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The Blues

by Darqside

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© Copyright 2008 - Darqside - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/m; latex; inflation; fem; club; oral; cons; X

I am seriously overweight, I know it.  It’s not easy to keep fit, in fact in my situation it feels like it’s just near impossible.  My metabolism is slow, I’m lazy at heart, and really, I’m just not suited for wearing any sort of brand-name clothes.

But, I have a fetish.

It’s a strange fetish compared to all the other ones I see on the internet, although it sort of incorporates them.

I have a clothes-horse fetish, so to speak.  I like wearing layers.  Lots and lots of layers, part of it has to do with restriction of movement, but also to an extent I like the texture and feel of latex and rubber on my skin…

But the sad truth is, my body isn’t fit for latex, I’m fat, sagging, and just look terrible in the stuff…plus the fact I’m a guy which is a real turn-off to me personally.  (I have a higher preference for women in latex).

I like to see women in as restrictive a piece of clothing as you can imagine, as long as they have a hard time walking around, I get a hard-on.  And I love heels, the higher the better, but I don’t worship feet, not like some people do anyway…I just love the way they make women totter around or the generous klack-klack sound they make when they walk on pavement or stone.

Despite my appearance though, I periodically visit several ‘latex bars’ in town…maybe I’m more of a voyeur but, at least it’s pleasant to look at the ladies in fashion.  Of course, I’m not a fan of strippers, the less flesh I see the better, solid rubber looks really hot to me.

That’s when I met Jessica.

She was a waitress at this place called ‘Clubber’  it was unique in that all manner of fetish people came to the place and showed off their own personal fetishes, either as couples or solo.  I saw all sorts walk in there, and even some I’d probably want to forget…phew…scary.

Of course, everybody stared at newcomers in rubber, and they loved the attention…but every so often I would get stared at.

It was no wonder; I was the only guy in the place not wearing rubber.  It hurts to think about even now how people looked at me.  Did they think I was some wandering hobo or wanderlust who came in off the street?  I didn’t want to think about it.

One night in particular one person was staring me up and down more than usual.  It was Jessica, who I’d met a few weeks earlier.  Normally she’d serve me drinks and the occasional sandwich, but today she was looking me up and down like I was a piece of meat.

“Is something wrong, Jess?” I inquired.

“You know, you’re perfect!”

“I’m what now?”

“You’re the perfect body-type for something I’ve been working on for a long time now…”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about…and that look in your eye is starting to scare me…”

“Oh don’t be so cold…you’ve been visiting this place for long time now…you’re a regular, yet I never once saw you wear rubber when you came in.”

“Isn’t it obvious, I look terrible in the stuff…plus I’m a guy…I have a preference…”

“Maybe you do…but my friend doesn’t!  And I need your help.”

“My help…?”  I had no idea what she wanted from me.

“It’s pretty obvious you like rubber, in fact I’ve seen you drooling a few times at the customers here…some stuff you want to wear, but can’t right?”

“Well, it’s not something I want to admit, but yeah…”

“Let me explain:  I have this guy friend…he’s uh…a bit strange…like you, he doesn’t really wear rubber, but at the same time, his tastes are…well…rare.”

“Not sure what you mean, but go on…”  I pretty much consider myself straight, but I was aware that in the world of BDSM that may not always matter.

“He…he has a blueberry fetish.  Women blowing up and turning into giant blue-berries…That’s what he’s into.  But more than that…he loves rubber…and well, just once, I wanted to make him happy.”

When she explained it to me…part of my self-confidence wanted to scream FORGET IT, but…my conscience was starting to bother me.

“You say it would make your friend happy?”

“Well he’s hard to spring for as far as gifts go, and I just once wanted to give him something he’d like…I know you’re self-conscious and all, but, do you think just once you could try my idea?”

It was crazy…but more than that the thought was starting to get to me.  I had no idea what to expect from this “idea” of hers.

“On one condition,” I said, “I don’t want you, him, or anyone else to laugh at me…I’ll do this out of the kindness of my heart, but that’s it.  As a rule: I don’t swing that way, and in general I don’t cross-dress…”

“Please…just this one time?”  She begged me with those ever-so-docile eyes of hers, I wondered if she was really being sincere.

“Those are my terms, okay?” I said in as stern a voice as I could muster…as a guy you have to stick up for your own sometimes.

“Fine then, I promise, nobody will laugh.”

“Okay then, now let’s try this idea of yours…”

“Great, all the stuff’s at my place, let’s go!”

I hopped in her car and she drove me to her small, yet very fetish-filled apartment.  When I saw all the gear she had, it looked like something out of a dungeon.   At that point I was starting to get nervous.

“Here’s the first piece put this on in the bedroom, and I promise I won’t peek…don’t worry, you don’t have to shave, oil, or take off your briefs…”

It was a pair of what looked like specialized rubber trousers, blue in color, and especially molded for large hips.

When I began to take my clothes off, I started to get nervous, but, this was my first time seriously getting to try on rubber, so at the same time it was exciting.

When I put them on, they were snug at first, but gradually began to expand to accommodate.  When I looked in the bedroom mirror, it looked like my hips and ass were nearly double their size!!  The thickness of the trousers themselves was 3 inches, making any slight movements I made very apparent.

“My butt!?!” I yelped, “I look huge!”

“That’s the point!” I heard her yell back.  “Now put these on…”  She handed me a pair of blue thigh-high molded rubber stiletto heels with ridges on each heel, apparently to grip the floor better.

“But…I’ve never wore heels before in my life!”

“I remember you told me once how much you like heels, but the fact is, a man’s foot is on average only slightly bigger than a woman’s.  You can wear them, and the toes have gel cushions in them so it won’t hurt so much.”

“I have NO IDEA why I’m putting these on…but okay…” I muttered.

The things were made of solid rubber all the way up to the thigh…but the strangest thing of all was…they were designed for fat legs!  My legs slipped in easily into those wide form-fitting things!

The sole was wide-spread just like my feet normally are, since I’m a flat-foot due to my weight, but the way the rubber seemed to reinforce the legs I might as well be a model…and even though I haven’t ever shaved my legs, the felt-insides of the boot-heels didn’t cause any friction.

“Are you done yet?  I know it takes time to get used to walking if it’s your first time, but those heels are trainers anyway…I have something else.”

She handed me a strange contraption through the door.  “Slip this over your head.” was all she said, I could tell she was smiling at me.

The way it fit was similar to an apron, but at the same time, it closed around my front, sides, and back.  It was extremely loose at first, and sagging, hanging just below my gut, but at the same time wrapped itself evenly around my large waist.

From the looks of things it was a large blue air sac that was inflated by a single pump.  The midsection linked together with a buckle.

What she handed me next appeared to be like some sort of bra, but at the same time it too had a set of pumps for a pair of air sacs for each breast.  It hung across my shoulders and clipped behind my back under my arms.

“Now I know it won’t be easy but slip these on past the heels, they’re for my friend.”

It was yet another pair of rubber trousers, but at the same time it had special rubber leggings that wrapped themselves tightly around the boots just above the knees, meaning it wouldn’t be easy to take these blue heels off any time soon.

I put them on, and they fit evenly enough around my enormous bubble-ass making it even larger, but that’s when I noticed something else about these rubber trousers.

In the front was a single molded rubber slit that for all intents and purposes looked like a blue rubber vagina.  I felt it stretch wide in between my legs.  It seemed to be designed to open and close when I move my legs.  In addition, it had a small 3-inch cavity designed for you-know-what to go you-know-where.  By the looks of things, she was setting me up to be somebody’s fuck toy…not something I had expected but…there was no point in going back now.

The thing also had a blue molded ass crack with the same 3-inch cavity, meaning I could be penetrated (artificially of course…thank god) in both ends.  What was this woman planning???

The way the thing over emphasized my ass was embarrassing enough, but it was blue and shiny rubber!  I knew I was going to get stares in this getup!  The thing even had an air pump in each ass cheek to make them even larger!

Without another word she handed me even more articles I was expected to wear; a large rubber blue hobble dress with frilled sleeves (which looked more like a tarp than a dress…was this thing supposed to be loose?), a strange wide-fitting corset, a posture collar, blue shoulder-length opera gloves, a rubber hood mask with a blue rubber ponytail jutting out of it, a strange-looking ball gag, and a bright red belt.

“Put the gag and hood on first, then you can slip the dress over that.” I heard her say.

“Well I know I don’t exactly sound like a sexy woman with a voice like mine…but this gag is…rather weird.”

“It’s special, just put it in your mouth, please?”

The thing was round and blue just like everything else, but it was unique in that it apparently had a pair of fake blue rubber lips jutting out the front of it.  The idea was to slip the ball gag in the mouth, pull the lips out and slip them over your own, that way nobody could tell you had a gag in your mouth…or so it seemed.

When I did as I was instructed, I was shocked to find the gag, once inside my jaw felt enormous.

“Push the lips over your own.” She instructed from the other room.

I did as told, and was shocked to find the ball gag wasn’t so much a gag as strange balloon.  It began to fill my mouth out and make my cheeks puff out like some kind of chipmunk.

“Mrrrrph…mrrooorrmmm…” I muttered.  The stretch on my cheeks was strange enough but the lips over my own was even weirder.  It was like having blue rubber lips!

“Now no complaining!  I promised that I wouldn’t laugh, but you have to do your end of the agreement.”

“Mrrrn, mrrrn…” I grumbled.

“Now slip the hood on.”

The hood itself was stretchy enough to accommodate my puffed cheeks, and had holes for my nose to breathe, but once the hole where the mouth wrapped around my ‘new’ rubber lips popped in place, I knew it would be a while before I took the thing off.

The hood had an enormous blue ponytail that jutted from the top of the head, and draped itself all the way down to my ass, the material was finely shaped latex strands that simulated hair but had the texture of rubber.  I was impressed.

It didn’t take me long to slip on the long rubber opera gloves, and even despite my hairy arms, they slipped on nicely.

“Slip the corset on first; it’ll be easier to deal with that way.”

I wanted to ask her why it was even called a corset in the first place, but since I wasn’t on speaking terms with her, I had to guess.

The thing wasn’t a corset so much as a spine brace, designed to make my back straight I guess.  It wrapped itself tightly just below my sternum but left opening for the large air sac below, and the two smaller sacs above.  The back of it was heavily boned, however, and reinforced at the hips.  It had strange cups at the front for what I could only assume to be breasts, but these cups were much wider than any woman I had ever seen.

Once the ‘corset’ slipped in place, I could feel the tightness around my backside and underneath my stomach around my waist.  My chest was being pressed tightly even if my stomach hung free.  The strangest corset I had ever seen in my life.

“Mind if I come in?  You should have enough on to be decent.”

I nodded.

“I’ll help you with the dress and belt.  When you put it on, make sure the holes in the dress line up with the pump holes.”

Slipping the humungous dress over my body was strange in and of itself but even stranger was the way the dress was designed.

I hadn’t noticed earlier but the dress had several “heart-shaped” holes in it.  One for what I could only assume to be cleavage, another for the blue rubber vagina, and yet another for my blue rubber ass.  The dress itself was still very loose though.

Jessica left the room and came back with what I could only assume to be some sort of pneumatic air pump, and began to set it up.

“Before we do this, put the red belt on, it’ll be easier to adjust once it’s on.” She advised.

 The dress itself was loose and had straps specifically designed for the belt to fit through and around, but the red belt itself was enormous in comparison and hung loosely even around my big waist.  I could take a guess what she had in mind to do now.

After attaching the pump tube to one of my blue ass cheeks, she flipped the switch.  As it hummed to life I heard the sound of an inflating balloon.  Once the job was done she quickly attached the tube to the other side, and before long I now had an incredibly ludicrous bulbous ass.

Every slight movement I made was obvious and even simply walking was evident.  The dress itself had gotten noticeably tighter as a result.

Taking the pump tube and attaching it to the hole just underneath my waist, I watched with almost horrid fascination as my waist size appeared to quadruple.  I now looked something beyond pregnant.  It was obvious at this point the red belt was fitting tight and snug around the ‘dress’, making me stand out all the more.

As though she were saving the best for last, she slipped the pump tube into the heart-shaped hole of the dress into a hole that connected both air sacs of the bra I had put on together.  In minutes I now had breasts the size of watermelons…the cups that the special ‘corset’ had been built with nicely fit around my pair and split them evenly, resulting in the most shiny, tantalizing rubber cleavage I had ever seen.

To my surprise she wasn’t finished pumping yet, as she proceeded to attach the pump to both shoulders in my arms…before long I was completely ballooned with puffy rubber cheeks to boot.

“You realize your blue eyes are perfect for this gig, right?” Jessica smiled devilishly.  Of course, at this point I had no say in the matter…but, without so much as blinking, she quickly dabbed some eye shadow and eye liner to my eyelids…a first for me.

“Now turn around and take a good look Miss Blueberry.” She seemed proud of her handiwork with me, but I was hesitant to turn around, what if I ended up looking horrible?  What if the pump made me look even worse?

When I finally found the courage to face the mirror, I was shocked to find the most zoftig, busty, plump blue-girl I could possibly imagine in my reflection.  Not only had the dress captured every single aspect of a chubby woman’s figure, but the inflated arms over my own accentuated the supple form.  To add to this the ridged spine support from the corset made the outfit even more tantalizing…at least, from the point of view of someone liking shiny round rubber.

“Oh but we’re not quite done yet…I have one more thing to add, Miss Blueberry…” she kept referring to me like this, probably as a form of role-play I suppose…but the outfit had transformed me, and I was starting to act out the fantasy of being a blubbery blue babe.

She clamped the posture collar around my neck so that no sign of the dress and hood seemed separate, and my transformation was complete.  The dress emphasized curving cleavage, plump pussy, and ample ass all at once, giving access to any of those parts at any given time.  Just sitting on the bed was like sitting on a cloud.

It took me a few minutes of walking before I got used to the restrictive air sac around my waist and hips, not to mention the stilettos…which I always thought were for women (shows how much I know…).

Jessica quickly put on her traditional rubber maid uniform, added some makeup touches and we were all set for the night’s festivities.

Out of nowhere she clamped a leash onto the posture collar.

“I don’t want you to misbehave tonight, Miss Blueberry; my friend will want to see your best.”

 As we headed out, I found slight difficulty in leaving Jessica’s apartment due to my ass being so big…with a big tug and squeak, we were out the door.

The car would be our next challenge, but with some quick thinking she pushed the side seat back, allowing room for my ass to fit…my ‘breasts’ and stomach almost touching the dashboard…no point in wearing a seatbelt, I had my own set of airbags.

When we finally made it to Clubber I got looks and stares like nobody there would believe such a creature could exist…Of course, they all assumed I was female and were more than eager to touch my…erm…sensitive parts…

I played the role with enthusiasm and yelped many times when swatted or felt up.  My puckered blue lips inviting a kiss from quite a few ladies in the room.

Jessica sat me down at a nearby booth, realizing my feet must be tired in these enormous heels by now.

“He’ll be here soon, I called him on the cell phone…put on a good show for me Miss Blueberry.”

I played with my rubber hair and tits for a while, while I waited.  Everything about the way I looked was enticing and just very exciting.  I’d never felt this noticed before…nor as turned on!  Maybe I wasn’t a woman, but this stuff really looked good on me!

But even more…for the first time in my life, I wasn’t afraid of being overweight.  It felt good to be plump.  It felt almost healthy.  And the overemphasis of everything just felt…well…fun.  I jutted my fat tummy with pride when her friend entered the club.

When she introduced us, his eyes were wide as saucers, I could tell.  His name was Tim and he was an old friend of hers.  As expected, he didn’t wear rubber, but he did have a rubber-clad ‘bunny’ attached to his car keys (for good luck he said).

Jessica ordered dinner for him (her treat) and they proceeded to catch up on old times, during dinner, he never once took his eyes off me…and despite the fact I couldn’t eat, I gave him an eyeful of what he wanted.

“Do you mind if I…um…” he tried.

I was surprised; the guy was as shy as me and my fetishes.  I expected him to be aggressive or at least very gregarious but he was really nice.  In response I silently stood up from the booth and let him get a good ‘look’ at me from top to bottom.

“And you say you designed this, Jess?” he was shocked beyond words at her creation.  He gently touched the curvature and crack of my ‘ass’ and just the feel of it seemed to make his head spin.

“The heart shapes in the dress are a great touch, I have to say…and…is ‘she’ enjoying herself?”  At this my ears perked up.  Did he know?

“Miss Blueberry is having the time of her life!  Aren’t you, dear?” Jessica gave me a huge swat on the ass, which made me buck a little, but I didn’t feel a thing under all the layers.

“Just the fact that everything is inflated, well…it’s hot, really…I love it.” Tim nodded his approval.  As a token of his thanks I received a squeezing hug from him and a feel up in my crotch.  The fact I felt like an over-blown toy was exciting beyond believe at this point.

“Do you mind if we…um…play a little…?” Tim asked Jessica meekly.

“Hey, it’s your fantasy…do it in the back room…”

That’s when I remembered that places like this are designed for such things in mind.  The back room was notorious for games of this sort, and this would be my first time to experience it!

Well, too late to go back now! I thought to myself.

I was lead on my leash to a rubber-cushioned bed in the back room, it had night shades and several other things to spruce up the mood.

“I hope you don’t mind if I take the top?  You seem to have trouble moving anyway.” Tim smiled.

To be honest I was sweating underneath the rubber, and it wasn’t because it was hot in there either.

Well, this was all part of the show for him, and even if this was my first time, I guess I had no choice or say in the matter.

I knelt on the rubber bed, and rubber squeaked against rubber, which despite my situation turned me on for some reason.

“Now…ass up…we’ll do that first.” He commanded.  He wasn’t harsh at all, but I could tell he was eager for this.

Shoving my inflated ass into the air was easy enough, and the corset spine made my back so much easier to arch…I saw in a mirror beside me how inviting I looked…hell…I wanted to fuck me!

I guess I let him do it because 3 inches of rubber were protecting me, but, he took me by surprise when he pulled down his pants to reveal his own rubber dildo attachment…the thing was at least 6 inches, and could vibrate at that…

To be honest I was scared at first…but when rubber penetrated rubber, my whole logic and reasoning fell apart.  I didn’t expect the vibrator to be this powerful…but my whole ass was shaking.  As he thrust his dick into what would have been my anus, I couldn’t help but moan a little at the massage it was giving me…sad for me to admit, but it felt good.

After a few minutes of his own personal satisfaction…he had me turn over to face him.  In a flash he was on top of me and plunging his rubber penis into the heart-shaped hole of the dress that lead to my rubber vagina…

The sensation was probably nowhere near as exhilarating as what women actually feel, but…for a moment…I did feel like a woman.  He kissed me on the blue rubber lips of the ball gag I wore in my mouth…I could tell he was quite satisfied.

“You’re eyes…they’re so blue.  How did Jessica find the perfect person to do this I wonder?” he asked me.

As if I could answer!

“What makes this more exciting is the fact I know it’s a man under all that rubber…you do realize I’m bi-sexual, don’t you?” Tim smiled at me, although it did make me nervous.

I nodded to an extent, still not sure of his intentions…

“She told me over the phone that you’re like me…you don’t think rubber suits men, or at least, men without figures, and that it looks better on women.  Well…let me tell you something…you look positively delicious tonight...And she just blew my viewpoint out of the water.”

I blinked a few times in surprise; I hadn’t expected him to say that.

“I guess the truth is, there’s a fetish out there for everybody, even people like us.”  He rolled off me and lay beside me on the bed.

“Maybe you aren’t bi like me…but I’m betting you’re having a good time, right?”

I couldn’t help but nod, despite my situation.  I was having a blast; just wearing rubber and heels was more than enough for me to live out my fantasy…which was quite a twist considering I was hoping a woman would wear them instead.  But the fact it overemphasized something else I had…being overweight…well, the fact it made someone happy just made me happy inside…

“Jessica isn’t just a waitress at a fetish club, you know, she’s a dress-maker and outfit designer…she’s always looking for people to test her ideas on.  I can’t picture a more perfect person than her for you to be with.”

Tim was right.  When I first met Jessica, she was the nicest person to me, despite my gloom, she even understood my fetishes just by looking at me.

“Also, she says you have trouble losing weight…I could help with that.  I mean…blueberry fetish and all, I’m a weight trainer, it’s my job.”

I hadn’t noticed before, but Tim was very physically fit, skinny as a rail even.  The guy seemed like the type to do that sort of thing.

I had to say thank-you the only way I knew how…with my blueberry lips.

“Well now…I’m a little surprised by that…but, hey, as long as we’re both having fun here…”

It didn’t take long for Tim to be satisfied, but I wasn’t done having my fun yet.  We decided to head out into the bar area and find Jessica.

She was doing her rounds as usual with a smile on her face, so I decided to sneak up behind her.

“Woah-mmmmph!” She yelped.

I kissed her with my blueberry lips for as long as I could possibly maintain my breath.

“Hph…is that…your way of saying…thank you…then, you’re welcome!” she smiled, getting her breath back.

I spent the rest of the night partying with Tim and Jessica and dancing at Clubber…the gel soles in my feet never once let them get sore, even for my first time dancing in stiletto heels!

I felt great, and the fact that I met two great friends in Jessica and Tim cemented the idea that I liked being who I was, without putting expectation on other people.  I learned that it takes hard work to live out a fantasy, even if it isn’t your own…and so I respect Jessica for that.

Of course, Jessica says I’ll be trying on a few other ‘outfits’ later on, but we’ll see how that goes!  In any case, I’m having fun with being who I am.

The End!



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