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Cat Burglar

by Trppdnrbbr77

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© Copyright 2012 - Trppdnrbbr77 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; capture; collar; gag; bond; cuffs; catsuit; latex; boots; fem; tease; enslave; nc; X

The neighborhood has always been a pleasant place. On the outskirts of a decent size city. We bought the home a few years ago and have had some problems since moving in and my wife decided to move out after meeting the “man of her dreams” at work. Now I am trying to save up enough to pay the house to a point where it can be sold. But my life changed much more after that.

I was stretching out front getting ready for my daily run when a black BMW drove up and the window rolled down, “Your front yard needs to be cleaned and all the weeds pulled”, Janice the president of the Neighborhood Home Owners Association doing her daily “inspections”. I looked around and noticed two small weeds and a paper cup sitting in the drive way. “I’ll clean it up”…”bitch” under my breath. She drove off in a cloud of dust.

The next few weeks there was word of houses in the neighborhood being broken into. The thief was taking only jewelry and cash lying around. Everyone in the neighborhood was talking and as the rumors stirred, they say the thief was in a Cat woman type full body suit, Black skin tight and shiny, with a facemask, dark eye shadow and bright red shiny lipstick. Most of the guys in the neighborhood would say they had a crush on the thief. One of the guys said she had an amazing body.

One early morning I was on my run through the neighborhood, when passing by the Rileys house I noticed some movement inside the house “that’s funny” I thought, they were on a two week cruise to Europe and had notified the neighborhood to please watch the home.

Being the good neighbor I am I decided to investigate. I went around the side of the house to try and get a closer view, I looked through each window and noticed the house was trashed, I went to the back door and noticed it had been opened. I walked in, there was no noise to be heard. So I walked in further into the living room, I heard the back door close and heard a familiar female voice from behind.

“You are so predictable” my heart sank “don’t turn around and put your hands where I can see them”.

I put my hands up thinking she had a gun or weapon of some sorts. I heard the clack of heels walk up behind as she quickly hand cuffed my hands behind my back, she came around the front me and placed her shiny gloved finger on my lips “SSSSHHHH” said her Red shiny pouty lips, she locked a collar around my neck.

“Don’t say a word, or you’ll receive a shocking surprise you dog”, then I knew exactly who it was, Janice. She looked very sexy; her amazing curves were wrapped from her neck down to her toes in shiny black rubber. She was wearing high heeled boots that went up right beneath her crotch, without them she would be about the same height as me. She had what looked like a Cat woman mask with pointy ears, long eyelashes, dark eye shadow, and of course those shiny red lips. Each hand was wrapped in skin tight black shiny rubber gloves that ended at her armpits.

“I knew you would be running by right about this time, all I had to do was be on the lookout and make some noise, then you would fall right into my little ambush, I have stolen so much money and jewelry that I can retire from my computer engineer job at the plant, and can lay low from everyone for a few months then move to the tropics. So let’s get the final part of my plan into action shall we?”

“But I need your help”. She pulled out a black duffel bag, “in here is my alibi”. She went into her bag and pulled out a gun with a large silencer on the end, “Now I am going to uncuff you, but one false move and the cops will find my alibi dead, ok”. I nodded; she came around my back and unlocked the cuffs. She backed away and tossed me the duffel bag. “Strip down naked”. I hesitated but the look she gave me made sure to let me know she meant business. I stripped down naked.

“Now open the bag and put on what is inside”. There was a rubber catsuit just like hers, a smaller body shaped rubber suit it looked like a woman’s one piece bathing suit, rubber thong, long rubber gloves, a black rubber mask and long rubber high heeled boots. Also was a small makeup kit and a couple of black shiny tubes of gel.

“First before putting on any of the clothes use the Black Shiny tube of gel and spread it on your body and the inside of the clothes, so put on the thong first”.

I spread the gel on the thong and my body. I slid the thong up, there was a pocket in the thong to slide my “member” into, then I slid the body suit up, it had padding in the breasts and the butt, it was very tight around the stomach and gave me the shape of a woman, I pulled the thong up my butt crack and started to arouse me, my “little buddy” started to expand but couldn’t because of the restriction of the pocket in the thong.

Next I was told to lube up the catsuit and pull it on, I did just that. It had feet and a rear two way zipper. I pulled it on, it was very tight and forced my legs together to where I could hardly move my legs apart. I pulled it up and put my arms into the sleeves forcing everything tighter together, once my arms were in the sleeves I was stuck, noticing this Janice came over and pulled the suit over my shoulders and zipped the suit up to the top of my shoulders leaving neck of the suit loose.

By now I was completely under her mercy, there was no way I was going to run, if anyone saw me, they would think I was the thief, plus the rubber latex was so tight I could never take her down. She instructed me to put on the boots, they had a zipper on the side, I have to say that the latex made me look very sexy like a woman. I zipped both boots on, next I put on the gloves and rolled them up to my armpits. Breathing was difficult. She came over and handcuffed me again and forced me to sit in a chair that was nearby.

She pulled out the makeup kit and got out a light type of foundation, she spread it all over my face it felt very creamy and heavy. She applied a powder over the foundation, next she got a tube of lipstick and slathered the red lipstick onto my lips, covering it with a slippery, shiny lip gloss, pulled out long fake eyelashes and stuck them on each eyelid, applied black mascara and using and eyelash curler from her kit, curled them. Next she put on dark eyeliner, followed by eye shadow, using a type of pencil she drew on eyebrows. She pulled out a brush and applied red rouge to my cheeks. “Beautiful”, she said. “Open wide”.

“Whaa---, mmmmmphh”, she shoved a rolled up pair of thongs into my mouth, immediately sealing with clear packing tape, in turn I received a shock from the collar she placed on my neck earlier. Finally, she put the cat woman hood/mask over my head and zipped it shut pulling under the neck of the cat suit, and then she zipped up the cat suit covering the bottom of the mask. She pulled out a small tube from a drawer in the kitchen and squeezed its substance onto the zipper of the cat suit, the zipper of the hood and the zipper of the boots. She pulled out another tube and shined my entire body.

“All done!!” She tied me to the chair with some rope from the duffel bag.

“I will be right back don’t go anywhere”, I tried to struggle but became awkwardly aroused with the combination of the thong, makeup and feels sounds of the latex, then the thought of looking like a sexy woman it was actually amazing.

15 minutes or so later, she came back in wearing normal clothing and her makeup was refreshed to be conservative. She untied me from the chair and led me to the garage still handcuffed and gagged. I was put in the driver’s seat of the car, she attached a tube to the back of my suit and buckled me in.

“Since all went well I am going to tell you the final part of my plan, being the computer genius I am, I have spent the entire part of last night turning this car into a giant radio controlled car, using GPS and RF waves, I can drive this car anywhere I want. Also, there are 30 different camera angles so I can see everything you can from my laptop at home. So why did I choose you? I noticed you are about the same size as I am, so dressing you up like this makes it too easy. I noticed you and your wife when you first moved here, I had seen how unhappy she was and got my cousin in where your wife worked they are a match made, I had thought of using her for my alibi but she wouldn’t work she is a lot shorter than I am. Thanks to Mrs. Riley’s ring here I am able to pay off the latex clothing, boots, and makeup. The cops will think all the robberies are you because I am going to your house next to strip you of everything and placing this bag in your closet.”

“So I bet you are guessing where I am sending you? Well I can double my money by providing a beautiful sex slave to some high rolling cooperate big wigs, so you are going on a little ride. The gel you put on the suit dissolves any body hair, which you really didn’t have any, and bonds to the human skin so the latex will stay nice and tight with no wrinkles, I have also super glued all the zippers sealing you in nice and tight. You look too damn sexy so they won’t care if you’re a man or not, even if they do, they are other people out there you can be sold to. Well since everyone in the neighborhood is gone to work right now, timing is everything so I am going to slip away to my house and prepare to drive you away. So get some rest because tonight is going to be a long ride”.

Then she disappeared. I tried struggling and mmmphhing all I could receiving a shock from the collar each time. I needed to piss real bad and tried holding as long as I could, when finally I couldn’t hold it anymore. To my amazement the pee just went through the pocket out a tube somewhere under the car. Exhausted I feel asleep.

I awoke to the garage door opening; it was starting to get dark. “Wake up my prize”. There was a speaker in the car somewhere and her voice made me shudder. The car backed out of the garage down the driveway onto the street. As I drove along there were some people outside each one pointing and staring seeing the cat burglar drive away, unknowingly to his new life.


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