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The Blue Raincoat

by Jennifer Wilson

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© Copyright 2011 - Jennifer Wilson - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; FM; rainwear; rubber; outdoors; caught; cons; X

Part 1

Bowness is a small delightful tourist town on the banks of Lake Windermere in the North of England. Above a butchers shop on the high street is Chambers & Rowe Solicitors – est. 1956, and it is there that Paul was employed as a junior lawyer. Paul had worked there for 2 years sharing the open plan office with Mr. Rowe, Mary Hopton, Carol Wise and Jim Clark. Today, Friday, was the last day for Mary as she was retiring and so late in the afternoon a small party was held in her honour, Mary had been with Chambers & Rowe for 26 years so it was a bit emotional for her to be leaving. The following Monday a new girl was to take Mary’s place as Mr. Rowe’s secretary, and as she had worked there a little previously as a temp when Mary was on leave or sick, she didn’t need to have a change over time to understand the ways of the office.

So Sally, the new girl, fronted up for duty promptly at 8-30 on Monday morning, Paul was early as usual so he was already at his desk when she walked in. “Good morning Sally, welcome aboard on this fine morning”.

“Thank you Paul, I look forward to working with you all, I was sorry to hear about Mr. Chambers passing away last month it must be a great loss to the company”.

” Mr. Rowe of course is very distressed and has mentioned that he will downsize the business somewhat, but we are all safe with our jobs thank goodness”. replied Paul.

Paul was 27 years old and joined Chambers & Rowe after finishing University and was very happy there, he loved living in the Lake District for its beauty but most of all its weather. You see Paul loved to wear his raincoats out in the rain and in the Lake District it rains a great deal. Paul has a fetish for PVC and rubber especially made into rainwear, coats and trousers; he often wears them in the privacy of his apartment. No one knows of his fetish as outdoors he only wears a gabardine mac, which he still loves but not as much as rubber.

Wednesday morning dawned with rain, and Paul was pleased as he could wear his mac to work, he only lived about half a mile away from the town centre so walking was his preferred option to get there. He hung his wet mac on the coat and hat stand just outside the toilet/washroom and was making an early cup of tea when Sally came in. Paul almost dropped his cup as he saw Sally dressed in a shiny satin blue raincoat enter the office. The hood of the mac was up on her head and a belt tightly fastened around her waist. “Good morning Paul, rotten weather eh?”

“Yes it is, let me help you off with your coat. Do you walk to work as well? I only live a short distance so for me I love it” replied Paul. Paul held the shoulders of Sally’s coat as she slipped out of it and Paul hung it up on the stand but not before checking out the lining and was ecstatic to discover that it was rubber. “This is a lovely coat Sally and the colour suits you, it must have been expensive as it fits really well”.

“Thank you for the compliment Paul, I do like the fit of it and yes it was a bit pricy but then for quality you have to pay that bit extra”.

Paul’s desk was to the left of the coat stand so he could just see it if he turned his head around and he did that a lot that day as the sight of the blue raincoat distracted him frequently. Sally’s desk on the other side of the office faced Paul’s so she could see him gazing at her coat throughout the day.

Sally was in her mid 20’s, quite tall at around 5’ 10” with a trim figure and mid length blond hair. She wore smart clothes appropriate for a solicitor’s office and kept herself a little aloof but still friendly enough. Paul tried to find out what she liked and her interests but only managed small tit bits of information. Paul was more forthcoming with her telling about his interests of bush walking and tinkering with his vintage sports car. Sally did show an interest in the car and said in the summer when it was a bit warmer she might like to have a ride in it.

At home that evening Paul unable to take his mind off Sally’s blue satin and rubber raincoat was trying to devise ways to get together with her and her coat but conceded it might be a bit too soon just yet. He did think that if he took into the office a coat hanger for Sally’s coat it would hang much nicer and keep its shape better, but mainly for his own pleasure of seeing more of it. So the following week, the next rainy day, Paul took the coat hanger into work and placed it on the coat rack. When Sally came in once again wearing the blue mac Paul helped her off with it and put it on the hanger. “That’s very considerate of you Paul for thinking of me and my coat; I always place it on a hanger at home as it keeps its shape better”

The rain became heavier during the day and by lunch time was really tippling down. Normally Paul brought his lunch from home with him but this day he had decided to get something from the sandwich shop down the road on the other side of the street. At lunch time Paul asked the others in the office if they would like something from the sandwich shop as he was going to get a sandwich for himself. Mr. Rowe, Jim and Carol had their own lunches and it was just Sally who asked if he wouldn’t mind getting her a salad on wholegrain. “Paul it is absolutely pouring down out there, why don’t you borrow my coat as it has the hood and yours doesn’t so you shouldn’t get as wet”.

Paul couldn’t believe his ears; Sally has just offered her lovely rubberized coat to wear. “Oh, if you don’t mind, it would be more sensible I guess, though I might get a few stares in the shop, but I will take that chance”.

Sally helped Paul put on the coat and buttoned it all the way to the neck, pulled the belt really tight around his waist and even tightened the sleeve cuff buckles around his wrists. She pulled the hood over his head and said “That should keep you dry Paul” He left the office and took his time going down the stairs enjoying the feel of the rubber against his cheeks and neck, the aroma of the rubber lining was sending messages to his manhood which responded appropriately. The rustle of the satin and rubber material was music to his ears and he caressed it down his body and over the hood. He entered the street and into the rain and almost felt like doing a twirl he was so happy, he took his time crossing over the road pulling the hood tighter around his face. What Paul didn’t know was that Sally was watching his from the office window and smiling to herself as she enjoyed the spectacle of him in her blue raincoat almost dancing in the rain.

Paul did get some strange looks in the shop as he ordered the sandwiches but he didn’t care, here he was dressed in a lovely blue women’s raincoat wrapped tightly around him and he was loving it. All too soon he had to return to the office so back on with the hood and out into the rain. Sally was still watching him as he crossed back over the road and she could clearly see he was enjoying wearing her coat as he kept the hood tight around his face with his free hand. Back in the office Sally took the sandwiches off him, put them down and helped Paul off with her coat, she smiled at him and said, “I hope you weren’t too embarrassed wearing my coat but it did keep you nice and dry”.

Paul replied “I actually enjoyed wearing it, it fits really well” he wanted to say more about how he loved the rubber lining against his skin but thought that would be inappropriate. What Paul didn’t know was that Sally had sussed him out much earlier and wanted to see if he would go out in public wearing her raincoat.

Nothing more was said between them regarding the blue raincoat though Sally did seem to be friendlier towards him asking him about his life outside the office. Several weeks passed with Paul’s only contact with the lovely coat being to help it on and off Sally on rainy days. He longed for the opportunity to wear it again even offering to go for the lunch sandwiches on rainy days but Sally never offered it again. He still turned his head at his desk to sneak a look at it whenever he could unaware that Sally was watching him.

It was a wet Friday when Sally asked Paul if he had seen the new movie that was showing at the local cinema, Avatar, and she had heard it was very good although it wasn’t in 3D here in Bowness. Paul replied he hadn’t seen it, and took the opportunity to go for broke and ask her out to see it. “Yes please Paul I’d love that”

“Great, shall I pick you up at say 6-30 assuming the movie starts at 7-00 which is usual at the cinema here”.

“Lovely, I will ready” Sally told Paul her address and returned back to work at her desk.

Paul was over the moon with this date, and thought ‘would she wear her raincoat, it is raining after all and the cinema is only about half a mile down the road so we could easily walk’

Paul still took his car as he didn’t want to be seen to be presumptuous and knocked on Sally’s door. She opened it and invited him in as she just had to make the last minute adjustments to herself. She didn’t have her blue coat on so Paul was unsure what she would wear and as she saw his car out front maybe no coat at all. Sally came back into the front room carrying her blue coat on her arm and said, ”Paul I know you enjoyed wearing my raincoat the other week and I’ve also seen you looking longingly at it at the office so I thought you might like to wear it again tonight”.

“I don’t know what to say Sally; you seem to have caught me out, so I will be upfront with you, I do love your coat with its rubber lining and as it is a women’s it is extra thrilling to wear it in public. I have PVC and plastic raincoats at home but never had the nerve to wear them outside”

“Paul, this will get better for you because I have had made a second identical coat for me to wear as we both take a walk in the rain together”

“I can’t believe this Sally, this is all my dreams come true”

Paul helped Sally on with her new coat buttoning it all the way up to her neck tightening the cuff straps and pulling the belt tight around her waist. She had a beautiful bottom and the coat covered it like a dream. Sally then did the same for Paul and with the hoods pulled over their heads they set off down the street in the pouring rain. After about 2 minutes Sally put her arm around Paul’s waist and Paul did the same to her. The continued down the street a while when Sally’s hand slipped lower to caress Paul's bottom.



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