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A Day at the Job

by Warringer

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© Copyright 2010 - Warringer - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuit; corset; encase; hood; toys; cons; X

Alex ran a hand through her short hair as she stepped out of the bathroom. Stretching a few times she smirked at Steven, who waited for her, smirking.

"Ready for your 96 hour shift?" he wondered and Alex chuckled lightly.

"As ready as I will ever be," she noted and eyed her work equipment lying on a table. As far as she could tell, everything was there.

"Good, because one of the guests had booked you for the next 48 hours."

Both of her eyebrows rose as she eyes Steven.

"Two whole days?"

He nodded and handed her a large tube of a transparent gel in it.

"Two whole days. He really liked your job the last time he was here with his wife and pet."

She laughed. Two days with a single customer. That would get her a good amount of money and if she thought about the size of the tip she would likely get from this customer...

"You really know how to make a girl all wet," she noted with a grin and opened the tube to squirt the gel into her hand and start to cover her clean body in it.

He laughed out loud.

"You do a pretty good job by yourself," he said and reached for the first item that was intended for Alex, who had by now covered her legs with the special gel.

She eyed him for a moment.

"Transparent this time," she noted and eyes the full body catsuit made of off white transparent latex with integrated gloves, socks, mask and a few added extras.

Again he smirked.

"You sell best in this one," he said and held it up for her to step into the legs, while she continued to spread the gel out over her torso.

"Hmmm," she made as her feet slipped into the suits legs without any problems. Steven pulled up the suit up to her hips, the tight latex clinging to them like a second skin.

Steven smirked a little as he reached for a dildo laying on the table. He waved it around shortly, making sure that Alex knew what he was about to do. She smirked and began covering her breasts, massaging them lightly as he knelt down in front of her and placed it into the tip of a pouch that hung from between Alex legs. With a trained movement he pushed the pouch between Alex nether lips and deep into her body.

She draw in a deep breath and moaned out lightly, shuddering lightly. Steven left the dildo pushed into Alex for a few moments as he clipped a small metal lined hole into its counterpart. It created a solid link to a catheter tube that was pushed into Alex' urethra and held inside of her with the help of a tiny balloon and provided a small valve.

Slowly pulling the dildo out of Alex, he made sure that the folds of the pouch were sitting correctly, covering every single fold of the woman's sex. He nodded to Alex, who turned around and stuck out her rear, where a similar pouch hung, only this one with a metal cap at the end. As Alex began to cover her arms with the gel, he used the dildo to push the rear pouch past Alex sphincter and deep into her rectum.

Again she moaned out and shuddered lightly. She wiggled her hips lightly a few times as he pulled the dildo out of her and sighed.

"That's one of the best parts in the dressing," she noted with a chuckle.

"If you say so," Steven answered with a chuckle of his own, grabbing the neck area of the suit to hold it out for Alex.

She nodded after fully covering her face and hair with the gel and threw the tube into a corner. She slid her arms into those of the suit, pushing them forward in a trained movement, repeated numerous times before. She grabbed lightly, making sure that the gloves sat correctly as Steven pulled the suit up to her shoulders and walked around her.

Again the suit clung to her body, more due to the gel than anything else as Stevens hands pushed around her back and towards her breasts to push them into their individual cups. Again Alex moaned out lightly, pushing the rubber covering her large breasts into the right position and allow him to remove his hands.

"One of the bests parts in the dressing," he noted and wiggled his eyebrows, reaching for a towel.

She snorted.

"You may use me just as well as everyone else," she noted dryly.

"Where would the fun in that be?" he wondered and winked as he wiped the gel off his hands.

She stuck her tongue out at him and reaches for the neck opening of the mask to pull it over her head. The mask had all the needed openings for her eyes, her mouth and her nostrils and clung close to her head, just like the rest of her suit. Behind her Steven began to pull up the zipper sealing her into the suit for the next 96 hours.

"Where did the boss find the gel anyway?" she wondered and made Steve shrug as she turned around.

"No idea, she's not telling."

"Oh well," Alex made and shrugged herself. Where ever her boss got the gel, it was great. It kept the body temperature constant while inside the latex suit and made sure that one could wear it for long time. Rumours had it that the boss had worn the same suit for three month before getting out of it and thanks to the gel, she had never even smelled of stale sweat.

Steven grabbed the next part of her work outfit. A heavy black rubber version of a military carrying harness, combined with a black corset and various points for bondage equipment. Again she lifted her legs to pull them through the leg openings of the harness and held out her arms for the arm openings. Slowly Steven closed the various straps around her body, before the started lacing the black rubber corset.

Alex exhaled and closed her eyes as the corset tightened around her waist, reducing her waist by four inch. Four inch she had worked long to achieve. She groaned lightly and than draw in a breath as deep as possible and moved around lightly to test it. Steven then pulled the various straps of the harness taunt, making sure that it wrapped her body as tight as possible without causing too much discomfort, before securing each with a small padlock. The harness also made sure that her breasts were displayed nicely, while her now rubber covered nether lips and rear cheeks were pulled open slightly in invitation.

Alex stretched again, working out a few kinks in her muscles as Steven picked up a pair of transparent off white gloves and stockings. Again Alex held her arms and legs out for Steven to pull the gloves and stocking over her limbs and add another layer of latex.

Steven smirked a little as he then reached for the pair of knee high black leather boots. They were the only item not made of latex, but mostly because of necessity. The boots were heavily laced and had an eight inch heel each, essentially making her walk on her toes. With a smirk Steven threw a pair of silicone pads at Alex, who caught them with a smirk.

She sat down and placed each pad around the tips of her toes, before pushing her feet into the boots, as the pads were making wearing and walking around in these boots much easier and less painful for the toes. Steven then tied the laces of the boots shut, making sure that each boot was as snug as possible and nearly unmoving in the ankle area, and then secured the laced in a small leather pouch integrated into the boot, and held close by a small padlock

Next was a heavy rubber black helmet that could be laced closed on the back. A posture collar was integrated into the mask, as were a pair of small screens over the eyes and a pair of small speakers over the ears. Outside the mask was smoothed over in the eye area, only a pair of small cameras allowing the wearer to see. Additionally the mask had anatomically correct lips, teeth and a sheath for a tongue, allowing the wearer to use their mouth, while it was completely filled with rubber. The nose extended into a small tube with a pair of tube couplings on the left and right. A small tube and a wire hung from the back.

Alex closed her eyes and held her head high for Steven to pull the helmet over her head. Opening her mouth, she accepted the rubber mouth of the mask and bit down into it, making sure that it moved correctly for her to eventually use. Then she trued to pull some air through the small tube that was integrated into the mouth and cam out in the back, succeeding.

Steven put the laces into place and slowly closed the helmet, pulling it close tightly around Alex' head.

"Everything okay," Steven wondered and Alex made a sound that meant 'yes'.

Steven nodded to himself, again pushing the laces into a small pouch and closing it with a small padlock. He didn't need to padlock the zipper of the catsuit as it was securely hidden by the neck corset of the helmet.

"Good, good," he said with a smirk and heaved the last piece of the outfit from the table. It looked like a transparent tank of the same off white color as the transparent rubber with a number of tubes coming from it. The solid black plate of the front was shaped like the negative of a humans back. Steven carried the tank over towards Alex and than attached it to her back, making sure that it sat correctly, before connecting and closing the straps that held the tank to Alex' carrying harness, securing each again with small padlocks.

He grabbed the short wire hanging from the back of the helmet and plugged it into the black part of the tank, providing about 120 hours of electric energy to the cameras, screens and speakers of the helmet. The small tube coming from the helmet was connected to the black part as well, allowing her to drink from the supply of about four litres of water beneath the battery. A cover was folded up and around the wire and tube, making sure that no one would disconnect them.

Next was a smaller tube hanging from the lower part of the tank. He grabbed it and walked around Alex, who by now was able to see him without any problems, as she was used to the small screens in front of her eyes. He gave her the thumbs up, before kneeing down and pushing the tube into the small valve that sat over Alex' urethra. Immediately Alex sighed lightly and her urine flowed down the tube and into the tank on her bag.

Steven smirked lightly and stood back up, walking back around her to grab another pair of thicker tubes. He reached around her, and slowly connected the tubes to the one around Alex' nose. Each tube lead back to the tank and as Alex' urine slowly poured into the tank, a small heater came active, keeping the urine warm. Due to a complicated series of tubing inside the tank, it made her breath in the vapors of the urine, while the urine never managed to get into the tubes, even if Alex should make a handstand.

"I'm gonna fill up the tank now," Steven said and opened the upper screw cap of the tank. He grabbed a three gallon canister, filled with human urine, and poured it into the tank, filling it to two thirds.

Alex breathed in deep and made a sound of pleasure, causing Steven to smirk. As he closed the screw cap, he patted her shoulder.

"All done," he said with a smirk as she stood up and turned around." Looks like the Piss Slave of the Corwins Ridge Fetish Hotel is ready for action."

Alex made another sound and reached back to the tank, grabbing a spray nuzzle that was connected to a small pump in under the tank and pressed the trigger, causing a spray of urine to hit Steven.

"Hey," he made and laughed." Do that to the clients."

She made a laughing sound and turned towards the door that lead into the hotels backstage area. Steven slapped her rear, resulting in another spray of urine to hit him.

Packed up like that Alex had no doubt that this was going to be fun.

Who else could say that they were paid for dressing up in heavy rubber and having really kinky sex?

Yes, she was proud to be the official 'Piss Slave' of the Corwins Ridge Fetish Hotel.


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