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Crossword Puzzle

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2016 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuit; corset; hood; hobble; heels; collar; gag; bfold; armbinder; bond; tens; electro; shock; toys; insert; tease; torment; climax; cons; X

Joan and David had enjoyed their life together for the last five years. They had married when they were both twenty one and shared a deep love of bondage. Joan even wore a latex hobble dress and corset under her tight fitting mermaid wedding dress. One of their favorite games was doing the Sunday papers cross word puzzle together while she was bound and gagged. Joan having to get him to understand her answers to the clues he told her with her mouth filled by whatever large gag one of them had chosen. She would get a reward of having her vibrators turned on briefly for any correct answers and punished by the strong tens unit for any wrong answers, and sometimes for answers he just couldn’t understand.

For the last few Sunday’s David had been very easy with her letting her enjoy the stimulations he controlled and keeping her wiggling and grunting for hours while he completed the puzzle on his own. David finding that it takes much longer to do a crossword when you’re distracted by a beautiful woman encased in rubber and bound stringently at your feet though. Joan had loved the added time in tight bondage but strangely also missed the punishments and wanted to encourage David to play with her like he had before. Feeling uncomfortable asking him to punish her for some reason, she had thought about telling him but could never come up with a way to say she enjoyed the pain without feeling odd. The thought of someone enjoying pain seemed alien to her but she did enjoy it she just couldn’t put it into words.

David hadn’t given the idea that she might have been enjoying the combination of pain and pleasure much thought. He had always assumed that she wanted the pleasure only and had just been putting up with the painful shocks just to appease him since the tens units had been his idea. David had gotten the idea after she had found and had urged him to use the shock collar from the pet store she had seen in a video. Since the collar purchase David had been using it regularly binding her tightly then shocking her into moving to a predetermined place. The game was, every minute it took her to move the preset distances she got a shock. David increasing the power every few minutes making Joan wiggle and twist more with each pulse. Once the shocks became too powerful or she had made it to the final leg the game would end. Joan would be left to struggle in her bonds writhing in ecstasy or shocked until she could do nothing but lay there and take it until the shocks were stopped.

When the game was over Joan would be released from her bonds and allowed to relax in a hot bath while David cleaned up her rubber clothes and gear smiling knowing she would show her gratitude later in bed with him. When David found the first tens unit Joan was excited with the idea that the pads could be put all over her body and controlled independently. The pads giving her different sensations with each setting and she was even more excited when he forced her to wear them under her rubber clothes when they would go into public. Joan was dressing normal on the outside with David continuously shocking her as they had dinner or went to the movies. The movies were her favorite because she could wear a large coat over her arms that had been laced tightly into an armsleeve. Once the theater went dark he would slip a gag into her mouth and force her to sit squirming in the hot rubber while he changed the settings as they, well he, watched the movie.

Joan loved being helpless in public knowing that if she got too loud they would be discovered and have to leave. David soon found that Joan had become accustomed to the stim unit and searched for a stronger one. David found a modified unit on the web that promised to be strong enough to encourage the most strong willed subject to do as they had been ordered. David had ordered two of them with attachments for her nipples, pussy and ass. The first time he used it on her he found out just how strong it was and how much they needed a much better way to gag her so the police wouldn’t be called when he would use both of them.  Joan had loved the new units, they were strong enough to truly make her feel punished. This raised her desires for them to be used on her often to try and break her will to resist and cause her to feel completely submissive.

The feeling of not wanting them to punish her again and being unable to stop the torturous devices had given her the freedom she was looking for when she fought with them for hours finally giving in and begging for them to be turned off. With her mouth filled and her body bound it would make it harder to convince David she had given in and to turn them off. David enjoyed that once she had given in he could make her perform for him eventually servicing him however he wanted her to. David would leave her bound until she begged to be released and only then would he tease her for however long it took to make her explode in orgasmic bliss leaving her gasping and smiling while he untied her.

The crossword game had come about one morning while she cooked him breakfast dressed in her normal long rubber hobble skirt with her strict long line corset. Joan was feeling particularly horny and had asked to be bound while he did the puzzle, now they played every Sunday and even her outfits had gotten more severe as did her bondage and her punishments. Last Sunday she had dressed in her thickest cat suit and long corset that crushed her body from her armpits to her knees. After he laced her into the corset he helped her shimmy into the long sleeve hobble dress. The dress holding her steeply arched feet closely together making each step a challenge especially with the six inch heels strapped to her feet. Before she had asked for his help with the corset she had laid out several other items she had thought about wearing. Now that she was held breathlessly under two layers of latex and the heavy corset she had changed her mind. Once David was done zipping up the rubber dress carefully running all the wires out from under the collar, he moved right to the gag lying on the table. He roughly shoved the large rubber phallus into her mouth strapping it tight as he wrapped the half hood/neck corset around her head and started lacing it tightly.

Joan felt like her head was going to pop off and tried to stop David from lacing the hood any tighter. David ignored her pleas, knowing her and her limits well and continued lacing until her cheeks where bulging over the top on the hood and tied of the laces and closed the cover over them. Joan was struggling to breathe, her flailing hands were desperately trying to find the laces for the hood when he grabbed them and quickly tied them behind her back. David continued applying the remaining items while Joan mumbled and struggled to get away from him. David looked at the leather straps lying on the bed saying “Well I guess I’ll be cooking my own breakfast this morning” as he picked them up and straightened them out. “You really are in a mood this morning aren’t you” he mockingly asked as he draped the first harness over her shoulders and began wrapping her rubber coated body in the heavy straps.

Joan had given up trying to stop him and stood quietly gasping for air as he tightened all the straps around her pulling each one extremely tight making the rubber encasing her squeeze out over each strap. After David tightened the three across her thighs he stepped back again to look at his rubber captive and smiled. Joan was barely able to keep her balance now that her thighs had been welded together on top of the high pointy heels she was strapped into. Joan stood teetering while he straightened out the last bunch of leather straps making her whine as he approached her holding the harness up to her head. The head harness had its gag removed from the large panel leaving an open hole over where her moth should have been and would hold the leather blindfold firmly in place once it was fastened securely.

David wasted no time in making sure each strap was as tight as the body harness as he adjusted and retightened each working his way to the last one that went around her neck making it impossible for her to turn her head or bend her neck. Joan was now trapped in total blackness as she wobbled from side to side as she struggled to free her hands. The heat of the rubber was increasing as she struggled making the sweat trickle down her body arousing her even further. David saw there were only leather cuffs for her wrists remaining but decided to change her plans a bit since she wouldn’t be needing her hands now. David left the struggling woman alone as he went to the closet and returned with her heavy leather armsleeve. David began yanking it up her arms leaving her wrists bound under it and pulled at the laces until her rubber covered arms were crushed together under it.

The wide straps were draped over her shoulders then fed under the harness straps and back to the sleeve finishing her encasement and leaving her utterly helpless and struggling to breathe. David inspected her again stroking her rubber covered body arousing himself further then slapped her on the ass making her squeal and said “If your very good maybe after I eat and do the puzzle I’ll give some more attention”. Hooking up her tense units but leaving the vibrators unhooked he turned them to level six and stuffed the units into her arm sleeve. He left the whining girl with one more command “I expect you to make one full trip through the house then come and lay beside me until I am ready to play”. Joan stood struggling, twisting her crushed arms as far around her body as possible desperately trying to stop the stinging shocks she was receiving. Joan was whining as she staggered in a small circle wishing she had just dressed herself and fixed him breakfast because she knew he would keep her encased for hours then only release her enough to use her to satisfy his needs.

As the shocks felt liked they had eased Joan began to find her way out into the house. Being blindfolded she knew he could be watching her at any time and would have to circumnavigate the entire house or take the chance of him turning the tens units up and making her do it again. Taking tiny steps she eased her way into the hall and was carefully moving down it when she noticed the smell of him cooking breakfast and continued to walk reaching the next room. Joan entered the room and walked around the perimeter until finding the door again taking her task very seriously.  Joan was gasping and the sweat was flowing around her body under the rubber making her stop and struggle before needing to stop any movements so she could catch her breath again.

Two hours later Joan had made it through the house, she had felt the stinging increase to painful shocks twice. Now her whole body jerked with each pulse that hit her tender nipples and pussy lips. She was dreaming of how good the vibrators would feel when she heard him walk up to her and say. “I need to go to the store and will probably stop to get lunch, I expect you to be on the couch when I return so we can do the crossword”. David adjusted her tens unit higher making her scream under her gag and then turned on her vibrators to a low hum.  Joan felt the vibrators come on and she stomped her foot wanting him to turn them up but heard nothing and knew he had already left her bound and gagged and standing in the dining room. As much as she was enjoying her bondage she had not planned to be this stringently bound or for it to last this long. Realizing she had no choice she let her mind drift as she shuffled towards where she thought the couch should be and thought to herself “You’re the one who wanted more”.

Another hour passed before she found the couch but Joan had been fully broken by then no longer whining as her body flinched with each pulse only stopping catch her breath when it became too much. The power of the shocks forced her to stand gasping until she regained enough strength to continue her journey. She no longer thought about release she only dreamed of remaining bound and pleasing him so he might let her cum if it pleased him. David was sitting across from her watching her every move and could tell when she had crossed into sub space when she had stopped whining.

Joan stood at the foot of the couch trying to figure out how to lay down since the heavy corset allowed her to bend very little but with the rubber and body harness she had no ability to bend at all. The rubber clad figure just stood near the couch while her sweat soaked body flinched with each pulse. David let her stand for another hour before quietly reaching in and turning up her tens units and her vibrators. Now Joan was moaning behind the gag in between gasps as her climax grew nearer and the pain increased. She still stood motionless hoping this wasn’t a dream and he was really there and was going to let her climax.

As the shocks continued to increase Joan’s orgasm began to fade and she started struggling again desperately trying to get it back when she felt him take her by the shoulders and lay her down on the couch. Joan was no longer struggling knowing he would stop any upcoming orgasm’s so she tried to lay quietly and enjoy him stroking her. David started asking her questions and she knew the game had truly started and felt the pulses increase when she didn’t answer. Joan was very happy as she lay bound and gagged under his control encased in layers of rubber and leather and knew all the aches and pains would fade when she was teased to a wonderful orgasm. The only thing she had to be concerned with now was how long she would have to wait until he was ready to allow her to climax. Joan purred behind the gag as she felt the electricity increase again and hoped it wouldn’t be for a long time yet.

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