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Dream Latex Catsuit

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2006 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; latex; catsuit; hood; toys; insert; corset; boots; breastforms; cd; mast; climax; caught; F/m; cons; X

Just a little thing I dreamed up...

I tried the same door I've tried every day since I've been staying in this big old house. The knob didn't turn but the door wasn't shut tight. One quick shove and it opened. I guess my hostess didn't pull the door tight when she left this morning. I figure she won't be back for another four hours so I might as well take a quick peek.

A small night light on the far wall showed a table and chair with a large, old fashioned lamp beside it. The night light also showed three large wardrobe closets in the room. I walked carefully to the lamp and turned it on. I didn't realize until this point but the room has no windows. The door is on one wall and the big wardrobes occupy the other three. The three massive pieces were exquisitely carved. Each had a mirror built into the doors. I picked one closet and pulled it open.

It contained a rack of dresses and assorted clothing. Exactly what one would expect... except every article was made of the shiniest rubber I had ever seen. I had on occasion, seen the odd photo of models wearing beautiful shiny rubber but I never imagined touching it myself. I ran my hands slowly over the rack and felt the cool, smooth material. It was then that the scent registered with me. It was very strange but very exciting. By the bulge in my shorts I realized I might just have a slight rubber fetish- maybe more than slight.

I knew I just had to try some of this stuff out. First a quick check of the other two cabinets. Maybe they had some more clothes. The second cabinet was filled with all kinds of leather straps, belts, cuffs, corsets and all kind of bondage gear. The third cabinet had a bunch of hoods and masks, some make up and a pile of high heeled boots and shoes. I didn't know where to begin. This was a whole collection of fantasy toys and I had 4 hours alone with them.

I began by stripping completely naked. There were just too many rubber goodies in that first closet. I always loved catsuits so I went with a nice red one. It had feet and gloves built right in. Holding it up I could see it was a little small but I figured that would make it wonderfully tight. It also had a nice feminine figure cut into its design. I couldn't wait to get into it. As I unzipped it and removed the hanger I spied a tiny pair of shorts hanging on the next hanger. I began to remove them when I felt a lump inside. There was a butt plug built into the shorts. I never thought of that before. No question these were going on first. I found a bottle of lubricant jelly in the third cabinet and spread it over the plug. At first I tried not to get it on the rest of the shorts but then I figured it might work out well so I spread it all over.

My legs fit through fine and I pulled the shorts up slowly, stopping to align the plug. As the plug slid into me my erection was pressed up and slid beneath the smooth rubber and into the slippery material. I had to fight to keep from coming already. Once they were snug in place I felt them with my hands. I could feel my second skin sliding over my first and it was amazing. I quickly wiped any of the lubricant off because I didn't want it on the catsuit. That was already well powdered inside. I stood in front of the mirror and let one foot glide into the leg of the suit.

Wow, what a great feeling it was as my foot slid through to the sock at the end. I stopped at the knee to put my second foot in before I slowly pulled the suit up my thighs. The tight, powdered material eased over my legs nicely. When I got as high as the shorts I reached around with my right hand and it passed through the sleeve and into the glove at the end. As I twisted to reach my other arm the shorts pulled against the catsuit. It felt good already and I didn't have it on yet.

Finally I was in and I began to zip up the front. The zipper was really tight through my crotch and my waist. The whole suit squeezed me very nicely except at my chest where it was designed to hold breasts which I just wasn't born with. I searched the second dresser for something to stuff in but couldn't find anything. In the third dresser I found actual latex breasts. This place had everything. They even had nipples on the front. As I slid them through the zipper on the suit I realized they had ridges on the back. The latex breasts were pinching my own nipples and exciting yet another part of me.

The suit was really tight in the chest now as I pulled the zipper past two new breasts. The added pressure was spread all over my body now, head to toe. Well, except for my head really. Didn't I see some hoods? The hood I pulled out was one that fully covered my face except for a mouth and nose hole. Even the eyes had built in lenses. A long black ponytail was attached to the top. so it would hang down the back.

It was pretty tight pulling the hood down over my head but once it was on it felt very strange. I felt like an alien or something. I stopped to check myself out in the mirror. I was quite a sight. My legs looks wonderful in the super tight and shiny latex. My waist was squeezed in so my ass stuck out just a little. My god, with the hood on you couldn't tell I was a man under here. Well, except for that bulge.

Where I saw the edge of the hood sticking out I unzipped the suit a little and tucked the flaps of the hood beneath the collar. The zipper then tucked into a catch on the hood. That simple act had an amazing effect on me. At that instant I suddenly felt fully enclosed in my new skin. My cocoon was complete. As I strutted around the room enjoying I realized I did not have any shoes on my feet.

The shoes in the third closet looked a little small but I had come too far now. I grabbed a pair of black, knee high boots with 4" spike heels and sat on the chair. I had forgotten about the plug until that instant but what a wonderful reminder it was. I had to take a moment to squirm in the chair before I stopped myself. I could loose control very easily in this stuff. I unzipped the side and worked my foot as hard as I could but the rubber just wouldn't slide passed and I didn't want to tear this beautiful suit.

I was about to give up but I realized the boots were really turning me on. That's when I thought of the lubricant again. I spread the jelly on my gloves and rubbed my feet. I had to wipe my hands on my own clothes but who cares. It probably doesn't stain anyway. My slippery foot slid easily into the tight shoe now. I struggled a little and finally got the zipper up to the top. The second foot was easy. Once they were both on I carefully stood up. The boots were tight on my feet and around my calfs.

The effect of those heels was intoxicating. In the mirror I could see my leg shaped and my ass pushed further out. I walked carefully at first but I caught on fast. After a few moments I was swaying around the room with those wonderful shorts massaging my balls and the plug working around from behind. With each stride the rubber grabbed at my legs and hugged my waist. Once again I stopped just short of orgasm.

My rubber image was almost complete but for my bulge. This time I grabbed one of the corsets from the second closet. The item I picked looked like a wide leather belt in the front with a crotch piece attached to a thong behind. The waist may not have been small by corset standards but it was a good five inches smaller then my own 32" waist. I wasn't too sure how it went on so I stepped into it and pulled it up. As I pulled it up the thong pressed between my cheeks and the front piece pressed over my hard-on. The top of the belt pushed all the way up to my breasts.

The back was narrower than the front so it settled nicely into the small of my back. It was already pretty tight and I haven't figured out the laces yet. In order to get them tight I wrapped them around a hook on the wall. Maybe that's what that hook was for? Once the laces were secure I leaned my weight away from the wall and the belt squeezed closed. I quickly tied off the laces and returned to the mirror all out of breath. The transformation was almost complete but my face still looked too masculine. Two minutes at the third closet produced a little powder to cover my exposed chin and some red lipstick to match the red of the suit.

After I applied the lipstick I pulled on a pair of soft leather, elbow length gloves to complete my outfit. I felt fantastic. Looking in the mirror I noticed that the crotch of the corset was contoured to cover my bulge. I was a man wearing the second skin of a beautiful woman. As I walked on my heels I could feel the rubber caressing my skin. In the mirror I admired my hourglass figure and slowly licked my red lips. The leather gloves glided over my breasts and down to my hips and ass.

As I grew more excited I began to thrust my hips forward and back. I was my own fantasy woman and I was fucking her myself. The lubricant allowed the rubber to slide up and down over my shaft while the plug probed me deeper from behind. Each thrust built the energy higher and higher until I exploded with an enormous release. I sagged with relief and fell back into the chair.

At that moment I realized I was not alone in the room anymore...



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