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Brian's New Job

by Blackfive

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Storycodes: F/m; latex; store; tights; gloves; garment; cd; corset; bond; display; climax; cons; X

It was a wet Monday morning as Brian walked into the centre of Leeds from the Station. Just like many of his fellow commuters he crossed Boar Lane and walked into the heart of the City. Unlike many he was starting a new job, one with a difference, and not surprisingly his thoughts raced. Was it only three weeks ago that he'd gleefully accepted the offered job as manager of this branch of "Tight-n-shiny".

Dimly remembered words from the interview had been coming back to him over the weekend. "You do know its company policy for all staff in the branches to wear samples of our full range at all times don't you?"

"Of course", he had replied. He in fact didn't know but was desperate for the job.

"No problem then. If we offer you the job report to the Fittings Assistant on your first day and you will be kitted out"

The offer had come by post and today was the day. Brian had often been tempted with the thought of fetish fashions but beyond once wearing fishnet tights to a fancy dress dance he was a complete novice. The shop was suddenly on him and he opened the door with some trepidation. "Arrive 8-30am for a 9-30 opening" the letter enclosed with his Contract of Employment had blandly said "contact Tracey Stapleton or June Bailey they will kit you out"

Once inside he met his Under Manager, Tracey Stapleton, who he knew by name and had met briefly at the interview. She welcomed him to the store and introduced him to those of his new colleagues on the Monday morning shift. The other staff left to get changed and Tracey whisked Brian round the store. During the thirty minute examination of his patch Tracey filled him in on the dress code so coyly covered at his interview.

"All the clothing and other items are tested by all staff in rotation" she explained. "You will soon learn and soon get used to the feel of the fabrics. The main thing to remember is that the fetish fashion scene is predominantly unisex and so at some point during the next few months you will have to wear an example of everything we sell!"

"OH NO!, you mean the corsets, high heels and everything" spluttered Brian.

"Of course. Didn't they explain that, they are hopeless at HQ" Tracey chuckled.

A stunned Brian was shown back into the fitting room and handed over to June for his first fittings. Then began Brian's transformation from normally clad business man to Manager of a fetish clothing emporium. "I have complete control over staff dress in the store" June told him. "I know what we have in stock now and what is coming in. I have to ensure that we all know exactly what it's like to wear the gear or use the equipment. It's all logged and compared with the stock listings. Over the year you have to be logged for at least a week's wear or usage of everything you could possibly have tried. Some items you will have to trial at home on your own but most of it you can wear here."

She continued to explain to Brian how the system worked as she wrote up the record sheet of the packages she was putting into his locker. "I understand from the notes head office sent with your sizes sheet that you are a complete novice. Today, and this week, will be a test for both of us. You will have to put complete trust in my judgement whilst I get you used to this aspect of the job."

June continued to explain how it all worked, "Tracey and I discussed your role last week and agreed that although you are the new boss we should take the same line that your predecessor took with her and other recent starters."

"What line is that?" Brian asked, no longer feeling confident. In fact he was now beginning to wonder if he had in fact been hasty in taking on the appointment. However as his thoughts wandered briefly his wife's words of encouragement came back to him, and they did desperately need the money.

"For the first week we will dress you in the most extreme fashions we stock and use all, and I mean all, the equipment on you. You get accustomed to it in the back rooms. The other staff see that you can take it, and know you are used to it, before serving total strangers in the shop next week."

"What about my other duties, the stock checks, cash balancing, banking,...."

"Forget it" June interrupted. "Tracey can manage, she's been doing it for weeks since Mary, your predecessor left. Now lets get you dressed. Take everything off. Yes, I've seen men before. One thing you quickly get used to here is the human body" As Brian looked puzzled she added, "Just wait and see, trust me"

With this she opened up the packets she had put into his locker, pulling out some of the most extreme fashion in the store. Once Brian was stripped completely he was given a pair of black rubber tights. With the help of much powdering she got him into them. This was followed up by full length black opera gloves. Over these garments went a high neck, red rubber, long sleeve body which encased his top half. This garment zipped up the back with the zip fitting snugly into the high collar encircling Brian's neck. The body effectively sealed him up as it went over the tights and gloves, although for the present Brian had not grasped the significance of the fact.

Brian was by now feeling very hot and not a little apprehensive. When he saw the next garment his concern increased to panic levels. She placed the red, steel boned, long line corset round him and then slowly laced his waist down by three inches. Five inch heel ankle boots were padlocked onto his feet and the transformation was almost, but not quite, complete. The full face hood she finally produced caused him to squeak with alarm.

"Don't worry, it's your first day you need extremes to find out if you really like this kind of clothing, or can at least stand wearing it. We have all been through this initiation process. If you can't cope with this week's induction forget it." Brian understood but it was with foreboding that he faced the last minutes of the fitting session. The hood was full face with mirror lenses at the eye holes, a shaped nose piece and a cut out area over his mouth. It came down to neck level and overlapped the collar on his body. Slits in the neck of the mask allowed rings to slot through from his body's collar. A short, loose chain was fitted through these collar rings and a further ring in the zip in his body before the two ends were snapped together with a small brass padlock.

"Oh my g-god I'm sealed in" gasped Brian.

"Yes" said June "fun isn't it."

"I don't know yet. What's next?" he managed to say surprisingly clearly.

"Walk over here, it's time you tried out the shoes" Unable to bend at the waist due to the unyielding grip of his corset and struggling with the high heels he teetered and wobbled across to where June stood. Although having the greatest difficulty in staying upright in the strange clothing and footwear he made it without falling.

"Now for your first taste of the bondage frame" June explained. "You are a novice and I'll only give you half an hour whilst I get ready myself. The others can serve the first few customers and not many of them are likely to need fittings on a Monday morning." With this she moved what Brian had thought was a clothes rack over to him. His loins were now being to stir. The twin sensations of, what was to him bizarre clothing, and of being totally controlled by June, began to overcome his initial apprehension.

"In for a penny" Brian joked, "but what if I need to go to the loo?"

June laughed and added, "You will just have to wait, won't you"

His arms were placed against his sides and straps at waist and chest height drew him firmly upright against the frame. His legs were similarly strapped at thighs and ankles rendering him totally immobile apart from his fingers and head.

June now began to undress and Brian couldn't help but see her slender, and very desirable body. His now rock hard sex throbbed and ached as she powdered up prior to donning her own costume. She choose a plain black rubber sheath dress, elbow length PVC gloves and a pair of knee high red boots. Just as she had finished her dressing Adrian, one of the floor sales team, showed in the first customers to try on their prospective purchases.

Brian was horrified at the realisation that they were looking at him. As they walked over to him the mixture of emotions overcame him and he climaxed inside the tightly restricting garments. Adrian continued to talk to the clients "This is our prestige range and is being modelled here for you by our newest model, Brian." The lady of the party began to stroke the rubber material covering Brian's arms and chest, before kneeling down to stroke his legs.

One hand continued to stoke his calves as she slid the other up towards his groin. She came to the groin and squeezed gently bringing Brian instantly back to full hardness. "Oh yes" she said, "I'd certainly like to try this out for myself". Standing up again she spoke to Brian directly. "Tell me how does it really feel?"

Brian answered without batting an eyelid, "Fantastic love, just fantastic. My colleagues will sort out your needs just ask them."

June turned towards him and winked. Nothing further was said to Brian as the couple tried on their purchases. As in both cases this was underwear, and neither bothered to close the curtained cubicles, Brian realized exactly what June had meant about seeing naked flesh. The lady tried on a peep hole leather bra and her companion leather studded briefs. Both were in full view of Brian.

Eventually their fittings were completed and apart from June they all left him. Brian remained, rigidly held in place, in the bondage frame. Stress free and relaxed despite feeling a little discomfort he knew he was hooked. For the promised half an hour they discussed many details about the costumes and the ground-rules of dealing with customers and the law. The main point June stressed was that, whatever they may be told as part of any fantasy situation, common sense safety precautions dictate no one must ever be left unattended in bondage.

Spot on the promised half hour June released him. "Do you still mean what you said back then about it being fantastic" She quizzed.

"Yes, surprisingly it is." he replied without hesitation. "The feelings are divine if a bit uncomfortable in places, especially my feet in these shoes and my waist feels so squashed I'm beginning to think I will snap. What have you got for me next?" He laughed as he saw the twinkle in her eye, "Oh no, not walking practice in these heels."

That's another story and maybe I will be back to tell you. For now I leave you as June tells Brian she is going to take off his corset. However only so that she can get him used to walking in his heels!


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