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Denied One

by Sionblack

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© Copyright 2009 - Sionblack - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; latex; vacbed; bdsm; chast; oral; anal; toys; cons; X

Sex with my wife Sue had become sporadic at best and I found myself trawling the internet more and more often. The more pictures of bondage I found the more I wanted. It was turning into an uncontrollable obsession. I had pictures of women in bondage, men in bondage and couples in bondage- whatever I could find.

I thought I had the file full of pictures hidden deep enough on the computer but Sue must have become suspicious because she had hunted through every file until she found my porn. Instead of getting mad at me and screaming “pervert” to the world she simply said five words which changed my life “Give me your credit card”.

Over the next few days and weeks packages would arrive but I was not allowed to look at them. They came in all different shapes and sizes and I knew this was costing me a fortune but I didn’t care. I had never been so horny in life. We were watching our usual Sunday night movie when she said “It starts Friday but until then, put this on”.

It was a CB6000 Chastity device! For 5 days and nights I wore this and every night she made me lick her pussy until she came at least 3 times and every morning my tongue was swirling to give her another screaming orgasm. During this time my cock was straining against the confines of the cock cage and Sue would fondle my balls in her hand telling me that maybe she wouldn’t let my cock out as I was way too good with my tongue. What did she need my cock for?

On Friday I got home from work and Sue immediately ordered me to strip and to take a shower, once I had done that I was to go into the bedroom and prepare myself. After a speedy shower I found a range items laid out on the bed for me with a note from Sue. “Slave, you will dress yourself and then join me in the kitchen for dinner.” It was signed “Mistress”.

First of all I put on the thick gauge black latex catsuit that covered every part of me except my head. Next came the thick latex mask and then the wide collar which I buckled and locked with the padlock provided. I looked in the mirror and saw this tall and lean figure of shiny black. My cock was in pain from the constriction of the CB6000 but I loved it. I couldn’t wait until I got to fuck my beautiful wife’s pussy.

I walked into the kitchen thinking I looked pretty hot but when I saw Sue WOW! She was also in a latex catsuit but hers was clear. I could see her rosy red nipples and even through the latex I could that her pussy was wet.

“Sue you look fantas....WHACK!” Sue had slapped me hard across the face “You will address me as Mistress! Now get on your Knees!”

“Yes Mistress” I humbly replied

“I am going to prepare dinner now and I don’t need you cluttering up my kitchen”.

She led me into the living room and in the middle of the floor was a black Vacbed! My heart raced as I quickly got inside and Sue turned on the vacuum cleaner, sucking out all the air. I was held fast in the Vacbed and all I could do was fantasise about all the ways Sue and I would fuck after she let me out. I wanted to hump something but I couldn’t move. I was getting desperately horny but my torment was just beginning and after about an hour she let me out of the Vacbed.

“I am going to eat my dinner now and you will lick my pussy until I say otherwise”. She sat down and I crawled under the table after her, undoing her suits zipper just enough to access her pussy. I licked and licked as hard and fast as I could, hoping she would hurry her meal and get down to the real business of fucking. She stayed at the table though and must have had half a dozen orgasms, I couldn’t believe it.

Finally she finished her meal “Get up and face the table” she ordered.

Taking some rope she tied my ankles to each of the heavy wooden legs and more rope went just above my knees.

“Put your hand behind your back”.

She tied my wrists together and then pulled them up towards my head and tied them off to my collar.

“I bought a lot of toys to satisfy your bondage lust and because I didn’t know which one to use first I’ve decided to try them all tonight. And to make sure you don’t complain you can where this.” Sue shoved a penis gag with attached dildo into my mouth and buckled it tight. Sticking out from my mouth was now an 8” black dildo!

Next she pulled my balls down and tied a length of rope around them. She flicked the other end of the rope under the table and up over the other end of the table. This she pulled taunt and tied off to my collar. “Ready Slave?” she asked “Let’s see how much bondage you really want”.

Aaaaaarrggggghh! My arse was on fire as she started to hit it with some sort of paddle. “I can really take my frustrations out on you with this Slave”. Even the heavy gauge latex was little protection against the power she put behind each stoke. Unfortunately this did little to soften my straining cock, if anything it got harder and more painful.

Finally Sue tired of whacking my arse and I heard her fiddling around with something outside my range of view. She pulled my suits zipper down and exposed the bright red flesh of my arse “You’ve been such a good boy Slave, let me soothe that for you”. I felt a cold substance being rubbed on my arse to ease the pain “finally” I thought, “now she’s going to release me and we can fuck!” Instead I felt her fingers sliding up my arsehole, lubricating it with plenty of gel “Ready for the next toy Slave?”

Slowly I could feel something thick and hard enter me. “My cock needs pleasuring Slave and here you are all bent over and ready to receive”. Sue had a big black strap on dildo and she wildly started to fuck my virgin arse with it. I couldn’t move but soon the pain turned into pleasure. I tried to push back into her every thrust but each time the rope from my neck pulled my balls and sent more pain into my cock. It didn’t take Sue long and she screamed out loud as a massive orgasm shook her whole body.

She pulled the strapon out but my arse got no relief as she shoved a large butt plug in to take its place. Sue undid all the ropes and let me steady myself, “that’s enough rest Slave, crawl into the living room now!”

“Get back into the Vacbed Slave” Mistress ordered. I eased myself in between the sheets and Sue sealed it up.”Cup your hand over your cock cage” Mistress Sue ordered. She then started the vacuum cleaner which removed all the air out of the vacbed and created a solid vacuum inside. I couldn’t move an inch!

Mistress Sue then lowered herself onto my dildo gag, I could see her marvellous breasts as they bounced above me and I could smell the scent of her sex as she fucked herself inches above my face. The vacbed was pressing my hand hard against my cock but because of the cock cage I couldn’t stimulate myself. I groaned and groaned with the shear frustration, the groaning got loader as I tried to get my wife to release me but I was completely ignored! An eternity passed and eventually my wife was just too tired to continue after a multitude of orgasms.

“That was the best sex I have ever had dear and I owe it all to your love of bondage.” I whimpered into my bag begging her for release. Fuck woman, I need to come now I screamed but all she heard was a mmmmpppppppgghh!

“Now it’s my turn for some bondage fun” as she left the room I was perplexed by this comment and thought perhaps see was going to release me so that we could swap roles. Instead she re-entered the room with another Vacbed. She laid it down next to mine and connected it to the vacuum cleaner. “This one is on a timer so I only have a few minutes to get ready”. But how was she to get out I thought? “Don’t worry; some of my girlfriends will be over first thing in the morning to let us out. I told them about everything I bought and they are all mad keen on trying all the toys out”.

She quickly inserted a vibrator into her pussy and her arse, setting them on low. She got into her vac bed which completely covered her from head to foot, with only a small tube to breathe through. She sealed it up and I saw her place her hands on her breasts just before the vacuum cleaner kicked in. Soon she was as trapped as I was; the only difference was that she was still having orgasms while I was denied even one!



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