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The Experiment

by Rubber Doll Jessica

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© Copyright 2007 - Rubber Doll Jessica - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/ff; latex; bond; prepared; intubated; stand; encased; mannequin; display; toys; climax; cons; X

Melissa looked at the strange shop from a distance.  “Figures it would be a public place” she thought to herself as she walked closer. Melissa was answering an ad she found for a room and board job, and the address lead her to the Latex Mind fetish shop. The brunette girl had short hair, and a small frame. You almost could mistake her for being a young teen. She was pretty young too.  Just barely legal to drink, but had her unusual tastes in life just the same. But this is the first time she ever did anything like this. Sure, she had experimented with being tied up by a boyfriend or two, and had tried a small selection of kinky wear but this was going to be about as extreme as she could imagine and she knew it.

Melissa went into the shop sheepishly. She slipped into the door, trying not to be noticed. It was embarrassing to her, to just seek out someone like this. But about everything in the ad were good things to her. “Seeking women for experiment. Must be serious, committed, willing and able to be a in our total control for long term Bondage and Domination experiment. Room and board, and pay provided for helping with experiment.”

Melissa still had the ad with her. It seemed like a good idea to her, simply because she always did find the bondage and domination she seen on the internet like a wondrous thing, and since she just pretty much committed social suicide and dropped out of college she needed somewhere to go. So if everything is provided, since she likes that sort of thing anyway, and get paid for it. It’ll be perfect.

Walking in, she noticed the shop was about empty at the moment for customers. But it was still early. Everyone was probably still in work. She passed through the racks of an amazing assortment of fetish clothes and things. She got sexual chills at the thought of some of them being worn on her. Or used on her. Melissa made her way to the counter where a woman with long straight black hair was sitting, reading a magazine. The woman was wearing quite possibly the sexiest black rubber mini dress she had ever seen with a set of stiletto heeled boots.

“Um, hi.. I’m uh... answering this ad. It says to come here.” Melissa says quietly.

The woman looks up, and gives a little smirk, “This way” she says and leads Melissa back to an office.

When the door opens Melissa finds a rather tall man in a black shirt and wearing black rubber pants. He looks like he’s in his 40s but still well built. Sitting across from him is a casually dressed woman. She looks about his age, maybe a bit younger but with a good figure. It looks as though she is being interviewed. “Two in one day? Good deal” the man says brightly. “Ok sit down miss?..”.

“Melissa,” she replies.

“I’m Gary, This is Sarah. Let me explain what we’re hoping to do here.” He continues, “We’re looking for women to help in a kind of bondage experiment. If you’ve seen the internet you might of seen one or two where girls are put in very restrictive and unusual bondage, even complete immobilization in expanding foam and such.”.  Melissa had seen maybe one picture on the internet of such a level of bondage but never conceived it for herself. She looked over to Sarah who had more of an objective looking face as she listened.

Gary explained the plan, “Well we’re going to try a similar kind of deal but not using expanding foam or anything like that. Now I can’t really get into all the details because part of this experiment is shock value of the people being used. But it will involve heavy bondage and you will be required to live with us for some time. As such that means, and I know it sounds a bit like we're kidnapping or something, that you need to pretty much have nothing that needs to be taken care of during the time your with us. No pets to feed, no bills. Those sorts of things. If you can't it’s understandable. We’ve already had a few turn us down because of this. Opinions?” He was very concise and talked about this like it was every day business. Which looking at what business he’s in, it seems it would be.

Melissa began thinking for a while on it. Sarah seemed like she barely even had to think about it. She nodded, “It doesn’t seem like it’d be a problem for me. I’ve been for a long time into all sorts of domination, bondage, fetishes. I love to see how kinky it can get. Now as for the details I don’t think it’ll be a problem. I've just finished a divorce, I own my car outright, and my apartment is on month to month right now, I could be ready by tomorrow.”

Melissa was in shock, but at the same time she thought to herself. This was a person who says she’s been into the scene for a long time so she knows what to look out for. If she’s ok with it, Melissa has nothing else so why not. “Um, yeah I think it’ll be good. I have no bills. No car.. so I’m already ready I guess.”

Gary smiled but said anyway, “Now I do have to make it perfectly clear. This isn’t all fun, even though you’re both into it. It is an experiment and once it’s started we can’t stop for anything but an emergency. We will keep good care and track of you to make sure you're both ok. You won’t get hurt, but we often won’t have a way to check if you are in a panic. Just remember We know if you're in danger. But if you feel uncomfortable on this, or aren’t completely sure if you want to do this. Don’t.”.

Sarah just nods a says, “I got no problems at all.” Melissa agrees by just nodding.

“Ok, I just need you two to sign the papers in front of you. Top sheets are a formality, indicating you are being contracted by us to participate in the experiment involving bondage and such, and the bottom one is a standard government employment form so we can pay you.”  The girls sign the papers, and Gary finishes, “Ok, Then If you ladies are so readily available I’ll see you both at 8am tomorrow ok?” They both agree.

The next day…….

Melissa comes to the store to find Sarah already waiting inside. The store is closed today but they are let in by the woman. “My name is Tonya by the way. Good to meet you both. You ready?”. The two nod and are lead to a back room where some tarps and a lot of equipment is set up. Tonya takes some measurements and then goes away for a minute and comes back with two items. “First thing I’m gonna need you both to do is take off your clothes and put these on.” She tells them.

The two items are two transparent latex catsuits, with feet, hands, and hoods. Melissa feels a bit self conscious about getting undressed in front of a total stranger but she remembers that she’s in a fetish shop, about to do the most intense bondage experience she probably ever has. She looks over at Sarah who is putting the suit on like a pro. Which is good because Melissa is using her as a guide as to how to put it on. Once she gets the feet on and up the legs she notices the suit contains a sheath and a tube. The sheath in front and tube in the back, as well as the back seam edge has a few tubes running down it to the bottom of the crotch. “The sheath and tube go inside you and are necessary as well as will guarantee you a sanitary experience…”

Melissa lubricates the tube and inserts it into her ass. She winces a bit, she’s not used to anal, but when in Rome. Then she presses the sheath in, until it’s completely into her. She notices there is also a small hole at the very bottom of the suit where she would pee from. “Well that’s good” she thought to herself, while pulling the suit up.

The women find the suits have preformed breasts that fit over their own as they slide their hands into the arms and gloves. Finally both women are nearly completely covered in a transparent layer of rubber that almost looks as though it was painted on them.  They pull the hoods up and over their heads which has holes for the eyes and mouth. And help to zip one another up. Melissa never considered herself a lesbian but looking at Sarah in her suit was turning her on, not to mention the shiny reflection of herself in a nearby mirror.

“Ok so how we doing?” Gary said aloud as he came in.

“They're ready for the next step,” Tonya answered.

“Ok ladies for the next step is primarily why you won’t be able to protest from this point on.” He shows them two more hoods that are made from a rather thick rubber in the same yellowish color as the clear suits they are wearing now but are so thick they are opaque. They have no sign of any mouth or eye holes which makes Melissa a bit nervous.

He continued, “The insides of these have a gag in them that is attached to an inside strap keeping it in your mouth. The gag is rigged with a few tubes that connect to the tubes under the suit going down your backs. These tubes will give you water, air, allow you to exhale and whatever else you need. The hood has a bit of space in it over the eyes where a small display is. It’s not very bright but doesn’t need to be, because you’ll otherwise be in total darkness. Eventually the displays will be hooked to cameras from time to time so you can see when we want you to.”

Melissa boggled and even Sarah was a bit impressed but there was no backing out now. Tonya took one and Gary took the other and they simultaneously hooded the girls, strapping the gags into place, attaching the hoses to the suits hoses, and zipping  them shut. The girls found it immediately hard to breath, nearly impossible through all those small tubes until suddenly they both got air regularly. From the outside the girls were now totally in transparent and yellow rubber. Their heads were now just yellow ovals.

Outside, Gary and Tonya attached small battery powered devices to the tube connections at the bottom of the crotch, which was feeding them air as they inhale and pulling out the exhale. They strapped the devices to their legs for now.

“Ok now ladies, I know you can still hear me although it’s a bit muffled in there. Come with me Sarah. Melissa, you stay with Tonya. Don’t worry. She’s around you somewhere” he says kind of sinisterly. It wasn’t long before Melissa found out why.

She felt something go around her elbows and start to pull backwards. Her arms were now pinned to her sides from the elbows up.  Then she felt a similar thing happen to her wrists, except this time they were drawn in front of her. Her arms were now wrapped around her sides tightly. Then she felt something being pulled over the top of her. It was a piece of rubber that fitted around her waist and pushed in tightly. It felt like she was being wrapped in a rubber band like a newspaper. From the outside the band made her forearms disappear around her waist. All that was visible now was her shoulders. 

Melissa was getting scared now. She was totally out of control of the situation. She was covered from head to toe, silenced, and now bound. Even the very act of breathing was dependant on the woman next to her she had only met the day before.  Melissa started to feel her legs get tighter together. She was being bound some more. Tonya was wrapping rubber straps around Melissa’s legs and once she was done, laid Melissa down. She couldn’t see but knew she must have been an erotic vision of a rubber girl. She could feel Tonya caressing her and teasing her slightly making her more aroused.

Meanwhile Gary slowly led Sarah over to the area that was covered in tarps. In the middle was a pedestal with a metal rod coming from it and a cradle on top with a vibrator in the front, connectors for the ones on her suit in the middle and a connection on the rear for the tube going into her ass.  “I’m going to disconnect the pack that’s giving you air for a moment and put you up on something. Once I lift part of it, it will connect with your suit and you’ll get air again.” Gary instructed.

He unstrapped the device from her leg and disconnected it, turning it off. As he said he would, he guided her onto the platform and pressed a control that was attached. The metal tube started to rise up and the cradle pushed the vibrator into her until the cradle seated itself on her underside. The second it did Sarah could breathe again. It tightened to her slightly and to her surprise the thing that just connected to her, kept rising. She was lifted to the tips of her toes. Gary placed semi rigid forms on her feet that forced them down into a ballet point.

“Hope you enjoy the vibrator my dear. Figure it can’t be all work.” He kidded with her. “I’m going to position your arms and legs. Keep them in those positions. You’ll hear a strange noise and might notice something hitting you. Just hold still.” Gary Instructed.

He pushed her legs closer together so the tips of the forms on her feet were straight down.  Then he put her arms down and moving outwards from her sides, then he placed her hands facing straight out to the left and right with her palms down and fingers all together. The position was a little uncomfortable but she was just enjoying herself at this point. So far she was in latex heaven, but then she had no idea what was totally happening outside either. She didn’t know Gary had put on a special white suit and gasmask and returned with an unusual looking spray gun. He started to spray her with a mix of a clear gel and tiny strips of material. Though it was a bit startling, she didn’t react because he did tell her it was going to happen. He sprayed every square inch of her with a heavy coat of it.

Once he was done, he stood back and pressed a button. An armature that was hanging from the ceiling above the pedestal started to rotate around Sarah. Although it couldn’t be seen, it was using a series of hot lasers to harden the epoxy and fiberglass like coating that was on her. Pass after pass, it got a bit stiffer. Finally the machine was done and Gary came back with a sander. He made quick work as he sanded her body head to toe removing all the imperfections. Sarah felt the vibrations and pressure inside and made a small attempt to move, but came to the conclusion she was now solid. She mulled over in her mind the situation and decided she liked the idea, a lot.

Gary finished sanding and hosed her off with an air gun. He used another sprayer to apply a white coat of powder. Then hit with the laser hardener again. The Powder turned to liquid and hardened to a white shine. Sarah knew she was now totally unable to move. But she didn’t see the pedestal, or what she was sprayed with. She couldn’t even imagine that she was now looked exactly like a modern blank mannequin. Gary used the control again to cause wheels to come from underneath the pedestal.

By this time Tonya had her fun with Melissa and unstrapped her legs so she could walk her over to the work area. Tonya wheeled a new pedestal in while Gary wheeled Sarah out. The new pedestal was the same except there was a piece of rubber like the one over Melissa’s arms, lain out with the pole going through it. Gary came back and instructed Melissa the same, putting her on the pedestal and raising her up. But this time Tonya pulled Melissa’s legs back one at a time and strapped them. She and Gary pulled the rubber piece up and over her legs forcing them tighter and her feet sideways against her small ass. Her legs looked as one solid piece, as Gary repeated the spraying and hardening process on Melissa.

Before long, she looked like just another blank limbless mannequin. Inside she was beginning to panic a bit.  She now had no use of her arms or legs; she was teetering on some kind of rod, and couldn’t move an inch. Again the wheels were brought back out and she and Sarah were wheeled out into the store. The motion was a bit unsettling to Melissa but by now she was so freaked out it was a minor detail.

Once into the store they wheeled them over to a display area that was somewhat empty.  On the floor there was boxes marked out about the same size as the pedestals with the familiar series of connections in the center. The boxes were on either side of the aisle. They wheeled them on top of them, lined them up facing each other, and used the controllers to make the wheels set back into the base. Once it did a small light on what looked like some kind of security device panel turned green. This indicated that the pedestals switched from battery power to the store power.

Gary and Tonya disconnected the controllers and opened the front of the little panel. Inside a small display showed their heart rates, and blood oxygen levels. Little sensors in the latex suits that went unnoticed relayed the information. Although Melissa’s heart was racing she was getting enough oxygen and was ok. Both mannequins checked out. They closed back up the panels and went about dressing the new displays in some of the more top of the line clothes. Putting Sarah into a slinky little rubber skirt and red corset top, and Melissa into a longer black skirt that just hung down from her hips due to a lack of legs, and black leather halter top.

“So, think we should let them in on it?” Gary asked Tonya. She nodded as she got a small video camera with a transmitter on it. When she turned on the camera both girls little screens lit up dimly. It took a moment for the girls to adjust from darkness to vision but they started to see clearly. Gary talked a bit louder, “Hi girls! So I’m wondering if either of you know what’s happened? I bet the more experienced of you two might have an idea.”

Tonya hands him the camera and goes to Sarah’s monitor again. Gary continues to talk while coming up to Sarah. “So do you my dear?” and he taps the side of her head. The thump confirms it. Her heart jumps a bit but she is still enjoying it. Tonya hits a button on the panel and closes it. Inside Sarah’s vibrator comes to life silently buzzing away inside her. She would be shaking from the pleasure if it weren’t for her being unable to move in the slightest.

By this time Melissa is getting the idea of what has happened but her mind denies it. Gary turns around and points the camera at Melissa. Her heart jumps and she continues to try and deny.  “How about you my dear?” he says and he taps her head. To her the sound is like the door on a jail slamming or a nail in a coffin. Her heart speeds. She tries to move any which way but it held perfectly in place. She tries to scream but is completely silenced by the gag.

“Now, Now Melissa, That’s no way to be. You said you were into it and you agreed to everything. So going into a fit won’t help matters. The only way out is to wait it out.” Gary’s words are cold to her, but they do make her come to reality. That it really doesn’t matter if she goes into a total fit. She is this mannequin until she is freed. They have to free her, don’t they?

Her heart finally starts to slow down. “That’s better. Now for some enjoyment.” Once Gary says this, Tonya turns on the vibrator on Melissa and with all the pressure, and the feelings of being trapped, encased, and turned into a thing, it becomes too much and in a matter of seconds she explodes into an orgasm. Sarah isn’t far from her own and a few minutes later goes over the edge herself.

Gary turns off the camera, but the blackness isn’t for long. Another camera mounted in the store turns on. It overlooks the aisle from a corner, where the two can see not only themselves but each other.  Gary begins to talk to both mannequins. “Now, this probably seems like this couldn’t possibly be an experiment. Well it is. You see, no one has ever actually encased a person inside of a mannequin. Some have come close but it’s a fetish that no one who enjoys the stories and picture of it had ever had a chance to realize. You two get to be the first. We were more or less seeing if the method we created for this would work. Also if the life support system is reliable.” He pauses a moment. “But I want to assure you we have taken every precaution in this matter. If the store power fails there are battery backups inside both your pedestals that take over and alert us when it happens. So you won’t run out of air if it happens in the middle of the night. The pedestals have two air exchanger pumps in them. One as a backup if the other should fail. Again we’ll be immediately notified and the down pump replaced.”

Gary walks around as he’s talking. It was like he was explaining a new product to prospective buyers. “The experiment goes further, as we are testing the endurance of the systems, the gags, tubes, the suits, and if the material you are encased in will stand the test of time. We also have to test the endurance of you ladies. What I mean there is that we have to see what the affects of being kept motionless for a long period of time, and in your case Melissa very tight bondage will do to your muscles and such. We also have to see what the mental stress will be.” He laughs a bit.

“It actually turned out perfect for us that one of you is a hardcore bondage and S&M fan, and the other is rather new to it but adventurous. That way we can see the effects of it on a mind that’s prepared for it, and one that’s not. The system we have will be giving you a regular enema through the tubes that are in you. If you pee it will go out the hole in the suit and down the tube where it’ll be disposed of. Your gags will supply you with air, water, and a liquid that will give you all the nutrients you need to not lose weight, which would make your confinement a bit less confining and we don’t want that.”

Gary stands back some and says, “Finally we will be monitoring your heart and oxygen count over the next month or so to insure you’re doing well. If an emergency should happen during that time we can, if need be, quickly remove the shells you are in and get you to a hospital. Otherwise, you’re in it for the long haul. I hope you enjoy it!” The word struck them both like a ton of bricks, Month. He said a month. They would be motionless mannequins for that long.

With that Gary and Tonya left the view of the camera’s and the store lights went out for the night. Overnight the two contemplated every aspect of their situation. They couldn’t do anything to stop it now, so they had to stay here, enjoy it and try not to go insane.  They couldn’t really get rescued because neither of them have a life to speak of. No one knows where they are, and even if they did, and came, they wouldn’t find them. Who would think that two blank mannequins, one limbless would be two living women? When they get freed, they can’t go to the police. Who would believe it? And besides they also signed contracts agreeing to be in extreme bondage for long periods.

The next day the store opened. People went in and out of the shop. It seemed like a hundred people walked by them. Some even looked and admired the clothes. The vibrators turned on and off throughout the day, sometimes teasing them. Other times making them orgasm multiple times in a session. The people who walked by didn’t know they were looking at real women. Living sealed mannequins who could only watch them go by.

As a few days went by, they wondered what the other was thinking. Were they enjoying it? Were they in terror? Had they already lost everything and believed they were a mannequin? It was hard not to think that one day their minds might just stop, and they think they really are a mannequin. They also wondered about the people. When they looked at them, were all of them admiring the outfits? Or, were they admiring them? How many of them could be mannequin fetishists, and one day it’ll be them up here on a pedestal.



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