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Claire's Latex Journey

by NaughtyBaggedGirl

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© Copyright 2001 - NaughtyBaggedGirl - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; bond; kidnap; latex; breathplay; sex; encased; nc; X

Claire awoke to find herself in an awkward state. She could see nothing but hazy images and smell nothing but rubber. She licked her lips only to find she could taste nothing but rubber. It was as if her skin had been changed to latex. (A marvellous thought she mused) Attempting to work out what had happened, Claire lifted her hand. She found that she could move her hands no more than a few centimetres in any direction. Her feet too were restrained similarly. She was almost about to cry out when she heard a door open.

“That’s the one. That’s the girl the master wanted,” grunted a rough sounding guy.

“You sure?” replied a younger but nevertheless still uncouth man, maybe his partner.

“Well let’s get her in the truck and go. We're late as it is.” Said the older one.

“Hey look at your watch already biff! You’re looking at the wrong hour. We are not late, we are way, way early!” said the young one.

“In that case, we got spare time for a bit of slap and tickle with the merchandise I would think...” said Biff in an erotic tone of voice.

“Heh heh heh...” was all his partner said.

Together the two men unstrapped or untied whatever restraints were holding poor Claire so tightly. Claire didn’t have time to react though because Biff waved a device over her face that emitted a high pitch noise. Within seconds Claire was out cold and the movers picked her up and carried her out of the room. They commented to each other that she was indeed a nice catch and what they were going to do to her before passing her on to master. Claire heard nothing of this. Claire slept quietly in her latex.

Later, the two movers pulled their vehicle over, on some dusty old road in the middle of nowhere. Biff and the other one went into the back of the truck and approached the still sleeping Claire. They had strapped Claire tightly to one of two fixed stretchers in the back of the truck. The other stretcher was also occupied by another women in the same bondage as Claire. The movers winked to each other and proceeded to wake her up. Claire awoke to a mind numbing pain in her lungs. She tried to breath but something was stopping her! She twisted her head this way and that making harsh rasping noises as she struggled to pull just a lungful of life giving air into her poor deprived lungs.

Seeing that she had suffered enough, Biff tore a slit in the plastic bag that he had secured over her head with duct tape. Claire breathed deep and hard but not for long. She rapidly exhaled as one of the movers mounted her restrained body and began to fuck the life out of her! The other watched and occasionally used a piece of duct tape to cover her air inlet. Claire found this to be so erotic that she was actually enjoying this offence. 

The movers continued on this way, swapping roles many times until Claire was totally fucked out and close to passing out from lack of air. Then the movers did her a favour. They held up a mirror above her face and allowed Claire to look at her own reflection. Claire blinked and stared. She was totally cocooned in latex. Every inch of her body was tightly covered in this marvellous substance. Even her head was covered. But in a special form. Her attached hood covered every indent in her head, tightly plastering her hair down, and lining the inside of her mouth and covering her nose. The lining of latex in her mouth helped to press down her tongue, effectively gagging her, but to allow breathing; there was a small hole in the end of the lining pocket. Claire tried to expel the latex in her mouth but something prevented her, the latex was unusually thick and inflexible.

Her eyes however were covered in a clearer form of latex. It allowed her to see through better but it still restricted her vision. Claire gave up trying and continued looking at her body in the mirror. The latex was skin tight from her toes to her fingertips. Totally form fitting, and semi clear. Her feet were tightly enclosed, like a nice pair of socks, her legs were gripped in the elastic embrace of latex while her crotch was open and a slit allowed access to her mons. Her stomach and chest, and her breasts were all covered in latex, with no openings what so ever. 

Claire found that by twisting her upper body a bit, she could play her nipples across their latex covering. This aroused her immensely. But what surprised Claire the most is that her hands were not enclosed in gloves. More like they were covered or enclosed in mittens! She tried to open her hands but they were forced into fists and unable to be used. Her wrists were strapped tightly down anyway, as were her ankles and her waist and her chest. So any fighting was useless. Claire resigned to arousing herself with her nipples as the movers dressed and checked her restraints. They saw her playing and responded by slapping her across the cheek. “Once more and we will put you back to sleep girlie!” shouted Biff.

And Claire lay still. She would rather lie back and feel the latex covering her skin rather than sleep. Latex was so much more erotic.

* * * *

Claire’s pussy was being intensely aroused by the constant bumps and vibrations of the truck. The latex, although it didn’t cover her mons, did cover right up to the edge of her lips and kept playing on their surface. This combined with the all-enclosing presence of the rubbery film, made Claire as hot as hell. But she couldn’t do anything about it! The straps held firm and made her as helpless as a baby. Claire resigned to dreaming about a big strong man who teased her with a bag and a dildo.

It was almost an hour before Claire was jolted out of fantasy by a rough grating noise and a firm hand on her wrist. She realised that she was being transported out of the vehicle to a house or office. It was dark so Claire knew she had been dozing for some time. One of the mover’s kicked the door open, and together they carried her into a room at the back of the house and put her down on a bench. They left, presumably to get the other latex victim. Claire lay alone in the dark for about 10 minutes. What’s taking them so long? She thought. Almost as if in response the light was flicked on and Claire squinted at the sudden bright light coming through to her latex covered eyes.

“Put her over there you two, and be gentle.”

Claire jumped. That voice... She was sure she had heard it before. But where?

She tried to turn her head to see but to no avail. The mystery man ordered the two movers out of the room and walked over to Claire, standing behind her almost as if he wanted to look down her length. He used one hand to gently rub her breast through the latex covering. He only did this for two or three rubs, as if to tease. But for Claire, every rub counted and by the time he had finished those rubs, she was already randy and raring to go. Only to be denied. With a small whistle, the man ordered the movers, who had returned from their mysterious job, to untie Claire’s restraints, and pick her up. Claire heard a grating noise and found herself being placed into something cool. 


They had put Claire into a large fish tank. She had heard the lid being removed. Claire struggled, trying to surface, keeping her mouth closed as tight as the latex would allow, to prevent water invading. She felt a firm hand around her neck as another hand pulled a latex hood over her head. At first Claire resisted until she realised that this full cover hood had a tube attached to the mouth region so she could breathe. The tube presumably went to the surface and then to god knows where.

She was calmly breathing now until she felt a prick in her arm and a small sting as a needle was used. The deep voiced man told her that this injection would eliminate the need or ability to piss or crap for up to 72 hours. Claire couldn’t work out why they would give her that until she felt her head being pushed under the water and the lid being re-attached. Claire tried to surface but could not. The tank was almost full, right up to the lid with only a quarter inch of air at the top. But this was soon eliminated with a hose. The water pressure rose gently as the tank was filled and all air was eliminated. Making the environment feel somewhat like a deep-sea dive.

This is new, thought Claire as she heard an electric motor being used. She almost thought she heard the deep voice say (distorted thru the water)“All bolted properly?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. She won't be going anywhere. Lets go.”

With that, Claire saw the room darken as the light was turned out, she heard the door close and faintly heard a lock being turned. She was alone. Alone in the dark, locked into a water filled prison, totally covered in latex. No way out, no one to feed her. No drink. No hope of escape.

Now she realised why they had given her the injection. Oh my god she thought.

They couldn’t! They couldn’t leave her like this for three days??

Could they?

* * * *

In the inky darkness of her tank, Claire floated aimlessly. The tank was big enough for her to roll over and she could move about a foot in any direction. Her latex kept her from feeling the full brunt of the cold water, however over a couple of hours, she became accustomed to it and actually felt comfortable. There was nothing to do however, and Claire was bored. Bored beyond belief.

To pass the time, for the first few hours, she tried to rub her crotch but the water slowed her actions and her mittens prevented any serious stimulation by her normally nimble fingers. If it wasn’t for the mask and the gag, Claire would have screamed in frustration and boredom. She had no idea how she was going to pass time, and after a while, didn’t even realise time was passing at all. The light level, being extremely low, didn’t change at all. Claire had lost the ability to remember how long she had been imprisoned like this.

Slowly, time was passing, but Claire began to get hungry. She didn’t need to urinate or pass solids while in her bondage, however she did need to eat. She was aware of a very thin trickle of water that occasionally passed through the breathing tube to keep her hydrated but it had no taste and did little to satisfy her hunger pangs. Her stomach lurched angrily as it demanded food and thoughts of mild panic began to creep into Claire’s mind. What if they didn’t come back? What if they had an accident and got killed and nobody came? What if they forgot she was here? What if the machine keeping her breathing broke down?

These thoughts began to be ever more present in her mind and they began to contribute to fear. She began getting a little paranoid and was eagerly listening for every smallest sound outside, hoping it would be them. But her mind told her that no way could 72 hours have passed already. Her skin was developing a thin film of sweat now as her own body heat had slowly warmed the water and her heat was beginning to build inside the latex suit. It was a repeating cycle and over the hours, Claire was getting warmer and warmer.

This added to her fears and was slowly eroding her self-control. She had been imprisoned in escape proof restraints for days in the past but this sensory deprivation work was new and scary. For some reason, Claire decided to try something she hadn’t tried before. She moved her hand to the wall of her tank and pressed on it. Naturally she floated back against the force until she rested against the other wall. But she had plenty of room to extend her arm and apply pressure. To her surprise. The wall seemed to give a bit. She tried the upper barrier, the lid, but it gave no indication of budging.

If Claire was going to escape this horrible confinement, she would have to risk her life by breaking the wall and hoping she could avoid being sucked out by the exiting water past jagged glass to a sure as eggs death by slashing. These thoughts ran through her mind as she contemplated the idea of escaping this way. She could hang on tight to the air tube, knowing that her previous attempt to pull it further into the tank, failed, thus confirming she had a fixed anchoring point, but this would not help her legs which protruded five feet down into the tank. How could she hold these in place?

Claire was at a loss of how to do it, so decided that the best she could do under the circumstances was plant her feet down and brace herself. She moved into position, floating until she could apply pressure and hold her own. Then she began to push. She extended her arm and pressed against her other arm, making sure to apply pressure to a point of the glass with her hand, and she pushed HARD. The glass creaked angrily as Claire pushed harder and harder. The latex mitten helped keep her hand in shape as a powerful ram and the surface of the latex gripped the glass nicely. Suddenly, things moved in slow motion as the roaring noise from the glass turned into a massive shattering cacophony and exploded outward.

Time seemed to slow down as the glass wall left its mountings and fell outward. The pressure of the water shoving it out at high speed and the water following close behind it. Claire felt the initial drag build to the strength of a vacuum cleaner and despite her best efforts, she could feel herself moving toward the gaping rift in the wall of her tank. She scrabbled against the floor and the lid trying to find purchase for herself.

Slowly the exiting speed of the water slowed to a manageable level and Claire breathed a sigh of relief. She righted herself, after finding she was lying on her back and examined the hole. It was a massive gaping wound in the tank nearly three feet long and a foot high. The edges were all jagged and vicious looking. Claire felt threatened by this but at least she had an escape route. Slowly she found some small smooth edges and grasped those, slowly pushing herself out the hole and down to the floor. Luckily she was only a foot off the ground.

She could feel large pieces of glass under her feet through her latex covered feet and she stepped carefully to avoid getting cut to ribbons. She walked slowly and deliberately away from the remains of the tank and approached a wall. Claire was exhausted and sank down to the floor to sit and rest. Her breathing tube had been yanked free when she exited the tank and now lay like a dead snake near her. Claire could hear it slowly pumping air as if she was still attached to it.

Right now though, Claire wanted to escape. And she knew that the door was locked. Hopefully there was another door or a window from which she could escape through. Her vision was impaired by the mask material over her eyes and she didn’t dare try to cut it off with some glass. She just peered through it at the dark room, slowly walking toward the wall where the light switch was. Several times she bumped into heavy objects but eventually she found the doorframe and promptly slammed the light switch with her mittened hand.

Having been in darkness for over 10 hours, unbeknownst to Claire, she was blinded by the light even though her eyes were shrouded in latex. It took her several minutes before she could look clearly and thankfully the light aided her in seeing even through the latex. She could see with only a slight distortion. As Claire stood up and examined the room, her breath escaped her, and she stood still. Her heartbeat quickened and she felt as if she was about to faint.

The only thought that went through her mind was... “Oh... my... God.”



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