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Capture and Training Facility Part 4: Shemale Training

by Sirbor

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© Copyright 2008 - Sirbor - Used by permission

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continues from part three


Part 4: Shemale Training

Mistress Anya waited while her slave/maid finished polishing her black latex catsuit. Soon the job was finished and the latex gleamed with high gloss from her neck to her toes. Miko helped her mistress into her knee length high heeled boots and the uniform was complete. She walked over to the full length mirror to perform a final inspection. The mirror reflected the image of a tall blond-haired woman encased in shiny latex that fit her like a second skin. Around her waist was a heavy latex waist cincher, also in black. The deep red lipstick and heavily made up eyes completed the picture of a cruel latex mistress. Behind her, in the mirror, she could see her maid, also dressed in latex but in pink and white, her eyes cast submissively to the floor.

She was running a little late; one of her students had required some extra persuasion with the crop before she showed the proper enthusiasm in her rimming lessons. Dr. Jennings would wait to wake the newest shemale, Lucy, until she got there though but she disliked being late. T14 would pay for this annoyance later tonight at the punishment session, but now it was time to go.

Lucy had gone into The Tank as Tim along with her friend Bobi 40 days ago. Bobi’s transformation had only taken 32 days and she had been shipped to her master, Gregor 2 days ago to begin her life as a shemale sex toy. She had looked so cute in her latex schoolgirl uniform. She had cried when they put her new 9-inch cock in the steel chastity device but Master Gregor firmly believed in keeping his slave’s clitty’s under control; but other than that, she had loved her new feminine body from the moment she woke up. Lucy, on the other hand, had no idea what Master Paul had planned and had no desire to become a feminine sissy shemale.

Mistress Anya entered Exam 2 where Lucy had been delivered after she had been de-tanked and had all of the sensors and tubes removed. Already in the room were Dr. Jennings and 2 of his nurses. One of the nurses was finishing up securing the unconscious new shemale to the exam table while the other was bent over a table with her latex skirt rolled up over her ass while the good doctor fucked her pussy. Miko followed her mistress into the room and waited by the door for orders.

Anya stood there with a smile on her face while Dr. Jennings plowed violently into his slave nurse. The doctor possessed a 10-inch long very thick cock and a pair of plum-sized balls and a very high sex drive. He once told Anya that he had to get off at least 6 times a day or he suffered from blue balls. Anya suspected that his sexual weaponry was not original equipment and that he had spent a little time in one of his own tanks. As he neared his orgasm, his stroking became faster and more powerful until he slammed into the helpless pussy and began pumping his semen. The nurse quickly got up from the table and spun around and dropped to her knees when he pulled out and cleaned his cock and balls so he could pull up his pants. The nurse stood and pulled up her latex panties and rolled down her white latex skirt.

Anya found it interesting that all of his nurses were built along the same lines; D or DD breasts, narrow waist and wide hips with a generously rounded ass. She knew that all of his nurses had a session in the tank before they were initiated into his hospital, it was a condition of his working arrangement with The Capture and Training Facility (CATF). He also liked them dressed in tight white latex uniforms and each nurse wore a unique name tag affixed to her blouse. Today it was N4 who got the fucking while N7 worked on Lucy.

With the sex show over, every one turned their attention to the next star attraction, the naked sleeping body on the exam table. Lucy retained her original 5’ 4” height but now she had the body of a woman. Her measurements were 38D – 20 – 36 and even lying on her back you could see she had a nicely rounded ass. Her adams apple had been re-absorbed into her body. Her breasts were high and firm on her chest with 2 inch areola and thick half inch nipples. Her hair was now honey blond with lighter streaks that set off her green eyes. She no longer had man’s hands and feet, they had shrunk down to a more feminine size. The procedure had even re-absorbed one set of ribs. As a matter of fact, the only thing about her body that did not scream girl was the 5-inch limp penis and the walnut sized testicles. Aside from the top of her head, her eyebrows and eyelashes not a single hair grew on her body.

“You know Doc, you do very nice work, very nice indeed. How long will her cock be when she gets a hard-on?”

“About 8 inches long and about 1 and three quarters of an inch thick. I had one of the girls stroke it so we could verify the size. She oozes pre-cum as soon as she is excited and she should cum fairly large volumes. Its fairly impressive equipment and should give her great pleasure when she is allowed to use it.” It was easy to hear the pride in his voice. “She has also been given obedience conditioning while she was in The Tank so she should be a little easier to handle.”

“No fem training I hope. Master Paul wants her to wake up with her original boy mind intact.”

“No, she will wake up with Tim’s mind. I only gave her a general attitude to obey her owners no matter what. It should speed up the training process a little and enhance her humiliation when she finds her self giving in to orders she doesn’t want to do.” The doctor nodded to his 2 nurses and N4 injected Lucy with the prepared stimulant. The nurses covered her body with a thick latex sheet and fastened it above her shoulders. N7 operated the control that tipped the exam table up to about a 30 degree angle and Mistress Anya positioned her self at the new shemale’s feet. The others moved to stand behind her head so the only person Lucy would see when she awoke was the mistress in all her latex glory.

It took about 5 minutes for the stimulants to take effect. Lucy began attempting to move her arms and legs but the straps holding her fast to the exam table prevented her. The only freedom she had was the ability to move her fingers, toes, and, in a limited manner, her head. It took another 5 minutes for her to fully wake up and she spent part of that time fighting her bonds. She tried to cry out but the only sounds she made were small croaking sounds. As her eyes began to focus properly she recognized Mistress Anya and calmed down a little as her memories of the recent past came back to her.

“That’s a good girl, just keep calm and quiet for now, I have some things to tell you and they are very important.” Anya had her full attention now. “First of all you were not sent here by your boyfriend to learn to be a better homosexual lover. You are here to be trained to be his slave. That is what we do here at the Capture and Training Facility, we acquire young men and women and train them to be slaves for masters and mistresses around the world. Most of our slave stock is kidnapped off of the street, some naturally submissives find us and give themselves willingly, and some are sent here by their masters and mistresses to be trained. You are in the latter category, so was your friend Bobi.”

“I know it feels like you have woken up from a long night’s sleep but it has been much longer than that. We kept you unconscious while we made some of the physical changes your master requested. Would you like to see the result?”

Lucy tried to say yes but her voice was still not working so she nodded her head instead. Mistress Anya made a gesture and Miko walked up to Lucy’s side with a small glass in her hand. “First drink this, it will help get your voice working again.” Miko held the glass to Lucy’s lips and the obedience training she had had made her drink the contents. While Miko put the glass down, Mistress Anya stepped to the side so that Lucy could see her self in the full length mirror she had been standing in front of. Miko released the latex sheet that was covering Lucy and pulled it off of her. This was the moment that they all loved, the first time a male captive saw the feminized body that The Tank created. Anya felt her pussy become positively wet as she watched, first shock and then horror over the changes show on the shemale’s face. Dr. Jennings scrubs were tented out by the erection he was sporting. While Anya resisted the urge slip her hand between her legs and play with her pussy, the doctor motioned one of his nurses over and quickly rammed his cock down her throat, fucking her face with savage thrusts.

The drink that Miko had given Lucy counter acted the drug that had paralyzed her vocal cords. “Wh … What have you done to me? Oh My God, You’ve turned me into a girl!” Lucy’s voice was now a very feminine soprano but she didn’t seem to notice that yet.

Anya took up the crop she had hanging from a hook on her corset and quickly delivered three sharp strokes, one to the head of her cock and one to each of the sissy’s nipples. “You will not speak unless given permission. The only sounds I want to hear out of that mouth are screams of pain.” Mistress Anya stood with her hands on her hips and glared down at the now screaming and crying shemale. “The sissy you see in the mirror is what you are now. You are a slave and your appearance is what your Master requested. You are here to be trained to serve. I suggest you quickly embrace your slavery and submission; it will make your life a little less painful.”

Anya was forced to add several more strokes with her crop when Lucy continued to protest what had been done to her and then she changed her crop for a cattle prod. Lucy received her first shock from this devilish device on her stomach and the room was filled with her screams as she bucked fiercely against the straps that held her. When she finally relaxed, her body was covered in fear-sweat and she was visibly shaking. “Now that we have that foolishness out of the way, Dr. Jennings is going to examine you and then we will start your training.”

T4 operated the controls that raised Lucy’s knees and spread her legs wide while the other nurse rolled a low stool over to the foot of the exam table. She also rolled over a utility cart that was covered with a latex sheet, disguising what lay underneath. The doctor stepped up to the side of the table and began his examination. He looked at her eyes and peered into her ears. Nurse T7 removed the latex sheet from the utility cart and handed Dr Jennings an unusual set of forceps. Where the end of the jaws would be, two flattened curved bars and on the other end along with the hand holes, was a ratchet mechanism. They were called Molt-Retractor Dental Forceps and they were used to force open and hold a person’s mouth for oral and dental examinations. Using one hand to press inward on her jaw to pop it open he slipped the forceps into Lucy’s mouth with the other and compressed the handle end to open her mouth about two and a half inches wide. Taking his time, he examined her tongue and teeth before releasing the ratchet and removing the forceps.

Using both hands, he began roughly squeezing her breasts, pushing his fingers deep into the D Cup flesh. She moaned and cried out as his fingers sunk deeply into her tit flesh in a sadistic parody of a breast exam. Mistress Anya raised the cattle prod and pressed the contact causing blue electric sparks to flow between the contacts so that Lucy could see it as a warning. She got the non-verbal message, screaming and crying were allowed, if not encouraged, but no words were to be spoken without permission. Dr, Jennings continued to maul her breasts, seemingly more interested in causing her pain than gaining any actual medical information. After several minutes, the doctor released her breasts and pinched her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He squeezed and tugged on her nubs, starting another round of screaming on the heels on the last. He pulled up, forming the new sissy tits into painful cones. He twisted her nipples painfully and shook them violently, eliminating any pretense that this was for medical reasons. Lucy’s screams echoed in the ceramic tiled room.

The doctor shifted his position to the stool between Lucy’s legs. He donned a pair of latex gloves and proceeded to measure her flaccid cock, noting both its length and circumference. Nodding to N7, she lubed her hands and began stroking and manipulating Lucy’s cock and balls. It took some time but finally Lucy sported a full erection and the doctor repeated his measurements. He also noted the size of her testicles and ball sack. He removed the latex gloves and donned another pair while N7 lubricated a three prong speculum and handed it to the doctor. He inserted it into Lucy’s rectum while T7 held her cock and balls out of the way. He began by opening her ass to about 1 inch and used a flashlight to illuminate the interior of the sissy’s ass. “It looks like we do have a virgin here. She was telling Master Paul the truth, I don’t believe that she has ever had a cock in her ass.”

Lucy was crying from the pain of the intrusion. The doctor  was correct, she was an anal virgin. The speculum was causing her a lot of pain and it only got worse when the doctor expanded it to 2 inches. Her screaming was loud and desperate now and she felt like she was being ripped open by the cruel tool.

The doctor released the locking ratchet on the speculum and removed it. Lucy’s screaming died down to crying and moaning. She lay there strapped to the exam table, covered in sweat from her ordeal.

“Mistress Anya, it looks like your newest sissy is ready to begin her training. She’s going to make a very sexy slave when she learns her place. I hope you will bring her around for a little session later on, I would love to try her out.” His approval of her sexuality and response to pain was evident by his erection tenting his pants again.

“Thank you Doctor for all of your good work and I will be happy to let you take Lucy for a test drive if you will promise not to get too enthusiastic with her. You do have a reputation you know and the amout of time your nurses spend in the infirmary as patients seems to back that up.” The doctor raised his hands and tried to adopt an innocent demeanor.

“I will be most happy to guarantee that I will cause her no damage that I cannot repair quickly and completely. I am looking forward to this session.”

Hearing this conversation had Lucy in a panic. She had learned to fear Mistress Anya but the idea of being at the mercy of the sadistic doctor went beyond fear. It took all of her will power not to beg the mistress not to loan her to him. She would willingly become the most feminine of shemales if she could only avoid his touch.

“Its time to get started.” Anya turned to the latex nurses, “You two, get her ready and take her down to the training room, I will be waiting for you.” The nurses acknowledged their new orders and began collecting items of latex clothing and bondage and placed them on the utility cart. She cast her gaze at the hardon that was still tenting the doctor’s pants. “Miko, why don’t you remain here for a little while and provide the good doctor with some relief. Its only fair since I am borrowing his regular fuck holes that you fill in for them while they are gone.”

Even though the last thing she wanted to do was remain with the Doctor as his sex toy she smiles and, with a curtsey, said, “I would love to help the Doctor, Thank you Mistress.”

Lucy remained still and followed orders while the nurses released her from the exam table. They placed shoes with 5-inch heels on her feet and ankle cuffs connected by a short length of chain. Another set of cuffs were placed on her wrists and locked behind her back. A large ball gag was press into her mouth with the strap pulled tight. The final addition was a collar made of metal and leather around her neck. The nurses stood on either side of her and helped her to stand for the first time in the very high heels. They gave her a minute or two to get used to her new footwear. On the other side of the room, Miko was on her knees in front of the Doctor while he slowly pumped his 10-inch cock in and out of her mouth and throat. He would slide in until her nose was buried in his pubic hair and hold her there before slowly withdrawing until just the head of his massive prick remained in her mouth.

The nurses gave one final glance at the Doctor and Miko and led Lucy out of the room. The hallway way deserted and there were no clocks or windows so she had no idea what time it was. The walk down the hallway seemed endless as she tried to balance on the high heels with the chain restricting her to small steps but finally they arrived at a door that led into the training room.

The room was large, about 30 feet on a side, and painted in a neutral grey. There were a large number of pod-lights in the 20 foot ceiling to illuminate the room. In the back of the chamber were a free standing toilet and sink and a shower with the now familiar enema stool in a tiled area. Next to this were a vanity and 2 fairly large wardrobe closets. Near the door was a large chair that could only be described as a throne on a raised pedestal. Behind the throne were several full height cabinets and a large amount of bondage equipment and punishment devices. Near the left wall were a metallic cage like you would use for a large dog but Lucy doubted that it had housed any occupants of the canine persuasion and a metal framed twin sized bed with a thin mattress but no sheet, blanket or pillow. Arrayed around the right side of the room was a variety of furniture more appropriate in a dungeon than a classroom. There were frames, a chair with no seat, a padded sawhorse, and even a rack, and several other devices she had no idea what they were.

Lucy was brought to a position in front of the throne and, using a remote control, N4 activated a winch that lowered a 3 foot steel bar to just over her head. They released her cuffs from behind her back and attached them to D-rings on the ends of the bar. They raised the bar until her arms were extended but not tight and proceeded to release the chain between her ankle cuffs and spread her legs apart to attach them to folding D-rings spaced 4 feet apart on the floor. They used the remote to apply tension until she was standing in a spread eagle. Most of her weight was still on her feet but there was no slack at all. The nurses took turns stroking her cock, which surprisingly had remained erect since her exam, and kissing her on the cheek. Then they patted her on the ass. “Have a nice life, sissy whore.” Was their parting shot as they left the room.

Across the hall in a room the staff like to call the teacher’s lounge, Mistress Anya was kneeling on a vinyl covered pad fucking herself on a rubber hooded slave boy as she watched two of the active screens on the monitor wall. She had ordered the slave to the mat when she arrived and had snapped the blindfold in place but left the mouth available for later. She was already working up to her third orgasm. The slave, of course, had not cum. It was a serious offense for a slave to have an orgasm without permission and he was well trained.

The other occupant was a large man sitting on a comfortable chair idly stroking his cock while he watched the screens. He was Master Jeb, and he would play the next part in Lucy’s training. One screen showed Lucy in her spread eagle bondage while the other showed the scene in Exam 1 with Dr. Jennings and Miko. The Doctor was slamming his dick into the petite maid’s ass. After cuming down her throat, the Doctor had her bend over the exam table, pull down her frilly latex panties, and proceeded to give her 20 hard strokes with the cane. She was crying out in pain with every thrust of the man’s hips. The nurses entered the room while the Doctor was finishing up in the maid’s ass. After he pulled out, Miko got up from the exam table and knelt down in front of him and began cleaning the remains of her ass and his cum from his dick and balls as she had been taught. Mistress Anya had achieved her orgasm and raised herself off of the slave’s dick and moved up to his face. “Clean me”, was her curt order.

The screen showed Miko putting her panties back on and with a curtsy to the Doctor she walked off the screen. Anya stood up a stretched with feline grace. Seeing Miko enter the training room and assuming position 1 next to the throne, she turned to Jeb. “I’m going to take a bath and change into my teaching uniform. Why don’t you introduce the new shemale to the flogger while I’m busy?”

“That sounds like an excellent idea, Anya. Are we still on for later tonight?” Master Jeb was pulling up his latex jock strap and coiling his now semi erect cock into the cod piece.

“Yes we are. Give me a few hours to get her started and then you and the boys can join us for a little party.”

When Master Jeb entered the training room a few minutes later, both slaves were in the positions they had been in on the screen. He walked over to the throne and Miko broke position to crawl forward and plant a kiss on each of the man’s boots and return to her place by the throne. She was kneeling with her knees spread, her hands were clasped behind her, and her head was lowered so she stared at the floor in front of her. “Stand” The maid rose to her feet and assumed the display position. Her feet were spread to about shoulder width. Her hands were clasped behind her neck with her forearms parallel to the floor, and she looked straight ahead.

He made a show of examining her smudged makeup and tear tracks on her face. “Looks like you have been a bad girl, slave. Tell me why you have presented yourself to me in this condition.”

“Master Jed, Mistress Anya ordered me to entertain Dr. Jennings while his nurses transferred and prepared the sissy in front of the throne. I was throat fucked, caned, and fucked in the ass.”

“Show me.”

Miko turned around and lowered her panties, bent over and held her skirt and frilly petticoat up and out of the way. He reached out and felt the welts that the cane had raised. He added a couple of slaps to her ass.

“It looks like he did a good job on your ass slut. Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Oh yes, Master. The Doctor is very masterful and knows how to treat a lowly slave. The cane was very painful and he is very big so he hurt my throat and ass when he used them.”

“You will report to me for punishment when you are done helping Mistress Anya with this training session. Slaves should always look their best for a Master, not with running, and smugged makeup. Now go clean yourself up while I attend to the sissy.”

Lucy had been watching and listening from her position hanging just a few feet from the pair. Miko had been treated horribly by the Doctor and now she was going to be punished by one Master for following the instructions of a Mistress. The life of a slave here at CATF was so unfair. Master Jeb went over to the punishment devices hanging on the wall and selected a flogger with a wooden handle and lots of heavy suede strips about 18 inches long.

He walked back to where Lucy hung and began swinging the whip through the air. He walked around her, inspecting all of her body. Lucy was so afraid, she began begging behind her ball gag. When he was behind her she heard the whooshing of the whip passing through the air and suddenly she felt streaks of fire across her ass as his first blow struck. It took a second or two for the pain to really register and then she screamed in response. The ball gag kept the noise down to a manageable level and stopped her from begging. The next stroke was to her belly and she fought to bend over but her bonds held her in position. Jeb was a master of the whip, he spaced each his strokes so that Lucy was able to extract all of the pain possible before delivering the next. No part of her body, from her knees to her neck, was exempt from its fiery touch.

Lucy had long since screamed herself hoarse, but her tears still flowed. She had hung from her wrists since her legs had given out. In fact, the only portion of her that looked alive and well was her cock; which had maintained its erect state even when Master Jeb delivered several direct upward strokes to both her cock and balls. Whether it was because of the modifications to her libido or her submissive training or a combination of both, she seemed to revel in her pain.

Miko had returned to her place by the throne during the whipping and she remained there when Master Jeb returned the whip to its place on the wall. Lucy prayed that she would loose consciousness so that she could escape from the fiery pain. Slowly she regained some of her strength and stood atop the high heels, thus removing some of the strain on her shoulders.

Thirty minutes later Mistress Anya entered the room followed by 2 male slaves. The Mistress wore a short flared red leather skirt over thigh high stockings and knee high boots with 6 inch heels. Her top was a red leather jacket and around her waist she wore an equipment belt. In contrast, the slaves were naked. The only exceptions were their collars and sandals. They were also hairless below their necks. They maintained their position behind Anya as she stepped up to inspect Lucy.

“I see you have met Master Jeb, slut. He likes to give our new students their initial whipping. I hope you like him because he and a few of his friends are coming down here in a few hours for a party.” She turned and walked back towards the throne. “Get the sissy whore ready for her lessons.” She barked to the other slaves.

The slaves replaced Lucy’s high heels with a pair of plastic high heels and released her from her spread eagle. They each grabbed an arm and led her over to the shower. They warned her not to speak and removed the ball gag. The first order of business was breakfast; they had her kneel before a dildo mounted on the wall and take it in her mouth. They fastened straps around her head to hold the dildo in her mouth and pressed a button. A thick paste like substance was pumped into her mouth and she was warned to swallow it all or she would be whipped again. After a while the paste was replaced with an acrid tasting liquid, and when it stopped, they released her head.

The next step was the enema stool. They had her sit on the stool with the plug inserted about an inch into her ass. They fastened a strap across her hips to hold her in place and had her grasp a lever between her legs and pull up until it locked in place. This inserted the plug deeper in her ass. When she pressed the button on the lever, the plug expanded in her ass and warm fluid was pumped into her. Lucy was feeling more and more uncomfortable as the fluid filled her abdomen. Just before she felt like she was going to burst, the pumping stopped. The plug forced her to hold the solution for 10 minutes before it deflated and retracted to allow her to expel the fluid. Her cock was inside a clear plastic shield and she was told that she should pee as this would be her only chance for a while. The stool repeated its filling, retention, and expelling cycle 3 more times before the lever released and the strap opened.

Her legs were weak as they half carried her over to the shower head and fastened her wrists to a pair of cuffs over her head. Miko had removed her uniform and replaced her heels with the same plastic ones that Lucy was wearing. She turned on the luke-warm shower and began washing her hair and body. Lucy was told that the plastic high heels were necessary since all female and shemale slaves had shortened Achilles’ tendons and were unable to stand flatfooted anymore. Miko worked quickly standing there in her black latex bra, rumba panties, latex corset, and thigh high latex stockings. When she was done and Lucy was rinsed off, the male slaves dried her with large towels. Miko then spread some soothing cream all over her body.

The males began fitting a heavy latex corset on her while Miko replaced her plastic shoes with regular high heels after rolling on pink tinted latex stockings. Like before, the shoes had ankle straps that locked them on her feet. While on her knees, she took a little time to stroke Lucy’s cock and fondle her balls; bringing her to the point of climax and then stopping. Lucy looked like she was going to beg her to finish so Miko gave her testicles a warning squeeze. With her hand still holding the shemale’s balls she put her index finger of her other hand to her lips to reinforce the no talking warning.

The males released her hands and brought them around her back and recuffed them. They placed her hands and arms in a single sleeve arm binder and laced it tightly, drawing her elbows close together. Straps on the sides of the arm binder were attached to D-rings on the corset locking her arms tightly to her back. The arm binder also forced her shoulders back, thrusting Lucy’s tits out. Miko unrolled the first two inches of a condom and rolled the rest over Lucy’s cock. Quickly, the tip collected the drops of pre-cum that oozed from her piss hole.

They led her over to the vanity and sat her down on the stool, fastening a belt over her thighs to hold her there. Miko looked her in the eyes through the mirror. “Pay close attention to what I do now, you will be expected to do it for yourself soon.” Miko proceeded to fix her hair and apply makeup. Before long, She was converted from a pretty girl to a sexy, sultry whore. Miko picked up a penis gag and fastened it in her mouth.

The next several hours were spent instructing Lucy on how to walk, sit, and stand as a sexy woman. Miko would demonstrate and then it was Lucy’s turn. Mistress Anya took a stern approach to her training. She would accept nothing less than perfection and would quickly apply her crop for any mistakes. She would also use the crop when she felt that Lucy was not giving 100% or if she did not show a happy attitude. Although the marks from Master Jeb’s whipping were fading, she now had a whole new crop of fresh ones to replace them.

Mistress Anya allowed Lucy several breaks during the training. Lucy assumed the kneeling display position and Miko would bring over a bottle of liquid with a straw. She did not have to remove the penis gag since it had a hole that the straw fit in so Lucy could suck the liquid into her mouth.

All three slaves took turns teasing Lucy’s cock during the breaks and when she was still. Early on the tears of frustration flowed down her cheeks and dripped onto her breasts. Mistress Anya was able to guage both Lucy’s level of excitement and frustration by the increasing amount of pre-cum in the condom. When the level reached Lucy’s dickhead, she had Miko replace it with a new one. The full condom was knotted and placed on a silver tray at the Mistresses’ side. By the time the third condom was filled, Lucy was exhausted and in pain. She had spent hours walking, sitting and kneeling and her feet and legs ached from the strain of the high heels she was forced to wear. Her breathing was restricted by the tight-laced corset, and her shoulders were under stress from the arm binder.

Mistress Anya called a halt to the training session and had all of the slaves line up in front of her. She walked up to Lucy. “Well slut, you have learned your lessons to an acceptable level. I think that you should thank your fellow slaves for all of their hard work, don’t you?”

Lucy was too frightened of the masterful woman and nodded her head in agreement. The mistress stepped back and snapped her fingers, Lucy was ordered to assume position 1 and Miko came forward. She removed the penis gag from Lucy’s mouth after warning her again to keep quiet. Miko reached around her back and unfastened her bra, revealing a perfect set of C cup tits glistening from her sweat. She tossed the bra off to one side and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and removed them also. When she stood with her legs spread Lucy was shocked to see a cock flipping out from its hiding place between Miko’s thighs. It quickly came erect to its full 7 inch size.

“That’s right slut, Miko is a shemale just like you.” Anya allowed her a minute to assimilate this new information before ordering Miko to prepare Lucy’s special drink. Miko removed the condom from Lucy’s dick and spent a few moments teasing it again before walking over to the throne. She carefully poured the contents of the rubber into a glass before adding the pre-cum from the other two condoms. She carried the glass with about 4 ounces of pre-cum over to Lucy and knelt down. Holding the glass to her lips with one hand, she used the other to softly stroke Lucy’s cock. “Drink it or you will be punished.” Lucy had tasted her cum when she masturbated as Tim but she had never thought of drinking so large an amount of her own emission; but fear of punishment and her obedience conditioning took over and she quickly drained the glass.

Putting the empty glass aside, Miko stood before her with her cock an inch from Lucy’s lips. “Kiss it Lucy, kiss my shemale clitty.”

Without even thinking Lucy pursed her lips and bent forward to kiss the head of the first cock she ever had touched with her mouth. She planted a warm, closed-mouth kiss on its head.

“Now lick it.”

She stuck out her tongue and ran it over the head, collecting a bead of Miko’s pre-cum as she did. She noticed that it tasted sweeter than her own had and wondered if that was due to Miko’s Asian heritage.

“Taste it girlie, take the head into your mouth and run your tongue over it.”

Miko moaned in pleasure as she felt Lucy’s hot mouth and tongue on the head of her cock. She had to exert the utmost control not to ram her little used tool down the sissy’s throat and fuck her face until she came. Mistress had given her and the male slaves specific instructions on what to do, and now it was time to take the anal cherry of the new shemale slut. She stepped back, pulling her cock from Lucy’s mouth, and went around behind her and knelt down. The males grabbed Lucy’s arms and bent her over so her forehead rested on the padded floor. They assisted her in raising her hips to the correct height for Miko to enter her ass. Lucy’s ass had been lubricated earlier by the enema stool so Miko lined up her cock with her puckered hole and began to push her way in. Lucy cried out as the head entered her anal passage. Even the pain of entry could not stop her head from spinning. Here she was, converted into a shemale sex slave, and being fucked, not by her lover, but by another shemale. And her lover “Master” Paul had arranged all of this.

Miko worked her cock in and out of Lucy’s tight hot ass until she was in to her full 7 inch length and then began seriously fucking. She reached around the bound sissy and began to stroke her cock. The plan was to continue fucking Lucy’s ass while keeping the poor shemale on the verge of cumming until Mistress Anya gave them permission. Lucy would have her first shemale orgasm while her partner fucked her and came in her ass.

Lucy was really getting into the fucking now. At first the cock in her ass had hurt but the pain slowly went away and now it began to give her pleasure. Miko’s expert manipulation of her cock helped. All she could think of was how good it felt to be fucked and how desperately she wanted to cum. Mistress Anya recognized the signs and waited an additional 5 minutes before giving the signal to Miko. In less than 2 strokes the slave maid began pumping semen deep in her slave lover’s ass and as soon as she began to cum, she finished off Lucy’s cock and it began shooting its load onto the floor.

As soon as Miko recovered from her orgasm she removed her still hard tool from Lucy’s ass and walked around in front of her.

“Clean me. Use that slut mouth of yours to clean your mess off of my cock and balls.”

Lucy did not hesitate before extending her tongue and leaning forward to begin her cleaning duties. She tasted Miko’s cum for the first time mingled with the taste of her ass. It did not take long before she had removed all traces of their love making from the maid’s genitals.

“Now take my dick in your mouth and suck it a bit”

One of the male slaves had crouched down and began to tease Lucy’s cock. Lucy opened her mouth and slowly engulfed the other sissy’s hard cock. She worked her head forward and back, taking the first couple of inches into her mouth and drawing back until only the head remained.

“Deeper whore, I want your nose to press against my pubic bone.”

Lucy tried to take the whole 7 inches but she began to gag when the cock head tried to enter her throat. Miko grabbed Lucy’s head and jammed her dick all of the way in. Lucy tried to fight back because now she was gagging and unable to breathe. Miko pulled her head back and Lucy coughed and tried to breathe. As soon as she had managed to draw in a couple of breaths, Miko thrust in again. She began a bizarre rhythm of a series of short strokes in Lucy’s throat and then pulling back to allow the shemale to gulp some air. The cycle was repeated over and over until Mistress Anya spoke one word.


Miko pulled her cock back until only the head remained inside and began spurting cum into Lucy’s mouth. “Swallow it all girlie, don’t spill a drop.” As with every other warning, failure meant punishment so Lucy obediently swallowed the thick cum. After 5 spurts, Miko seemed to be finished and Lucy made to release the cock from the confines of her mouth. “Keep sucking slut, you don’t stop until either I pull out, or you have made sure you have gotten every drop.” After another minute, Miko pulled out.

Miko turned and faced her Mistress. Anya looked interested as she queried the sissy maid. “So Miko, how was she?” Miko delivered her report standing there with her still erect cock bobbing slowly. “She was adequate during the anal sex but she needs a lot more practice at cocksucking Mistress.”

“I’m sure Master Jeb and his friends will help her get that practice when they come down. You will be staying here with her since you have a punishment date with Jeb after their party. Get me an ice bag and your cage, you won’t be using your cock for a while since I know Jeb has no use for it.” She waved her hand to the two male slaves. “Since you were so good helping during the session its only fair that you get a turn with the sissy. You have my permission to play with her for a while, once in her ass and once in her mouth each. When you are done, leash her to the ceiling chain and spread her legs. You can report to the slave pens after you are done.”

Miko had tears in her eyes as she approached the mistress with some items in her hand. She handed them to the mistress with her eyes pleading and assumed the standing display position. Anya took the ice pack and held it with the towel Miko had included and pressed it to her cock and balls. She held it there for several minutes before removing it. The effect on Miko’s cock was almost shocking, from its erect state of 7 inches, it was now only 4 inches long and flaccid. The cage consisted of a hinged ring and a 3 inch bent tube with 2 bars curved over one end. Mistress looped a string around the small head of Miko’s cock and dropped the other end through the tube. She then inserted her cock into the tube and used the string to pull it through the narrow diameter pipe until the cock head touched the metal bars and the tube covered the length of the shaft. She slipped the hinged ring behind Miko’s balls and around the base of her penis and closed it. A small tab on the end of the tube fit into a notch in the ring and the two items were locked together with a tiny padlock. She loosened the loop of string and removed it.

The male slaves made sure that Lucy could see what was happening as one rammed into her ass and the other teased her cock.

“OK, Miko, get yourself cleaned up and put on your serving girl uniform for the boys tonight. You may talk with Lucy until Master Jeb gets here. Let her know the rules and how life is here. I will see you when he is done with you.”

“Mistress, yes Mistress, thank you Mistress” Being back in her chastity tube brought out the submissive in the latex maid.

With that, Mistress Anya left the room and the slaves to perform their duties. The cameras in the room allowed the guards in the Security Room to monitor that the slaves did what they were told. If they did deviate from their orders, they were all wearing the Facility’s shocking collars and they could trigger them remotely if needed.

Miko finished redressing as the males were leaving the training room. Before they left they had stood Lucy up on her feet and attached a spreader bar to her ankles and locked it to a ring in the floor. The straps holding her arm binder to the corset had been loosened and the ring at the bottom of the arm binder was attached to a cable running from a winch on the ceiling. They tightened the winch until Lucy was bent over and her arms rose at a 45 degree angle. The last thing that they did was to insert a set of stainless steel nose hooks into her nostrils and attach and tighten the strap to the back D-ring on her corset. With a slap on her ass, they left the room to return to the slave pens as ordered.

Miko stood next to the throne with her legs spread and her hands held behind her back. Her new uniform covered less that the last on did. The black latex maid’s uniform did not cover her breasts at all and the skirt was so short that you could see her butt cheeks in the back and the end of her chastity tube in the front. She was not wearing panties or a bra so all of her charms were on display.

“Lucy, listen carefully and do not speak. Mistress has instructed me to explain the rules here and something about your life going forward. You are now a slave; what ever you thought about this being a school for gay lovers is false. There is only one important rule here at CATF, absolute and immediate obedience. You will obey all orders given to you by any Master or Mistress here. You will obey and you will always act like you are happy to obey; otherwise you will be punished, severely. The whipping you got from Master Jeb was only an initiation, a punishment whipping is much worse. You are here to be trained to be a feminine sissy shemale, and when you are trained you will be returned to your Master. He will keep you until her tires of you or tortures you to death. If he tires of you he will either sell you to one of his friends or return you here to be auctioned to the highest bidder. If no one buys you, you will become the star in a snuff film. Remember, there are no old slaves.”

“You saw the chastity device that Mistress Anya put on me. It was 57 days since it was last off of my cock and I have no idea when it will be removed and I will be allowed to have an orgasm again. There are slaves I have met that have been chastised for 10 years and have not had an orgasm. Enjoy the freedom and orgasms you are having now because all too soon you will locked up like me.”

Miko fell silent and Lucy stood there in her bondage and reflected on her day and what she had learned. She had difficulty concentrating on any single subject because of the pain she was in. Her feet hurt terribly from the unfamiliar heels, her ass and throat were both sore from the cocks of the three slaves that had used her, and her shoulders felt like they were being pulled from their sockets. Her mind kept going back to the three fantastic orgasms given to her by the hands of her slave lovers as they raped her ass. Those three mind blowing orgasms almost made the rest of what happened to her worth while.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Master Jeb and 4 other Masters entered the room. They wasted no time and ordered Miko between her legs. Lucy thought she was in heaven when Miko took her cock into her mouth and throat and fondled her balls. Master Jeb walked around her and plunged his cock into her sore ass and began fucking with brutal strokes. He ordered her to use her ass muscles to squeeze his cock and to push back like she was enjoying it.

A second Master stood in front of her and pushed his cock into her throat. They set up a rhythm with one pulling out while the other thrust in moving her body back and forth to assist them. They yelled at her and used their ever present crops when she failed to squeeze down or use her tongue on her abusers. When Master Jeb came in her ass Miko used her mouth to bring her to an orgasm too. For the next several hours Lucy was continuously used by the men. She lost count of the number of times she was fucked in the mouth and ass. Miko continued to give her an orgasm every time a master came in her ass and Lucy’s cock never left her mouth the whole time.

Lucy was practically unconscious when the men were finished with her. Master Jeb stayed when the other men left the room. He had Miko unfasten her from her bondage and take her over to the toilet to pee. She removed the arm binder and put cuffs on her wrists and ankles. She used a leash to lead her over to the cage in the corner and locked her in for the night. Master Jeb placed cuffs on Miko and clipped a leash to her collar and led her out of the room. Lucy quickly drifted off to an exhausted sleep.




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