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An Easter Wish

by tied2thebed

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© Copyright 2003 - tied2thebed - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; FF; latex; catsuits; bond; mittens; hood; bfold; toys; insert; strapon; tease; enema; cons; X

And so the last three months had gone by, and life just seemed to be work, work, work. Tina was very busy at her business what with several new accounts to keep on top of and I had been supervising a new project for my employers which meant I had been spending quite a bit of time away from home and sex had been bottom of the agenda except for a quick grope here and there. This week was the last away from home before the Easter weekend, so I would be home Thursday night for a four-day break, time at last for Tina and Me to spend some time together even though we had nothing special planned. Tina had phoned me to let me know she was fine at home and that Caroline was staying a few days to keep her company and to tell me she would be using the credit card kiss, kiss. In other words she was going on a shopping spree!

Thursday afternoon came and my project at work was finished, I made a few calls and was just about to leave the office when the phone rang, it was Tina calling to ask if I would be home on time. I promised her I would be on schedule, and to expect me at six. The hour drive went well, the wipers on the car doing the best to clear the rain, there I was hoping to get out and about somewhere with Tina this weekend and it was pouring with rain and the forecast was for worst to come. Ah well I thought I’m sure we’ll find something else to do. I swung the car onto the drive, turned the engine off and made a dash for the front door. Turning the key I opened the door, went into the hall and hung my coat on the rack. It was then that I noticed the red ribbon tied across the bottom of the stairs.

Hanging from the ribbon was a small envelope with “Take this envelope to the kitchen DO NOT come upstairs!” written on the front of it.

I got to the kitchen, opened the envelope to find a letter from Tina inside. I started to read a list of instructions to be followed by the letter or the fun won’t begin:

Pour yourself a large cognac 
Remove all your clothes
Fetch the box behind the sofa 
Visit the bathroom, finish your drink, and put on what you find in the box
Call me on the phone extension when you are ready for me.
Remember Boxing Day Honey!!

Remember Boxing Day, how could I forget that. Was it that long ago since we had a good session? So there I was naked in our kitchen wondering what fate awaited me, the last sip of cognac tasted so, so good. I sat myself down and opened the box as told, and on pulling away the tissue smelt my favourite smell, latex. I lifted out the latex and it slowly unfolded in my lap. I held it up to reveal it was a latex catsuit of some kind. I looked in the box and to compliment the suit was a hood with eye, nose and mouth holes and a tub of talc. I guessed I was in for some fun tonight so I powdered myself down and starting with the feet gradually eased the rubber suit up my body. When I got to my genitals I found there was a sheath to contain my manhood, it fitted quite snug and had a short hollow tube at the end. I then eased the suit the rest of the way on and zipped it up to the neck. Nearly finished except for the hood I called Tina on the phone and then pulled the hood over my head. I had always dreamed of having a rubber suit, perhaps Tina just never got round to telling me she liked rubber.

I had just finished smoothing the hood into place when I suddenly got this big hug from behind. “I’ve always dreamt of seeing you like this, my sexy rubber toy to do as I wish with. Now don’t say a word and open your mouth. Remember how I rode your mouth, well tonight I’m going to have some more!” said Tina and she pushed the dildo gag in my mouth and fastened it tightly around the back of my head. The next command was to put my hands behind my back and then I felt her putting some kind of mittens on my hands. She fastened the buckles and when I brought my hands back to my front I saw the ball mittens she had put on me. I certainly wouldn’t be able to use my hands for anything tonight I thought. 

“Just one last thing then I’ll have you on the bed.” With that Tina fastened a belt around my waist which had a hard panel fixed to it that had a hollow rigid penis sticking out of the front of it. At its end was a small hole for the short tube of my catsuit penis to protrude. Tina then led me upstairs and after slipping restraints on my wrists, tied my wrists to the centre of the headboard of the bed and did likewise with my ankles at the bottom so I was stretched out in a line down the middle of the bed. So here I was. A rubber toy with two rubber penises for her to play with. Tina leaned over the bed and gave my mouth penis a kiss on the end, said, “night, night lover” and quickly pulled a blindfold over my eyes.

Now in total darkness I could only imagine what would happen next. I was expecting Tina to start her ride but nothing happened for what seemed like ages. Then suddenly without warning a hand grabbed my lower rubber sheath and I suddenly felt a rush of cold hit my penis. Tina was obviously pouring something into the hole of the sheath. She let go and after a few seconds I started to sense a numbness. What a tease she was I thought. She had poured some kind of anesthetic into the sheath. Then nothing, no noise, no movement, where was she now? Then at last the bed moved and I felt Tina positioning herself over me and then the sudden pressure as she impaled herself on me and started to ride my groin. Yes she had done it again, her having fun, me, just the toy to give her pleasure.

Then I got my biggest surprise or should I say shock. I felt two hands cup my face and then Tina said, “Oh I forgot to tell you Caroline is still here, she’s decided to stay a bit longer, and by the look on her face she’s really enjoying the ride!” Tina then straddled my head and sank slowly onto my gag. Could I have wished for a better surprise? How long had they been planning this? What would happen next? So many questions to ask but they would have to wait. Here I was bound and two women using me as a rubber toy. If they carried on like this I was surely going to have a very sore mouth and a bruised groin by the time they had finished! …….

An Easter Wish - Part 2

After what seemed ages one of my wrists was unclipped from its chain, which enabled me to reach my other wrist and so I was able to release my arms.  I then sat up and removed my hood and realised I was alone in the room. I reached forward and unclasped my legs from the leather straps, at last I could stretch and move my arms and legs after being bound for so long. I got up off the bed and made my way downstairs only to find I was alone in the house, I then noticed one of Tina’s red envelopes on the kitchen table, one of those envelopes she always put naughty letters to me in, so I opened it. “Come and join us,” it said “but not until tomorrow, I’m at Caroline’s for the night.”

My mind went into overdrive, what would they be up to tonight, the two of them together alone at Caroline’s house. My thoughts then went to tomorrow, and that I was still in my rubber outfit and that I ought to get out of my rubber and into the bath. Well, that night I just could not sleep, all I could do was imagine what Tina and Caroline would be up to. The next morning I busied myself with some chores, the mall, the garage the house to tidy, then at lunchtime the phone rang. It was Tina, “ I thought I better ring and let you know where Caroline lives, see you at five.” 

Right on time I pulled the car into the drive, walked to the door and rang the bell. Tina answered the door and led me into the kitchen where Caroline handed me a coffee, then they both said together, “Off you go, first door top of the stairs, see you in a bit.”

I duly went on my way as instructed. On entering the room I was greeted by a pile of rubber on the bed on top of which was a note that said, “All for you, now get changed”. Sipping my coffee I spread the rubber items out on the bed to see what had been left out for me.

“Well here we go” I thought and stripped and dusted myself down with some talc left out for me. I lifted up a cat suit which I started to pull onto my feet and then stretching the suit up my legs which had almost turned to jelly with excitement. When I reached my crotch I realised  the suit had a sheath with a tube at the end of it, and even more worrying a plug at the back. With the aid of some gel I managed to squeeze my very stiff cock into the sheath and pushed the intruder into my rear. I pulled the rest of the suit up, slipped my arms in to the wrists and zipped myself up. 

Chore done I shouted to the girls I was ready, “Oh no you’re not ,”came the reply. Then I saw Tina coming up the stairs carrying a box, “We forgot to leave this for you, but you probably wouldn’t have managed this as well.”  I sat on he bed and Tina opened the box. “Just the finishing touches,” she said as she held out a pair of ball mittens. These in place she held out a leather hood, which was slipped over my head. It covered my head but left my mouth and eyes open. But the bit that worried me where the two nostril tubes that fitted snugly round and in my nose. To each side of the hood were two flaps that could be zipped closed and some sort of metal ring at the mouth opening. Well I loved to be wrapped in rubber and here I was in heaven.

“Right fun time here we go, follow me,” Tina said. We went down to the basement where there was a leather table on hinges in an upright position. “This is where you are going to be for a while,” Tina said with an evil grin.

“Fine with me just go careful with me!” I replied. I stood up against the table and Tina strapped me to it.

“I”m leaving a while then we’ll both be back to see you,” she said glancing over her shoulder as she left.

Not much time passed and they both returned to my delight wearing rubber catsuits but to my surprise both were sporting large black dildos. “Pleasure and punishment for you,” they both shouted as they approached me.

First Tina kissed me and this was followed by one from Caroline who then said, “Shh, don’t say a word just enjoy “

Caroline then pushed a gag in my mouth and screwed it onto the mouth fitting. Next she attached a tube and bag to my sheath, then another tube to my butt plug which ran up to a bag hung high above me that I hadn”t noticed and then another tube to my gag. The pleasure came first, I watched unable to move as Tina and Caroline went across to a thick carpet on the floor and proceeded to do all the things I imagined them doing together, they just seemed to keep going for ages servicing each other in all the ways I could only have imagined before. 

The girls eventually came over to me and told me watching them was the first pleasure and my next pleasure was a shot of cognac, which Tina carefully tipped into my mouth tube.

“Now the punishment” Tina said as she reached up and opened a valve on the bag above my head, a rush of warm liquid invaded my bowels, a feeling I had never experienced before, it just seemed to just keep coming filling me up. To my surprise Caroline quickly pulled down the hood zipper plunging me into darkness and then the table swung back into a horizontal position. I felt my sheath tube being adjusted and then my mouth tube being pulled and adjusted. Then nothing, just darkness, no noise and a cramping of my stomach, ‘That bag must be empty now.’ I thought.

The pressure inside me was too much to bear and must have been pushing my bladder. I had never wet myself before let alone in front of Tina, but I didn’t know if I was being watched, then it all became too much and I relaxed my bladder, I just had to let go. A rush of hot liquid filled my mouth, then I realised what they had done, a tube from my cock to my mouth. I couldn’t stop the flow so the only choice I had was to swallow.

An Easter wish?

Am I dreading the next holiday?

Who knows...



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