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Below Slave

by M88

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Storycodes: Solo-F; explore; building; note; keys; discovery; basement; tubes; trap; M/f; capture; bond; bag; prepare; shave; depilatory; intubate; catheter; latex; catsuit; multi-layer; corset; hood; chast; x-frame; straps; enclosed; stuck; conss/nc; XX

Sarah had a weird hobby of extreme urban exploration and was looking for the most dangers and terrifying locations. She spend hours looking for places online and would travel the world in order to find them. She would always go by herself with her camera and touchpad. She had a youtube channel about the locations she went to and how terrifying they were. Plus it meant people could comment on the videos and tell her of other places. It was a private message like any other. Telling her about an abandoned train and railway depot in Oxfordshire. She was even sent some creepy looking pictures as she weighed up the idea of going. The cherry on the cake was the reason the depot was closed. It was the scene of a shocking accident in which a rail worker died. The scary stuff was a must for any of her videos.

Sarah quickly put a plan in action to get her to the location as fast as possible. The next day she was standing outside the main depot building. The whole place was in ruin with broken windows and graffiti was everywhere. The grass was overgrown and weeds covered the footpaths. She had no problems getting into the large depot, through one of the broken glass windows. Her camera was clicking away as full size and mass of the depot, come to life. The lights from her camera lit up the darkness of the building. Machines lay on the ground with rust covering them. The floor was just layers of glass and dirt.

'God this place is prefect for a video' Sarah was thinking as she searched even deeper into the building. She ended up next to some old trains and was walking down the side of one of them. The colour was gone from the paint and no window had glass in it. She could see the seats inside the train had almost gone with some on their side. The whole thing was layered with rubbish. She then saw something odd. A paper note had been taped to the fire exit as Sarah had got to the end of the long train depot hall. It looked like it had been put there just a couple of days ago. As the paper was dry and everything else was water damaged. Also hanging next to the note, from a old bend nail was a set of keys. 4 keys on a metal ring and once again it looked new. She took them with her.

“If you want to see something even better then this, follow the path through the woods until you reach a small brick house without any windows. It’s about half a mile if you go straight on from the moment you leave this building”

Sarah was somewhat thrilled to see this type of note. One of her fans had found something amazing for her. Maybe it was something to get her videos to the next level. She headed out the fire door and right into the woods. The trees closed in on her as she walked. She was taking photos as the light of the sun started to fade. She was thinking about how amazing the shot looked. She finally got to the brick house after 30 minutes of walking through the middle of nowhere. Jesus it looked scary without any windows and it had a thick metal looking door. It was in a clearing with the trees making a primitive fence around it. A couple of huge metal tanks lay on their backs next to the building. The area within the primitive looked to be filled with fruit and vegetables growing in the ground. She could see how the soil had been farmed and green leaves poked up for the rich looking soil. She saw footprints in the mud as thought about the note. She just put the two together and got to the idea that the fan who found this place. They had clearly done both things to help her out. Sarah loved the fact she had fans that would help her videos grow. She then wanted to have a closer look at the building. As she had somehow been looking at other stuff. She thought the brickwork looked nice as she ran her hand along the wall. 

She walked all around the building as it was somewhat on the large size. She spotted it had ventilation system and air conditioning system as well. Plus the building had power and water lines going into it. Sarah could see them pop up through the mud and entering the building as well. She wanted to have a closer look at the metal door and found out it was locked. She remembered the set of keys she had picked up early and tried one of them. No luck. She tried the second key and again the door would not open. She moved on to the third key and magically the door clicked open. Yes. 

She pushed the door open and went inside with her camera ready. The first area was a small metal box like room. clearly there as a gap between the front door and whatever was inside. The small room had lockers in it and a control panel. One of the lockers had been left open and inside it was a pair yellow rubber boots, yellow rubber apron and yellow rubber gloves. Sarah left the rubber items in the locker as she wanted to go through the next door. Once again she struggle to find the right key. But at the four time of asking she got the door open. The next room was somewhat shocking to her. It was a medical surgery room with equipment covering the white tiles of all the walls. It was clean and well kept. She was shocked at all this stuff and why it would be in this room. Well maybe it was linked to the rubber items in the first room.

She was unsure if she should continue searching the building as the last room had freaked her out. She found the key to the door with her first go. She slowly opened the door and it got wired the second she saw what was inside. It had a shower and hairdressers chair and equipment with everything you would need to shave someone head to toe. There was also a mass of creams, dryer, scissors, medication and oils. It was the stuff next to it that opened her eyes. Placed neatly within a metal wardrobe was a full uniform. Made from latex or rubber. She saw four wardrobes in a row all with the same outfit in them. Apart from the last one which was empty. She had a closer look at what everything was. The smell was unbelievable as the latex filled her nose as she got closer.

She had a close look through and the latex stuff and was shocked to find out how much there was. Two full suits, hood and masks, gloves, leggings, gas mask, collar and chains. Plus lots more. It was then see saw the last wardrobe was empty. More to the point why the hell was this building here. This was near an abandon railway depot in the middle of nowhere and had not been used for years. The place was left to rot and had no guards to check if the site was being damaged. Now this was just the sort of place Sarah liked to visit as she would be able to do whatever she wanted. She knew her fans would often send her new locations and have lots of local tips for her to use. Maybe this was one of them. She had seen nothing to worry her too much. Plus she knew where she was in relation to the railway depot and her car. She looked down at the keys in her hand, and two things hit her. One. She had most likely been given the keys by a fan at worked at the depot and that is how they know about this building. They may have never been inside. And two. She still had a key, she had not used. 

At the back of her mind a voice was saying about the rooms and what they could be for. It was a voice that grew and more she looked at the latex outfit and using her minds eye tried to put it all together without any luck. Maybe this building was to do with water works which would explain the rubber and latex in some of the rooms. But then the surgery room did not fit into that idea. Maybe working at this location lead to injures and it was here to help the workers out. Maybe she was overthinking things. Buildings have all types of odd stuff in them and all the items in this building made sense at one point. It just looked creepy and weird to her as she was just visiting. But it did look good on camera. After getting over her small panic attack and claimed herself down. It was time for the last key. She had remembered which one it was this time. 

She slide the key into the lock and turned it. It made a lovely clicking sound as the bolt turned and she pushed the door open. She was meet with a strong wave of air escaping through the door behind her and bright light shining down from the descending ceiling. She looked down at a staircase and followed it down. Everything around was made from red brick with the staircase the only exception to that rule. As it was made of metal and then printed black. The the bottom of the stair the pathway turned left and Sarah followed. What amazing horror film like thing would she find. As she turned the corner and lights switched on and revealed a huge brick room with a black metal floor. Within the room were four metal cylinders that looked to be 10ft high and the same wide. Hanging from the high ceiling and joining each cylinder were wire, cables, tubes and pipes. Sarah walked round the massive room taking as many pictures as she could. As she got into the centre of the room, she spotted the cylinders had small see-through plastic windows. She could see nothing through the first three windows as no light was turned on inside them. 

The four window did have a bright light coming from it. Maybe she should have started with that one. She pressed her face right up against the thick plastic and could not work out what she was looking at. She was looking at a web of metal, wire and tubes and a lot of red stuff. The penny dropped that she was looking at the latex outfit from the last room. Then she started joining the dots. The latex looked like it was made for a grown women and it would completely cover them in two or three layers. The latex looked very well made and thick with perfect connections and all the parts worked as one. She then thought about the other rooms again. She was missing something. Was she being very stupid. She just had a hard time thinking this was bad or dangerous. She had good fans that would love to add to her videos and make this type of trip more fun and entertaining. Being her focus back to the cylinder she could swear she just saw the thing move.

Parts of the thing were twitching every few seconds. She could hear and smell everything coming from the cylinder. The moment was limited, maybe only an inch or two in any direction. She finally put two and two together and worked out that a model had been placed in the latex and left like this. That was the horror film ending she had been thinking about. Just some doll in lots of latex with all types of creep rooms before it. Just like a maze you get at the theme park on Halloween. She saw the model inch back and forward again. Maybe the wind inside was making her move. It was then she heard a very quiet scream. As if the doll made that sound. Sarah had another closer look as she followed all the tubes and wires around the outline of a person. Well it was a women shaped doll inside there. The level of heavy unmovable bondage was very high. The latex was clean and shinny. The tubes and wire entered the suit at key points. Like the mouth and nose as well as her ass and pussy. 

Why would a doll have that type of equipment going into it. And why could she hear sounds from inside. She had spend the whole time walking around this location and thinking everything was fine. That was down to the fact, that the location plays tricks on her mind and makes things look worse. Plus she thought a fan of her channel had been added some of the more wired stuff for her to find. But maybe she had underplayed everything. Inside the cylinder was no doll, but a person. And she was in real danger. The reason it had taken her so long to reach this realisation was down to what had happened to her in the past. A numb feeling ran over her body. She was in an underground building in the middle of nowhere with a girl trapped in latex bondage in front of her and even more kinky and wired stuff behind her. Plus was she here willing or not. 

Sarah started to slowly walk away from the cylinder and headed back up the steps. Each step of the way the thought was running though her mind, why she had not worked this out before. Why had she designed a theory that was safe and happy. When in fact she was in trouble as she walked back passed the latex outfits. She stopped dead in her tracks. Another one of the suits had been taken. She looked back in panic and started moving a pace. The shower was running and steam was filling the room. She pushed though the door and into the surgery room and was horrified to find equipment had been left out and the chair looked cleaned and ready to be used. Plus a gas mask and tank had been placed next to the chair. She reached the last room and saw the rubber items had been played with. A full rubber outfit was gone. 

She kicked the last door open and entered the cold night air. It was complete darkness and sweat built up on her face and ran down her back. She jumped through a gap in the trees and was tackled to the ground. She hit hard. Before she could do a thing her hands had been cuffed tightly behind her back. A plastic bag was forced over her head and quickly taped shut. She was kicking and trying to roll away. But he got hold of her legs and cuffed them together as well. She was fighting with everything she had. Her brain was a mix of fear and adrenaline and the bag inflated and emptied quickly. Her loud ear breaking screams would be heard by no one. The bag soon ran out of air and she went to sleep. 

He got straight to work on her after he dragged her back inside the brick building. After 14 hours for work, she was placed inside her new home. He shut the air-tight vacuum sealed door. He check all the controls worked. He check her food, air and waste tubes worked. He looked at her pain and pleasure wiring worked. He then smiled to himself as she started to wake up. 

He had added some new photos to her website. Thankfully she had it to auto-sign in and that made things easy. The images were a bit eye opening. They covered every part of the treatment and outfitting. He had ordered them into parts so people could follow them.

Part 1: Surgery. 

With the plastic bag off her head and now laying on the dental chair. She would need some work done so she could spend some time in the cylinder. First all her hair was removed from every part of her body. Second was to placed rubber tubes up her nose and down into her throat. Then her feeding tube was lowered into her stomach though her mouth. A catheter was pushed into her pussy and a tube with an inflatable end was placed in her ass. With tubes dragging from every hole, he placed rubber ear bulbs deep inside her head. With her now looking nothing like her normal self, she was taken to the next room 

Part 2: Cleaning and dressing. 

He picked her up like a fireman and with tubes hanging down his body, she was helped into the next room. She was dropped in the shower with the hot water still pouring down. After deep cleaning every part of her body, she had a number of creams and oil rubbed over her. As well as the jelly like lube that would help him slide the latex outfit on. The lube like jelly was played over Sarah body. Then come the latex.

First a pair of latex pants with grips built into them. So the tubes for her waste could pass through them. The pants were placed over her holes and the black latex was covered in the jelly lube stuff as well. She was then placed inside a full bodied latex catsuit with feet and gloves built into it. Even her toes had separate bit of latex around them. A small gap was left for her finger and toe nails to grow through. After another layer of jelly, she was put in a thicker latex suit with a full body and limb harness built onto the latex. The shinny black suit was opened at the shoulders so she could be sucked into the very tight outfit. Her hands and feet become a black blob still with the holes for her nails to pass through. The harness would keep everything in place as he tightened it around her.

A rubber corset was placed around her body, from just below her boobs to just above her holes. The corset was shockingly tight and would compress her body and lungs. A stainless steel chastity belt was placed over the bottom part of the corset and with the tubes feed through it,  it was locked. Covering her ass and pussy in a wide metal sheet without anyway to get pleasure. The waste tubes only just escaped the latex suit and belt. The latex covering her body was squeezing her relentlessly as he placed knee high heeled boots on her feet. The boots needed to be laced on and become very tight. The 7 inch heels would make standing for any amount of time uncomfortable.

With her body trapped in latex it was time to work on her face. First heavy rubber ear plugs cut off her hearing. Then a rubber ring gag with a head harness was used. This gag was special and did more then just keep her teeth apart. It had two rigid rubber rings with soft rubber covering them. This did keep her jaw ripped open. But it also did the same with her lips. Her mouth was just a hole. A full head harness was there to stop the gag moving. The harness was pulled shockingly tight and locked on. With straps going around her head, under her chin and over the top of her head with a strap both side of her nose. Built the head harness was a couple of added items. A rubber pad on each side which covered her ears. Another set of rubber pads which covered her eyes.

And hanging from the chin strap was a metal clamp, which he used on her tongue. Seeing her tongue was pierced and wanted to add to her bondage. He placed a nose clamp tightly on her latex face and tied a thin bit of rope around it. He then tied the rope to the piercing as tight as possible. He then placed a thick rubber hood over her head. The hood had a massive mouth hole and that was it. He closed the zip and saw just how tight the hood was against her head. A thick and heavy leather collar was then wrapped around her neck and would force it to stay still and pointing forward. The collar was padlocked on, which had the added bonus of locking the suits and hood on. 

Part 3: Setup and bondage

With the outfit on and shinned up it was time to lock away his new play thing. Once again he lifted her into the air and into a firemen’s lift. The latex made a lovely squeezing sound as it was moved into position. The smell was beautiful as the outfit gripped her body. He walked her into one of the cylindesr and placed her next to a bondage device in the centre of the room. A simple metal X frame with a head rest and a brilliant idea to keep her bound.

On the right hand side of the X frame was a heavy duty metal supporting pole which linked to a rotating arm. The arm was strong enough to easily move the X frame and prisoner in a full circle. The supporting arm was joined to the centre of the frame. The reason for the arm was to remove pressure on her body. By rotating her around it would stop her getting bed sores and other illnesses. He placed her on the X frame and started enclosing her in thick medical straps made from high end leather. The straps had been built into the frame and would be unbreakable. He closed each straps as tightly as he could and then padlocked them shut. The straps covered her in a compressing grip. The only part of her body she could move where her hands and feet. The straps locked her ankles, knee (above and below), thigh, groin, stomach, chest (above and below breasts), shoulders, elbow (above and below), wrist, neck and forehead. 

With her bondage setup done. He connected all the tubes and wires coming from her latex prison. All the housing for the equipment was built into the rotating within gyroscopes. So it would stay level no matter were the arm was. He also added a couple of small rubber tubes into her open mouth. They would give her food and water. Or because the whole system was linked up, he could pour her own waste into her mouth. The waste would be sent into a large plastic bag with the gyroscope and at the bottom of the bag was a valve and tube. The tube want straight into her liquid food bag. The system was ran by the computer with no human connection. He double checked the arm and tubes worked. She was all set. 

12 hours later.

Sarah finally opened her eyes again and found only darkness. Drool was pouring out her mouth as she screamed loudly. The action lead to her tongue bring hit by a wall of pain. She tried to move and found her body stayed still. The leather strap would keep her forever. Breathing heavily through her open mouth, she could see, smell and hear nothing.

She would soon become a brainless toy. 


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