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Cathy's Latex Torment

by Stephen Parslow

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© Copyright 2007 - Stephen Parslow - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; bond; fdom; toys; nc; X

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Cathy was led into the room. She had her hands handcuffed behind her back and was dressed in a transparent latex catsuit that totally enclosed her from the tip of her toes to the top of her head, her only opening to the outside world was two small holes under her nose.

Mistress Scully welcomed her into her dungeon.

"Hello my slave, I see they have prepared you well." Mistress Scully walked over and started to caress her nipples through the latex skin, Cathy moaned as Mistress Scully pinched her nipples hard. "Well little Cathy, its time I introduced you to some of my toys. You look cold my dear. Your nipples are erect. I think its time I made you a little more comfortable"

Cathy was led over to a glass tube that was situated in the corner of the room, the tube was the size of an old British telephone box but made out of glass. Inside, was what appeared to Kathy as an 'X' frame made from shiny chrome.

"Well slave," said Mistress Scully, "time to make you more comfortable."

With that the door to the glass tube was opened and Cathy was led in. She was positioned with her back to the chrome tubing and her arms were secured high above in a 'Y' position with padded wrist restraints. Her legs were then moved apart and each ankle secured to the chrome with two padded ankle restraints. Cathy was helpless. From the floor Mistress Scully opened a flap and pulled a metal rod from the floor. On top of the rod was a ball the same size as a tennis ball and made of shiny metal.

"Now my dear, just relax." with this she pulled the rod and ball right up against Cathy's latex covered cunt. Mistress Scully checked the restraints and left the glass room, leaving a parting kiss on Cathy's latex covered cheek as she closed the door.

Cathy tried to move off the ball but it was useless because of the restraints. She wondered its use with dread. She looked around her glass prison through her clear latex covered eyes. The floor was all metal but a vent on either side of her spread feet. Again she pondered its use and decided it must be for oxygen as she would need to breath in her glass prison. She also noticed Mistress Scully position herself in front of some sort of console in a large comfy chair.

Suddenly sound filled the glass prison from a hidden speaker. "Hello Cathy, I hope you are feeling comfortable, my dear." With that Mistress Scully started to operate a few buttons and turned on the glass chambers controls. "My darling, welcome to my environmental orgasm chamber. I hope you enjoy your time here because it will be your last. Ha ha ha ha ha."

With that Cathy noticed Mistress Scully slowly turn the dial on her right. Suddenly air started blowing in at force through the vents on the floor. It was cool and Cathy was glad of this as she had started to sweat in her transparent catsuit.

Mistress spoke again. "I hope the temperature is right for you, I can adjust it anywhere from freezing cold to roasting hot, and the ball that is wedged between your legs is controlled by this other dial. It has ten settings. It is by far the most powerful vibrator ever made. With that she turned it to one.

Cathy suddenly started to moan as the most lovely vibrations started to flow into her latex covered cunt. "How does it feel my darling?" said Mistress Scully. "I will leave you on setting one while I play with you my dear. I hope you enjoy your torture."

Mistress Scully looked at the temperature control. It read 17*C. She slowly turned the dial until it read 30*C. Heat suddenly flooded the chamber as the air blowing out of the vents warmed up.

"My darling Cathy, I hope heat turns you on as much a it does me. I bet you are starting to warm up now my dear. I would hate for you to be cold. I bet the latex is getting nice and warm, I will leave you for a while why I get some liquid refreshment. I hope you are comfy and cosy my dear." With that she turned the vibrator to two.

Cathy came immediately. It was impossible to get away from the vibration that was so insistent and the heat in the tube was so relaxing in her latex cocoon. She started to sweat and tried to think of any other thing apart from the ball between her legs.

Mistress Scully returned.

"Hello my darling. I see you are starting to sweat my dear. I can see it moving around your catsuit. I bet it feels chilly against your skin. Would you like me to increase the heat?" With that she turned the dial to 40*C "MMMM I bet that feels lovely."

Cathy gasped as she felt the air blowing out of the floor vents raise in temperature. She started to perspire heavily now and succumbed to a second powerful orgasm. Heat and latex had always turned her on and here she was with both being used to stimulate her. All through her life heat had made her so horny. She loved driving her car with the heat on max and a dildo in her hot cunt or in her house with the heat on max and wearing latex, a sauna to her was an orgasm waiting to happen. She loved to wear her favourite catsuit and lay under her electric sun bed and sweat to a powerful orgasm. Yet here she was, trapped and being stimulated by her old boss who had become her Mistress with a score to settle.

She was brought back to reality when her Mistress spoke again. "My darling. You look so yummy. How about I really warm you?" With that she turned the dial till the reading on the screen said 80*C, as hot as a sauna. Cathy felt the sudden change of heat almost straight away; it felt like an oven door had opened. She started to overheat in the catsuit. Sweat could clearly be seen running everywhere in the suit.

"Cathy." Mistress Scully called. "I have to entertain a client. I will be one hour. I don't know if you can survive that long, but you will have fun trying my darling."

With that she turned the vibrating ball up to '10'.

From outside the glass tube she could hear a scream and a loud hum. Mistress Scully smiled at herself, turned the heat to 100*C and left the room.

Cathy came round to find herself strapped into a chair in what appeared to be a hairdressers. She felt totally refreshed and only had vague memories of being trapped in some tube, she thought she remembered passing out but how she had got here she had no idea. She was still wearing the transparent latex catsuit but she thought to herself that she must have been cleaned and washed because she felt so fresh in it.

Mistress Scully entered the room.

"Hello Cathy my darling, how are you feeling? You may be wondering, my sweetie, why you are still alive. Well it is because I love seeing you suffer, my sweet. You look so sexy and I know how heat and latex really turn you on"

Cathy said nothing.

"Well my little slut, I think its time we set about washing that hair of yours."

Cathy was wheeled over to a sink where the face section of her catsuit was removed, she was still fully covered up to her neck but now her face and hair were free. She shivered slightly at the cool air in the room. A young girl in a black latex cape came out from behind a curtain and started to wash her hair. She was so gentle. The warm water and the smell of the girls rubber cape were beginning to get to Cathy. She sighed. The young girl let Mistress Scully know that she had finished. Cathy was then led over to a set of dryers. Mistress Scully clicked her fingers and the same girl who had washed her hair entered the room with a bundle of plastic in her hand.

Mistress Scully spoke. "Cathy, my darling, as you know, visiting the hairdressers is such a pleasure my darling, especially when it comes to drying ones hair. I find it so relaxing, don't you?"

Again Cathy did not answer. She felt anything she would say would only make the situation worse. "Cathy, has a cat got your tongue? Not to worry, I'd like you to get into this little outfit I have here for you. I call it my comfy suit."

Two men entered the room and removed Cathy from the chair. They then helped Mistress Scully put Cathy into what she could only describe as a massive baggy thin, clear plastic suit. It covered her whole body. She was then led over to the row of dryers and made to sit under one and her ankles and legs were secured. The neck of the baggy plastic suit was pulled up over her head and fitted onto the dryer.

"Do you feel worried you my cute slave. This will not kill you but will make you feel relaxed. It's my little present for being so horrible to you earlier my little dear. While your hair is drying I did not want to waste all that hot air so I thought why not let it warm your latex covered body as well."

Mistress Scully stood up and turned the dial on top of the hood dryer. It sprung into life.

Cathy was startled by the initial noise then felt the warm air shoot over her head and face, the suit she was wearing over her catsuit began to inflate, trapping in the warm air.

"You look so sexy my dear, I've set the timer to 40 minutes so just sit back and enjoy. I'll be back for you later. I have a little something to set up for you."

Scully left the room and left Cathy in her little drying cocoon. Cathy started to relax and perspire. This was pure heaven. The warm air was blowing all around her body. She so wished she could rub her latex covered cunt but her arms were secured. She wondered what Mistress Scully was setting up for her, but in the meantime she just sat and enjoyed the warmth that was enveloping her body.

- The End (for now) -

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