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DDPVC selfbondage!

by Shinyhood

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© Copyright 2009 - Shinyhood - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; pvc; spandex; cuffs; gag; cons; X

I am a self confessed PVC loving fanatic! There is a great company in the USA who have made me quite a nice collection of DDPVC clothing (macs, suits,etc) DDPVC = 'double decker PVC', this is spandex backed coated pvc, which is slightly stretchy. The garments are made in two layers, so you have both soft shiny pvc both inside and out.... the best of both worlds, a little bit heavier and longer lasting, so when I mention DDPVC you will now know what I mean!

....and so to my weekend's singular activities!

'...go for it..... three, two, one......... click'.

My immediate thought.... no, no, no, what have I done, I pulled against the bonds, my ankles, arms, neck, all were now severely fastened. The mask allowed limited vision through the small eyeholes, breathing was slightly hampered by the small nose holes, and the gag was held in place by mouth hole, loose enough to push in and out a bit, but big enough and tight enough to stay put.

I struggled against the bonds again, I was already starting to perspire a little, a slight panic rose, I could not escape, I would remain here in this position until time took its toll..... this had always been a fantasy of mine, now I have finally made it happen!

Pulling on the first of my two DDPVC hooded jumpsuits, a slight shudder of trepidation ran through me, then exitement. Common sense said I shouldn't, the second hooded jumpsuit heightened my desire, before even giving it further consideration, in went the gag, on went the DDPVC hood, down came the back zip, on went the small leather collar around the neck, 'click' went the padlock, locking the buckled collar on. I hummed into the penis shaped gag, it felt delightfully loose but I could not fully push it out of my mouth, the slightly stretchy pvc would always push it back in. The two hoods of the jumpsuits were fitted and tied using their drawstrings, lightly around my shiny masked face.

Next, another rather favourite of mine (ask if you wish!), my three-quarter length shiny black DDPVC anorak, with its huge fox fur trimmed hood is pulled on, my elation and stiffy is growing now by the second! Zipping it up to my neck, tying the bottom and waist drawstrings, pulling everything in, nice and tight and snug, the big fur hood was left hugging my shoulders for the moment.

This was it..... on the upstairs hallway facing my wall to ceiling mirror, a high backed chair, into which I now sat myself, for a moment, pondering the next move, then I leant forward and fixed both ankle cuffs, which were bolted to the front legs of the chair, tight around my ankles. They felt good and secure. Next, leather straps bolted to the front of the seat, pulling my thighs apart, the padlocks click, locked.

I struggle, too late, again I sat pondering the consequences. I was still relatively free, I could still reach the scissors on the shelf by my head, cut the straps and get out of this, common sense again said yes, lust said no. The waist strap 'click' locked shut pulling me tightly back into the chair, the thick strap under my armpits across my chest 'click' locked on, I am now getting close.....

My hands are starting to shake a little, a slight whimper into the gag, now mentally debating the next couple of minutes of my fate, the DDPVC constantly carressing me. I again strain against the bonds, I am in an emotional termoil, I look into the mirror, reach behind and pull my hood up, a shiny black fur hooded alien stares back. I tie off the hood drawstring so it hugs my face and reach behind for the thick leather collar which is attached to the back of the chair on a very short chain, shakily placing it around my neck, buckled up, padlock between thumb and forefinger..... I really should not be doing this....

click..... I jerk forward, semi choking myself, I pull against the collar, it feels wonderful, but scarey. I stare into the mirror again, except for my hands and arms everything is nice and secure, holding me in a tight grip, almot inescapable...... the wrist cuffs are are attached to short chains around 9" long, attached to the seat back sides. The chains allow enough length to lock each cuff on and to "stimulate"!!!

Next to the chair is a heavy solid table at seat height, with a large shallow plastic bowl, just in reach of my cuffed right hand. Into which the first drips of water are plopping down from the padlock keys suspended six foot above in an ice block... get the picture. I reckon on two to three hours before the ice melts sufficiently to release the keys.

'Click'.... I lock the left cuff around the left wrist and fasted the right cuff, now poised, padlock now only needs that final squeeze, or free yourself, the scissors are only................

go for it.....

three, two, one.....




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