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by RubberH

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Storycodes: FM/m; captive; bodymod; drug; surgery; denude; condition; mc; latex; catsuits; boots; gloves; bond; enslave; oral; anal; sex; cons/nc; XX

Note: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual people, events, etc. is coincidental. IF something like this did actually occur I’d be damned amazed.

** Saturday 9:30 AM

Darla opened her eyes and smiled. Dan had given her one of the best morning fucks she had ever had before he left to play a round of golf. She had dozed off and had forgotten to reset the alarm.

“Oh, dear”, she said to herself. “It’s getting late. I better go out to the garden and get things ready for the party.”

She opened the patio doors which led out to their garden. She didn’t bother to wear her robe as their home was far out in the country and was fairly secluded. They purchased the house for just that reason. It was a place where they could get away from the city for a night, a weekend or even longer. It was also where they could indulge in their particular ‘hobbies’.

Darla walked past the pool and went over to a section of the garden which was concealed by a 12 foot high stone wall. A solid wooden gate was the only entrance to the other side. Unlocking the gate, she pushed it open and went through the entry. “Good Morning Bootsy”, she chanted. “I see Dan didn’t forget to modify your workout routine.”

In a cobblestone courtyard was a young man. He was tethered to a mechanical arm which forced him to walk in a large circle. He had been there walking constantly since dawn. What was worse was that two sets of steps had been placed in his path, forcing him to climb up and down the steps as he walked around the courtyard.

This would have been a lot for anyone, but what made the situation even worse was that he was clad in a pair of thigh-high rubber boots with seven inch stiletto heels. They were laced extremely tight and were incredibly thick. In addition, locking straps encircled his thighs, ankles and below his knees. They were difficult and uncomfortable to wear even just standing in them. His arms were also encased in shoulder-length rubber gloves; again laced tight and locked on. Except that the rubber was so thick he could not bend his arms or flex his fingers. They just hung limp at his sides as he walked around and around in endless circles.

A rubber neck corset completed the rest of his restraints. His mouth was covered over and his head was held in its strict embrace. All he could do was to look straight ahead and walk in these horrid boots as the chain which was locked to the corset guided him around the circle and up and down the steps. He was walking at a relatively easy pace this morning. However the machine could be programmed for him to vary his pace or even force him to run up to 5 miles per hour for as long as thirty minutes.

Darla went to the control panel and switched off the machine. Beads of sweat ran down his body; a body was had been totally and permanently devoid of hair. The sweat dripped onto the concrete where it mixed with his urine and cum. Yes, cum… for he also had been cumming over and over during the hours he had been hooked up to the exerciser. Darla smiled again and looked at his erection which was encrusted with dried cum.

“I think you need to cool off a bit.” And she took a nearby garden hose and proceeded to wash down both the courtyard and their slave who she had named ‘Bootsy’, for obvious reasons. When she was finished she walked over to Bootsy and began to fondle the still hard cock.

**** Two years ago…

Darla realized that the young man in her biochemistry class was more interested in her than her lectures. It wasn’t difficult to see that he had a hard-on although he tried to hide it when she looked in his direction. It wasn’t the first time it happened. She had that effect on a number of students; male and female. Although she was over 40 years old, she kept herself in fantastic shape. Her 38 DD bust was somewhat concealed by her conservative clothing. After all, she took her job seriously as a tenured professor at a prestigious university and distractions from her duties was very unprofessional.

Of course his being her student meant that anything other than a teacher-student relationship was highly unethical. However, the semester was almost over and so she made her plans known to her husband Dan. They had hired a private detective to perform the necessary background checks and follow their possible target for at least a couple of months. Once she and Dan were satisfied that the young man was the ideal candidate, they would take the next step.

****Saturday 9:45 AM

Darla finished off cleaning the courtyard. .“Yes”, she purred, “You have been trying not to cum… but you can’t help it. You need to cum and there is nothing that can stop it. Especially not with our little ‘helper’”. She pushed his legs apart and reached between his asscheeks.

She then reached a small valve and twisted it. Air began to expel from the valve and after several seconds Darla pulled out an inflatable butt plug. The plug was ten inches long and two inches thick uninflated. It also had a prostate stimulator which Bootsy felt with each and every step he was forced to take. The steps going up and down made the plug even more torturous. But she was right. Bootsy could not help himself. He could not resist the continuing, increasing stimulation that occurred with every step he took. Even standing still had given him no relief, as he was always aware of the intruder in his rear. Except when he was being cleaned out or used by his captors and their guests, he was plugged 24/7.

*** 22 months ago…

“Professor?” the started young man asked. He was at the art museum looking at an exhibition of Impressionists when he accidentally bumped into his former teacher. After a few words of small talk, they began conversing about the other exhibits in the museum. She had abandoned her usual work clothes, but she was wearing tight black slacks which accentuated her athletic shape. She wore a leather jacket which partially concealed her considerable bust. However, it was open enough in front that he could not help but see that she was not wearing a bra. She turned and looked at him, and he was staring at her body so intently that he never noticed that she also was wearing a wig and dark glasses. They went into another part of the museum where an exhibit of erotic art was on display. She smiled as she looked at a phallic-looking sculpture, and then she walked behind him, her tits pushing against his back..

“Tell me something.”, she whispered into his ear. “Are you as hard now as you were in my class?”

He was surprised at what she just said. He turned red.

“Don’t be so shocked that I knew you were. It wasn’t difficult to see. I could also tell that you are fairly well endowed.”

“Err..I..I.” he stammered.

“Do you want me now?”

He didn’t know what to say. This was something that he thought would only be a fantasy.

“I said..” she said much louder and more intensely “Do … you…want…me… now?”

His throat tightened but he forced out the answer . He had to, or else he may never have the chance again.

‘Yes… yes.”

That was all Darla needed to hear. “I’m leaving now. We can’t be seen together, so in ten minutes after I leave go to the main exit and go west three blocks and two north. I’ll be waiting in front of my condo building. I’ll go in first and you follow five minutes later. There is no doorman. Just punch 5610 into the keypad and the door will open. Take the elevator to the 27th floor. I’ll be waiting in the hallway at my door when you get there.” With that, she turned and walked out of the exhibit room.

He waited for ten minutes and left the museum. Following her directions, he got to her building and from there was the beginning of two months of increasingly intense sexual encounters.

*** Saturday 10:00 AM …

Darla took a nearby towel and began drying Bootsy off. It was a slow gentle rubbing starting from the top of his head and proceeding lower.

“Well Bootsy, Dan decided not to use the new plug this morning. I guess he wanted to get everything done at once.”

‘OH what now?” thought Bootsy. Bootsy…how he hated that name, but it was the only one he had. His Master and Mistress no longer called him by his birth name. His previous identity had ceased to exist all those months ago. But those thoughts quickly vanished as Darla’s gentle stroking with the towel became more and more pleasurable. Moments later a stream of cum sprayed forth and onto the concrete.

“Bootsy!” cried Darla in mock surprise, “Now I have to wash things down again!”

**** 21 months ago….

“Do I have to wear these?” he pleaded.

“Of course you do. “, said Darla. “I had them made just for you. It makes me happy and horny to watch you wear them. Don’t you want to make me happy?”

He walked into the bedroom unsteadily on the two and a half inch heeled thigh-high boots. They were tight and uncomfortable, but the shoulder-length gloves were just as difficult to wear. She was insistent that he wear them each time they met.

Darla smiled. After only two weeks since their first session she had introduced him to light bondage. In just a couple of more weeks, the bondage had gotten heavier, but the sex was even heavier so he didn’t protest when she would keep him bound for hours at a time.

She pushed him back onto the bed and mounted his cock, which thanks to a little help from the ground-up pills, was rock hard and would stay that way for a number of hours.

“My husband is going to be away at a medical convention in Europe next month. We’ll have an entire week at our country house to do whatever we want.”

When the time came he took the late night commuter train north to near the end of the line. He followed her directions and met her in front of a minimart three blocks from the station. There she drove him to her country house. Again she was wearing a wig because she did not want to risk the chance that any of her neighbors might see them together. He did not realize that she was not driving her own car, but had borrowed one from a friend.

She had immediately taken him to the bedroom where in only a few moments she persuaded him to let her strap him down to the bed. After an initial fuck session he dozed off. But soon he felt something. It was a sharp pain. He opened his eyes. Standing next to him was her husband with an empty hypodermic syringe. The room began to swirl around him. He tried to cry out but his mouth couldn’t move and his tongue felt leaden.

****Saturday 11:00 AM

Darla finished her usual morning laps in the pool. She watched as Bootsy stood next to the barbeque grill as the sun quickly dried him off. She smiled as she watched him look at her. His entire body was quivering from uncontrollable sexual desire. She wouldn’t repeat her mistake of drying him off herself and having to clean up another mess.

*** Twenty months ago….

“Yes”, said Dan, “You have done very well so far, Bootsy.” He began removing the bandages around the captive’s throat and face. Dan looked carefully at his handiwork. “Excellent, the swelling is almost gone and there are no noticeable scars.”

Darla held one of the nostril tubes in her hands. “Did you make him big enough for these to fit?”, she asked. “I want to make sure he can breathe OK.”

Dan smiled, “They are just the right size to ensure proper air flow. Once Bootsy’s reconstruction has time to completely heal, I’ll install these and we’ll have no further problems with his mouth training.”

*** Saturday 11:30 AM….

‘”I bet you’re tired aren’t you Bootsy?” Darla said as she took the leash and gave it a slight tug. “Poor Bootsy. Dan didn’t probably allow you to eat this morning. Well, you only need to eat every three days anyway. But I’ll let you have something since you’ve been such a good slave.”

Darla took Bootsy into the kitchen of the house. She opened the fridge and removed a liter size bottle of a brownish liquid. The bottle had a long rubber tube which ended in a sort of nipple. She hung it from a hook in the ceiling and taking the tube, attached the nipple to the opening on the part of neck corset which covered over Bootsy’s face. She opened a small valve and the liquid flowed down the tube and into his mouth.

Darla smiled .“Now you finish all of it Bootsy. You won’t get anything more until Tuesday.”

*** Eighteen months ago…

“Get your knees up Bootsy!”, shouted Darla as she struck him with a single tail whip. “You have to keep them up or else you’ll fall, and we both know what will happen then!”

He dared not stop or even allow too much tension between the chain and the mechanical arm. If he did the device attached to his balls would start giving him a series of severe electric shocks. They would increase in duration and intensity the longer he waited or resisted.

The three inch heeled boots were torture. He was in them all the time except when he was being cleaned. He could not protect himself from the whip due to the thick rubber gloves they forced him to wear. He wanted to plead for mercy, but he knew even if he could that they would show none.

Besides, they had started his transformation. What he was being transformed into, he had no idea and they were not going to tell him. All he did know was that he felt horny all the time, even while being subjected to their cruel demands.

**** Saturday 11:45 AM

Darla took Bootsy to the living room where he had to kneel on the floor. It was difficult to kneel in the boots and without the use of his arms to balance himself; but he had many months of training to perfect it. He had quickly gotten used to the three inch heels; then every few weeks she and Dan increased the size of the stilettos by a fraction of an inch. The mechanical exerciser was modified just before the fall semester started at school. This way she wouldn’t have to take off work and be at home to supervise his training. The machine was programmable to give him regular rest periods and to allow him liquefied food and water from a ten gallon container through a stomach tube. A timer would release whatever he needed to refresh himself. There were cameras which Dan or Darla could see how he was doing through their laptops and if necessary, change the pace on the machine if they felt Bootsy needed to speed up or slow down.

** Fifteen months ago…

Dan then took a measuring tape and checked the size of Bootsy’s cock and balls.

“A seven percent increase this time. Very, very, good. Your balls are now about the size of two oranges. If I’m correct in my calculations, they’ll be about the size of two cantaloupes by the time we are complete.”

Bootsy had been subjected to numerous injections into his cock, balls and prostate. Injections of drugs which not only increased the size and sensitivity of the treated areas, but gave him a permanent and irreversible erection. These were drugs which Darla the biochemistry professor had developed herself and Dan was only too happy to test on Bootsy.

Bootsy was finding it difficult to think of anything else but sexual pleasure and how to achieve it. Even when Mistress whipped him during training, or when Master would fuck him in the rear, he would forget the pain and only feel the pleasure.

“But we have a long way to go..” Dan said as he entered the results of his exam into Bootsy’s file.

*** Saturday 12:00 PM…

He remained motionless on his knees, knowing that his Mistress would severely punish him if he dared even attempt to move. As the hours passed his body began to ache from holding this constant position. He could feel the breeze from the ceiling fan move over his cock. A cock that had remained constantly erect ever since his first day of captivity.

After months of the treatments, it would take only the slightest touch to cause Bootsy to ejaculate, But he dare not cum on the floor of the living room. He struggled to prevent it from happening. Repeat offenses were always given harder punishments. But it was getting more and more difficult to keep it from happening. He was always being sexually stimulated in some way and during rare moments of clarity, his Master and Mistress would have some way of making him lose concentration and he would cum.

**** Twelve months ago…

Dan had held Bootsy’s leash and pulled him down the hallway of a medical professional building. It was early Sunday morning so there would be no other patients that would see their arrival. Dan knocked on the door and soon it was opened by a woman.

“Dan, it’s great to see you again.” She said. “And this must be Bootsy. Darla told us what you wanted. Jack is just getting the equipment ready.”

“Come on in Dan.” came a voice from the inner office. “Make yourself comfortable.”

Dan began unbuttoning the long leather coat that Bootsy wore. The woman gasped as she saw the huge erect cock and balls of the slave emerge as Dan removed the coat.

Dan smiled. “Be nice now. This is Bootsy’s first time out of the house. He might be a bit shy.”

“Bring him on in Dan.”, the voice said.

Dan took Bootsy’s leash and they went into the back room. Bootsy was seated onto an exam chair. There stood a man dressed in a dentist’s smock.

“Ok then, I took a look at the X-rays, and I shouldn’t see a problem with this phase.” He said. “Now the second phase will be tougher. I’ll have to keep Bootsy here for the remander of the week, just to make sure there are no infections or adverse effects.”

“That’s fine Jack.”, replied Dan. “Darla and I are taking off on a little holiday, so just keep us advised if there are any problems.”

Then Dan handed over a box. The man opened the box and looked at the contents.

“You want me to use ALL of these? He asked.

“Every single one.” , answered Dan “If you need more…”

“No, that’s not going to be a problem. I just never have done so many at once. Hell, I’ve only used fifteen or twenty at one time at the most.”

Dan smiled “Then you have yourself a challenge.”

The two shook hands and Bootsy soon felt the sting of a needle . As he drifted off to sleep, he felt his neck corset being removed and his mouth was soon invaded by a clamp, forcing his jaws open.

****Saturday 12:15 PM….

Bootsy heard familiar footsteps. Dan stood in front of the slave and stroked the bare head. “Did you miss me Bootsy?” he asked. Of course Bootsy could not speak or even move his head because of the neck corset. He blinked his eyes twice; the usual sign for ‘Yes’. Any other answer would have meant punishment anyway.

“Are you afraid, Bootsy?” Dan asked. Bootsy blinked twice.

“Yes, I understand, but it will be all worth the trouble we’ve gone through… At least for your Mistress and me.”

**** Eleven months ago…

“That’s it.” Said the visitor as he packed his electrolysis equipment away. “All gone, never to come back.”

Darla was delighted at what their friend had accomplished. She felt Bootsy’s bare skin. “Head to toe and in only a few weeks of treatment. You’ve earned a bonus.”

“I don’t need the extra cash.” He said.

“I wasn’t thinking of cash… Bootsy has a training session which I think as a special guest, you should teach him.”

The man smiled and undid his pants. Taking out his cock he approached Bootsy. “Now you know what you have to do…”

Bootsy began to salivate. It had become an instinctive reaction since he had first learned to suck cock. But the man’s member was huge! Even bigger than Master’s!

“Now work it Bootsy!…” the man ordered. The slave did as he was told and started sucking .

“Not good enough!” came Darla’s voice and the whip struck Bootsy’s rear. Bootsy relaxed his throat as much as he could and quickly took the entire length. He had to be careful to prolong the man’s pleasure as much as possible and not let him cum until he wanted to cum.

****Saturday 12:15 PM….

“You’ve done very well this month, and we are even ahead of schedule.”, Dan stroked Bootsy’s cheek. “I think the nose job and other work was the best I have ever done. If she was alive, your own mother would never recognize you.” He took his foot and touched Bootsy’s cock. Bootsy felt the need to cum again. Dan’s foot then stroked the slave’s grapefruit-sized balls. “If she saw what you are becoming I wonder what she’d do.” It was a cruel thing to say and Dan knew what it would do to the slave. Bootsy began to cry and that made him lose his concentration. A stream of cum hit the oak floor.

“Dan!” shouted Darla, “That was not very funny! Now I’ll have to punish Bootsy for cumming in the house.”

“I think Bootsy has progressed to the point where he has just about lost his ability to control himself.” replied Dan. “Within a couple of months of additional treatments he’ll be cumming all the time, even in his sleep.”

“You think so?” said Darla. “Oh Bootsy, you have been such a find! When I saw you in my class, I knew that you had potential. That’s why I waited before even approaching you. No, it wasn’t by accident that we met at the museum. It was all part of the plan. We had your background checked and made sure that we could make you disappear without anyone tracing me to you. Why do you think we had our encounters in such safe places? Why do you think that I wore disguises?”

Darla poured herself a drink. “Did you really think I would leave my wonderful husband for you? You are only a plaything for us, and one that needed a lot of work to become what we always wanted.”

*** Ten months ago…

Dan removed the surgical gloves and wiped off his brow. “This was a lot tougher than I thought Bootsy, but I’ve always been an ass man.”

Darla chuckled as she examined her husband’s work. “Wow! Bootsy now has a big, big booty now.” She exclaimed as she ran her hands over the newly enhanced asscheeks.

“I’m not finished yet.” Dan replied. “This is just the starter set. I need to really stretch Bootsy’s rear out to get it just right.”

** Saturday 1:00 PM …

Dan slipped a thick condom over Booty’s cock. “This should take care of any accidents, while we’re having lunch.”

Bootsy felt the thick rubber slide over his cock and then the cock ring which held it in place. As Master stroked Bootsy’s ample rear end, the tip of the condom began to fill with cum.

*** Eight months ago …

Bootsy realized far too late that he had been tricked. He just didn’t know how far they were going to go with him. The plastic surgery, the electrolysis all over his body, the injections… and all the other things. When will they end? What are they turning him into? They never let him look into a mirror so he could not see the extent of the changes.

The most bizarre thing was when Master had began placing long silicone ‘cords’ underneath his skin. There was no apparent reason why, and Master never even bothered explaining why. Bootsy could understand why his nose was altered; so that the breathing tubes would have plenty of room to give him air and his mouth could be used constantly. The full body chemical peels were horrible, but they made his skin far more sensitive to touch.

But Bootsy was also finding it difficult to maintain any mental clarity. The desire for sexual pleasure was growing as much and as extensively as his cock and balls. Whenever he heard his Master and Mistress call his name, ‘Bootsy’, he knew that he would be used by them in some fashion, and he no longer cared how he would be used.

*** Saturday 1:30 PM …

Dan finished his lunch and took Bootsy’s leash. “Time for your treatment.” He said, and gave the leash a sharp tug. Bootsy quickly rose and followed his Master to the playroom.

Once in the playroom, Bootsy was seated in an examination chair. His legs were strapped to two stirrups and spread wide. Dan washed his hands and put on a pair of latex exam gloves. He wheeled over a cart with the mechanical enema equipment. “You shouldn’t need the full two quarts today since I cleaned you out yesterday.” He said. “Our guests would like a nice clean hole to look at though.”

Dan inserted the bladder and inflated it. He opened the valve to the rubber tube and switched on the pump. In seconds Bootsy felt the soapy mixture enter him. His belly began to swell as more of the mixture entered him. It wasn’t as bad as other times, when he had actually taken a full gallon and forced to hold it overnight. This was a quick wash and rinse. Soon the pump reversed the flow and the mixture was evacuated. Three more washes and four more rinses went by in just over an hour.

** Three months ago…

Dan was satisfied at his latest procedure. The scarring was no longer visible and Bootsy’s skin had become quite tanned from the countless hours of exercise in the bright sunshine. Of course the full body chemical peels had made his flesh more sensitive to the touch, but the resulting smoothless look was well worth it. Bootsy’s pain and suffering were now far less noticeable as the procedures were making it more difficult for him to make any facial expressions.

“All good things come for those who wait.”, said Dan “And you really, really want to cum now, don’t you Bootsy?”

Bootsy could not think of anything else. He tried to take his mind off the constant sexual pleasure he was feeling, but it would always return to thoughts of Master and Mistress and how they used him over and over again.

And he then would cum.

****Saturday 3:00 PM…

Once the enema equipment was removed, it was time for the next step. This was the one that Bootsy had once feared the most. Dan had already filled four syringes with the growth drugs. Bootsy lay in the chair, knowing that it was going to happen no matter what he tried to do. The first time that he was given the injections he cried, screamed and pleaded for mercy. With each series of treatments his struggles became less and less. In fact, he was beginning to enjoy them as he was feeling more pleasure than pain with every treatment.

Dan took the first syringe and the needle penetrated Bootsy’s left testicle. The leather straps creaked as Bootsy instinctively struggled, but the legs remained motionless. The right testicle was next, and again a brief attempt to escape but it was impossible. Then Bootsy’s cock was injected. It was thicker and more dense than the first time he received a treatment, but it took Dan very little effort to go through its entire 16 inch length and slowly withdraw the needle while simultaneously pushing the plunger of the syringe. This way the drug would distribute through Bootsy’s cock, ensuring that it would grow evenly .

“Last one Bootsy” Dan chuckled, knowing that this one was the most difficult. He brought out a custom-made device and began to push it up Bootsy’s rear. It was like he was going to ‘scope’ the slave but it had a specialized purpose. As he watched the monitor, he guided the tube along until it met Bootsy’s prostate. Then he pushed a button on the console and a hypodermic needle stuck out from the tube and penetrated the hypersensitive tissue. Bootsy felt a wave of pleasure and pain and a new stream of cum shot out from his cock.

“Now that wasn’t as bad as the previous ones.” Dan said. “It won’t be long now before you won’t need these anymore.”

Bootsy felt the burning sensation as the drugs began their work stimulating cell growth and increasing sensitivity. The first few times he found this sensitivity enjoyable. But as the treatments continued, the ever increasing sensitivity became a torment in itself. He found it more and more difficult to think of anything else but cumming. The first time that Master had fucked him in the ass, he came… Not because he wanted to but because he couldn’t control himself. They used him over and over and he could do nothing about it. His gloved arms prevented him from resisting physically. The boots prevented him from taking only the smallest of steps. He could not run away even if they had kept the front gates open and gave him an hour’s head start.

Darla had entered the playroom with a large box. She was wearing a tight catsuit which looked more like she had dipped herself in liquid latex . “Time to get you ready, Bootsy”.

Dan went upstairs to get ready and Darla walked up to Bootsy and undid the restraints.

“I have a surprise for you.” She said and went to Bootsy’s neck corset. She unclipped the ring of keys that were connected to the corset and began to unlock the straps to the gloves. She opened the locks and unlaced the gloves. Bootsy’s arms flopped uselessly to the sides.

Darla smiled. “Yessss”, she said “The muscles have pretty much been completely wasted away. “She held the keys in front of Bootsy’s face. “If you can reach up and grab the keys, you can go free.” Bootsy struggled as much as possible but couldn’t lift either of his arms even an inch. She even laid the keys in the palm of his hand. “Come on, just try a little bit. All you have to do is grab them.”, she taunted. His fingers would not move and he realized that Mistress would never even make such an offer if there was the slightest chance he would ever be able to move them.

“Too bad Bootsy”. She laughed and continued her work by removing the boots.

Bootsy could move out of the chair, but he knew that he could not escape. He had learned it the hard way when he had the chance after the first six months. That time she had removed the boots and he leaped out of the chair. His feet hit the floor and all he could feel was incredible pain. He tried to stand flat footed but the surgically shortened tendons and the months of continuous walking on stiletto heels caused him to collapse on the floor. He never attempted it again.

Darla opened the box and Bootsy soon saw a new pair of boots being secured onto his legs. “We’ve decided to let you graduate to a full eight inches this time.” The gloves were also re-secured. He wondered, ‘Why bother to put them on?’, but he knew they had their reasons for doing so.

The next item was a brand new butt plug. Darla held it up to Bootsy’s eyes. It was twice as big as he had ever worn before. “Don’t worry Bootsy.” Darla cooed, “It’s only for tonight. We want to show everyone how flexible you have become.” With that she coated the plug with a liberal amount of lube and pushed it up Bootsy’s ass. Of course, more cum erupted from the newly treated cock.

“Now we can’t let that keep happening. You’ll make a mess.” She took from a cabinet a urinary catheter and without hesitation inserted it into Bootsy’s uretha . She took the collection bag and clipped it to a ring on his left boot. Finally she opened the retention clip and a stream of urine and cum began flowing out the tube and dripping into the bag.

“Let’s go” said Darla and grabbed the leash, guiding her slave off the chair. She took the leash and the both went upstairs to the party, which was already in progress.

****One month ago…

Bootsy kneeled in the corner as he watched his Master and Mistress making love. He swayed back and forth wanting so much to join them. Even having Master’s huge cock in his rear was preferable to having to just sit and watch them. Drool dripped down past the lips of his open mouth as he saw Mistress wrap her legs around her husband and begged him to fuck her over and over again. “Use me Master! Use me Mistress!” Bootsy wanted to beg them. But he could not.

****Saturday 5:00 PM….

Dan was dressed just like Darla, covered in skin tight, shiny latex. He was all smiles as his wife guided their slave through the living room and ordered him to kneel beside them.

“Well Bootsy, how you’ve …grown.”, laughed one of the guests, a Master who also had a leashed slave. This one was a female with massive breast implants; some of Dan’s handiwork. “How much more are you going to go, Dan?”

“Oh, we’re just about finished. Another eight weeks, I think. He’s just about the size that Darla asked for.”

“I never got to see Jack’s work.” The other Master said.

“Well, let me show you” replied Darla, and she began to remove the neck corset.

Bootsy felt some relief as the severe neck corset was unlaced. He had worn it for nearly six weeks and the only food he got was from the stomach tube.

Darla began to pull the neck corset away. As she pulled Bootsy felt the eighteen inches of silicone dildo/feeding tube being removed. It finally made its way out of his mouth and past his lips. Lips which were also surgically enhanced and puffed up to a ridiculous size.

“Perfect ‘cock sucking lips’”. Bootsy heard his Master say with pride.“As you can see, Bootsy has completely lost his gag reflex. I started out with an eight-incher and added a half inch every few weeks. The first time I changed the dildo, he wouldn’t stop begging for me to stop. Since I was going to anyway, I severed his vocal cords. But here is what Jack did for me.”

Dan took his fingers and forced open Bootsy’s mouth. “Jack is one of the best oral surgeons around. He removed all of Bootsy’s teeth , smoothed the gums and installed these little babies. Here, feel.” He guided the other Master’s fingers into Bootsy’s mouth. The well-trained slave began rolling his tongue on the Master’s fingers and began sucking.

“Damn! “shouted the other Master “Are these what I think they are?”

“Yep” replied Dan, “Jack inserted one hundred small silicone beads in Bootsy’s tongue and in the lining of his mouth. He can perform the best oral on anyone, man or woman.”

One of the other guests, a Mistress, approached Darla. “I’m still puzzled. “, she said. “What’s the object of the boots and gloves? You obviously haven’t been feminizing him since Dan would’ve used hormones and implants by now. At least I would have.”

Darla smiled at Dan. “You want to tell Stella? You think Bootsy should know?”

“Why not?”, Dan replied, “ We’re almost at the end and Bootsy won’t be able to do anything about it anyway. “

Darla hopped out of the room and in a few minutes brought out a thick leather bound book.

“This is a journal of Bootsy’s progress” she said. She opened the book and pointed out various pages.

“The neck corset and nostril tubes are to restrict his breathing. If he resists too much he’ll run out of breath and he’ll be easier to get back in line.”

“The boots and gloves are also a means of control, nothing more. We have been increasing the heel length and Bootsy’s stride is getting shorter and shorter. When he gets used to one size, we increase the height until he gets to what we are shooting for.”

“And that is? “, asked Mistress Stella.

“These”, and she pulled out a drawing of a pair of boots without heels. Ballet boots. “These are far taller than what Bootsy has on now. Once on, he will be placed in a permanent ‘en point’ position.”

“Permanent?”, asked the surprised Mistress. “What about the arms?”

Darla said “The gloves were designed to take away his ability to resist. Again, it’s a means of control. Now the tendons and muscles in his arms are completely useless and will no longer be needed. Dan will be amputating them next week.”

Bootsy’s eyes widened in terror as best as he could as those words finally sunk in. “NO, PLEASE!” he tried to plead, but his fattened lips barely moved. Yet a stream of cum once again ran down the tube.

“He can hear you?” the Mistress asked. “I thought you removed his ears.”

“Just the outer ears. “ replied Darla. “Dan removed those and closed over the openings with left over cartilage and skin. It’s not impossible for Bootsy to hear, but he has to listen very intently to what is being said to him. Otherwise, he is in his own little silent, oversexed world.”

“He’s at the stage where in about six more weeks, his sex drive and his need to cum will completely overwhelm him. The drugs we have been giving him not only have increased the size of his cock and balls, but it has affected the portion of the brain which controls the sex drive. We have had to dose him over a very long period of time as the drugs are very potent . If he is given too much at one time, his sexual pleasure centers will take complete control of his normal functions; which may lead to a complete shutdown of his brain and eventually his death. But his progress has meant that I can safely increase the potency of the drugs so that Bootsy will uncontrollably crave constant sexual stimulation. Once that happens, Dan will remove the testes and insert two large silicone spheres, just for apperances.“

Dan chimed in “What we will finally do is to coat Bootsy with a special surgical liquid latex coating, which Bobby over there has developed. In the end, Bootsy will assume the shape and appearance we devised.”

“And that is?” asked Jack, who had just entered the room.

‘Look carefully at Bootsy from behind. Notice the extreme rounded hips and rear. They look like gigantic testicles. His hairless and smoothed body which is rigid, yet flexible. The silicone cords that have been placed under his skin simulate the look of veins.”

“Oh my!” gasped the Mistress he looks like…a…a”

“That’s right!” beamed Dan. “Bootsy has become the ultimate sex toy.”

“In short… he is an oversized, living, breathing dildo.” giggled Darla.

The guests laughed as Bootsy’s tears ran down his cheeks… the thought of what they had done to him… what they were still going to do to him made him shiver in fear.

Yet, once again the urge overwhelmed him and all he could do was to cum.

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