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Entering Rubber Society Continued

by Lampar

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Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; catsuit; hood; gasmask; boots; corset; hair; public; cons; X

Reading the story “Entering Rubber Society” by LatexLadyLL made me more interested in Katherine Duane stories. After ten parts of it, I think the story has a good potential to develop. I think I’m here to do as it, and hope LatexLadyLL wouldn’t mind for me to continue the story, and the story-telling would be totally different from what LatexLadyLL made due to my lack of English, as you know by now I’m not a native speaker of English, but I hope you’ll still enjoy the stories i’ve made and the future stories that will come.

Story continued from part ten.

Katherine decided to go to her hairstylist in the center of the town, she wondered how far it would be as she was now at the outskirts of the town after the meeting with Emily earlier at the restaurant. A thought of taking a public cab came into her mind while walking with those red rubber heel-less ankle boots she wore. That thought is gone when she was hearing the noise of her boots against the pavement on the street, and she was didn't realize that she was walking on her toe in the heel-less ankle boots this whole time because of the corset that make her hard to bend her waist and look at the lower of her body and she was enjoying her chit-chat with Emily, but she didn’t feel any pain after wearing it for about what? 1 hour? 2 hours? No, it was 6 hours since she wore it at her flat before going to the restaurant. Now that she realized that she was fine walking on her toe after that long, Katherine’s mind wondering how long she will survive by walking en pointe, 

‘Could I make it to the town?’ Katherine thought to herself and kept walking and observing that here, there were less people dressing like her, fully enclosed in a rubber catsuit along with the gas mask that covered her face with dark lenses. Katherine was a bit nervous but she was feel acclimated to her clothes now and doesn’t care what other people think about her and also her face is covered by the gas mask she wore so ‘fuck it’, she said in her mind. She was still looking around and found none of the people at the street wearing a full enclosed suit as she was and she was the only one!. But people around seem to be fine with her like they didn’t notice her, she wonders why.

Katherine reached her phone with her tight rubber gloved arms, it was a bit of a struggle for her because of the lubricant that she used to shine her rubber clothes still covering her gloved arms, but she made it. She opened the map on her phone and made a pinpoint from her position to her hairstylist's place. Katherine suddenly stopped and stood there in her heel-less ankle boots and a young woman with vanilla clothing, short white skirt above her knees with a black peplum jacket and a pair of white sneakers approached her and asked her. She was kind of tall, almost the same as Katherine without her heel-less ankle boots, blonde short wavy hair and blue eyes, what a pretty girl!

“Are you alright, miss?” she asked, “You look lovely miss, I must guess you’re a member?” she asked again.

“No, and yes,” Katherine answered with a muffle voice, the young woman looked worried but Katherine rephrased her answer “No, I'm not a member, at least yet, and yes I'm alright”. Katherine knew that she was talking about being a member of Rubber Society. Katherine looked into the maps again to make sure of what she saw, ‘Ok then I guess I'm gonna walk for 10 miles today!’ She said to herself and thinking how long it would take to get there with her boots and all of her restricted clothes.

“Wow, I bet you are loving it,” the young woman said, “And how'd you walk on those boots? Are you standing with your toes right now?” She asked again, her eyes examining Katherine’s body from toe to head.

“Yeah, I think so, I love the way it hugs me from every angle… It was strange though when I wore it for the first time, I guess I'm used to it now,” Katherine answered, “and yeah, it was painful and a struggle wearing these boots, but now I feel nothing, like a numb feeling but you still can move your legs, you know?” Katherine said again.

“You must be insane, I wish I had courage like you miss,” said the young woman to Katherine.

“You’re into rubber too I see… What is your name? I didn’t catch it. I’m Katherine by the way,” Katherine asked.

“My... my name is Anna, Miss Katherine,” Anna answered.

“Please, call me Katherine. So you’re into rubber too, Anna?”

“I don’t know, I have this feeling you know, like how would it feel wearing those ones that you wear,” Anna answered shyly.

“It feels good actually you should try it, sooo you never uhmm, wore any rubber things before?” Katherine asked with curiosity.

“Noo… I mean yes I never,” Anna answered with hesitation while her hand touched below her belly.

“So what is it Anna, yes or no?” Katherine giggled and pulled up Anna’s jacket and her shirt, seeing that she was wearing a pair of latex panties under her skirt. “Ohhh I see… It’s okay Anna, there’s nothing wrong with this though,” Katherine smiled at Anna even though she can’t really see her smiling behind her gas mask. “Here, call me,” Katherine took her personal card from her purse and gave it to Anna. Of course, of course she had a personal card, she was a journalist remember? “Now I have to go, see you soon Anna!” Katherine continued her walk and gave a kiss goodbye to Anna, then waved at her. Anna just gave her a shy wave as she was embarrassed, knowing that someone saw her in latex panties, a stranger!

Anna looked into the card that Katherine gave her. ‘Should I call her?’ Anna said to herself. She knew why Katherine gave her number to her. She imagined herself wearing those clothes that Katherine wore and felt a little bit aroused. Suddenly her mind came back to reality as she was now standing on the side of the street; she put the card in the pocket in her black peplum jacket and walked away.

Katherine continued walking for several hours, she enjoying herself walking with her heel-less boots hearing the rhythm of the boots' noise against the pavement while looking around in her limited sight of her gas mask. As she walked from outskirt to now center of city she realize that the closer she was to center of the town, the more people wearing the clothes that she was wearing, a full rubber suit and enclosed from head to toe, and many of them just wearing latex pieces and not enclosed but still, it’s latex! “How could I miss any of these places before?” she silently asked herself, as if none of these places that attracted her on herlong walk had existed until now. Katherine suddenly bent her neck to see her latex covered body and that was her answer. She never wore latex before and even the idea of wearing latex or rubber was not in her mind. But now her goal was to get to her hairstylist as fast as possible, knowing it was almost late.

The Salon

Katherine now stood in front of the door of the salon that her hairstylist owned. She made quite a friend when she worked here though. She hesitated to enter the salon; none of the workers or customers had an enclosed suit like her, so she began to turn around.

“Hello miss, I see you standing there for quite a while… Do you need anything I can help with?” She asked Katherine with all her modesty and Katherine turned back to the store.

“Actually, yes,” Katherine said, with a nod.

“Well come in then,” said the woman, and asked Katherine to go to the receptionist.

As Katherine walked to the receptionist table, her heart pounding, she began to ask herself if this was what she wanted; she felt nervous making her breath even harder in her gas mask but she managed to get there.

“Hello miss, welcome to Royale Beauty. Please fill out this form first and then you can wait there on the sofa,” said the receptionist, giving her the tablet

Katherine already knew what to do since this was not her first time there, she’s been here like a dozen of times until she befriended the one and only hairstylist there, Chloe. She began to fill out the form, despite her latex covered arms, trying to check ‘Private Chamber’. It was quite hard for her to fill the form because the checklist box on the tablet was so small. With a little struggle, finally she filled the form and gave the tablet back to the receptionist and began to walk to the red sofa in the corner.

In Royale Beauty, there were a lot of features and services available, such as the ‘Private Chamber’ that Katherine had checked. In the Private Chamber, the customer could choose her personal hairstylist, and the place is separated from the others. The chamber was modern, fancy looking with all expensive equipment for sure, there is even a TV that can turn into a mirror when it’s needed.

As Katherine sat there on the sofa still with her gas mask waiting for her turn to the ‘Private Chamber’ then she took her phone from her purse and saw a notification from her boss Rose asking her to come by before she headed home. Of course Katherine told Rose that she was going to cut her hair off and Rose gave her full support, and a lot of excitement. Her office was not too far from Royale Beauty so she texted back to Rose she would come by. Surprisingly there was another notification from 10 minutes before, from an unknown number; Katherine ignored it and put her phone back in the purse.

Katherine still sat there and begin to feel the sweat inside of her suit, ‘Of course’ she said to herself, she was walking for about 3 hours non-stop in this suit and of course she was sweating, but the sweat is not too much like her skin is used to be under the latex and producing less of sweat, it’s been her second day wearing full catsuit and her skin already acclimated to the feeling, the pressure, and even producing less of sweat. How about a week? or a month? She think, maybe her skin wouldn’t produce any sweat after that. Katherine was comfortable with that thought and smiled under her hood and of course gas mask.

“Karyn!” A woman calling, it was Chloe. Brunette; wavy shoulder-length hair; with brown eyes wearing black skirt, wool cardigan, and four-inch stiletto heels. She asked Katherine to go to the chamber. Katherine was happy, smiled, and started to stand up and walk into the chamber. Once inside, Chloe closed and locked the door behind her, motioning Katherine to sit on the chair..

“Are you sure you wanna keep those boots on, Miss Karyn? They look painful, or you want help to get that suit off?” Chloe looked at her from head to toe wondering, who is the face behind this mask, from the look and curves of her body she must be pretty. She knew that soon she would see Karyn's face because, you know, she must be unmasked to have her hair cut.

“I'm fine with this Chloe, let’s just get my hair cut,” Katherine said with excitement and began to sit on the chair and put both of her hands on the hand rest.

“Miss, excuse me, you’re still wearing your mask,” Chloe said, confused because Karyn said her name like she knew who she was. Chloe did think for a bit to make sure that she had no friends dressed fully enclosed in rubber, but she was sure she didn’t.

“Oh yeah! Even now I forgot that I’m wearing a mask, and a gas mask!” Katherine said out loud. First the boots, feeling fine after walking 3 hours straight, now she wasn’t aware that she was wearing a mask. Like the mask is part of me now, she thought.

Chloe thought that she recognized this woman’s voice for a moment, but because of the mask, Katherine's voice was muffled, making Chloe less suspicious and stopping her from recognizing it. Kahterine started to slide her gas mask off and put it on her purse under the chair, and gave Chloe a look that she needed help with the zipper behind her mask. Chloe got it and started unzipping the mask to the top.

“Thank you, Chloe,” Katherine pulled the mask until it was dangling in front of her, still attached to the suit, revealing her pretty face to the air of the chamber. After 10 hours with her facial skin behind the mask, her skin felt fine; she began gently to stroke it with her latex-covered fingers passionately. Her short messy blonde hair popped out after she pulled off her mask to the front, distracting Chloe from seeing Katherine’s face.

Chloe started making her hair up and changing the TV into mirror mode.

“Katherine?!” Chloe screamed her name with a high voice and then saw Katherine laugh hard, with her latex hand on her mouth from the reflection on the TV. “What the hell is happening here?” Chloe was confused, and turned the chair until Katherine was facing her. “I don’t know that you were one of them.” Chloe started touching Katherine’s face with her hand, still confused. “Is that really you, Katherine? Oh my god! Is it really you?” She was still not believing what her eyes were witnessing.

“It’s a long story, Chloe,” said Katherine. “Wait, no it’s not. Well for your information I’m not a member, So, you know right that I’m working on News and Entertainment Network?”

“Yeah I know, but you’re covering food right? But…” Chloe indicated her suit, wondering why a food cover journalist was wearing a full rubber suit, and even a gas mask!

“So, you know my boss, Rose, right? She is a member of Rubber Society who usually covers all about the Society by herself, but yesterday she said to me that she was double-booked so she can’t cover Lord Waldron’s daughter's presentation and asked me to cover it instead,” Katherine answered, full of excitement.

“She’s the boss,” Chloe giggled. “So why the suit?”

“You know, Rose said when I’m covering Society events, I should do it with appropriate attire. I already picked one of those dresses from Atelier Sutcliffe and will be finished within a week. As for this, this is the suit that Sylvie, the owner of Atelier Sutcliffe gave to me to wear daily, there is even a set for sleeping. She said I needed to acclimate to the feeling of wearing the dress. I still had no idea why it took her so long to remodel the dress while this, the tight fitting catsuit is made within 15 minutes after they scanned my body measurement, but I complied because I want it to be the best for the day of Lucretia’s presentation.” Katherine put her hand on the armrest.

“So dedicated, like always!” Chloe complimenting her. “The boots look painful, don’t say you have to wear those for the presentation?”

Katherine bowed as far as she could from the chair. “No actually, it’s up to me they said so I could simply use anything I want, including these boots. It matches with my dress also,” Katherine turned back her chair facing the mirror, ready for what’s coming next.

“You bet, one last question, do you like it: being in the suit, really?” Chloe was still interested, talking about latex.

“I’m not sure at first as you know I was wearing it because they told me to, but now I think I might like it, the pressure is hugging me, and I don’t really care about it revealing all the curves of all my body, I love it for it to be honest. My face is also covered with the mask, with an added gas mask on it so no one would recognize me in it,” explained Katherine, still facing the mirror waiting.

“Seems you love it, to be honest I like it too. The way it curves your body is unearthly amazing. I like seeing people in it, but I think that’s not appealing for me to wear it. Sooo… What do you want with your hair? Your hair is already short, Katherine.”

“You know what I want with my hair, Chloe,” Katherine stared at Chloe through the mirror, smiling, and then looked at her dangling latex hood in front of her.

Chloe gasped, with her mouth open. “No way Katherine, you want to shave your hair? Isn’t it too soon, you think? I mean are you sure? Why would you wanna do this? I think it’s a waste to cut your beautiful hair.”

“Yeah I’m sure, I don’t like the way my hair looks under my hood, especially when I’m wearing the translucent one, and my friend said that this hood is even better with a hairless head. I’m 100% sure, unless you have another idea for me?” Katherine looked at Chloe.

“Well, you know, maybe I have some idea for your hair, since you like wearing latex, I think you’ll like this.”

“Alright, I’m all ears.”

“Soo, you are familiar with silicone right? Here we have special equipment that can make your head hairless without shaving your hair at all, and your hair is short already so we can begin the procedure like right now”

“How does this thing work? Is this something like make-up artists used to put on when they need an actor to be bald?”

“Uhmmm, quite similar I think, but this one we have is the spray one.”

“Is it safe? I need to wear some kind of cloth between my hair and the silicone, don’t I? I don’t think I would be comfortable with that” Katherine whimpering

“It’s totally safe, and no you wouldn’t wear any cloth, the silicone will sprayed directly to your head and don’t worry about your hair, it will stay there covered with silicone, and it’s comfortable, we have a lot of customer in this one and they never complain, do you know the zombie in ‘The Zombie Island’ is using our services to make their basic zombie form on the actor?” Chloe seemed excited about it.

Katherine smiled. “That’s awesome, do I need to change it every day?” She began to worry, thinking how complicated that would be.

Chloe laughed, “You don’t need to worry about that, this silicone that we develop is pure and will stick to your head gently, and there are many custom options that we provide, depend on the customer wants it to be,” Chloe took a brochure from the drawer on the table and gave it to Katherine.

Katherine gasped and rubbed the brochure. “Wow, this brochure is fantastic, it feels soft, do you make it from silicone? I have no idea now we can print this thing.”

Chloe laughed again. “Thanks, yea sure we can print with silicone now, but this one is made by 3D printer, take a look at the options.” Chloe pointed toward the brochure.

Katherine was stunned “There is a PERMANENT ONE? Why would people want to apply permanent silicone to their head?”

“Or face,” Chloe cut in, “Yeah sure, that one is for people who want to change their appearance without doing any surgery, you know now plastic surgery is nothing uncommon these days, but sometimes people are just too scared to go through a surgical procedure.” Chloe explained calmly, trying to not freak Katherine out.

“I see, my friend Sylvie also suggested that I have some surgery to reshape my body to fit the dress that I choose for attending Lucretia’s presentation, but I don’t want it. So… the permanent one, that means it can’t be ripped and taken off right?”

“You’re right, it can’t be ripped, but you can take it off when you want to, but there is some procedure you need to go through to remove the permanent silicone, I know it said permanent, but permanent means here is that the silicone doesn’t expire, at least for a long time, so if you don’t take it off it will last forever.” Chloe explained everything carefully so there would be not any misunderstanding.

“Right, what about this one?” said Katherine, pointing at the third option.

“THAT one is the usual when you need silicone for your make-up, like the zombie thing, I don’t think that one would fit you, because the silicone will be ripped by your hood.”

Katherine whimpered. “So… I assume the first and the second option is weaker than the third right? If it would be easily ripped out, the only option I have is the permanent one. I’ll do that one then, I’m sure I don’t want it to be ripped out under my hood.”

“Awesome, you’ll not regret it, I guarantee, now follow me.” Chloe left the chamber, followed by Katherine with her hood still dangling in front of her neck.

Chloe walked to the elevator, putting a code into the panel, and in under a minute the elevator door opened. “After you, Katherine.” Katherine complied, her mind now somewhere in her brain, imagining what her friends would think about her when they found out about her hairless head. Once they were both in, the elevator went down. When they arrived at the floor, Chloe got out first and Katherine just followed her wherever she went, because she knew nothing about the place.

When they entered the lobby Katherine came suddenly back to reality because of the shine of the chandelier hanging there. It seemed like everything in there was covered by gold.

“Ohhhh my GOD, Is it…? What is this place?” Katherine gasped, confused.

“Welcome to Royale Beauty, Katherine” Chloe bowing as a joke.

“What… This is Royale Beauty? Then what’s up there?” said Katherine, pointing up.

“Royale Beauty. It’ll take a whole day to tell the story, now chop chop,” Chloe clapped her hand and began walking to the room behind the lobby, and Katherine followed.

“So… Here we are, this is the owner and founder of this place and business,” Chloe pointed at a photo of a woman with a lovely red dress and opera gloves, “her name is Laura Wilburg, we call her Miss Laura. She is the richest person that is not a member of Rubber Society in this town.”

“True… By the gold in the lobby I can tell that the owner must be very rich, to have that much gold just for decoration.” Katherine looked around.

Chloe began to walk again and slid the door inside of the room, walking inside. “So this is where we do our procedure, you see that booth, now you go inside so I can take measurements for your head to make it perfect.” Chloe pointed at the telephone-like booth. “Don’t forget to close the door and close your eyes,” Chloe gestured as she was closing the door.

Katherine complied and once inside the booth she closed her eyes. The measurement went well, Chloe received the 3D model of Katherine’s head and began to tuck her 3D model hair so it wouldn’t be going anywhere when the procedure began. After her 3D model hair tucked, Chloe started adding silicone to cover her hair and voila! After the measurement was done, Chloe asked Katherine to come out of the booth and see the hairless 3D model of herself at the monitor beside the booth when Chloe was standing.

“Oh wow, this is what I would look like after the procedure?” said Katherine, admiring herself. Katherine wondered how much it would cost, since the brochure didn’t say the price, realizing that Rose is not there to pay for her now. So she asked Chloe how much it would cost for the permanent silicone. Chloe answered her with a shocking number and Katherine’s feet started trembling. “Oh my I can’t afford that now, all I have is this…” She showed Chloe her wallet and bank account.

“It’s fine, why don't you do this one? It’s on the house,” said Chloe, pointing at the brochure. “This one is only for one time use, so when you take it off or rip it off it’s done. God, your hood is so tight. But I’m sure it will not rip off when you put on your hood after the procedure because it’s still adhesive and strong a few minutes after the procedure.”

“Sure yeah, I’ll take this, thanks for that!” Katherine gave Chloe a kiss.

“Now put your head inside the box, but can you lower your suit from your neck for a while to make sure that the part of your neck that goes inside the box is not covered by your suit. Otherwise the procedure could fail.”

“Alright.” Katherine began to get both of her hands on her neck-entry catsuit so it stayed above her breast under her armpit. After that Katherine did what Chloe told her to do and get her head inside of the box.

“You ready Katherine? Close your eyes when the box starts the procedure. In 3, 2, 1…” Chloe pressed the button, and confirmed the 3D model of Katherine was correct, then the box started its magic!

Katherine feels there is some kind of hand tucking her hair in place and spraying some kind of oil. She recognized the smell, it was silicone oil that she used to get her into the catsuit. She couldn’t see anything because Chloe told her to close her eyes. Now silicone sprayed and started covering her hair, layer by layer, until there none of her hair showing on the surface. 

“Hang on a minute in there, the silicone must be dry when it touches air. The box won’t open for at least two minutes after the procedure is done, to make sure the silicone is dry first,” Chloe said

“Mhhhmhmmmm,” Katherine answered, with her eyes still closed. She doesn’t want to rip the silicone by opening her mouth, so waits for two minutes.

The box opened and then Chloe took her to the mirror to see the result of it. “Now open your eyes, Katherine.”

Katherine gasping, her mouth opened and her hand covering her mouth. “I’m BALD!” she said, excited. “Thank you so much, Chloeeee, you’re a best friend, thank you.”

Katherine started to put her hand back into the catsuit and then after the hand popped in, she began to put on her hood. “Chloe, can you help with the zipper?” Chloe knew what to do and started zipping her into her catsuit; the hood became tighter as Chloe pulled the zipper down to her neck. After the hood encapsulated her head, she caught sight of herself in the mirror, there was no more hair pattern over her hood now, she was now hairless. She wondered, how would Simone react to this? She was happy now, smiling behind her hood. She reached out for her bag, took the gas mask and then sealed it to her rubbered face. When it was sealed, she looked at herself in the mirror for the last time, rubbing her encapsulated head and feeling the silicone under the hood instead of her hair. She was satisfied with the result and then hugged Chloe, as tight as the catsuit hugged her.

Both of them left the room and walked to the elevator together, as usual she put the code in the tab and then the elevator door automatically opened, like magic. After they got in, the door closed and the elevator started to rise. The elevator door opened and they both got out. Before Katherine left, she hugged Chloe one last time. She really appreciated her work with her hair, and had gotten what she wanted. “Thank you,” she said with a muffled voice.

“Anytime, see you…” Chloe waved to her and she waved back as she walked through the door.

Katherine headed back to her office building News and Entertainment. She couldn’t find any autocab in the area so she decided to just walk again. It was just five minutes of walking, I will be just fine, she thought.

The Office

As Katherine continued her walk she found nothing interested her now, as seeing people in total encasement was normal to her, because she was one of them. The noise of her boots against the pavement dominated her ears, like all she heard was that noise. After a few minutes of walking she finally arrived at the building, passing the lobby through the elevator and pressing some buttons with her rubber hand like she was wearing nothing. She had no problem doing everything with her rubber hand. Katherine stood in the elevator, no one else with her, trying to look at her feet. She wondered how her feet looked, standing on her toes. Katherine bent her waist so she could see her feet clearly, when the elevator door suddenly opened and shocked Katherine. The person in front of her, waiting for the elevator, was Sandra, her colleague for covering food stuff on News & Entertainment! Sandra was the same height as Katherine, long blonde hair and brown eyes, wearing her normal business suit and short knee-skirt.

“I’m sorry, Miss Rose, I was in a rush to get my afternoon coffee.” Sandra looked at Katherine’s encapsulated head in its gas mask.

Katherine giggled. “I’m not Miss Rose, It’s me Duane, silly,” Katherine smirked at Sandra.

Sandra went wide-eyed. “What the f… fish, I’m sorry, what? Duane? I don’t know that you were with the Society.” She was still confused, thinking about her colleague inside a rubber cocoon.

“Oh my bad, you were sick yesterday so you didn’t get the good news!Miss Rose asked me to cover the Society for her as she was double-booked. In fact, Miss Rose is expecting me now in her office, see you soon I guess.” Katherine started to walk to Rose's office.

“Wow that’s odd, in a good way though. I guess you owe me an explanation Katherine!” she yelled after Katherine.

“Right, see ya, Sandra,” Katherine yelled back at her as she entered Rose’s office.

As Katherine stepped inside Rose’s luxurious room, she was surprised as she heard someone speaking. “Speak of the devil, come here, Katherine.” Katherine moved her face to see the two women. One of them was clad in rubber, from neck to toe with ballet boots, and the other wore normie teenager clothes, short skirt and a blue blouse with stiletto heels. Katherine failed to recognize either of them by their face. She was kind of shocked to see Rose’s face under the hood that she had never taken off since she started here two years ago, but she did recognize her boss by her voice as clearly as ever.

Katherine stood still as she processed the sight, behind the lenses of her gas mask, and looked at the pretty face of Rose. Katherine, surprised that Rose still had her hair, thought I thought she was bald behind her hood. Then she looked at her enchanting hair, reddish blonde and wavy, shoulder long. [I know, I’m kinda into blonde I guess :3]

Rose hailed Katherine with her hand, gesturing for her to come closer. Katherine stepped towards them and stood still on her en pointe heel-less ankle boots, still amazed by the two beautiful women in front of her.

“So Katherine, this is Lucretia, I believe you know who she is, she’s here to meet you in person” said Rose, excited to explain more about Lucretia’s intentions.

Lucretia cut it in. “It’s nice to meet you Miss Duane, I’ve heard a lot about your cover, I even read the food cover of yours. It was just amazing, you know! So the moment Miss Rose told my father that she couldn’t cover my presentation, It just came into my mind the thought of you covering my presentation and told my father exactly that, and now it’s going really to happen.” Excited with the situation, she even jumped when she talked about it. “I’m your biggest fan, Miss Duane, and I appreciate you for welcoming the job, I know you will crush it!” Lucretia said, with spirit. She was kind of an easy-going girl, fit to every kind of situation. No wonder why, she was the daughter of Lord Waldron after all!

Katherine, slightly shyly, took off her gas mask and put it into her purse. “I didn’t know that I had such a fan,” she laughed. “That means everything to me, coming from you, I’m honored to be a part of a Society event, even if it was just one time covering for Miss Rose.” She looked over at a giggling Rose.

“It seems you’re doing well with rubber, and those boots are exquisite. It always surprises me to think how the wearers can walk on their toes. To be honest, I can’t!” Lucretia pointed at her hood and then her boots.

Katherine’s eyes widened. “Right…” She had forgotten that she was still wearing her hood so no-one could see her face. Seconds later her face was exposed to Rose and Lucretia, feeling the cool air stroking her facial skin; it was a great feeling.

Rose gasped, followed by Lucretia as they looked at Katherine's hairless head. “Katherine? When you… wait… YOU SHAVED YOUR HEAD?!” Shocked, she softly stroked Katherine’s head, after asking for her permission, and Katherine nodded.

“Is it weird?”

“No, not at all. I just didn’t think you’d go through this yet. Good for you though.” Rose gave her two thumbs up. Lucretia just listened to both of them.

“No actually, it’s just a silicone thing, my hair is still here beneath this skin,” stroking her head with her latex hand.

Rose made a thinking gesture. “Ahhhh, I’ve heard about it, I think I remember the store that does it…” She pointed towards the window, straight to Royale Beauty. “But I thought it was extremely expensive, isn’t it?”

“Ohh yeah, for sure it is, but my friend gave me this one-time silicone on the house, she was working there.” Katherine smiled. “By the way Rose, you look gorgeous without your hood, this is my first time I’ve seen your face; why, all of a sudden, if you don’t mind?”

“Well, thank you for that, do you really think I’m pretty? I’ve been scared this whole time that people wouldn’t like my face. You know I’ve been wearing a hood since I was little and only took it off in my private space. This morning when I got a message that Lucretia was gonna come by here, I just decided not to wear my hood this time and see how people would react, seeing my face,” Rose explained.

“No doubt Miss Rose, you’re pretty 100% pretty,” said Lucretia.

“I agree,” followed Katherine.

“Thanks, so here it is, the list of all guests that are invited to Lucretia’s presentation.” Rose gave Katherine a hard-covered map with official Rubber Society Logo on it and she put in it in her purse

“That would be it, then, I’ll have to go back to my house in 30 minutes, my father is expecting me there. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay any longer here but I hope I can in the future. See you later, then.”

“It’s all good, It was my honor that you came by here today, see you,” Rose replied as Lucretia left, waving along with Katherine.

“Sorry Miss Rose, is there anything else I can help with while I’m here?” Katherine asked Rose, looking at her pretty face.

“It’s all good Katherine, thank you” said Rose, looking back at Katherine’s hairless head.

Katherine suddenly understood that she must pull her hood back onto her face, but said that she wouldn’t wear any hood on the way back to her flat, she had to be scared of ripping her silicone out. She stepped out of Rose’s office, but as she passed a mirror she started stroking her head, appreciating her new look, hairless head, encased neck to toe in skin-tight rubber. Katherine released the attachment between the hood and the catsuit, suddenly the hood separated from the catsuit and she put it in her purse. Taking a look again at the mirror for the last time, she went to her flat.


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