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Elisabeth of Negipth

by Reblatex

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© Copyright 2005 - Reblatex - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; pvc; magic; transform; mum; bagged; cons/nc; X

“Elisabeth, Elisabeth, where are you? Elisabeth…”

“I’m here, Denise!”

“Where, my little one?” asked with a feared tone the old maid.

“Near the lake… I’m looking at the swans!” answered the clear and fresh voice of the girl.

Denise moved in that direction, panting. She was over her sixty, and the tight corset, the long and voluminous skirts and some excess in the food department didn’t help her to move freely. Some trees hid the lake, a little water mirror created inside the castle garden, the leaves moving by the happy wind of the season.

“There you are, my princess!” exclaimed the grey haired woman.

”Oh, Denise, it’s so good here. Please, don’t say we have to come back to the castle…”

The woman looked at the young girl seated near the water, her skirts opened over the grass. Her long, curly blonde hairs where free to move, touched by the gentle fingers of the wind, her eyes big and sweet had the same colour of the sky reflected in the water. Denise had to repeat herself that the 23 years old girl in front of her was the same baby she looked crying in the hands of the cleric some minute after her birth.

“If the princess orders me to stay silent…”

“Please, for you I want to be only Elisabeth. It’s enough hard to be considered the princess of this realm by all the others, but you too…” she sighed, then returned to see the birds with watering eyes. “Look at them. Aren’t they beautiful?”

“If the princess says this…” whispered the maid, trying to continue to act as the court rules wanted. The girl turned her head and looked at her, tears already visible in her eyes. “Yes, my daring, they are beautiful… like you…”

“And they are free to be only themselves…” sobbed the blonde, hiding her face in the gowns of the woman.

“No, my love, no. Don’t do this…” mumbled Denise caressing the long hairs of the princess, as she did when she was only a child.

They stood for a while in that way. The maid moved her hands over the young’s body, caressing and comforting her. The silk gloves run smoothly over the plastic surface of Elisabeth's dress, a heavy Victorian dress made entirely of vinyl and PVC in several tones of blue. Over it a tight, rigid corset of black plastic reinforced with steel stays reduced the girls waist to a wonderful 16”. Her hands were sheathed in clear vinyl gloves that reached her armpits. The same material encased her legs, hidden by the plastic petticoats, and a calf length high-heeled boots in steel lined internally and externally in black matt PVC blocked her feet into a ballet position.

“My little, you are so pretty and wonderful in the dress made expressly for the royal family females…” thought the maid, that was under the Ramesset since she was a teenager. She saw the first king of the new dynasty in the Negipt realm and had the luck to be the maid of her daughter and the daughter of her.

“Princess… Elisabeth, it’s better to return to the castle. Your harp lesson will begin within a few minutes…”

The girl looked with sweet eyes the woman, smiled sadly and nodded. They both sat up and cleaned their skirts from some earth and grass attached.

“I’m ready. Go on…. I can’t arrive at the castle in this fashion, no?”

Denise took a small silk bag she left near a tree and returned near the princess, that in the meantime had turned to show her back and put her hands behind her back. The maid grabbed a clear plastic monoglove and sheathed Elisabeth's arms, pulling, stretching and tightening the armbinder until the elbows touched and the straps around her shoulders and under her breasts where firmly encased and creaking with the effort. After that, she took a complete mask, made in the same 1/8” thick vinyl of the monoglove but coloured to show a young and half smiling face, and pulled it over the girl’s head, moving the long hairs through two short tubes at the side of the mask, making pigtails. The hood was done to simulate blonde hairs, so it was quite impossible to catch when finished the wig and the hairs began. The long neck was tugged under the collar of the dress, and a black plastic posture collar covered both.

“When you want, my princess…”

“Mmmmmppphhgg, mmmmnngghh…” mumbled Elisabeth, her head standing erect and immovable, cloaked by the device, her mouth and lips sealed by the mask, her hearing quite disappeared and her eyes blind by the false deep blue eyes.

She searched the maid's face and gave her a sweet plastic kiss, then she started to be guided by Denise to the castle, where she knew she would be freed from the monoglove to attend her study.

“I’m not sure if I will learn to live with these masks that hide my face. No one but Denise and my family can see me unmasked from my majority. I have to say that is a pleasant sensation, and it’s really good to be engulfed in this eight kilo plastic dress and corset, but sometime I miss the fresh air on my skin, and so I go to that lake, where I was used to play when I was a baby…” she thought while she slowly moved to the ancient building. Her family used it because was the official residence of the royal family of Negipt, but it was built century ago, by the old kings, and she hadn’t still seen all the rooms.

“There is something wrong, my love?”

“Nnnnnnn, nnnnnghhh!” she shook her head, increasing her speed. Thinking had slowed her, and immediately her maid worried.

“You seem to be out of breath. Too much breakfast this morning?” smiled Denise, knowing that Elisabeth ate as a little bird.

“Mmmmghh, mmmgghh, mmmmghhh!” tried to laugh the girl.

Her breath went in and out the really small holes at her nostrils.

“I have to learn how to hold my breath for a whole day, because these holes are so small…” she thought. “But well, my mom is quite sixty years old, and she says she started to wear only plastic and be masked from her fifteenth birthday, because she wanted it so badly, and since that moment no one, me too, sees her unmasked. And she used a plastic so thick I can’t imagine how she could move. I remember when, some time ago, she let me try on of her summer mask, and I’m still excited to the feeling of that hot, clinging vinyl over my face. I have one mask and dress in the same degree, but I use it only when I want to be protected and I want to cut all the world from me. The tailor said I will use it during some trip in the Icy land, because he did it thinking of a cold winter, but the idea my mom used it for summer it’s amazing. I can’t imagine how she wears her mask for the winter, that is quite 1/2” thick…”

She couldn’t see, but the doors of the castle opened for her and her maid, and she disappeared in the old building.

The end of the history lesson signalled also that it was the moment to change her dress and enjoy a food relaxation period.

“My princess, it has been a pleasure to teach you. I curtsey in front of you…” said Miss Malern.

Elisabeth returned the curtsey with her blind and mute face and she was moved out of the room by her maid, that was caressing her hair as when she was a baby.

“Mmmmmmmm…” she crooned

“My pet, my pet, I know you like it… We are now alone. What you want to do? We have two hours before I prepare you for the dinner. You remember that this evening we have guest?”

“Mmmm, Mmmm” she nodded. “Ssssmmmmm pppplll, ppppllllsss!”

“Do you want a session in the swimming pool?”

She nodded.

“As my princess wishes. Come to your rooms to be properly dressed for the swimming pool…”

The maid lead the blind girl to her rooms, and freed her from the mask and the armbinder. Elisabeth stretched her stiff muscles and washed her red and shiny skin. Pearls of sweat where running under her dress and her underwear, tickling her. The sensation made her giggle as a child in a candy shop.

“Milady, it’s not polite…” the woman warned, friendly hitting the hands of the girl. The plastic gloves were fogged by the perspiration and felt warm and sweet, also through the grey silk of the maid gloves.

“Denise, I beg your pardon, but it’s more or less from the end of the harp lesson that the sweat was tickling me, but luckily the mask prevented me to utter a sound… The weather has changed, and now it’s really too hot for this dress!” she explained, moving her wet hair away her face.

“Yes, I know. It’s the arrival of the warm wind of Mulliman, but it’s not the usual period. Not a good sign…” mumbled the maid.

“Oh, always with the old superstitions. Come on, help me to undress from this sauna suit…”

“My pet, remember that this sauna suit, as you call it, it’s your light dress for this season. How you will call the winter dresses?”

“Better if you don’t know…”

“I agree with you…” she smiled starting to unlock the rigid corset.

After it she unlaced the tiny lace that closed the dress all along the back and folded the heavy plastic costume over the bed. It will be cleaned and polished by maids after they had left the room. Now covered only by her gloves, her pantyhose and her catsuit, so clear and thin to be quite invisible if not for a dull shiny reflex under the light, Elisabeth stood in front of Denise, blushing.

“My, my, I've seen you since you was one or two days old, and you still blush in front of me?”

“I’m sorry, but it’s something that I can’t change. I tried, really, but…” she murmured, covering her breasts and her crotch with her gloved hands.

“My love, it’s not a problem, it’s a good sign. No problem really. Now let’s get naked, you want?”

The girl nodded, and some minute after she was chilling on the air.

“Denise, it’s normal, I know, but each time I’m surprised by the difference of sensations with and without my catsuit…”

“And what sensations do you prefer?” asked the woman collecting the necessary items for the swimming of her princess.

“I’m not sure…” she mumbled drying herself with a big towel. “I think I’m starting to prefer to be plastified, but when today you lead me to the harp lesson, I thought the opposite…”

“I think it’s quite normal. Also your mother, Her Majesty the queen, sometime hated the dresses she wanted so badly in other moments….”


“Yes, my love?”

“You never saw my mom face?”

The maid looked at the young one in front of her. She had never seen her mother's face, because she always used a mask or a hood to cover it, and so she missed to look at the real features of her mother. She could say a lie, but she loved the girl too much to do that.

“Yes, a long, long time ago. I was her personal maid as I’m now yours, and so I could see her, but after some years she never got unmasked if not alone. I remember her face when she was twenty… no, no… twenty one years old. It was her birthday, and I helped her into the party dress for her majority. It was the last time  I saw her smile and I heard her voice…”

“Is she really as beautiful as her mask features?”

“Yes. She was beautiful as you, but with long, crispy hair. She was so strong, her smile so contagious…” She smiled remembering those moments, then looked at the girl. “Come on Elisabeth, the swimming pool is waiting for you!”

The maid started to redress the blonde with a thick white vinyl catsuit complete of moulded feet and mittened gloves. The hands were encased in padded ovals that blocked them with the fingers spread wide in a fixed position, simulating flippers. The suit, the standard 1/8” of thickness, closed on the front from the bellybutton to the high neck, that acted as a quite morbid posture collar. Her feet returned in the steel boots, and her body was again time crushed in the rigid corset and plastic posture collar put over the mask still warm for the previous period on the girl’s face. Over all this costume a heavy PVC cape in the same brilliant white of the catsuit completed the outfit. Denise put the large hood of the cape over the masked face of Elisabeth and folded the remaining items in her bag, then opened the door and started to lead the sealed girl to the internal pool.

When they arrived the maid checked that no one else was inside the big room and closed the entrance doors, giving express order to the guards outside to block all but the royals. She then returned to Elisabeth, that was standing quietly near the pool, shifting her weight from one foot to the other to slow the dull pain caused by the rigid boots.

“mmmmghhh, mmmffffffhhh, mmghhhhmmm!”

“Please, give me a second, and you will swim free…” said the woman undressing the girl from the cape, the collar, the boots and the mask.

She then extracted a blue and transparent bodybag, complete of a long, large and quite rigid fin where were the feet. Elisabeth went quickly inside it, folding her arms in the inner tubes that blocked them over the stomach section of the corset. Closing the last lace and locked all with little steel padlock, the princess was an astonishing vision of white and light blue, an armless mermaid, her legs pinned together by the thick and confining tail. Her face, already sweating, was sealed under a new mask white and blue, adorned with a long, really long wig made of plastic green hairs. The device was thicker quite the double of her previous mask, and hot, but the girl was happy she could see through the clear plastic lenses that was covering her eyes, quite blocking them open. The mask overlapped at the neck, and the maid used a thin, invisible adhesive tape over and over the zone, rendering waterproof the attire.

“Tttthhhgggg uuuuuhh!” mumbled the plastic mermaid, moving the mask on the maid direction.

“You’re welcome, my princess. But now hurry up in the warm water, or you will take a cold…”

She nodded and fell in the water, arriving from a thermal source near the castle. the water was constantly at a temperature of 40 °C, just the right degree to warm the plastic and starting a little sauna. When Denise saw that the blue mermaid was moving happy in the deep water, she sat on a wooden armchair along the pool and started to read a book she took from the library some days before.

Returned in her room helped by the always present Denise, the princess dried her sweating body, took a quick shower and started to wear her evening dress for the dinner.

“The last formal dinner has been some time ago, but I don’t miss it… Today there are some aristocrats from the realm of Bondia, so I have to be masked also during all the dinner and after until bedtime. Oh my, I’m still not accustomed to the formal plastic device, but I can’t say it…” she thought, and her expressions changed so good that her maid and friend understood perfectly what she was thinking.

“Don’t do that face, my little one!” laughed the woman, finishing to close the padlock of the black corset, that went over a pale pink dress with a large gown made of uncountable white plastic petticoat, long and fitting sleeves, a high neck that cupped the chin and the back of her head. The heavy attire was worn over the complete catsuit made of clear plastic Elisabeth had to wear this all day and night leaving only her face and her hands free. Her legs were sheathed in white heavy vinyl pantyhose, that was restraining her movements almost to nothing, and the knee length ballet boots, made of hard white PVC, didn’t help her to move freely. Her arms and hands were restrained in the same degree of white vinyl by armpit long gloves, she wore over the sleeves impeding more and more the movements of her limbs, but rendering her into a really beautiful plastic doll.

The high neck was still open, revealing little drop of sweat running slowly between her slin and the transparent catsuit.

“But Denise, you know I don’t like it!” she pointed a thin and completely transparent mask that was waiting on her beauty desk.

“Elisabeth! This is not the way a lady moves and talks. It’s not polite pointing at objects. This will grant you a double layer this night!”


“Princess, you have to act as the important person you are… and don’t try to argue with me, or you will sleep with the small rebreather bag instead of your normal one!”

The girl sighed and slowly, due to her sadness and the weight of the dress, around twelve kilos, sat in front of the beauty desk mirror, her eyes half closed and her face looking at her gown.

“Ready…” she mumbled.

“It seems you are going to your execution, not to a formal event…” smiled the maid styling the blonde hair in a big ponytail on top of her head.

Then, she took the mask and plastified the whole head of the girl with it, tugging and pulling the waterproof membrane over the face. The complete hood was so tight that it moulded and glued itself to the face and vice versa, giving her a perfect in every detail appearance. The woman holed the ponytail and pulled it out of the mask tube, then with infinite sweetness pushed the soft tubes in the nostrils and moved the moulded lips, gums and tongue sheaths in the correct place inside Elisabeth mouth. Transparent hard plastic covers were now over her teeth, covering them completely and adding at their whiteness a shiny appearance, protecting them from the food and the drinks that could ruin the pearl white enamel.

“Finished. It’s all at the correct place, my dear?” asked the maid, caressing the vinyl skin of the girl.

“Yesh, but ash I shaid, I hate ith! Hearsh how I speaksh…”

“Try again. It’s only a light degree of plastic that is sealing you. Think of your mother. She speaks perfectly, and she wears a heavy degree mask…”

“Buth she ish ushed to do thath. She ish never unmshked…” exclaimed the girl, looking at the friend through the clear plastic that was adhering at her eyes, making her blinking quite useless, very slow and fascinating.

“My love, think that when the autumn will arrive, and it will be the parties period, you will return to the medium or heavy thickness masks, painted and quite blinding you because the small holes over your eyes…” she whispered starting to make up the girl, using special tools and products that will stay over the vinyl that was now her face.

“Don’t remind me, please! Those masks were so heavy, sweat inducing hell and stole me of hearing, sight and, as this one, taste… and this evening I saw in the kitchen the sweetfruits cake…” she sniffed, little tears trapped between her eyes and the plastic.

“I will save you a piece to eat in your room, my pet. It will be a good start for your long, long night in the small rebreather bag…” smiled Denise, kissing the smooth and warm vinyl Elisabeth forehead and starting to close the quite rigid neck over the long neck of the mask.

“Why? Why the small rebreather?”

“You said you saw the cake this evening, and to see it you were unmasked, so you don’t follow my recommendations, and for this reason you have to be punished…” she explained closing tightly the last laces.

“My… stupid… tongue…” she sighed, her head now unmovable and cupped under the chin by the dress, that was supporting and restraining her face, adding a new but not unpleasant discomfort to her to talk.

Denise laughed slightly and caressed all the girl face, to be sure that no air was trapped inside the mask. The princess crooned, enjoying the sensation, enhanced by the material that was suffocating her body and soul in a love hug.

“Ready! You shine like a star…”

“Thank you. I love you…” smiled the young, already accustomed to the mask, and returned the kiss on the left cheek hugging the fatty woman, moving slowly due to all the suffocating plastic she had over her slim body. “But I hate this mask. I would like to rip it…”

“And this is the reason of those gloves!” replied smiling Denise touching the white girl hands. She closed the door at their back, locked silver wrist and ankle cuffs to shorten the princess stride to a poor 8” and to restraint the movements of the hands to quite nothing, then started to walk along side of the young girl to arrive at the dinner room.

“Do you know the exact name of our guests?”

“Hmmmm, let me think. Lady Yu, the queen of Bondia, her lover Gwenia and the castle sorceress…”

“A sorceress? As the one of the near realm, The Countess?”

“Yes and no, Elisabeth. I have heard that the lady that serves Bondia and the Countess were friends, some time ago, but they are now enemies and they have already fought…”

The princess widened her eyes thinking of a duel with magic.

“Do you think she will do some spell this evening?” she gasped happy. “I hope so…”

“Me too. This sorceress is specialized in fetish spells, and rumours I heard from one of my friends that know a cousin of a friend that has a sister in Bondia castle kitchen said that she lives, night and day, inside a complete sealed rubber costume, and that her maids could be ungagged only one day each month!”

“My! This is really strange. I know the Bondia habit to be gagged in public, but thinking of a maid speechless for days and days…” she paused a second, her face blushing not only for the heat trapped inside her plastic prison. “But how they could drink or eat?”

“Simple. They don’t, princess…” giggle a sensuous voice behind the two women, that turned immediately. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to scare you. My name is Rebecca Gumwitch, head sorceress and friend of Lady Yu of Bondia…” smiled a red head, curtseying.

She was in her early thirties, long, curly hairs, deep eyes and a fascinating smile. She was dressed entirely in thick dark blue rubber, styled as a long skirt under a tight bodice with long, fitting sleeves and a rigid high neck. A black rubber corset was crushing her waist to an impossible 12”.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Elisabeth Ramesset, princess of Negipt, and this is Miss Rah, my personal maid.”

“I thought she was also your bodyguard…” giggled the witch. “Judging by her skill to extract the knife she was hiding in her corset, she is really an expert…”

“Sorry milady, but you really scared us…” mumbled the old woman putting the short but lethal weapon inside her corset, as it was a stay. “There is a lot of evil people in this days…”

Rebecca nodded.

“Miss Rah, both we want the same happiness and the joy for this realm and for The Land, and this is the reason I’m here. You have to be scared by another person…” she whispered while the three restarted to walk. “Oh, but you are restrained! How pretty and confining these cuffs are. A real work of art… As the wearer…”

The princess blushed another time, thanking the plastic to having turned her skin red from perspiration some time ago.

“Yes… Yes miss Gumwitch. It’s a part of the formal wear in occasions like this, with really important guests… But I’m wrong remembering that in Bondia women have to be gagged when in public, but a lot enjoy also to be speechless also alone?”

“You remember well, princess, but it’s also important that the hosts could understand what we have to say, and I know that in Negipt the Deafdumbish is not really known, so Lady Yu decided that for this day we could bypass our most important law for the common safety. Obviously in our private rooms we will be gagged as much as we can…”

“Be gagged as much as you can? You mean that you gag yourself for the maximum amount of time you have?”

“Not only, princess. There are a lot of degrees of gagging…” smiled wicked the sorceress. “But before going ahead, it’s better if I modify my stride to yours…”

“You have handcuffs and chains?”

“No, no, Madame Rah, I use only a little trick…” she answered, while her skirt tightened and elongated until it became a column of thick and gleaming rubber that rendered her legs almost blocked.

“Your… your stride is less than 6”. You create a hobble skirt! Wonderful!” exclaimed Elisabeth. “You really are a sorceress of the rubber…”

“I prefer to be called a fetish sorceress, because my powers are over all the fetish materials that are also waterproof and confining, like your dress…”

“Cool! If I would have your powers, I would like to change this mask…” said the girl pointing slowly to her face. The device was now so adherent that she forgot to blink since she had left her room. “It’s so uncomfortable and depriving…”

“Princess! What you are saying!? And don’t point the object!”


“You want to learn what I mean when I say total enclosure?”


“Madame Rah, I would say only a thing about the mask, not about your punishments, because I think you can and have the duty to apply all the best ways to teach a girl to be a princess, and listening I could say you use my preferred methods…”

“It’s not fair! Two against one, masked and restrained…” mumbled Elisabeth, half smiling.

The three laughed.

“Well, about the mask. I saw the mask she is wearing, and I can guess you haven’t a fetish magic-user in this castle, right?”

“No. the last one was under the previous royal family…”

“As I supposed. If the princess, and her maid, agree, I can try to modify the mask she is wearing to enhance it. I swear not to change the appearances, the thickness or the material…”

“I’m not sure if…”

“Please Denise. If I only could enhance the comfort, it will be wonderful…” exclaimed the girl, then sighed. “Well, the lack of taste is terrible, but…” She sighed again.” Miss Gumwitch, please, if you can do something, do it…”

“Miss Rah?”

“Well… you are a sorceress… and I know that the sorceress can do all what they want… but you asked her and me before… so…”

“Denise…” begged the princess.

“Oh, at hell. If it’s for the princess's joy, I will throw myself in all the dangers I could find, so I could think I can believe in a witch. Please, do it, if you want, Miss Gumwitch…”

“I appreciate your trust in me…”

They arrived in front of the dinner room doors.

“Please stop a second, milady. Perfect. Now, you can look in my eyes…” said the sorceress, then murmured some strange words and touched with her gloved hands the princess face. Her mask blew and glowed a little for some second, then returned as before.

“Princess, how are you?” asked worried and feared the maid, touching the mask and the gloves of the girl.

“Fine, I’m fine… I feel the mask as it’s now part of me. It’s more close fitting, more confining yet really comfortable. I think she did a great work…”

“And I think…” smiled Rebecca. “that you will enjoy the sweetfruits cake, this evening…”

“Yes, after the dinner and the meeting, in my room, before my maid will transform me in a plastic object that can only breathe… maybe…”

“Oh, no, my princess. You could taste all the dinner. I thought you wanted to enjoy your dishes, so I restored all the senses perfectly…”


“Yes. You have just to think what you want to restore or erase, and the mask will do the rest. You could be dumb, or only deaf, or blind only to some object or colour. You can erase only the bitter taste but not the sweet and so on. Try before the starting of the dinner, just to be sure…”

“But what I can do?”

“There is only your imagination as a limit…”

“Well, I will try now…”

Some second passed, the young one stood immobile.


She didn’t move.

“Princess! Elisabeth!”

The girl smiled, then moved her lips, but no sound escaped.

“Oh, for the Gods… What is happening?” shouted the maid, looking with fear and anger the redhead.

“She is mocking you…”


“Sorry, Denise, it was too wonderful not trying to make a joke… I rendered myself dumb and deaf, and then I tried to talk. Now I decided to restore all my sense but the eyes…”

“You are blind? But I can see your eyes…”

Rebecca was laughing, and only a good pear gag that appeared in her open mouth stopped her to make noise.

“Mmmmfggg! Mggghh! Mmgffff!”


The sorceress dried the tears in her eyes, then made the gag disappear.

“I’m sorry, Miss Rah, but she was stronger than me. I think that this evening you will have some problem to free your little lady from her mask, and I think that is only my fault!”

“Really. Denise, it’s too wonderful. I want to stay masked for a long time. It’s too funny!” She smiled. “Now I've restored the eyes. Thank you, Rebecca, thank you from the depth of my heart!”

“Oh, it’s nothing. But now we'd better go to eat, or your family and my friends will be worried of our delay…”

The doors were opened and the three went inside the dinning room.

The maids had taken away the empty dessert dishes quite one hour before, when Elisabeth started to have some difficulties with Lady Gwenia Sweetheart.

“Gwenia, really you are hard to win…” she mumbled, looking right in the eyes of the woman, that demonstrated thirty years of age, not more. “You had already defeated me two times, and I think that the third is coming quickly…”

“Mmmmghh, gggghhhmmm!” giggled the blonde, trying to smile, blocked by the rigid ring gag she was wearing from the finish of the dinner.

“You are too gentle, princess…” translated a little pendant shaped as red lips that the lover of Lady Yu had around her neck.

“Fantastic… It’s quite impossible to think that that small jewel is a magic artefact made by Lady Gumwitch.”

“Yes, my princess. Lady Rebecca is really a woman full of surprises. When the king decided that you couldn’t participate at the meeting and Lady Gwenia proposed to stay with you for a chess duel, Lady Rebecca was so gentle to furnish our guest with this magic translator, because no one here know the Deafdumbish…”

“But I think that also if we knew it, the attire of Gwenia would not help us, or I’m in the wrong?”

“Nnnnnn! Rrrrrlll tttthhhh sssss wwwwnnnnnddrrrrflll!”

“No. Effectively this dress is wonderful, I have to say!” echoed the soft voice of the lips.

Denise observed another time the outfit of the guest from Bondia. Each time she looked at her she could discover some new strange but pleasant way her body was encased, restrained and tortured with love and passion. The body was completely wrapped in tight rubber bandages in various colours, put over her gorgeous body to obtain a rainbow effect from her ankles to her neck. Her feet were encased in a single boot with seven inch heel, this strange shoe arrived to the mid thighs, and was made of transparent but rigid rubber, with a special flexible section to permit to bend the knees with some effort. Over all Gwenia was sealed in a thick see-trough dress made in latex, complete of hobble skirt, quite useless with the single boot on, long sleeves with mittened and padded hands and a long neck. Her face was stretched by the large steel ring gag lined in red rubber, and her face was covered with a mask similar to the one Elisabeth was wearing, but more thick and not transparent, fogging her vision to light and shadows.

“She has to be really accustomed to that mask. She ate all the dinner with it on, having her gag removed by Rebecca only when the food arrived and replaced immediately after she finished it. Well, see Lady Yu fed her lover like a baby, due to the completely useless hands she has, was quite a shock for me. I remembered when I did those things for my little one when she was really young…”

“Denise, what you are thinking?”

“Nothing, my princess. I’m sorry but I was looking at the marvellous dress Lady Sweetheart was wearing…”

“It’s wonderful. And the material, it’s really different to the one I use…”

“Rrrrbbbb…Uuuuu ssss ppphhhllllssssssccchh nnn ppppp. Dddfffffnnnn rrrlll, dddffnnn chhhhsshhhmm…”

“Rubber. You use plastic and PVC. Different realms, different customs…”

“Effectively for us rubber is not so usual as for you. I find the material a little strange, because is too stretchy, and you can obtain a perfect clear sheet as plastic…”

“Yes, but it’s more cosy than plastic. That material is wonderful because can shape your body better than latex, but it’s more for formal dresses, rubber is more for romantic walks or passionate nights… Oh, sorry, princess, I wouldn’t say this. It’s not polite. My mouth not always is connected with my brain, and so this is one of the reasons why I love to be gagged all the time…” giggled the rubber clad girl.

Elisabeth and Denise laughed.

“No problem, Gwenia, my brain too some times is far from my mouth, and this is the reason why I sleep a lot of the time with my rebreather…”


“Yes. You don’t use it?”

“I’m not sure. Maybe the same device is called differently in our two countries…”

“Maybe… You are interested to see it?”

“If I have to say the truth, I’m really interested, but I don’t want to disturb you, princess…”

“Nonsense. I don’t know what time is it, but I’m a little tired of the day, and with your permission, I would go in my rooms. Sorry if I’m not the host you imagined, Miss Sweetheart…”

“Talking of nonsense. You are a perfect host, and really the moon is high in the sky. Knowing Yu, your father and her are still at the beginning of the meeting, so for me it’s useless to wait her. I will go to my rooms also…”

“In this case, why you don’t go with us in my bedroom. You could see and touch… sorry, try to touch… a rebreather. I have to use the little one this night…”


“Not for me…”

“Princess, please don’t forget the double layer…”

“Denise, thank to having remembered it to me…” exclaimed the blonde ironically , moving from the chair she was seated and starting to move really slowly due to the chains.

At her side, Gwenia was hopping secure in her high single boot, her body red from the effort but her expression happy as never before Elisabeth had seen.

“My, my, I will never arrive at her degree of freedom in restraints? She reminds me my mom, always sealed, always covered in plastic, night and day, talking a little and with a lot of difficulties, but happy. I can feel it every time I see her… She, in her eyes, has the same expression of Gwenia in this moment…”

They arrived in the princess rooms after a very slow walk, and Denise opened the door inviting the Bondia guest to enter first.

“Wonderful! Really, Elisabeth, your room is fantastic!”

“Thank you, Gwenia…” blushed the blonde. “But, please, take a seat…”

“Thank you, but with this boot on, I prefer to stay stand … You know, it’s not easy to bend it!”

“I can imagine…” smiled the other, while the maid was already at work to undress her.

The two women continued to chat slightly until Elisabeth was completely naked all but for her catsuit.

“My dear, your body makes me green of envy, you know? I hope Yu never will see you in this condition, or she would have a new lover…”

“Gwenia, please…”

“No, it’s the truth, my little princess…”

“You made me blush, and with my plastic on and this mask, it’s like burning…”

The rubber clad girl laughed, gurgling in her gag, little drops of saliva going down slowly over her dress. She looked with a hint of lust in her eyes the dressing of the princess for the night. Her bed sheets where done in thin plastic, coloured in white and pink, and over them a inflated eiderdown made in thick PVC was already a dream for the lover of Lady Yu. All Elisabeth body was polished and shined with a special fluid, until she stood in the centre of the room, her plastic skin reflecting like diamond the candles lights. Denise started putting tight shoulder length gloves made in clear plastic all over the arms of the princess. The gloves where so tight she could flex her fingers only a little. Over them another pair of gloves, without hands but with solid mittens went over the first pair, blocking completely the sense of touch of the girl. Two pairs of PVC pantyhose sheathed the legs, the second pair with embedded ballets boots without heels, so to stay in place was more and more difficult, but Elisabeth was well accustomed to walk in her tip of the toes.

“How are you?”

“Fine, thank you Gwenia. I can walk a little in them, but the way they block my knees it’s something that I haven’t still learned to enjoy, but… Ouch!”

“Sorry, my princess…” sincerely excused the maid, while she continued to bend the elbows of the girl until they meet at her back, and her wrists were touching her neck in a back prayer position.

A special collar was attached at her neck and wrist, blocking them near the head in a quite painful position. Made in black rigid steel rubber lined, the collar was like a posture collar, raising her head and obliging the eyes to see the ceiling and not more.

“It hurts?”

“Not at all. I’m accustomed to it, and having to sleep for a whole night in it help you to be used to it…” smiled the blonde, moving to the bed and seating on it.

Denise started to sheath for the third time the legs of her mistress using a long clear bag shaped as a tail, closed on her back with more than twenty straps, and padlocking each of them when she was sure they could be no more closed. A similar, for transparency and material, garment was showed for the upper body, and in some time Elisabeth was encased in a sleeveless straitjacket, closed and padlocked from her hips to her neck. The plastic covered her back-prayered arms, her gloves, all, encasing them in a smooth surface of shiny, tender, exciting waterproof material, giving her the features of a limbless mermaid.

“How cute you are, my love! Really you sleep each night in this…”

“Yes, but it’s not yet finished…Unluckily for me… See you tomorrow, my dear. In a minute I will not be able to see or talk to you…”

“See you tomorrow, Elisabeth. I will stay until the end, but I can ask you a favour?”

“Tell me, if I can be useful…”

“I can ask to your maid to help me in my room for my nightgown. Generally there is a maid that helps me, but she had a problem, a cold, because she exited with only two layers of rubber over her body, so she returned chilled and with some fever…”


“If Miss Sweetheart ask my help, I’m more than proud to help her with all my poor skills…”

“Thank you, Denise…”

“Well, I think it’s the moment to finish my first nightgown…”

“Yes, princess. Have a good sleep full of dreams…”

“Thank you, Denise, you tooohhhh! Mmmmmghh!” finished Elisabeth, her head and face covered with a painted mask made in thick plastic, that was closed with little straps under her head, padlocked, and the closures covered with a long, blonde wig. The plastic showed a smiling, happy, with half closed eyes girl, but it was completely sealed, so the only holes were small, invisible punctures in the material at the nostrils height, where the breath went in and out with some effort, playing an arousing symphony for the pleasure of Gwenia and the maid.

“But where is the famous rebreather?”

“Please, could you have a second of patience? This is the standard attire for the night of all the princesses and queens of Negipt, but Elisabeth made two mistakes today, so she has to be punished. I will add a second layer of plastic for the first mistake and then I will use the rebreather bag, the small one, for the second.”

“I’m really curious to see what will be at the end of your treatment…” giggled the Bondia girl.

Denise took from the wardrobe a heavy, black and shiny bag, mummy shaped, and opened at the back by a long zipper and with a lot of straps all over it. With movements that showed she was accustomed to do it, the maid turned Elisabeth and put her inside the bag, adjusting the hole on the complete mask to be sure the nostrils were free to take the air the body needed, then closed the zip and the straps. The girl inside moaned softly and tried to move, but the layers of plastic were too much for her, and so only a little moving was detectable. Her face, or better the mask that was covering her face was now hidden by the thick, more or less half an inch, black plastic bag opened only at the nose, that poked out.

“Wonderful. She will really cook inside that cocoon…”

“Yes and no. she is used to it, but every morning she is literally swimming in sweat, and she has to be moved in the bathroom and freed in the bathtub…” said the old woman, grabbing a strange object that Gwenia recognised as a moulded lower face with a short tube attached where the mouth had to be, and a small ball made in clear plastic as the tube. The rest was black material as the bodybag.

“This is her rebreather…” explained Denise, strapping the half mask over Elisabeth face, rendering her an anonymous black plastic object, the only hint she is alive was the slow, quite forced flow of air from her nose to the external world that can be detected in the inflating and deflating of the gag, quickly fogged by the perspiration that was following the breath of the princess.

“Oh, I now understand what is… I used some time, but it’s really hard, and I was excited too much by it. How Elisabeth can sleep in it?”

“Time and experience. She now changes her breath immediately after she is in her bed, because if she continue to breathe normally, she would finish suffocated in some minute…”

“She is really a good bondagette, if I was her mother I will be proud of her…”

“And I am…” exclaimed a soft, velvet voice from the door.

“My queen…” curtseyed Denise.

“Queen…” bent her body as much as she could Gwenia.

The woman, covered form head to toe in thick, quite hard plastic, was the copy of Elisabeth, but for her black hairs. The dress, the mask, all was the same the princess was wearing, but much thicker.

“My dear Denise, you are doing for my Elisabeth all the things I couldn’t do for my role, and I will never thank you enough. Gwenia Sweetheart, you are really sweet to say this thing about my daughter, and I’m sure the sons the Gods will give you will be as you, gentle and lover of all the restrains… Now I will leave you, I passed only to see if my love was already asleep, and now I will go in my room. The king my husband and Lady Yu are still at the beginning of the meeting, they will finish in the morning…”

The queen left the room, shuffling slowly from the weight of the dress, the handcuffs and the short bar that was blocking her ankles some inches wide, obliging her to short, imprecise steps.

Gwenia and Denise then leave the room, and the maid followed the blonde in her room, where helped her to change in something more adapt to a night of relaxation.

“Thank you, my dear, you are so sweet…” exclaimed the Bondia queen lover when only her lips were free of the silver tape she was now completely covered. Her limbs were taped separately, from fingers to armpit, from toes to hips, and her body too was now sealed in a glistening layer of strong adhesive tape. Over it, always with the tape, Denise created a cute nightgown made of tape in contrast, a matt black with pink bows in her back and between the breasts, “Can you answer a question?”

“If I can…” said the other, the last roll of tape ready to be used over the lips and lower face of the girl.

“I saw a little cloud in the queen eyes when she was talking about the sons the Gods will give me. She is in some way sad about having had only one daughter?”

The maid hesitated to answer, looking in the nothing in front of her.

“Sorry, my question was stupid. Please, gag me and close the door, my dear. I will never thank you enough…”

“No, milady, you are really a sensible person, if you could read my queen so easily. Yes, she is sad, because Elisabeth was not the only daughter she had…”


Denise nodded slowly.

“My queen had two twins, but one of them, she named her Rossana, but she died some days after she was born. From that moment the queen is always a little sad, as she was still thinking of her…”

“Oh… I’m sorry for her, really.”

“Thank you. Can I?”

“Please, you are really swweethhhgghht! Mmmmghhtt! Nnnnhhmmm!”

Denise closed the door at her back, leaving the silver mummy in her cosy world of darkness and sticky pleasure.

The days passed, and then became weeks, and every day was quite the same for Elisabeth in her castle, divided between the lessons and the spare time. She loved to stay near the lake, enjoying the swans and the sun, her body sheathed in gleaming plastic and her head and face covered with the magical mask Rebecca created for her. She was now so accustomed to it she undressed from it only if necessary, eating, sleeping and studying with it. The long meeting of her father the king and Lady Yu concluded with a pact of peace between the two realms and a promise of help in case one of the two was attached by the Countess. She had just the time to kiss on the cheek the sorceress and the blonde lover when they departed, continuing the tour to find allies or enemy for the every day nearer war.

She moved slowly her white gloved hands, scared to frighten the swans, and tidied her light pink gown, made in plastic as the rest of her dress. She was wearing her black corset and neck collar, and in that day she was also wearing a new pair of pantyhose, really thick and rigid, so she was seated on the grass with her legs opened and straight in front of her, like a doll.

“Denise, is that you?” asked the girl without turning her head , listening a faint movement behind her.

No response.


A little branch cracked under a black, glistening feet with ballet heels.

“What? Who are youuuhhhh! Nnnnnuuuuu. Hhhhffffggg, mmmghhttt!” screamed the girl, her mouth covered by a plastic, soft and shiny red PVC hand.

“Mmmghhh, mmfggttt!” mumbled the completely clad woman that was holding the princess to the other two, sealed in black suits near her.

“Mmmgmhh, mmmhhh!” answered them, moving in front of Elisabeth and grabbing her gloved hands.

Quickly they taped her hands in two black mittens, then the wrists were locked together and the arms were pinned to her corset by rubber bands. One of the two black kidnappers moved behind her.

“Gods, they are Dollies, the army of the Countess. These poor girls are completely sealed inside that plastic surface, and also if their mind is free, their body is under that witch control. If only I could free my lips, I could scream loud enough to be heard by the guards on the castle…”

As if the red Dolly read her thoughts, the glove went away, but before she could open the mouth, a hard ring gag was pushed in her lips and fixed at her back. She was turned, and pushed into a small group of trees, where the black dolly disappeared was touching a blue rubber ball big as a watermelon. Suddenly the ball gleamed, and a huge, horned and clawed vivern appeared at it place.

“Mmmmghh, nnnghhtt! Ordered the red Dolly

“Mmmmmgghh!” shocked her head Elisabeth.

“Mmmgmhhtt! Nnnnwww!”

She continued to stay where she was.

“Mmmghh, phhhhggttthh, mmmmhnnn!”

The black figures grabbed the blonde and lifted her to the fetish creature, then tied her to the saddle to so that she could not fall or escape.

“Nnnnnnuuuhh!” she screamed, a little line of saliva dribbling from her open mouth. The Dolly faces were rigid as always, but the princess was sure they were smiling at her helplessness.

Quickly the four girls mounted the vivern, and it started to fly in the air, while a shocked Denise saw the monster going far from the castle, tied and gagged to a tree, caught by the Dollies before they went to her protected.

“Lords, she is in a real danger! Those monsters have only a mistress, the Countess…” she thought, trying to free herself, but the red creature that tied her knew her knots.

Elisabeth was so shocked she, after a while, passed out from the fear and the pain of the tight rubber bands and the gag. When she woke up, the monster was landing on top of one of the Countess's castle towers, and the owner herself was waiting for her.

“Welcome, welcome, my dear, to The Golgoth, my little but cosy home…” smiled the black haired woman. She was dressed in an elegant complete composed of a tight, ankle length gown and a fitting skirt, long sleeved. Both the garments were made in white, glossy rubber, and a black, matt corset of black rubber, closed with three big silver buckles was giving at the woman a wonderful wasp-sized waist. Her eyes were covered with a hat-veil, and a open face white rubber hood was covering all the head but the face. When she moved, silver spurs clicked from her high heels ankle boots.

“Mmmmghhtt, Ghhhhhh!” screamed the princess.

“No, no my dear, it’s not polite, you know? You deserve to be punished, and I think I have a good idea for you…” she smiled wickedly.

The Dollies helped Elisabeth to walk inside the dark tunnel of the fortress, and she finally arrived, following the pulling and pushing of the plastic servants and the rubber clad sorceress, to a small room, lightened only by some candles.

“Welcome to my little house! I hope you will enjoy your stay, because it will be for a long, long time…” laughed the Countess, closing the door in front of her, leaving the blonde alone, still bound and gagged.

“Oh my, this is so impossible… I’m kidnapped, and now I’m in the cruel hands of a witch that want the realm of my father…” she sobbed, the tears trapped inside the mask she was still wearing.

Some time after, she didn’t know how much time passed, the door of her cell was opened again, and four red Dollies grabbed her and moved again inside the dungeons. They stopped in front of a big, wooden door adorned of strange and magical symbols.

“Mmmgmhh, thhhtttt!”

A gloved hand slapped her cheek.


“Mmmmghht, nnnnghh!” mumbled the doll that hit her, ordering to stay silent.

The door opened slowly, and inside there was a strange altar and a floor engraved of drawings and a strange, dark dried fluid.

“Oh, my dear, you are so kind to arrive…” said the Countess, near the altar.


“No, no, my pet, don’t worry. I don’t want to kill you, not yet… the blood you see is for the Dollies I tried to improve, but my experiments are still in a early phase…”

The plastic Dollies moved Elisabeth to the altar, and they finally untied and ungagged her.

“You, cruel witch, you don’t know what you have done!”

“My dear, you don’t know what you did, signing the alliance with Bondia. I want the Lands, and when I say the Lands, are all, Bondia and Negipt too. Your father, with the alliance, signed also his death, and in fact in this moment I can swear you that some of my spies inside the castle are killing all your family and your precious friend, the old, inutile Denise…”

“Are you kidding?”

“I hate kidding, princess!” shouted the sorceress, grabbing her chin with the right hand and crushing it causing pain. “And I hate too the horrible, useful, gentle magical object that my enemy Rebecca does for her friends…”

She moved her black rubbered gloved hands, and two dollies undressed the blonde of her mask, putting it over the altar. The hood started to smoke and emit strange sounds, until it exploded in thousands of pieces, that disappeared in the air.


“Oh, yes! This altar was made with all my hate and my power, so it reacts to the good, sweet, horrible magic of Rebecca in this way. Now, I’m quite sure you are the only one still alive of the Ramesses family, but I will not kill you. I have for you a better idea, an idea that is much more, much more terrible than death…”

“You could do whatever you want with me, countess. I’m a Ramesses princess, and I continue to tell you that Negipt will fight with all the forces against you…”

“Oh, but not after my spies will have finished putting false evidence that the cruel massacre of the royal family was done by Bondia… Your adored realm will start a hard and I hope bloody war with your friends, and I will be the only winner!!!” she laughed madly.

Elisabeth started to cry. She wanted to stay as rock, but she couldn’t. Her heart pain was too much for her, and she sobbed slowly.

“Oh, yes, this is the right mood. Cry, my love, cry until you have your eyes… The process had to begin. Undress the victim!” she shouted, and all the Dollies run to the princess and with their gloved hands destroyed all the garments, corsets and underwear she had.

The blonde was naked in front of her captor, so shocked she didn’t react while she was tied with rubber bands at ankles and wrist to the altar, in a spread-eagle position. Her salty tears fogged her sight, and the pain and the terror paralysed her tongue. The Countess began to move around the cold, dark, stony altar, mumbling and moving in arcane ways her hands. From the hard surface, veined of red by the blood of hundreds of victims, strange, soft but viscid band of see-through white plastic started to grow and wrapping over and over the naked body of Elisabeth.

Slowly, in a sort of erotic way, the band covered the whole skin, adhering as they were made of glue.


“My dear, you know that your traditions said that the important persons have to be mummified after their death, so the soul can arrive at the Gods in all their splendour, because the body too is still intact. Well, you are now the most important girl of Negipt, and you will live a never-ending life of death. You will became my personal mummy, and you will obey all my orders…”

“No, never. I will die before obey you…”

“But you will do. These bands will preserve your body until the end of time, and your mind will be erased, becoming a blank, empty space. You will walk in my dungeons, and you will transform as you the poor girls I will decide to give you…”

“No, no, noooohhhh. Nnnnnuuuu!” she screamed, until the first layer of tape covered entirely her head, leaving only her long hairs free. Over it, other layers went, covering and smoothing her body, until, after quite an hour, the transformation was completed, and on the altar not a girl sat up, but a mindless plastic mummy, her hands reduced to useless mittens, her face covered by layers and layers of tape, hot and sticky. She moved slowly, balancing on her ballet boots the spell had glued to her feet, and moved near the door, that was opened for her by two dollies.

“Elisabeth…” shouted the Countess

The mummy stopped a second, but stood immobile, then continued her slow motion on the tunnel in front of her.

“Mmmmmghhh… Mmmmghhhttt!” continued to say the creature, disappearing in the darkness of the dungeons.

The door at her back closed, muffling the evil laughter of the rubber sorceress.


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