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A Cat Named Misha

by Reblatex

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© Copyright 2005 - Reblatex - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; magic; furry; cons; X

“What can I wear? I have nothing right for the occasion!” shouted Anastasia, falling sadly in the big chair near her bed.

“But, madame, you have wardrobes full of dresses, and I’m sure you will find something suitable for the Rising moon ball…” Zazanel tried to calm the young noble.

Anastasia, called by her close friends and by her maid, 'Misha', shook her head and breathed deeply. “Zazalen, you don’t understand, and I think this is quite normal. You are an elf, and so you can’t understand why a young girl would want something special for her for her first official ball in high society. As you said, in your lands all the people are presented to the society when they are really young, and after all you are a big, big family…”

The maid nodded, smiling softly, while her long and pointed ears straightened up. Her skin was pale, quite white, giving her the features of a delicate china doll. The skin colour was accentuated by her eyes, black and deep as the ocean, and the hair, similar to silk and black as the night, cut just over her shoulders and decorated by a white hair tape. She was dressed in a shiny rubber outfit composed of a long and big pleated gown and a corset that left her chest and her shoulders bare. The arms were sheathed in long black latex gloves, and her feet, half hidden by the garment, were blocked in high heels polished leather boots that touched her knees.

“Yes, madame, effectively I found it really strange, You are in the world since twenty one years ago, but you are only now presented to the noble society. I’m young for the elven standards, but I’m anyway quite four hundred years old, but this is the first time I hear this strange costume…”

Misha smiled, leaving the chair and going another time to the mirror. She was at the moment dressed only in her tape suit. Zazalen herself wrapped the soft plastic tape all over her mistress body, leaving only her hands and her head free from the cosy hug of the material. The ivory of the suit was a good contrast to the black of her hair, straight and long, so much as to touch her knees. Her long and narrow eyes, with oriental features, were the only thing she liked about herself, because they had a strange mix of blue and violet, giving her a deep and mysterious look that she often used to break hearts.

“And if I wear the butterfly dress?”

“It’s beautiful, Misha, but you remember the problem about your independency while dressed in that?”

“Oh, yes… It’s really wonderful, but my arms are strapped at my side and my face is completely hidden under the rigid rubber mask with the big straw to simulate the real butterfly. It’s the best for a fancy masque ball, but not for the Rising Moon Ball. I want to be seen, and talk and smile and dance…” she closed her eyes and started to dance following her mind music.

“It’s the moment…” thought the dark elf.

“But I’m sorry to do it!” thought again the elf, sadly.

“You know that the Mistress wants it!” the darker side of the elf thought.

“But I love Misha. She is the only one that loved us…”

“And the Mistress? You are not a good girl!”

“It’s not true. I love also her, because she saved us…”

“She is the only one that loves us. The others wanted to kill us, because we are different…”

“Yes… But…”

“Shut up and give me the control…” shouted the evil Zazanel to the good one, that disappeared in the labyrinth of her mind.

“Milady, if you accept my opinion, we can find a perfect dress for you…”

“Tell me, my love. You know you are for me as a sister, also if you have twenty times my age…”

“Before arriving to serve you, I was for some years the maid of a wonderful stylist, and she was the preferred by queen and princess…”

“Who is she? Maybe I know her…”

“I doubt, milady. She is really shy and she decides where to go and where to use her skills, that are really near to the magic!”

“Oh, as the sorceress of the near Arcane Seal of Bondia, Rebecca Gumwitch?”

Zazanel grinned badly for a second, before nodding.

“And is she far from here? I want to call her to the mansion immediately. The ball will be in three days…”

“We will have to go to her. She only works in her workshop, and luckily is really near. We have only to trespass the Grey Wood, and the first village we found, she is there…”

“But it’s in the lands of the Count! We have to move in another country, and I can’t without an official reason…”

“We need only a pair of horses and half a day, and no one will discover us, if we will do it quickly…”

“Zazanel, I don’t know… It’s a risk!”

“Milady, no problem, you have always the slut dress…” sighed the elf, sure Misha would change her ideas.

The young one looked herself another time in the mirror, and shook her head. She returned to one of her wardrobe, rummaged for a while, then turned to look deep into the eyes of her maid.

 “You have to swear me that no one will see us!”

“I promise, milady…”

When they arrived at the village, the moon was looking at them without interest, high in the sky full of stars.

“I can’t believe it! I went out of my house in secret, and now I’m in a foreign land, at night, dressed as a normal person and with my maid, that is a dark elf…”

“Milady, what is the problem? We will be back in your room before the morning, and so your parents will not know anything!”

“I hope so, or I will see the sky again when I'll be as old as you…”

“Oh, here we are!” said Zazanel, pointing with her gloved finger a small house a little farther from the village.

Anastasia and her elf maid arrived at the door and knocked gently, but only at the third time a mantled and masked figure opened the wooden panel and looked them strangely.

“Who…? Oh, Zazanel, how are you? Come in, you and your friend…”

They entered and discarded their mantles on a chair.

The masked female looked at the maid and at the black haired girl, at the moment dressed in a simple dress in dark grey rubber with mittens and an open hood. “If my eyes are still good, you are Anastasia De Katty, a noble from Xiengwang…”

“Yes, madame. Nice to meet you. Zazanel talked to me about you a lot…”

“I hope in a good way. Well, well, well, if you are here you need a dress, and I think also to know you need a costume for the ball!” giggled the woman, dressed in a black rubber corset dress and hobble skirt, her long dark hair in a chignon and her face covered completely by a mask in white plastic, with red lips and spot on the cheeks.

“Yes… I need something really special for the ball…”

“Mmmm, let me think… Do you like cats?”

“What, cats? Yes, I like them, and sometime my parents call me Kitty because they say I’m agile and quick as a cat!” she giggled.

“I was sure of it! I quite never I’m wrong… Do you like the idea to be a cat, at the ball?”

“A cat?”

“Yes, as this one!” whispered the masked woman, moving her hands on the air, that thickened until it became a screen where appeared a wonderful female figure encased in a dress and mask that rendered her a perfect werecat.

“I want it! Please, I will do anything for this dress!”


“Yes. Tell me what you want from me and I will give you!”

“I want one year of your life!”

Misha was speechless. “Sorry?”

“Anastasia, you heard her. She want one year of your life. You said she could ask you what she wanted…”

“Zazanel, but how?”

“I can call you at my castle, and no one will find it strange. You are a noble, it’s normal you will go as a personal maid of noble persons to learn how to live in high society…”

“But, but, you aren’t noble!”

“Misha, I will reveal a secret. I lied you. I lived with you since this year, but I continued to serve only my first and only mistress: the Countess!”

“The Countess?”

As answer, the masked woman revealed her real face, and seated slowly on the chair, waiting while the girl found her voice again after the surprise.

“Yes. I wanted to have you as a maid, but I wasn’t sure, so I used a… spy. You are perfect for what I need, and so I ask you only to be my maid for a year, and you will have the costume for free, now, immediately. My powers are so much I can create the dress you saw in a moment…”

“But my parents?”

“No problem. I will ask them, but I’m sure they will not refuse. All will be official and clear, no problems. You win the most…”

Anastasia was not completely convinced, but the idea to be encased in that wonderful dress was too much for her, and she nodded.

“Good! Really good. Now, if you want to undress, we will start the creation of your dress.” Said the Countess, while her hands started to be covered in a strange glowing white dense liquid.

When Anastasia entered in the hall where the ball was going on, all the faces turned to see her, and she was in paradise. The costume created for her was more than perfect. She moved, slowly, to be sure all the people would see her, and smiled, also if no one could see her.

Her whole body was covered by a subtle, quite imperceptible suit made in white magic rubber, with no holes except the neck where she entered with some great difficulty. Over it a strict and long transparent plastic corset hugged her torso, pushing up her breasts in its half cups and squeezing her waist in an incredible 14”. Another suit, moulded over her body and closed on the front by a long zip from her bellybutton to her neck was her cat costume, with a long swinging rubber tail and gloves and boots shaped as claws of a sinuous white with big black spot cat. A hood with feline features covered her head, her hair styled in two long braids tied at the end with black rubber tape and exiting near the pointed cat ears, positioned at the upper side of her head. A moulded mask covered her lower face features giving her the snout of a werecat. The mask was also covering her true lips and mouth, reducing her vocabulary to some mewing and purring. To complete her outfit she wore a light blue dress with a long pleated plastic skirt and blouse, closed on her back with pearls buttons that cost two hours of Zazanel's time to be closed.

The ball was a success, and Anastasia refused to free herself from the cat costume before going to bed, sleeping in it, curling in a ball as a true cat, and only after some effort from her parents, she disrobed herself the next morning with the help of the elf. A second after she was freed from the mask, the girl kissed the elf right in the centre of the lips passionately.

“W…Why, madame?”

“Because you are my best friend. If I’m happy, it’s only because you. You don’t know how much you mean to me, Zazanel…”

The other blushed until the girl went in the bathroom to take a good hot shower, finally free after three days in her tape suit, she wore practically always of not for short period.

“Well, she is really cute, isn’t she?”

“Yes, Mistress will be happy to have her as a slave…”

“But we can’t permit it! She said she loves us. We have to say her the truth about the contract with the Countess…”

“Shut up, silly one! She will be a perfect pet for her, and we will continue to be her only maid and we will be the mistresses of her, no more her slaves…”

“But we were and are her friends, not her slaves…”

“Only the Mistress loves us, remember!”

“But she is cute, no?”

“Yes, she is cute… Maybe we will not consider her as a slave…”

“Maybe we could say her something…”

“Say me what?”

“Nothing, Misha. I’m talking with myself. It’s normal if you are an elf, milady…”

“Oh, Zazanel, I’m so happy. My parents received the letter from the Countess, and they agreed immediately to put me under her service. I will start the trip at the end of this week, and you will be with me…”

“Yes, I’m really happy!”

“And me too. I will stay with a wonderful person and with my best friend in the same home… It’s incredible. I’m not sure why the others said that the Countess is an evil person. I consider her a wonderful and gentle woman. She rendered me happy as never before, and I will do all I can to pay her back!”

“Oh, be sure, you will do a lot…” thought the elf, smiling.

They arrived at the castle of the Countess, some plastic maids, completely enveloped in a black suit made of shiny material showed Misha to her room and then Zazanel's. Some time after they finished unpacking, the elf arrived in the girl's room, finding her disrobed, wearing only her tape suit, that day in purple and blue.

“There is something it’s wrong?”

“No, no, my dear. I was just thinking what I could do. I saw so many maids I can do nothing for the Countess…”

“And so you are afraid of what you could do?”

“No. I want to pay back her, but how? I can’t do anything good.”

“But you are perfect!”

“What you are saying? Perfect for what?”

“Open that drawer…” said the elf, pointing to a big drawer near the wardrobe.

Anastasia did it, and she found her cat costume.

“But, but… It was in my room…”

“Yes, but I sent it here some days ago. I’m sure you will love to wear it for the Countess!”

“But why?”

“I have an order from her. Do you want to wear it for her?”

“And you ask me? Yes, I want to with all my heart. I love it!”

“Good. Come on. Let’s me help you inside it…”

When Zazanel finished, only the mask and the last part of the zipper were not completely closed. The elf sighed and looked the girl deep in her violet eyes. “I have to tell you something…”

“What are you doing?” shouted in her mind the evil maid.

“I want to tell her what she will be for a year…”

“You are crazy!”

“You are! You're the one that doesn't see that she is a wonderful person…”

“Zazanel, tell me, is there something wrong?”

“No, madame. Or maybe yes… You will be not a maid, but a pet for the Countess…”

“A pet?”

“Yes. You will be enclosed in this special magical suit for a whole year, and you will be always a pet for her. You will have a collar, you will sleep at her feet and will go around the castle on all fours… You really want to do this? I can help you if you don't …”

“But you will be punished…”

The elf nodded.

“I want to be her pet. I said I would do anything for her, and I will. I ask only that you will be the one that will feed me and will pull me around with collar and chain... It’s good for you?”

The maid didn’t answer, but hugged the girl with tears in her eyes, then completed the costume and closed a silver collar with a silver little bell around the neck of Anastasia. She saw that over the bell there was engraved her nickname.“Misha, it’s a good name for a cat…” she smiled, purring and putting herself on all fours, her long rubber tail swinging in the air, her braids styled in two chignons to avoid touching the ground, adding something exotic and strange to her figure.

Zazanel attached a little and pretty silver chain to the collar and the two went along the tunnels and rooms until they stopped in front of the Countess apartments. The elf knocked and entered, followed by the rubber pet. The woman inside was smiling, seated on a big, golden chair, quite similar to a throne. “Oh, good, really good. There we are my pet. Zazanel, did she put up too much resistance?”

“She wanted to be your pet!”

“What?” exclaimed surprised the woman, while her black latex dress changed in a bright blue tone. Misha nodded and looked to the elf, then freed her from the chain. The girl moved to the Countess, and started to purr, rubbing her arched back against the womans' gown, then she squatted at her feet and closed her eyes, her tail curved around her legs, mewing slowly.

“I can’t believe it!”

The year passed in a hurry, for Misha and the Countess, that started to feel something for her white and black pet girl. Misha become the pet of the whole castle, and all, from the Countess to the last Dolly loved her. She played during the night with Barbara, chasing and mewing the rubber mice she had as slaves, she annoyed the plastic mummy in her crypt making her humming desperately but happily. Then, one day, Zazanel knocked on her mistress door, and immediately the girl moved near the door mewing. She had been sleeping near the Countess bed for some months, and she had quite forgotten how to sleep in a real bed. She tried sometimes to stand two legged, but her body changed so much that she had some problems, so she was now walking and running always on her four legs.

“Calm down, Misha, calm! I haven’t your food today.” Giggled the elf, a sad tone in her voice.

“Why, Zazanel?”

“Mistress, today is the day!” she sobbed, tears going down her rubber black dress.

Anastasia thought a little, then she understood. A year passed and she had finished her service at the castle.

“My love, you will return to your parents. I wanted to enslave you, but your passion for this costume and your sweetness reminded me of my beloved husband. You will be free in a hurry, and I will never do something against you or your family…” sighed the Countess, caressing the rubber face of Misha.

The elf moved her gloved hands near the collar, to remove it, but the girl hissed and arched her back angrily, showing her rubber claws.


“Mmmmghhtt, mmmghhh, nnnn!” she tried to articulate some word, but she was not sure how to do, after so much time using only mews and purrs.

“Misha, you will be free. You understand?”

The girl nodded, but refused to be touched until the Countess looked her and smiled.

“Zazanel, go and get the food for our pet!”

“But Mistress…”

“Zazanel, you didn’t understand she doesn't want to be a human again?”

“Is it true, my friend?” asked the elf to Misha, that nodded and rubbed her body against the elf one.

“You want to be a pet for some more time?”

Another nod.

“But with that magical suit, you will live forever as one!”

She purred and started to catch a rubber ball she used to play with, purring and mewing happy, while the elf closed the door and sighed with joy, as was doing the Countess. The second and last time in her long life.


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