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A Dream becomes Reality becomes a Blur

by bounDragon

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© Copyright 2009 - bounDragon - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; latex; vacbed; hotel; oral; sex; cons; X

Who did I end up here? My thoughts start to wonder off. I could not do anything else anyhow. And to be honest, I did not want to, as I enjoyed what happens to me, I wanted it for so long, and now, now I can feel it. Tight and non-giving, firm but not hard. Sensational. Cocoon, enclosed between two sheets of latex, sucked firm by a vacuum.

My body is enclosed, restricted by a vacuum bed, my head, sticking out a collar is enclosed in a latex hood, which only has openings where the nose holes are and for the mouth. My senses restricted, no sight, no hands, the hearing muffed with ear plugs, touch limited to more a guessing than sensible, alert feeling, speech banned by a ball gag. I must be a sight! A black, shiny latex vac bed, my member sticking out, enclosed in the same black, glossy material, my head encased in a black latex hood, sticking out of the neck gasket, with no skin visible so the picture is not torn apart. The one and only colored blub is the red ball gag.

Who did I end up here? My thoughts start to wonder off. It all started when I, when we won the latex vac bed from Kink Engineering in a story contest on grometsplaza. It is my first entry. It is my first kink story ever published. It is a product of both of us, my wife’s and mine.

Actually it started earlier. I came across the contest after it was announced, browsing by gromets, looking for an promising story, one that I could read to my wife, as we do from time to time. I found it interesting, and after some days that turned into a couple of weeks, I had the idea that we could play a game: My wife plays with me, binds me, teases me, and my way to get rewarded is to type a story that I submit into the contest. So I was sitting in front of the computer, wearing a tight shorty suit, Japanese nipple clamps, my balls and member tied and the red ball gag. From time to time my wife was dropping by, stroking my member, licking my member for a short moment, swiveling the chair and demanding to get her Lilly pleased, sometimes just standing behind me, reading over my shoulder, rubbing her tummy at my back. The air was getting more and more electrified, the tension condensed, so that it makes you think, feel, that you can grasp it, waiting, hoping, longing to be released, lived, enjoyed.

What I did not expect, what I did not dare to think it might get reality is, that I end up here, enclosed in the vac bed, my story, that was a fantasy, getting reality.

The day after the bed, build as we asked for (Neck Gasket, Penis Gasket, Long length, .55mm black bottom sheet, .45 mm black top sheet) arrived; I got the material for the frame from my idea store. I could do it, they could help. It was a nice thought at the checkout, with this out-of the-normal gothic girl, today with green hair: “If you only could imagine what I am going to do with this stuff….”.

Sure, we had to try it out at once. I had the first go, my wife enjoying it, playing with it, with me, unsure who far to go, who long, how much. Second was her experience, her term. I made sure, she enjoyed it several times, teasing her, provoking her, letting her enjoy the helplessness, letting her feel, that I know her, letting her enjoy herself, building up the tension, the tension that only could finally released after I used the penis gasket in the second way, my member inside the bed with her, releasing, enjoying and feeling, getting one in a enormous spike of lust, lust more lust and nothing but lust.

Why did I end up here, today, in the middle of my fantasy, my fantasy that my wife makes come true, become reality. It is a dream, unreal, and happening. I did not suspect anything of this when my wife announced that we will have a weekend for us, a weekend away from home, away from everything that could distract us from us. She wanted to have a weekend where it was only us, nothing and nobody else. It was too long since we had this anyhow; it was time that one of us organized it, made it possible. This time it was my wife, and what she organized!

My fantasy was about to come true, and I did not have a clue.

After I came home from work, my wife had already packed our stuff, she was ready, I took a quick shower. As I came into the bedroom to put some cloth on, my wife had it already prepared for me: The tight, short suit that fitted well under street cloth, and street cloth. I looked at her, she smiled at me, told me that she is not wearing any underwear, but her love balls. This is going to be an erotic escape, so why not start off with some teasing, building up the desire. She held the suit in front of me, seeing me hesitating, she went down on her knees, started to lick and suck my penis, making me think not with my head. She even kept sucking as I put on the suit, only let go for the short moment that I needed to stuff my penis thru the hole in the suit. After I had closed the suit, I started pumping into her mouth, she held me back, saying that she does not want to have me all the fun before we get out the door. Then she did something that she never has done before: She locked me into the suit with a tiny padlock. It was tiny, but it did the trick. And it was something new. You can imagine, that I did not think very rational from that moment on: It was our erotic adventure weekend, there was a promise that it was getting intensive.

We went to the place where my wife had arranged for a room. As I was unloading our baggage, something far in the back of my brain asked, why we do have this much stuff for two nights? This little voice was calmed down with the answer that came from somewhere, that my wife, my partner, my playmate wanted to be prepared for everything, for every possibility, she always does this.

Entering the room, she let herself fall onto the bed backwards, spreading her legs and exposing herself. She asked me to put the baggage down, and lick her, make her cum. I let go of the baggage and did as asked, enjoying her lust, enjoying her enjoyment. Afterwards, she asked me to go down to the bar, wait for her to arrive and playing a game: Have a look at all the females there, when I come, I would like to hear from you, which you find the most attracting, the most erotic. And no, the shorty stays on. I did as instructed, having a martini and a glance or two at the females around. After what seemed to longer than necessary to powder ones nose, my partner showed up. I pointed two present women out to her: One that I could imagine to life together with, and that I am lucky to be living together with and one that I could imagine having some fun together and then never cross paths again with. (The problem with this is, that it is a small enough community, so that paths of the locals are going to cross sooner or later again). I expected this to be a theoretical quest, a mind game anyhow, so why not play along?

My partner handed me a piece of paper, it said: “This weekend, you are under mine control, You will be sleeping when I tell you, you will be eating and drinking when I tell you, you will be bound when you are in our room, and last, I will tell you what to do with your member, I will allow or deny anything with your lust.” I looked at her, she looked back, something, some sparkling was in her eyes that I have long not seen. She had a plan, something in mind, something prepared, she was up to something and – she had set her mind. I trust her, I know that she knows how far she can go. I nodded.

She ordered a simple, but delicious dinner for us two, than she told me to go to our room, I will find instructions. I did. Our room was prepared. Now I know why it takes this long to powder one’s nose: The vac bed was on one half of the bed, the mask, the ball gag laid prepared, the hand and foot cuffs laid prepared, but what was new were the small padlocks to lock them on. We have never done this before. Her note said: So that you remember what you agreed to. I am in control.

I did as instructed, put the gear on, slit into the vac bed. Laying there, waiting, my excitement grew, the pre-excitement of what was to come took control: I started to float away, float into a world of sense, of impulse, a world of sensation and sensuality. I did not hear her coming into the room. I only felt the tightening grip of the bed. (Our foot camping pump is also a vacuum pump and much quieter than a vac cleaner). I laid there, in my little world, restricted, controlled. I enjoyed it. She took out the ball gag, kissed me, deep intensive kisses, shallow, playfull kisses, the kiss of her Lilly. Needless to ask for what to do. I did as good and as intensive as I could. She enjoyed it, took it in like a parching one water. After her thirst was allayed, She slit down, putting the ball gag back in place and right onto my enclosed member. She was enjoying the feel of it, was playing with her lust, was just using me as a toy. She enjoyed it, so did I, until I came. She laid down on me, a whisper in my ear: Thank you. I see, that you play along. I will now release you out of the bed, you will go to the bathroom, and get ready for the night. The night, you will be enjoying in the vac bed. So it was. The next morning, after being released for breakfast, I was put back into the vac bed. My wife went “to do some errands”, I would soon figure out what it meant.

After her return, she did have another go on me, enjoying the situation. She did not allow me to cum this time. As she laid down on me, she told me, that she would release me out of the bed, if I would promise her to pump all my lust like an animal into her. I nodded. She released me.

Afterwards, she put me back into the vac bed. I heard her talking to somebody that was also in the room. Since when? Who long?

She undid my mask, I could see a female clad in a tight latex catsuit including a mask like mine with openings only for the mouth and the nose holes, and an opening where the Lilly blooms. She was kneeling right over my head, one knee left, one right of my. My wife announced that only she knows who she is, and we will not be able to recognize each other. My wife told me that she wants me to please her, that she wants her to have her fun with me.

That is who I ended up her.



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