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Cyan's Birthday

by Tsukuyomi Shirabe

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© Copyright 2018 - Tsukuyomi Shirabe - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; boots; heels; caught; F/f; punish; forced; wear; public; drug; catsuit; latex; bond; cuffs; chains; gag; blindfold; collar; torment; cons; X

"I'm bored.", thought Cyan. It was her birthday and an afternoon date with Retoree was definitely going to be a blast, but unfortunately her dark skinned girlfriend had to go out some time ago. So Cyan was waiting for her return in Retoree's room, not having anything better to do. And that was when she spotted Retoree's purple leather over the knee boots with four inch heels.

Cyan was always wondering how women can walk in heels and even claim it pleasurable. She knew that Retoree loves these boots, walking in them practically non-stop. Are they really that comfortable? Well, only one way to find out...

Cyan grabbed the boots, sat down on the bed and took off her own one inch platform mary janes. She slowly pulled the left, and then the right boot over her thigh high, purple and white stripped socked leg, and slowly raised to her feet.

Gosh, these heels really felt high, maybe even punishing. Cyan tried to make a step, but her socked toes slipped a little inside the boot, making her lose her balance and fall back onto the bed with her butt.

"Retoree is walking in these with ease, yet I couldn't even make one step. How is that possible?", Cyan was wondering while looking at her feet. But wait a minute - she remembered something: Retoree always wears them over her beet feet. Is it any different than with socks? Again, only one way to find out...

Cyan took off the boots, rolled down her thigh high socks and threw them on the floor, then pulled the boots back and stood up once again.

Yes, there was a difference indeed. The boots itself were almost skintight, clinging very closely to her legs, and now her feet felt like glued to the soles. This time she managed to take a few slow steps, stopping in the front of the mirror. Admiring her own reflection and even trying to pose a little absorbed her so much, that she didn't heard Retoree's footsteps and the sound of a closing door.

"Well, well - what do we have here?", Retoree's voice took her completely by surprise. Cyan turned back to face her girlfriend, blushing profusely. "Um, well, you see... I was wondering how can you walk in high heels and...", she tried to explain herself. "Yes, I can see that.", replied Retoree, grinning from ear to ear. "You had to be VERY desperate, if you decided to "borrow" my shoes without my knowledge and consent, you little thieving kitty cat.", she said, still smiling. Cyan slowly walked back to the bed and sat down. "I'm really very sorry, I'm going to take them off now.". One second later she was lying on her back and Retoree was sitting on top of her legs. "Don't even think of it, my love. You look great in them and besides I have to punish you for your selfish actions, so you're wearing them on our date. The best way to find out how walking in heels feels like is to actually walk in them.", she heard in reply. "But I probably can't...", Cyan tried to oppose. "No "buts" - if I can, than you can too. Nothing wrong with being more feminine once in a while.", retorted Retoree, freeing her girlfriend and sitting next to her. "I will give you some tips, so listen."

"The most important thing is to place your foot from heel to toe. Also don't try to bend your knees to make walking easier, you will look like a duck. Try to sway your hips instead.", she said. And then she spotted Cyan's socks lying on the floor. "I see that you have them on your bare feet. A wise choice, they're much more comfortable and easier to walk that way. You see, when you're wearing them like this, all of your sweat stays inside the shoes instead of being absorbed by your legwear, and the next time you put them on it acts like a glue, protecting your feet from sliding over the soles. Most women find it extremely gross and can't even imagine wearing any kind of closed shoes over their bare feet, but that's how it works especially with heels, at least for me.", Retoree finished with a smile. "Now you know all the basics, so let me complete our little shoe swap game, as we wear the same size, and it's time for us to go.", she added while unlacing her sneakers, taking off her socks and slipping her bare feet into Cyan's mary janes.

This was a very nice and pleasurable afternoon for both girls - they went to the nearest shopping mall for some window shopping and had a great time together. Cyan was still a little afraid of walking in high heels, but Retoree practically never let go of her hand and allowed her to take a short sitting breaks after every 30 minutes of strolling.


Cyan slowly opened her eyes, trying to remember why and when she fell asleep. Ah, yes - she was drinking some tea with Retoree after they came back from the shopping mall, but what happened later...?

She tried to move her hand and to her astonishment she found out that... she can't do it. Looking down, Cyan screamed in total surprise and fear.

She was dressed in a one piece latex catsuit complete with four inch stilettos. Her legs were slightly spread and shackled by metal bands to a spreader bar, which was firmly attached to the floor by a very short chain. Similar bands were encircling her wrists, keeping her hands a few inches from her body at waist level. These were attached to the ceiling and to the floor by another chains, and a very strange ones at that: the links weren't circular but square, and thanks to that the chains were very stiff, allowing much less movement than a standard ones would. Cyan could also feel that something hard, probably plastic, have been shoved into her mouth and two leather straps buckled tightly at the back of her head were keeping it in place, not allowing her to spit it out. She could breathe through small holes drilled inside that object, but at the same time she could also feel her own drool flowing out and dripping all over her breasts. Red leather collar at her throat completed her outfit.

"So you're finally awake, my little thieving kitty cat.", she heard Retoree's voice behind her back. "Don't be surprised - I told you that I'm going to punish you severely for your improper actions.", the voice was getting closer. "And we're going to start... now!". Cyan's world suddenly went black, as a leather blindfold was also buckled tight, covering her eyes. Instantly she felt Retoree's teeth on her left ear, and some fondling and pinching on her right breast and nipple...


Next morning Cyan was alone in the studio as usual, playing her guitar and practicing Plasmagica's new song. However, there were two slight changes in her outfit. The visible one was her shoes: her standard one inch platform mary janes now sported three inch wide chunky heels at their backs. The invisible one was inside the shoes: her thigh high, purple and white stripped socks were actually toeless. She found both articles on the table in her room after waking up this morning. There was also a note from her girlfriend, which went like this: "You were a very naughty kitten last night and you need some more punishment. For starters, master walking in these and we'll think about something higher. Happy birthday to you, my cute little pet, and see you this afternoon. With love, your mistress Retoree."



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