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Critter Squad

by Tigerstretch

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Storycodes: F/f; fpov; sex; rom; cons; X

Episode 2

"Hey, camera girl, look at that! So many views on our latest video."

"I am not available at the moment."

Jaina was nice, but I didn't want to talk to her right now. When we returned to the Critter Squad's barracks after our disastrous hunting job, she and Nekko sat together and used my video footage to turn it into something watchable and uploaded it on CritterTube. Of course, because of the incident with Silver, I had already expected this video to go viral, so her telling me it did wasn't a surprise. Still, until now, I did my best to forget that I was part of this overly famous team and that their fans had a group IQ of 50.

So, here was the thing; when Silver got struck by the critter and got infected and turned into a shiny black mummy, it was evident that her sexy encased body and erotic moans would translate into a massive internet success. Even I wasn't immune to this kind of voyeurism. When I filmed the scene, it turned me back into a brainless fan who wanted to keep watching Silver being relentlessly abused by the alien mass.

But the thing I had slightly failed to consider was that all the fans, first, would wonder why a stranger like me was replacing Hacksaw, who was as famous as the others, and, two, would absolutely hate me because I caused Silver to get "hurt." It was the internet consensus; if I had not been there, things wouldn't have gone south like this, and Silver wouldn't have gotten infected.

The wave of hate coming from the fans was overwhelming. They said I should have been the one getting infected. They said they should have infected me on purpose as a punishment and let the critter lay its eggs inside of me and then let them hatch while on a live stream to cause maximum humiliation. They said I should get fired and that I should leave the country. They said I should die.

This was why I found an empty cabinet in the locker room and hid inside it. Every time Jaina gave me an update on the video's number of views, I knew the hate messages would be proportional to its success.

Yet, she insisted and banged on the metal door that separated me from the outside world.

"Come one, camera girl. This is just CritterTube. Why did you apply for a job with us if you couldn't take a bit of internet hate?"

"I never applied."

"Well, I have your application form in my hand, so you did apply."

"Silver picked it up from the floor as I was leaving."

"It was the right thing to do. Your camera work was great. You are a natural. We are making tons of money because of your skills. The fans love watching Silver getting encased."

"And they all hate me for it!"

"Yes. Is it not amazing? Our income will explode this month."

I was miserable. Jaina didn't seem to understand how it felt to have the entire world hating me. All she seemed to care about was the monetization of that hate.

And then, yes, there was Silver. She would be released from the anti-parasite hospital soon. It was a minor case since the creature didn't have time to lay eggs inside her, but I was convinced that her short stay over there had allowed her to incubate her hate toward me. If she ended up over there, it was entirely my fault. If I had been more careful, perhaps this wouldn't have happened.

"Bwaaah! Silver will hate me."

"What? No! She won't. Silver knows this work comes with risks. She got infected before, you know."

"Not on video!"

"Bah! She knew it was a matter of time. Actually, she will rage more at Nekko because it was her fault, not yours. We pulled you into this without any training. One of us should have stayed with you during the mission. It was our mistake."


I felt sick to my stomach. Jaina wasn't wrong, but I still felt like shit about this. Anyway, even if Silver didn't hate me, the whole internet was, and that was not just in my head. My life was over.

I heard a new pair of feet entering the room, probably Nekko. Why couldn't they just leave me alone? There was nothing she could do to make me feel better.

She banged on my cabinet door.

"Nya! Camera girl. Get out of there. Someone wants to see you."

"Nooo! Leave me alone. I want to die."

"You are nya gonna die. Alright, that's enough. I'm out of patience. Get out!"

Nekko forcefully opened my cabinet door and pointed at a new person standing there. It was another very familiar girl dressed all in leather with black aviator sunglasses and a toothpick between her teeth. With her short black hair plastered on her head, there was no doubt about her identity; Hacksaw.

She waved at me.

"Hello, camera girl."


I was such a huge fan of hers, so seeing her in person was beyond my ability to process. And curled into a ball of misery at the bottom of my cabinet was just so embarrassing.

Hacksaw approached and crouched down to get to my level. I could hear her tight leather pants crackling as she lowered herself, which made her look even sexier.

"Hey, good camera work. Too bad I missed all the fun. I would have paid good money to see Silver getting encased by a critter again."

"… H… Hi…"

"Hi. So, you know why I'm here, right? Or they didn't tell you yet?"

"I… I'm getting fired?"

"What? No… On the contrary. You are in. Shit, I was tired of filming everything myself. I want to see some action, not just stay behind and record all the fun. You are our new camera girl."


How was this possible? How could they even think of hiring me full-time after their entire fanbase wanted to hang me? That couldn't be good for business at all. Everybody knew I wasn't qualified to do this job.

"E… everybody hates me…"

"Yes. Isn't that awesome? I've never seen such hate toward someone before."


"I know what you think, camera girl. We've been doing business on CritterTube for years. It's just a show. If you embrace your role, you'll have a bright future. However, if you decide to leave now, you'll surely have some challenges."

"I want to die."

Hacksaw looked at Jaina and Nekko and scratched her head.

"Is she always like this?"

"Yes, nyahaha. She has a porous brain. She isn't very smart."

"I see. Alright. Come with me, camera girl. I'll show you how to use the media equipment I usually use."


"Come, I said."

Hacksaw walked away, this discussion was over, and her magnetism forced me to step out of the cabinet and follow her. It was difficult to resist my heroes. If Hacksaw asked me to jump down a bridge, I would probably do it because I was such a fan of hers.


Hacksaw was awesome. She really knew her stuff, and she gave me all kinds of tips and tricks to film better next time. She said I was a natural and that if I were to learn how to use the cameras properly, I would get amazing results. Spending some time with her this afternoon really helped me take my mind off my problems.

"If it's very sunny, I prefer to use these lenses. The critters are jet black, so you'll get better results with these."

"I see."

As we were about to finalize things, a powerful hand gripped my shoulder and turned me around roughly.


A pair of silver eyes were a few inches away from mine. Dark skin, silver hair, flawless skin, shiny boobs. I was in love… If Silver knew that I had a big poster of her wearing a bikini on my bedroom wall, she would probably blow a gasket. I was such a hardcore fan. I couldn't tell if she was angry or otherwise, but Hacksaw didn't care about that and welcomed her back before she could murder me.

"Hey, Silver. Welcome back. How was the hospital trip?"

"Leave! Now!"

"Haha. So, you are in that mood again. Fine. I'll leave you alone with camera girl."


I looked at Hacksaw leaving and stretched my arm in her direction. She couldn't possibly leave me alone with Silver. She would decapitate me.

Strong fingers gripped my jaw and turned my head back to a position where I was forced to stare at her amazing gray eyes. I felt so bad. The video Jaina and Nekko posted yesterday must have been so humiliating for her despite what the others told me. I had filmed her getting encased inside critter goo and even captured on film the tentacles entering her flawless pussy. Even the moans betraying her submission to the creature were clear and unarguable. I would have deserved it if she were to kill me on the spot.

"I… I'm… so… sorry!"

"Shut up!"

"O… okay!"

She pushed me against the wall, and her large boobs pushed on my upper chest, depriving me of the air I needed. Her face was so close to mine.

"Good job."

"Uh!… W… what?"

"I said, good job. And don't make me repeat it. Your filming was great, and you captured the moment I was attacked well. The fans loved it. We are making so much money out of it."


"That said, I had to go to the anti-parasite hospital to get the creature off me."

"I'm… I'm sorry…"

"Did you know that the creatures release a sexual hormone in their victim's bloodstream? And it takes two days for it to fade away."

"… I… I did not… What… what does it do?"

"What does it do?"


"You really want to know?"

"I… I guess… Maybe… not…?"

Obviously, that was a solid yes. Silver pressed her body against mine some more to ensure I wasn't going anywhere, and she then placed her lips on mine.

My crotch almost exploded. I was being kissed by the most attractive woman I had ever dreamed of. It was everything I had ever imagined, plus a lot more. When she pushed her tongue deep into my mouth, I became so hot that my brain overheated, and I couldn't think anymore.

"Camera girl. You need to be punished in a very special way."

"… S… sure… But… but my name is… Alexa and…"

Her strong hand entered my pants and panties, and her finger slid right between my already wet pussy lips.

"… In a very special way… Right, camera girl?"

"… Y… yes!"


"Aaaaanh! AAAH AAAH!"

The following day, after the best night of sex of my existence, Silver woke me up, plunged her face into my crotch again, and licked me until I came shamelessly hard. I couldn't believe this. I just couldn't. My idol, I had sex with the impossible girl I had always dreamed of, and it was beyond mind-blowing. Her stamina was out of this world, and her techniques had destroyed any resistance I could have had. Through her erotic actions, she had turned me into a small ball of love and orgasm.

"Did you like it, camera girl?"

"Yes… YES!"

"I did too. A lot."

"Rea… really?"

"Yes. Usually, when I have sex with someone, I don't want it to turn into a relationship, but I'll make an exception in this case. You are mine."

"You… you want to date… me?"

"Call it whatever you want, but you are mine, camera girl. You are not allowed to sleep in any other bed than this one from now on."

"Oh… I'm okay with that. I always dreamed of having sex with you and… uurgh!"

"AH! Camera girl! You are a fangirl! I see."

"Nonono! I really love you and…"

"Hahaha! Relax. Most of my fans are in love with me. Sadly for them, it's only one way. But I chose you because you are cute, and I'm so fucking attracted to you. Fuck me why."

"… That's.. That's hard to believe… Are you just pulling my leg?"

"Am I?"

"I… I don't know."

"Ah! Shame on you, non-believer!"


"Come, then. I'll prove it to you."

Silver jumped out of bed and grabbed my wrist. She dragged me out of bed. Naked like two worms, she forced me to follow her out of the bedroom, despite the pussy juice still running down my legs.

"EEP! Wait! Let me put clothes on!"

"Love can't wait!"

She was way too strong for me to resist. Seeing her naked in front of me, with perfect black skin and long silver hair, I couldn't help but think she wasn't serious. The alien hormone running in her bloodstream must have clouded her judgment. It must have been… Why would a goddess like her want to date an irrelevant girl like me? It barely made any sense. Someone as famous as her, the leader of the Critter Squad, had nothing to gain from such a relationship. Having sex with me for a night was okay, but outside that, I didn't add value to her life.

That said, resisting was futile. She dragged me against my will into the hallway, determined to ignore me and pursue her plan.

She pushed the cafeteria door open, and, of course, all the other girls were there, staring at us.


I tried to hide my juicy crotch, but Silver held one of my arms above my head as if I were a fish he had just caught. She pointed at me and made her announcement.

"See this girl?"

"Nya! What are you doing to camera girl again?"

"We are officially dating. She is mine, and you can't have sex with her or I'll kill you."


Sooo embarrassing. My face turned violet, and I clearly wasn't the only one shocked by this announcement. All the girls were just sitting there, immobile, breakfast paused, as if trying to process what they had just heard.

Then they all burst into laughter, which didn't seem to make Silver happy at all.

"Heeey! Why are you laughing? I'm serious… Camera girl is mine!"

While Neko and Hacksaw had their faces on the table, trying to cope with the nonsense, Jaina, laughing, stood up and walked to Silver. She placed her hand on Silver's forehead to check her temperature.

"Well, I don't know what they gave you at the hospital, but it's good stuff."

Silver batted Jaina's hand away.

"Stop it, moron. I'm serious. I'm in love with camera girl, and that's the end of it. I'm telling you because you need to know. That's all."

"Silver… You never had a girlfriend before. You never wanted one."

"I know, but that's over. Camera girl is mine. She is pretty, good in bed, and she loves me… right?"

Still dangling at her side, that last question was directed at me… Did I love her?

"Well… hum…"

"SEE! She loves me! So what's the problem?"

Jaina pinches the bridge of her nose, trying to gauge her next words.

"Silver… Are you serious? That seems unlike you. What happened to you wanting to stay single forever?"

"Dead serious. I didn't know what a crush was until I saw her standing on the driveway like a lost puppy. I got her to sleep with me, pretending I had alien sexual hormones inside my bloodstream, but I fell in love. Is that so much of a problem?"

"The critters don't inject sexual hormones in people. Why did you tell her such nonsense? That's just stupid."

Was this true? Did Silver really want to sleep with me because she had a crush on me? Why didn't she just tell me the truth instead of coming up with that hormone story? Was it possible that this strong and charismatic woman carried some sort of lack of self-confidence within her heart?

"Anyway. I'm dating her. She is mine, and I'm just letting you know. End of story."

Jaina turned to me.

"Camera girl? Are you okay with this? Silver can be a bit… bossy…"

"… Well…"

Okay, this was a bit unusual, but since I had been in love with Silver since I watched my first episode of Critter Squad years ago, it would have been unthinkable and dishonest to question a feeling that had been engraved in my mind for so long. It was precipitated, bold, and terribly embarrassing, but what did I have to lose?

With all the eyes on me, including Silver's, I could only speak the truth.

"Yes… I really would love that."

"AWWW! SEE! TOLD YOU! She loves me!"

Silver crushed me into a hug, which made me feel loved a bit more, but at the same time, my ribs hurt.

Jaina, her, pinched her chin and cocked her head.

"Well, that will be a problem with social media."

"Why? Why do you have to be mean, Jaina!"

"I'm not mean, Silver. The internet hates camera girl so much. They want to hang her. If you side with her in public, that's going to complicate things."

"… Mmm… true."

True? What did she mean by that? Did Silver just realize an inconvenience and would dump me because of it, so soon after declaring her passionate love for me? What kind of shit was that? I mean, I understood that the Critter Squad had to take care of their image, but was Silver ready to abandon happiness for a bunch of likes on CritterTube?

Nekko raised her arm high.

"Nya! I know."

"What do you know, cat face?"

"Nya! Nya! Because Camera girl was dumb and caused trouble to Silver, her punishment is to become her personal sex slave until she makes amends. That way, if they are seen together in public, Silver can just treat her like shit, which will be credible. Eventually, with some public relation work, they will be able to convert this into a normal relationship. Nya! I'm a genius!"

Pretty much everybody in the room looked at Nekko and cocked their heads. How did her brain just come up with such a bizarre idea?

Silver walked to Nekko in all her nakedness and placed her two hands on her shoulders.

"You are indeed a genius, Nekko!"

Why did I get a bad feeling about this?


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