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by Lyutyy S.P.

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Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; catsuit; hood; mask; underground; drug; sex; messy; cons; X

Translation: Kurz V.

Two girls explore underground communications. During these explorations, they get into different not-so-good situations and meet different people

Episode One: First impressions

«Diggers» — people who are interested in the study of artificial underground structures.

October was ending. The wind forcefully tore off the last leaves that had not yet flown from the branches. Fine, cold, drizzling rain fell from the gray sky for the second day. People hurried about their business, escaping from the annoying rain under colorful umbrellas. Among the crowd, there was a 26-year-old young girl walking briskly. Her chilled hands were in the pockets of a leather jacket with a hood that was thrown over her head. Her name was Anastasia. Even on a dank day like this, when it would seem that no one cared about anyone, some men looked back at her before hurrying on about their own business. Stealthily, she noticed these greedy glances of hungry males, which gave her great pleasure. Sometimes she provoked men. Now she was wearing fine black leather jeans with a matte sheen, which softly and tightly hugged her firm buttocks and thighs. Raindrops rolling from the short jacket dropped on them, leaving long wet tracks. A slight smile played on her lips. When crossing the road at a traffic light, she was suddenly yelled at.

“Nastya! Ivanova!”

Lifting her head and looking around, she saw a large black SUV parked next to the pedestrian path. A young girl of her age was looking out of the open window and waving her hand.

“Lenka!” Anastasia shouted back joyfully.

“Come on in and have a seat while the red light is on. I’ll give you a ride,” Elena answered.

Quickly jumping into the car, she hugged Lena by the neck. “Hi! Oh boy! How long have we not seen each other?” Anastasia exclaimed joyfully.

Enraged drivers started honking from behind, wanting to leave, as the traffic light was already green.

“Honk your ass,” Elena snapped, pressing the gas pedal.

“Are you in a hurry?” She asked Anastasia.

“No, today I am completely free,” she replied.

“Excellent! Let’s go. Let’s have a cup of coffee and chat.”

“Let’s go!” Anastasia exclaimed, leaning back in her leather chair.

“You’re doing great,” she said, running her hand along the front panel of the car.

“This is not my car but my husband’s,” Elena replied. “Mine is in the garage,” she smiled.

“What are you up to now?” Elena asked in her turn.

“Recently, a freelance artist (unemployed),” Anastasia replied.

“And Sasha, your husband. How is he?” Elena asked.

“Well, I divorced him a year ago. Thank God. It’s good that I didn’t have time to have children with this goat.”

“What’s wrong? You guys had such a strong bond while at the institute,” asked Lena.

“Everyday life wears it away,” Anastasia answered. “But even so, I’m glad. All our love is gone. I’ve returned here again, and he’s staying with his mother,” Anastasia smiled. “And what did you do after graduation?” Anastasia probed in return.

“I got a job at a research institute after having defended my Ph.D. thesis. And three years ago, I got married. I quit my job and now I work only for myself,” Lena answered. 

They continued their conversation in a small cozy cafe where the music was not loud and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the air.

“What does your husband do?” asked Anastasia.

“He owns a business — a couple of building materials stores. Sometimes he helps with my business,” Lena answered.

“And what about you? What do you do?” Anastasia did not let up.

“I” — Lena dreamily raised her eyes to the ceiling — “am a researcher,” she answered in a grandiose manner and smiled. “By the way, you’re unemployed. Do you want to get a part-time job? The hours are flexible and the pay is solid, although not fixed. I can’t promise bread and caviar yet, but it’s definitely beyond bread and butter. Sometimes there are night shifts. And you have to dip into your pocket for overalls.”

“Don’t exaggerate. I have some old jeans and a sweatshirt. It’s possible to skimp on special clothes,” Anastasia became interested.

“No, without overalls the job is verboten for security reasons, and based on my previous experience, after working with overalls for the first time, you will refuse to work without them,” Elena smiled. “And after a couple of contracts, you will pay off the bill.”

“What’s the job about?” Anastasia asked, taking a sip of coffee.

“How old is our city?” Elena asked in response.

“750 was recently celebrated,” Anastasia answered without hesitation.

“That’s right,” agreed Elena. “And during all these years, people have been carrying out construction work under the city. Starting from the first settlers until the building of our metro, something was being built underground all this time. So now no one can say what is exactly under the city and its surroundings — there is now a vast web of tunnels and passages. And some organizations will pay a good amount of money for the information about what is under a particular piece of land and where the passages lead from this area. I extract such data, build three-dimensional models of tunnels, determine the depth and the condition of the passages, and, if possible, date the age of the laying. Then I sell this information. There is competition, but not much — as long as I have some advantages,” Lena smiled. “Well, did I get you interested? Do you want to become one of the diggers — those who explore underground structures?” she explained.

“Are these places full of rats?” Anastasia asked squeamishly.

“Oh yes, the presence of rats, mice, cockroaches, spiders, mold, and other delights is guaranteed,” Lena smiled broadly.

“Ewww!” Anastasia shrugged her shoulders. “What a disgusting thing! And you crawl there alone?” she frowned. “I remember you were afraid of cockroaches in the dorm as if they were fire.”

“Nothing has changed, and I’m still afraid of them,” Elena answered, enjoying the reaction. “But I have a special outfit: in it, I’m not afraid of the devil himself,” she smiled. “Unfortunately, my husband Sergey really doesn’t like to let me go alone — but he cannot always join me, so I’m looking for a partner. Surely, a partner would be better,” she explained. “Well, do you agree?” Elena insisted.

“Are the rats big? I'm so scared of rats,” Anastasia said with disgust.

“All sorts,” Elena answered honestly. “But I guarantee they will not be able to bring you the slightest harm. Maybe you’ll even stroke them and pick them up.”

“Well, no way!” Anastasia exclaimed. 

“Don’t hesitate anymore.” 

“Well, let’s try, but I have one problem — I’m almost at zero in terms of money,” she was slightly embarrassed. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll pay for the cost of production of the workwear until you start to earn money. When you earn, you will repay the debt. But there is one condition” — Elena said — “even if eventually you don’t like the job, you still need to finish three contracts.”

Anastasia thought for a minute.

“Okay, deal,” Anastasia said decisively. “Count me in as a digger.”

“Excellent!” Lena smiled. “Let’s go to our office now. We’ll take measurements from you and I will order the production of overalls. They’ll finish making these clothes in two weeks as soon as everything is ready. I’ll give them a call. By the way, give me your phone number — I’ll call you before we start,” Lena wrapped up the conversation.


Twenty days had already passed since their last meeting. Anastasia was not truly counting on the seriousness of Lena’s proposal and, besides, she remembered the prospect of visiting the dungeons full of rats, so she continued her job hunting. She did not genuinely believe in that doubtful occupation. She had almost forgotten about the agreement when Elena suddenly called.

“Hi colleague,” she began cheerfully. “Well, I haven’t forgotten our agreement,” she heard Elena’s cheerful voice.

“To be honest, I almost don’t remember,” Anastasia answered.

“Not like that. All agreements are in force,” Elena said. “I have everything ready. What are your plans for tomorrow?” she asked.

“Free all day,” answered Anastasia.

  “Excellent!” — said Lena — “Tomorrow, at seven o’clock in the evening, Seryozha and I will drive up to you, by which time you finish showering yourself. And my friendly advice to you: shave everywhere. Well, you know ‘where’. OK? Agreed. We will see you tomorrow.”

The next day, at seven in the evening sharp, Elena stood at the door of Nastya’s apartment. Anastasia was already ready. They left the entrance, next to which was a blue van.

“Meet,” — said Lena while opening the front door — “my husband Sergey Alekseevich.”

“Just Sergei,” he smiled, looking at Anastasia.

“And this is my university classmate and now a colleague, Anastasia Vladimirovna,” Elena said solemnly.

“Just call me Nastya,” she smiled in response, climbing into the van.

When everyone sat down, Sergei started the engine, and they moved. After plodding through traffic for an hour, they finally drove to the outskirts of the city, reaching a neighborhood full of two-story wooden houses.

“It should be somewhere near here,” said Sergei.

Elena pulled out from the glove compartment a diagram that was crisscrossed with a network of lines of different thicknesses. She turned on the light in the cabin and began to study it carefully. A minute later, she turned to Sergei and said, “drive until the next crossing.” Sergey made a turn into a dirty, narrow alley and drove along it to a similarly dilapidated street.

“Stop,” commanded Elena, no sooner had they proceeded 300 meters. “Pull over here, to the side of the road. We have arrived.”

In the rapidly gathering twilight, Nastya absolutely could not see anything that would indicate the existence of any entrances to the dungeon here.

“Seryozha, over there, at the end of the street near that house, there should be an entrance,” Elena said, pointing forward. “Go and take a look.”

Sergei went out and hurriedly walked in the indicated direction. At the end of the street, he turned at the corner of the house and the girls lost sight of him. He reappeared five minutes later, opened the door, and got behind the wheel. “Yes, there is a manhole there, open. It seems dry at the bottom.”

“Excellent!” exclaimed Lena. “Let’s go, get ready,” she turned to Anastasia. “Seryozha, drive up to that place a little closer so that nobody notices us,” she asked Sergei. In the meantime, she pressed some buttons behind Nastya’s head, and part of the wall behind the seats moved. Through this door, the girls got inside the salon, which turned out to be something like a motor home — only without windows. Elena closed the door behind them.

“This is my office on wheels,” Elena said, gesturing around the room. “Undress!” she commanded.

“What for?” Anastasia didn’t understand.

“We will put on special clothes,” Lena smiled. “Don’t be afraid. You will like it,” she answered mysteriously. Elena opened the closet and pulled out something incomprehensible from it. At first glance, it seemed to Nastya that they were sagging dolls hanging on small shoulders. Their height did not exceed one meter; their “heads” were with large round glasses for eyes and their “feet” were disproportionately large.

“This is your suit,” Lena said, handing Anastasia the suit in her right hand.

Anastasia took it carefully. The material of the suit felt cold and slippery.

“What is it?” Nastya looked at Lena in bewilderment.

“This is your overalls,” Lena explained. “The material is something like latex, only several times more elastic and stronger. I just call it latex. Look, there’s a small hole at the top of the suit.” Grabbing the edges, she easily stretched it to as far as her arms allowed.

“Don’t be afraid and undress,” Lena repeated, taking off her sweater.

A few minutes later, they were completely naked and standing on a white long-haired carpet that covered the floor of the van. Compared to Nastya, Lena was a head taller and larger, but that did not spoil her figure: her wide hips with rounded buttocks smoothly passed into a narrow waist, and her high, elastic breasts were full of temptation. 

“You don’t look bad,” Nastya said, looking at Lena’s ass while she, turning away from her, took out something from the locker.

“You also have something to attract men,” Lena smiled in response, turning her face to Nastya. “This is a gel that will make it easier for us to put on our costumes,” she explained, holding out a tube to Nastya. “Apply it all over your body, starting from the legs.”

Nastya held out her hand and Lena squeezed out a transparent gel on it. When their bodies were covered completely with gel, Lena took Nastya’s suit, located a hole at the top of its head, and gathered the suit like a pair of pantyhose. “Insert your left foot into this hole. The foot and part of the leg up to the knees are made of thicker material for greater strength,” she explained. Nastya carefully put her foot into it. And after having got hold of the second leg, Lena again gathered it in the same way before Nastya slipped her second leg into it.

“And now, starting from the feet, pull the suit up,” Lena explained. Nastya gently smoothed the suit, fearing tearing it, and began to pull it over her hips and buttocks. Although the suit was incredibly stretchy, it was very springy. The suit squeezed her body gradually while Nastya pulled it higher and higher. At some point, she thought this was her new skin. When the suit was worn to the waist, new sensations overwhelmed her. The smooth, polished rubber tightly yet gently wrapped around her crotch and buttocks. Nastya suddenly felt sexual tension growing somewhere inside her, thanks to which her pussy became wet. It was as if the suit was just waiting for this. Thin rubber literally slid and enveloped her pussy, trying to penetrate inside. With Lena’s help, Nastya inserted her hands into the sleeves, expelling the air, before she slipped her thin fingers into the gloves that were made integral with the sleeves. With a sorrowful creaking sound, the suit slipped up to her shoulders, clasping her neck. By this moment, Nastya’s cheeks were burning with overpowering feelings. Each movement caused some incredible sensations. She was naked, but at the same time, the pleasant pressure of the suit on every cell of her body reminded her that she was dressed. Before putting on the mask, Lena inserted a small object into Nastya’s ear.

“What is it?” asked Nastya.

“Interphone,” Lena answered. “Now what remains is putting on your mask,” she said. “I’ll help you now.” She stood behind Nastya, holding the bottom of the mask with her hands. The subtle aroma of her perfume mixed with the smell of latex emanating from the costume literally enveloped Nastya. Lena began to pull the mask over her face. Nastya swayed and, during a second-long loss of balance, felt her buttocks and back pressed against Elena’s naked body, which immediately generated a spark piercing Nastya’s entire being. Nastya trembled slightly. In the next moment, under the influence of Elena’s dexterous hands, the mask glided easily over her head and the complete-sealing rubber body mask hid most of her face, mouth, and nose. Through the transparent glass, only her sparkling eyes and thin eyebrows were visible. Her breathing became more difficult — with each exhalation, something clicked in the valve box of her mask, and the world shrank to the field of view of the eye lenses. All sounds immediately became muffled. Lena took her by the shoulders and turned her towards her.

“How do you feel?” she said with a beaming smile.

“Super.” Nastya was only able to exhale.

“Great! Then I’ll zip you up,” Lena nodded and disappeared from her sight. Then she heard a rattle from a zipper being fastened at the top of her head and was thus cut off from the last connection with the outside world. Now she sensed the world around her only through her new skin, which was warmed up by the heat of her body and gave her an incredibly pleasant sensation. Nastya was teetering on the verge of orgasm, trying her best not to betray her feelings in any way. But Lena heard the ragged breathing escaping from the valves of her mask perfectly and noticed the dilated pupils and burning cheeks of her friend.

After examining Nastya from all sides and correcting a few folds on her suit, Lena was satisfied and began to put swiftly on the exact same suit by herself. When Lena took the suit in her hands, Nastya did not even believe that she could dress it without tearing, as the suit seemed so small compared to Elena but was, in a few minutes, on her up to the very neck with only the mask hanging helplessly on her chest. Looking at Lena in this costume, the sexual tension, which had ebbed a little, started to rise again. The smooth white surface of her suit was shimmering under the illumination of the ceiling lights. Her shiny, perfectly smooth thighs, breasts, and buttocks were taut; they were like being chiseled out of white marble. When she turned, facing Nastya, Nastya saw her nipples sticking out defiantly through the latex skin. Involuntarily, her gaze slid lower and stopped at the pussy lips that were tightly covered with a rubber film and clearly revealed themselves through the suit. Involuntarily, she tried to look at what she looked like, but the limited view of the mask did not allow her to do this, so she touched the nipple with her hand. These movements did not escape Lena’s attentive gaze.

“You look exactly as I do,” Lena smiled, noticing Nastya’s movement and realizing what was troubling her.

“But it’s horrible — what if someone sees...” she exclaimed.

“Don’t worry,” Lena replied. “You’re not concerned about people seeing a person in this form but about their seeing and figuring out that it is you who is in this form,” Lena said while taking various things out of the closet. “Now imagine this. They indeed see such a woman but can never know who this person is exactly. Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s me, or maybe it’s a neighbor on the street. You know what I mean?”

“And if Sergey comes here now?” Nastya continued, imagining this scene with horror.

“He won’t enter,” Lena reassured her. “And also, imagine that he also has such a suit and that sometimes we will have to work with him. Do you know what you can see in that case?” Lena smiled. “I won’t be very pleased either if you stare at him. He is still my husband while you are still that sweetie,” she added.

“But how?” asked Nastya.

“We’ll figure it out,” Lena answered evasively. Only now had Nastya noticed that, while they were talking, Lena had pulled out a whole bunch of cylinders, belts, and devices onto the table. On the floor were two small backpacks, made of the same material as their suits, with hoses sticking out of them.

“Look, first I will fully equip you, and then you will help me,” Lena said. Nastya nodded. Lena picked up one backpack. “This is a life support system with air, rechargeable batteries, and so on,” she explained. “It can supply up to 20 hours. You and I can use it for a maximum of 10 hours, and what remains is a margin of safety reserved for an emergency.”

Having put the backpack on her shoulders, Lena adjusted it to Nastya’s figure. In addition to the straps on the shoulders, there was also a belt at the waist used for fastening the backpack. All the belts were also white, made of the same material as the suit. She then threw two thin hoses from the air supply regulator onto Nastya’s chest.

“Why do we need a hard hat?” Nastya asked, seeing Lena taking it in her hands.

“Firstly, this is a helmet. And secondly, even though the suit will not tear from the contact of your head with a brick, your head will hurt a lot,” Lena explained. The helmet tightly covered her head, and even her ears, with the very same glass as that of the mask. It was fastened with a strap under the chin. 

“Now I can’t hear anything at all,” Nastya said. Lena twisted something on the helmet.

“And now?” Lena asked and drummed her fingers on the table.

“Now it’s generally great, even better than without a helmet!” Nastya exclaimed.

After having buckled a sheath around her right shin, she put a wide knife with a black blade and a black handle into it. On her left hip, she secured a kind of bag with several rectangular pockets on two belts. Then she took several palm-sized rectangular metal cans from the table and pushed them into her pockets.

“We may have to meet with aggressive people,” she explained. “These are gas spray cans,” she showed one to Nastya. “You pull this ring and throw it. Your task is to hold out for 10 seconds, and after that, the attacker becomes nice and amiable,” Lena smiled.

“Well, you are ready for research,” said Lena. “Now help me.” Lena deftly put the mask on her face, straightened it on her head, and sat down on a chair, exposing the top of her head to Nastya. Seeing an unfastened zipper, Nastya fastened it.

“And now take this lace,” Lena handed it to Nastya. “Put it on the zipper and sprinkle it with this liquid.” Having done everything that was instructed, Nastya saw how the lace spread over the zipper. In a few minutes, it solidified completely, hiding the zipper lock. Now Lena was also fully geared up. 

“Throw this on your shoulders,” Lena said, handing Nastya a long robe with a hood, but without sleeves. Then she pressed the button on the cab intercom.

“Seryozha, we are ready. What do you have there,” she asked.

“Everything is good. You can go out. The street is empty,” he answered.

“Let’s go,” Lena nodded, throwing on a same-style black robe.

Sergei was already waiting for them outside.

“Well, you, my beauties!” he exclaimed in a whisper when he saw them in the black doorway. Lena came out without hiding, the hem of her cloak fluttering in the light breeze. Nastya, on the contrary, wrapped herself as tightly as possible and threw a hood over her head, so that the round glasses of the mask only sparkled from under it. After a minute, their eyes got used to the darkness, and they began to distinguish the surrounding objects. They were about a hundred meters from the intended entry point. The street was not illuminated, only the light from the windows lay in yellow stripes on the wet road.

“The well is inhabited,” Sergey said. “I saw two people going down with bags.”

“What inhabited!?” A chill went down Nastya’s spine.

“Do not worry. Everything’s fine,” Lena reassured her, putting her hand on her shoulder. 

“It’s nine o’clock in the evening,” she said to Sergei. “We’ll get back to you sometime around six in the morning. We’ll be back here, and if we find another way out, we’ll let you know. Whether this is a dead end, I think it — well, in general, everything — will be clear to us in an hour,” Lena summed up. “You can close me,” she turned to Sergey, exposing her rubber face to him. Sergei put one hand somewhere behind her back under the raincoat and used his other hand to take the regulator and bring it to the valve box on the mask (a quiet hiss was heard). He connected the regulator to the valve box and rotated it until a click was heard. The valves accurately responded to her every breath.

“Excellent!” Lena said and turned to Nastya. After performing the same operations on her, a powerful jet of icy air filled Nastya’s lungs. And inside the mask, several icons were flashing with green lights. 

“No red icons?” asked Lena. Nastya shook her head negatively, trying to adjust herself to breathe properly. Then Lena took the flat spray can offered by Sergei and gently hugged him around the neck, pressing her rubber face against his cheek.

“Wish us luck,” Lena smiled. Then, wrapping herself in a dressing gown and pulling her hood as low as possible, she turned to Nastya, “Let’s go!” And they hastened to the entrance to the cellar. Looking around, they had come to a manhole in the ground. Nastya’s heart was about to jump out of her chest, which appeared as if it were prevented by the rubber suit every time. Lena looked into the manhole, trying to see where the passage was going. The light glinted off the walls of the well, indicating the direction. Without thinking twice, she pulled the ring and threw the spray can she had brought, trying to make it travel as far as possible into the passageway, while they retreated into the shade of the wall of the house.

“Not cold?” asked Lena.

“The instant when we left the car, it was cold, but not now,” Nastya answered.

“Great. It’s plus four outside now, so the system works,” Lena explained. “Well, where are we going?” — she addressed Nastya — “I think they’re all relaxed down there.” The girls again approached the edge of the well. Metal brackets that were driven into the concrete walls went all the way down. Hanging in the manhole by her hands, Lena felt the first bracket with her foot. She cast a glance at the van, looked at Sergei standing next to her, and began to descend. Nastya followed.

“Get undressed!” commanded Lena, throwing off her robe.

“Again! Altogether?!” Nastya exclaimed in a whisper.

“The robe will get in the way,” Lena explained. “I do not recommend taking off the suit, and you will not agree to do it here either,” she smiled.

“There are people there,” Nastya explained.

“They don’t care what you look like. Let’s go,” Lena said firmly.

Nastya took off her robe and hung it on a bracket, and absolutely incredible feelings overwhelmed her. She felt as if she was completely naked because she practically ceased to feel the costume. The suit seemed to have merged with her into a unity. The only reminders were her view-limiting mask and her hissing breath. Everything that happened to her now seemed unreal. The feeling of not wearing her usual clothes, being in such a form, and being in some kind of dirty basement, along with the upcoming meeting with unknown people, caused almost animalistic horror in her. 

Lena walked in the front, illuminating her path with a flashlight that she held in her left hand. The passage was high. Along the walls stood some boxes and packages, probably dragged here by the inhabitants of this well. After a few steps, they stopped at a 10-meter-by-10-meter niche while the corridor went further along the wall. In the middle of the niche stood a large wooden table covered with a dirty oilcloth, on which stood a smoked pot, a frying pan with the remains of fried potatoes, several dirty empty plates, and mugs. Everything was telling them that dinner had just finished here. To the right and left of the table stood wooden trestle beds, on which laid mattresses of indeterminate color and a bunch of blankets. There was a bed at the far end of the aisle. Immediately in front of them are two armchairs. A man was sitting on a stool with his hands on the table and his head resting on them. After the darkness of the passage, the dim light bulb burning under the ceiling seemed very bright. As they adjusted to the brightness, more and more details popped up in the eyes of the girls. Among the heap of dirty linen on the right couch lay another man.

“Let’s go and take a look,” Lena encouraged her friend while moving between the armchairs and inching closer to the table.

“There are people there,” Nastya called out to her, carefully approaching the armchairs.

“Not scary,” answered Lena.

Both armchairs had their seats facing the table. Nastya, continuing to follow what Lena was doing, came close to one of the armchairs and clearly heard someone nearby farting loudly, as if defecating, and only then did she see a peasant on the chair. Their eyes met and Nastya recoiled in surprise. The man mumbled something incomprehensible.

“What happened to them?” asked Nastya.

“Relaxing gas,” Lena explained. “Recall that we threw a can of aerosol at them, and they sniffed it.”

Nastya, carefully trying not to hurt anything, walked around the chair with the sitting man

without taking her eyes off him. The man was also watching her, and a wet spot was spreading across his pants in the crotch area.

“He’s pissing,” exclaimed Nastya, referring to Lena.

“Judging by the sounds he’s making, not just that,” Lena answered, unbuttoning his pants.

“Ewww, no!” Nastya wrinkled her nose.

“Ah! Nastya!” Lena exclaimed happily. While Nastya was examining one peasant, Lena had already finished going around the entire room. “Look at that fur coat.” She picked up some rags from the empty bed and shook them, raising a cloud of dust. She then threw them over her shoulders and fastened the top button.

“Does this fur coat suit me?” Lena smiled. Once this was a chic mink coat, but now only rare tufts of wool and a torn lining remain. As if at a fashion show, Lena walked around the room.

“Lenka, what are you doing?” exclaimed Nastya. “You will pick up some lice from this fur coat.”

“You should’ve said anything but pubic lice,” Lena clarified while approaching her. “But lice like to settle on hairs, and now I don’t have any on me today.” With these words, she pulled back the hem of her fur coat and ran her hand between her legs, so that her thumb passed between her lips. “Really, my good one,” she turned to a peasant reclining on an armchair. His right hand was folded back, palm up. “You don’t believe me?” Lena said flirtatiously. “Touch it yourself,” she said playfully, coming close to his hand so that his fingers could touch her crotch. The man, muttering indistinctly, lightly touched her thigh with a calloused, tobacco-yellow finger and tried to reach her tight latex-covered pussy. 

“Аh, you naughty boy,” she smiled and ran her hand into his beard. With this movement, she had to lean forward with her whole body so that her pussy was completely in the man’s hand, but he could hardly move a finger. Lena closed her eyes and let out a groan.

“Lena, you’re crazy!” Nastya interrupted her.

Lena pulled away from the peasant and threw her fur coat on the table.

“Yes, that’s sometimes you want to indulge,” she smiled in response. “The gas that we sprayed here causes complete relaxation of these guy’s muscles, and” — she explained — “well, as a side effect, emptying their intestines and bladders,” she continued. “Well, do you want to have an orgy with them?” Lena asked, walking around the room and pointing.

“No,” Nastya replied in disgust, moving away from the armchairs.

“Then let’s move on,” Lena said in a serious tone, and, without turning around, they disappeared into the dark corridor. After a few tens of meters, the girls ran into a blank wall.

“Damn, is it really a dead end?” Lena said with regret. Handing Nastya the flashlight, she took out a navigation device. A minute later, she retrieved the flashlight from Nastya and went back a few steps, where there was a rather large niche in the wall whose floor was covered with boards. Going to its very end, Lena saw a square hole in the floor, in which there were downward-going steps visible with the last few steps submerged under the water. Handing over the flashlight to Nastya again, Lena picked up one of the boards with a knife and moved it. The beam of the flashlight snatched the stone steps going down out of the darkness.

“Here we go!” Lena exclaimed happily, pushing another board aside. A minute later, with a few more boards moved, the passage was ready to use.

“Nastya, go down first,” said Lena. Giving the flashlight back to Lena, Nastya took hers and carefully started to descend, trying not to touch anything. At that moment, the beam of Lena’s flashlight fell on a switch. Out of curiosity, she flipped it, and a light bulb on the ceiling flashed. As soon as Nastya had disappeared into the opening, Lena went down after her. Having repositioned the boards to their original places, she turned around. Nastya, bending down so that her head wouldn’t touch the floorboards, stood halfway down the stairs.

“Nastya, why are you standing? Go down further,” said Lena.

“There’s excrement down there,” Nastya said in a trembling voice. Lena looked over her friend’s shoulder. Now, as the electric light illuminating the entire niche propagated down through the hole, it immediately became clear to Lena where they had reached. She bypassed Nastya, going down one step further.

“I’m going to be sick now,” Nastya whispered in a broken voice.

“Be quiet. Be quiet,” Lena took her hand. “Sit down. It’s clean here,” she pulled her hand down. Nastya obediently sat down on the very edge of the steps. Lena kneeled down in front of her so that she could see Nastya’s eyes.

“Breathe evenly and look only at me,” she reassured her friend. “Where do you think we are right now?” Lena started, without releasing her hand from hers.

“In the toilet,” answered Nastya.

“And more precisely?” Lena asked.

“In the pit of a public toilet,” Nastya replied, not quite understanding what Elena was driving at.

“Have you ever been in a street public toilet in the summer?” Lena continued.

“Yes.” Nastya nodded.

“Do you remember what the smell was like there?” Lena did not tail off.

“Terrible stench! Don’t start,” Nastya pleaded.

“And now, inhale.” Lena did not quiet down. “Do you smell anything?” Lena said, gaining full lungs of air. Looking at her, Nastya also inhaled. Icy air, with a smell of metal and rubber, filled her lungs and escaped from the mask regulator with a low hiss. She took a few more breaths. The air was cold and clean.

“No, I don’t feel it,” Nastya said.

“That’s right” — Lena explained — “because the air you are breathing now is the air from the cylinders on your back. This is not the air that surrounds you now,” Lena calmly explained. “Now look at me” — she continued — “you see a white suit on me, it covers my entire body,” she ran her palms from chest to hips. “This suit protects me from any contact with the outside world, so not a single molecule can penetrate the interior of this suit and touch my skin. You’re wearing exactly the same protective suit. Look,” Lena took her hands and stretched them out so that Nastya could see them and that she was wearing the same suit. “You wear rubber gloves when you do dirty work; after the work, you take them off and your hands remain absolutely clean,” Lena found a comparison. “The suit is the same as gloves, only that it’s for the entire body. Look.” Lena looked back and spotted a thick swollen poop floating in the water near the steps. Picking it up from below and holding it in her palm, she brought the poop to Nastya’s face.

“Give me your hand,” Lena asked. Nastya was listening to her friend’s monologue and breathing in clean air. Meanwhile, her mind kept repeating that it stinks disgustingly. She began to feel a sense of security. She held out her narrow rubber palm. Lena took her wrist from below with one hand and put the poop on her palm. Nastya tensed in disgust. Lena grabbed her wrist with her hand and began to slowly squeeze it into a fist. Brown turds began to crawl out between

their rubbery fingers. Nastya gasped, out of disgust and the protection against the excrement she received from her suit. Lena continued to squeeze her fist harder, and the shit that crawled out between her fingers began to fall onto the steps near their feet. At that moment, Nastya suddenly realized how excited she was. Her pussy just poured the juice into her rubber captivity, and when she sat down, the delicate latex of the suit literally stuck between her lips. She had not betrayed this, but now she suddenly wanted to caress herself. She looked at her excrement-stained hand and at Lena, who was standing next to her in latex with a pile of shit behind her back, and then, all the tension accumulated over the past few hours burst out. She could no longer hold back a groan when a powerful wave of orgasm inundated her from head to toe. Fearing losing her balance, she grabbed Lena’s shoulder with one hand. The first wave of orgasm was immediately followed by the second, shaking her body in convulsions. Her other hand involuntarily slid between her legs and squeezed her pussy, languishing in a rubber embrace. Thanks to unsurpassable elasticity and the abundant juice flowing from her, her finger easily slid inward, causing a new tide of orgasm. After a few minutes, consciousness returned to Nastya, but her breathing remained heavy and intermittent. Her eyes met Lena’s.

“I don’t understand what’s going on with me,” Nastya whispered, removing her hand from her shoulder, on which her shit-stained palm had left a clear imprint. “Sorry!” She smiled guiltily, looking down at her soiled hand.

“You aren’t the first.” Lena smiled in response. “There was the first time for me too, and then it happened more than once,” she smiled mischievously and winked. “Has your psychological barrier been overcome?” Lena asked cheerfully.

Nastya got up, already without disgust, and looked at the pile of shit and the water filling the tunnel. “Well, anyway, it’s better now.” She replied and stepped forward.

Lena shone her flashlight into the tunnel but did not see its end and carefully stepped into the water. They walked along this tunnel for quite some time. The water barely covered their feet, and the walls and the ceiling were wet. Sometimes large drops broke from the ceiling and dripped down. The further they advanced, the lower the height of the tunnel, and they proceeded until the water under their feet disappeared. After a few tens of meters, the tunnel ended. Near the wall on the floor, they saw a cast-iron grate. Through the bars below, another tunnel was visible. Having managed to move it, the girls went down to the bottom along the driven-in brackets. This passage was much narrower than the upper one. There were several rusty pipes stretching along the walls, mud squelching under their feet, and water gurgling and flowing ahead to somewhere. The passage sloped slightly downwards and, as they advanced, the amount of water increased. It was already oozing along the walls and almost up to Nastya’s waist. At the next turn, the tunnel was interrupted by a rusty iron door. Lena tried to open it and the door barely budged, forming a gap of about a centimeter before it stuck.

“Damn, we’ll have to go back,” she said regretfully. At that moment, Nastya recoiled against the wall. While Lena was trying to open the door, Nastya shone a flashlight into the water and suddenly saw a long — almost a meter long — pencil-thin worm, which was wriggling and swimming towards her.

“What’s going on?” exclaimed Lena.

“There’s a swimming worm!” said Nastya while pointing to the water. Lena shone a light onto the water, quickly lowered her hand, grabbed something under the water, and lifted it. Nastya shone on it and saw that she was holding in her hand a worm, which wrapped around her arm all the way to her shoulder. Lena approached Nastya. The worm wriggled and slid along Lena’s hand, trying to escape from the girl’s tenacious fingers.

“What’s that?” asked Nastya squeamishly. 

“Yes, there are often such encounters here,” said Lena, giving her voice an uneventful as possible tone, while looking at the worm on her hand with interest. “Vile creatures who crawl inside mammals through the mucous membranes, most often through the urethra or anus. They breed inside, and then come out again.” with these words, she lowered her hand with the worm into the water and unclenched her fingers. The worm, sensing freedom, easily slipped off Lena’s hand.

“What are you doing?” exclaimed Nastya. “It had to be crushed,” she added, her eyes wide with fear.

“Do not be afraid. It is harmless to us.” With these words, Lena ran her hand between her legs. “Through protective suits, they cannot penetrate into our pussies and buttocks,” she added.

Nastya shone a flashlight into the water at her feet. She stood on a small rise so that her crotch barely touched the water. And suddenly, she saw a worm, wrapping around her thigh just above the knee, began to move up. Nastya looked at it as if spellbound and afraid to act. It quickly climbed up her thigh and, a moment later after reaching the crotch, tried to get between the tight latex-covered lips and finally into her vagina. But the smooth elastic membrane reliably protected against its entrance to the pussy. The worm pulled itself up to the thigh, wriggling; it slid along the smooth surface of the protective suit, trying to find at least the slightest opening through which it could enter the hot trembling womb dripping with juice. It seemed that the worm felt how the blood pulsated furiously in her lips which were swollen with excitement through a thin latex shell while it was pressed against dispassionate smooth rubber everywhere. The worm poked into her rubber pussy, again and again, trying to break from the cold dirty basement through the thin rubber film into the warm damp womb of the girl — where food and a comfortable home awaited — in vain. Without success, the worm slid between her latex-covered buttocks — leaving stains of sticky yellowish mucus on its way — and tried to penetrate her ass. But there, too, its path was blocked by a shiny elastic rubber film, which was reliably protecting the girl’s tender flesh from the penetration of the parasite. Nastya couldn’t keep looking at any more of this; her body inside the protective suit was shaking from the orgasm caused by her invulnerability.

“Well, my friend. You surprised me!” Lena smiled approvingly when Nastya calmed down a bit.

“I can’t control myself...” Nastya murmured embarrassingly in response. “It overpowers me.”

“On the contrary, I’m happy for you,” replied Lena. Nastya shone a flashlight on her leg, around which previously a worm wrapped itself. Now the worm is gone.

“Have you seen this worm?” She turned to Lena. “How pushy it was!” Nastya still did not tail off.

“Actually, I saw it on TV about worms that crawled into people. But only that it was in Africa and not our city. By the way, you mentioned something about an old pullover and jeans instead of this special rubber suit, which would save you money,” Lena grinned. “I was wondering how you would handle this worm attack situation if you were in old jeans right now,” Lena laughed.

“Ew, don’t even ask,” exclaimed Nastya, imagining a slippery cold worm writhing into her pussy. “If I had plain clothes on, then nothing like this would have happened,” Nastya answered cheerfully. “I wouldn’t come here at all as long as I’m alive.”

“By the way, I found a new aisle,” Lena said and pointed to a concrete pipe with a diameter of a meter and a half, which was sticking out of the wall ten steps away from them. A small stream flowed from the pipe, trickling down the wall.

“You think there’s a passageway?” asked Nastya, fully coming back to her senses.

“I don’t know,” Lena shrugged her shoulders. “In any case, no one knows that there is this pipe here,” she added, looking at the scheme of underground utilities on her pocket computer.

The entrance to the pipe was one and a half meters from the ground, and the girlfriends easily ended up in the pipe. There was no way to stand, let alone walk; it was only possible to move on all fours, with the stream passing under them. Lena, turning on the flashlight on her helmet, crawled ahead.

“I know why you don’t want other men to work with you here,” Nastya chuckled, looking at her friend’s sexy round ass and steep hips covered in white latex. “Even I like such a spectacle, let alone men,” she continued.

“Pervert!” Lena exclaimed with a smile.

Crawling along the slippery wet pipe in complete darkness was by no means easy. The pipe turned several times. They crawled for several hundred meters like this without encountering a single offshoot. Suddenly, Lena stopped.

“What is it?” asked Nastya.

“The pipe ends,” Lena answered, picking up a flashlight to illuminate the pipe.

“Where does the water come from?” Nastya asked again.

“From somewhere above,” Lena answered. “But you won’t like it,” she added. “There seems to be a passage,” she continued, standing up to her full height so that her head and shoulders disappeared into the new passage. 

Nastya shone her flashlight forward and cursed.

“Crap! Again! You find them on purpose,” she couldn’t control herself. Her flashlight snatched out of the darkness heaps of garbage, plastic bottles, and bags smeared with human excrement. Water from above flowed in thin streams through those heaps, forming the very stream over which they made their way for the last hour.

“Breathe deeply,” Lena recommended, feeling the first bracket driven into the wall and no longer worrying about her friend’s condition. The upper part of the pipe, along which they were to climb, was twenty meters away. Lena began to climb up. Nastya, releasing her grasp for 5-10 seconds, followed her. When reaching a point about a meter from the pipe exit, Lena held her breath, so as not to betray her presence with her hissing breaths, and looked out of the pipe. To the left of it was a corridor and to the right a blank wall. There were boards laid across the pipe they were climbing, but only two were missing — it was precisely through this hole that she looked out. She pushed one of the boards to make sure it wasn’t fastened. The board gave way easily and Lena pushed it forward widening the hole so that she could get out. Suddenly, a wooden door in the corridor creaked open and a beam of light fell on the adjacent wall. Two men came out of the door and went towards the girls. Their eyes were not yet accustomed to the darkness, and Lena managed to return the board to its original place quietly. But it was not possible to do so without making a sound. One of the men grabbed a piece of pipe lying on the floor and threw it at the sound. Lena barely had time to lean against the wall, shouting to Nastya “Head down”. The pipe crashed into the wall with a roar, bounced off it, and ricocheted right into the hole. Flying past Lena, it smashed into Nastya’s head with its end and flew down with a roar, catching the brackets.

“I hate rats,” said the man who threw the pipe. “They are not afraid of anything.”

“Wait, Gena,” the second man stopped him while turning to the wall of the corridor and unbuttoning his fly. Gena took a couple more steps and joined the first one. After they had relieved themselves and turned to leave, Lena spoke to Nastya.

“How’s your head?” she asked.

“You were right,” Nastya consented. “It’s a useful thing.” She tapped her helmet with her free hand.

As soon as the door slammed behind the peasants, Lena quickly moved away two boards and climbed upstairs, followed by Nastya.

“Since there are people here, it means that the entrance is somewhere not far away,” Lena said, not taking her eyes off the door where the men had fled. “It doesn’t make much sense to go further into the tunnels now,” she continued. “Have we used up almost the entire supply of the main air? Or, shall we return the same way as we came or shall we call Seryoga here?

“It’s better to let him come here,” Nastya replied.

“I think so too. But first, we need to neutralize those peasants.” With these words, she took out a gas canister and silently, holding her breath, ran to the door. Then she pulled the pin and sent a jet of gas into the gap between the jamb and the door. Having counted to five to herself, Lena returned the check to its place and put the gas spray can away.

“Why not all?” asked Nastya.

“Then they would become very sluggish,” Lena smiled and opened the door.

Behind the door, there was a small room. On the right and near the wall, there was a table. Opposite the door and near the left wall, there were two beds. In the corner between them, there was an armchair. The floor was littered with empty bottles and there was rubbish in the corners and under the bed. One man was sitting in an armchair, leaning back, and the second was laying on his back across the bed. There was another table and a stool in the middle of the room. The walls were covered with a thick layer of dust, cobwebs with half-peeled lime, and an electric light bulb hung from the ceiling.

“Uh uh! what the ...,” the man lying on the bed said with a slurred tongue and tried to get up. 

“Don’t make noise,” Lena said, coming up to him. At that moment, some movement was heard outside the door. The door swung open and another man entered the room.

“Oh, fuck!” escaped the peasant at the sight of Lena. Nastya at that moment was behind him, and he did not see her. “This is a woman,” the man exclaimed. “Guys, where did you find this one,” he turned to his comrade, literally devouring Lena with a hungry look.

“Uh uh!” sounded from the bed.

“Guys! What happened to you?!” exclaimed the newcomer and rushed to the one lying on the bed. “Genady,” he grabbed the lying man by the shoulder. “You bitch did this to him,” he rushed to Lena and grabbed her hand, but suddenly his legs began to give way. Lena easily freed herself from his weakening grip and, while grabbing him by the armpits, pushed him onto the empty bed. The man fell on her like a sack, farting loudly.

“Learn how to talk to women,” Lena said instructively, going up to the table standing near the wall. On one side of the table, there were bloody bandages and cotton wool, a dozen used syringes and needles, several dirty jars, and plates with moldy contents. Everything pointed to the fact that they were in a den of drug addicts. On the other side, there were, on dirty torn newspapers, several pieces of cut bacon, bones and leftovers of salted fish scattered around, and several moldy pickles peeled from potatoes.

“It turns out that you guys are drug addicts,” Lena said thoughtfully, carefully taking the used syringe containing the remnants of the dose with two thin fingers covered in latex. At that moment, footsteps were again heard outside the door, and another man in his forties stormed into the room. He froze, staring at the girls and wondering who was in front of him.

“I don’t understand!” he finally squeezed out of himself. “Who are you?” he asked.

“Sanitary and epidemiological station,” Nastya suddenly blurted out. “Hygiene check,” she added.

“Who?” the man did not comprehend. “What station?” He took a step forward as the gas brought its relaxing effect on him and he buckled.

“Come on, put him on the table,” Lena commanded, grabbing the man by the elbow. Nastya swept everything that was on the central table onto the floor with one hand and grabbed him by the shoulders. Then, together, they threw him on his back onto the table. The man tried to get up, but his strength was leaving him with every second passing, and eventually, he couldn’t do anything.

“Well, let’s have some fun with the peasant,” Lena smiled slyly, turning to Nastya. The events of the last few hours had a potent influence on Nastya. Smiling in response, she silently nodded her head. The man was wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Without hesitation, Lena grabbed his pants by the belt and, with a forceful yank, pulled off the shitty trishki from the man, which was then thrown onto the bed. Then she gently ran her index finger over his cock from the tip to the base, put her hand under the testicles, and squeezed them slightly. His member, trembling, began to rise. Lena wrapped her hand around him and stroked several times, pulling the foreskin back from the head. A minute later, his cock became thick and firm. Lena turned to Nastya and said, “Climb up to him”. Nastya pushed the peasant’s legs together and climbed on top of him. She got on all fours above him and looked into his eyes, feeling the sexual tension growing in herself. Nastya pressed her rubber cheek against his unshaven chin, rubbing against the stubble. Turning her head a little, the glasses of her mask were placed in front of the man’s half-open mouth and instantly fogged up from his hot breath; but before that, she was able to make out his black rotten teeth. 

“Gosh, the stench that must be coming from his mouth right now,” flashed through Nastya’s head while she was breathing in the clean air from the cylinders with pleasure. She lifted her head and lowered her hips, letting her rubber pussy slightly touch the head of the man’s penis. The touch sent a shiver through her body. Her pussy, inside its rubber shell literally leaking juice, was wanting to invite his cock into itself. Lena, who had been standing nearby all this time, lifted the man’s penis and guided it to the gap between the lips of Nastya’s pussy. Feeling the touch, Nastya involuntarily twitched, impaling herself on the man’s penis whose head was vanishing into her pussy. Out of surprise and fear that the suit was torn, she screamed and wanted to jump up, but Lena managed to seize her by the waist.

“Everything’s fine,” she reassured. “The suit is intact.” Carefully moving her hips, Nastya pushed his cock, covered with the wet rubber of her protective suit, deeper and deeper into her, until he entered her completely. She let out a heavy sigh and arched her back. She began to move rhythmically, gradually picking up the pace. The cooling system could no longer cope with the heat coming from her body, and Nastya felt how thin trickles of sweat flowed down her back and between her latex-compressed breasts, which mixed with pussy juices from below. 

They finished at the same time. Slightly rising above the man, Nastya felt how the elastic latex literally spat out his sagging cock and a large thick drop of sperm, which slowly snaked along the rubber thigh, leaving a wet mark. 

Descending from the table and taking a breath, Nastya turned to Lena and said, “Well, now it’s your turn.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Lena exclaimed with feigned shock. “I’m married. Besides, sex with a stranger, especially a drug addict, is very dangerous!”

“What do you mean?” Nastya pricked up her ears.

“Look,” Lena went back to the peasant and ran her rubber fingers into the curly hair growing on his pubis. “Do you see something’s moving on the hairs?” She asked, pulling out one hair and bringing it to Nastya’s rubber face.

“Yes,” she answered.

“Do you know what it is?”

“Pubic louse.” She realized.

“Right!” Lena affirmed.

“Nonsense,” exclaimed Nastya. “You said that they need hair for life, whereas now I don’t have a single hair on me, or, more precisely, they are under the protection of this suit. So that this parasite doesn’t scare me.”

“Fair enough,” admitted Lena. “Here. Take a look.” She took the man’s limp penis in her hand, moved its foreskin, and, with a little pressure, squeezed its head using two fingers. A thick yellowish-greenish liquid was pumped out. Lena picked up this drop with her latex-clad fingers and again brought it to Nastya’s face. “Do you know what this is?” she asked, smearing the sticky mass between her thumb and middle finger. “This is pus,” she explained, “which means that your lover” — Lena nodded at the man — “is sick with a very unpleasant sexually transmitted infection.”

“We have a goat here,” Nastya grimaced. Quickly glancing at her legs, she saw that a cloudy, large, thick drop was still slowly flowing along the inner side of her left leg, barely going down below her knee. She immediately scooped it up using the palm of her right hand, approached Lena, and placed her rubber hand with that drop of sperm on Lena’s latex-covered pussy.

“Then, let this infection tie us together,” she whispered in Lena’s ear while her middle finger, coated with the man’s infected sperm, slid easily between the lips and into Lena’s pussy. It seemed to be exactly what Lena was waiting for; an involuntary moan, muffled by the rubber mask, escaped Lena’s lips. She grabbed Nastya by her ass and squeezed it forcefully so that the material of the protective suit creaked plaintively. Taking two steps back, Lena rested against a table that stood against the wall. She jumped up, sat down, without paying attention to what was on the table, and wrapped her legs around Nastya’s hips, pressing herself to Nastya. Meanwhile, not for a single second did Nastya let her finger leave Lena’s pussy, and, with movements, she even tried to prod it deeper between Lena’s lips which were swollen with excitement. All the energy that Lena had pent up during the entire course of their journey suddenly burst out, shaking her body with an orgasm. Nastya felt the convulsive contraction of the muscles of Lena’s healthy juice-oozing pussy inside her protective suit, which was tightly embracing Nastya’s infectious-sperm-contaminated rubber finger and thus reliably preventing Lena from contracting gonorrhea. Seated on the table, Lena leaned back and rested her head and shoulders against the dirty wall with her legs bent at the knees on the edge of the table. Exhaled air was hissing through the valves of her mask and her chest was heaving violently. It even seemed to Nastya that, had there been a little more load, the life support system would not be able to handle it. Gradually, with the tension subsided, Lena let her legs dangle down and sat up straight on the table.

“Woo-hoo,” was all she could say. “That was great.”

“Hell yeah,” seconded Nastya.

“Well, time to go back,” Lena stated. Nastya nodded, sitting down on the edge of the bed on which the peasant was lying. 

Switching on the radio, Lena contacted Sergey and told him the coordinates of her location. 

“Let’s go and find a way out,” she turned to Nastya and hopped off the table. Her thighs and buttocks were smeared with grease, stinky fish leftovers and bloody dirty cotton, which dropped off from the elastic polished surface of her suit with every step.

“Wait!” Nastya shouted to her. “Sergei will be there.”

“Yes?” Lena nodded.

“I can’t meet him like this,” said Nastya.

“What do you mean?” Lena didn’t understand.

“I mean this!” Nastya spread her arms to the sides.

“Well, throw something on yourself, whatever it may be,” Lena smiled. “Look,” she took someone’s dirty greasy blue sweatpants off from the wall and flung them to her friend. Nastya quickly pulled them on and looked around in search of some other clothes. Her eyes fell on the bed where a pile of rags was laid. Tossing everything else aside, she fished out a square rag of indeterminate color. She tied it like a scarf around her neck so that it could hang from the front down to her waist. Lena could hardly contain her laughter at the sight of Nastya’s outfit. They exited into the corridor and, with flashlights illuminating the path, moved forward. The corridor wound several times and finally led them to a stone staircase leading to the top. After having opened the door at the end of the stairs, the girls saw a street dimly lit by the rising sun.

“We have resurfaced,” said Lena.

“Yeah, I see,” Sergey answered and, a minute later, appeared at the door. They let him into the basement.

“Well, you stink.” He grimaced.

“Serezhka!” Lena exclaimed joyfully, opening her arms as if trying to hug him.

“But, but, citizen” — he shook his finger at her — “hold on for the kiss. You smell bad — and what kind of refugee is this?” — as he turned to Nastya — “who was this guy standing aside? I brought you clothes.” He handed the girls the same raincoats they wore when they entered. “Can’t do the clean-up here. Have to go behind those houses. There’s a wasteland there.” He opened the door and waved to the side. Nastya, turning away, untied the rag hanging on her chest and put on the dressing gown she had brought. Lena followed suit.

“Well, that’s it,” Sergei hurried them. “My eyes are already hurting from your smells. Let’s go.” They went out and quickly headed towards the wasteland where the van parked. Once near it, Sergei opened the backdoor of the van, behind which was a small room measuring a meter and a half and a little less than two meters high.

“We will turn away,” Elena smiled, turning to her friend. “You take off your cloak and pants, enter this cell, and close the door behind you. Then you stand on these red circles” — Lena pointed to the floor — “and you rest your hands on these,” she waved at two circles in front of the door. “Whatever happens, do not get off them, and do not remove your hands. After you’re clear, the door to the salon will open automatically. Wait for me there. After I wash off, I’ll join you.” They took off their helmets and threw them into the same cabin.

Sergei and Lena stepped aside. When the door closed behind Nastya, he looked at Lena. She threw off her raincoat and leaned her back against the body of the van. Her whole body, once tightly clad with sparkling white latex, was now covered with oily spots in yellow, brown, and gray colors, through which only in places were the white patches of the protective suit visible.

“Do you think she will stay?” Sergei turned to her.

“Oh, yes,” Lena smiled at him. “She will stay even just for the sake of impressions,” she added. “Finally, I have a like-minded partner,” Lena answered as calmly as possible, and a broad, radiant smile, hidden from Sergey’s eyes by the rubber-sealed body mask, revealed her white, even teeth.


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