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Charlotte's Latex Bitches

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; latex; kidnap; bond; conditioning; mc; slaves; denial; bdsm; oral; toys; reluct/nc; XX

The English weather was living up to expectation, cold, wet, and windy! Charlotte was trying to find her front door key, she put down her two suitcases and fumbled through her bag, finally she saw her bunch of keys and picked the most likely to open the front door and get her out of the rain! Charlotte shared the house with Helen, Helen worked at the same investment company as Charlotte, Charlotte was a Manager of a foreign commodities section, Helen on the other hand was a secretary for Ms Jacobs in accounts. The two of them had been at school together, in different years, with Charlotte being a year older then Helen..

Charlotte was expecting to surprise Helen as she had come home a day early. But Charlotte’s surprise turned to nought when Charlotte realised that Helen wasn’t at home!

"Oh bum!" Charlotte said out loud as she was denied the opportunity of buying a takeaway for the pair.

She decided to throw her washing into the bin and veg out in front of the telly. Charlotte had been on a trip to Paris to see off her aunt who had passed away a couple of weeks earlier. The funeral had been good as all of her relatives had been there and it gave her the excuse to renew old friendships! Charlotte realised a long time ago in France, families are for life. In short, Charlotte was burnt out from too much kindness!

She had to get home to feel normal again, Charlotte and Helen had a strange relationship, sometimes like sisters, sometimes like lovers and sometimes bickering like old grannies! After about an hour Charlotte heard the front door opening. And Helen walked through the living room door obviously in pain, she suddenly realised Charlotte was there and tried to hide her self, but too late!

"Helen ! what’s wrong?"

"Oh it’s nothing, I just ache all over."

"What have you been doing?"

"Oh nothing much!"

Charlotte got up to put the kettle on, Helen was having trouble sitting, fiddling with her clothing, trying to get comfortable.

"So what’s been happening while I’ve been in Paris?"

"Oh Nothing much, what could have possibly happened in ten days!"

"Oh I don’t know I thought that you might be having some fun while I was away?"

"Oh not really." Said Helen with a twinge of hesitancy.

Charlotte sat down and Helen felt uncomfortable in more ways than one!

"OK! You don’t want to tell me, That’s OK, I’m not your mother, I thought we were closer than that!"

Helen gave in there was no way she could hide the fact from her best friend and lover.

"Well, It’s kind of embarrassing really, you know Ms Jacobs, my boss in accounts?"

"Yessssssss." Trying to draw the answer out of her.

"Well I left work the day you left and I decided to get into rubber, you know how long it takes to do it properly. Anyway I’d been home about three quarters of an hour and I was just putting the helmet on when Ms Jacobs rings and she says ‘where’s the Abbot account?’ I just could not remember where it was, she had been looking for it since I had left and couldn’t find it. I had looked at the account sometime that afternoon and I just could not remember where I had put it! So she said can I come back and find it, being so close to the flat, well I flipped ‘cos I was in Latex and I didn’t want to take it all off.

"So I covered it all up except for the boots I couldn’t do much about them, so I walked over there and Ms Jacobs is there looking for the Abbot account, then I remembered that I put the account in my bottom draw because one of the girls was grabbing some coffee and wanted a hand. So I went for my bottom draw and pulled out the Abbot account and Ms Jacobs is behind me looking at my arse! I forgot about the vent at the back of my coat and it showed her my big fat arse in Latex, she saw the crutch zip and everything! Well Ms Jacobs squealed in delight and she says, 'You like rubber too!'"

"And I could hardly deny it now could I?"

"And I put my hands In my pockets and there’s the helmet, complete with blow up gag and she says 'You got a helmet' and I stupidly pulled it out! I must have been MAD!"

"Cos she marched me downstairs and we got into her car and drove to her house. It’s really creepy out there, it’s got a long drive, like a house of horror place. Anyway she gets out of the car and opens my side so I can get out and she puts her hand into my coat pockets and pulls out the helmet and pushes me against the car and puts the helmet over my face and I even opened my mouth to take the dammed gag!"

"So she walked me into the house and tells me to walk down the stairs. So we walk downstairs and she guides me into one of the rooms and she’s put a collar round my neck and I felt the collar and she’s putting cuffs round my wrists next thing I know she’s padlocked my hand round my back and does the same thing with my ankles. The next thing I know she’s hogtied me and is standing over me with a riding crop, telling me what a bad girl I was, losing the Abbot account and all! Next thing I know she’s gone to change and she comes in looking like a Gestapo officer. shirt, tie Jodhpurs, jackboots the works, all in latex! Well my arse has been going down hill ever since!"

"Wow who would have thought it? Ms Jacobs! A latex dyke, Only she has dispensed with some of the necessary etiquette! Like asking permission before taking! I have an idea which might Just work out!"

The following day Helen casually asked Ms Jacobs how she got into latex, and Ms Jacobs said her husband was heavily into it before his passing. The thing was she had all the latex and no one to share it with and she was so turned on by it. Then Helen dropped the bombshell and said, "Oh my Mistress has come back and she would like a word with you."

"Oh! Oh My! Who is your Mistress?"

"Oh, you’ll find out if you stay after work Ms Jacobs!"

As the workers vacated the offices they waited, "She didn’t say how long to wait she just said wait here!"

Ms Jacobs was getting very nervous to the point of shaking, she kept moping her brow with a paper hanky. Just then Charlotte walked into the office, and she looked a picture! Leather Jacket, Leather pencil skirt, fitted white blouse and Black leather tie just finished with six inch heeled boots Charlotte walked in the office and lent over Helen’s desk opposite Ms Jacobs and purposely bent over showing her leather skirted bum.

"How are you my Slave?"

"Very well my Mistress!"

Charlotte turned round and taking Ms Jacobs desk in both hands bent down and looked her straight in the eye, glaring at her, "And I would like a word with you my dear!"

Ms Jacobs tried to keep her stare but could not match that of Charlotte she turned a bright crimson.

Charlotte walked round to where Ms Jacobs sat and sat on her lap putting her arm round her.

"My slave tells me that you have been using her without permission, is this true?"

"I, I, didn’t know!"

"Didn’t know what, exactly?"

"I, I, I, Didn’t know that you were her Mistress."

"Well who’s slave did you think you were playing with?"

"I, I, don’t know!"

"I’m afraid you don’t know very much about anything do you Ms Jacobs?"

"And who owns you Ms Jacobs?"

"I don’t know!"

"Well Ms Jacobs, there are only three type of people in this world, Vanillas, Dommes and Slaves. I know your not Vanilla so what are you Ms Jacobs?"

"I, I, I, don’t know!"

"Spoken like a true slave, don’t you think?"

"I guess so, but, I can’t say I’m very submissive!"

"And I don’t share my slaves, especially with out permission!"

"I’m sorry about that!"

"Oh you will be!"

"What do you want me to do?"

"Well the first thing is you can stop grovelling!"

"Oh I’m sorry about that!"

"I haven’t seen you at the local clubs so I’d be guessing that you’re a loner?"

"Yes, I suppose that’s right."

"So lets go to your place and see if we can find a happy medium in all this?"

"OK, that sounds like a plan, by the way, you are?"

"Charlotte del la Force!"

"I’m Rachel Jacobs!"

"Hi I’m Hattie Jacques called a bored Helen!"

"Oh and I still haven’t forgiven you either!"

"Oh sorry Mistress!"

The three set off for Ms Jacobs, it was only a few miles away from the office, set in a leafy road with the houses set back. Ms Jacobs in her car and Charlotte and Helen in Charlotte’s car.

"Nice Place!" Said Charlotte

"Thank you." Grinned Rachel. "Come on in, I’ll put on a pot of coffee."

As Helen was showing Charlotte the dungeon Rachel brought down the pot of coffee, she poured them both a cup.

"This is a really nice place, do you live here on your own?"

"Well, yes I do now! As I said earlier my husband and I lived here but, Sam passed away suddenly about a year ago."

"Do you miss him a great deal?" Asked Charlotte carefully

"Oh no, but when he went, he went big style!"

"Oh !" Said Charlotte, with sudden panic that she may have opened a can of worms.

"You shouldn’t take long now. It should be taking effect round about now!"

Charlotte realised the casual change in direction, she tried to move her feet but couldn’t, she looked round too slowly to watch Helen smile at her. She turned too late to catch Rachel laughing at her as she pushed Charlotte over on the floor…

When Charlotte awoke, she hurt all over, but there was no light, she tried to move and she realised that she was bound on some sort of table. Her arms were pulled over her head and felt like she had been strapped to something that wouldn’t move, her legs were similarly fixed. She thought of a rack of some type.

"I think she’s awake my Mistress." It was Helen’s voice!

Charlotte was confused, Helen only ever called her Mistress, what was going on?

"Well, if I do say so myself that’s pretty good going! Five days almost to the minute!"

Rachel uncovered Charlotte’s eyes, Charlotte blinked with the bright lights.

She was bound to a table, nude, except for the helmet over her head.

"Mmmmm!" As Charlotte groaned because of the Gag in her mouth.

"I suppose an explanation is called for, isn’t it!"


"Er no for a while anyway the Gag stays in, you see when Helen first started working under me I took it upon myself to take her and make her a slave, this was before my husband died. He was a surgeon a damm good one, he as a hobby made watches amongst other things, Sam made me a number of sets of these."

Rachel showed Charlotte a tiny piece of silver about an inch across and half an inch thick.

"These are our pride and joy, basically they are vibrators, they are self powered and they live inside your body in the more sensitive areas, namely under the clitoris and the nipples. There are more of them than that they all do different jobs and they are controlled by one of these!"

Rachel showed Charlotte a small remote controller with a number of buttons on the top.

"This one’s Helen’s, it provides a number of very different functions, firstly just pleasure."

Helen fell back the moment the button was pressed and in fifteen seconds she was well on the way to orgasm. Rachel pressed another button and just as Helen was about to climax the feeling died. Helen looked cheated at Rachel, Rachel smiled and pressed another button, Helen shrieked and contorted her body, racked with pain!

"Just some of the things they are capable of doing there are a lot of others but I’ll save them for later, This is your controller! Everything that you have just witnessed happening to Helen can and will happen to you! And Much, much more! Would you like to feel the power I have over you Charlotte?"

Charlotte screamed into the Gag, She must be lying they wouldn’t do this would they?

Rachel pressed a button and the most pleasurable feeling came over Charlotte, it was like she was being licked all over, every part of her meant pleasure she was already building up for an orgasm after seconds she nearly got there when the feeling stopped! Gritting her teeth the orgasm subsided and the feeling started again.

"We’ll keep you on this level for the next week, you’ll be far more willing after a thousand near misses!"

Rachel clipped Charlotte’s blindfold to the helmet rendering her blind, but also removing another sense so that every fold of her being would concentrate on the building of her orgasm that she would never ever get.

After a few hours it had perfected the denial of orgasm.

Unknown to Charlotte the "vibrators" had sent via their wireless connection Charlotte’s heart and pulse rate to a computer as she was building up to orgasm. The computer had worked out the optimum time to pull out and was monitoring all aspects of her attempted orgasm, the more the computer had the more exact the pull out. Charlotte’s hell was only a few hours old when the blindfold was unclipped again, this time by Helen.

"Hello, you having a good time, Bitch?"


"I’ve waited an absolute age for this, Bitch and I want to savour this moment for ever! Ever since we were at school, YOU have assumed that YOU were in control, always YOU,YOU,YOU, you arrogant BITCH. SO when Ms Jacobs showed an interest in ME! I fell at her feet, I wanted to be collared by her! I wanted to do what ever it took to capture you and have you where I wanted you, licking inbetween my toes You Bitch!"

Helen clipped the Blindfold back to the helmet. The enormity of her position was clear, she could disappear at any time, even Charlotte’s mother would totally believe anything that Helen said, Anything!

As this new situation slowly sank in the next build up to a non existent Orgasm started.

The following morning Charlotte was only just bearing up under the strain, she had slept little, not knowing whether it was day or night, just the relentless building of orgasms that never come. As she fell under the spell of this power, she only had the thought that it would stop sometime. She just wished it would stop now! But it didn’t it kept building and building until she should have come but at the last moment it would stop, and she would be denied again and again, and again.

A week later Ms Jacobs whispered to her, "Say after me, I am your fuck toy!"

"I am your fuck toy."

"I am your slut!"

"I am your slut."

"I am your slave!"

"I, I,, Am your S, S, Slave."

"Tell me slave, whose clit will you savour?"

"Yours Mistress."

"Do you want to come slut?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Well you have to prove your loyalty to me, slut, once you have proved your loyalty you might be allowed to come, maybe!"

"Yes Mistress."

The bonds that had held her for nearly two weeks were removed and the helmet was unceremoniously thrown into a bin by the table Charlotte blinked due to the light.

"Is that it Mistress?" Asked Helen.

"No slave, I haven’t scratched the surface yet!"

As Ms Jacobs held a hypodermic needle, tapping Charlotte’s inner elbow, looking for a vein. The hypodermic was administered and as Charlotte fell under it’s spell, she slumped back onto the table.

"Repeat after me slave!"

"I am a worthless piece of shit!"

"I am a Worthless piece of shit,"

"I am only here to serve you Mistress!"

"I am only here to serve you Mistress."

And so it went on, after a couple of hours, Mistress gave up for the night so Charlotte, or slave two was bound and the endless stimulation of the implants started never giving her what they had promised. Never allowing her the orgasm she craved.

Unknown to Charlotte the implants had healed up and were part of her life from now on, forced into a hogtie she couldn’t lose the thing she was, if only she could remember what it was. She couldn’t remember what she had done to deserve such treatment, but she must have done something terrible to be treated so. Mistress made Charlotte believe that she was straight and had left her family to be enslaved, Helen loved this aspect of the new Charlotte and spent any opportunity making her squirm, begging for release from under Helen’s arse.

A week later Slave one and two were in their latex cat suits, both running on vibe no come! Helen had enough of not coming and wanted Slave two to tongue her to orgasm.

"No I’m not a lesbian, I won’t do it!"

"You’ll do it for our Mistress!"

"Yes, but that’s our mistress, you're not our Mistress!"

"Get on the floor you lump of shit!"

"No, No Ow!"

As Helen grabbed slave two’s breasts and pulled, as she manoeuvred slave two upright onto the floor. She sat on her face, grinding herself to orgasm, at that moment Mistress walked through the door, Helen shrieked as her heaven turned into hell and her sensitive parts were frazzeled by electricity!

"How many times do you need telling, one she’s my slave, not yours!"

Mistress clipped a leash on one and marched her out the room.

One lived in a punishment suit for a couple of weeks, after that, The punishment suit was a thick all over suit with tubes coming out everywhere. Mistress mentioned Helen’s catheter at one stage, to which Charlotte allowed a little inner grin. The suit cannot be that comfortable, especially after a couple of weeks of constant wearing, and the smell must have been awful! Charlotte had a warm feeling when she saw Helen wearing the suit.

Eventually after Helen had been wearing the suit for twenty days, she was finally released. The three of them were in Mistresses wet room, with good reason, nothing had been released, no shit, no piss, it was all in the confines of the suit! As Mistress unlocked the back of the suit, as she unzipped the back the smell was extreme, Helen had been walking and sitting and sleeping in her own shit. As the suit was removed the suit betrayed it’s secrets, first there was attached to Helen’s breasts a pumping device, which must have been strapped to her breasts before the suit went on, and had done a fine job of sucking her breasts, which were showing signs of starting to sag, As Mistress unlocked Helen’s helmet, it was Charlotte’s guess that Helen had to drink her own piss, as the suit opened out the shit had stuck to her legs and arse.

"You’ll have to get your legs out of the suit, which you can clean, you will clean spotless, as your tongue will finish off what you start! Get to it! Number two, your with me!"

As Charlotte followed Mistress out of the wet room, she was proud that Mistress had picked her rather than slave one.

"I think we can safely say you won’t need any more injections, if you start to show signs of regress, I’ll put you on them again. Unfortunately I think I over did Helen’s resentment of you, It took months to achieve but I think I went a little O.T.T with it. She was captured like you, but she only remembers that she came willingly, which adds to the story of resentment for you."

Charlotte stood there, her mind numb, trying to take in the words that Mistress was saying, unable to function properly, she was at an great disadvantage but doubts were forming.

The following morning Mistress and slave one walked out the door as usual on weekdays, but unusually slave two wasn’t bound, tied, or strapped down, she was in her Latex, but free to walk about, for the first time since she could remember Mistress and slave one must have forgot to put her in bondage.

She walked around the house, discovering rooms for the first time until she wandered into what she took as Mistresses bedroom. As she sat on the bed she saw a book on the night stand, which she picked up. As she started to read, her gloved hands made it difficult to turn the pages. She realised the book was actually a diary, the name Helen was written in the diary, she remembered someone called Helen, then she came across the name Charlotte, and her heart skipped a beat as she remembered her name, SHE was Charlotte!

Charlotte spent several hours reading of their exploits then the stories started to include Rachel Jacobs in them. This, she concluded must be Mistress. At first the diary seemed to be talking about others but it soon dawned on Charlotte that it was about them, Charlotte and Helen, Rachel Jacobs came later. The more Charlotte thought about it, the more her memory came back. The diary, although written by Helen was about their relationship and somehow Rachel Jacobs wormed her way into the relationship and turned it around. Also it came quite a shock that she had been a lesbian all her life and she had been dominant according to the diary.

The next question was how did she get here? After finishing the diary she placed it back in the position it had been in and started looking around for clues, her gaze centred on a bookcase, obviously separate from the library downstairs. The books ranged from medical books to mind control, mind modification and hypnosis. Charlotte was pulling a book off the shelf, when the movement opened a door in the wall to another room.

In the room was only a stand, with a small wooden case on top with small glass doors. Charlotte opened the case and guessed that this was Mistresses controller. Carefully she took the controller downstairs, she remembered that her brother was named Peter and had a fetish for anything electrical and so had she for her teen years, she even remembered his phone number, so she rang his number, his voice at the other end, on his answer phone confirmed to her that she was right! The one sided conversation went like this.

"Hi Pete! I don’t know what has been said about my disappearance but I think I’m in the home of Ms Rachel Jacobs, Helen will be with her but she has been drugged and hypnotised and will say what ever she is told to say, when you get home you can easily trace this call, but between now and you coming I’m going to have my revenge!"

After serching for what she needed she started taking the controllers apart, she knew where her one was and Helen’s she found two more and 'adjusted' those too! She would have to take a chance that there was no more! They would be coming home soon and she decided to get everything back in place, ready.

As Mistress walked through the door Charlotte was there with a glass of white wine.


"Slave two, what a nice surprise!"

"May I ask a question Mistress?

"Well hang on we have just got through the door!"

"How long have I been here?"

Mistress shot a look at Helen, who ran at Charlotte, Charlotte with a twist of a hand threw Helen over her head and ended up in a heap by the kitchen door.

She turned slightly and said to Helen, "You think I would forget I’m a black belt second dan wouldn’t you!" relining herself with Mistress, she smiled sweetly. "Well how long… Mistress"

She could see the fear in Mistresses eyes, she was looking for a way out. Mistress ran through the study door and grabbed a controller, she pointed it at Charlotte, and got the surprise of her life, Mistress doubled up in pain as Charlotte smiled, a scream from Helen only made things worse and as much as she tried to reverse what she had done it was too late! Once it had been turned on there was no off button. Charlotte had put into operation the worst pain for the pair of them, and as Mistress said the implants were self powered!

As the sirens were getting louder Charlotte sat next to Mistress, "And could you tell me how much you can expect to get for kidnapping BITCH? Fifteen years maybe? Twenty? I suppose when they realise we were both kidnapped, drugged and hypnotised, they’ll just throw the book at you! In the meantime the pain in your clit will remain until your vibes are removed, I have removed the off switch from the remotes and fiddling with them will, Oh you’ll find out!"

Ms Jacobs who was racked with pain on the floor, wasn’t listening, all she knew was her clit was on fire!

In the kitchen, Helen was in a similar position, she felt a red hot poker had been stuffed up her fanny. As somewhere in the back of her mind Ms Jacobs had worked out for herself that somehow Charlotte had undone all she had worked for, as the police walked through the door and picked her off the floor, the only thing she was aware of was the pain. In desperation she started clawing at her clit, in her head she was trying the remove the disc.

The police knew nothing about the discs, and for the moment that’s how it was going to stay!


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