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The Church of Bliss

by Spooky Boogy

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© Copyright 2023 - Spooky Boogy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f; fpov; latex; bond; catsuit; hood; gasmask; cuffs; electro; drug; cons; XX


What can wash away my sin?

Nothing but the Bliss of rubber;

What can make me whole again?

Nothing but the Bliss of rubber!

The cavernous hall of the cathedral was cold, but the fire burning in Elise’s core kept her more than warm enough as the Initiate slowly paced down the dimly lit central aisle towards the altar. It was quiet, reverent, only the click of her heeled boots and the creaking of her clothing faintly echoing through the space. Other than herself, and those she was going to meet, there was no one else visibly present – although, who could say how many people might be invisibly present, nestled into the small alcoves and crannies of the ancient building, enduring penance or rewards of all kinds.

A shiver went through her at the memory of first laying eyes on those hidden recesses, watching as an anonymous figure cast in perfectly reflective rubber writhed uncontrollably in its restraints as a similarly clad Sister rained blow after blow down on its rear end with a crop. Elise had stared, eyes wide, cheeks flushed, before looking up to her guide, the Mother Superior. Looking into the blacked-out lenses of the Superior’s gas mask, inscrutable as always, Elise had asked in a meek voice, “Penance…?”

The response had come, as it always did, in the inhuman tone of the Superior’s modulated voicebox, soft and yet distinctly artificial. “No. Reward.”

Elise was brought back to the present by the bubbling sound of air being drawn through fluid, as she approached the raised altar at the head of the hall. Standing there, immobile, statuesque, were three identical Sisters, gleaming in the faint light. The Initiate couldn’t help but stare at their uniforms, still inspiring an intense reaction in her even after weeks of rituals and training. Each of them was cast in pure rubber from head to toe, a white habit framing a black mask, draped over reflective shoulders perched above a tightly corseted waist. A corrugated pipe led from each of their masks, connected together, leading to a central bottle which rattled in time with their synchronised breathing – Elise knew it was filled with “holy water”, and was all-too-familiar with the way the scent of that intoxicating substance would be filling their senses, enhancing the touch of the rubber on their skin, igniting their arousal. She also knew how impressive it was that they were remaining completely still, as her only experience with the blessed liquid, a single tainted breath, left her writhing on her latex bedsheets for hours, completely lost to ecstasy.

The Sisters wore no identifying marks, and one would only be able to recognise them from the small differences in their body shape, along with extensive practice – but that was the point. Elise reminded herself of the teachings that had been drilled into her in the lecture halls, the tenets she had recited over and over while she was edged and tormented in equal amounts, The Church of Bliss accepts all and makes them one, Anonymity is Bliss, Obedience is Bliss, Pain is Bliss, Pleasure is Bliss… Another pulse of remembered Bliss worked its way through her body, as she pulled herself back to the present.

At the foot of the altar, waiting for her, lay a small pillow directly centred between the three Sisters. Elise, not letting her nervousness show, clicked her way to it, and delicately knelt down on it, her own uniform creaking gently. Up close, the contrast between the Sisters’ and her own outfit were more striking; as an Initiate, she was wearing only a catsuit, still dull and unpolished, not even granted the Bliss of a mirror shine like the other Sisters yet. That would come after her Communion. After today.

As one, the three Sisters reached to disconnect themselves from the holy water, twisting their breathing pipes and stowing them at their sides, the only sound a faint, unified moan of Bliss as the last of the fumes escaped from their masks. The two Sisters at Elise’s side stepped behind her, waiting at either shoulder, while the one in front of her simply waited. For a time, the only sound was the breathing of four bodies, three rattling through pipes, and one simply exhaling into cold air.

“Initiate Elise.” The feminine, mechanical voice of the first Sister broke the moment. “You have come before us to seek entry into the Church of Bliss. You have endured our tests, learned our ways, experienced our Bliss.” Even through the voicebox, the ecstasy of uttering the word for the Sister was clear. “Do you still wish to join us, to fully accept our traditions and rituals, and become a fully-fledged Sister?”

Elise looked up at the Sister, her mask inscrutable, the blackened lenses perfectly polished and reflective.Elise saw herself from a new perspective, looked down on her own form, a rubber-clad girl kneeling before her betters, mouth slightly open, cheeks flushed from both the cold and her lustful need. She looked desperate. She felt desperate. The answer was out of her lips before she knew it, but there had never been any doubt as to what it would be.

“I do.”

“Very good. In that case, let us begin. Sisters, if you would…”

Two gloved hands suddenly clamped down on her shoulders as her arms were pulled behind her back, two sets of cuffs expertly and rapidly slipped onto both her wrists and ankles and immediately tightened down. A slight gasp escaped her as she suddenly found all four of her limbs restrained, but this was nothing new to her after enduring her Initiation rituals. What was new was the sudden sound of a bell chiming above her, accompanied by the sound of the ponderous doors at the rear of the hall slowly opening. She knew not to turn around and look, but she could hear the clicking of dozens of heels approaching from behind – the congregation arriving for the ceremony.

She squirmed in place, testing the limits of the cuffs, but the vice-grip on her shoulders didn’t leave room for movement, and she was content with her current position. Soon, the rustling movement stopped, and the first Sister spoke once more.

“We are gathered here today to witness the Communion of a new Sister into our midst; Initiate Elise has performed admirably during her Initiation rituals, and so has been granted the opportunity to accept the Bliss into herself.”

A gentle rumble went through the congregation as they all swayed at the mention of the word of worship, and Elise couldn’t stop herself from letting out a faint moan, carried over the quiet space like the loudest scream of ecstasy. There was no rebuke – they all experienced the same during their Communion.

The first Sister turned around, inspecting the items laid out on the altar, before turning to the Sisters holding Elise down, and passing one over to the figure on her left. A wand vibrator, inky-black, with a head made of latex. “Pleasure is Bliss.” A call went up from the congregation behind the waiting Initiate, an echo spoken through identical voiceboxes, “Pleasure is Bliss!” A second item was passed to Elise’s right, an electric prod, the tip more than capable of sparking agony through a layer of rubber. “Pain is Bliss.” Again the response came. Elise’s heart was thumping in her chest, her entire body alive with desire. Finally, the first Sister held an item for herself, a gas mask identical to her own, fitted with reflective lenses, and with a breathing tube dangling from the inlet. “Anonymity is Bliss.” One final response.

“Let the ceremony commence. First, Pleasure.”

The Sister at Elise’s left reached down with the vibrator, jamming its head between the Initiate’s legs before activating it, the buzz immediately reaching through the layer of skintight latex to send waves of pleasure through the already lust-crazed girl’s body. She resisted the urge to grind down on it, for a moment, but her limbs quickly began to writhe in their restraints, beyond her conscious control. A groan of pleasure broke from her throat which she failed to control as she closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and basked in the sensation.

“Second, Pain.”

A lightning bolt struck Elise in the side, tearing her from the moment and thrusting her into a new pattern, as the Sister on her right began striking her with the electric prod at random intervals, overlaying the underlying thrum of the vibrator, combining into a symphony of sensation. Her breasts, ass, arms, thighs, everything was a target, and she gave up on trying to predict where the next touch would land, instead embracing the moment completely.

“Third, Anonymity.”

Elise tore her eyes open just in time to watch the interior of the mask descending on her, her vision hazy through the overwhelming sensations. The rubber seal pressed to her face, the strap tightened around her head, and her first rattling, moaning breath through the intake pipe was tinged with a decadent moan. They weren’t finished, yet, though.

“Fourth. Bliss.

The first Sister took Elise’s breathing pipe, and slowly, reverently connected it to the holy water. Beneath the mask, the Initiate’s eyes went wide as she slowly connected the action to the effect, and realised what she would shortly be going through, before a strike of the prod landed directly on her stomach, forcing the air from her lungs and making her–


For those gathered in the hall, the Communion lasted only a short while. For the Sister that used to be Elise, the Bliss lasted for hours, days, floating on a rubber stream of pleasure, pain, sensation, diving deep into herself and understanding the true nature of the Church, and how blessed she was to have joined. The Sister’s mind echoed with the tenets as orgasm after orgasm crashed over her mind;

The Church of Bliss accepts all and makes them one.

Anonymity is Bliss.

Obedience is Bliss.

Pain is Bliss.

Pleasure is Bliss.

We are Bliss.

Beneath the mask, the newly anointed Sister’s eyes snapped open, her lungs filling with a second intake of holy water. The first Sister looked down on her, expressionless yet compassionate, waiting for a response. The Sister that was once Elise strained her body through the torrent of Bliss flooding her, struggling to give the response she knew was needed. Her voice strained out, her first words through her new voicebox, a mechanical tone that now felt natural.

“We… are… Bliss.”

“Welcome to the Church, Sister.”


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