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Cassandra’s Camping Trip

by Steff

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© Copyright 2005 - Steff - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; MM/f; latex; catsuits; bond; gag; glue; nipple; outdoors; caught; tease; oral; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

Cassandra had just turned 21 and her girlfriend Kathy gave her a big birthday party to celebrate. Since Cassandra was 21 there was a lot of liquor there. After a few hours some of the partygoers decided to play poker. Kathy talked Cassandra into playing. The game went on for an hour before Cassandra lost all her money and tried to quit.

Kathy said, “Let me spot you some money so you can continue to play.”

“I can’t,” Cassandra replied. “If I loose I won’t be able to play you back.”

Kathy laughed, “After all we’ve done for each other and with the size of allowance Daddy give me, I think I can figure out a way for you to pay me back.”

Cassandra thought about it. Kathy’s parents were rich, she did get a bigger weekly allowance then Cassandra got paid in a year, and they’ve know each other since they were four year old. Finally she said, “Sure give me some money.”

The games went on for another hour and a half before Cassandra again lost all the money. Since she was one of the last ones playing the game ended and so did the party. Kathy made sure that the two of them still had plans to go camping next week. Cassandra had already made arrangements to take the next week off so they decided to leave Friday after Cassandra got off work.

The next day Kathy showed up at Cassandra’s apartment with her personal seamstress. “We’re here to take your measurements for one of your birthday presents,” Kathy said as she handed Cassandra a picture. It was a picture a leather cat suit that would cover her whole body from her hand to her feet.

“Wow. You’re going to get that for me?” Cassandra asked.

“Yes I am, so lets get started,” Kathy said.

Cassandra removed her clothes like she was told and the seamstress went to work. The seamstress was really fast and thorough. She even pulled Cassandra’s arms all the way behind her back so she could measure Cassandra’s cup size that way. She said it was needed for the suit. After about 30 minutes the seamstress left and Kathy spent the rest of the evening hanging around and watching movie before she left.

Cassandra’s week went by quickly and she finally got home Friday and got ready for the trip. Kathy showed up at 6 and then they left. They went to the airport and flew on Kathy’s parent’s private jet. After about 2 hours the jet landed and a limo was waiting for them. A short drive later the limo pulled up to a cabin in the woods.

They got out and Kathy said, “Lets look around. The driver will bring everything we need inside.”

They walked around the cabin and saw that it looked directly onto a crystal clear lake. The cabin had a sidewalk that lead to a boat dock with a small boat tied to it. Walking the rest of the way around they found a pavilion that covered a hot tub on the side. Also there was a well-maintained path the lead off into the woods. The cabin itself was two storeys high. It had a covered screened patio on the back. The woods around the cabin were so thick they couldn’t see the driveway beyond where it curved.

The inside of the cabin was nice and cool. The main living room had a long soft sofa, two recliners and an easy glider rocking chair. The kitchen looked like something a gourmet chief would use. The upstairs had two bedrooms. Each one had a king sized four posted bed. One of the beds was a waterbed.

Cassandra asked, “What’s in the basement? The door was locked.”

“I’m sure we’ll find out later, once we’ve found the keys.” Kathy said. “Let’s go downstairs and eat. I’m hungry.”

After a quick meal Cassandra looked around and asked, “Where is my stuff. I haven’t seen it anywhere?”

Laughing Kathy said, “It’s not here. The Limo driver didn’t unload your suitcase. You won’t need anything in it this week. I’ve taken care of anything.”

“Why ain’t I getting a good feeling about this?” Cassandra asked.

“Because you’re a smart girl that’s why,” she replied. “You remember your birthday party when you lost the money I lent you. I said that I would figure out a way for you to pay me back. Well this week is going to make us even.”

“What did you have in mind?” Cassandra asked.

“I figured based on the things you’ve told me over the last couple of years I would make this a week you’d remember for a long time,” Kathy replied.

Cassandra was trying to think what she told Kathy but realized that she’d told Kathy everything there was to know about her. Now she was really worried. “What did you have in mind?”

Kathy took Cassandra’s hand and gently pulled her upstairs into the bedroom with the waterbed. She sat Cassandra down on the bench at the end of the bed and
whispered into Cassandra’s, “Trust me. You’ll enjoy this. Now take off your clothes.”

Cassandra decides to play along and she removed her clothes as Kathy went into the walk-in closet. Kathy came out with a pile of shiny clothes over her arm. Kathy went into the bathroom and Cassandra followed.

Cassandra was give a bottle that contained a gel of some kind and Kathy said, “I’ve got a latex catsuit for you to wear so lube your body up. The gel will help in getting the suit on.” Cassandra opened the gel and did as she was told. When she was done Kathy unzipped suit and handed it to Cassandra.

After a few minutes and with some help from Kathy, Cassandra finally was in the suit. The suit was dark blue. It covered Cassandra from her toes to her neck and it had sleeves that went all the way to gloves. The only parts of the suit that worried Cassandra were the breasts and crotch. All of them were opened. The suit had holes for each of her breasts. The area around each hole was reinforced and squeezed each breast at their base.

“Is this the real reason your seamstress came over last week?” Cassandra asked.

Kathy just smiled as she picked up a latex bra, “Not just for that. All week you’re going to wear what I want you to wear. I’ve got all kinds of plans for us. Most of them involve you, sex and bondage… Now don’t give me that look! You told me all about how you thought it was fun when Mike tied you up. You also told me about your cheerleader squad that got yourselves locked in at school.”

“I’m just surprised that you’re into this kinda stuff,” Cassandra replied.

“Pedro, my private limo driver and Drew, one of the house keepers are great at keeping my little secret. I must admit that you’re going to be my first bondage victim. However don’t worry Pedro will be back in a couple of days to make sure I’m doing everything right. Now lets finish your outfit.”

Cassandra was surprised when Kathy put the bra on that it had little studs inside each cup that would stimulate her nipples. Kathy next gave her a pair of thigh high latex boots. Cassandra slid her feet into each boot and rolled them up her leg. The boot squeezed her legs so tight that she knew they wouldn’t slide down on their own.

Once the boots were up Kathy knelt down and insured the boots were smooth all the way up. Once she reached the top of the second boot she started to rub Cassandra’s pussy. “MMM I can tell your enjoying yourself,” she said as she stood up and kissed Cassandra passionately while she continued to rub Cassandra’s pussy. After a few minutes of kissing and Cassandra was close to cumming. Kathy stopped and handed Cassandra a pair of latex panties. “You’re going to like these.”

When Cassandra opened them up she found a dildo staring up at her. She took them, rolled them up and stepped into them. She worked them up and guided the dildo into her wet pussy. Cassandra moaned as it slid inside her. Once she arranged the dildo she unrolled the panties up over her hips and to her waist. Kathy came up to her with a jar and brush and covered the inside of Cassandra’s panties about an inch down. She also put some of the liquid on Cassandra’s bra straps.

Once she was Kathy was done, she had Cassandra braid her hair into a ponytail. While Cassandra braided her hair Kathy put some of the liquid from the jar onto a pair of latex cuffs. When Cassandra was done she was told to put on the cuffs with the latches towards the inside. Kathy adjusted the cuffs a little then she dragged Cassandra into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom Kathy pulled Cassandra’s ponytail through a hole in another piece of rubber. She pulled the rubber up and over Cassandra’s head. It turned out to be a latex hood that tightly covered all of Cassandra’s head. There were openings for eye, mouth and nostrils. Cassandra stood at the foot of the bed as Kathy polished her catsuit, paying particular attention to Cassandra’s crotch

Once again Kathy stopped short of letting Cassandra cum. “Put your hands behind you back,” Kathy ordered.

When Cassandra did Kathy locked the wrist cuffs together. Cassandra pulled on her cuffs but they held her. Not only wouldn’t they come loose but also it felt like they were attached to her skin. Cassandra heard Kathy laughing as she said, “The cuffs, panties and bra are glued to the suit. The liquid I put on them was a rubber cement. The gel that you used to lube your skin for the suit was also glue. The suit is attached to you for 3 hours. After that the glue looses adhesion and the suit can be removed.”

“What about the cuffs and panties?” Cassandra asked.

“I’ve got a solvent that will unglue them. So for the next three hours at least you’re going to be wearing your outfit,” Kathy laughed.

Cassandra walked around the room and looked at herself in a mirror. She was shocked at what she saw. The skintight blue suit was completely wrinkle free. The bra and panties were the same color so they were hard to see. Her black boots contrasted nicely with the suits color. It was obvious that the boots fit tightly because they squeezed her legs at the thighs.

“It could be worse I guess. I could be stuck in a outfit that doesn’t look so good,” Cassandra said.

“That’s the spirit,” Kathy said as she jumped up from the bed. Kathy buckled a collar around her neck, “Now let’s go look around. I want to see were the trail leads… But first I want to do something. Just wait here I’ll be back”

Kathy went into the other bedroom and closed the door leaving Cassandra alone. Cassandra tried again to get loose of the cuffs, but like Kathy said they were glued to her. She was able to look at them and realized that there were actually locked together by a padlock. Walking around in the suit and having the dildo constantly moving, just slightly, was really making her hornier than Kathy had done.

Kathy walked out of the other room after changing clothes and getting a shoulder bag. She walked up to Cassandra put and kissed her before she said, “There’s one more thing you need to know about your outfit.” She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small remote control. She pressed a button and then set the control on the bed’s nightstand. When she pressed the button the dildo in Cassandra’s panties and the studs in her bra began to vibrate.

Cassandra jumped when the vibrations started. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” she said.

“What ever gave you that idea? I plan on, before this week is over, making you beg me to allow you to stop cumming. Now lets go exploring. Don’t worry about your distractions. They’re programmed to alternate intensities and durations and with the remote up here I won’t be able to turn them off until we get back,” Kathy said as she attached a leash to Cassandra’s collar and pulled her out the door.

They walked down the trail that lead out from the front of the house. The trail lead down to the lake and a nice sandy beach. The beach was about 200 feet long and about halfway through it the trail turned back into the woods. After about 10 minutes Cassandra had her first orgasm. It was short but intense. Kathy just laughed and kept walking. The trail lead to the main road and continued on the other side. Kathy just pulled Cassandra and crossed the road. Cassandra looked nervously but followed her. Just as they got across the road Cassandra had another orgasm. This one surprised her and she screamed in ecstasy.

After Cassandra recovered Kathy said, “You’re loud. I think I need to do something about that.” She reached into her bag and pulled out a red ball gag that had straps that matched Cassandra’s suits. Cassandra rolled her eyes and opened her mouth. “How that’s a good girl,” Kathy said as she shoved the ball in and buckled it tightly.

Cassandra was shocked when a car drove by since they were standing just off the road side in plain sight, the car just kept on driving. Kathy pulled the leash and they were off again. After about an hour longer Cassandra had another orgasm. This one was a long time coming and so intense that when she recovered she was laying on the ground. Kathy helped her get up and sit on a rock. Her gag was removed and she was given something to drink. They sat there for about 30 minutes relaxing, then Cassandra’s gag was put back in and they started to head back.

They traveled a little faster on the way back and made it to the road in about 45 minutes. Kathy sat Cassandra down on the roadside and gave her some water and just relaxed. Three cars drove by, one even honked but didn’t stop, before Kathy put the gag back and lead Cassandra across the road. Just as they crossed the road a car drove by and stopped. Cassandra blushed and pulled away but Kathy pulled the leash lead her towards the car. Two cute guys about Cassandra’s age got out of the car and approached.

“What do we have going on here?” one of the guy asked.

“Just going for a walk,” Kathy replied.

The guys looked at each other and laughed. One of them walked up to Cassandra and asked, “Are you OK here?” Cassandra nodded and moaned into her gag.

“So where do ya’ll live?”

“I’m a cabin next to the lake. We’re here on vacation,” Kathy replied.

Cassandra screamed into the gag and collapsed as she was rocked by the most intense orgasm yet. Wave after wave of raw pleasure erupted from deep within her and all she could do was lay there and take it. After several minutes she came down and heard Kathy talking to the guys.

“… we’re just playing games,” Kathy was saying.

One of the guys knelt down and helped Cassandra to her feet. “Wow! I can feel that from here,” he said as his hand move across her lower stomach. He slid his hand between her legs and began to play around with the vibrator. Cassandra moaned just stood there enjoying the added attention. “I guess you like this don’t you?”

Cassandra blushed, moaned and nodded. The guy played with her until she had another orgasm. This time when she recovered she had collapsed into the guys arms. She stood up and backed away a step or two and nodded when the guy ask if she was ok. After a few minutes of talking the guys got back into the car and drove off.

“I hope we'll see them again. I think they were nice. What do you think?” Kathy asked as they headed off on the trail. Cassandra had another orgasm just as they walked inside the cabin. She slowly walked up the stairs and Kathy turned of the vibrators. She removed the gag and asked, “How was that?”

“When those guy stopped and got out of there car I just about had a heart attack!” Cassandra said.

Kathy laughed “It sure seemed like you relaxed rather quickly.”

Cassandra just blushed and said, “Right when they pulled up the vibrator really kicked in. I held it for as long as I could but it hit me like a train. Why didn’t you stop him when he started to play with me?”

“It looked like you were having a good time, beside it gave Alex and me a chance to talk,” She replied. She got a key and unlocked the locks holding Cassandra’s arms behind her back. After letting Cassandra get the feeling back into her arms Kathy applied the glue solvent and helped Cassandra out of her out of her latex outfit. They spent the next few hours in the hot tub and then went to sleep.

* * *

The next morning after breakfast they swam in the lake and just relaxed in the sun. After lunch Kathy asked in Cassandra was ready for some more games.

“What’d you have in mind?” Cassandra asked.

“Playing on the beach and then checking out the other trail,” she replied.

“The beach in broad daylight, are you crazy?” Cassandra replied.

“Come on it’s the middle of the week there's no one here but us. Beside that’s half the fun, the thrill of getting caught. If it will make you feel any better I won’t wear anything either,” she said.

When Cassandra agreed they went up stairs removed their swimming suits and headed out to the beach. When they got there the sky was overcast and looked like it was going to rain. Kathy put leather cuffs, with a long rope attached on Cassandra wrists, ankles and knees. Kathy laid Cassandra down, spread her arms, pulled the ropes and tied them to trees. Two long metal stakes were hammered into the ground and Cassandra’s ankles were tied to them. At first she wondered why the ankle ropes were so loose, then Kathy pulled Cassandra’s knees widely apart and tied them to trees. Cassandra wiggled and pulled only to find out that she wasn’t getting out without help.

Kathy removed a few bundles of stuff wrapped in a towel and sat down next to Cassandra. The towel was let down between Cassandra’s legs so she couldn’t see what was in it. Kathy started by wiping off all the sand between Cassandra’s legs and then began lubing up Cassandra’s ass. Kathy ignored complaints and gentle slid an inflatable plug into the waiting hole. Kathy then knelt up and began to nibble on Cassandra’s nipples. She was rewarded by Cassandra’s moans. Kathy stopped and quickly attached nipple clips on the waiting nipples. Cassandra yelped, flinched and jerked but the clips stayed on.

“What are you doing to me?” Cassandra asked.

“Just relax and enjoy the attention,” Kathy replied as she reached between Cassandra’s legs and began to play with Cassandra’s pussy. Cassandra was played with for about 30 minutes and not allowed to cum, before it started to rain. Kathy laughed, move between Cassandra’s legs and began to suck on her pussy. Kathy quickly sucked and tongued Cassandra to a powerful orgasm. Kathy then shoved an inflatable plug into Cassandra’s pussy and inflated both holes. She turned on both vibrators, gave Cassandra a kiss then ran into the lake.

Cassandra laid there in the rain on the verge of orgasm for 45 minutes until Kathy finally got done playing in the lake and returned. “Are you ready to go back to the cabin?” Kathy asked.

“Are you kidding?” Cassandra replied. “You leave me here all tied up being assaulted by two vibrators and you want me to just go?”

“What’d you have in mind?”

Cassandra looked at Kathy’s smug look and replied, “You know what I want.”

“I’ll give you what you want but I get to play with you when we get back to the cabin. Is it what a deal?” Kathy asked.

After a little pause Cassandra said, “Why do I have a feeling I’m making a deal with the devil but, yes I agree.”

Kathy laughed, knelt down between Cassandra’s legs and began to nibble on Cassandra’s clit. In addition to nibbling Kathy also began to fuck her with the inflated vibrator. Cassandra came quickly and Kathy continued to fuck and eat her until she came a second time. The second one had Cassandra screaming, jerking and trying to get loose. Kathy stopped, deflated the vibrators and put them back into the towel bundle. Cassandra was then released and the two went back to the cabin.

After they got cleaned up Kathy brought out a bright red latex catsuit. This time it was made from heavy gauge latex. Kathy gave Cassandra a jar and said “This stuff is a lube to help you get into the suit. This time there are no tricks, it’s not some kind of glue. It’s just a lube.”

Kathy helped Cassandra rub the lube all over her body. Kathy paid really close attention to her breasts and pussy. “Stop that,” Cassandra said. “You have to wait until I’m tied up… remember you’re the one that said I’d be tied up when were playing your games.”

“I’m glad to see that you’re really getting into the spirit of this trip,” Kathy said as she rubbed more lube onto Cassandra.

After a couple of minutes Kathy was satisfied with Cassandra’s body and handed her the catsuit. True to her word the lube made it almost easy to get into the suit. Cassandra first slid her legs into the suit. She had some trouble getting her foot passed the ankles. After she got her feet into the suit she had problems with a few more areas (knees, wrists and elbows). Cassandra examined the suit closely and found out that she liked it. It was made from heavy guage latex. The suit was so thick that even normal moving was difficult. The suit covered her entire body from the neck down. Her breasts were sticking out through holes in the suit. The holes were so tight that the breasts were squeezed into round orbs. There were tightly reinforced areas around her ankles, wrist, just above her knees and elbows. These areas were also fitted with D rings.

“What’s up with the crotch?” Cassandra asked.

“Just spread your leg,” Kathy replied as she kneeled down in front of Cassandra. Cassandra rolled her eyes and did as she was told. Kathy began to mess around in the crotch area. Then she slid a dildo up into latex sheaths that went into Cassandra’s pussy and ass.

“I should have known,” Cassandra said.

Laughing Kathy said, “I’m glad you like.” She then told Cassandra to follow her into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom Kathy had a bag packed and another latex catsuit. Kathy stripped and handed the lube to Cassandra and told her to put it rub it in good. Cassandra enjoyed spreading the lube all over Kathy’s body. Once Kathy was satisfied she picked up the suit and worked her way into it. Kathy’s suit was thin shiny black latex, and covered her from the neck all the way down. Her breasts filled the cups fully.

After Cassandra zipped the zipper in the back Kathy asked, “Are you ready? I’ve got something kinda interesting we’re going to try.”

“What’d you have in mind?” Cassandra asked.

“First I lock a couple of things on me and give you the key. Then I lock your hands into these cool bondage mittens. That way I cannot take the toys I’m wearing off til I let you out of the mittens. So again I ask ‘are you ready?’”

“MMMM” Cassandra replied, “That sounds kinda fun. What toys are you going to be locked in?”

Kathy laughed and picked up a blue ball gag with shiny black straps. True to her word Kathy tightly buckled and locked the gag into her mouth. Next she unzipped the crotch of her catsuit and shoved a vibrator into each hole, then re-zipped her suit. Finally Kathy picked up a chastity belt and fastened it tightly to her waist. Then she set the crotch strap into place and pulled tightly. Kathy was just about to lock the belt when Cassandra stopped her.

“Wait,” Cassandra said. “Let me.” Cassandra took the lock and keys from Kathy then pulled Kathy’s crotch strap really tight. After Cassandra was happy, she locked the belt. Kathy gave Cassandra an evil look then motioned her to turn around. Cassandra, who had started to walk away, did as Kathy wanted. Kathy took each of Cassandra’s hands, put a key into each and pulled bright red ball mittens over each hand. After locking then into place Kathy then forced Cassandra’s arms behind her back and attached locks to the D rings built into her catsuit. First Kathy locked her wrists together. Finally Cassandra’s elbows were locked together.

Kathy then picked up a red ball gag with red straps that matched Cassandra’s suit and shoved it into her mouth. After tightly buckling it into place Kathy attached a black collar to Cassandra’s neck and led her downstairs. Just before they walked out of the cabin Kathy picked up a remote control and turned on the vibrator under her chastity belt. Once she was happy with the settings Kathy set the remote down on a table just inside the door and pulled Cassandra outside and down the trail they hadn’t explored the other day.

This trail led away from the lake and deep into the woods. After a few turns Kathy stopped Cassandra and sat down the bag. Cassandra’s arms were released and she was backed to a tree. Her arms were then pulled around the tree and chains were attached to the D rings at her wrists. Next Kathy grabbed Cassandra’s legs and pulled them apart, back and around the tree. Again chains were attached keeping them in place. Once Cassandra was nicely secured Kathy began to play with Cassandra’s exposed breasts. Kathy stopped suddenly and fell onto Cassandra as her pussy exploded in a surprise orgasm cause by the vibrator held there. When she recovered Kathy heard voices heading there way. It sounded like the guys they had met yesterday so she move the bag in front in Cassandra, waved bye and ran into the woods and hid so she could watch.

Cassandra began to wiggle and squirm in an attempted to get loose of her bonds, but the D rings in the suit held her. After a few attempts Cassandra gave up and tried to remain still and hoped that she wouldn’t be seen. “What're you thinking?” she thought. “You’re in the middle of the woods wearing a bright red latex catsuit. Of course they’re going to see you.” A minute later, just as she thought, the two guys from the car came around the bend in the trail and stopped dead in there tracks when they saw her.

“Mark will you look at that?” One of the guys said.

Mark replied as he walked up to Cassandra, “I guess you and your friend really like this bondage stuff.” Cassandra nodded and moaned through her gag.

“Where’s your friend… Kathy I think was her name?”

As Mark was talking the other guy knelt down and began to look through Kathy’s bag. “It looks like we were expected.”

Mark knelt down and gave the bag a quick look, “I think you’re right Alex.” Mark stood up waved a vibrator in Cassandra’s face. “Was this whole thing set up for us?” Cassandra shook her head. “Do you want us to improvise and use this stuff on you?”

Cassandra thought about and nodded “Yes.” Cassandra knew that Kathy was watching and that she couldn’t remove or stop the vibrator inside her since the key to the cabin was inside the bag so Cassandra figured to give her a show.

Alex reached between Cassandra’s legs and stuck a couple of fingers into her pussy sheath and began to play with her. “Check this out. We don’t even have to use condoms,” he said.

Mark reached down found the pussy sheath, but he also reached back farther and slid a finger into her ass sheath. “That’s really interesting. I think we’re going to have a good time. Don’t you?” Cassandra and Alex both nodded at the same time. All three of them laughed for a minute until Mark began to suck on one Cassandra’s breasts. He only sucked for a few minutes then moved to her other one.

As Mark continued to suck Alex was busy lubing up a vibrator. Once it was ready he slowly began to slide it into Cassandra’s ass sheath. She moaned into her gag and wiggled in an attempt to get away from the invader. “Hey lookout she’s still got some mobility and fire. I think we should do something about that… don’t you?” Alex asked as he removed the vibrator and went to the bag and removed some rope. He wrapped several tight coils around her waist and the tree. Once that was done he tied rope to the D ring over her knee, pulled her legs wide apart and tied the ropes off to different trees. “Now lets see what kinda fight you can muster.”

Again Alex slid a vibrator into Cassandra’s ass, but this time she could barely move, so she just relaxed and let it happen. Once he worked it all the way up he turned it on and began to fuck her with it. Alex also reached up and finger fucked her pussy. With Mark still sucking and nibbling on her breasts and Alex activities between her legs Cassandra came quickly. She screamed into her gag as wave of ecstasy rolled over her. She was brought back to reality by a sharp pain in one of her nipples. Looking down she say that Mark and attacked some kind of clip tightly to her nipple. She screamed and shook her head as Mark put the second one on her other nipple. Cassandra shook her breasts as much as she could but the clamps held on. After a few minutes the pain in her nipples dulled to a throb and she was able to relax.

“Hey Mark,” Alex said. “I have a great idea. We flip a coin to see who goes first. However whoever goes last gets to use this.” Alex held up a vibrating butt plug.

“You’re an evil man, but I like it. Heads I go first tails you do,” Mark said as he got a quarter out of his pocket. Mark was happy because he got to go first. He walked up to Cassandra and again asked if it was OK. She nodded and then he removed his shorts and made sure he was well lubed.

Cassandra looked down breathed in sharply when she saw how well endowed Mark was. He wasn’t giant but he was the biggest she’d ever had. She was glad that he was going first. When Mark was ready he gently slid himself into Cassandra’s tight pussy.

“MMMMM that feels good. The latex is thin and soft. It feels like an extra thin condom,” he said and he slowly teased Cassandra. For several minutes he just slowly moved inside her getting really excited but not really fucking her.

She began to moan into the gag until he just shoved himself forcefully all into her. With that he began to fuck her forcefully and quickly. He fucked her so hard she could feel the ropes around her waist pulling. After only a couple of minutes Cassandra was rocked by a mind shattering orgasm. Mark continued to fuck her throughout the whole orgasm and into a second one. Cassandra was starting to come down when Mark shot his load and Cassandra then came again. This was the most intense one she had all day. She screamed into the gag as wave after wave of pure ecstasy rolled over her.

As Cassandra recovered from that last major orgasm, still tied spread out to the tree, Mark cleaned himself up and Alex was busy getting ready for his turn. Once Cassandra had rested for a few minutes Alex walk up to her and asked, “Do you want me to take my turn, or do you want to be let loose? If you want to continue then nod, if not then shake your head.” Cassandra thought about it and nodded "yes." “Good,” he said as he kneeled down and slid a couple of lubed fingers into her ass.

Once Alex had Cassandra’s ass lubed he slid the butt plug into place. It filled her ass nicely and she didn’t feel too bad with it in. Cassandra blushed when she realized this, but tied the way she was there wasn’t anything she could do about it. Next Alex put more lube onto his fingers and began to play with Cassandra’s pussy. Once she was ready he removed his pants, put on a condom and shoved his member into her sheathed pussy. Alex wasn’t as big as Mark but with her ass plugged he felt really good. Once he was in all the way Alex turned the vibrator in Cassandra’s ass on to full power.

Cassandra was in heaven. She was wearing tight latex catsuit that had sleeves going into both of her holes. Cassandra was tied to a tree with her arms wrapped behind the tree and her legs were spread out and also wrapped around the tree. Her ass was filled with a vibrating butt plug, and she was getting fucked in her pussy. She’d already been rocked by numerous orgasms and already she could feel another one building inside her. Alex pumped her with long quick strokes through two orgasms before he finally came.

When he was cleaning himself up Mark pulled a couple of vibrators out of Kath’s bag. He then removed Cassandra’s butt plug, replaced it with one of the vibrators and slid the second into her pussy. Next he tied a latex string bikini into place over Cassandra’s crotch holding the vibrators in place. Since both vibrators were turned on Cassandra knew she’d have at least one orgasm before Kathy removed them. Mark then walked behind Cassandra and was doing something with her wrists. When he was done and Mark was dressed they said bye and started to walk away.

“Cassandra,” Mark said as he was walking away. “The dildos are secured with some time release glue I found in the bag. I also used the glue to secure those glove things you have on. I think you should have a good time before you can get those out.”

As they walked away Kathy had another orgasm. Once she heard Mark she knew the glue he was talking about would last for about three hours. She also knew that the vibrators inside poor Cassandra would last that long. “At least I’ll be able to turn mine off,” she thought. She left her hiding place and walked up to Cassandra, who was obviously in the middle of an orgasm, and began to release Cassandra from the tree.

After a few minutes Cassandra was free of the tree and they both began to walk back to the cabin. About half way back Cassandra collapsed because of an orgasm. As Kathy watch her rolling around in ecstasy she to was hit by orgasms caused by the chastity belt she was wearing. After they both recovered they made it inside the cabin before an other orgasm. Kathy was able to get to the remote and turn off her vibrators… but Cassandra was stuck for the duration.


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