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Bondage Bed

by M88

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Storycodes: Sbf; latex; underwear; toys; insert; catsuit; stockings; gag; gasmask; cuffs; spreader; vacbed; timer; stuck; hum; public; mast; climax; cons; X

WARNING Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death. Bondage Bed M88 Sbf; latex; underwear; toys; insert; catsuit; stockings; gag; gasmask; cuffs; spreader; vacbed; timer; stuck; hum; public; mast; climax; cons; X  

Scarlett was getting herself ready for a full on rubber bondage session. She was a huge lover of self bondage and was itching to get started. She had everything set up and just needed to turn on the camera. Her latex vacuum bed was placed in the centre of her living room. The camera was pointing right at it with a wide angle shot. She would be wearing other fetish and bondage items, which had been laid out on her normal bed and already shinned and cleaned. She had done the same thing to her latex vacuum bed and it looked lovely. The smell of latex had filled her whole living room.

She would start getting dressed at 11pm and begin her self bondage session at 12am. She still had a couple of minutes before the clock hit 11pm. She was completely naked and had already done her hair and hair up. She walked into her bedroom was started smelling the latex waiting for her. Her  fingers rolled over her pussy as she enjoyed herself for a few minutes. Just as she was getting into it, her alarm went off. It would take her an hour to get totally dressed and bound. So she quickly got to work.

She had a multi-layered outfit to put on. First layer was a pair of red latex knickers with built-in sex toys, the toys would fill both of her wet holes. A huge red butt plug and 8 inch dildo would do the job. She covered them in lube and started pushing them inside her warm body, she was moving both of them at the same time but felt the butt plug pop into position first. She let out a soft moan as she focused on the dildo. The monster sex toy was soon deep inside her and she pulled her latex knickers over her ass and pussy. She could feel them already getting wet as she made them look perfect.

Next up was a pair of red latex stockings and red latex opera gloves. She squeezed her limbs into the shiny latex. She loved the tight latex as she removed any air pockets. With the stocking and gloves in place, it was time for the catsuit. She had already lubed the inside and the zip was open. She picked up the thick shiny latex catsuit and gave it a long sniff, the smell of latex was like a drug as it hit her nose. She could feel herself getting horny and wet. She took another hit as she remembered the last time she was enclosed within it's walls. She was getting a bit lost inside her own dreams and had to snap out of it. She worked herself into the complete latex suit with it's built-in hands and feet. She could feel herself being eaten by the latex as her body dropped into the corners of the suit.

The suit squeaked loudly as she zipped the back of it up. It was like a vice against her skin as she padlocked the zip shut. The latex suit was a perfect fit as she picked up the next item. It was a black leather corset and it would cover her breasts and stomach. She wrapped it around her body and pulled it as tight as she could. By the time she was done, she was struggling to breathe. The corset somehow made her body look even better. She was looking very nice as she grabbed two pairs of her own knickers and forced them into her mouth, she had been wearing the knickers for days beforehand. The dirty knickers added to her humiliation, she would need to keep them in her mouth and she had a whole roll of duct tape for the job. She placed the tape by the side of her mouth and rolled it over the knickers. She could feel them being pushed into her cheeks and jaw.

She wrapped the tape around her head as tight as she could. Layer after layer of tape was being put over her face. She loved the feeling of being very well gagged. She was covering her face in the silver tape as she started to feel the pressure. She rolled the tape over the top of her head and under her chin. It would stop her from opening her jaw. Breathing deeply through her nose, she finally ran out of tape. A wall of duct tape would stop her talking or making any clear sounds. She loved the feeling of the gag and moved on with the next item.

A pair of sports knickers and a pair of pantyhose. She used both when running and playing football as well as playing with herself. She placed the dirty sports knickers over her head. With the pussy area going over her nose. She tied them against her face and did the some with the pantyhose. Pulling it all the way over her face. Until her head was right at the bottom of one of the pantyhose legs. She tied the other leg around her neck and picked up her latex hood.

The red latex hood was built with isolation in mind. The hood had four holes drilled into it, for her eyes and nose. It had padding over her ears and around her mouth. The hood also had a thick collar for her neck. She struggled getting herself inside the thick latex as it squeaked loudly. She then heard a pop as the hood finally dropped down her neck. She lined the holes up and zipped the hood shut. She could hear very little with the hood now in place. She closed and padlocked the collar as the hood bit into her head. She now needed to do her bondage system and still had a gas mask to wear. She grabbed the gas mask with it's built-in hose and walked into the living room. The latex vacbed was waiting for her as was her bondage equipment.

First item was a metal spared bar for her legs. She would be spread wide as she locked the cuffs at each end around her legs. Walking was a lot harder now as she bound a metal belt around her stomach. The belt was squeezing the life out of her. She padlocked the heavy duty belt as it folded her catsuit and corset inward. The belt had handcuffs hanging down the side of it. She would cuff her hands the second she entered the vacbed. She had a quick look at the time and saw she only had 5 minutes to get herself in the latex vacbed.

She walked across the living room floor in the oddest way possible. She was moaning as loudly as she could through the thick tape gag. She reached the vacbed and pushed her bound legs inside. She followed her legs as her body vanished under the black latex. She was fully inside and lined up. She grabbed the gas mask as forced it over her latex face. She pulled it as tight as she could and then found the end of the hose. The vacbed had a small hole just to the side of her face. On her right hand side. She worked the hose through the small hole as the latex gripped around it. Soon all but a short part of the hose was outside the vacbed.

Breathing was not easy as the gag, hood and gas mask had cut down the amount of oxygen she could get. But she was still happy with the set up as she locked her hands in the cuffs. She knew the timer for the vacbed would start soon and so would the one for her sex toys. She was feeling very wet down there. She zipped the vacbed shut.

She suddenly had second thoughts as she struggled with her bondage equipment. She was getting cold feet and was about to call the session off. When the timer hit 12 and the latex vacbed came alive. She could not believe how fast the air was sucked out. Before she knew it and with panic flowing through her body. The latex sucked against her catsuit. It was soft at first, but quickly pressed down on her. The vacbed was soon empty of air and the latex showed her as a prefect outline.

The pump had removed all the air and now closed the valve. She had programmed this to happen. The valve kept the vacbed as it was. As she was breathing through the gas mask, no more air should enter. The pump turned itself off and left the room nice and quiet. Apart from Scarlett's heavy and fearful breathing.

The sex toys then started up, she could feel the grip of the vacbed as she tried to simulate herself. With the sex toys buzzing away and with the lack of air. She orgasmed. She was crying loudly through the hose and her body become covered in sweat. The sex toys continued buzzing away as she struggled inside her latex prison. She could move only a little bit as latex got hot. Breathing was a nightmare as she screamed into her gag. Another orgasm hit her hard as the vacbed rocked from side to side.

The camera was recording her enjoying herself. She was trying to get the dildo and butt plug to drop from her body. She arched her back and was shaking her hips as sweat filled her latex outfit. The toys stayed tightly inside her body as another orgasm obliterated her mind. The latex layers squeaked loudly as she turned into an insane prisoner. She was trapped by her own hand as her body folded and stretched. She could smell the latex through the gas mask. She would be helplessly kept like this till morning.

She could feel her cum running down her legs as the sexual torture continued. Her catsuit was soaked with her sweat as another orgasm rocked her body. She was loving the smell of her knickers and stockings. They had become wet with sweat and started sticking to her face. It made it even harder to take in air. The buzzing from the toys never stopped as she screamed from her 5th orgasm of the self bondage session. After the 7th she passed out.

She come back round with the vacbed filled with air. She was sweaty and sore as she unzipped the latex bed. Fresh air hit her the second she crawled from her prison. Heat was flowing out of the latex vacbed as she squeaked away from it. She struggled to get to her feet as the gas mask hose got trapped on the vacbed. She had to pulled the whole hose back through the bed. She finally did that and walked to her bedroom.

The key of her cuffs was hanging in the window of the ground floor room. The curtains had been left open. She lived by a busy road and pathway. She would have to show herself in order to get the keys. She was still covered head to toe in latex and was wearing a gas mask and cuffs. She was moving slowly up to the window as the key waited for her. It was hanging in the centre of the window and was tied by string to a d-ring below it. She would need to untie it and hope the key dropped. Not easy with limited vision and cuffed hands. She just wanted to get out her sweaty and smelly latex suit. Her ankles and wrists had turned red from the struggling and her head was killing from the tape and the gas mask was leaving her strived of oxygen.

She had to stand up in order to untie the string as her hands had been cuffed to her lower body. Seeing the string would be very hard if not impossible because of the gas mask. Her heart was racing and her hands shaking as she counted down in her head. 3,2,1 and go. She almost jumped into the centre of the window as her hands tried to find the string. She don't want to look out and just hoped no one saw her. Her latex covered hands fumbled around with the string as she looked at the key in front of her. She moaned loudly as the string stayed put as forced her to try and look down. The cuffs made a soft clicking sound as she tried to see anything. She finally pulled something as her keys dropped into her hands.

She took a huge sigh of relief and for some reason looked out the window. She saw a large group of people looking right at her. Some of them had their phones out and had been filming her. She turned her latex covered body away from the window and against the wall next to it. She used the keys to removed her bondage stuff. She also took off her gas mask, latex hood, pantyhose, knickers and tape off. She spit the knickers in her mouth out and worked her jaw for a minute. The feeling soon came back as did the humiliation of what had just happened.

The problem was the key to remove her latex suit was hidden in a bush in her front garden. How long would they stay outside her flat and how would they act. She would just go for it and unlocked her front door. Her latex suit was still shiny and perfect looking as she opened the door. She jumped out and quickly got the key with looking up. She heard people talking and ran back into her flat. She locked the door and removed her sweaty and smelly latex suit. She when straight to bed and wanked herself off thinking about her public showing. What a lovely latex bondage day.


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