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© Copyright 2001 - Surfinbirds - Used by permission

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I might have mentioned that I am into a few fetishes. I guess I got involved because I had some submissive tendencies for which I sought help from a West Coast dominatrix (Sylvia) whom I see often. This story is about latex, and how she got me to love it!

Sylvia advertises in adventurous tabloids on the West Coast. It is clear that most--if not all--of her clients are men, at least before I met her. But I wanted to resolve some deep, nagging fantasies about bondage, and she agreed to take me on. I did pay her fee (which is very reasonable, by the way), and so she gave me a session. I will surely describe the many sessions we had if you wish, but one which we did recently was very powerful.

I had called her to make an appointment. We set it up, but we didn't have time to chat because she was in session with another slave. But she did tell me that she had him bound tightly on a bondage table was going to give him a golden shower. Sylvia asked me if I would like that. My instincts said "No way!".

So she said, "That's okay, I'll just do you up some other way." 

The next week gave me my trip out there, so we settled on a time, and then I drove over. Sylvia greeted me with a hug and we exchanged some small talk about the hot and sultry weather out there at the time. After some pleasantries, she told me to strip and kneel in her dungeon. After this point, I was her slave, and she was going to make me explore whatever bondage she wanted. I was so excited, as she has done me up so well before!

She offered me a drink of Gatorade since she knew it was hot, and I didn't need to pass out in session. The glass must have held a quart! I didn't finish it at first--until, of course, she ordered me to drink it all and to behave for mistress! She told me to stand and put on a pair of neoprene rubber shorts. These are usually the kind you see at sports stores for athletes who want to sweat out their midsections. I normally wear a ladies large, but this pair was a medium. Sylvia dumped a lot of baby powder on me to help get it on. Then we both struggled with the zipper and ZIP! it was closed. It held me about as tight as any corset I have had on! Next, she took out some latex leggings which went from the legs of the shorts to my ankles. These were thick latex leggings--so as to hold tightly. Next came a pair of latex pantyhose which fit me tightly from the waist to toes.

Sylvia powdered up some gloves which I next put on. These went all the way up to my shoulders. Next I put on a leotard with long arms, and Sylvia zippered the back shut all the way up to my neck. Sylvia then gathered my hair and covered my head with a cowling of latex which revealed only my face. So now, I was nearly completely covered in latex! She told me to slip into some 6-inch torture heels and ordered me to walk around.

The thing about latex is that to holds you so snugly. It feels comfortable, and as you "warm" to it, it becomes like a second skin. I ran through my paces as a slave which included some really great tie ups and some spanking. Being touched or spanked with latex on really is a sublime feeling. The tension of the fabric just amplifies the whispiest touch or the hardest smack from a paddle and transmits it all over you. It is a great experience.

Sylvia asked me if I were hot. I said that I was; the sweat was coming out of every pore in my body and was making the latex grip tighter. She prepared for me another quart of Gatorade, which I drank completely this time. But I noticed how bloated I felt. I was hoping the session would end soon so I could relieve myself. I was surprised when Sylvia put me into a heavy-gauge "love" jacket. This garment slips on like a one-piece swimsuit, but it encases the arms like a straight jacket. My latexed gloves now were pinned to my latexed tits by another later of latex. The sweat was really building now.

Sylvia then tied me to a cross rack; my legs were spread far apart, and my wrapped upper torso was heavily strapped onto the device. Sylvia then slipped another cowling on my head which covered my eyes. She inserted a ball gag into my mouth and then chuckled, "Well, I really have you this time, my little slave!" She proceeded to buzz my entire body with an electric massager which had me going in every direction mentally with the latex and the straps restraining me physically. I was also fighting the urge to pee as she circled and then attacked my crotch with the vibrator. It got to the point where I was focused only on that battle of wits rather than whether or not I'd ever be set free.

After a long period of this elegant torture, Sylvia got me off the rack, but had me sit again on her bondage table. She then put my legs together and slipped me into a tight latex body cocoon which went from the toes to the neck. It further gripped me and it also turned up the heat! With a few lashes of ropes, I was pinned to the table and was secure again! Oh, what next?

I heard her set up some kind of apparatus next to me. She took out the ball gag and inserted some kind of mouth piece which had a tube stocking through it. "Drink!" she commanded! I had to suck on the tube, and more Gatorade came forth. I found out later, I was connected to an IV bag which she had filled with the "refreshment". Actually, Gatorade does go down more smoothly than just plain water--I know this from my running hobby. But now, I had three quarts in me, and I was going to explode! I tried to whimper my fears through the appliance; but I had been warned of dire consequences if I spilled a single drop.

After I was through, Sylvia took out the tube and put on yet a third mask which covered me up totally. It had two nostril holes so I could breath, and that was it! I was cocooned in latex with a painfully full bladder! Suddenly, I got a sharp pain in my back: it was my kidneys telling me to do something about my predicament. Sylvia just stroked and petted me and chided me for having such weak spirit. Then it came! I tried so hard! I flexed my muscles to hold back, but then I suddenly started to have a shuddering, wonderful orgasm! Then I cut loose with my urine! I was wiggling against all the restraints and intermittently convulsing with Shangri La and urination. The tight neoprene shorts made it hard to pee as well! I just grunted and let it go! I sprayed violently inside the latex, and a virtual sea of urine built up in the shorts. I finally emptied. But then, the urine started to gravitate slowly throughout my latexed clothes. It first started down my legs. God, it was warm! Sylvia cranked the bondage table down a little so that all the liquid would catch in the "feet" of the latex pantyhose. I was told to pee one more time, and I would be left here until I did! It took only a few minutes, but the rest of the Gatorade made itself known, and I cut loose with another stream. Sylvia then cranked the table back, and the puddle gravitated towards my head!

My back felt the warmth first. It was a strange sensation. I was still having the after-effects of my orgasm, and so these new feelings only enhanced the sexual energy which I was exuding. I lay in the sweat and urine for a little while longer. Sylvia took two masks off and told me that I can learn to love a golden shower as long it's my own! That's why she was tittering on the phone a week before!

Sylvia undid the ropes and the two cocoons. She told me to crawl to the bathroom so that the volume of piss wouldn't rip open the feet of the latex pantyhose. I flopped into the bathtub where she unzipped me. As each garment came off, there was a pungent smell of me and everything from inside me. At first it was a little odd, but I was taught how to appreciate being made hot and then hotter by my mistress. We drained out all the latex, and I finally got out of that tight pair of rubber shorts. The marks on my body from the shorts, the latex, and the spanks were sizzling now. Sylvia gathered all the clothing into a bag and left me to take a shower. When I got dressed, she was standing there smiling........ and offered me another drink! This time it was white wine, and we relaxed together reviewing our session. She takes her trade seriously, so she tells me how well I projected as a slave and how well I took to the bondage devices. She says I am excellent as a bondage slave, and I should pose for some hot tie up shots sometime! She is such a good teacher!

I have come to love latex just to lounge around in and for bondage/spanking fun. I am glad I can be mistress' latex slave. The feeling is sooooo hot!


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