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Storycodes: FM/f; clinic; exam; latex; hood; catsuit; corset; enema; bodymod; rubberdoll; toys; insert; cons; X

Susan & Jackie walked up to the reception desk.

"Jackie Webb to see the doctor at one o'clock", said Susan, to the slightly off-guard receptionist.

"Err, yes. Take a seat. The doctor is running nearly 30 minutes late" replied the receptionist. She kept staring at Jackie, even though Susan was doing the talking.

"That's fine. We're in no hurry"

Susan took Jackie's hand and they turned towards the seating area. Susan glanced round, and saw two empty seats next to each other in the corner.

"Over there" Said Susan, indicating the corner. She tugged at Jackie's hand and the women threaded their way to the two empty corner seats. Jackie sat down, and stared emotionlessly forwards. Susan leant forward and picked up a trashy magazine to read. Jackie didn't move.

As the women waited, the waiting area slowly emptied, until they were the only ones left.

"I think everyone was looking at you.", said Susan to Jackie. "I think they're jealous of your figure"

Jackie didn't reply. In the 35 minutes they'd been waiting, Susan had gone through several trashy magazines, whereas Jackie hadn't moved an inch.

"Miss Webb, the doctor will see you now" came the announcement over the tanoy.

Susan stood up, and reached out with a hand to Jackie. Jackie reached out and grabbed Susan's hand and stood up. The women walked out of the waiting area towards the doctor's room. Once they reached the doctor's room, Susan knocked on the door and waited.

"Enter" Came a voice from behind the closed door.

Susan opened the door and they walked in. The doctor looked up from the notes on his desk as the two women walked in. A warm smile beamed across his face and he reached out to shake Jackie's hand.

"Good to see you again Miss Webb", he said as he shock Jackie's hand. Jackie said nothing.

"And good to see you too", as the doctor turned to Susan and shook her hand.

"And what can I do for the both of you ?" Asked the doctor.

"Well, after our visit last year, you said that Jackie here should be examined every few months to make sure she's OK" answered Susan.

"Hmm, your last visit, according to these notes, was nearly a year ago. That's a bit more than a few months" said the doctor, the warm smile fading from his face.

"I'm sorry, I just plain forgot" replied Susan.

"There's nothing wrong, is there ?" Ask the doctor.

"Oh, no. Just thought we'd should get a check up"

"OK, fine. Well, let's start getting Miss Webb undressed and I'll give her a check-up" He gestured towards the examination couch. Jackie walked over to it.

Susan reached into her handbag and pulled out a small key, which she gave to Jackie. Jackie reached up and removed the wig from her head and placed in on the couch besides her. She then reached round to the back of her neck to locate the small padlock. She inserted the key, opened & removed the padlock, and handed both back to Susan.

The doctor turned to Susan.

"How long does she spend dressed like this ?" he asked.

"Oh, at least 23 hours a day. Sometimes for several days at a time" Susan replied.

Jackie had now unzipped the doll hood and removed it. Jackie squinted her eyes. The eye holes in the dolls hood were quite small and Jackie wasn't used to such a large amount of light. The doctor picked up the hood and examined the inside.

"This gag is quite big. Does she wear one of these often ?" Asked the doctor..

"Most of the time" replied Susan. "We had no choice in the end. She's such a screamer when she cums, and the neighbours were always complaining.. I tried training her not to scream, but it just never worked. The gag was the simpliest solution."

The doctor leant over and looked at Jackie's mouth.

"And how long before she can close her jaw and lips ?"

"Hmmm. I'm not sure she can any more. I haven't seen them closed in a long time."

"Jackie, can you try and close your jaw please" asked the doctor.

There was a pause and then Jackie uttered a "unngg" Her jaw hadn't moved at all.

"Hmm." The doctor then looked up into Jackie's nostrils. He turned back to the dolls hood. "Do all her hoods have these nose tubes ?"

"Many, not all." replied Susan.

"If she is almost permanently gagged, how does she eat and drink ? Judging from the inside of her nostrils, I'm guessing you insert feeding tubes through her nose down into her stomach"

"We can't get anything past you doc !"

The doctor turned to his desk and wrote on Jackie's notes.

Jackie turned round, and Susan pulled down the zip on her dress. Together, they pulled the dress down to the floor and Jackie stepped out of it. Susan then pulled down the zip on Jackie's catsuit. Together, they slowly pulled the catsuit down Jackie's torso.

"You'd better get up onto the couch now" said Susan.

"Here, let me help" said the doctor. He walked over, puts his hands on Jackie's waist and lifted her up onto the couch.

Susan got down on her knees, and removed the boots from Jackie's feet. With the boots removed, Susan peeled the catsuit from Jackie, and folded it up.

"And how much does she spend in these shoes ?" asked the doctor, picking up one from the floor.

"Oh, most of the time. If she's not controlled in bed, then I'll remove them otherwise they'll rip the sheets. Sometimes, I'll put foot benders on her. They help her a lot with these types of shoes." The doctor knelt down and examined Jackie's feet. They hadn't moved at all since Susan had removed the shoes.

"What do you mean controlled in bed ?" Asked the doctor, his gaze not leaving Jackie's feet.

"Usually, she sleeps in a sleep sack. Think of it as a sleeping bag which zips tight over her body which she can't get out of. It has internal arm sleeves so she can't do herself any damage at night. On special occasions she's allowed to sleep without the sack, in bed with me, but the last time she did that was, oh, three months ago"

The doctor nodded as Susan spoke. He was still examining Jackie's feet and lower legs. He tried to bend her ankle, to get a more "normal" ninety degree angle in Jackie's foot. Her foot wouldn't move, staying perfectly in line with her lower leg.

"Hmm." The doctor stood up and went and wrote some more on Jackie's notes.

"Before she removes her corset, I'd just to check her heart and blood pressure please." He switched on one machine, and placed something on one of Jackie's now bare fingers.

"O2 saturation is normal at 99-100%. Heart rate is quite low. Let's check her blood pressure" He attached a cuff round Jackie's upper arm and started the machine up. After a few seconds it came back with a reading. "Hmm. That's fairly low as well. What exercise does she do ?"

"Not normal exercise. She couldn't do anything in an outfit like this, could she ? Her exercise is basically sex - both giving and receiving. She also does breathing exercises as well." answered Susan.

"What are they ?"

"She has two exercises that she has to do every day. Firstly, for thirty minutes, she can only take one breath once every minute. Later on, she then has to do a four minute breath hold"

"And how does she do ?" asked the doctor, making conversation more than being interested.

"Quite well. I'm thinking of making them harder. Say one breath every 75 seconds, and a breath hold of four and a half minutes"

"Any problems with breathing when she sleeps ?"

"Only when she doesn't have her mask on"

The doctor raised an eye-brow..

"Sorry. When she goes to bed, to sleep, she puts on a gas-mask. The gas-mask is connected to a rubber sack which has some old plimsoles of mine in it, like these" Susan said, pointing at the shoes on her feet. "The smell helps her relax. Occasionally, if I haven't secured the tubes properly, they detach from the bag and she breaths clean air. She never sleeps properly when she breathes normal air"

The doctor seemed unfazed by this.

"OK, let's get the corset off and the rest of her clothes, and we'll see what the rest of her is like.'

Susan walked round behind Jackie and started unlacing the corset.

"I want to do this as quickly as possible. I want her to be out of her corset for the least time possible" said Susan

"I'l be as fast as I can be" replied the doctor. "What's her waist size ?" He asked.

"Corseted, nineteen inches. Uncorsetted. Don't know She's never out of it for long, so I never bother to measure it. She's going to be getting a new corset soon. We're aiming for seventeen inches. That shouldn't take too long. Whether we go any smaller, we haven't decided yet."

Susan loosened all the lacing round the back of the corset. As she did so, Jackie started to slump inside the corset.

"Can you help me here please, doctor. Can you hold her upright whilst I remove the corset. She has little core muscle strength and can't hold herself up without a corset"

The doctor put his hands into Jackie's arm pits, and held her body up as Susan pulled the corset away. Susan then pulled down the zip on Jackie's unitard underwear.

"If we just lay her down, I can remove this final item" Said Susan, working briskly. They turned Jackie round, laid her down, and Susan pulled the unitard off of Jackie's body.

The doctor felt Jackie's torso, starting with her breasts.

"I trust you regularly check her breasts for unusual lumps "

"Oh yes. I often do a thorough examination of her breasts", winked Susan.

The doctor briefly looked back at the notes on his desk.

"I see her ribs are changing quite a bit now, as are the arrangements of many of her lower internal organs."

As the doctor came lower down Jackie's body, he spotted objects inserted into her holes.

"May I remove these?", he asked.

"Yes, of course".

The doctor pulled on a disposable latex glove and removed the first object, from Jackie's vagina.

"She has a very large clitoris"

"Yes, that's my fault. I regularly attach a vacuum pump to her clit. It's having the effect of permanently enlarging her clit. The side effect is that her clit is much more sensitive then it ever used to be, which can only be a good thing."

The doctor probed the inside of Jackie's vagina.

"Her vaginal muscles are still very strong."

"Yes, she has special exercises to make her pussy as tight as can be"

"Does she still have regular periods ?"

"Oh no. She hasn't had a period in over a year now. Her diet and lifestyle have stopped those."

The doctor removed his fingers from Jackie's vagina. His hand went lower and grabbed hold of the item in Jackie's other hole. At first it didn't want to come out, put soon it was sliding easily out of Jackie.

"That's quite large" he said as he removed the rear dildo.

Once it was out, he stared at Jackie's anus.

"Hmm. It's not closing."

"I don't think it does anymore."

"Doesn't that present a problem in the toilet department ? Doesn't stuff just leak out ?"

"Well, firstly, Jackie is rarely without some form of anal plug. Secondly, her diet is controlled so that she doesn't need to deficate that often. Finally, I give her an enema two or three times a week. I'm not sure when the last time was when she went to the toilet normally."

The doctor inserted a finger into her anus and felt around inside Jackie.

He removed his finger, took off the glove, threw it in the bin, and went and sat back down at his desk.

"So how is she, doc ?" Ask Susan.

"Well, considering her lifestyle, surprisingly good. However, I'm not sure her body will ever be able to return to anything like normal. She'll never be able to wear anything other than those ballet boots. She'll never be able to survive without a corset. And I'm not sure about her anus. She may need to be plugged for the rest of her life as well, and that's assuming her digestive system can start to work with solid food again. Her skin is incredibly pale too. All those layers of latex are stopping light getting to her skin. I'm also concerned about her pyscological state as well. If she's permanently gagged and she can't talk..." The doctor's voice drifted off.

"So she's fine, then" Beamed Susan. Jackie's face didn't change. Her lips and jaw were still shaped as if she had a large dildo in her mouth.

"Physically, she's not about to drop dead. But the physical problems are nothing if mentally she is deteriorating. However, if this is the lifestyle that she wants, then there is little, if anything, I can do to stop you both." The doctor picked up the pile of notes on his desk, and stood up. "I'll leave you two to get dressed again. Goodbye, and take care" The doctor left the room closing the door behind him.

Susan was giddy like a little school girl.

"You're fine. You're healthy. Let's get home and celebrate"

Susan set to work, getting Jackie all dressed up again. Once all the garments were back on, Susan handed Jackie the padlock back. Jackie took it, and snapped it into place, locking herself back into her latex cocoon.

"You've finally become the latex doll you always wanted to be. Are you happy ?"

Jackie reached out a hand, and slid up up Susan's skirt. Her fingers made their way to Susan's pussy, finding it very wet. Jackie slid a rubberised finger into Susan's wet pussy. Susan let out a loud moan.

"That feels good." Susan hissed. "Let's get home and carry on there"

Susan reached into her handbag and rumaged around. The vibrator in Jackie's pussy sprang to life.

"Half an hour until we get home. Hope you can last !"

Susan took Jackie's hand and lead her out of the doctors room, heading for home.


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