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Bound for Pleasure

by The Latex Girl

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© Copyright 2003 - The Latex Girl - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; catsuit; boots; hood; gag; bfold; toys; insert; inflate; climax; stuck; cons; X

How did I get into this predicament? That's the easy part, how am I going to get out of it is the hard part. I’ll start at the beginning. I have several loves in my life, not the usual rubbish but rubber & bondage, and surfing the net for erotic fiction containing my first two loves. 

As luck would have it, I had a couple of days off work. Even more lucky for me was I had been given a small bonus from a job I had recently completed, so armed with my free time and several hundred pounds bonus, I went off to London to go shopping for rubber. As usual for these all too infrequent trips, I started and ended up at Skin Two. They had just had what looked like a shipment of clothes and a sale of their old stock. I was hooked, and it didn't take me long to leave their store having spent my bonus but having two large bags of goodies. 

I got onto the local bus and willed it to get home as quickly as it could so I could try on my purchases in a more informal surrounding. As my bad luck would have it my mobile rang, it was the agency. An evening locum had turned up and it was close to my home. Now, evening work pays very well in the medical profession, so I had to very reluctantly take the locum. Of course, my thoughts were with the contents of my bags. I had hoped to go straight home and get into them and, but now I couldn't. 

I arrived at the Chemist shop where I was to locum, signed on and started earning money. Five hours, twenty pounds an hour before tax. I reassured myself that come ten o'clock, I would have earned enough money for a week’s rent or a month’s food or one of those tight red hobble skirts that Skin Two had just got it. Obviously, my mind was on my job - not. 

Finally, ten o'clock came. My cab arrived to take me home and I shut up the shop and left for home. As much as I tried to excite myself in the back of the cab, I knew I was just too tired for any rubber fun when I got home. I would just have to wait for tomorrow, when I could spend the whole of my day off in rubber. I could get dressed from head to toe in that glorious latex and then maybe dust the house or take a shower or just sit around and feel sexy all day long.

The cab pulled up outside my house and I was startled back into real life. I signed the chit for the cabby and let myself in. I turned on the lights and fiddled with the heating thermostat. I stood in the hallway and thought about how nice it would be to have my own little rubberslave to greet me when I got in late. Maybe one of those Chippendales but in a nice short maid's dress with stockings that would show off all of his leg muscles, and a little feather duster. 

I came out of my daydream, my Chippendale maid disappeared. I had checked the ansafone for messages; I suppose that I ought to check the computer for e-mail. I trudged upstairs and turned the PC on. Within minutes I had logged onto the web and as luck would have it, I had been sent some mail. A couple of them were boring notes from girl friends; they all seemed to be having men trouble. The last one was a story from a latex friend of mine. I started to read and almost instantly found myself getting very turned on. 

The story was of a woman whose husband showered her with rubberwear, lucky cow. She liked to dress up while he was away too. One day she tied herself up and her daughter found her, so they both had a go. The story wasn't great it was just the way the woman dressed and what she did to herself. It just sounded so divine, so right, so kinky, so I had to try it. I went into my bedroom and pulled the duvet off the bed. Quickly, I fitted the latex sheet. Its black sheen glimmering in the light. Next, I went through the wardrobe and pulled out the things I required. 

First up were the briefs. In the story the woman wore one with a pump up dildo. That seemed to be a bit tame; every woman knows that a pump up dildo and a butt plug make a far better combination, so that's what I went for. I pulled the briefs up into place, with a strange sense of excitement - doing something for real that had probably been someone else's fiction. The briefs gave me a feeling of satisfaction; it was nice to have something inside me. 

Next in the story was a catsuit. I reached into my bag of shopping and pulled out my new catsuit. It looked wonderful; it was just asking to be worn. Instinctively I put my foot into the rubber foot of the leg and started to work it over mine. In no time both my pink feet had been replaced with black shiny ones. I spent a little time smoothing out the creases in the rubber before working the suit up my legs. As the suit got higher I worked the pump for the dildo through the zip. Once I had got the suit up to my waist, I stopped and looked at my legs. I saw two beautiful black rubber legs, I started to rub them but realised that I should really carry on. I picked up a pair of short rubber gloves and put them on. Now, my hands looked like my feet, beautifully covered in shiny blackness. 

I cast my mind back to the story. The woman had a mask with a blow-up gag, no problem so did I. I reached into the wardrobe and pulled it out.  I forced my head into it and started working the zip down over the back of my head. I felt intoxicated with the wonderfully sweet smell of the latex. As the zip came to a rest at the end of the hood, I felt the wonderful sensation of having my head enclosed and cradled in rubber. I pulled the catsuit up over my shoulders and finding the zip started to pull it up my back. As the zip came up my back I could feel each part of my chest being enclosed with my new black second skin, the feeling was absolutely divine. Eventually, the zip came to a rest and I knew that I was completely enclosed in rubber. 

I felt I just had to stop and look at myself. I turned to the bedroom mirror. If I had not been wearing the gag I would have let out a little gasp at the sight I saw. I don't know what it is about dressing in rubber, but every time I see myself covered in this wonderful material, I just get so emotional. Something seems to well up inside me. It's such a lovely feeling. I stood looking at myself for a couple of minutes, feeling myself through rubber, until I decided that I should get back to the task in hand. 

Departing from the original story line again, I reached into my bag and pulled out a posture collar. I sat on the end of the bed and started to lace it around my neck. Not too tight, but obviously not too loose either. I pulled out the boots I had just brought and decided that I should wear them too. They weren’t really outrageous, just little 5-inch heeled boots with padlocks, so you could lock yourself into them. I saw them ages ago in a magazine. The idea of being locked into your footwear had always struck me as being impossibly divine, but I had never managed to find any, until now. I started strutting around the bed; my padlocks were making little clanking noises with each step I took, mmmh how dreamy. I read the rest of the story to determine how the woman in it tied herself up and then went back to my bedroom to finish off. 

I picked up a pair of ankle cuffs and a matching pair of wrist cuff and put them on.  The story had the woman wearing a blindfold over her hood, who was I to argue. I turned the bedroom light off and got onto the bed and into a kneeling position. This was it; I could feel the adrenaline really start to build inside me. I put the blindfold over my eyes and tightened the strap behind my head. I reached behind me to my ankles and guided the snap fastening from one ankle cuff into the d-ring of the other. I heard the metal on metal sound of fastening shut. I pulled my legs apart, but was stopped instantly by the restraint; obviously my ankles were now connected. I felt my heart skip a beat as I became aware of this. 

I moved the pump attachment of the briefs so that it was held in place by the ankle cuffs, I knew that once I had finished this I probably wouldn't be able to reach around for anything, so I had to get things right now. I took hold of my mouth pump and started to inflate the gag. What a wonderful sensation, I could feel the rubber expanding in my mouth. It felt like it was going to fill every nook and cranny. I decided to stop when I started to feel the gag pushing my jaw open, didn't want to over do it. 

This was it; I put my arms behind my back and felt for the fastening of my right cuff with my left hand. Once I had found it I opened it and forced it on to the d-ring of the ankle cuffs. There was a reassuring snap, I moved my right arm. It wouldn't move, a tremendous sense of excitement ran through me. I moved my free left hand to where my right hand was. It wasn't easy to pickup the fastening, but after a few goes I did it. I forced the snap fastening open with my thumb, and tried to blindly guide it to the d-ring. It was going to be tight, but I managed to arch my back and reduced the distance by just enough to hear the snap of the fastening go into place. 

I now knew I was immobile, completely trapped but still in a kneeling position. I reached for the dildo pump and found it first time. With a real sense of excitement I started pumping and pumping and pumping. I was being completely filled by this thing, it was just so wonderful, I couldn’t stop, couldn't get enough. All too quickly I felt this huge orgasm rip through me, it was like nothing I had had before, just enormous.  Just as it died away, another one shot through me like some kind of after shock. I was snorting hard, the gag stopped my from using my mouth silencing all of my moans of joy. 

The excitement of my situation and the strength of my orgasms had taken a toll on me; my tiredness came back so quickly. I rolled over onto my side and in no time I was asleep, a deep sleep dreaming entirely in rubber.



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