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by Neo

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© Copyright 2008 - Neo - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; discovery; latex; catsuit; M/f; bond; toys; insert; mast; anal; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Authors note: DO NOT READ UNDER LEGAL AGE. I wrote it in english for wider access, but it's not my natural language, so some words may not be properly written.

It has been few weeks now that Chloe had been living in Tom’s apartment, but for first time, she was alone for few days. Tom was away on a business trip. She harassed by a tough day at work. The Markets were tough and tension was heavy, especially for brokers, often seen as slaves by traders. She sat on the sofa and took one of numerous bottles of Port. Tom was a fan of this drink and made her discover that common Port and good ones were two very different drinks. At least she knew that in Tom’s collection, all were nice. Her choice went on a 30 year old tawny.

She took an hour to relax and then decided to put some order into the flat. She still had her own flat, because she wanted to keep her independence, but she liked to live in Tom’s. But now it was time to conquer some living space for her clothes! She had two bags from her previous shopping, previous week-end, and decided to find a place in the dressing room. Trying to find some free space, she opened randomly all drawers. Then she started to put some order into Tom’s clothes. She opened one last drawer and saw a weird thing. At first look, it was black and shinny. She touched it and found that it was latex. She took it out of the drawer and found that is was a full body catsuit, from neck to toe.

“Well, that's a surprise… I think we’ll have a funny discussion…” she thought.

She packed it, noticing that this suit had mittens attached, and then closed the drawer. She finished packing her clothes away, but soon some jealousy took hold of her. She knew that Tom had had a battalion of girlfriends, but now she had proof that he had done some more original things with some than he ever tried with her. She was pissed. She decided to change her mind and called her best friend, Alex. She was in her early thirties as well, still single, too clever for many, and quite open to load some cocktails. They went to their favorite bar, declined tables to go at the bar, where barmen already knew their tastes. Two strawberry-daiquiris were prepared as they joined the old fashioned wooden bar. They started to discuss about common things when Chloé started, "You know about weird fetish clothes, no?" asked Chloé.

"Well, sure. I go out ! What kind do you mean? Leather?"

"No, latex."

"Yes, I see. I know very little. Just wore one latex string once. Why?"

"Oh nothing! I was just thinking about that, you know…"

"Come on…"

"Well… ok. You know Tom. I just found today that he has a latex suit. I wasn’t expected that."

"I see. Well it’s not a big deal, is it?"

"Sure no, but I’m curious. How does it feel?"

"Well, I have not much experience but have heard that some people are great lovers of the material, and I can understand why."

"OK. I’ll discuss it with him when he’ll gets back".

Then discussion switched to another subject and as the day's tension was totally over, tiredness started to score points. Chloé went home and slept without dreams. The next few days were quite busy as well and Friday came quite quickly. It was her day to meet clients at lunch, and invited a few to a nice French restaurant. She chose the wine, a great Côtes du Rhone, and the men were astonished how right was her choice. Dinner was quite boring since trading rooms were now infested by MBAs… not the best choice she used to believe. To take some breath, she decided to walk on way back. She crossed by a sports shop and stopped to buy a new unitard for her gym sessions. Looking at these shiny Lycra leotards, she remembered her discovery. She smiled imagining her wearing the latex catsuit at gym… Her choice done, walking through the exit she noticed some swimming caps. She touched one, same feeling. She then chose a black one and went to pay. She smiled; her choice had been so unconscious.

At home she relaxed. Nothing was planed for the evening, first Friday free fom ages. Tom would be back next day, and she wanted to be in good shape for the week-end. She chose another Port and drunk it slowly while reading some magazines. Then it was time for a great shower, she undressed and took a full relaxation thanks to hot water. Her mind started to float, and images of the latex swimming cap emerged. She got aroused by the souvenir of this touch. She started to open her lower lips and to gently massage her clit. She suddenly stopped; she had always had some culpability in masturbating herself. Stupid she thought, but she knew it was like that.

She exited the shower, dried her hair and went in the dressing room to open the famous drawer. She took the catsuit and started to examine it. The touch was a new sensation to her and quickly her mind was made up, 'how about wearing it', she thought. She went to the kitchen to get a small cord. She had noticed the back zip and knew that she had to attach a something to close it in the back. She then knew why she had bought this swimming cap. She went to get it, and pulled it over her head.

Thanks to talc, her hairs were soon in the cap without too much difficulty. Then she went back to the bedroom. The black catsuit was lying on the white bed. She knew that she was quite wet now. A finger proved it. She took the suit and put one foot in it. It wasn’t that easy. 'There must be another way?' she thought. She remembered a small bottle in the drawer. She went back to the dressing room and found this black bottle. Silicon oil according to the inscription. She put some between two fingers, and was amazed how slippery it was. “That should do it”.

She took the suit and went in the bathroom. She poured some oil on her hands and started to slightly lube her body. The feeling was new but hugely arousing. Little was needed and soon she made a second try with the catsuit. This time it was far easier and soon she had to put her arms in the sleeves. She found two characteristics. First, this suit had small opening for her nipples but it wasn’t a problem. Second and main issue was her hands encased in mittens, and she now wondered how to close the back zip. After five minutes, thanks to the small cord and tiring efforts, she managed to zip it up to the neck.

The tightness was amazing and she thought it was made for her. She saw her latex clad body in the mirror, black shining figure, and she was so excited that she was nearly trembling. The catsuit was so tight that it wasn’t hard to see her lower lips encased by latex. A small crotch zip was running between them. She went to bedroom and slowly got on the bed. Her slippery body confined in this latex catsuit aroused her so much that she was already on the edge of a strong orgasm. She lowered her arms and her rubber clad hands started to run over her body. Mittens didn’t allow much fantasy but soon she was rubbing her crotch. Her orgasm exploded. It was short but huge, and she felt exhausted.

Tom had managed to take an earlier plane. He opened his flat and without noise, walked in the direction of his bedroom. He first saw a black body on the bed and then realized that Chloe was encased in his bondage catsuit. She was sleeping deeply. Her mittens were just on her crotch, witness of her previous lust.

'Well, at least it will be hard to complain about this odd secret,' he thought. But he had a better idea. He took the small lock off his luggage and slowly he turned Chloe's front to the bed. She was awaking but before she could really protest he managed to close the two small mittens D-rings with his lock. Chloe was now awake, arms bound behind her back.

“Tom… what did you do?” she asked.

"Well, I should ask you what have you done? You’re curious, aren’t you? I’ll take profit from your situation, but trust me, you’ll not regret it. Now one word and I shall free you. Otherwise keep quiet and we’ll have some fun."

Chloe was about to protest, but quickly she changed her mind. “Fun? Why not after all”.

Tom disappeared into the dressing room only to come back with a case she hadn’t noticed yet. Chloe was still lying on the bed, thrusting her arms. No way. It was locked. He produced a latex hood and pulled over her head.

"Good idea this swimming cap, I didn’t know that you were fan of latex games", he said.

"But I’m not Tom!"

"And humble with that, you’re so cute!"

Soon the hood back zip was closed and she understood that it had no eyes openings. She was in total darkness! Only nose and mouth holes were provided. It was quite tight as well, and again she felt ashamed by her pussy's wetness. Soon a scuba like mouthpiece was pushed in her mouth, effectively gagging her. She felt a head harness being fitted around her latex clad head. She tried to express an opinion but only Mmmphs emerged from her voice. She then felt her neck being imprisoned in a collar but she knew she had no means to resist, not even voice now! She decided to await her fate.

Tom finished adapting the collar to her neck. Mmmphing protests were now over and she seemed ready to wait for the next step. He then took a small chain and locked one end to the front collar ring. He put Chloe on one side and lowered the chain between her breast, down to her crotch, where it disappeared to reappear between her cheeks and finally reached another ring on the collar's back. The chain was again locked and due to tension, was quietly but strongly pushing against Chloe’s crotch. Several 'Mmmphs' testified for that. Then he unlocked his luggage lock to lock it again to this chain. Chloe’s arms were now bound with the same efficiency as an armbinder would provide. Next were leg irons. He locks these around her ankles without much problem, Chloe was testing her arms bonds.

Tom took a pause, he left Chloe alone on the bed and went back to the living room. He felt dirty from his journey and decided to get a shower. When exiting he felt relaxed. His girlfriend was bound on his bed, totally encased with latex, mostly without his help. He went back to his bedroom and admired this latex clad body. He thought about this situation and quickly his cock started to show contentment. 'Well my pleasure will come but first we must take care of her,' he smilled. He went to his dressing and got another box. He opened it and chose two items. He opened Chloe's catsuit crotch and her intimate odor betrayed her wet state. He took the first item. 'Obviously, no need to additional lube for this one' he thought.

Chloe understood Tom was again close to her when he opened her crotch zips. Some slightly cooler air made her understand how wet she was now. She was ashamed to be unable to hide it from Tom, but after all current situation was speaking by itself! The chain was soon slightly looser, but not much. She couldn’t refrain from moaning when she felt a dildo start to fill her pussy. With such juices, it wasn’t hard for Tom to put it in place. When her fullness made no doubt, Tom put her on her knees. It was weird but her choice was to relax. She felt her back quite exposed.

The reason came soon when she felt one slinky finger probing her anal ring. She expressed much protests and the intruder withdrew. She relaxed again but soon understood that if one battle was won, the war was far from over. Again she felt an intruder probing her now slippery hole, but this time, it was slightly longer and larger. Finally her sphincter closed around a narrower base, obviously sealing the intruder in her ass. She had no experience with this part of her body and it was first time this hole was in action with Tom. But the choice wasn’t her in the end, so she decided to stop thinking about this detail.

Zips were closed and the chain was re-tightened. She was in same situation as minutes before, except that she was now double- penetrated and was adapting to this new feeling. She felt her rubber intruders quite strongly and soon started to fell a huge arousal. This was calmed down when her head harness started to loosen.

“Why now? I like this gag after all!” she was surprised to think.

Plugging Chloe was a good shot of emotions for Tom and he thought that now Chloe was prepared to get great pleasure. Thus he decided to get some reward. He removed Chloe’s gag and positioned himself on the bed. He then gently took Chloe’s rubber head in his hands to positioned her mouth on his cock. She accepted this and started to slowly suck it. She worked admirably. After few minutes he released his semen into Chloe’s mouth. He quickly re-fastened the harness straps around her head. Then he switched on both remotes and a buzzing sound came from Chloe’s crotch. Within seconds Chloe exploded in a terrific orgasm followed by deep breaths. She slowly laid on one side, trying to calm herself.

'She had her fun, and now she’s taking a rest' he thought, leaving her with both devices switched off. He went back to his sofa, and relaxed. He was surprised but happy Chloe seemed so hooked by this game.

* * *

Tom had left the room. Now that she was calmer she could feel she was alone. She tried to move but with her feet in leg irons and her arms locked in her back, she understood that it was useless. Her moves only made her feel her fullness. Her pussy was so wet after her orgasm that her dildo was slightly moving. But not as much as she wished, due to the catsuit's tightness. The same fate was happening in her rear hole. It was the first time that she felt anal sex could be that exciting. She had no pain, thanks to the extensive lube applied to her back canal. In fact her whole body was lubed, and her sweat didn't arrange this fact. Her tried to visualize her situation, latex clad and helpless. Such a frustration was new to her. Again a new orgasm started to build. It was softer, slower. When it came to paroxysm she felt it was much sweeter. Then she took a small rest.

Nearly an hour passed since her last moanings. Tom went back to his bedroom and found Chloe asleep. He unlocked the chain from her collar front ring and opened her back crotch zip. He slowly removed the butt plug and he heard a long moan from his girlfriend as the wider part dilated slightly her rectum. “At least it was well lubed”, he smiled. With a small towel he removed some lube.

Chloe moved slightly, and decided to take a kneeling position. His cock was now standing hard. Too see Chloe assuming her submission excited him at a higher level. He quickly put a condom and lubed it with care, trying not to getting too excited. Then he probed her exposed butt hole and slowly penetrated Chloe. Her moans were not long to begin to betray her pleasure. He pushed further and when he stopped her moams were more intense. He had never had anal sex with Chloe, since he never perceived any inclination from her. “Obviously she had changed her mind.” he thought.

This discovery wasn’t helping him, and he felt he was soon about to release his cum. Then he grabbed one remote and switched her dildo in fast vibration mode. He was about to explode when he felt contractions around his cock. Chloe was high into her orgasm, her sphincter literally imprisoning his cock by waves. It triggered his orgasm and he cummed in rhythm with her anal spasms. Then she collapsed on his bed and he withdrew his cock from her cavity. He stopped her vibrator and replaced quickly the condom around the butt plug with a new one, then lubed it for future insertion. Then he locked back her chain to her collar and left Chloe alone in the room. He laid on his huge sofa, and thought “Well, what a nice surprise… let’s celebrate it”. He went to his reserve to get a Vintage Port, and started to pour the liquid. His mind was wondering how to plan this week-end.

Chloe was relaxing after this experience. She was relieved that the vibrations had stopped. She was also happy to have her ass empty. She would be able to take a rest without anal stimulation each time she moved an inch. Her pussy was still full but one quiet intruder was easier to cope with, and it was a relief compared what she had to endure previously. Soon she eased and started to fall asleep.

Two hours and three glass later, Tom decided that it was time for more action. Again he unlocked her front collar ring and awakening Chloe he asked her to get on her knees. Her ass was still vulnerable, but instead Tom unzipped her front crotch and extracted her soaking dildo. As he had discovered earlier in the evening, Chloe had totally shaved her pussy. It was not a big jump from its previous state, but It was still notable. Then he took her new anal friend and presented it to the front of her anal ring. When he started to push it into Chloe’s rectum, she started to protest, but Tom continued carefully. Previous intrusions and lube left not much choice to Chloe. Her ass impaled, Tom closed her catsuit to keep the intruder in.

Then Tom took Chloe’s shoulders and raised them until she was standing on her knees. He then lay under her on the bed on his back and placed his erect cock under Chloe’s juicy lips, nearly touching them. Then he took a remote and selected a program. Slights vibrations started from Chloe’s butt plug. Even if it was noiseless, Chloe reacted promptly and lowered her crotch for a second. Her lips hardly touched Tom’s cock, but she realized Tom’s plan. As the buzzing increased, Tom saw Chloe slowly impaling herself on his cock. Centimeters by centimeters she accepted Tom in her pussy, and then tried to move around on it. Tom gave rhythm to their copulation, and both rose accordingly.

Despite her gag, Chloe moanings got louder sustaining his excitation. At one point he saw Chloe’s latex body experiencing a deep orgasm, abandoned to her pleasure. This wave reached him and he replied with a strong orgasm leaving him nearly breathless. They stay frozen for nearly one minute, realizing how strong their pleasure hit them, then he slowly withdrew and carefully helped her to lay on her side. He released her chain from the front ring and slowly pulled out her butt plug. He knew her ass was sore now, and thought it was enough for the day. He also removed her head harness and carefully removed her gag.

“Tom… Thank you…” she whispered. And despite her hood, he saw a smile on her face. He had nothing to add. He was just happy. He lay on his bed, next to her, and they soon drifted into asleep...

To be continued.



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