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The Black Pleasure

by Falk

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© Copyright 2009 - Falk - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; latex; bond; wrap; tape; mum; packaged; boxed; transported; oral; cons; X

I hope their aren`t too many mistakes in my story. I can talk english very good. Only the text is a bit difficult. So here is my story.

Once again I was going to one of these rubber bars in Berlin where every kind of person has a rubber fetish. I came inside, sat myself down at the counter and ordered a drink. The barman gave it to me, while I drank it, I looked at him closely, he wore tight latex jeans and his bump was covered with a mini rubber apron. He wore a tight latex shirt and a latex mask with holes for eyes, nose and mouth.

Once my glass was almost half empty, a bikeguy sat himself beside me at the counter. He was covered from head to toe in a skintight pitch black rubber suit, after he had pulled of his leather jacket, you could see it. The outlines of his hard penis could be clearly seen through the rubber. He drank his beer through a hole in his rubber mask, which he could closed by a zipper. But he didn`t interested me so much because at the moment there was a guy standing at the entrance. He looked hot in a bright milky skintight rubber suit. He wore a red Rubberslip which coverd his stiff penis more poorly then it was hiding it. His feet stuck up to his knees in red latex boots and he wore a matching open red mask where his horse's tail blew in the wind that was coming in from the outside. He was well built, powerful washboard stomach and ass cheeks. I noticed that something in my latex pants was moving and it felt a bit wet. He looked over to me and I returned his gaze with a smile. He came over and we entangled ourself into a conversation. We talked a bit and both liked what we saw. So Sam and I decided to go home to his place.

I paid for our drinks and then we both went outside. I sat on my machine grazed my latex mask and the helmet on and then Sam pressed himself so tightly against me as we drove off, that I felt his hard cock against my latex jeans. When we finally arrived in his apartment he discarded his red rubber dress and we started to press and rub our bodies together. I could feel his cock under his suit getting harder and moist, and it rubbed on my cock which was just as thick and strong as his.

I started to groan in my latex mask which of course came over in a MMMPPHH. When Sam heard it he let me go and led me into his room, which was full of rubber and made to look like a dungeon. I laid down on his Latex covered bed, while he fetched two pairs of handcuffs from his drawers. These he laid on my hands and my feet and then they were closed to the bed. He drove over my body with his rubber gloves, very carefully he started on my head and went on, over my chest and stopped on my hard cock. He touched him gently and then began to rub him softly.

I pushed my hips against his hand. When he noticed this he opened the zipper at the mouth of my mask. He opened his crotch zipper of his suit and pulled his stiff rubber penis out. When he opened my crotch zipper my rubber cock jumped right out. He threw the condom away that he just got. Then he opened his hot lips around my stiff friend. He formally withdrew and sucked on my rubber cock. Then when I almost felt an orgasm, he turned around and stuck his dick in my mouth. Then he began slowly to work along my shaft with his hot tongue. This brought my, already big stiff cock to become bigger and stiffer. While I kissed and suck his which also seemed to be greater than in the bar, we were getting horny by the second and started to moan but at the present condition it was not heard.

Our rubber bodies clapped together while the climax was approaching. It did not take long and we moaned the most hottest orgasm along we had ever experienced. We felt our rubber covers being filled. Slowly, while he was still in me, he bites my cock a bit that made my body jumped. A good two minutes later, our members got stiff again, because we where still lying on top of each other. So it was time for the second round. This time he was really wild and started to rub his cock on mine. During this course, his tongue wound around mine. The squishing of the rubber and our noisy kisses where so loud that the neighbors would have heard us certainly if they hadn`t been on vacation. It was not long and an even more intense and huge horny orgasm flowed through our bodies. He freed me, and we were still lying together while we started to drift of to sleep.

When we awoke the bikeguy from the bar stood in front of us with a gun. He opened my handcuffs and ordered Sam and me to remove our skin-tight latex suits but keep our rubber covered dicks like they were. Then I should lay on Sam, but with the face towards the legs. Then he brought two rolls of duck tape from his bag and began to mummify us skintight. When he was finished he took my rubber cock and placed it in Sam's mouth, he did the same with Sam's cock. Then he taped our heads too, so we could not remove them from our cocks. He sat down on a chair, opened the zipper of his rubber suit and pulled out his hard dick and started rubbing it while he was watching us as we mutually excited ourselves. And indeed I felt like that mine and Sams dick got thicker and harder. Sam licked mine so hot and deep. He started at the end and went up slowly, I could not take it any longer, I splashed into my rubber shell till it was full. I licked Sams rubber cock glans head and kapumm, Sam's cock exploded and I felt like his rubber sleeve was going to burst.

The bikerguy had already cum several times as we could see on the floor as he released us. Sam was shackled to the bed and to my temple the gun was held. I had to clean his just cummed dick with my rubber gloves. I did this without protest. I rubbed and massaged him until he came again. Then he stood up and took me to his car. I had to get in his trunk. When I got in, he stunned me with chloroform. At a later time, I woke up and felt and saw what had happened to me. I was dressed in a very skintight transparent rubber suit and had a rubber cap on my head. Under my arms ropes where attached that went into a machine that I could barely see. The bikeguy emerged and opened the zipper on his mask and said that I would make a great statue. He pressed the start button on the machine and I was dragged along slowly. I saw that several tape reels where on both sides on the inside of the machine.

When I looked upwards I was already attached to the first layer of tape, and so it went on further over my eyes, then nose, mouth down to my feet. Thank God, the machine didn`t cover my nostril. When my dick was to be covered the machine had very much to do since he had become stiff. When the machine finished packing me, I knew that this was a mummification machine and no one who was placed through it would be able to move. The bikeguy took me out, placed me against the wall and started to rub himself on me. And of course we came both. However for me, my cum could not exit my dick because of the tight tape wrapping, so it stayed in my dick. He left me alone and operated the machine again.

After the procedure was finished, I again was placed in the machine. The tape from my eyes was cut away, just like the other mummified guy that was put on top of me. I saw that it was Sam. There was a jolt and the machine stuck us skintight together. Later we were hoisted into a van. We heard a lot of moaning and we knew we were not the only ones which had been taped together. When the van stoped we were raised out of the van and transported into a room. I just could not take it any  more and fell asleep. When I awoke, I heard a voice saying: "Good evening ladies and gentlemen for this year's exhibition of gay wrapped up statues."

Suddenly, Sam and I began like wild to scream into the gag, but nothing helped. We heard a voice again, this time it said: "Would you like the piece welded together?" Then we were driven away and put into a machine. The buzz began and I realized that we were pressed even more skintight together then before. We were covered with a plastic layer. Suddenly I woke up and saw Sam lying next to me. It was all just a bad dream, but he was very nice.

Sam opened the handcuffs on me and pulled our clothes off. Then we both went into the shower and washed each other`s cocks, while we kissed. Then he asked me if I would like to be unable to move because he had to make a few buisness calls and could not take care of me. I said yes and he brought shrink wrap and wrapped it around my naked body. While he was wrapping he put a piece of foam on my cock so later he would be able to cut my member free. After he was finished wrapping me, my entire body was mummified with six tape reels and then liquid latex was spread over it. I could not move any muscle, nor give any sound from me. All I could do was roll my eyes back and forth, blink, and breath through my nose. Sam wrapped me in wrapping paper and tied at least two rolls of packing tape around my body, but before that he cut a hole in height of my cock and freed him. Over him, he pulled a rubber sleeve. Then he pricked two holes in height of my nostrils and put two plastic tubes inside so that I could breathe better. In my estimation it took almost twenty minutes until I was suddenly lifted and placed in a crate. Then, the inner edge of the box was padded with somekind of material. Then the lid was nailed shut.

The box was lifted and carried outside. Then the box was thrown ungentle in the trunk of a car. After about ten minutes I think I feel asleep and woke up sometime with a very dry throat, I had to go to the toilet too. I listened as the car stopped and the trunk was lid up. Then the box was loaded onto a vehicle and was carried away. After a very brief moment for me the box was raised and then set down somewhere. I noticed that there was a very strong jolt, and I always had the feeling we are on a jerky road. But it could only be tracks that would jerk this much, so at least I knew that I was in a train and going to some place.

I noticed the lid of the box was opened and someone raised me and fixed me to a wall. I felt that the packing tape and paper was cut away from me and I was attached to the wall with belts. When the wrapping paper was from me I could see again, but as long as I could not see anything it was blurry at first. When my eyes finally returned to the light I saw the sight of Sam stuck to a wall right in front of me in a skin-tight latex mummy bag with Latex half mask. Right beside me sat a guy covered from head to toe in a constricted Lycra sack where you only could see his eyes through two small holes. They also had applied multiple layers of adhesive tape to  his mouth. Besides Sam a man sat there in a gold shiny skintight suit with matching mask. Tight rubber straps covered his mouth, his eyes and they also where wrapped around the body. And now I noticed that, first of all, everybody including me had an enormous erection and secondly, the whole wagon was full of men that where gagged and tied up somehow.

When the train came to a stop, we all where placed in wheelchairs or on sack barrow and pushed off the train. As we where out of the train I noticed that we where being pushed by men which wore plastic uniforms with masks.

We all were brought into a huge hall and placed against a wall. The hall was very big and in front of us was a large stage with a speaking platform in the middle. After a few minutes a hymn was heard and a man came inside. He was wearing a leather suit with an open leather mask from head to feet, but he also weare a leather cape, leather whip and high-leather boots. He announced that he was going to produce a gay fetish porn, and we all had some fetish should help.

He rose from his platform and commanded the men in plastic suits to free us all of our suits and shackles and send us into the shower that we clean and shave our bodies. After I was released and in the shower I started to wash my cock. He was packed from the back and pulled around my body, so that my whole body had turn too. I just wanted to distribute a slap in the face when I suddenly saw in Sam's face. We gave ourselves a hot Tongue kiss and showered and shaved us together.

I asked him how we got to such a place and how that leather guy knew about us. He explained to me that he solved a gay rubber crossword puzzle. This was some months ago. You could win a participation in a fetish porn film for two people. Since he did not received a winning notification a week later, he thought he had lost. Now today after he finished taping me with packing tape he heard a creak coming from the front door. He went into the hallway to find out where the noise came from.

When he was at the door, it was slightly open. Suddenly he was attacked by two powerful arms that pulled him back, and as he still was naked he was inserted in a very simple latex mummy bag. He had neither the time nor strength to defend himself or to scream as very quick a Latex half mask was pulled over his face. Then he could only see that I was put in a box, that was filled with packing foam and then the lid was nailed shut and a Lycra mask was pulled over his face. After he woke up he had already sat opposite me.

After the shower I met all the naked men in a large dressing room. There was a very brawny type, he was called Marvin. He stuck in leather clothes with an open leather mask. He ordered each of us in front of the cabinet with our names on, and open it. When I opened it I found three full gears, a leather, a Lycra and a latex outfit. Marvin told us we could wear each outfit as the exact dimensions were made for us.

I drew a latex, leather - gear which consits of a squeaking skintight suit with a rubber cock sleeve attached to it. Then motorcycle gloves with half fingers, a closed leather mask with a zipper on your mouth and one at the back and knee high leather boots with straps to close them. Then I put on a collar with metal spikes at the front and closed it with a padlock from the back. Then I pulled on a short leather jacket, and about two large leather rivets fields around the shoulders were they meet in the middle of a leather strap that went down to a riveting  leather bag that ran over my already stiff rubber friend.

So now I was here in the middle of a locker room in a Pulp fiction outfit together with many other gay men, also dressed in leather, latex or lycra, waiting to be guided into the great hall to listen once more to what the leather master had to say.

End Part 1 To be continued .....



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