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Cold Turkey

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2013 - Rbbral - Used by permission

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Chapter 1 – A Decision Made

“I don’t see that we have any other option.”

“No, me neither. She’s just out of control. Look, ever since her dad, well my dad died, she’s gone off the rails. A street kid, can you believe it, and she’s not even a kid she’s 19 and she’s wasted a year of her life already. And the vice cops now say she’s on heroin, god, what a mess. This is the only way we can get her back, Al.”

“She’s very bright, university material for sure, honours if she’d work, but now she’s doped up half the time, the rate she’s going she won’t last five years and pretty soon she’ll be on the game to pay for her habit. So we’ll have to get this great plan into motion, putting her in rehab just won’t work. I have to say I am a bit nervous though.” She sighed, and Al looked across at his wife.

“Look, it’s no different from all those parents saving their kids from those loony religious sects or from the street pimps. We’re doing it for her good, and one day, she’ll thank us for it. Now we’ve sold your father’s house she can come and stay with us here. She’s her whole life in front of her, we’re almost old enough to be her parents anyway, you’re 30 now and I’m 33. I don’t know why your parents decided to adopt her at such a late age when they already had you. She’s a tearaway and that’s all there is to it, and needs reining in, some serious discipline.”

“And we’re just the ones to do it.” Kate said, resisting a giggle.

“Well we’ve had plenty of practice on each other.” Al replied, smiling in the dark.

They lay in bed, between the silky latex sheets. Kate wore a cute pink latex baby doll with frilled panties and frills on her long sleeves. Al wore loose pyjamas with elasticised wrists, ankles and waist. They were rubber fetishists and weren’t ashamed of it. The clothes they wore now were the least outrageous they had.

“So, we’re agreed, when we put her in cold turkey, we have to be sure she doesn’t harm herself. We don’t want her suffocating on her own vomit, apparently a very common way that they die, so it’s a liquid diet and the stomach tube will have to be anchored inside her by inflatable bulbs, that’s no problem. We don’t want her thrashing about so the bondage will be a necessity.”

Kate was a doctor and knew all about addicts and cold turkey, hallucinating, cramps, scratching, punishing themselves. She didn’t want that to happen to her adopted sister, a girl with so much potential, that she looked upon as a daughter.

“Don’t you think the zombie suit is a bit drastic?” He asked his wife, not really believing the question himself.

“Of course not, it’s perfect, she can’t harm herself and all her functions will be under our control. Look she’s only been on the heroin for maybe two, three months, so it’s not like she’s been an addict for years. The withdrawals won’t be too unpleasant and the rehab won’t be long either.” She ticked off the fingers of her hand.

“One, she’s in bondage, the steel cuffs attached to the waist, the heavy gloves mean she can’t scratch herself or pull out any of the tubing. Two, the feeding tube means we can control her intake, food supplements, vitamins etc and with the bulbs inflated down to her stomach there’s no worries about her regurgitating and suffocating. Three, the catheter and anal probe and vacuum system will ensure we have control of all her effluent, so she won’t be throwing it all around the room….and believe me I’ve seen that, but more in long time addicts.” Kate snuggled up to her husband.

“Yes, essentially she’ll be a zombie, under our control, intake, outtake, movement, speech, vision. And I think we have to go for a minimum of four/five days and take it from there. Yes, she’s going to be sweating like a pig in the suit, but that will be good. Once she’s over the worst she’ll be fine. She’ll stink to high heaven after five days but that’s the least of our worries.” Kate looked up into Al’s eyes, a big smile on her face.

“Anyway, maybe she’ll grow to love it, like we do.” Al returned the smile and kissed his wife lightly.

“Yes, but you and I have never been in it for five days, have we? I had two days and that was plenty, although lots of fun too, you’re a wimp, you’ve only been in it for 24 hours.” He pinched her tenderly. She laughed and said.

“She’ll be fine, a lot better than when she went in, for sure. All the programmes and drugs do is take them off for a while, I hate to say it but most of them return within a short time. Well that’s not going to happen to Sue. Drastic problems call for drastic solutions. Hell, if we fail then she goes back onto the street and we have to think of something else. No one would believe her story anyway, the hallucinations of a junkie. No I think this will work,” she giggled, “maybe we can make a fetishist of her, replace one drug with another, rubber! Now that would be a real bonus.”

Al chuckled. “Oh, I get it, you rather fancy her, the little minx, don’t you?” He well knew his wife’s sexuality knew no boundaries, and after all Sue was no blood relation, and was over the age of consent.

“Well, she is a cutie, and I’m only 11 years older than her.” She slid her hand down inside his pyjamas and knew he would be hard. “Maybe could have a threesome, haha.”

“Let’s just get her clean first, can we?” He laughed and took her in his arms. “I thought you would want her for yourself, anyway.”

“No, I could share her, I rather thought you wouldn’t say no.”

“No, not at all, we could teach her a thing or two, for sure, a couple of oldies like us, haha.”

“Okay so we pick her up tomorrow. Dad’s house has to be closed up and emptied for the new owners by next week, so no one will think it strange when she’s no longer there. The cabin is ready, nice and remote, with its own private beach. We have the summer vacation, before she’s off to university, if she’s ready that is. So we have say 4 weeks for the whole operation, and bring some serious discipline, and maybe a little love after that, into her life. We have all the clothes and equipment downstairs, so let’s get to it!”

Al could see his wife was starting to look forward to what was ahead, and he had to admit that although they were dealing with a serious sickness in Sue, the plans they had for her excited him too.

“Okay, we take her tomorrow, before she has time to leave and look for her first fix.” He snuggled up next to his rubber lover, his hand slipping up inside her latex panties. All this talk had made her wet. He pulled down her panties and she rolled over and on top of him, sliding his hard cock out from his pyjamas. In the dark from the bedside she grabbed a full head gas mask and expertly pulled it down over his head. They had done this many times and both loved it, her on top and he, gas masked, thrusting into her. All too quickly they came, the anticipation of what was to come, still clear in their minds. Tomorrow would be a very interesting day.

Finally she withdrew, and turned over, they made spoons and were asleep almost immediately, the pungent aroma of the latex in their nostrils.

Chapter 2 – Sue is Taken

The subject of their discussion was asleep in a dope dream in her father’s old home. Since his death most of the furniture had gone, but Sue stayed, barely able to look after herself. Now on heroin she was content to sell her body for the next fix. She would be fine until morning, and then be out on the street to make some money for the next hit. It had been so easy since graduating high school with honours to go from soft to hard drugs.

She wouldn’t look to Al or Kate for help, she was too proud for that – or ashamed to admit her problem. Before she got hooked, she liked them a lot. Although she was a good deal younger they treated her like a sister, in fact better than a sister, they were equals and Sue could always confide in them. But not about this.

She had failed them, and herself and she felt a little sorry for herself. But that was too late now, heroin was the boss and he had to be fed. She hadn’t been on it long, but long enough to know that it would take a lot of effort to beat it, and she wasn’t sure she could do it, alone that is.

She thought of Al and Kate. Quite a pair they were, without any inhibitions, great bodies and not afraid to show them off. Al was really sexy, she thought, and Kate had the body of a mature goddess. Sue knew she was a bit skinnier, but she had full breasts and an innocent child-like face. She had long red-brown hair, pulled back in a ponytail, but it was now unkempt, and her skin was pallid, all the result of the drugs.

She dressed provocatively in black and silver, some leather, short skirts, even a little vinyl and latex, which was becoming more popular in the clubs. She like rubber’s cool cling, and shine and how it flattered her body, but she couldn’t say it was a sexual turn-on. But she had an open mind, or at least thought she had. Some of the guys she went with really seemed to like it, it gave her the patina of being a bit of a rebel, and she played along with it. A couple of them liked to tie her up while they made love, or fucked as they put it, and she was all right with that, she just hoped they were to be trusted, and so far she had been all right. She actually quite liked it, mock-struggling against the bonds. A couple of them wanted her gagged and she went along with that too, not finding it unpleasant, and anyway at the end of it there was some dope or money in it.

In the early morning she didn’t hear the front door close, nor hear the two black clad figures come into her room. When she awoke two featureless black faces looked down on her. Was this a heroin dream or reality? She was about to open her mouth and scream, when one of them pulled a black helmet over her head. She was plunged into darkness: she struggled but they held her to the bed. The helmet was dark, cool and clammy and from the smell of it was made of rubber. There were no nose holes, or eyeholes and she started to panic as she drew in air through the mouth hole.

Expertly a soft rubber bladder was stuffed into her mouth and she found she could breathe through a tube down the middle of it. The relief was short lived as something was attached to the bladder and suddenly it started to grow in her mouth. Very quickly her mouth was full and she screamed but the only sound she could make was a soft mmmm. At the same time the helmet around her head was being pumped up, pressing the inner rubber skin hard against her head, onto her eyes and ears. The pressure was disorienting and all she could do was concentrate on her breathing.

To heighten their excitement Al and Kate had dressed in identical skin tight black latex suits, with separate full cover helmets, with eye, nose and mouth holes. Once in the open with the helmets removed and with long scarves, shirts and slacks no one would detect how they were dressed underneath. Kate looked down on the wriggling figure below her. Sue had a great figure for sure. All muscle and sinew with large firm breasts. As Sue tried to grip the hard rubber enclosing her head and if possible rip it off, Al slipped a thick rubber tube over her wriggling feet and up to her knees, holding them tight together.

Sue was still mmmm’ing inside the helmet and having no success in trying to break the thick outer skin of rubber, which was as tight as a drum. Kate found it very erotic knowing a young woman was silenced like this. She had been in this predicament many times, under the strong hands of Al, and she loved the helplessness of it. However, realising the seriousness of the task in hand she concentrated on the next stage as Al rolled Sue over onto her front. He pulled a similar thick rubber tube up Sue’s arms behind her back to her elbow so the tube now held her rigid from wrist to elbow.

She was now well bound by the thick rubber and could only roll and flap. Instinctively Kate gave her an almighty slap on her bare buttocks and Sue yelped, but continued to roll and wriggle, so Kate gave her another hard slap and then started to massage the reddening bottom. Like a child Sue stopped struggling. Kate looked at Al and whispered.

“Well it’s a start, evidently a good spanking might do the trick.”

“It always did with you.” Al grinned back. Al brought over a thick rubber body bag with a single narrow leg, internal sleeves and a front two-way zip from crotch to collar.

Now Sue, or this “person” with a black latex football for a head was quieter as they raised her up and slid her legs into the cool rubber of the bag. Sue was confused and a little terrified now. Who were these two people? Were they a couple of her old lovers or someone hired by her drug bosses? She owed no one any money, she always paid up. Or did they want her to hook for them full time now. It was very worrying, but she could do nothing at all to stop them.

Her mouth was full of rubber, and her head trapped in a latex vice. She couldn’t speak, or see and barely hear. Now she felt rubber enveloping her body. She started to struggle, uselessly she knew, as the rubber clammily gripped her up to her chin. She was now encased, cocooned in it, a mute powerless larva.

Al picked her up in his arms as Kate cleared up the room.  Then Al descended into the hallway.

“All done?” He asked and Kate nodded, smiling through her mask. Sue was not wriggling any more, perhaps resigned to her fate. The sun was up now but the house was well hidden from the road. She locked the house, opened the trunk of the car and Al gently lowered the rubber bag into it.

Then as if she had woken up, Sue started to squirm and wriggle again. Al quickly grabbed her flapping legs and rolled them back until they were flat against the back of her thighs. There he connected a ring at the feet of the bag to one at thigh height at the back of the bag. Now there was no movement at all from poor Sue. She seemed to realise this and now relaxed as best she could, quietly breathing through the tube in her inflatable gag.

Al and Kate pulled off their masks, tossed them in the trunk and donned roll neck sweaters, pants, scarves and shoes, then embraced.

“Step one successfully over.” Said Kate, slammed the trunk and got behind the wheel, and pulled away. A perfect kidnapping had been performed and no one was the wiser.

Chapter 3 – Sue Learns Her Fate

For poor Sue the kidnapping was only the start of her ordeal. But as Al and Kate would no doubt try to convince her, it would be for her own good. As they drove to the coast Al dropped one of the hatches from the back seat and saw the rubber balloon, representing Sue’s head resting on the trunk’s floor. She was no longer wriggling, or moaning.

The drive was uneventful and by lunchtime they had arrived at their secluded cottage by the coast. Kate opened the door to the house as Al lifted a now docile Sue, trapped in her tight rubber bag, out of the trunk. Beneath the cottage was an old root cellar, which over the years of their marriage they had adapted into their bondage basement.

It was approached by pulling back the living room rug, opening a hatch and descending down a flight of stairs. There were two small windows at ground level, barred and with opaque glass, but capable of opening for fresh air. There was a small bathroom with shower and WC, a playroom and a bedroom with a large bed with latex sheets and pillows and wrought iron head and footboard.

There were a myriad of mirrored cupboards with a wide selection of latex clothes and bondage equipment, cuffs, chains, enema equipment, nozzles, tubes and much more. The walls, ceiling and floor were well padded and sound insulated and the slave would never be heard from above. Sue of course did not appreciate this as she was carried by Al down to her new “residence”. He released her legs from the ring at the back of her thighs and she now sat, mute and blind, on the side of the bed, air whistling through the gag inside her inflatable helmet.

Kate looked at Al and they nodded at each other, it was time for the riot act!

They deflated the helmet and the attached gag and slowly pulled it off her head. She blinked and looked up and with a look of horror she realised that she had been kidnapped by the two people that she considered as friends.

Despite her near hysterics they calmly told her what was in store for her. No matter how long it took she would be cleansed, with much tough love and affection, but very severe discipline if needed. At the end maybe she would appreciate it. Right at that moment she thought them crazy, and couldn’t imagine that she would ever appreciate it, but then, there was a long way to go.

She didn’t know where she was but was bright enough to understand that they meant business. She had never seen them like this before, dressed as they were in matching tight latex catsuits that really showed off their curves. But slowly it began to dawn on her that, while this all seemed like a bad dream they meant her well. She realised that she had made a mess of her life in the last year, but didn’t have any idea how to break the spell, maybe this was the only way. In any event she was coming to realise she had little option. Kate sat down next to her and put an arm around her rubber covered shoulders.

“Now my dear, it will not be easy, but I’m sure you will survive just fine. First things first, bad news I’m afraid, this long hair of yours is going to have to go, you see…”

“What, but…oh no, please…”

“Yes, I’m afraid so we don’t want it getting stuck in any of the zippers or tubes, or around your neck, it can move within the suit we have for your rehab and it will be wet and sticky and horrible. So we’re going to give you a nice haircut.”

“Oh no, no way, get me out of this….aarrrggh, rrrrgh, mmmmm.” Quickly and very efficiently Kate had slipped a large red rubber ball gag into Sue’s protesting mouth and tied it firmly at the nape of her neck.

“Well I’m sorry we had to do that, but maybe it is for the better. Now breathe slowly and calmly, this is going to happen and there is nothing you can do about it. We’re not going to shave you bald, no, we’ll clip it down to half an inch or so, which will be much more manageable.” And Al produced a set of hair clippers and began to pass it over Sue’s head.

As he long locks fell about her, tears dripped down her cheeks, it seemed all the fight left in her was gone, at least for now. Very quickly her hair lay around her on the floor and her head was shorn to an androgynous half inch. Kate gave it a gentle rub.

“Good, you know you look great with it like that, and you’ll appreciate it once you have the suit on, much less sweaty and sticky, believe me I know.” Kate’s hair was a pageboy’s ash blonde. In her youth she had it quite long but since being with Al she’d had it short, to accommodate all the masks and helmets they wore. She much preferred it that way. Less sweaty and sticky and the feel of the rubber on her face and head was enhanced, and she really liked that….

Sue couldn’t believe what was happening, for she could see herself in one of the many mirrors in the room. There she was, trapped in the tight clammy rubber body bag, ball gagged and now shorn like some poor sheep, and she knew it was not going to get any better. They kept talking about her suit whatever that was and she didn’t like the sound of that, but she knew soon she would find out.

Al cleared away all her beautiful hair and then from a cupboard brought over a thick armful of shiny black rubber. So, Sue surmised quickly, this was the “suit”. As Al laid it out on the bed next to her and she mutely looked down at it, Kate began to explain it to her in gentle tones, as if talking to a child.

“We call this our zombie suit, a bit dramatic I know,” she chuckled, “but as you will have no doubt figured by now, Al and I get up to some kinky games. I don’t like the term kinky, so old fashioned, but I can’t think of a better one. We like to explore our sexual horizons and….we both like rubber. We like its look, its sheen, its smooth feel, clammy and cool at first and then it warms around you, holding you in its embrace. We even like its smell, so we play a lot in it.” She continued, spreading out the suit on the bed.

“Well now, the zombie suit, as you can see it’s made of very heavy rubber, you could call it a punishment suit, because that is what it can be, once you are in this my dear, there’s no possibility of escape without outside assistance. I know that sounds a bit terrifying, but believe it or not we both like being in it, yes, we like it. Once in you are entirely in the hands of your partner, who can do anything to you or with you. It’s at times like these that you understand the term trust.” Again she laid her hand on Sue’s shoulder and looked at her intently.

“Now Sue, you can trust us, you are going to be in this for a reason. We are going to rid you of your dependence; you are going to be cured, cold turkey, sweating it all out in this. We will be with you much of the time, monitoring you, helping you through this, you have no fear of that. Now Al and I have both worn this many times, it can be worn by both male and female as you will see. It is loose and very heavy and you will see Al and I are around the same height and you’re a touch shorter, but you will fit in just fine.”

At this Sue groaned quietly into her ball gag, almost pleading. Kate looked at her closely.

“Sue, do you want to be on heroin til you die, which at the rate you are going might not be long, or do you want to live….you make the choice, no, let me rephrase that, we have made the choice for you. We want you to live, and this is the first step, like it or not.”

She placed a hand on her shorn head, and Sue slowly nodded, perhaps realising that they really did mean her well. She looked down at the suit again. Very thick rubber that she could smell from where she sat, attached thick gloves, and thick soled feet, and she also noted a steel rimmed hole at the crotch and when Kate turned it over, a similar hole opposite the anal passage. And…she took a breath…lying next to it was a featureless helmet with clear lenses with studs on either side for blindfolds or whatever, and steel rimmed holes opposite the mouth and nostrils. She shivered at the thought of what these might be for. And soon she would find out.

Chapter 4 - And Sue Becomes a Zombie

“So, let’s get you into your suit Sue, now we’re going to get you out of this body bag, and we don’t want ant resistance, if there is then it will be worse for you, all right?” Sue took a deep breath and then nodded, resigned.

They unzipped the body bag from her and she stood up, then Al pulled down the thick bands that held her legs together, but kept her arms bound. There was a lot to do yet, and he had a feeling that Sue would still provide some resistance. Now she stood naked in front of them, not making any attempt to escape nor remove the all gag. Silently Al and Kate admired her firm body, and both were pleased that Sue shaved her pussy, otherwise they would have to do that before placing her in the suit. So they were ready. Kate hugged her, and Sue could feel the warmth of her body through the shiny, tight skin of rubber covering her.

“It really will be for your own good, dear, it just doesn’t seem that way right now, I know.” Kate could see tears in Sue’s eyes but knew this was not the time to back off now.

“Now before we get you into the suit we need to get you some support for those lovely breasts of yours, so I have a bra for you. This again is made of heavy rubber and will give you very good support. Around the aureole and nipple area you will see these large metal cones and your nipples will fit snugly up against them. I’ll explain about that later. Now there are no metal buckles on it so can you promise that when we release your arms you won’t resist, it really is pointless you know.”

Sue thought on this and nodded reluctantly as Kate stretched the heavy rubber over her head and then gently took her breast and eased them into the cool rubber. Kate took some time adjusting the straps and aligning Sue’s nipples, which she noted with a small smile were hardening, until they were resting against the cold metal.

“Good, a great fit, you will have this bra on all the time so you need to be comfortable.” Sue looked down and saw her breasts thrust out in a provocative pose, the nipples and surrounding aureole areas now smooth, rounded shiny steel. She noted that the steel cones were heavy as if containing something, but were very well supported by the thick rubber. Kate ran her hands over her breasts, smoothing out the last crease, and despite her predicament Sue felt a shiver through her body as her nipples hardened and pressed against the cold steel, eliciting a small smile from Kate.

Al now opened the zip at the back of the zombie suit and Sue stared inside it. The zip extended from the small of her back to a high reinforced collar. Al opened it out and Sue obediently stepped into the two leggings. They were loose but she had to push a little harder to get her feet into the heavy bootees.

Al now pulled the heavy suit up her torso. Sue shivered at the cool, silky touch and Kate said.

“Don’t worry dear, your body heat will warm it up nicely soon. Good girl, now push your arms hard down the sleeves and into the gloves, good.” The gloves were indeed heavy, and Sue found out very quickly that it was difficult to move her fingers. But it was dawning on her that maybe she would have no need for them anyway. Al and Kate seemed to have thought of everything! Al quickly zipped the suit up to the high collar, which Sue noted was snug around her neck.

Sue looked in the mirrors and saw she was now completely encased in heavy, shiny, loose rubber. It wasn’t unpleasant, it was cool and where it touched her skin was silky smooth. The rubber was tighter over her breasts and brushed her steel tipped nipples, and also a bit tighter over her waist and groin, and then she saw the steel rimmed hole at her groin and knew that it was not over for her yet, not by a long chalk. Kate ran her hands down her sleeves and then thighs and finally her thrust out breasts, and Sue, still gagged, moaned quietly.

“There, not so bad is it? It will warm up quickly, and soon you will be sweating, a lot, which is good for you. We have ventilation holes under your arms here, right down here at the soles of your feet, and between your pussy and arse, so sweat will be able to drain out, but my dear….rest assured you will be in here for the duration.”

“Now Sue, as you can see from the holes in the suit we have a couple of…er…devices we have to insert into you. Now don’t look so alarmed. It is important that all your functions are under our control as you rehabilitate. This means your bodily functions, yes, front and back. So firstly we are going to place this butt plug in your rear passage. Now this plug is of hard rubber and long steel strips and it has a narrow neck which your sphincter will grip. The steel base further along will be connected to your suit so you won’t be able to push it out. It also, as you can see, has a tube down the middle, through which we will squeeze a warm soapy enema once a day and then vacuum you out to keep you nice a clean inside.”

Sue moaned into her gag and began to cry again.

“I know it looks very big but don’t worry, you’ll soon be able to accommodate it, I have after all.” She chuckled. As Kate helped her bend over, Al lubed the probe and then rested it at her bum hole. He saw her tense and Kate quietly told her to relax. Al eased it past the steel ring of the suit and pressed the plug at her rear entry, taking his time. He saw the tight rosebud begin to weaken, succumb to the pressure and ease open. He pressed further as Sue moaned and shuddered, and then the plug began to slowly enter her rear.

It took over a minute but then the widest part of the plug was reached, and finally passed, her sphincter retracting around the wide rubber and steel base. Al aligned the steel base of the plug with the steel ring of the suit and, like a bayonet connection twisted it until there was an audible click. Sue knew that it was now locked inside her and she was now breathing hard as Kate embraced her.

“Good girl, good girl, there that wasn’t so bad was it? Maybe someday, like me, you might get to enjoy it. Who knows? And now we have to deal with your front orifice dear, and this will be a similar piece of equipment.” As she said this, she pulled on a pair of surgical gloves.

“We are going to catheter you, so that you don’t foul the inside of your suit. The catheter tube passes through a quite substantial vibrator. Al and I have thought that as you go through the pain and unpleasantness of your withdrawal it would be a welcome change if you could during your trial gain some pleasure. So this joint catheter and vibrator will provide two functions, to remove all urine from your system obviously and, when the mood moves Al and I, to provide you with some pleasure. Now I know you have had a cock inside you, Sue dear, in fact you haven’t actually been very selective in your partners, have you? Well this nice vibrator will be your permanent partner for the foreseeable future, now spread your legs please.”

Sue tried to plead with her eyes, but Kate just held her ground, holding the vibrator with the catheter tube extending from its head in front of her for Sue to inspect. Obediently Sue spread her legs. Kate eased the catheter tube past the steel ring of the suit and up inside her, and this was followed by the vibrator. Sue began to shake and moan quietly.

“Easy now, easy, it’s going to be fine, haha, lots of room here.” Now Kate inflated the end of the catheter tube and it was then embedded firmly within Sue, the tube dangling down between her legs.

“Again this has a steel plate that will be locked onto the suit.” And she gave the vibrator a small twist and a similar click was heard. But she wasn’t finished, as she strapped a collector bag to Sue’s left calf and connected a tube from the bag to the tube hanging down between Sue’s legs. Then she released the valve on the tube, and watched with satisfaction as a small trickle of urine passed down and into the bag. She nodded.

Sue closed her eyes hardly believing what was happening.

But it was. Her pussy and bum were now stuffed with rubber and steel, her breasts trapped in rubber and her nipples resting against slowly warming steel. And further inside her were tubes that would inject water into her and then clean her out. But they weren’t finished yet, as Kate picked up the imposing looking helmet.

“You might find this a bit claustrophobic, but you should get used to it over time, Sue dear. One of the reasons we cut your hair is that this helmet has no zip, and is going to be quite tight when we pull it over your head and we don’t want to be pulling your hair out by the roots, do we?” She said chirpily.

“Now sit down here and we’ll get you into it.” Sue gingerly sat on the edge of the bed, very cognisant of the butt plug in her rear and the tube dangling between her legs. As she sat he felt the butt plug press slightly further inside her and moaned again. Kate ignored this and placed a hand on Sue’s cheek, looked down at her and said calmly.

“Okay, now I’m going to take your gag off. I’m afraid all that is going to be said has been said, so I don’t want to hear anything from you, all right. When this is all over we can have a long talk, but for now we’re going to get you better.” Kate nodded again, she was happy to get the damn gag out of her mouth at last. Kate prised the soaking gag from Sue’s mouth; she said nothing, just licked her lips and prepared for the worst. Al firstly unzipped the suit a few inches at the collar then took the helmet, placed it on the crown of her head and firmly pressed down on either side.

It was tight, Sue quickly realised, but with the help of Kate it was soon pulled over her ears and nose and the long collar rested snugly around her neck. Al then zipped the collar of her suit over it for a very snug fit. Sue breathed as easily as she could as Kate aligned the steel nose and mouth holes of the helmet with her face.

Sue noticed immediately that the helmet was a lot tighter than the suit, the cool rubber pressing in on her features. She was at least happy that she had never suffered from claustrophobia. She peered out through the lenses at a smiling Kate, and noted her vision was quite good. But she had noted before that the helmet had studs either side of her eyes at her temples and knew she could be blindfolded by them should they wish it. The helmet was very snug at the neck, but not uncomfortable and she could breathe easily.

But she knew they weren’t finished.

Kate seemed satisfied with the helmet now and said matter-of-factly.

“All right. The final intrusion into your body I’m afraid is also not very pleasant. Sue, we are going to control your food intake during your rehab and we’ll do this by feeding you by way of a tube down into your stomach.” Sue shook her head violently.

“No, no please.” Her voice sounded a little faint from behind the helmet.

“My dear it is best for you, we can control your diet, and keep it healthy, and there will be no chance of you suffocating on your vomit.” As she said this, she stripped off the pair of surgical gloves and replaced them with a new pair. Then she picked up a long endotracheal tube with three inflatable bulbs at 6 inch intervals, and at the end, an inflatable gag, and held them up in front of Sue.

“Yes, this is quite the piece of equipment, isn’t it? Anything I say is not going to make it any easier for you, sweetie. Very simply this tube goes down your throat and into your stomach, the three bulbs here will be inflated and fill your gullet such that nothing will be able to come back up again and choke you.” She pointed to the largest bulb.

“The large bulb at the end here is a gag, an inflatable gag. There is a curved plate underneath it, which will hold your tongue in place so you won’t swallow it. The bulbs and the gag are inflated separately at the front here and then the inflator pump is removed and the two tubes capped. The only remaining tube is the one you will be fed through, a good healthy liquid diet, and one which is easier to remove by way of the rectal tube. All the very efficient, and again, I know because I have worn it, many times, and after a while Sue dear, you do get used to it.”

Sue could hardly believe her ears as Kate placed it on the bed and picked up two narrow tubes with steel screw fittings at the end and smiled.

“Now you may be wondering, well how do I breathe, and if you are not, then you should be, Sue dear. You breathe through these, they go up your nostrils and all the way down into your lungs, so there is no possibility of you not getting enough air. Now this has to go in first Sue, so Al will place a little local anaesthetic in your nostrils while I lube the tubes and we’ll be underway. Now place your hands on your hips and look up at me.”

Sue was surprised at how easy the two tubes slid up her nose and then down into her lungs. It took a little while and Sue took it very gently. They certainly tickled, but there was no pain and very soon she could breathe easily. The two steel screw fittings at the ends of the tubes were then screwed into the two steel fastenings of the helmet.

“You are doing really well Sue. Not long to go now. This will be the worst, but again we’ll anaesthetise your throat and lube the tube so it will slide down nice and easy.

She opened her mouth obediently as Al sprayed her throat and waited a few seconds as Sue lubed the long tube. Then she placed the tube past the steel ring and into Sue’s open mouth.

“Good girl, okay now start swallowing and keep doing it, swallow, swallow, come on, that’s good, keep going, good.” Sue had no choice but to obey and despite the anaesthetic spray could feel the tube at the back of her throat, and then slide down. She began to wretch and cough, but Al held her head firmly as he knelt behind her while Kate continued to feed the tube down inside her.

“Good girl. You’re doing well, almost there now, just a few inches to go. Now start breathing through your nostril tubes, you’ll get nice uninterrupted air as your air is closed off from your mouth now, good girl, keep breathing slowly now, excellent. Okay, now the tube is all the way down. So we are going to ease…her we go…this curved plate over your tongue….like so, and lock the device to your helmet so you don’t end up swallowing it by….easy does it, there we go, twisting the base plate to the ring here. Good…well done Sue.”

Sue stared up through the lenses of her helmet at Kate’s happy face. She could now only breathe through her nostrils. The rubber bladder in her mouth rested on her tongue, but did not fill her mouth. She could feel the strange tube down into her stomach, and then, as Al continued to hold her head, Kate began to squeeze the first bulb that extended from the base plate at her mouth. She moaned her discomfort as deep inside her she felt the three bulbs in her gullet begin to expand and again mmmmffed a moan of displeasure. Kate just smiled and said sweetly, unconcerned about the girls’ predicament.

“Over soon, sweetie, a couple more squeezes, there we are, all done.” Satisfied that the three bulbs in Sue’s gullet would stop the possibility of any regurgitation, she unscrewed the bulb and replaced it with a short plug screw.

“Okay one more to go and we’re done.” And Kate gripped the second bulb extending from the helmet’s steel base plate.

Oh no, please no, NOOOO! Not the gag, please. And she moaned as loudly as she could, looking imploringly up at Kate. Implacably Kate looked down.

“Better to have you fully gagged than this bladder flapping around inside your mouth dear. Now I’m not going to break your jaw, this gag is for the long term, give you something to suck on, to chew on. Down the line we may deflate it, depending on your behaviour.”

With a quick couple of squeezes the gag leapt to life in her mouth, silencing her, reducing her to a quiet moan, in seconds. Kate pressed her thumb and forefinger to Sue’s rubber covered cheeks, nodded and seemed satisfied at the extent to the inflation and replaced the inflation pump with a similar plug screw she’s used earlier. While the gag didn’t stretch her mouth and jaw painfully, Sue was certainly aware of its presence. She wailed into the gag and brought her useless gloved hands to her face. But that was of little use.

With Sue clearly still in shock, Al placed a heavy steel belt around her waist. It was three inches wide with an adjustable tongue and groove locking mechanism at the rear. He pressed the tongue into the sleeve and pushed it in, locking it not too tightly but enough to settle at her waist. He told her to lower her hands and continued the exercise with a three inch wide steel collar, and Sue sat mutely as he wrapped this round her neck and repeated the locking exercise at the back. Both the waistband and the collar had a series of rings welded at front, back and sides.

While Al was doing this, Kate had knelt down and was placing two inch steel cuffs around Sue’s ankles, again sliding the tongue into each socket, locking them in place. Then she stood, smiled down at poor Sue and said.

“Sue dear, give me your hands, there’s a good girl.” Sue wailed into her gag, but raised her heavily gloved hands out to Kate, who calmly placed matching cuffs round them and then locked them. Similar rings were welded on the cuffs and anklets.

“During your withdrawal dear, you may become violent, and may hurt yourself so you will need to be restrained, so all this is for your own good, I assure you. We can cuff your wrists together, or to your belt, or your collar and we can cuff your ankles to calm you. One last thing….and I promise you it is the last…ha ha. We don’t want you banging your head and injuring yourself, so this helmet has another feature.”

She took an inflator bulb from the bed and screwed it into a small valve at the crown of the helmet. Again she sat down next to Sue, her hand on her shoulder.

“The helmet is quite tight I know, but the thick rubber may not protect you if you become violent, so we have the added feature in that there are two skins of rubber, and the helmet, just like the one you wore here when we brought you, is inflatable.” And as Sue sobbed and wailed at her predicament, Kate squeezed the inflation bulb and the rubber pressed harder and harder against her head.

Oh no, please no more.

She could barely move her head, with the two skins of rubber and the steel collar already imprisoning her head, and now the inner skin pressed harder and harder against her features. She looked over at the mirror and wailed as she saw her head, now a featureless black rubber ball with the steel plates at her nostrils and mouth; the helmet wasn’t huge, maybe two or three inches more in diameter, but as Kate tested it by flicking it with her forefinger…it was as tight as a drum. Satisfied, Kate unscrewed the inflator and capped the valve.

Sue tried to relax, she knew there were days to go, but her mind was in turmoil. Kate said to her.

“That’s it, my dear, all over, you’ve done very well indeed. I know you are in shock.” She placed an arm around the poor girl, who was breathing as calmly as she could. Kate placed her other hand on Sue’s rubber and steel covered breast and tenderly began to stroke it.

“There, there, you are going to be fine, calm, calm. Good girl, I know it’s hard to believe but I have been in your predicament a number of times, Al loves me completely under his control like this. And I love it too, being totally dependent on my lover, for everything – sight, oxygen, speech, food, all my movement, my bodily functions and….and you will find this out…pleasure. I know it is different for you, we are not your lover, but we are your caregivers and we will take that very seriously.”

Kate continued to gently massage Sue’s breasts and soon she could see that her breathing had stabilised.

“Good girl, now there’s no need for the punishment helmet, which is for your protection, to be inflated so……here we go…I will deflate it...there we go, that’s better isn’t it? Now how are things generally? Is the bra pinching? No? Good. You can breathe fine I can see, and the gag is not too big. I can see you are peeing a little into the collection bag here, that’s good too. Now the butt plug, I don’t expect you are used to that yet, but it is not too bad, no?”

You have to be kidding, I’m plugged front and back, I have a tube in my urethra, and a tube down into my stomach and another two down into my lungs, and I’m sucking on a rubber gag, and I’m starting to sweat in this bloody heavy suit not to mention the heavy steel belt, cuffs and collar and my breasts are stuffed into a heavy rubber bra and my nipples are surrounded by steel…oh yes, I’m fine!!

But of course Sue could say nothing, and she just leaned against Kate’s rubber catsuited body and tried to make sense of it all. Yes, she could feel everything inside her, certainly the butt plug and vibrator/catheter and the gag and stomach tube, but she wasn’t in any pain, discomfort certainly, she was held in the most stringent and bizarre bondage.

Chapter 5 – Sue Adjusts to her New Life

Sue did believe that Al and Kate meant her well, and wanted her off the drugs and into a normal life again….and then despite her extraordinary predicament, she chuckled to herself….normal life….was the life they led normal? Ha ha, she laughed to herself, you had to laugh at it all.

She was now a slave, a captive imprisoned in rubber with no possibility of escape, under the complete control of Al and Kate, and somehow, as Kate continued to tenderly calm her down and run her hands over the thick rubber that completely covered her, Sue began to think that maybe the world as she had known it had probably come to an end, and perhaps she was now entering a new chapter in her life. She was still in a bit of a daze as Kate helped her to her feet.

Oh my god, the suit was heavy!

And this wasn’t helped by the steel belt, collar, and cuffs on her wrists and ankles. She walked, or rather waddled nearer to one of the full length mirrors, Kate by her side, looking on almost proudly. It was like walking through molasses. She certainly wouldn’t be able to make any kind of escape dressed like this; a tortoise would be able to catch her!

She stared at herself, a zombie indeed, a black rubber android, a Michelin man (or woman) in rubber. Through the lenses of the helmet she saw her breasts rise and drop with each breath, her steel capped nipples pressed hard against the rubber suit. Her mouthpiece had three holes, all capped, and she noted the two steel ended nose tubes locked over her nostrils. She peered down at her groin, at the steel fitting, and the tube connected to the collection bag tied to her lower leg, now maybe an eighth full with her pee. She wasn’t able to see her rear, but knew the butt plug, enema tube and base plate would look similar to the vibrator/catheter in front, except of course without the tube between her legs. She tried to spread her fingers in the thick gloves but there was very little give in them.

She realised that despite all her travails, she was hungry, and thirsty. She turned slowly to Kate and pointed at her stomach and then her mouthpiece, mmmmmfing quietly. Kate quickly got the message and nodded at Al who left and went up the stairs to the kitchen.

“He’ll make you a nice healthy smoothie, Sue dear, with lots of fruit and vitamins. You won’t be able to taste it of course but it will give you lots of strength for the days ahead. Now let’s have you sit on the bed here, good girl, we need to have your head above your tummy so it can flow easily down into your stomach tube so why don’t I sit here and lean back on the headboard and you can lean back next to me, how’s that. Good girl.”

She had her arm over Sue’s shoulder again, and Sue tilted her head so it rested on Kate’s chest. Kate affectionately stroked Sue’s breast again, and Sue showed no signs that she was displeased at this. Kate was happy to hear the Sue’s breathing was now calm and even. She seemed to be accepting her fate quite well now.

Al returned still, like Kate, dressed in his figure hugging latex catsuit, and holding a large clear plastic bag of pink coloured liquid. At one end of the bag was a tube with a metal screw fitting. Sue knew where the end of this tube was going to be screwed….in her mouthpiece. But she was not concerned, this was the way it was going to be and there was no fight left in her right now. And she was hungry.

“Lots of healthy yoghurt, raspberries, a banana, and multi vitamins, it will do you world of good.” Al said as he hooked the bottom of the bag to a hook under the light fixture over the bed. Sue surmised that he’s done this before, with Kate in the zombie suit, and probably vice versa.

Al smiled at Kate and handed her the end of the tube. Carefully she unscrewed the cap from the front of Sue’s mouthpiece and screwed in the tube. Al then released the valve on the tube and Sue watched the pink goo gradually slide down, through her mouth and into her stomach. She could feel nothing at all at first as it continued its way into her. Then slowly but surely she began to feel her stomach fill. It took quite a while and she continued to look up at the bag as it emptied, and she filled! During this time she was held in Kate’s arms, who continued to stroke her breasts and her stomach gently.

She felt a lot calmer now, and better with some food in her. When the bag was empty, Al tightened the valve and Kate unscrewed the tube from her mouthpiece, replacing it with the screw cap.

“That’s a lot better isn’t it dear?” And Sue nodded mutely. “Now we are going to leave you for a while Sue, love, and let you relax, maybe you will get a bit of sleep this afternoon. Al and I want to have a bit of you-know-what upstairs, ha ha. But before we go we think you need a bit of reward for all your hardship today.” She stood up from the bed and looked down on the girl below, and said.

“So, in the bedside drawer here I have a remote control.” She held it up. “And this remote controls the, how shall I say, devices attached to the suit and inside your body. They are there for pleasure, and Sue dear I think you have earned an hour of pleasure, which will be long enough for Al and I to have some rubber fun upstairs.”

“So, lie back my dear, that’s good, spread your legs a little, good. Now Al is going to put a steel spreader bar between your feet and attach it to your ankle cuffs. And we’ll attach another chain from the centre of the spreader bar to the footboard of the bed. Now I will attach this small chain to your two wrists and through the ring here at your waist. I don’t want you thrashing around; I don’t want you pulling on your catheter tube in your excitement. Okay, one last thing, two short chains here we’ll attach from the sides of your collar to the headboard.” She leaned over, her face now close to Sue’s rubber covered head.

“Now you are in complete and utter rubber bondage, and I have to say,” she smiled longingly, “I am very jealous. You are going to have a whale of a ride in the next hour Sue.”

Sue wasn’t sure of this, she could barely move at all, and could only stare up at Kate as she explained the remote to her.

“It’s all very simple…and efficient. First the vibrator, that’s easy, with this dial I can alter the power of the vibrations, and I think for a first time, we’ll keep it quite low. Now this dial is for the butt plug in your bottom, the steel and rubber can be used for pleasure or pain, but for you will only be used for pleasure, unless of course,” she smiled, “you don’t behave yourself. It can give you a small shock, which sounds unpleasant, but actually isn’t, it’s really very pleasant if kept at low voltage, it’s like a gentle tickle to your insides, very erotic I assure you. And we’ll allow for shock intervals of say twenty seconds, like so, good.” Sue was a bit worried about this but would have to wait and see, and anyway she had no option.

“Now the final two buttons are for the tiny mini-electrodes within your nipple caps. Once I press these you will get a gentle pulsing throb to your nipples and aureole. It’s like having your lover gently sucking them while he hums, yummy. Don’t look so worried Sue, I can see your eyes look quite alarmed, relax, now relax. And I will now start with the nipples.”

Immediately Sue felt the cups at her nipples begin to gently throb.

Oh, oh, she thought, this is quite nice.

And then the rubber and steel plug in her rear gave her a small shock, she jerked in surprise, not pain, and clenched her buttocks around the narrow head of the plug. This was different, she thought, not unpleasant at all, more like an internal tickler.

Finally Kate pressed the final knob and Sue felt the probe in her pussy begin to vibrate.

Oh, yes. I like this. She thought. But how am I going to last an hour? She noticed already that her breathing was just beginning to quicken a bit. Kate smiled down at her, gave her a tender peck on her forehead and with Al, ascended the stairs.

Sue was now being assaulted at four points, and tried to roll with the flow, but the spreader bar, the wrists cuffed to her belt and the two chains attached to her steel collar meant she had very little paly in which to move. She sucked on the rubber inflatable gag and clenched her buttocks around the narrow neck of the butt plug, but the vibrations, and the gentle, tickling shocks in her rectum continued. She tried to relax and go with it, she knew that an orgasm would follow, it was inevitable, but she also knew that if this continued for an hour she would be a wreck unless she tried to fight it….but that was easier said than done.

Meanwhile upstairs Kate and Al had settled into the bedroom. In front of the bed there was a large screen TV, with a feed to a small camera set up in the basement. Lying on the bed, still in their matching latex catsuits, they watched intently for a few minutes.

“She seems to be doing well, I think.” Said Kate. “She’ll be coming like a train pretty soon, lucky girl.”

“Complaining? Well, I’ll have to do something about that.” Al chuckled, and rolled Kate over, expertly cuffing her hands behind her. This was very quickly done, for with a big grin Kate offered no resistance. Then he rolled her on her side and lay down opposite her, rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples.

“Ah, ah, ow, ow.” Kate winced, but Al knew this was just an act, he knew she liked him to do this. She was already panting and he then lowered the zipper at his crotch. His cock flopped out and she needed no encouragement as she lowered her head and quickly took him in her mouth, giggling. Al leisurely laid back and let Kate do her thing, for in his opinion at least, she was an expert at this.

As Kate’s tongue, lips and teeth did their thing Al looked to the screen and saw Sue start to shake and moan on the bed below them. As Kate didn’t have the benefit of this he gave her a running commentary, which seemed to inspire her to speed up her delicious assault on him. She allowed him a good twenty minutes, knowing exactly when he was on the edge, and then, giggling again, she would take a break. This was fine by him, why come and then spoil a good thing, he thought.

Finally when ready he flipped Kate over onto her front and propped a couple of pillows under her so her latex covered bum was in the air, directly opposite him as he knelt behind her.

“You’re making a lot of noise like that, giggling and smirking. I’ll have to put a stop to that.” She laughed again, and knew well the rules of their games. Obediently she opened her mouth as Al leant over her and eased into her mouth a large inflatable butterfly gag. This was one of her favourites, for she loved to be made mute, she loved her mouth full of rubber, so full she could barely squeak out a moan of (albeit fake) protest. She turned her head and stared up at her lover as he began to pump, and her mouth filled with rubber.

He knew exactly how many times he could squeeze the inflator before her mouth and jaw would distend and she would struggle with her natural gag reflex, something that she had just about overcome. Feeling her cheek, he was satisfied and unscrewed the inflator. There was no need for a strap around her head; her mouth was so full it was impossible for her to expel the huge double ended gag. She moaned in pleasure and settled on the pillows as Al released the rear zipper of her suit, exposing her tight bum ring and her very moist labia. He placed his hands on her hips, aligned his cock and pressed it into her inviting pussy. She groaned with joy as he filled her and they began their familiar joust.

Oh, thought Kate, this is so much better than vanilla.

They continued like this for a long while, resting when Al was close to coming. For Kate, that was not a problem and she came time and again, until after at least half an hour, he thrust into her one last time and exploded into her. They rested side by side, he didn’t take off her cuffs or her gag, and she didn’t ask him to, but just lay there, breathing hard through her nose, sated. Finally he extracted her gag carefully and uncuffed her, and she lay in his arms for a few minutes, the smell of latex and sex in the air.

They rested a while, then showered, dressed casually and returned to the basement. For just over an hour Sue had been subjected to the attentions of the inserts of the suit and had succumbed several times to shuddering orgasms. The frustrating thing was she couldn’t get full release, just mmmm’fing into her gag and squirming as best she could in her steel bonds. In the end she was happy to see Kate turning off the knobs on the remote. Then Al released her from her bonds and helped her up.

“So,” Kate smiled, “how did it go? Have some fun, getting used to the suit?” Sue even surprised herself by nodding. Yes, all in all, she thought, it had been a very interesting hour.

She knew that she was their “toy” now and they could do anything they wished with her, but they had shown that they cared for her and meant her no harm and so far at least her experiences had not all been bad! She also knew that when the withdrawals set in, probably tomorrow, then things would get a lot tougher.

“Stretch your legs for a few minutes, Sue. Get the blood moving, there’s a good girl.” Kate helped her to her feet, and immediately Sue was reminded of the heavy weight of the suit and steel cuffs, collar and belt. She shuffled around the room, getting her bearings and peering through the lenses of her helmet. She saw herself in the mirrors and felt a bit silly, the helmet with the steel mouth and nose attachments, and the loose shiny black suit encasing her, with the tube from her urethra dangling down to the collection bag at her ankle. But there was nothing she could do about it, nothing at all. She bit down on her gag and sighed.

“We’re going to leave you for the night, sweetie.” Kate said. “You can wander around if you wish, or rest here on the bed, we’re not going to chain you, there’s not far that you can go anyway.” She hugged Sue, running her hands over the voluminous suit, and Al did likewise. Then Sue watched them in silence as they ascended the stairs, closed the hatch, leaving her on her own again.

They were right, there was nothing she could do, she wandered through the bedroom, which was very plain, just the latex covered bed really, then small living room with kitchenette and bathroom with WC and shower. It was all very functional, without any frills, and Sue knew of course, that it was her cell, her prison for now. After her multiple orgasms, and the trials of the day, she was tired, so she laid her head back on the latex pillows, closed her eyes, and tried to urge herself to sleep.

Chapter 6 – Nursing Sue Back to Health

Sue slept fitfully, aware of the probes within her every time she moved or rolled over. For the most part she lay on her back, breathing evenly and feeling the loose rubber around her, which she was surprised to find that she was beginning to get used to. It started out cool, clammy and very heavy, but it was silky smooth, and when it warmed slowly, she found its caress not unpleasant at all. Thoughts swirled through her mind all night as she drifted in and out of sleep, more than once she found her heavily gloved hands at her breasts, rubbing them, massaging them. She wasn’t sure really what to make of herself.

Sue woke up, startled to see a masked face looking down at her.

“And how did the patient sleep? Ha ha.” It was Kate, but there was no way of knowing that, looking at her.

“Sorry if I shocked you, but as you know I do like to dress the part.” Sue had to admit she certainly did, as she raised herself up and stared at her. Dressed from head to toes in brilliant white latex, Kate was a fetish parody of a nurse. Her head was encased in a tight white mask, with only her eyes visible. Over her mouth and nose was a white surgical mask of latex, which billowed in and out as she breathed.

“I’ve always said I would love, just once, to dress like this for the patients in my surgery, but would probably get struck off the register, ha ha. Half of them would have a heart attack too, probably. Anyway, what do you think, you like it?” And Sue had to admit, she looked stunning, and nodded.

Yes, she thought, latex certainly does something for the body…..and the mind.

Her body was poured into a skin tight white latex tunic, high necked and long sleeved, and thigh hugging skirt to her knees. Sue wondered how she got into it, no doubt Al had helped her. Over her legs were white stockings, for Sue could see the outline of the suspenders through the latex of the skirt. The only colour offsetting the brilliant white were two bright red Swiss crosses, one large one across her breasts which were almost bursting out of the tunic, and a second on the forehead of the helmet.

“All right, we are going to get you fed and flushed, so up you get.” She said in a very business-like manner. An obedient Sue stood by the bed while Kate secured her wrist cuffs to her waist belt, then spreading her legs attached her ankle cuffs to a spreader bar. Sue knew pretty well what was to come but knew equally that she had no power to stop it, this was not a time for tantrums. As Sue stood still she glanced to her left to see Al (it must have been Al) come to her front and fastened her feeding bag on a hook in the ceiling above her. She assumed it was Al but it certainly didn’t look like him, for in front of her was a statuesque French maid in latex! Kate saw the look of shock in Sue’s eyes and laughed.

“As I said, we like to dress up, and so do you like my French maid, she’s quite the cutie isn’t she? It’s amazing what a silicone filled bra and a tight corset can do.” But that wasn’t all, although the latex bra and hourglass corset had changed Al’s appearance beyond recognition; it was the perfect latex mannequin mask that covered his head that shocked Sue.

It was a beautiful, impassive face that stared at her - luscious red lips, milky skin and bright blue eyes, topped off by a page-boy jet black wig. Then her eyes moved down, over the high frilled neck and loose frilled sleeves to the saucy flared skirt to mid-thigh. Finishing the ensemble were black stockings and gloves tucked under the sleeves. No one Sue thought, no one, would believe that Al was somewhere under that latex. She heard him chuckle behind his mannequin mask as he raised the hem of the skirt and she saw white frilled panties and suspenders supporting his seamless latex stockings. It was an extraordinary disguise.

Quickly Al - or the French maid - attached the feeding tube to the mouthpiece of her helmet and released the valve, as Sue stood stock still and the liquid flowed down the tube and into her stomach. Again there was no feeling at all, just a gradual filling of her stomach. Now Kate, with a glimmer in her eyes, pulled a pair of surgical gloves over her hands, taking her time, stretching it over her fingers.

“Now I’m afraid you’ll have to get used to this over the next few days, Sue dear. As I mentioned earlier you will be given a power enema every morning. With this small power unit here behind you we’ll pump some warm soapy water into you, through your butt plug, which will act as a very effective plug. Then we’ll give it five minutes to work its wonders. Then we switch over the power source and we’ll gently vacuum you out. Now as this is your first cleaning, it will be the most unpleasant, but once you have been on the liquid diet it will become much easier, for you and us.”

Sue stayed still as the liquid flowed into her stomach and Kate screwed the enema tube to the steel base plate at her rear. Next to the power unit Sue could see a container full of soapy water and took a deep breath as Kate turned on the unit. Immediately Sue felt the water seep and then gush into her insides. She moaned her displeasure and Kate wrapped her arms around her.

“There, there, won’t take long dear. You’re a strong girl, you’ll be fine.” Sue took in steady breaths as the level of the water in the container began to drop. She was being filled from both ends, liquid food into her belly and water into her intestine, she was almost dizzy with the effects. Soon her feeding was finished and she could feel her stomach now full. Kate unscrewed the feeding tube and plugged the mouth hole. Then they both stood back and watched her as the enema came to a close.

Sue thought she was going to burst and Kate again took her in her arms to steady her. She rubbed her lower belly through the rubber suit, dispersing the water as Sue continued to groan in discomfort. The five minutes passed like five hours for Sue, she was sure it was a lot more than five minutes, but eventually Al turned the machine on again, this time to slowly vacuum the enema out of Sue. The relief she felt was amazing as the pressure in her intestine lessened.

She lowered her head on Kate’s shoulder as her “nurse” comforted her. Finally when she’d been cleaned out fully the tube was extracted and the hole in her base plate plugged. Sue now felt much better, fed and, as Kate said “flushed”. The final work for the morning was for Kate to replace the collector bag from her urethra tube with an empty one and strap it above her ankle. Sue was then released from her wrist chains and spreader bar. She still of course had the butt plug locked in her rear and the vibrator in her vagina, but Sue was immensely relieved.

But she needed to rest after the shock to her system and she shuffled to the bed and lay down. Kate stroked her tenderly, pecked her forehead and they both returned back up the stairs, closing the hatch. Sue again was on her own, and she knew fairly soon she would be getting the cramps as her body demanded a drug release.

And this was not long in coming. Within an hour she began to sweat in the heavy suit. Then came the itching, which she could do nothing about. Soon she began to shout into her gag and roll on the bed. She wailed for release, but knew in her heart none was coming.

Maybe half an hour later Kate and Al appeared at her side, still dressed incongruously as nurse and maid, and Sue despite her dizzy state thought, well now’s the time I need nursing.

Soothingly Kate said. “This will be the worst Sue dear, we’re going to give you a mind sedative and chain you to the bed, loosely, so you can’t harm yourself. And we’ll stay with you of course.” Working efficiently as a team quickly Sue wrists were chained loosely to the headboard and ankles to the footboard. As she was now lifting her head violently Kate inflated the helmet, compressing the rubber hard against her features, but protecting her if she hit the headboard.

Kate next unscrewed Sue’s mouthpiece and squirted a milky liquid into her mouth tube, raising her head. It would take a while for it to be absorbed but it would calm her. Sue was now in a very bad dream, and tried to flail her arms and legs, and bite down on the gag, clenching the butt plug in her rear. Kate stroked her, calmed her, but knew this would go on for a good while. They both settled down on either side of her bed.

It seemed hours, maybe it was hours, Sue had lost track of time, before the shake and shivers eased off, but during this time, she was accompanied by either Al or Kate, or rather her maid and nurse! This was a great comfort to her, and by early evening she was rested.

Kate was quite happy with her progress, by Sue’s reaction Kate determined that her dependency was not as great as she first thought, which bode well for the few days ahead. Kate looked forward to being with Sue. Although the time might be traumatic for the teenager Kate was happy to have her as her “guest” in the cottage. Despite poor Sue’s predicament, Kate thought she looked so wonderfully vulnerable in the zombie suit, and wanted to plunder and play with her there and then. But, she mused, that would have to wait.

Seeing Sue imprisoned in her zombie suit with all the attachments and inserts had made Kate very jealous, she wanted to be in that suit, a prisoner in heavy latex, under the control of Al, and she was very horny thinking about it. So as Sue rested, Kate and Al, still dressed as the French maid, would play.

Kate was a natural switch, as was Al, but her preference, perhaps 60%/40%, was to be the sub. She loved being gagged, screaming her lungs out and just a tiny mmmm coming from her plugged mouth, she loved being smothered in latex so she had no defence to what Al wanted to do to her, to do with her. But sometimes she liked to be the boss as well. And Al, dressed as the saucy latex maid, would be the perfect sub for the next hour, she thought.

Through a form of telepathy, Al and Kate could communicate who wanted to be the sub and who to be the dom. Nothing needed to be said, just a look, and a smile. And Kate was pleased to see that Al was up for being the sub for this session.

It was over two hours before they returned downstairs. During this time, Sue had for the most part rested, but on a couple of occasions had got up and explored her new home, shuffling from room to room in her heavy suit. When they returned, she was happy to see them

Al and Kate fed Sue again, her liquid diet for the evening. She was calm now and showed no qualms by being fed through the tube. Then Kate hugged her, pecked her head and climbed the stairs behind Al, closing the hatch.

All three knew that this was just the first day of several to come, but Sue had survived, and at the same time, found something out about herself. She no longer hated the suit, or the inserts for that matter. She understood that it served a purpose, it protected her from herself, and it could, in Kate’s hands, also provide her with pleasure. She knew there were tough times to come, but she also knew she was in the right hands. All in all, despite everything, she thought it had been a good day.



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