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The Essence

by Darqside

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© Copyright 2006 - Darqside - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; tomb; orb; latex; envelop; transform; bodymod; merge; mythical; cons; X

It’s been at least ten years since the incident we experienced. Back then we were young, in love, and completely infatuated with the idea of having sex. Sexual gratification was indeed the very core reason why we even met each other in the first place.

She was once a student at Yale University, in fact she even taught there for a time, her major being Psychology with a minor in World History. At the time I was working as an archeologist for a local religious scientific group. We didn’t know who our benefactor was, but our goal was clear:

To determine the truth behind statements found in the Bible and other ancient pieces of text.

Needless to say I ended up working with her, seeing as her knowledge of Sumerian text was invaluable. We were currently on assignment in the northern mountains of old Mesopotamia, when I uncovered an ancient block of text that seemed to be embedded in a shell of old volcanic rock.

After cleaning it up a bit and some deciphering… she gave out a rather excited cry.

“This is it!”

“Considering I can’t read Sumerian, do you mind elaborating?”

“Oh, of course! You see… this is a fragment of the Torah, basically the Bible’s equivalent of the Old Testament… only…. there’s something a bit different than what I’m used to reading…”

Instantly she ran back to her notations while I began to dig again.

“Well that doesn’t make sense…”

“What are you going on about?” I asked, somewhat distracted by the current project at hand. I hadn’t noticed at the time, but her voice sounded extremely attractive to me, and she was no slouch when it came to appearances either, but her intelligence somewhat directed me to keep it professional.

“This piece of text seems to be talking about a chapter in Genesis… but I don’t think it’s a chapter any of us has ever read before.”

“What are you saying?” I’ve read that book in the Bible from start to finish, but to think that something might have been left out might seem sacrilegious to some.

“This chapter… the pattern of writing and formality match the context… if I was to match it up with any of the chapters, I’d say it would fit between Chapter 2 and 3… a hidden chapter as it were.”

She feverishly began to study her notes and translate the text; she would mumble things incoherently whenever she found something that intrigued her. I didn’t want to disturb her, but it was getting late in the afternoon, and the sun would be going down soon.

“Listen… it’s getting late, I’m heading back to camp…. are you going to stay here tonight?”

She jumped up… almost alarmed at the thought of her nose stuck in a book.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I do so love finding and solving a good mystery, but I suppose it can wait until tomorrow.”

She began to nervously twirl a curl in her long blonde hair, it shined a deep gold in the sunset, and at that moment I couldn’t help but find her immensely attractive.

“Hello? I said I’d be down in a minute… I’ll gather my notes…”

“Oh! Um… yeah, okay, I’ll wait at the foot of the hill for you.”

I couldn’t believe I spaced out on her like that! I think I must’ve been beet red after that, and so I tried to avoid looking directly at her for the rest of the evening. That night I stoked the fire, mainly because I have a problem with insomnia and needed something to do. It completely caught me off guard when she suddenly appeared behind me.

“Whoa! Didn’t mean to scare you there…”

“It’s… it’s alright, I’m just not used to seeing other people up this late…”

“You mean, besides yourself?” she had a slight giggle in her voice.

“I guess so…”

“Sleep apnea, isn’t it?” She said almost smiling.

“Huh? How did you know that?” I was rather surprised she could tell that just by looking at me.

“I’m a Psychologist, part of our job is determining more than just mental, but physical reasons for behavior. You can’t breathe properly when you sleep, and so you don’t get proper R.E.M. Sleep. Am I right?”

“Well… yeah… but how can you tell that just by looking at me?”

“It’s not that I just ‘look at you’ you know… I heard your irregular snoring in the tent last night… kept me up as well.”

“…Err… sorry about that…” By now I was very embarrassed.

“By the way… I didn’t catch your name when we started this research expedition?”

“Adam Abrams… just call me Adam…”

“My name is Eva Saran…. Adam and Eva huh… kind of ironic don’t you think?”

“Heh, I suppose it is.”

Strangely enough, she was very interested in me, although I don’t recall giving any major hints that I was attracted to her. I sincerely hoped it wasn’t my sleeping habits.

“So… Adam, I noticed you seem to take a shine to my hair… do you like it?”

“W-what?!” It was amazing… almost like she read my mind…

“Well, it was pretty obvious you were staring at me blankly this afternoon… well… I suppose I’m not bothered by it… not many men have given me attention much anyway.”

“I’m sorry if I offended you, Eva… I… I didn’t mean to…”

“So answer the question… do you like me or not?” she looked at me, dead serious.

“Well I… I suppose I do but…”

“But what? Why so nervous?” Again, Eva was seriously asking me… it was hard for me to handle.

“But I always thought women preferred to do things professionally… I mean… I don’t want sexual harassment if you know what I mean…”

“Oh you can hardly call it that… you never laid a finger on me… but as for me…”

She quietly sat down on a log next to me, and slowly and gently kissed my cheek… jolting me for a moment.

“You’re sweet Adam… a trait I’ve never found in other men. You’re respectful, you’re kind, and you’re not aggressive either.”

I don’t know why it came out… maybe it was because she was very forward with me that night… maybe it was because I wanted her to know I really liked her. I’m not sure.

“You know… I think you’d look really beautiful in a latex dress.”

Before I knew what I had said, I covered my mouth in shock… and quickly apologized.

“Wow… I’m impressed…”

“Say what?” Now it was her turn to shock me.

“You’re very honest and direct. I like that in a man.” She giggled again.

“I… didn’t mean to be so…” I stammered… I couldn’t think of what to say short of wanting to have sex with her right there, out in the wilderness.

“I suppose it’s my fault… my mother always told me I was in a hurry to do things. And I suppose I triggered your Libido as well… oh dear…”

The lump in my crotch was swelling, but try as I might, I couldn’t stifle it.

“Maybe I came onto you a little fast…”

“No… no, it’s alright… I mean… I like you too.”

“Listen to us… apologizing back and forth like mocking birds…” with that she laughed softly… and this seemed like music to my ears.

“Well, instead of apologizing, I think I should just admit how I feel about you…” I couldn’t believe what I was saying to her… and this was literally the first time we’d introduced each other!

“Adam… do you believe in love at first sight?” She asked abruptly.

“I’ve heard in the Bible that Adam fell in love with Eve the minute he saw her…”

“I… take a rather analytical approach to love… but not just love… sex.”

She was admitting to me her deepest thoughts… and I’ll admit, at the time I was a little scared.

“I’ve always wondered what purpose, aside from land contracts and other aspects… that Marriage holds… I mean the origin of man and woman. It’s been on my mind the day I first heard my description “womb-man”. I mean… a lot of women complain about the idea of having children being a burden, and the idea of being a sex object for men… but I’ve always thought the opposite… you know?”

“I’m not sure I follow you.”

“It starts off with the idea that men and women desire each other, you know… like we feel incomplete. But men are always depicted as domineering and women as being passive and used for coitus. But I wonder if this isn’t just natural… I mean… I’ve got a hole and that hole needs to be filled…. by something.”

“I suppose it has to do with the idea that humans by nature don’t like being forced into what they deem to be as stereotypical… which is silly in my opinion.”

“You really think so?”

“It’s like the old saying… if you’ve got legs to walk… you might as well use them… why fight that aspect of yourself.”

She laughed, “A lot of homosexuals would defiantly disagree with you on that point…. but that’s another thing… even homosexuals and bisexuals need that fulfillment… it really is a mystery.”

“Wow, you really are interested in sex… er… that came out wrong.”

She laughed, and then I laughed for some reason.

“I suppose I should be very up front with you… now that we’re ‘sexually and emotionally initiated’… I’m straight as an arrow, although I’m willing to experiment in different styles of sex… also, I prefer natural sex over condoms… finally, I am a clean virgin.”

“You prefer “morning-after” pills?” I asked, curious.

“Well, if you’re asking me my moral stance on them… I see it this way: Chickens lay eggs all the time and nobody complains about cooking and eating them… except maybe vegans… aside from that though… actually I’m impotent.”

“So… you can’t have children?”

“Yes… I know; I’m an embarrassment to my ancestor Eve… big deal. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a blessing… as I don’t really want kids anyway.”

“I’m… not concerned about that either…” It felt like a completely natural conversation, actually, at least until she shocked me again.

“As for your statement earlier about me in latex… well… to what extent are you referring to? Don’t be shy now… and don’t worry, I won’t psychoanalyze you or say you’re weird or anything… I promise.” She smiled a very wicked smile… but it seemed comforting to me.

“Well…” I fidgeted for a moment… until she kissed me on the cheek again, which turned away all feelings of doubt.

“I guess you could say I’m into latex as a form of fashion, I’m not into getting whipped or bondage, really, no piercing either… I just find wearing it… especially women wearing it… to be sexy.”

“Well I suppose I wouldn’t mind… if you had something in mind that is…”

About then I began to have very deliciously dark thoughts of her being my dress-up doll… I don’t know why, but it just became something of an obsessive thought to me.

“Well I’ve always had this thing for 17th century hoop skirts and bridal gowns… but, the thing is… I’ve always wondered what it would be like for an attractive woman to wear latex versions of them.”

“A latex bridal gown?”

“Something like that… yeah… black, or white, doesn’t matter…”

“Adam, you are a very intriguing man… I’ll have to think about this for some time…”

It was strange, but I felt even more impulsive with her around. Instinctively I grabbed her hand in mine.

“Wow… sunrise, already?” I suddenly asked.

“Not a very romantic statement… but true none the less…” she smiled. I was getting addicted to that smile.

“Adam… are you tired?”

“Not really…”

“Neither am I… let’s go back to that dig site… I have a feeling we’re going to find something interesting there today related to our conversation.”

“About sex?” I asked, aghast.

“Precisely… I didn’t tell you this, but I think I may have found a lost key to the origin of angelic beings!”

“Angels?! The origin of angels?”

It was strange, all the talking we had just done and we weren’t even tired… we practically ran full-sprint back to the dig site.

She scattered her translated notes… filling in the holes she had began in her notation the previous day.

“Okay… let me read what I’ve found so far…”

“And before mankind was created, God created Nehalem, those that are called Angels… neither male nor female created he them, but both… for they are one and the same flesh… born of the orb of union that speaketh through the mouth of life. They are the predecessor to Adam and Eve but are also called man but are also gods below God.”

“Wow… that’s amazing… but what does it mean…”

“Angels are born from some kind of object that unites… I’m not sure what that’s referring to.”

“Let me read more…”

“God wished for man and woman to populate the Earth and dwell upon it as a countless number. After man’s fall away from God… man and woman could no longer satisfy themselves and instead chose to use the Orb of Union.”

“Because this went against God’s command to procreate the Earth, God hid the orb so that no Nehalem could be born.”

“Anything else in that piece of text?” I asked, dusting off more rocks in the ruins.

“That’s all there is to it… and I can’t find any other fragments either…”

As I was dusting away a large layer of strata I couldn’t help but notice the ground beneath me was rather soft compared to the rocky terrain I had been used to treading for the past few days. Curious, I decided to use a bore to see how deep the soft rock went.

“Find something?”

Again she surprised me by leaning over and kissing my cheek again. Startled, I dropped the bore… but when it hit the ground… the earth began to crumble away.

“Get back… it’s a land-slide!” I yelled… but before my own body could react, I slid down a large crack in the earth along with dust and debris.

“Adam! Adam! Where are you?”

I was crawling around in the dark when I heard her voice echo above.

“I’m down here!”

“I’m sorry Adam… if I hadn’t have startled you… you wouldn’t be in this predicament… I’ll see if I can find a way down there to you!”

“Eva, be careful, the rock formations are unstable!”

Before I finished warning her, almost as if it were fate, she slide down the hole with me… I could see her silhouette in the shadow of the crack of light above.

“I’m such a klutz! Now how do we get out of here?”

Almost as if it were pure luck, I had found a torch on a wall nearby… perhaps I should’ve never lit it… but… I guess it’s too late for regrets.

“What… is this place?” She gasped in shock.

As the light filled the room of ancient Sumerian stonework… I couldn’t help but realize that we had just come upon the discovery of the century! A thousands year old Sumerian tomb it seemed.

“The text is all written on the walls… amazing… it’s a combination language of Sumerian and Egyptian!” She was immediately enamored with this find.

“Well the architecture is Egyptian, but what does it say…”

It was strange, because the room itself did not even look like a tomb… more like a storage area… the walls were lined with text, but no coffins, not even pottery were found here.

“The antechamber of the forbidden mouth of God…” she read aloud…

“You serious?” I asked, taking in all the text…

“This can’t be related to that piece of text we saw earlier… could it?”

Of course she was on to something, but what it might be, we were far from capable of understanding.

“If this is the antechamber… then the path is…”

She grabbed the torch from its stand and began to read more of the text.

“Adam… help me out… there are 6 bricks here that are loose in the wall… like something is blocked up in it.”

“Okay…” using the bore that had fallen down with me, I dug at the bricks, which were heavily set into the face of the wall.

When the wall finally gave way… a single little holding chamber was revealed… and within the chamber was a round black object.

“What is this I wonder?” I pulled the object out of its container. It was black and shined like obsidian, but was as big around as a bowling ball. As I held it in my hands it felt light to carry… but solid like a round ball of rubber.

“That can’t be…!” Her eyes widened in shock.

“You mean this is… the orb of union?” I asked.

“There’s… there’s no way…”

She shone light from her torch upon the orb and it silently reflected back the flame from the torch.

“Do you want to see it?” I asked, “It’s pretty light…”

After putting the torch back in the holder so that we could examine the object, I carefully gave it to her, so as not to drop it.

The minute it came into contact with her hand, however, something devilishly dark began to happen… the orb began to melt away in her hand.

“What’s… what’s going on?” She asked, worried.

The orb began to melt around her hands and actually looked like a second skin.

“What’s happening!!” Her voice was suddenly filled with terror.

I tried to take the melted portions off her hands, but they remained like a sort of glue. I couldn’t even find purchase for my hands to get a proper grip.

“It’s covering my arms!!” she shrieked.

And as though it were a living creature, it began to slowly creep up her arms, and shoulders, as though her body were slowly becoming laminated. It melted around her breasts in such a way as to make them stick out larger and further away from her body than even possible!

“Why won’t this stuff get off me!” She started to cry.

As the black ooze began to slither down her waist, it then almost intuitively pierced her crotch… and she it the floor and doubled over…. moaning.

Between moans, I was barely able to make out that it had invaded her most private parts… front and rear. I held her hand back up as she continued to grit her teeth as the ooze proceeded through her backside, so much so, there was no longer any seam to her buttocks… her butt now looked like a round bulbous orb shining the reflection of the flickering torch in the darkness.

As it crept down her legs, she could feel her thighs solidifying in a sort of lock-knee stance, forcing her to arch her back to maintain balance… which of course locked her spine into place like some dark corset… when it reached her feet. It ate away at her excavation boots like a diabolical acid…. turning her feet into 6 inch seamless high boot heels.

I couldn’t help but feel intensely attracted to her, even in this sad series of events. But almost as though it were reading my thoughts… it had saved the best for last…

In my demented mind, I observed her helplessly clawing at the black ooze as it began to trickle upwards around her throat, solidifying tightly so that she could barely turn her head… and in an instant it flooded her mouth and throat… forcing her to gag for a brief moment, continuing up her nose so that her nasal passages were blocked, yet somehow she was able to breathe…. then the solid black latex that filled her mouth and throat morphed into a perfect casing for her black shiny lips… but try as she might… she could not open them and muffled in protest.

Slowly but surely, as her muffled screams continued… it slithered up and through her eye sockets and around her eyes… making her muffled screams reach a peak… the screams stopped shortly thereafter and afterwards I saw only black orbs staring back at me, helplessly.

It slithered through her ears up to the point that they were no longer visible, although strangely she was able to hear me… it continued onto her scalp and up through each strand of her hair and follicles… her hair literally began to grow to a very long attractive length as a result… black shiny hair that went down to her buttocks.

I was both over stimulated and astounded.

“Can you… can you see me right now…?”

She tried to muffle a response, but decided to nod ‘yes’ instead.

“The black orb seems to have created a symbiotic reaction in you… and for some reason has formed into something akin to what I had pictured you as…” I tried to come up with a logical explanation…

But almost impulsively, I thought that it wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

Instantly several tendrils snaked out around her waist at her sides and formed a tremendously long seamless hoopskirt… as though in sync with my thoughts. The perfect woman of solid black.

“This is kind of bothersome that I can’t talk to you normally…” I muttered.

And just like before, the substance reacted… albeit not in the way I expected.

Her lips were still sealed shut… but as she mumbled, I heard her voice drifting… as though her voice box were being moved from the throat to somewhere else…

“I don’t… understand…”


It was stunning, her Vulva had reformed itself outside of the dress at the pelvis, but what occurred next was even more surprising… it took the form of two sideways lips… just like the rubbery lips on her face above.

“Why is this… happening…”

Her voice sounded weak, as though it had been dissolved and reformed and that she had to learn how to speak all over again.

I crouched down to make sure I wasn’t seeing things…

“This is… this is insanity…” Her vulva spoke!

Almost in disbelief I stood up and touched her face with my hands… there were no seams to her lips! Like some sort of rubber mask.

“I can’t believe this! I’m talking through my vagina! What the hell is wrong with me! I’m a freak!” I heard the voice cry out below.

She put her hands on her face, and I could tell she was crying. I put my hand to her face to wipe the tears away… but as I noticed… the tears were black liquid, and smelled of rubber.

Her face re-absorbed the tears like some kind of symbiotic sponge. It was as though she hadn’t even cried at all.

“I… I don’t know what’s going on here…” I said to her. “It’s… it’s as though the orb is reading my mind and using my thoughts and imagination and making them reality through your body. I guess… I couldn’t help myself… I mean, picturing a woman talking through a vagina is pretty twisted I guess… but it was what I wanted…”

“It was… what you wanted, Adam?” she asked. Her voice already seemed to have gotten accustomed to speaking down there.

“I just wish I understood what was going on with you and the orb… I wish I knew…”

And as if to answer my question… and strangely enough this was also equally attractive… her body began to morph once again.

Four lumps appeared underneath her arms which slowly slithered outward and formed arms and hands, identical to her own… and she seemed to have motor control of them like some kind of woman spider.

Then at the apex of her forehead, a third eye appeared, identical to the black orbs of her own eyes. And then, to my astonishment, two pairs of lips appeared at the tips of her breasts.

“What’s going on!? What are you thinking!?”

“I didn’t think this, Eva! I just wanted to know what’s going on!”

Suddenly, with exception to her talking “lips” she lost control of her body. The three eyes on her face focused on me… and the 6 hands took various positions and stances… like some sort of Latex Shiva goddess.

Her breasts began to speak to me, and apparently to Eva as well. The voices that came from her breasts were in unison, as though a god were speaking through Eva’s body.

“Mortal… thy love for this woman has pierced her soul and so thou hast become one spirit with her. If thou wilt, thou may become one flesh.”

“One… spirit?”

“This woman is now bone of thy bones and flesh of thy flesh, and so a man will leave his mother and father and become one flesh with one woman. She is the object of thy desire.”

I hadn’t admitted it, yet, but indeed, she had become precisely what I desired, and perhaps even beyond my own limited imagination.

“I’ve… become… something that… he desires…?” Her ‘lips’ spoke.

“Woman was made as a help made for man, she is so that he may not be alone. But thy purpose in this world was to be fruitful and multiply… if thou hast no means in this… and the man thou lovest has no purpose in this, you may yet be useful as an avatar of the Lord.”

Yet another thing I hadn’t admitted. I was also impotent… and the idea of having sex with a woman who might expect kids from me… well that was an embarrassment. But if she was the same as me… perhaps we could still love each other… but this… this was different.

“Thou dost understand thy purpose now… it is now thy choice…”

And with that… the lips on her breasts, the third eye, and the arms vanished.

“Is it just me… or is the torch blowing out…?” I muttered.

“Adam… why didn’t you tell me…?”

“Maybe because I didn’t want to admit it myself… maybe because I’m just like all those other perverted men out there… I lust, I desire… but now… now we’re on the brink of making an angelic being…”

Black tears came out of her eyes and were once again absorbed into the shiny abyss of her face. But those tears were for me.

“The truth is Adam… I’ve desired you since the day I first met you at the University… I kept feeling like I was pathetic for thinking that way… that other women would think I was pathetic for wanting to become something I wasn’t just to please a man I fell in love with…”

“But it’s my fault, Eva! It’s my fault you’re talking through your Vagina… it’s my fault you’re encased in Latex from hell. I even lied a bit when I said I didn’t care so much for bondage.”

I needed to sit down… even if it was in the dirt of that dark dank old tomb. I needed to think.

As if to change the subject, she sexily sauntered up to me… her talking pussy at my eye level. I could see her rear end bounding back and forth as she strode toward me.

“The truth is… I’m just as perverted as you, Adam. I want sex just as much as any other woman does. In fact… to be honest, although it caught me off guard… I like what I’ve become.”

To prove her point, she sat down and spread her legs wide… bending forward like some kind of strange rubber band, she slid both her forearms all the way up into her pussy. Moaning and stretching it further… she even managed to slide her head inside it… rolling backwards and folding her knees forward, she even managed to stretch the lip so that her legs fit inside completely as well. As if to compensate her attempts… my imagination assisted her… her lips completely enveloped the remainder of her body in such a way that she now looked like a gigantic black ball with lips.

“Howth thoth?” She mumbled with black drooling lips.

My mouth was agape and my eyes went wide. She literally was disappearing inside herself!

“I better get you out of there before you collapse in on yourself!” I yelped.

“Nowwh Powabwem!” Another mumble.

She literally melted before my eyes, and like some kind of liquid shape shifter… became her original… well… mostly original… form.

“My, but that was fun!” Her ‘lips’ smiled… although they had no teeth, but of course picturing a pussy with teeth was downright scary for me.

“Listen, Adam… you’re the only man for me… and I’ll be whatever you want me to be. Just think it, and I’ll be it.”

“I have this big fear that if any other women found out about this… they’d kill me.”

“Then you don’t understand women very well do you…” She giggled… although it sounded rather weird coming from her pelvis.

In a very abrupt fashion, she spread her legs around my waist, hoopskirt and all… and wrapped her arms around me, with my face facing her enhanced black rubber breasts.

“Women are just as scared as men when it comes to relationships… they don’t want to pick the wrong guy, and they don’t want to get their feelings hurt either. The idea that women don’t like being told what to do or what to be is identical to that of a man’s desire to live his own life. That’s how we all are. There are women out there who don’t want to be bound to any man… just like there are men out there who don’t want to be bound by women. But in the end, it doesn’t matter what we want or what we don’t want…”

“Why’s that…?” I said, rather distracted.

“Because we’re incomplete without each other. What I want ultimately leads me to a man… and what a man wants ultimately leads him to a woman. Even if it’s something we don’t want to admit, it’s a fact of nature. It’s why some women desire to be men and vice versa. Because they don’t feel complete otherwise.”

“So why is there such a big wall of defense against men nowadays anyway?”

“Because women out there want to feel like there’s more to life than sex. And while that may be true to humans, it’s common nature for everything else. To a male and female animal… sex, food, and water might be everything. Women cover their breasts because men find them highly desirable, and a great compliment. Men fight over women, even women who’ve been taken by other men. Because we value life, we avoid fighting as much as possible… and so women get protective of their bodies… even though it’s perfectly natural to be desirable. In fact some women think it best for some men to cover up to prevent the same occurrence from happening.”

“That’s quite a mouthful… even for a pussy.” I smirked.

“Oh you!”

“I guess… for a long time I was afraid of what women thought… so I stayed away… but I always had a wild imagination, because that’s all I had to go on.”

“But now I exist as your imagination! It’s actually something I’ve always wanted to do… to be the very best thing for the man I love.”

“Even if the man you love is somewhat twisted and perverted and has an infatuation for latex skin?”

“Whether or not it’s perverted is a misnomer… maybe not everybody likes it, but I do… isn’t that enough?” It was strange, but at that moment, I felt her kiss me on the cheek again… and it felt as though it were her normal lips this time.

“Yeah, and I guess that’s all that matters.”

“So… I suppose God wants us to become one flesh then?”

“I’m not sure I fully understand it, even though it was explained to me.”

She and I stood up as Adam and Eva… no… more like Adam and Eve… she was now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh… even if that flesh was shiny black latex. The flame from the torch reflected itself in twisted dances around the curvatures of her body. I could feel the swell fall from my chest to my crotch.

Her latex dress swept near me, and she slowly undid my pants and even took off my shoes and shirt tenderly… even in the darkness of the tomb we were in… she still had eyes for me… the black orbs staring at me with love.

I stood before her… bare naked and unashamed. And even though she was only partially naked… she stood unashamed as well. We loved each other. Even amongst the dust and dirt and shadows. I could not take my eyes off her seamless rubber obsidian body… and her me, even though it was natural skin.

I touched her rubber gloved hands and enveloped them in my own, slowly drawing her towards me… our hands were brought down and slowly moved around our waists, I placed my lips on her rubber face and kissed her. Her eyes continuing to shed rubber tears that seemed to drip over onto my face as we kissed.

Then, I pierced her with all my being. Her lower lips enveloped my pelvis with addicted abandon, I could feel her legs snake themselves around me… once, twice… she had attached herself to my body!

I did not care… for I wished to swallow her Essence whole. I could feel the hard curves of the heels on her legs as she wrapped her legs up to my hands. My scrotum and penis disappeared into her black void, never to return. Her voice became watery muffles of glee… as if drinking sweet nectar. I writhed on a wild black ocean, swaying amidst the waves of darkness. My eyes seemed to close permanently of their own accord, but it was beyond my capacity to care. My senses were pleased and that was all that mattered.

Her dress began to wrap rubbery black wings around me, her breasts melting around my body. I felt myself begin to disappear and reappear in consciousness. The last thing I heard was her pleasured squeal and laughter of delight…..

When I awoke from slumber, and my eyes got adjusted to the darkness within I had once slept, I stood up to find that Eva was gone. The tomb was empty. And I was alone.

Or at least, I thought I was…

In a sudden wave of nausea, I hit my knees only to find that my body had been encased in the same black rubber that she had once been in. My clothes lay in a pile near the entrance to the tomb, and it seemed as though the orb lay on the ground casually by the entrance having fulfilled its purpose.

I took a good look at myself in the light of the torch. It seemed that in the night I had obtained Eva’s breasts, long hair, dress, curvy body, six inch heels, as well as her seamless butt plug… in fact it felt as though I had no major orifice at all… until a familiar voice spoke. It spoke inside my mind as though now fused with it.

“We are now one body and one flesh… we are one love, one spirit, and one mind. And we are the descendant of the Lord.”

“Eva is that you?”

In response to my question… a pair of lips appeared at where my crotch had been, my own personal talking vagina.

“Adam… I love you, and I will always love for all eternity.”

“Eva… I will always love you as well…. forever.”

Walking out to the opening at the top of the tomb, we stretched our rubbery arms a bit to absorb the light shining down. Using our will, we created great rubbery wings and took flight to the sky. Our wills would be forever.

It has been ten years since the events we experienced. And we have never been happier. We do not hunger, we do not thirst, we do not experience pain or sorrow, and we do not need to relieve ourselves. It has been ten years since we had the urge to have coitus. All our needs have been met. We ride the clouds forever unto eternity. The world is not perfect, but the Lord has told us that someday it shall be, and that man shall continue onward. We shall continue on.

We are whole.

We are one.


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