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Be Prepared

by Rubberised

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© Copyright 2021 - Rubberised - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; Sbm; mpov; latex; buttplug; sheath; catsuit; hood; pumpgag; gasmask; straps; bond; spreadeagle; bedtie; cons; XX


My phone beeps. I read the text message. One word ‘Prepare’. I quickly finish up my work for the day and log off, then head up to the bathroom. Using the douche bulb already prepared I clean out my arse until the expulsion runs clear. Next I shower and dry myself, then rub dressing aid all over.

The clothes I am to wear are already laid out for me, shiny and slick. On top of the pile is an anal plug, 15cm long and nearly 10cm round the widest part. I lubricate it thoroughly, then rub lube into the cleft of my ass and into my anus. Kneeling, I lean forward, sticking my ass backwards and relaxing my muscles. As I push the plug I feel myself give, and slowly encompass its girth. Once past the widest point it slides home, the t-bar base sitting snugly between my cheeks. Next I rub lubricant on my hairless genitals. I am already erect. I take the cock and ball sheath and rub a little lube inside it, then pull it on. My erection fills it completely, and when I have pulled it over my balls it exerts a uniform pressure on my entire genitals. When I stand I feel them hanging heavily between my legs, and swaying when I walk. The feeling is unbelievably erotic, and I feel myself growing larger, adding to the pressure.

Over this I put on a small pair of latex briefs, with a C&B sheath at front. My rubber encased penis slides easily into the sheath, and I am enclosed. I pick up the black latex catsuit and start to pour myself into it. First my feet and calves, then up to my waist. I reach down and put my hands into the sleeves, feeding my fingers into the attached gloves. As I shrug the suit over my shoulders it snaps into place, covering me up to my neck. Before zipping up I take the full-face hood. I slip the soft rubber nostril tubes into my nose and align the eye holes, then pull the zip down from my crown to the base of my neck. The neck of the hood spreads out across my shoulders, and I tuck it under the suit before pulling the zip of the suit up from my navel to my neck.

I pause to look at myself in the mirror. Already I look otherworldly; a human shape in ebony, reflecting light in ever-changing patterns as I breathe. Turning back to the bed I pick up the limp gag. putting the empty bladder in my mouth I hold it loosely between my teeth and start to pump the attached bulb. After a few squeezes the bladder fills my mouth, and I cannot eject it even if I want to. I can breathe through the tube in the centre. I remove the pump and secure the valve. A glance back at the mirror; I am surprised how much the gag has changed my appearance. I no longer have a mouth, and my cheeks are distended, stretching the black skin of my face even further. I know I cannot now turn back.

I pull the gas mask over my face, and tighten the rubber straps behind my head. Its black rubber mates with my hood and my outfit is complete. I take the cloth and begin to polish my new latex skin, bringing it to a dull shine. Once this is done I fasten the thick rubber straps around my ankles and wrists, pulling the buckles tight. I move through to the bedroom and sit on the rubber covered bed. I am reminded of the plug in my behind. I spread my legs wide, and lean down to clip the D-rings on my ankle straps to the short thick rubber straps tied to the metal railings of the footboard. Leaning back and stretching out I feel for the corresponding straps at the head of the bed. They end in small clips. I clip the left one to my left wrist with my right hand. Laying flat and stretching my right arm up I find the right clip; it takes several attempts but eventually it slips through the D-ring and closes with a click.

I am now secured spread-eagled on the bed. I test the bonds holding my ankles and wrists; they are secure. I do not know if I would be able to release myself from my bondage; certainly it would be difficult. I lie there and revel in the sensations; the pressure in my anus from the plug, the tight embrace of the sheathes on my manhood, and the all over touch of my latex skin. I can hear my breathing inside my head, accompanied by the soft click of the valves in my mask as I breathe in and out. My mind drifts as I lay there, imagining what I must look like and fantasising of a life where rubber, latex and bondage are all I experience.


I am roused from my day-dreaming by the cool touch of a rubber-clad hand on my thigh. I lift my head and see a vision in red. She has arrived home and dressed without waking me. She leans forward and looks deep into my eyes through the lenses of her close-fitting rubber mask and the glass of my gasmask, then stands up for me to view. I strain to lift my head and shoulders so that I can see her. Her red catsuit fits her perfectly, accentuating her slim waist and rounded hips. Small round breasts stretch the rubber across her chest. She stands with her chest out, her deportment forced by the heels on her red rubber ankle boots. Her mask is laced tightly down the back of her head, pulling the lenses into her eye sockets and forcing her lips into a pout through the oval mouth opening. She pirouettes on one toe, affording me a view of her pert backside and struts round the bed. My gaze follows her, as I try to keep my head up and keep her in view.

Reaching down out of my sight she produces a large metal anal plug. It is at least as large as my own and shines like chrome. The sight of it excites me and I feel my loins stirring. I watch as she rubs lubricant over the plug, then turning her back on me reaches up between her legs and unzips her suit from the small of her back through her crotch. Through the open gash in her suit I see the button of her anus. My manhood continues to swell as she reaches behind with the plug and runs its tip up and down her ass. Finding her target she exerts some pressure, and I see her open to swallow the intruder. Wider and wider she stretches herself until the plug begins to taper and her muscles suck it in. The button of her ass is now a smooth chrome disk. She zips herself up again and wiggles experimentally, feeling it slip and ooze inside her.

She turns to face me, still twisting her hips to move the phallus in her ass. Her hand moves to her crotch and I watch as she strokes herself, pushing the zip of her suit into her crack. Her movements become more intense as the rubber slips over her swollen lips. If I hold my breath I can hear her breathing; long deep breaths getting faster as she becomes more aroused. Her eyes are closed inside her mask, her mouth open. Her panting turns to low moans as she comes to climax. I feel like I am about to burst the sheathes around my penis as I listen to her screaming orgasm. She sinks to her knees as she comes, her body bucking and writhing against the bed, then lying her head on my chest as she collapses. I wish I could hold her to me, but I know she has other plans for me.


Shortly she raises her head and looks into my mask again. Running her hands over my chest and stomach to my hips. She traces the bulge of my erection with her fingertip, then follows the line of the zip down to below my balls to the two zippers of the three-way zip on my suit. Slowly she draws the zipper back up over my crotch; as it reaches the tip of my penis it pops out. She pulls the two zippers together; one above my penis and one up underneath my balls. She smiles at me through the tight mouth opening of her suit. Her eyes seem to sparkle with lust and mischief.

Quickly she throws her left leg over my chest and straddles me, facing my crotch. Her behind is on my chest. She bends down and takes me in her mouth, running her tongue up and down my latex covered shaft. As this continues she presses the rubber of my suit below my balls, probing me through the layers; she knows this is one of my most sensitive areas and she expertly torments me. My breath is quickening, my pulse is racing. I know I am close to release, and she senses this also, withdrawing and turning to face me. She kisses me delicately on the bridge of my gasmask, as if the bizarre rubber mask was my own face. Her kisses continue as she works her way round the mask and down my neck. Through my latex skin I feel her caresses. Down my neck and onto my chest. When she reaches my nipples she teases them with her teeth; pinching them through the rubber until they are erect. she runs her hands from my chest up my arms, spreading herself over me until she is on top of me. We feel each other's heartbeats through the twin layers of latex. Reaching down she unzips the front of her catsuit, and guides me into her, sliding down and kneeling up once she has fully encompassed me. She groans loud and long, and grinds her hips into me. Leaning back she runs her hands up my thighs, all the while squirming and writhing on top of me. Her breaths become loud and short as her excitement builds. Reaching down she again strokes me between my anus and groin, and I moan in ecstasy. Faster and faster she moves, and I strain against my bonds, pushing myself into her. Her probing fingers find the button of my butt plug, and she pushes it deeper into me through the rubber. We climax simultaneously; she throwing her head back and screaming, me groaning into the gag and bucking up and down as much as my bonds will let me. She collapses on my chest and we lay there panting in our rubber skins.


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