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Breaking Free

by M88

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© Copyright 2015 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; captive; escape; rubber; gimpsuit; hoods; mask; cuffs; chains; breathplay; imprison; torment; cons/nc; XX

It was a warm summers day in the middle of July as the sun lifted it's self above the lay of the land and into the deep blue sky. It was a lovely morning as the streets and roads around Cowley Road in the historical city of Oxford. People walked around with newspapers and coffee in hand as they headed to work. Just a normal day on a normal street. Just as the clock hit 9:24am a door blew open and a chained rubber bondage slave struggled out. She was wearing an odd head helmet and other bondage equipment. The rubber was making a loud squeaking sound as she walked away from the door. She was being spotted by more and more people as she moved away from the door she had just come from.

At first no one wanted to look at her and quickly moved out the way. The local people had no idea what was going on as the fetish girl cried at them. They looked at her as if she was wrong and troubled. They wanted nothing to do with her as it was not something that happened in this area. People found the kinky stuff wierd and just looked at her as a strange creep. The real reason she was in the street was the fact she had escaped from a kidnapper and prison keeper. She just looked like someone who loved rubber bondage and people started walking away from her. She was screaming at them to help her as she tried running away from the house she had broken free from. Her heavy bondage chains and cuffs around her limps and body meant she could only move a step at a time.

She was a joke to the people who had filmed her and had a laughed at her. They stepped away from her the second she got close to them as she stunk of rubber and sweat. She was breathing heavily under her oxygen mask and rubber hoods. She had air tanks on her back which joined against a body harness. After about 45 times of her rubber bondage show, the people around her got bored and already had a picture or video of her. They didn't need to watch her all day as they needed to get to work. She was just walking slowly down the road and looked fine. It was the end of rush hour and the street had become quiet.

The flood of people she had seen the second she escaped had moved on. She could not believe it as she struggled to get away from the door. She knew time was against her and if found she would be put in an unspeakable bondage device. She finally made it to a side street and with her rubber gimp suit squeaking and her legs burning, hopped down it. The metal chains made a odd sound with each jump and landing. She could just about see through the hoods and mask as the air hissed out her helmet. She saw some large bins out the corner of her eye and struggled over to them. She hid behind the last one at the end of an alleyway.

She could now look back at what had happened and try to figure out what to do next. She thought about herself first. Her name was Amelie and she was 24 years old. Thank god she still knew that. She had been walking home from a big night out and a car had stopped next to her. The next thing she knew she was in the back seat with handcuffs on her. She was drugged and woke up in a strange room and wearing a horrible fetish suit. A mirror was right in front of her as her eyes focused on her appearance. She had a super body with lovely curves and a beautiful face with red hair and lips. But all that was covered by thick shiny black rubber and stainless steel metal bondage. Everything was pressing against her skin it was super thigh and crushed her muscles.

She had cuffs around her ankles, above and below the knees, wrist hand been tied to her upper legs, elbows cuffed together. Metal chastity belt, body harness and posture collar had been locked into one. On her back was a large blue air tank with tube going to her head. Her head was enclosed in thick and tight black rubber with holes for her nose and slits for her eyes. Under the hood was a muzzle gag with a huge red ball build onto it. The ball was in her mouth and the muzzle stopped her from spiting it out. Another rubber hood was placed over the black one and was transparent. It only had nose holes and come with padded for her mouth and ears. She could still see through the hood, but not as clearly. A full face diving mask was padlock over that fetish lot and was linked to the air tank on her back. The driving mask and hood made her look like she was wearing a special helmet. The collar had been placed over the rubber hood and stopped them from being removed. Her hands had been bound in rubber mits and her feet trapped in six itch high heels. She remembers being lifted off the floor and onto her feet. She could feel something being pushed into the tank on her back as she bent her head forward.

She had been placed in an evil test and would find out what would happen to her if she failed. The keys to all her bondage equipment was placed on a nail head about half up a concrete wall. If she moved forward to get the key a tube which feed air to her tank would be unconnected. She would only have the air in her tank to free herself or would run out of air. The air would stay in her tank, thanks to a valve which would close. She was in full rubber bondage and the keys to her freedom was right in front of her. She had nothing holding her against the far wall and could just walk right to it. It looked out of her reach as she moved her hands and remembered they had been trapped in rubber.

She quickly understood the keys had been put there to trick her into going for them. It was to psychologically torture her and obliterate way hope she had. If her did go for the keys and unlink the air tube. She would have three hours of oxygen to free herself from bondage. If the air tube was removed an alarm would be sent to her kidnappers Iphone. He would wait for her to pass out and then reattach her to the air supply. She would suffer the feeling of suffocation and be in a blind panic as she struggled madly in her rubber outfit. She would wake up in more extreme bondage if she passed out. She was shown videos of the last girl who tried to escape and how horrible it was. She was then shown the bondage the poor girl was in now. He wanted her to try and escape and go for the keys. She was in an empty concrete room with one door with the air tube going through the wall she was next to. The only other thing was the keys and a nail. She wanted to move around and test how far she could walk and if she could sit or lay down.

After two days of sweating in the thick rubber suit and not having any food. She was at breaking point as air whistled out the diving mask. She was resting against the cold concrete wall as she stared at the keys. She was being controlled and played with and the only thing she could do about it was suffer and wake up in another horrible position. Then she had an idea the door may still be unlocked. she would have to pull out the air hose to find out. She couldn't stay in this hell-hole for any longer and got to her feet. Which was not easy as she took a huge intake of air as she readied herself. 3,2,1 and go she screamed in her head.

She struggled forward as her rubber suit squeaked away and the heavy metal restraints slowed her down. She was breathing hard as the hose to the tank begin to pull away from her oxygen tank. She heard a soft pop and a loud hiss as the hose and her partied ways. She turned around to see the hose snaking it's way along the floor. She was now on a time limit and headed straight for the door. She was amazingly right, the door had been left open. She struggled through it and down a short corridor. Another door was at the end of the hallway and she forced it open. She was outside in the middle of a street and was waiting for someone to help her. She could see people looking at as she cried for them to remove her rubber suit and cuffs.

The street was filled with people and they all just looked at her and got their phones out. And started taking pictures and videos of her. She wanted them to call the police and get her out of this hateful suit. She could see people laughing at her as they walked by. She was running out of air and started moving down the street. The river of people soon vanished and left Amelie almost by herself. She struggled down a side street and towards some large bins. She hid behind them and could feel her legs burning as she sat down. Why had no one helped her as she pulled against her metal cuffs and chains. It suddenly hit her why they would have walked away from her. She was wearing a full rubber suit and bondage stuff. She looked like a fetish model or kinky public weirdo, who liked showing off. Not a helpless captive with her air running out and a mad man on his way to upgrade her bondage set-up. Plus why would anyone think she needed or wanted help. She needed to get people to help her and had an idea. She got out from behind the bins and headed back to main road. 

She knew she was running out of air and had to be quick. She waddled onto the main road and with what little energy she had. She laid down in the street. She was hoping people would care more if she looked in trouble. She would not look like a submissive attention whore or a rubber slave out for a walk. In only a couple of seconds a man was talking to her. She could feel him rubbing her rubber suit and he lifted her into his arms. She thought she was safe and even in her cuffs and chains tried to hold him. He was carrying her in his strong hands as her rubber suit squeaked. She knew he could smell her stinky rubber gimp suit and was happy it don't put him off.

She was having trouble breathing and knew her air was almost out. Thank god she had been saved from that weirdo and would not suffer any more. Just as she thought that, they walked through a doorway. She wanted him to remove her face mask and undo the cuffs. They entered a small room and she looked at it in fear. The man holding her was her kidnapper. She was dropped onto the hard concrete floor and saw the door being locked. She was in a bit of pain from the landing as her air tank become empty. He stood over her helpless body and watched as she struggled to breathe. She pulled and pushed against the unbreakable chains and cuffs keeping her retrained. She quickly blacked out. She knew what would happen next. She had been very unlucky a couple of police officers had been a few seconds away from the scene. Her plan had almost worked and he had got their at just the right time.

She would pay for being so unlucky.


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