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by Shinyhood

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© Copyright 2009 - Shinyhood - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; latex; rainwear; hood; climax; cons; X

"Aaahnnnee....." the chain around my waist pulled tight for the umpteenth time.

I stretched, and stretched further, lying full length on the wooden floor, my finger tips just inches from the keys, but again just, just out of reach. The tight waist chain pulling taut. My loose ddpvc suits pulled tight, arousing me again. The tight shiny rubber snout hood still pumped in and out with each breath, slightly hindering airflow, a further arousal. I felt the start of an orgasm building......... "nnaahhnoo......" I grunted into the snout, I grabbed at my groin area trying to stave off the inevitable.

I pulled up onto my knees "........noooohhhhhaaaaanooo.........." shuddering to another huge orgasm, toppling over and curling into the fetal position, quietly moaning, half snorting into this damned hood.

I now really want out, release, now......."aaahhhplneeeze......"

I pulled at the hood, the snout, at the padlock fixing the leather collar on ......"plllleeeeeesssnne..." I sniffled, ".....pleeeeesne, let me out....." deaf ears, I roll over, much clanking of chain, after shocks still pulsating through my body, I really really want release, sweat pouring over my body, the suit within the suit slipping and sliding against my body. I felt for the waist chain again, the large padlock, the thick chain, long, but not long enough, padlocked to the bolt hole in the corner of the bare room. There is nothing I can use to reach the key, so tantilisingly close, the key that will release the padlock and chain around my waist and thick collar around my neck.

"Slave......." I spin around, ".....have you had enough yet?"

"....yessmssm, pllesmmmeeslettsmeeyouut....." I slur pleadingly.

"Let me out what?"


Peering through the small eyeholes I could just see her, standing there, grinning, "..these what you want..." she bent down, her black shiny body shimmered as she picked up the keys,

"pleeeeessmme, mistressssmmm pleeeeeesssse......"

"...but this is what you wanted....., you said so, chain me up so I can't escape, hood me, gag me, thats what you like isn't it? Well now you've got what you wanted, and now you want me to let you go..." she sneered, "I don't think so......."

My heart sort of sank, yes I wanted out but......

"Put this on" I could just make out my long floor length mac, thrown in my direction. I just stood and looked at the shiny black pile on the floor.

"Put it on now, zip it up, belt it up, put the hood up, tie it off, the chain will still keep you in check, do it now or it will be worse...."

I stooped picked up the mac and did as commanded, wrapping myself, my already hot and sweaty self, in it folds, zipping, buckling, hooding....."

"Hands behind your back...."

Now my macked covered arms went behind my back, I felt her hands click cuffs onto my wrists, her hands then briefly rubbed across my still throbbing crutch, her hands then reached up to the large mac hood, its drawstings tightened pulling the hood tightly around the snout, totally obscurring my sight.

"There, that's better...." I grunted....."the keys are now near you, both cuff keys and the rest, all you have to do is find them and release yourself, couldn't be easier" she laughed.

I think I heard her drop the keys somewhere, she grabbed me under my armpits and lowered me face down onto the floor....... "Happy grovelling, happy hunting slave......" her footsteps indicated her departure.

I moved only slightly......... the next orgasm started to bubble........



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