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Storycodes: F/f; latex; catsuit; hood; bond; bagged; inflate; sen-dep; basement; encased; cons; X

It was Friday evening. She knew what that meant. She could hear the irregular pounding of her heart as it was thunder looming on a humid summer's day. She rang the door bell anyway.

After a minute the door opened and she was ushered inside. She walked down the hall, following the owner of the house, wondering what was going to happen this time. A door was opened for her and she stepped slowly down the dimly lit wooden stairs into the cellar.

She was asked to undress. She complied and lay the clothes in a tidy mound on the concrete floor. The room she was in was not well lit. There was a door in the wall opposite to where the stairs were. She walked over to it and turned the door knob slowly. If she had had any hair on her body it would have stood on end.

She pushed it and walked in.

It was dark inside.

She was told to stand still.

She heard footsteps behind her and then a spotlight shone onto her pale skin, her shadow on the wall behind as dark as the room beyond the arc of the light. The door closed behind her. There was a wooden chair on her left, which had clothing on it. Clothing which reflected the harsh light in front of her and shone darkly, mysteriously in front of her dazzled eyes. There was a plastic container of talcum powder on the floor in front of her.

She picked up the talc and covered her body on the white powder. The spotlighted path became misty and then white as the floor around her feet was carpteted with white powder. She picked the clothing up from the chair. It lay limp in her hands. There was only one item this time. She slipped her feet into the one piece rubber suit. She pulled it up past her ankles, her knees, her thighs, her bottom and then up to her waist. She could now see and feel all the rubber tubes which plugged into the orifices of her lower body. They were all three feet in length and fit snugly into her, sealing her up, lining her with rubber. There was one for her anus and one for her urethra. In addition her vagina was now lined with rubber and a pimpled section of the suit pushed up tight against her clitoris.

The inert top of the suit flopped in front of her. She picked it up and then slid her right arm into the sleeve. Then she eased her left arm into the other sleeve. She could feel the smooth, cool rubber clinging to her powdered white skin.

Now her body was dark and shiny.

The suit's built in helmet was empty and lifeless. She eased it gently over her head and with that action it began to come to life, to assume its natural shape. She slipped the mouthpiece between her teeth. It lined her mouth, her teeth biting on rubber and her tongue trapped beneath a rubber ledge, forcing her mouth to remain slightly open. A tube ran from her covered mouth to three feet beyond the mask. Her ears were plugged with rubber and her eyelids were covered and closed by thick rubber pads. Rubber plugs filled her nostrils with the smell of rubber and were joined together just below her nose into two fluted tubes, one going to her left the other to her right, hanging by the side of her arms.

She pulled the zip down from the crown of her head to the small of her back. A figure stepped in the harsh light. A rubber gloved hand locked the zip on her suit closed. She stood still, barely breathing. The buckles on her neck were tightened. The drawstrings on the back of the helmet pulled tight and finished off in a bow.

She put her rubber gloved hands around her rubber covered waist. She felt the hard, unyielding stays on the built in corset, squeezing and pressing on her ribs, chest and abdomen. The corset laces were pulled tight reducing her waist by four inches and forcing her breasts upwards into the harsh spotlight, pushing her nipples into the built in rubber nipple clamps.

She could breathe the cool air of the basement and could smell the rubber odour of her suit. She could not see and could not hear very well. Her skin was enveloped in a rubber  layer. Only the unconnected tubes, sprouting from her orifices like tendrils had unfettered access to the atmosphere in the basement. She was guided over to the far end of the basement, the only sound being the pad of rubber feet on the concrete. She was stopped and was gently guided down to the floor where she lay still. She could feel smoothness with her fingertips as her hands touched the floor.

A metal belt was placed around her waist and tightened. Two metal bands were tightened around her thighs. Two more went around her ankles and another around her neck. More went on her wrists, elbows and knees. The shiny metal bands fit snugly and firmly but didn't touch her rubber suit as there was another layer of rubber between them. Her ankles were then fastened together, followed by her  knees and thighs. Her wrists were attached to the thigh bands and her elbows to the waist band.

She could not move her head up or down or side to side. She could not bend her knees or her elbows. She could only raise her legs into the blackness of the basement. She felt the tubes being moved. Those emanating from her lower body were gathered together in one bunch, while those from her head were pulled together to form another group.

Then she thought that she was being enveloped in a thick rubber cover as she could no longer hear any sounds outside of her head.

Suddenly she could feel herself becoming lighter, as if she was floating. She felt the air pressure around her suit change. It was increasing. She breathed deeply and noticed that the air she was breathing was now fresher. She could not feel any air coming into the tubes anymore. There was no air movement just a constant presence. She felt giddy, excited, her breathing becoming quick and shallow. There was a constant pressure all around her.

All she could hear was the sound of her heart beating loudly in her ears. She lay still. She knew that she would be in this state for a few days. It would be fruitless to count off the minutes of time as she had no concept of it, here, in the dark confines of her rubber womb.

Outside of her universe, the basement was empty and dark, devoid of life.

An oval rubber object lying on the floor, two rubber antennae emerging from the middle of the stricken shape. They were her umbilical cords, her life lines. Her breathing was regulated. She could be fed liquids through her mouth. She could expel urine from her body but she could also receive an enema. She was controlled by another person, completely, utterly.

She was subject to another will, a whim, a calculated thought, powerless to stop what passed through some of the tubes and unable to escape.

She could be here for minutes, hours, days, weeks even months.

She didn't know.

She didn't care.



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