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Storycodes: F/m; latex; bond; magic; transform; mannequin; cons; X

The Self Bound Latex Sub, November 2001┬áThis story is copyright to The Self Bound Latex Sub, and may not be reproduced either physically or electronically, or hosted on any other website, without the express permission of the author. Permission may be requested from [email protected].


"Never upset a Witch", I thought for the umpteenth time today, and every day before that for the last month. Here I was, dressed in rubber, bound, gagged, plugged and absolutely unable to move, on display in the window of an Adult Shop in my hometown of Melbourne, with no chance of ever getting out, it seems.

A month ago I thought I was free - my divorce was finally going through! After 12 years of marriage, the last three of which had been a living form of hell, my wife and I had separated, and were in the Family Court finalising the divorce. It hadn't been too messy, but it certainly hadn't been a clean break up, either. We had both said many things we shouldn't have, a lot of which centred around my love of the kinkier side of life - bondage, rubber, cross dressing and role playing games. My wife had tolerated, and earlier on sometimes even enjoyed the games, but as the years dragged on we both changed, her interest and toleration waned, at the same rate as her interest in New Age and Occult areas grew.

She had become quite adept in the Occult Arts, her abilities with the Tarot cards, Spells and Soothsaying constantly amazing both of us. She had certainly become a powerful witch, I now realised, although much too late! At the end of our time in Court, she had looked at me and wished me well, saying that I was now free to enjoy my heart's desires! Little did I realise that she had just calmly cast a spell over me. Well, I was finished and out of there pretty quickly, and headed back to my apartment in St Kilda for a little R & R of the self bondage kind.

That weekend, with quite a large bank account behind me (my half of the settlement), I decided to do a little shopping for my private life. After all, I was single now, and if I wanted to pick up woman, particularly ones that were interested in the same games I was, I would need some new toys and clothing. So I headed to Melbourne's largest Adult Shop, in the middle of the City, where they have a great range of lingerie, magazines, vibrators and leather and rubber clothing and toys. I planned to spend up big - I had had my eye on a handmade rubber ankle to wrist length catsuit with built in corset that they had in stock.

I picked out a few bondage items off the shelves first, and a couple of new vibrating and expanding Butt Plugs, before looking through the clothing section. I found the catsuit, and right beside it a pair of Cross Dressers rubber pants, which were designed to flatten the stomach while padding out the hips, and even had a built in pussy! Well, I figured they were perfect, and so I headed off to the change rooms to try them on.

Both the panties and the corset fit like they were made for me - the panties gave me very feminine lines around the groin and butt, and with the catsuit over the top with it's built in size D boobs and waist cinching corset, I looked pretty hot. I stepped out of the change room to look at myself in the full-length mirror outside, and so I was standing next to my pile of vibrators, bondage cuffs and toys admiring myself in the mirror when it happened! It was like this ripple ran through the shop, and passed right through me. Suddenly, I couldn't move - I don't mean like when you're tied up and it's hard to move - I mean I couldn't move a muscle at all! I was paralysed, totally; in fact I don't even think I was breathing! I could still see myself in the mirror; in fact that was all I could see, as I couldn't even move my eyeballs!

However, there was something strange about myself in the mirror - then I realised! I looked like I was made of plastic - and I was female! I was a female mannequin! How could this be? What had happened to me, and how?

My mind was racing at a million miles an hour, trying to get any of my muscles working, trying to work out what was happening. Slowly, I came back to earth, and started to take stock of my situation. Firstly, it appeared I had somehow miraculously been transformed into a female Shop Dummy. Secondly, I was still dressed in the rubber outfit I had put on - however, the rubber female panties seemed to have taken over my genitals, in that I felt fully feminine "down there". Moreover, I was very full "down there" - in fact I was plugged in both my pussy and ass! And those plugs were large!

Even though I appeared to be made of plastic, I could still feel everything as if I still had skin - I could feel the rubber next to my skin, I could even smell that distinct latex smell. I could feel the wooden floor beneath my feet and the slight movement of the air conditioning on my face. My mouth was open in a surprised "O", and my eyes were wide, and I could feel the air on my eyeballs and inside my mouth. But I couldn't do anything, and I definitely wasn't breathing! In the mirror, I looked pretty good, even for a mannequin - in fact I was a damned good looking woman - long blonde hair, big boobs, small waist, big hips and long legs, all covered in shiny black rubber. Finally, it seemed that this mannequin was able to move its limbs, as there were a number of small hinges at each of the usual human joints.

Suddenly, from the rear of the store the shop assistant came into my line of sight, and jumped when she saw me. 

"Hello, what are you doing out here? I thought I left you in the window - or did that gentleman who was just in move you? And where are your heels?" she muttered to herself as she looked me over. Obviously whatever had done this to me had made her think that I was one of the store's mannequins. This was getting freakier by the minute. Moments later the shop assistant returned with a pair of six-inch heel thigh high shiny black rubber boots. She placed them in front of me, and calmly lifted me up (I must be as light as plastic as well!) and twisted my feet into a downward pointing angle, then placed me feet first into the boots. I could feel my feet reach the bottom of the boots, and snugly slip into the high heeled shoe section at the bottom. God, those heels are high! How would I ever stand up? Stupid me, how could I fall over?!? Then she picked me up, muttering to herself about customers who moved thing around, and took me out and placed me in the window display. I was exposed for the entire world to see, I thought, panicking. But all the world could see was a Shop Dummy, dressed in some spectacular rubber.

It was then that I discovered that the plugs filling my pussy and ass were actually remote vibrators, and they were on a random setting. Suddenly my pussy vibrator flared into life, vibrating its life away and sending me off into a mind-blowing orgasm when the ass plug burst in life as well. Well, it was mind blowing all right, but nothing more, as physically how could a plastic dummy have an orgasm? I spent all afternoon there in the window, sometimes experiencing massive orgasms, sometimes just being frustrated when one or the other of the vibrators would come to life just long enough to tease me! All the while the people of Melbourne walked by, many of them staring at me in the window, oblivious to my predicament.

Later that evening the shop assistant Mary (I learnt after a customer came in to the shop and called her by name) walked to the front door, switched off the main shop lights and turned on a spotlight directly over me, and closed and locked the front door. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her walk off down the street, obviously on her way home. So I spent the night, spotlighted in the shop window, enduring orgasm after orgasm, wondering whether the vibrator batteries would ever run out.

The next morning Mary returned at 9.00am (I guess), dressed in a stunning tight black ultra mini and red halter neck top, which did little to hide her ample bosom. On her feet were black patent high heels, high enough that occasionally she tottered a bit while she was getting the shop ready for the day. Shortly after that then a stunning, statuesque, raven haired beauty dressed in leather jeans and a leather sleeveless T-shirt walked in, and started scolding Mary for still having the same display in the window for the third day running (Huh, I've only been here since yesterday!). So this is the owner, I thought, as I listened to their conversation behind me. Mary was being told off good and proper and suddenly was ordered by "Miss Kirsten" to get her ass out to the back room. I heard a meek "yes Mistress", then two pairs of heels clicking along the floor, one pair quicker than the other, and a few moments silence. Next came the distinct sound of a hand spanking a bare ass, and hard by the sound of it. After 25 slaps (yes, I was counting, what else did I have to do?) there was a short period of silence, followed by the clicking of a single pair of heels all the way to the front door, where I saw Miss Kirsten leave and walk away from the shop.

A few minutes later Mary confronted me with tears in the corner of her eyes, picking me up and moving me back into the shop centre. I was stripped of my rubber outfit, and for the first time I was able to see my new self totally naked, as Mary had conveniently placed me directly in front of another full-length mirror. I was a female mannequin all right, right down to the plastic pussy. Then I realised with a shock that I could see my pussy, and it was perfectly formed, not just like a Barbie Doll piece of flat plastic. However, the shocking thing was there was no vibrator in my pussy! So why could I feel it there, and what was it that had spent all yesterday driving me mad? 

These questions were quickly banished from my mind, when Mary returned with an armful of rubber. A few minutes later I was the perfect Rubber Bondage French Maid, dressed in a French Maid outfit made entirely from rubber. My arms were handcuffed in front of me with a feather duster placed in my right hand, my ankles hobbled by a six inch chain attached to stainless steel ankle cuffs, and a large red ball gag was forced into my mouth. Mary then carried me back to the front window, and placed me looking into the shop, with my back to the window. She then bent me over at the waist, obviously so that my white rubber covered ass was peeking out from under the black rubber skirt covering the fluffed out underskirt. For any customers inside the shop, they would get a great view of my boobs down my top. Finally, she adjusted the feather duster so that I was dusting a shelf displaying a collection of leather bondage cuffs.

My head was up, looking into the shop, and I was able to see on the wall clock that it was 10.00am, as Mary went and unlocked the front door and changed the closed sign to open. Right about then my non-existent (?!?!?) vibrators went into hyper drive, both at the same time, and stayed that way! I don't remember much after that, due to the continual orgasm that I was having, until they suddenly cut out. Some time later, when I came down to earth, I was able to see on the clock that it was 3.00pm, I'd been going like that for 5 hours! As the vibrators stayed silent for the rest of the day and night, I was able to watch the customers coming in to the shop, browsing and buying, enjoying their freedom. Some of the woman were stunning, and buying all sorts of interesting toys, and I found myself wishing one of them would buy the Shop Dummy and take it home to play with - no such luck, of course. Eventually Mary locked up, and went off home, while I spent the night spotlighted in the window, showing my pretty ass to the world.

My life for the next week was like that, a continual parade of Leather and Rubber outfits (all of which I could feel on my skin, especially the Grope Panties Mary put me in one day - those little nubs on what to me felt like my clit drove me mad, especially when the vibrators cut in), bondage positions, and a continual stream of customers looking at me in my strict bondage positions. After that first day, I was never not in some form of bondage, I think Mary was afraid of the wrath of Miss Kirsten. Miss Kirsten came in once a day, and often would find fault with Mary's work, and it was out the back for another spanking, whether there were customers in the shop or not. The crazy thing was, (as if anything could be crazier than what I was going through anyway) I could feel all of the bondage positions, just as if I was a normal human in the same position! My muscles would still cramp up, my jaw would still ache from a large gag, my nipples would still burn when Mary used nipple clamps on them (and of course the only clamps that would stay on my plastic nipples were the harsh metal teeth ones!) I couldn't work out what had happened to me, but I was certainly getting my fill of my former life's two favourite fetishes, cross-dressing and bondage!

About a week after that fateful day, I was in the window again, when my ex-wife walked by! As she glanced in the shop window (I knew she had it in her!) she did a double take, an amazed look on her face while she stared at me. Well, I was worth staring at! That day I was in a rubber torsolette with cut outs for my boobs, rubber stockings held up by the torsolette's suspenders, six-inch patent heels, and a rubber ultra mini skirt. My bondage for the day (and night to come) had my arms cemented together behind me in a rubber single glove, from which a rope was pulling my arms high up towards the ceiling in a strict strappado. My legs were forced wide apart by a long spreader bar, and my nipples were harshly clamped, with a chain severely pulling them down towards where it was attached to the spreader bar.

Mary had spent time plaiting my long blonde hair, however she had plaited a rubber strip into it as well, and this strip was tied off to the top of my rubber single glove, pulling my head back until I thought it would snap off. I was gagged with an inflatable rubber gag, which I thought Mary was going to explode in my mouth, she pumped it up so much. Even if I weren't a mannequin, there would not have been a sound or movement I could have made! I was facing out to the street, but given the shortness of my mini skirt, I was sure every customer in the shop would be looking right up under my skirt at the grope panties that Mary had me in again. They were driving me mad, coupled with the fact that the vibrators had decided that today I was not to orgasm, and so they were just bringing me to the edge, then switching off, frustrating me no end!

My ex-wife came into the shop, watching me the whole time, with a little smile lurking at the corner of her mouth. It seemed as if she knew it was me, even though that was impossible! Well, who am I to talk about impossible, given the situation I was in. After stepping into the shop, my wife examined me from every angle, even up my skirt (I could see her reflection faintly in the window), before coming around to the front where she was in my line of sight. She spoke softly under her breath and I felt a tingle pass through me as she waved her hand in the direction of the shop. At the same time, the tingle had changed me back to human, although I was still a bound and gagged female in a shop window!

"That should keep them quiet, I've frozen them in time for a couple of minutes so we can talk, well, I can talk anyway" she said, referring to Mary and the young couple she was serving. "When I cast the spell on you I never expected you to end up like this, I thought you'd probably find yourself as a slave to some Domme somewhere!"

Well, to say I was stunned is an understatement, I was actually speechless (Ha Ha)! But after that sunk in I struggled for all I was worth, trying to escape. However, it made absolutely no difference, Mary had me in too tight a bind, and all I did was punish my nipples even more with the slight movements that I made.

"I would recognise your aura anywhere" my ex continued, "so I knew as soon as I saw you in the window that it is you in there. And as I can read your aura like a lie detector, I know you understand what I'm saying. Imagine my surprise to see you as a mannequin in the window of an Adult Shop, all rubberised and bound. You see, I cast a spell on you at the Family Court the other week, allowing you to have what your heart truly desires. The next time you were in a situation that was truly perfect for you, the spell would take effect and keep you in that situation. I expected that you would go visit some Dominant Mistress, and that then the spell would keep you there as her slave. I never expected that you would wish to be a female Shop Dummy, rubberised and bound all the time. Can you feel your clothes and bonds while you are a mannequin?" she asked, smiling broadly. Of course, I was unable to answer.

"I see from your aura that you can" she then said, smiling. "That must be wonderful for you, just what you've always wanted, to be in permanent bondage. Well, I must say, that spell was a great one, I must try it again on someone. However, I had better return the shop to normal and be on my way - if I leave these poor people frozen for too long they will notice the missing time and wonder what happened. By the way, one last thing. There is a way out of the spell, and it is quite easy. You see, the spell only works for your heart's true desires. If you truly desire to be out of this situation, you will be, just like that. I wonder how long you will be here before your heart, not your head, truly wants out of this? Your aura says that you are quite content here - I'm pleased for you. It could be a long time before you leave here. Well, I'll pop around occasionally to see how you are doing, enjoy yourself!" With that, she waved her hand, and everything returned to normal, or was it abnormal? Mary was talking to the customers behind me, I was a plastic mannequin again all tied up with nowhere to go, and my ex leaned up and gave me a soft peck on my plastic cheek, before she walked out the door.

That was about three weeks ago, and I'm still here. Some days the bondage Mary puts me in is so strict I wish upon wish to be free, but it never happens. I can't believe my heart could want this so much! A few days ago my ex-wife came in and bought herself a new rubber outfit - rubber jeans and a rubber top that showed off her great figure to perfection. She took great pleasure in telling Mary how her ex husband had got her into the kinkier things in life, and now she was showing her new boyfriend "the ropes"! Meanwhile I was being used as a behind the counter centrepiece - suspended in an upside down spread-eagle in a bondage frame, wearing nothing but the grope panties (Mary loves them, I now know she has a pair herself that she wears to work regularly!) and a pair of nipple clamps.

With my "O" shaped mouth, I was in a perfect position for any man to walk up to me and use my mouth in any way that he wanted. I also had a perfect view up Mary's mini skirt whenever she bent over behind the counter, and I knew that she was wearing her grope panties as well. To top it off, today my vibrators had decided to expand and contract regularly (a new trick for them - does that mean it is because I want it?) while vibrating constantly - I was in a permanent orgasm while watching my wife strut around the shop in her new rubber outfit. Finally my wife paid for her new outfit, smiled at me, and left.

Hours later I am still here and I think I will be here for a long time yet. I hope Mary thinks up a really strict position for me tomorrow - I wonder if it will replicate whatever position Miss Kirsten puts her in at home (yes, they live together as Mistress and Slave). She does that sometimes, telling me that I should experience that which she has already experienced. Judging her on her binding ability, she could be a great Domme, if she wasn't so in love with being Miss Kirsten's Slave. I for one would be her sex slave any day, although I guess I am already, even if she doesn't realise it. Oh well, maybe one day I'll be free, maybe one day.



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