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Catsuit's Seduction

by Zeferage

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© Copyright 2004 - Zeferage - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; latex; bond; toys; cons; X

Erosboutique & Grometsplaza Latex story competition 2004

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Weeks of waiting are at an end. The Post Office finally delivered the plainly wrapped shipping box from Eros Boutique, now laying in my trembling hands. Excitement swelled within as I skipped across the living room into the kitchen to obtain a pair of scissors. Setting the package on the kitchen table, I carefully and quickly cut through the packaging tape. Opening the box, my eyes beheld the most beautiful attire of my lustful desire.

Neatly folded within the box laid my shinny new, light blue, latex catsuit. I carefully lifted and unfolded my precious garment from its resting place, pushing the box off to the side. Staring at the hypnotizing shine reflecting. from the sleek latex, as my fingers held up the suit, gave rise to a sudden, exhilarating, rush of adrenalin causing a bit of lightheadedness forcing me to sit down. Sitting on the edge of my seat, my eyes never drifted from my new possession, while the dizziness slowly passed. 

Spreading the suit over the table, tingles of excitement radiated from my quivering fingers as they tenderly explored the smooth latex. Thinking to myself how much better it looked in person verses a web page, my eyes continued to absorb the dazzling spectacle before me. Longing for a more suitable feel, my normally bashful personality took a back seat to strong sexual feelings sweeping through my acutely aroused body, I quickly peeled off my clothing. Picking up and wrapping my arms around my new suit, rapturously rubbing the soft latex garment over my body. 

Feeling its comfortable, pliable latex caressing my skin was intoxicating. I stood there for several minutes lost in my lustful fantasies, enjoying the soft, rubbery touch. My captivated daydreaming broke when the clock in the living room struck four. Shaking my head back to reality, I knew slipping into this bewitching outfit could no longer wait!. 

I phoned Mike, my husband, at work to make sure he would be home on time, telling him, his sexy slave would be waiting for him with something special. Ever since I met Mike we've had an fascinating relationship, flourishing over the years, leaving no secrets between us. Secrets such as bondage, a passion both of us harbored and afraid to tell the other, once brought into the open, blossomed our budding relationship and we never looked back, as it brought us to levels of love and respect we never thought possible.

Hanging the phone up, I quickly wrote a special love note to him. Grapping the bottle of powder inside the box, I rushed upstairs to get ready. Talking on the phone and walking through the house naked is not something my normally bashful self will do, but being drunk with passion, I did not care. Plus, this little provocation further stroked my burning desire.

Sprinting into the bedroom, I laid the catsuit on the bed and reached for a towel to cover the floor with. Standing on the towel and opening the bottle of baby powder, I applied a generous amount of it over my body, letting the excess fall onto the towel. My skin was nearly white by the time I finished, with a tingling sensation,  coursing through my body, like a kid in a candy shop, heightening my sexual feelings.

Flipping the suit over, I unzipped the zipper down its back and through the crotch. Lifting and holding the suit in front of me, I slid my right leg in first. About three-quarters of my leg slid freely in until the tightness of the garment caused me to pull, with some force, until my leg fit snuggly within it's sheath. I proceeded with my left leg until it too was encased in latex. Straightening my body, I brought the shoulders of the suit up to my shoulders and slid my left arm through the sleeve, then the right, with a bit of pulling as well.

With my body all but encased in latex, my tingling sensation changed to a more powerful, sensual enjoyment, pulsating through my veins. I quickly reached for and started zipping the garment closed. Feeling each tooth as it was zipped together by the steadily moving zipper, sent shivers of excitement running over my body. With one last pull, the zipper reached its end as the catsuit conformed to my body like a second skin, comfortably pressing my body from all angles, given new excitement to my growing ecstasy.

A skin, that while snug, did not restrict my movements, as they where smooth and without effort.  Every movement brought the fresh, exciting sound of soft rustling rubber to my ears. Walking, my feet felt like they where pressing on small squishy cushions, while wiggling my toes in their latex cocoon felt very erotic. The gentile but steady pressure upon my breasts felt sensationally wonderful. My caressing hands glided over the latex outfit, stimulating my body with sensual feelings I never felt before. Deeply inhaling the savory smells of latex only increased my sexual appetite. 

A soft moan escaped from my lips as multiple stimulations created a strong sexual urge, threatening to overwhelming my rational thoughts. I could feel my groin area moisten from wanting desire. Looking down, I could see my swollen nipples pushing against the latex, creating small bumps in the middle of my breasts.  My hands cupped my breasts, squeezing softly as another soft moan escaped from my lips. However desirable continuing my self pleasure would be, I knew master Mike would be home shortly and would be angry if I masturbated just before his arrival. 

My passion is towards bondage. Thoughts of being bound and dominated are enough to get me incredibly horny, but the actual bonding process is rapturous, withering within my bonds, unable to free myself, is euphoric.  But now with the added pleasure of my latex catsuit, my enthusiasm went throw the roof! 

Mike's passion is to continually tease and torment my bound body, steadily marching me towards an earth shattering orgasm, then I would somehow, while still bound, return the favor. Thinking about how I should tie myself to be enchantingly irresistible and at the same time openly available for his pleasuring, I came up with a simple solution.

We've collected many bondage items during our lives, ranging from simple wrist/ankle cuffs and blindfolds, to a complicated harness, all used with great pleasure.  I've tied myself many times over the years, with this same equipment, as self gratification and at other times to surprise Mike. We have a hub chest full of bondage gear, from this I take out a three foot spreader bar, four lockable wrist/ankle cuffs with three locks which use the same key, and a blue ball gag. 

Giggling to myself, I hurried downstairs to the freezer to retrieve the frozen key to the locks. The key, a safety precaution in case something should happen, is in the middle of a small block of ice to assure I could not escape until it melts in about four-five hours at room temperature, or shorter if I tortured myself by cupping the ice with my hands. Grapping the key, I hurried upstairs to complete my self imposed captivity. 

In the middle of our bedroom, we have a concealed hook in the ceiling to which, after obtaining a chair to reach the hook, I hung a three foot chain. Attaching an end of a long string leading from the frozen key, previously threaded through the key end before freezing, to the chain so I could pull the key to me when unfrozen, I place the frozen key off to the side, on the floor, on top of a towel

After stepping down, I sat on the chair to apply my ankle cuffs, locking each ankle to its end of the spreader bar, trapping my ankles three feet apart until unlocked. Inserting and buckling the ball gag in place, I tried a few 'mmmph' just for fun, feeling more shivers of excitement run through my body. Last, I apply my wrist cuffs. Standing up and moving the chair, best I could, out of the way, I reach my hands up to the chain, which is just the right height, and threading the last lock through the D-rings, of the cuffs, and the last link of the chain, latching it closed. 

The audible click which followed went straight to my loins.  Knowing I was trapped like this for at least an hour sent my sexual cravings into overdrive. All I could do was moan and wither in my bondage, as my clit was now throbbing from want of attention. 

Struggling within my captivity, I notice something else was happening, my body was becoming very warm. A  comforting, tranquilizing, type of warmth, encompassing my whole body. I didn't understand this new sensation at first, but after a  moments thought I realized I was encased in a rubber suit, of course! I never thought about this before. The fresh sensation of the built-up of heat, heightened the sexual, euphoric, feelings coursing through my bound and struggling body, to a level previously unimaginable. 

I thought I loved self bondage before, but nothing compared to this! The need for an orgasm was overwhelming, as I directed what little movement I had towards this goal. But with nothing to rub my body against, the suit did not apply pressure to the right location, all of my struggling was fruitless. 

Rapturously bound, I lost myself within my fantasies of being an abducted princess, losing all track of time, failing to notice the presence of my 'would-be rescuer.' Hearing a noise, I opened my eyes to see Mike standing in front of me, with his heart warming, Tom Cruise like, grin on his face, examining my situation and outfit. The noise was his coat being thrown onto the bed.

"Very nice.... Very beautiful," said Mike, walking around and examining my bound form from all sides. 

Pleading with my puppy-dog eyes and seductive whimpering, I tried to bring his attention from viewing me to playing with me!

Mike finally stepped towards me. Standing next to me, he ran his hands over my latex covered body. The lack of direct skin contact, instead of being less exciting, aroused me greatly. "I bet this outfit cost a pretty penny," Mike said not as a question but a statement, as his one hand pinched my swollen nipple.

Moaning through my gag, I tried to lean my body closer to his wanting more, while I nodded my head. 

Smacking my butt with enough force to sting, but not painful, "That's for spending our money without my permission," he whispered into my ear. Many more smacks followed, landing squarely on my latex covered cheeks, alternating left then right. The feeling of being spanked through latex was exquisite and the sound even sexier.

But what was happening to me was closer to heaven! Bound hand and foot, gagged, covered in a sheath of latex put me in a highly erotic state, mingled with being spanked, my nipples being pinched, and now the warmth emanating from my rear pushing into my loins, combined to put me in a deliriously euphoric state. I tried with all my might to ripe apart my bonds and throw myself on top of my husband, I needed him NOW! But the cuffs held and all I could do was moan as I closed my eyes to be lost to the moment.

But the plateau of my deliriously euphoric state slowly ebbed when Mike's stimulation abruptly stopped. My frenzied struggles slowed to a halt, as my lungs worked overtime to rejuvenate my tired body. Wondering why he stopped, I opened my hazy eyes to see him stooping over our hub chest looking for something. When he found what he wanted, he stood up and walked slowly back to me with several items I could not identify as I could not wipe my glistening eyes. 

Standing next to me, Mike reached up and wiped my eyes with a tissue. I attempted to say thank you, through a couple of 'MMph.' Understanding what I wanted to say, Mike said "Your welcomed," and continued on with what he had planned. Encircling my waist with rope, he tied it off in front, by my belly button. Next, Mike tied the base of the vibrator there as well, so the vibrator would hang down, with the tip hanging nearly on top of my sex.

My whimpering took on new meaning as Mike switched the vibrator on, low. The vibrations radiating through the suit were maddening. I squirmed to its buzzing, gyrating and thrusting my hips upwards to their limits of mobility. 

 "Does my poor slave need to cum?"

Swiftly nodding my head in agreement, whimpering a 'yes' through the gag, as my euphoric state returned!

 " I think you deserve a little more punishment for buying such a seductive and expensive outfit," Mike said in a low baritone voice, with a mischief grin on his face. I knew he was enjoying both the view and my torment. Reaching up he untied and took my release key, then returning his voice to normal, "I'm hungry, its been a long day at work and we have a long weekend ahead of us."

 'What do you mean long? It's only Thursday!' I attempted to say, but through the gag all that came out was a series of "mmmph?".

But my puzzled expression turned to an horrified pleading look as Mike continued, "By the way, I took Friday off. I'll see you in a hour or so."

My shaking head, pleading eyes and begging whimpers where to no avail as I watched him walk away. My body vigorously squirmed within the tight confines of my bondage, trying to make contact with the tormenting instrument of my desires. Moans of lust and frustration sounded throughout the room, as I knew this would indeed be a very long, joyous, weekend! 




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