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Best Friends

by Azariah Shade

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© Copyright 2022 - Azariah Shade - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; bond; oral; latex; objectify; sendep; hood; catsuit; armbinder; straps; toys; gag; collar; cons; XX

Amanda squirmed in her self-induced purgatory, the slightest of movements all she could manage. Her body encased in thick black latex from head to toe, hiding away her identity and stealing away her ability to feel any touch to her body. The hood over her face left her blind, buds in her ears that fed white noise that kept her deaf to the room around her. Her long, silky brunette hair pulled through the top of the hood, granting anyone that wanted it a convenient handhold to yank her head around in her darkness.

Her latex covered arms held tightly behind her back, strapped within an armbinder, and tightened until her elbows touched. Her ankles strapped to her thighs by a series of belts, locking her into a kneeling position over the sybian she straddled. A large dildo filled her pussy stretching her wide as it nuzzled against the entrance to her womb, her ass filled with a cock of equal size. Both buzzing away at a low setting. The only other opening to her latex prison was around her mouth, where her lips were forced apart around a large spider gag and the accompanying posture collar ensured that she could not shake her head.

Lost in her darkness she had no way to notice the group of masked men trickling into the room. She did not know that as her hips rocked against the sybian, and her shoulders hunched and shook in an impossible attempt to get free were giving the men a show of her double Ds bouncing and swaying. Each man enjoyed the show as they encircled her until the first of the men stepped up. Pulling his cock free of his pants, he stroked himself to a harder state before stuffing his cock into the ring. 

This action caused Amanda to squeak in surprise and gag as she inhaled the cock, completely unaware that the invited men had even arrived, lost in her desire for the vibrators to turn up. The men watched he forced her head up and down his cock, slowly encouraging him and belittling the deaf slave girl. Unable to hear the first man’s moans turn to growls of pleasure, she had no warning to his imminent orgasm. Just the feel of him burying his shaft to the back of her throat and the thick goo that oozed straight into her stomach.

As the first man pulled himself free, coughs and gasps could be heard from, which only produced more jeers and cheers as a second man came up and with equally no warning stuffed his cock into her mouth and began jackhammering against her face. The echoes of her gagging filling the room, Amanda began to fear she might suffocate under this man’s barrage, but he did not last as long and quickly pumped his cum into her belly within minutes, before the process was repeated, and the next man stepped up. 

The mix of white noise, the buzzing of the toys, and the thrusts of the men as they took their turns proved as effective as Amanda had thought. She could not think straight, her mind was occupied with the teasing buzz between her legs and the hard shafts pumping against her tongue. No other thoughts could exist of her own creation, turning her into a mindless beast, desperate for the need to cum, and the cocks before her the only clear path to this. She eagerly licked and sucked each man’s cock, hoping that if she were a good enough cock sucker, someone would give her release.

But these men did not care about her needs, they had no idea who she was, she was there to be a human fleshlight, a cum toilet whose aim was to devour their cum them. The knowledge of this was in her head and caused burns of humiliation through her, but she could not hold onto the thought and the constant buzzing encouraged her to keep sucking. 

Each second that ticked by felt like an eternity for Amanda, unable to keep her thoughts she began to forget things. It was like an ever-thickening fog that encircled her, the faces of her friends were becoming strangers, dates, and memories slowly disappearing, her very career became nonsexist and unimportant as she knelt there. She was only the sex slave, a hole who existed to devour the cocks as they slid passed her lips. This is who she is, this is her existence, her career. That at least that was what the seductive whispering voice, hidden within the white noise, ensured. Raping and altering her mind as the distractions of the men and constant buzzing of the vibrators opening her mind to it, allowing unknown triggers to set into her subconscious. 

As the sixth man came, her belly began to ache as her stomach told her she was full, but still the next man stepped up and began to feed her more and started to feel a series of pressures against her body that she could not place. Something lifted and squeezed her breasts, pushed against her back and over her full stomach, with a sudden strike to her backside she understood. The waiting men were groping and caressing her tight latex form. She could not feel the touches, only the weight of their hands.

 She could not hear them degrade her, could not see the flash of their cameras, she did not know that every one of these men were in fact people she knew. They were all her co-workers, her employees, even some of her employers. They too, had no idea that their evenings cumdump was of the same company. That they face fucked a woman they respected, worked under, and employed. To them it was a company-wide secret male tradition. 

One person however did know these connections, in fact organized it this year and for all following years, taking over for her predecessor and mentor. She was the Mistress of this event, the one in control. She walked in slow circles around the outskirts of the men, with a camera in hand. Recording from various angles of the show. Some of the men would pay good money for this particular memory to be preserved, with their faces masked and blurred out of course. 

She too, wore a full body catsuit, though where slave-girl’s is black, hers is red. With a tight corset, elbow length gloves, and thigh high latex heels layered over the suit. Her hair pulled back through a similar hole in the hood, braided and falling over her shoulder. She had her eyes and mouth free of obstructions, with a masquerade mask over her latex covered features. When she spoke to the group of men, her voice was disguised, giving no one in the room a chance to learn her identity without it being her choice.

For two long hours she watched over twenty men orally abusing the entertainment she procured for the evening. She sadistically enjoyed every second, egging the men on to be rougher, committing it all to a memory she too would visit quite often with a toy between her legs. When the final man filled her slave girls belly, she turned off the camera and strode into the crowd until she was standing in front of the girl to address the men. 

“Thank you all for cuming,” she spoke with a grin that made the men grin in return, “I hope you all enjoyed tonight’s cum toilet and found her mouth pussy to your liking. I hope you contact Desired Inc. again for your next event. We are happy to set up any kind of event and aim to always cater exactly to our clients every need for the right price.” With that the men began to disperse until only one man remained, waiting until the door clicked closed before addressing the Mistress. 

“Your pick of girl was an excellent choice. She had quite the tongue.”

“I am glad you approved; she is a special client herself with strong submissive desires” She replied with a grand smile spreading across her face. 

The man tilted his head and raised an eyebrow under his mask. “Is that so?” his eyes fell to the slave on the floor. Blind and deaf to the situation around her she knelt with her tongue hanging out in invitation for the next cock, moaning softly as she waited. “Are any of her other holes available?” directing his eyes from the girl to the Mistress, appreciation of his view in his eyes as they slide over her latex clad form. “Or some of yours?”

The Mistress chuckled and was thankful for the latex to find her blush as she was tempted. Though all the men stayed fully clothed for this even this man was wearing a tight fitted t-shirt that did nothing to hide his ripped body. The bulging muscles along his arms as he face-fucked the girl first offered enough testimony to the power he might display during a session. “No. this slave’s other holes are currently filled to capacity and only contracted to offer her mouth for this session. I on the other hand would not mind a nice hard fucking, but I must see to the girl.”

The man chuckled and nodded. “Very well then, take care. I will be in touch.” With that he turned and left the room as well.

Following behind she turns the lock on the door before grabbing a chair from the corner and walking over to the slave girl, sitting down with a thigh on each side of the girl’s bound body. The hypnotic suggestions still humming around in the girl’s head, she grabbed the girl’s hair and forced it into her crotch, moaning happily as the tongue quickly went to work within her walls. “Oh Gods, watching those men abuse you made me so hot... mm… yes…work that gifted tongue of yours.”

She removed the mask and hood to her own outfit as she was pleasured towards her first orgasm, her body jerking and spraying her latex covered face with her juices. The sounds of girls slurping and her own moaning filling the room as she rapes the girls mouth mercilessly, suffocating her a few times in pursuit of orgasms, all the while toying with the remote to the devices between the slave’s legs to bring her closer to cuming and eager to please, then taking it away at the last second. 

Panting and fully relaxed when she finally pulls away from the girl's mouth. She turns the knobs to max, laughing as screaming slave finally has her first orgasm, hard and powerful from the constant hours of teasing, then more of them quickly follow, getting what she spent hours in the dark silently begging for. Unable to count them as they came one after another, to the point that by the time the dildos went silent, she was slumped and passed out within her bindings. 

When she awoke the girl was free of her bindings, the hood and gag removed, laying on a cot that the Mistress had brought in. Her senses felt overwhelmed, the light made her wince, the sound of the fluorescent bulbs echoed in her ears like thunder. Exhausted and overwhelmed she slowly sat up. “Take it slow, it will take a while to readjust. A good night's sleep after eating and drinking, and you will be a hundred percent.” Mistress spoke as she walked over with an opened bottle of water. Placing it against her lips and tipping it up. The voice modulator turned off, so her voice was much more personable. “Drink up, slowly now Amanda. Then we will get you in a car to return home.” She smiles as the girl obeyed and drank in sips. I assume I have two satisfied clients today?” 

Amanda’s voice was scratchy; she smiled and nodded. “…oh yes, Veronica... That was... everything you promised… and more... Thank you.” 

“Well, what are besties for?” she smiled brightly.


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