3.” That one contained the strap suit. The smallest one contained assorted latex clothing articles, a leotard, long gloves, thigh high tights, inflatable hood, and a long skirt. The third box contained assorted vibrators, arm binders, straps and gags. “Wow,” was all I could say.

“Are we going to have fun this weekend. Lucky for you that it is a three dayer.” Julie said with a mischievous grin as she spoke “We… I mean you are going to show me how you look in all this stuff.”

“Say what?”

“You had a great time last night so you will again, but this time I will be there to make it better.” She grinned. “You see, I like to do this kinda stuff to women and you obviously like to have it done to you so let’s get started. I think you look good in blue so lets see your blue outfit.”

We went into the bedroom and I showed her my “Blue Outfit.” After I explained how it and the remote control worked, all she could do was look at me and grin.

“What do you think?” I asked.

“Put it on and ask me again.” was her only response? After I removed my clothes she threw me the bra, “This first.” I did not have much trouble with my nipples.

They were already hard. I had to bend over to get the bra to fit correctly.

“Oh I forgot how tight those bands are,” I commented when they were in place. Julie walked up and squeezed my breast, feeling how the bra fit.

“That is tight, isn’t it.” Then she handed me the panties. “Wow those look fun. Let me help you.” She got some baby oil and began to rub it between my pussy lips.

“Spread’em.” As I did she stuck three fingers in my pussy and got me really worked up in no time. I moaned when she pulled them out. She bent me over and worked a finger up my ass. She made sure that in was well lubed too. Once again I moaned when she pulled out. “Aren’t we just full of surprises, you actually do like this kinda stuff.”

“It is fun,” I blushed when I said that. When she was done she helped me get into the panties. Once the dildos were in place it felt good. I walked around and modeled the suit. “What do you think?”

“You look good. How does it feel?”

“Tight but good.”

“Now for this.” She held up the strap outfit. After I explained the remote she helped me into it. She pushed the button that tightened the suit around me. The arm sheath tightened, forcing my elbows together. My breasts were squeezed tighter then the bra had them. My waist was also squeezed tight so breathing was difficult. My legs were tightly stuck together in a tight wrap that when all the way down to my knees. A collar was tightened so I could breathe but that was about all I could with my neck. “Now that looks great. How does it feel?”


Julie started to rub and feel the suit. She pulled and pinched, then she started to play with my rubber-covered breasts. All I could do was stand there and let her.

“Come,” she said as she picked up the blue gag and walked to the other room. I followed as quickly as the suit would allow. Julie had the TV on and was standing by the sofa waiting. When I got up to her she said “Open up that nice mouth of yours.” I did and she shoved the gag in and wrapped the rubber strap around my head. “You really look great. Now sit down and let see what is on that tape of yours.”

I shook my head and tried to say no but the gag held me good. She grinned and gave me a little shove, which caused me to fell backwards onto the sofa. She turned me so I was laying and I could watch TV. She put the tape in and just as I feared David had taped the first nights activities. I have to admit seeing me being held by the machine really got me horny. Without warning my blue suit came to life. First the bra started to massage my nipples, then the dildos in both my holes started to vibrate. My clit got hit by an electric shock that caused me to orgasm. Between the shock and the vibrator I continued to cum long and hard. Then finally everything stopped.

“You put on quite a show and I didn’t even turn anything on.” Julie said.

I heard David’s voice on the TV. “Hi Steff. If you are wearing your little blue suit then you know that it just turned on by itself. HERE! It gets better.” He picked up a remote and pushed a button. The blue suit tightened up and the gag secreted some kind of sweet liquid. “The suit is stuck on you for 4 hours and the liquid that you just swallowed will ensure that you stay awake for the whole time… Enjoy.” With that the suit again came to life and it had me cumming in no time. Between moving, vibrating and shocking dildos in both my ass and pussy and my cunt lips wrapped around a vibrating and shocking device, I could not stop the orgasms from coming. The tight black strap suit that I was also trapped in made sure that I could not even try to get the blue one off. All I could do was scream into the gag and cum.

Like David said, despite wave after wave of pleasure I still remained conscience. After a long time the devices stopped and I was given a break. Julie was sitting next to me. “It looked and sounded like you were having fun. Since you are going to be busy I am going play around. ” She winked at me and got up. After she walked away I heard her messing around with some of the other toys David had given me. Just when I started to relax and breath normally, the bra and panties started. I screamed into the gag as I started my slow trip toward orgasm. The orgasm was not as intense at first but as it progressed so did the intensity.

As I lay there held by the black suit my blue outfit worked. It felt like one continuous orgasm. When my second break came I heard David come on the TV. “I hope you are having fun. I just wanted to tell you about some of the other toys.” He held up something that looked like a spider. “This will tighten and lace up things, like your corset and boots, which are sized for you.” Then I lost track of what he said because the panties started.

When the time was up Julie was waiting for me. She removed the gag, “Girl it sounded like you had a really good time.”

“Mmmm” was all I could say. She stood me up, loosened the black suit and helped me out of it. We removed the black suit, showered together and went to sleep.


I woke up about noon and ate. I cleaned the suit from last night and organized the toys David gave me. I was about half done when Julie walked in.

“Hi dear. How are you?” she asked.

“Good and you?”

She grinned. “Looking forward to trying out some of the cool clothes you got. Most of them are sized for you. They don’t fit me right.”

“I am sure that you have my whole day planned out.” She nodded and grinned. “OK, what does it entail?”

“First you agree you are mine.” She replied. “I will not hurt you or make you do anything illegal. What do you say?”

“Sure, why not.” I blushed as I said it.

She grinned and walked over and kissed me. Julie picked up two nice looking leather cuffs. “These are cool.” She said as she put them on me. They clicked snuggly into place. “Once they are on only the person that puts them on can unlock them. They use fingerprints. So unless they get cut off you are stuck in them.” She grinned. “Now please remove your clothes.” I did and she pulled me into the bedroom, and tied my hand behind my back. Next she attached a leather strap that she used to pull my elbows together nice and tight. She grabbed one of my nipples and squeezed. “I like the way your breasts are forced out. Now it’s my turn first.”

She pushed me down to my knees and sat down on the bed in front of me. She removed her panties spread her legs and pushed my face into her pussy. This was not the first time that I ate out Julie and but it was the first time I did it without using my hands a little. Julie seemed to like it. She came fairly quickly. I continued to please her till she came again. This time I continued throughout and played really close attention to her clit. I continued till she pulled me away. “Aren’t you the eager beaver?” She said.

I knelt there and gave her my best innocent and harmless look. I tried to wiggle and squirm to get loose but had no luck. The straps around my elbows were too tight.

“Mmmm” she commented as she stood and walked over to the box I got from David. “You look great kneeling there struggling.” She pulled out the hood and walked over to me. She helped me up to the bed and sat me down. She brushed my hair and braided it. She then leaned forward and hugged me from behind. After a long hug she reached up and grabbed my breasts. As she squeezed she bit my neck. The bite did not hurt but it was firm. Her teeth sent goose bumps down my spine and straight between my legs. She nibbled and sucked on my neck as one of her hands moved down between my legs and she began playing with my pussy. Between the teeth and the fingers I was getting wet quickly. Soon she stopped and all I could do was moan.

“Just wait, you will get yours, now open up.” She said as she turned the hood inside out. Julie held the hood up with her hand inside it. There was a large cock attached to it. “Open your mouth.” I opened it and Julie shoved the cock into my mouth. It filled my mouth full. She reached around and held the back of my head. Then she wrapped the hood over my face. My braided hair went through a hole in the back. The hood covered my whole head and went down my neck to just above my shoulders. It covered my eyes and forced me to breath through my nose. Julie started to inflate the hood. The pressure increased. She stopped a few times and asked if it was tight enough yet. When I nodded yes she pumped it up a few more times.

“Now let’s try a few things out.” She helped me up and guided me out of the room. I heard her opening packages and moving things around. “Bend over,” she said as she pushed me over. “Stay!” I felt her push a finger up my ass. She moved it inside me, working lubrication around. She pulled it out and replaced her fingers with a butt plug. The plug filled me up but was not uncomfortable. She turned me around and pushed me so I fell onto a recliner.

I heard a click on the back of my neck. “That will keep you there.” Julie snickered. I tried to sit up but could not. Something was attached to the back of the hood and it prevented me from sitting up. “Don’t move dear, trust me.” Julie whispered. Suddenly I felt something be sprinkled on one of my legs. She sprinkled what ever it was all the way up my legs. Next I felt her rolling a latex legging up my leg. It was tight and went all the way up my leg. It stopped just below my crotch. Once she smoothed the latex out she played with my clit for a few minutes, stopping just before I came. She just snickered as I moaned in frustration. She then put the other legging on me. “You look good, and I am not even finished.” Next she attached cuffs around my ankles and just above my knees. My knees were pulled apart and up towards my head. Julie secured my knees wide apart. As they were pulled up I was forced down into the chair. My ankles were then tied.

When she was finished tying me down she started to eat me out. Her tongue was awesome she had me on the verge of orgasm in no time. She stopped just short of pushing over the edge three times in a row. I heard the phone ring the Julie said, “Here something to think about.” The plug that filled my ass started to vibrate. All I could do was lay there, arms tied behind my back, legs tied spread out wide, and let the plug tease me. After few minutes, which felt like a long time, I felt a dildo being pushed into my pussy. Between the dildo and the butt plug I was really full. The dildo started to vibrate and move, Julie was fucking me with the vibrating dildo. After a few minutes she bit my clit. The pain from the teeth plus the pleasure from both my holes sent me over the edge of a mind-boggling orgasm. I screamed into the hood and wiggled what little bit I could to get her teeth off my clit but my binding would not let me move enough.

Julie’s teeth released my clit and were replaced with her tongue. She continued to lick and fuck me with the vibrator. I continued cumming for a long time. The intensity of the orgasms remained the same. Finally she stopped and allowed me to come down. It took me a few minutes to catch my breath. The vibrators were kept in place but turned off. My legs were released and she helped me work out all the kinks. She then released the clip that was holding my neck to the chair. “Hold on.” Julie ordered. I felt her messing with the dildo in my pussy. Part of the dildo began to grow. When she was finished I knew the dildo was not going anywhere till she wanted it to.

Julie stood me up and turned me around. She then removed the strap that was holding my elbows together. “This way, my love.” I walked slowly towards her. As I thought neither of the phalluses slid out. She had me stop when I was standing on a piece of plastic that was on the floor. My wrists were freed and the cuffs were removed. Julie helped me regain the feelings in my arms. When I reached down toward my pussy I got my hand slapped. “No! They stay. We aren’t done yet. Here powder yourself for the leo.” I powered my upper body as best as I could wearing the hood and not being able to see. Julie helped me get into the leotard. It had a thong ass and it covered all the way up to the hood. My breasts were squeezed, pushed up and flatted against my chest. Nubs in the cups teased my nipples. “You like?” Julie asked.

All I could do was nod. Then she reached between my legs. The dildo in my pussy shrunk to its original size. She took my arms one at a time and put them into the long gloves. Once she was happy with the way the gloves looked she pushed up my arms behind my back and slid them into an arm sheath. My moans and shaking head only caused her to laugh. I heard some clicking as the laces on the sheath tightened. Before long my elbows were touching again. Julie dragged me into the bedroom, sat me on the bed and put shoes on me. After that she attached a short chain to my ankle cuffs and a leash to my hood. “Time to go meet a friend.” She laughed and pulled me to my feet. We walked slowly to the car. My steps were small because of the chain connected to my ankles.

I climbed into the trunk as I was told. My ankles were pulled behind me and attached to the bottom of the arm sheath, leaving me in a good hog tie. The trunk was closed and the car started. Once we pulled out and started going forward both vibrator came to life. I laid there getting more excited and frustrated. The vibrations were not enough to push me over the edge. I started moving and wiggling to try to rub on something. After a few minutes of struggling I rubbed against something that might help solve my problem. I squirmed more and moved into a good position. I began rubbing a corner against my clit. Before long I was cumming. Right after my third orgasm the vibrations increased and I got an electric shock that went from my pussy to my ass. I came immediately. It was more intense they the last three. The orgasm just continued and continued. I screamed into the gag in the hood as the orgasm went on.

The next thing I knew my legs were being released from the arm sheath. Julie helped me out of the trunk. “Did you have a nice ride? We are here and I really hope that you are ready to play.”

We walked into an elevator and went up. After a short walk we stopped and then the leotard was cut off. I moaned and tried to say “no” but the gag worked too well “Mmmph” was all that got out. The dildo and butt plug were removed, then I was told to kneel. My knees and ankles were spread out and the cuffs were attached to something that kept them locked down. I was then pushed forward onto some kind of padded bench. A strap was put over my neck squeezing me down. My arms were released from the arm sheath only to be strapped down to the bench. I felt the hood being deflated. Then the hood was removed. I was given water as my eyes adjusted to the light.

“Hi dear.” Julie said. “Have you been having fun so far?”

“Lots of it. Where are we?” I asked

“Let me introduce you to my friend,” she answered as I saw David walk up.

“Hi love. Nice to see you so soon.” David said as he kissed me. “I was really surprised when Julie answered the phone. I had no idea that you were my fiancés best friend.”

“Say what?” I asked

“That is what I came over yesterday to tell you. I am getting married.” Julie told me. “David does not mind my playing with other women, that is why he invited us to his office so we can play with his high tech toys.”

“Now let me finish securing her. Give her some more fluids Julie. She is not the only one I want to show and use the toys on.” David said as she kissed Julie. A wide strap was tightened around my waist. My breasts were pulled down into the bench by some kind of suction.

“OOOO! What are you doing to me?” I exclaimed, as something was wrapped around my breasts.

"Just relax my dear. This toy is a test model of something that we are working on. You will enjoy it.” David said as he pushed the bench I was on into an alcove in the wall. The bench stopped with a jerk. “Now let the fun begin.” He closed the alcove with a transparent door that slid down and locked in place, as if I were going anywhere. Next a sheet of clear, stretchy, almost plastic material was pulled down over me. After it was pulled tight for a few minutes it was removed. A minute later a cold liquid jello-like liquid splattered on my back. Then something was wrapped around my neck. The liquid flow increased until the alcove behind my neck was full. Once the liquid flow stopped all of the non-latex covering my body began to tingle. The sensation felt like your foot after it fell asleep. Despite my best effort I could not stop the tingling. I screamed in surprise when I got hit by an electric shock. Then my latex coverings dissolved into the liquid.

After the latex was gone something was slowly being pushed into my pussy. It felt like a large dildo. Because of its size I was glad it was moving slowly. Once my pussy was filled, my ass was also being filled. After my ass was stuffed, something grabbed my cunt lips and began to play with my clit. My clit was gently rubbed, squeezed, pulled and sucked. Motion started in both my holes and my breasts were also being sucked on. The phalluses in my holes began to vibrate, rotate and move in and out. All the attention felt great. I was rapidly building toward a powerful orgasm. Just as I started to cum the electricity returned. The orgasm that followed was the most intense on I have ever had. I screamed into the gag with pure ecstasy. The orgasm continued for a long time, but it finally stopped.

I lay there in the liquid for a few minutes then it started to drain away. The vibrators were removed. David opened the front of the alcove and I was pulled out. “Did you have fun?” He asked as he released me from the bench.

“It was fun, but what about my nice latex outfits?” I replied.

“Don’t worry there are more where they came from. Do you still want to go on?” David asked.

“I am kinda tired. I have had a long couple of days.” I grinned at him. “Where is Julie?”

“She is all tied up and having a good time.” He replied. “Why don’t you follow me? I will take you to a place where you can get some sleep. When you wake up we can continue our little games.”

“That sounds good to me.” I followed him to a bedroom and went to sleep, looking forward to the time when I woke up.


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