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The Captured Cat 3: Equus

by Bone Daddy & Lady Volcano

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© Copyright 2015 - Bone Daddy & Lady Volcano - Used by permission

Storycodes: MFF/f; transport; force; dentist; chair; shave; tease; latex; catsuits; enslave; prepare; chast; boots; ponygirl; hood; cons/nc; X

story continued from part two

Chapter 3: Equus

The car journey seems to take hours. Bumps and echoing scrapes in the latex prison of the sheeting and the body bag which cocoons you. Your eyes sealed in the rippling blackness. Your mouth filled by the sponge ball, your jaw aching as it is unnaturally stretched open. Panic rises on several occasions as drool pools in your open mouth and you have to concentrate hard to swallow and breathe through the glued heavy rubber nose tubes. You tried to part the hot plastic tape sealing your mouth but it was useless as your mouth was also completely encased by a second layer of rubber.

Cramp burns in your legs and thighs and your bladder is bursting, despite the dehydration you feel in your dry mouth. Through the pounding of blood you feel in your ears, you try to use your other senses to determine where you are. Judging by the rough terrain, you reckon you are being taken along a country track. This is confirmed when the car stops and you hear the gravel crunching underfoot of the driver as they come to your door. You are aware of cool air hitting your latex clad body as the door opens and you can hear the twittering and singing of birds in the distance. Is that the sound of wind whistling through the trees you can hear?

You feel yourself lifted out of the car and two pairs of hands shift you onto a table which is moved on wheels. Some kind of gurney you suppose.

The sounds change and the feeling of warm air makes your skin tingle under the latex. The echo of the squeaking wheel makes you think you are in a corridor now. You hear doors on springs swing and shut behind you. Again you are lifted and you feel a chair beneath you, partly reclined. You sit there for several minutes, at least you think. Wriggling and struggling, trying to find some way of getting out of the latex sack. It twists and stretches but it is like fighting in treacle. After some time you hear a swing door opening. Moments of anticipation pass...

Then you feel hands on you again. You feel the straps securing you loosening and the sound of buckles being unfastened. Now might be your chance to break free. They are releasing you! The fiends are being clever though, they haven’t removed the hood occluding your vision. You are still blind. You tense your muscles, ‘strike hard and fast, strike out at the solar plexus’, you remember your taekwondo teacher saying to you. Form a fist and punch beyond where you sense the person is, and then rip off this fucking hood so you can see them. Oh shit-you remember-they padlocked it on didn’t they?

As if sensing the tension in your muscles you hear your abductor’s whispering voice in your ear.

“Still harbouring thoughts of escape? Remember I control your breathing, Ms Green. I also control what you breathe. Two plugs will be put in your nostril tubes. The longer you resist the longer they stay in, the longer you are deprived of oxygen. Or shall I hold a cloth of chloroform over your nostril tubes? Do you need to be drugged again? It’s your choice.”

“Nuhhh! Nuhhh!” You moan through the sponge gag.

“Very well. Let my kitties hold you as we remove your latex.”

You feel the zip of the body bag open and the sheeting is parted. You feel latex gloved hands holding your arms at the wrist and upper arm. You are tempted to kick out then you smell a faint odour of sickly sweet perfume in your nose. Oh God! He has a cloth hovering over your nose tubes! You relax but still the hands hold you. You feel the bottom part of the chair spread out, realising your legs are on some kind of gyno chair! Your now naked ankles are strapped onto the chair. More straps go round your thighs and calves. The arms of the chair open up too and your wrists and arms are locked into fur lined leather cuffs and straps on your arms. A large strap is applied to your waist and only when this is tightened, the smell disappears and you feel the padlock in the zip of your hood being unlocked and removed.

The zip slowly opens up the back of your head. The hood is slowly peeled off your face, carefully so the nostril tubes are gently eased out of the nose holes of the hood. You expect blinding light but as you slowly open your eyes, you see the lighting is dim. You look round you and see you are in a white room. The cloying smell of latex is over-powering. It looks like one of those old films set in an insane asylum. A padded cell but made of white latex. You have been strapped into a gyno examination chair made of white leather. A metal trolley sits with several implements on it. Rubber tubing, catheter bags, shaving foam and razors. Good grief! What are these freaks going to do to me now?

You look up and see your captors. They look very different to how you saw them in the dentist’s surgery. The ‘bone Daddy’ is wearing all black latex, in surgical scrubs and a black surgical cap and mask, all in black latex with a red cross on them. He is putting the cloth and a small brown bottle on the examination table. He wears a short sleeved scrubs top. The two other people are women as the curves and the waists of their black latex cat suits attest. They are head to foot in latex. Their faces are covered by rubber hoods. The hoods show only their eyes and mouths. The mouth holes are lip shaped. Their lips painted, one in pink, one in deep red. Both hoods have large have kitty ears attached to the tops of their heads. One has pink ears whilst the other has red. You can see long rubber tails swishing behind them. The tails look black, shiny and inflatable. One tail curves up in a lazy ‘S’ shape whilst the other hangs down. Both latex kitties are collared with small spiked collars. One of the collars is encrusted with pink gems, the other in red, to match their ears and lips.

The kitties move to snip off your gag. One of them uses an angled scissors. You have seen something similar once when you had to have a bandage removed form a leg after a sporting injury. She snips off the tape in several places so it does not pull your hair too badly as it is removed. You gladly spit out the sponge gag and drool explodes from your mouth and falls onto your naked chest.

“What are you sick fucks going to do with me now?” You shout.

“Shhh”, whispers the man calling himself Bone Daddy.

“All my kitties must be shaved... completely so that your latex slides on more easily”.

“You must be mad if you think I will let you do that!” Bone Daddy’s brown eyes sparkle in amusement. It is not a sight that makes you feel any more relaxed. Quite the opposite.

“Possibly. But we will see. Soon you will learn that you are mine. My property. My latex kitty.”

“Go to hell!” you spit.

“That’s enough. You will learn obedience. Now you are going to keep your head still.”

You snort derisively,

“Why the fuck should I do that?”

“So, my dear Ms Green, that I do not rip out your nostril pipes when I remove them with this glue remover.” Bone Daddy holds up a dropper bottle.

“No! You’re just going to drug me again!” You shout.

“Not at all, my rubber kitty. I want you conscious when you are shaved. It’s part of the training. I’m sure also that you would prefer those tubes taken out of your nose.”

Reluctantly, you have to agree with this. The latex kitties take a hold of your head and you feel leather straps going round your neck and your forehead. Bone Daddy applies drops of liquid on your nostrils and after a few moments, the tubes are eased out of your nose. You see in a mirror above you that you are now spread-eagled out, arms and legs apart as the other kitty starts to apply shaving foam via a brush and a bowl. The warm water and soap makes you want to piss even more and your struggle to control your bladder gets worse.

Bone Daddy places a hand on your stomach and he reaches down to a plastic cup-like device which he places over your pulsing pussy. The cup is attached to a rubber tube which snakes down to a clear plastic bag.

“I can see your stomach is distended. You ache to pee. Piss for me and I will allow you some water to drink. You must learn to lose your inhibitions. Remember you are my slave now. You rely on me to provide you with food and drink, when to piss or shit. You are my pet now. I own you.”

You feel appalled and disgusted but you are aching and the warm water is making the urge irresistible. You open your bladder and the warm pee fills the cup and then trickles down the tubing, filling the bag below. You eagerly gulp the ice cold water of a bottle and straw offered to you.

Once you have finished, the kitty quickly washes you, tenderly almost and as the soap suds tingle on your pussy, you feel involuntarily aroused at the sight and feel of the black shiny latex kitty washing you, on your clit, labia and your pelvic mound whilst she wickedly smiles up into your eyes. Her gloved fingers moving in and out of you as the foam is applied to your armpits and pussy. As much as you struggle against the bondage straps, you cannot resist the shaving blades moving over your body, washing off the soap and leaving you smooth and moisturised. The kitties’ knowing glances to their master tell you that they notice your arousal.

“Do you like my kitties, Ms Green? This is your future. Although you can’t see it, but these kitties will show you to a path of pleasure through complete submission.”

“Dream on, you bunch of perves!”

“Hmm very well.” Sighs bone Daddy. “Time for another gag I think, until you learn your place.”

One of the kitties almost skips in delight as she goes to a drawer and pulls out a gag the like you have never seen before. It is black and penis shaped, attached to a mouth cover with two tubes, one with a breathing tube, and the other with a pump up bulb. Two straps dangle down ending in a lockable buckle.

“I can see you are intrigued by this gag. You of course can see what its shape is. However what you may not know is that it is moulded on my own cock. I call it my cum-training gag. You will learn to love and enjoy becoming Master’s cum kitty”

Before you can respond the gag is forced into your mouth and strapped behind your head. You see a small silver padlock and it is clipped behind your head, locking the buckle in place.

“The revered place of my cum- kitty is a long way ahead for you. First you must learn the place of a rubber animal, that you are no longer a human being, but a latex rubber creature, born to serve master.”

From behind him, you see Bone Daddy’s kitty approaching you. They hold a shiny black latex cat suit, you see him hold up a black latex horse mask, an entire horse head in obsidian rubber...

You open your eyes. The stable is cold and dark. Granite stone work surrounds you and straw carpets the floor. You remember the lube being applied to your now smooth skin. The kitties pulled the latex over your legs, your waist and then your arms and shoulders. Your arms slid in easily then your hands were lubed up in a clear liquid oil and elbow length rubber gloves slid onto your fingers and up your arm. The horse hood was pulled over your head whilst you were still gagged with the penis gag. It was flaccid in your mouth and it moved around easily in your mouth. There was a moment of hot, breathless anxiety as they lined your breathing tube up with the open mouth of the horse hood so that the breathing tube poked out of the horse’s head. The eyes of the horse’s head lined up with yours as the zip running from the top of the horse hood, down the back of your head and along the horse neck was sealed closed, then locked in place with a padlock.

During this, Bone Daddy stood aside, he held a device like a remote control. You were not sure what it would do but there was an unspoken threat that he would use it if you resisted. You decided to bide your time, ever hopeful that a chance to escape would present itself. Your hands were forced into fists and the kitties applied black electrical tape to your closed hands until they were sealed black paws of bondage. They then presented two new gloves, large moulded latex hooves which slid onto your wrists and were padlocked on via straps round them. You see a metal chrome steel harness which locks around your boobs, your waist and a crotch harness which places a metal ring in front of your mound and your butt.

Something that looks like metal waist armour in two pieces is placed round you. You noticed it fitted you perfectly. You wondered how they knew your measurements so correctly. The two pieces clicked together through a pin which was hollow at one end. A chrome padlock was locked through the hole. Straps went over your shoulders and locked into the back of this armour. Your feet were forced into two large knee length boots which were laced up and ended in arched metal hooves. You balanced precariously on these hoof boots as you tottered over to the table where the kitties bent you over and slowly unzipped your cat suit at the crotch and exposed your peach-like bottom.

You felt cold lube enter your anus and slowly felt the intrusion of a rubber plug, softly and insistently you felt the plug filling your ass. Something tickled your butt and looking round you saw a long mane of hair emerging from your bottom, the same colour of your auburn head! It was a pony tail which hung down to your booted ankles. Cold metal entered you as a dildo was pushed inside your wet pussy. Both the plug and the dildo were locked in place by two metal rings. The dildo and the plug filled your orifices perfectly, snugly and completely. The horse’s tail swished as you moved.

Finally a spiked collar was locked round your neck and before leading you out of the room on a chain; Bone Daddy smiled into your masked eyes and pumped up the bulb. His eyes twinkled at you as he saw your eyes widen as the pump was squeezed, once, twice, three times. You felt the rubber penis in your mouth expand, the rubber pushing down your tongue, making your cheeks bulge.

It was hard to walk in the hoof boots and the kitties supported you to leave the room, down the corridor, through a heavy door which led across a courtyard. You looked around and saw indeed you had been transported to the country side. A large house behind you on a farm estate it looked like.

Now you find yourself chained to a metal ring on the stone wall. Head spinning from this treatment. It all seems like a dream-or a nightmare. Although, you have found yourself becoming aroused at times despite this abduction. Whoever this ‘Bone Daddy’ is, he does not seem to want me harmed, you think. They have left me alone chained up by a padlock to this stable wall.

You crawl over to the metal ring and study it. ‘They think they have me totally under their control. Maybe they have got over confident’. You notice that one of the screws attaching the metal plate to the wall is leaving a powdery trail. The mortar is crumbling! ‘I can’t use my hands but I can use my strength. I must just be able to pull the plate loose. I might just escape this hell yet!’


To be continued...

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