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Chains & Catsuits

by M88

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© Copyright 2012 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; latex; catsuits; bond; collar; gasmask; electro; boxed; transported; captive; reluct/nc; X

Charlotte was in bed about to go to sleep, she had a last look around her hotel room. She had a great view of Prague through the windows of her 2 star hotel room. How it was only 2 star, she had no idea, the room amazing and view was amazing. She was very happy that she picked this hotel.

That same happiness was gone when she came to.

She was locked and bound in a well lit silver box. Her legs where spread apart and her hands were held behind her back. She was wearing two full black latex catsuits with hands and feet. The catsuits were very tight fitting and very shiny. Charlotte's hands were set in latex mittens and were handcuffed together, and were locked to a D ring in the floor. There was a metal pole running up from the floor to the top of the box which was screwed in place, the pole went between her bound hands and her latex covered body and had many leather straps keeping her locked to it. It also had metal cuffs linking the top of her arms to the pole. The leather straps ran across her body and were pull very tight, they went across her stomach, above and below her breasts and over her shoulders and down between her legs.

Her legs were locked to the floor with metal cuffs. At the ankle, above and below the knee and at the groin. All her latex enclosed toes where locked to a metal pole keeping her feet at a 90 degree angle. Her neck was fitted with a collar and had a metal cuffs locking it and her to the metal pole. Her head was enclosed with transparent latex through which you could see her long red hair and clear skin. You could also see her gag, it was a muzzle gag with a built-in large ball gag, it filled her mouth it but also had a plastic tube coming from it. This was her feeding tube. You could also see she had ear plugs cutting out all sounds.

On top of her hood she was wearing a rubber gas mask which was pulled tight against her face and had two plastic tubes coming out the front of the mask and then though the top of the box. One was for food and the other for air. There were also small electricity pads inside of her suit and hood and the leads from these also went out of her gas mask and though the roof of the box. Also in the box was a camera pointing right at her.

Charlotte screamed. What the hell was going on. The smell of her rubber gas mask filling her nose. It was getting hot in this metal box and the two rubber catsuits where not helping.

Suddenly Charlotte heard a loud beep and then a man's voice. "Welcome Charlotte I hope you are comfortable. I also hope you enjoy your time in the sweat box. In case you don't know what's happening. You're in a small metal box and then you're locked inside a shipping container, which has just left port. You're going to be at sea for one week before a small drive to your new home. You have food, water and oxygen for eight days, so you better hope that you arrive on time. But you should also have a lot of fun this week. You're heavily bound and covered in latex, you're breathing is controlled by a machine and if you breath in too deeply you will be shocked by the electrodes stuck on your body. The suction makes a cap close at the end of the hose, it completes a circuit when closed setting of the current and sending electric shocks to your body".

"I hope you like your food as well, it should feed you twice a day. It's a liquid paste I've heard it tastes amazing. It's all ran by machine the lot your breath, your food, I hope you like it. Oh I also hope you like wearing latex and rubber as you're covered in it. Have a great time!"

"I am going to love watching you, seeing you trying to escape will be great fun. By the way you look great in latex, oh and these headphones will act as a talking clock for the whole week"

Charlotte was crying and was breathing heavily and was getting several electric shocks. Charlotte thought that she couldn't survive seven days of this, having to sit in a hot metal box sweating in her catsuits as well as having to control her breathing, and if she gets it wrong a painful shock. As well as having her food and drink controlled by machine. Charlotte looked longingly into the camera and with that she could see a black liquid flowing down from the ceiling, it was feeding time. The liquid food passed though her gas mask and gag and into her mouth. It tasted horrible and it keep coming. Charlotte was happy when it stopped but could still taste it in the back of her throat. Charlotte could feel the sweat building up on the inside of her suit and and screen of the gas mask was steaming up.

It was hell.

The food was horrible and breathing was torture on her lungs and she was baking in this metal box. The restraints where solid and unmovable and the latex catsuits were so tight and hot. But the week was almost up and Charlotte only had another three hours left. Charlotte was getting sick of being shocked and with her food running out she was looking forward to getting out. Suddenly there was a beep again and the man's voice speaks into her ear again.

"Hello again Charlotte. Have you enjoyed your week in the box. Your times almost up just another three hours left. I have loved watching you all this time, trying to escape and being shocked when your asleep for breathing too deeply. I hope your looking forward to getting out the box". Charlotte nodded her head. "Good I have your room set up and ready for you. You should get to me right on time as well, love it when a plan works. Hope you have had fun and I will see you soon".

Charlotte was shocked, she had a room with the mad man who had done this to her. What was coming next.

A couple of hours later she was being unloaded and put on a lorry. Then there was a short drive to her final destination and with more rubber bondage likely. An hour later the lorry stopped and Charlotte could feel herself being lifted off the ground and placed back down on the ground minutes later. She then heard the sound of doors opening and then could feel her box moving. Moments later it all stopped, her heart racing. The door to her bondage hell opened and a figure was kneeing in front of her.

"You're finally here, hope you enjoyed the trip. Your room is ready and waiting for you."

And with that the figure opened the lid of the box, pushing it over her head and on to the floor behind her. Charlotte could at last see where she was. She looked around and was heart broken to see she was already inside, she had not seen the sky for seven long days. Now all she was looking at was a large black latex room with bondage equipment on the walls. Her box was right in the centre of it. Now the lid was off the figure got off a set of keys and started to undo her restraints. The legs where first to be freed followed by the leather straps round her body and then the metal ring and collar around her neck.

Then her gas mask hose was taken out, Charlotte could breath normally. Then her gas mask was undone and pulled off her face, drool and the black liquid food poured out of it. He then released her upper arm cuffs and removed the metal pole running down her back.

"Now stand up Charlotte"

He when puts a dog lead round her neck. Charlotte struggles to get up, her body was stiff. She was walking past lots of serious bondage and fetish equipment, catsuits, hoods, restraints and other hellish stuff. Till she got to a imposing looking door, it was the same silver metal as the box and had locks all the way around the frame of the door. It had a small glass window in the centre of it and had metal poles running across it. The figure slowly opened the door, undid the locks and pulled the metal poles to the side, and with that the door fell inwards. The room inside was black. But a silhouette appealed out of the darkness.

Charlotte looked at it in horror.

"What do you think Charlotte?"

Charlotte let out a loud scream.

And then woke up.


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