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Baron's Daughter

by Rubberchic

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© Copyright 2008 - Rubberchic - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; latex; bond; corset; slaves; toys; cons/reluct; X

Trembling Lisa crunched the long gravel path and up worn yellow sandstone steps to the large black door. Lisa was skinny, nineteen with insides that felt like a rhinoceros with terminal indigestion. A pair of large bookish spectacles sitting on a slightly rounded face dented by a spectacular storm of freckles peeped out from a proud main of auburn hair. She stared at the doorbell with the intensity one might study the Mona Lisa. The black polished door was set in the front of a large yellow stand stone mansion. The mansion was itself sat at the end of a long gravel drive way, surrounded by enough pastoral English landscape to make a Jane Austin fan swoon. Lisa stood poised with her finger over the door's doorbell. Her finger moved within a paper's thickness of the button and she pulled it away. Lisa turned and walked away from the unused button. After a few paces she stopped and looked back.

The ringing doorbell reached through the large empty building to one of the sizable bedrooms upstairs, and woke Jet. Jet lifted her head up. She was in her late thirties, sporting a solid black hair cut in a provocative bob. Next to her was a naked man in his early forties, his eyes closed firmly against the light.

"Baron, are you going to get that?" Jet asked. Jet lifted her head up and little else. Her hands and legs where tethered firmly with silken cords to the four corners of the bed. Baron rolled over and moaned. "The slaves will get it", he said eyes still tightly shut.

The doorbell rang again. "You banished them all remember!" Jet said now fully awake. It was part of the traditions of the ball that the place started out completely empty. A blank canvas as Baron said. Everyone else had left, better for security Baron announced while everyone miserably decanted for a night on someone else's floor. For Jet, this was an indulgent part of the ball ritual for that gave her and Baron the run of the mansion on their own. Baron rolled over and pulled the chord loosening Jet's bonds.

"You get it", Baron said his face now almost in the pillow.

"Why me?" Jet stretching her stiff limbs.

"You get it or I will spank your ass raw", this was not one of Baron's most articulate threats but it was enough to put a smile on Jet's face.

Lisa rang the doorbell one last time as she had promised herself, a little relived that she could give up. Suddenly the door opened, a thin beautiful woman with jet black hair dressed in a silk dressing gown opened it. "Nothing starts until ten so fuck off", she barked then slammed the door shut. At the same time Lisa had started.

"Hi I'm looking for John Ringworthy", she had fumbled out in a distinctively northern accent. The door remained shut for a moment, and then opened like a slam in reverse.

"Who?" Jet asked tilting her head slightly.

"John Ringworthy." Lisa said.

"And who is John Ringworthy to you?" Jet demanded.

"Well he's kind of my farther", Lisa said awkwardly. The two women stood looking at each other for a short silent moment. Lisa continued in a slightly more muted tone. "but he might not know it yet".

It was lucky that Jet had answered the door, very few people knew Baron's real name. Jet turned round and started to walk towards the stairs. She pointed towards the room to her left. "Sit in the library there and do not move, if he decides to see you, he will be down", she ordered.

Lisa stepped into the large open hall. Jet was now halfway up the curving white staircase. Lisa looked at Jet for a moment and wondered what kind of woman made sure she was wearing makeup but not clothes when answering the door. She crossed the threshold into the library. It was equally large and packed floor to ceiling with books around a large fireplace it was littered with chairs and a writing table. Lisa was lost looking round when a male voice appeared behind her repeated himself. "Good morning", Baron said in his deep resonant voice.

Lisa looked intensely at the man, he looked picture perfect. He was tall but not lanky, poised without looking staged managed; under his flawless business suit he had the figure of an actor. Lisa looked at the man's face looking for features she could recognize. "Please sit down", he said indicating one of the large leather reading chairs. His voice was warm inviting like a bed on a lazy Sunday morning. Lisa sat down, in her hand was a small worn sports bag that she put next to her chair. Baron took the seat opposite and sat sophisticatedly in front of her.

"You are?" Baron began.

"Lisa Mitchel", she began nervously, "or Lisa Ringworthy perhaps. I don't know its up to you".

"Why don't you start at the beginning? I find it always helps that way." Baron almost had the calm manner of a therapist.

Outside Jet moved one of the paintings to access the peephole. Jet studied the girl, she was young possibly young enough for a daughter. Lisa talked almost jabbered quickly letting the story come out.

"I grew up in a village outside Manchester called Meedbrook. Well a few months back was my nineteenth birthday party. My dad pulled me aside and told me he wasn't my real farther. They had, certain problems your see, conceiving, my uncle… his brother Alf said they should go to visit a clinic near Cambridge to help. They had to use sperm", Lisa looked troubled saying the word sperm, "... from a donor".

"What makes you think I was the donor? I was led to believe that kind of thing is supposed to be confidential?" Baron pointed out.

Lisa pulled out some photocopied documents from the ragged sports bag. "They said no over the phone. So I went to visit the clinic in person and they were advertising for staff so pretended to be a nurse and joined. This is me", Lisa said putting out one record with her parents names and her name and a donor number on it. "This is yours", she pulled another document out, a consent form.

Baron looked at the signature, one he hadn't seen in years. He had changed it fairly soon after leaving university.

"Is this you?" she asked.

Baron nodded, he looked at the signature like someone discovering an old favourite childhood toy in the attic. "That was me, yes". He had said at the time it was a great deal, he was being paid for something he would throw away anyway. He never envisaged it becoming a real person. Baron was silent while he stat back trying to come to terms with events.

"The donor numbers match", Lisa said as Baron lay back into the armchair for support.

"And how did you find me?" Baron continued.

"The internet", Lisa said, "do you know you have forty websites about you?"

It was too late do deny it and Baron was not sure he wanted to. He wanted to keep Lisa talking while he thought. "Only forty? I always said the Internet would be the death of me, just not so soon. Do your parents know where you are?" he queried.

"No, its kind of a funny story actually. I told them that I was going to do a gap year before university doing volunteer work in a mission in Patagonia. Well when they announced it at the local church meeting everyone said they wanted to chip in. I felt really embarrassed about the whole thing. But I couldn't go back on what I had said to mum and dad".

"And you have been living on the money every since?"

"That and the money from the job at the clinic", Lisa admitted.

Baron needed no further proof than the moment she mentioned sneaking into the clinic. It was just the kind of thing he would do if he wanted something like that. The fake trip to Patagonia just confirmed his knowledge.

At that moment the main door opened and a man walked in. "Yo Patron are you up yet?" he shouted from outside in the main hall.

"In here", Baron said.

The owner of the voice walked in. Lisa looked at the man he was the kind of man you instantly melted over. You could see Lisa looking at him mentally repeating the mantra 'I hope he's not gay. I hope he's not gay'. Steel had a perfect frame, powerful arms, lovely large hands which were now full with some heavy stage equipment.

"Err Lisa this is Steel. Steel is my right hand man on most of my adventures. Steel this is my daughter Lisa".

"Daughter? Delighted", Steel said smiling at Lisa. Nothing phased Steel he could fall in with any improvised scene. His smile was the kind of smile that would turn the volume knob on Lisa's heart up to eleven and you had the feeling he knew it. Lisa had rehearsed her first meeting in her head several hundred times over. This was still not quite what she had expected. At this point Jet now dressed re-entered the room. She looked to be wearing a cut pinstripe business suit top. Underneath it was juxtaposed with a tight black corset. Dark Stockings covered her leg that ended in a micro skirt not much thicker than a large belt.

"While I'm introducing things. Lisa you've met Jet my wife", Baron said.

"I don't think satanic marriage is legally recognised in this country yet!" Jet pronounced as she came in. She bent over to formally kiss Lisa who awkwardly reciprocated.

"You're devil worshipers?" Lisa asked in astonishment.

"'Don't listen to Jet's little jokes." Baron insisted slightly embarrassed. More people carrying more equipment started to enter through the main black door. "Look today we are hosting a Big Ball", Baron began.

"It's for charity", Jet added sarcastically.

"I can come back later if you want", Lisa started politely.

"No, no, I don't want you to disappear again. Look today is going to be pretty busy. I'd like you to attend the Ball as my guest. We can talk tonight, stay over and at least spend the day tomorrow properly." Baron pronounced. Lisa look confused. "Good its settled. Steel will you take Lisa's bag up to the green room. Jet, my dear, you're going into town to get your costume?"

"My costume?" Jet responded slowly.

"Yes your costume for the ball." Baron said slowly hoping that Jet would get the hint. "Will you take Lisa and find something suitable for her? My treat I'll cover everything."

"I've never worn a ball gown before", Lisa said.

"Not quite a ball gown, it's a fancy dress ball. Jet will sort you out", Baron quickly covered. Jet looked at Baron like a space robot with killer laser eyes. Lisa was still staring too hard at Steel's eyes to really argue.

While Lisa tried to hold a faulting conversation with Steel, Baron took Jet aside. "I'm not doing this. You know I don't do anything before a ball but get ready." Jet insisted between clenched teeth.

"Please Jet. Just keep an eye on her, get her something from the factory. Something suitable but, you know not too suitable."

"Dressing a vanilla before a ball will not add to my karma. Throw the bitch out and she will just come trotting back", Jet argued.

"Please, look next week. I'll promise you we will do the touch of the spider scene again. Or better I'm sure I can come up with something."

"Do we fuck afterwards?" Jet negotiated.

"Senseless!" Baron promised. The touch of the spider had become a bit of a legend in the house. It was one of Jet's favourites and Baron knew it.

"Now what do we say?" Baron asked.

Jet paused for a second and looked down. "Yes master".

"Excellent so we are all in accord", Baron announced. He saw a long pole enter the main door and ran off shouting, "No no no not that way".

"Come on Cinderella lets go", Jet said to Lisa pulling her away from the bear trap that was Steel's smile.

Lisa was surprised to see someone who could walk so quickly such high stiletto heels. The drive way was filling with cars and lorries. Jet walked quickly to a garage and snatched some keys from the wall as she entered. A black sports car beeped and Jet slid herself in. Jet reversed quickly while Lisa still fumbled with the seat belt. Within moments Jet and Lisa where shooting down the drive way passed a long line of vehicles.

Lisa looked at Jet's high heels. "Don't they hurt?" she asked no one really dressed like that in the village.

"Not once you get used to them. But how they make you feel never stops", Jet said mysteriously. Within a few turns they were speeding on the motorway to London.

"You know your going over the speed limit?" Lisa said holding on to her seat belt tightly. Jet looked down and sped up a bit more.

"So what made you come after Baron", Jet asked. She was not convinced that Lisa could be Baron's daughter, Lisa was far too old.

"Well all my life I felt something didn't quite add up. I felt different from everyone else. Then when I my parents told me and everything fell into place. I don't know if you understand what I mean"

"I do", said Jet overtaking one car, "It's how Baron and I got together".


"Yes, have you ever read one of those books which suddenly brings all the kinds of oddities and strangeness in to focus. Really gives words to everything you could never quite put your finger on? Says everything you wanted to say but could never quite say?"

"No", said Lisa honestly.

"You should, everyone should find a book like that one day. Well Baron, your father, wrote the book which I found."

"He wrote a book?" Lisa said with new found pride. Baron was getting more complex than she had imagined.

"Well I met him at a signing and then he invited me to one of his nights".


"He used to have a regular club on Tuesday nights in London. Club flesh. The rest is history".

Now Lisa was confused. A man of letters was one thing but Club flesh seemed a weird contradiction. "Are you really married?" Lisa asked.

Jet wanted to answer; well I have 'property of Baron' and his logo tattooed on my muff, but decided to leave it with a simpler, "Yes silly".

Jet pulled up to an apartment to pick up two of her friends, Jillie and Sophia. Sophia was tall with large blonde dreadlocks. She had the look of a model but sounded too sharp for the job. Jillie looked to be the smart chatty outward going but hanger on friend. She had back long black hair that had been knotted in a complex way about her head. She had a nose ring that Lisa couldn't help stare at in the rear-view mirror. Trisha in sixth form had one for a few days but took it out when she was barred from the common room for it. Jillie and Sophia were dressed as daringly as Jet was.

Packed tightly together in the confined space of the sports car they continued on to a decaying part of the city. Jet parked and they got out and started towards a graffiti covered metal roller blind. "Where are we going?" Lisa asked.

"Redemption, One of the most expensive spas in the country", Jet answered not looking back. It seemed an odd place for a top spa.

"I hear Madonna and Kylie have been spotted there", Sophia told Lisa.

"Well if they're coming here its time to move on", Jet added sarcastically.

Jet pressed the buzzer, "It is I" she announced sardonically and was buzzed straight in. The modern sleek minimal interior was a stark contrast to the decaying graffiti covered exterior. The receptionist was very young, with a very skinny body and a perfect face for photography. It was the kind of face that could make anything look flat out cool. In this case she had pale white matt skin, black eyeliner and pale lips. Her hair was a set of black dreadlocks with a selection of wires and beads woven in for effect.

"Hi! everything is ready for you. Hey you must be Barons daughter", the receptionist said excitedly to Lisa. Jet raised her eyebrow the word had got out already, how dreadful. "Baron phoned he booked a pod for you and said to have anything you want".

"Oh", Lisa said, "well tell him I'll pay him back, when I can". Lisa picked up a stylish leaflet discretely left on the concrete work top. She felt her eyes bug out when she saw the kind of prices they charged and slammed the leaflet right down again.

Jillie came over and grabbed Lisa, "Don't worry chick your dad owns the place I'm sure he won't mind".

A woman dressed like a laboratory technician appeared and guided the group to a large room. The walls were lined with ash wood planks and filled with hidden lighting. The room was occupied by a number of large chairs arranged in a circle. They were almost surgical in appearance with a huge number of movable parts. A fourth pod had been hastily pushed in next to the one that Jet was now stepping up to. Jet, Jillie and Sophia moved off to some changing rooms an emerged in the most soft springy white fleecy bathroom towels Lisa had ever felt. Lisa felt a little awkward getting as undressed as the others. The girls' casual nudity was a little hard to both accept and refuse.

One of the technicians handed Lisa a thick glossy book. It was full of an exotic collage of possible beauty treatments. From three pages of massage to a personal fragrance consultant to a huge section labelled 'just punk'.

"I don't know where to get started the choice is so much".

"Don't worry start with a skin de-tox like Jillie and Jet." Sophia started, "you can decide the rest while you wait".

"But I don't know what I need for tonight".

"Don't fret. I do so hate fretting. Look let me sort the whole thing out ok?" Jet insisted. As she spoke her phone went off. Jet was annoyed she was so late she had forgotten to switch her phone off. "Baron I don't do anything before the party you know that. Oh. Really?" there was a long pause and Jet turned a sly eye to Lisa. "Ok I'll see what I can do", she said snapping the phone back shut and switching it off.

Some time before Steel had walked back into Baron's library. Baron had two phones in one hand and a walkie-talkie in the other. "No when I said fireworks display I meant real fire. Yes as in fire breathing. Look just do it ok". Baron put the phone down. "We are going to have to move the Poneygirl tent a few meters north. You OK with that?"

"Look Baron I'm firm with you", Steel began.

Baron's shoulders slumped at the opening. "Steel", Baron interrupted quickly, "every time I hear that I have an unhealthy feeling it will be followed by a BUT! Look I realize that we need to clear the zone the night before so everything gets flushed out of the perimeter"

"But I don't see why I have to be turfed out of the manor only to find you doing a dabblers scene the morning before the big night. And your letting her stay over night. We have top Pervv talent from all over the planet and your keeping a room for some first time vanilla".

Baron nodded at the confusion. "Ahh, OK I get it, sorry Steel, that wasn't a scene, she really is my daughter."

Steel smiled, "If she is your daughter then I'm a horses ass. That girl is a dabbler."

Baron smiled "She's not a dabbler Steel, she has no idea about the operation and I don't want you to tell her. I want to explain this to her myself".

Steel held up Lisa' sports bag, "Look Baron I know cheap PVC when I carry it and I am carrying it now".

Barron pulled a face. The non perve might find Steel and Barons distaste for PVC distinctly peculiar. For the fully outted perve there was a certain natural order to materials. At the top of that order was latex and rubber, denim was lurking uncomfortably near the bottom. For the perverttii like Baron rubber was not enough, was it Malayan or Sri Lankan or African rubber? Cheap non stretchy PVC was definitely a second class ticket to this event.

"Steel there's nothing in there", Baron pronounced confidently.

"Then open it and find out!" Steel challenged.

Baron paused for a second, he never refused a bluff. He took the sports bag from Steel and opened it up. The black PVC top and skirt squirted from the bag. Baron lifted them up and then noticed some of the print outs beneath it. Steel saw Baron's pale disappointed face and jumped in first. "I am going to so get that bitch." He promised, "I can't believe she would life jack you just to get a ticket in here. I mean what is the world coming to, this is just horrible."

This came from a man who regularly locked people in a small box for hours at a time. Steel grabbed his phone. "I'll get security to make sure she never gets in here ever".

Baron had been quite still and silent as he managed to take in the con that he had fallen for. "No. No don't do it. Let her come back as normal. Lets make sure she signs the consent form on the ticket. Then once she's in here we make the mother of all examples of her. Remember that year we threw those guys who claimed to be photographers from Skin Two out? That got more coverage than anything else that night. What if we really really sting her back? She wants to see a pervey party well lets make she gets to experience the whole thing. But this time we project the whole thing on the big displays live as its happening."

"Cool", Steel added, when Baron was at his worst was when Baron was at his best.

"Steel drop the poneygirl show give it to Bushfire. I want you to organize the ultimate scene on our unsuspecting little minx. I want chains, steel tables, whips, gags, three gags, nipple clamps, paddles, hidden cameras from three no four direction, every thing, use your twisted imagination and I want it ready by midnight. Use the dark dungeon, you can kick Sin out. I'll show her who can fool who. Jet I need Jet". Baron grabbed quick draw style for his mobile phone and speed dialed Jet. "Its switched on, its switched on, ring, ring yes! Jet dear yes. Look listen its important, Lisa she's a fake the witch she's trying sneak in." If Baron was taking Jet's reply by short hand her 'Really?' would have been mis-written as 'I told you so'.

"Now I don't care what you do but make sure she gets back into the party. And don't let her know we know and make sure she signs the ticket. Right I'll see you later."

Later Jet was talking to Lisa, "Well when I said it wouldn't hurt that was, what they say technically, a lie. But don't you feel a lot better with that all gone?"

Lisa wanted to feel under her towel. The armpits and legs she could kind of expect. She had felt slightly stupid for not knowing precisely what a 'Florida beach' wax was. Currently she felt smooth, stingy and slightly well sluttish. Even if she had wanted to stop them it might have been a problem, her hands were currently both under the expert attentions of two manicurists. Jet was standing above her sans make up for once flicking through the huge catalog with two other women. "That would be good?" she said to the first one. The young fun looking woman with the slightly broad face, thin mouth and dyed blond hair done up in bunches nodded.

Jet looked down to Lisa. "Lisa this is Gen. She's one of the countries top make up artists. She free lances for a lot of the big magazines like Vogue and even does tours with the Eurhythmics. I won't bore you with the details but she won the Fatcut award for her makeup designs last year should tell you something. Normally she spends a couple of days talking with you to find the right mood but I said this was just for the ball for one night anything goes ok?"

Lisa was a bit overwhelmed by the introduction, "Yeah sure".

"What a fantastic face!" Gen began. No one had ever said that to Lisa before. Normally they never really got past the dense wall of freckles.

Jet continued. "This is Eva. Eva has a list of famous clients the length of your arm. You name the award she's got it. Now this is a very busy day for her but after a lot of pleading she made space especially for you today. I kind of promised her a free hand to do what she wanted for the ball. Anything you don't like and we can come back and undo Ok?" Lisa nodded and Eva got straight to work.

Lisa noticed Eva's scissors and announced adamantly, "Look you can do what you like but you're not going to cut my hair ok?"

Eva tried to persuade her that it would be ok. The animated conversation pulled Jet back. "I don't want my hair cut. I have my limits for charity and this is one of them". Lisa said flatly.

Jet thought about the various ways of encouraging her and decided there wasn't enough time. She picked up her phone and switched it back on. "Hello directory enquiries? I'd like the number for Mitchel house in Meedbrook." She paused, "Yes text it to my phone please".

Lisa looked at Jet in horror. "You wouldn't!" Lisa said in defiance.

Jet stared at Lisa.

"No!" said Lisa.

Jet looked at her phone and dialed the number. "Hi is this the Mitchel household?" Jet said in a change of accent.

Desperately Lisa shook her head in agreement. "Ok", she mouthed.

"I'm phoning to let you know you have won... Not interested, are you sure?... ok thank you goodbye". Jet smiled in triumph.

Eva and Gen pulled Lisa's head back and immediately set to work. They both sounded like they knew what they were doing. They chatted with Lisa and the others. Everyone was very excited about the party and was quite a buzz with Lisa as Baron's new daughter. Gen started work on Lisa's face. Lisa could feel Gen starting to pluck at her eyebrows, thinning it shaping it. The stream of complements 'such wonderful bone structure. I'm going to highlight this terrific eye shape' held Lisa in place more effectively than any rope could do. Gen moved on to Lisa's skin. She gently constructed layer after layer burying Lisa's freckles beneath a layer of sooth white flawlessness. Eyes were next, Gen continued for more time than Lisa thought possible. While all this happened Eva had wet her hair and put some foul smelling substance on it. Eyes shut; with half the night spent not being able to sleep with nervous anticipation for her visit was the perfect recipe for a drowsy repose.

Lisa was woken by Gen asking her to make some shapes with her mouth. Lisa's head felt slightly cold and she wondered why. An appreciative crowd starting to surround them. Someone had arrived out of breath with a small package and Lisa's glasses. Gen carefully held Lisa's eyes open as she popped the contact lenses in.

"That's fantastic", Sophia began, "I'm so jealous, next time I want to look like that. Say that you will do that for me Gen".

"She looks brilliant someone get a camera", Jillie added.

"How on earth did you come up with that?" another excited beautician said.

"Well she has a fantastic face and I thought what would Baron do if he was a woman?"

"Before we get a camera", Jet announced, "how about we give the princess of temptation here a look first?"

A mirror was brought and for a brief second Lisa thought it was some type of computer screen image. It hard to describe the feeling of looking into a mirror and seeing someone else look back. If this feeling had a name then this is the feeling Lisa was having now. "Its great!" Lisa said. Lisa's first true reaction was 'oh S**T what have they done to my hair! Her wonderful long hair had been slashed back to a near crew cut. To add insult to injury they had changed her color from her brunette chestnut brown to a platinum blonde. The severity of the change was almost shocking. The makeup was almost as radical. She looked both funkier and yet more experienced. The intensity of color looked like one of those radical looks you get from super models in magazines. There was a dark band of color over her eyes crossing the bridge of her nose. It was quite clever as it hid her nose and pushed attention back to her eyes. Her eyes were that much more intense. Lisa moved closer to the mirror and noticed the contact lenses had been tinted to turbo charge her natural blue. The only other color on he face was a strong blotch of blood red lipstick that stood behind layers of gloss. Lisa found it hard to stop looking at herself. She didn't approve of this her self but she was a nice enough person to admire the skill in it.

"The new face of seduction!" Jet declared dabbing some perfume behind Lisa's ears, it smelt warm but exotically alien.

"I love it, vibrant, insubordinate and just too cool to be believed", Sophia added.

The constant stream of praise wore away at Lisa's first reaction which was to grab a wet cloth and rub it all off. Looking at Sophia and Jet to reassured her, they had equally extreme mien by this stage. Her hands were released in time for her to have a second shock. They had taken her normal stubby nails and built up long extensions. They looked to be dipped in the same shiny blood red color of her lips. Her first reaction was 'how am I going to type in these'. "They're great!" Lisa said looking at the back of her hand as if she didn't know it.

"Now the tricky question of what to wear?" Jet declared, "come one we're late we must bustle".

She stood up in her dressing gown and made to the doorway. Everyone else including Lisa got up and followed. They took a different route until they got to a door marked 'staff only'. Jet took out a key and unlocked the door. Jet and her little band of followers pilled merrily through the door into a different world. They left the ash wood designer cool of Redemption to enter a far more industrial shop. Loud thrashing dance music blasted out from every corner. They walked along an upper level walk way looking down on the rows of club clothes below. The place looked busy full of people browsing the mostly black clothes. Rows and rows of metal shelves made from scaffolding filled the black walled space. Jet stopped and turned round, "This is Sanction the heart of your father's empire. One day all this will be yours!" Jet laughed slightly at her own joke. "Sorry couldn't resist that one!"

One of the punket assistants in huge platform shoes stood back from arranging the clothes and rushed up to Jet. They air kissed and then the assistant removed a rope from some of the changing rooms. Lisa went in with the assistant to one of the rooms. "You're Baron's daughter?"' the assistant asked excitedly. Lisa nodded. "Cool. You look fantastic you know. You going to the ball?"

Lisa nodded again, "er yeh I guess".

The chatty assistant carried on, "Don't worry the place gets quite busy the day of the ball. Everyone calls me Meme, your dad knows me. Well he should do he hired me. I just need to take some measurements." Meme took out a black tape measure with white markings and began taking all kinds of body measurements. The measurements were much more detailed than anyone had taken from Lisa before. Who needs to know the diameter of your thigh? During this process Lisa took her dressing gown off and hung it up. "That's good, Jet always gets something made up to her size. Your in good shape you know? I think I should be able to get something that'll fit right. Ill be back soon see ya." With that Meme left.

Lisa felt cold she looked around but noticed the dressing gown was gone. She was getting a bit nervous this didn't look like a party costume shop. It was at this point that Lisa realized that her clothes, shoes, hand bag and purse where back behind a locked door in the Sanctum.

Sophia came in unannounced. "Do you know what's happened to my clothes?" Lisa asked.

"I think I heard Jet telling someone to burn them. I think your bag is in the car. Its ok it's locked up", Sophia said.

"She's joking right?" Lisa said.

"Hard to tell with Jet she doesn't normally allow denim to touch the leather seats in the car. She's out there looking for something for you to put on, you could ask her yourself".

Sophia was also naked and stood there casually. If her makeup weren't so dense, Lisa would have blushed. She looked away trying not to stare at the piercing in Sophia's breast or stomach. Glancing another away she just caught another eye full in the full-length mirror. Relief from embarrassment came when something on a hanger and a bottle of something was passed in. "The lime green one is So's" a voice shouted.

Sophia hung the lime green dress up, sat down and started to sprinkle white talc from the bottle on her legs. This gave Lisa a second to look at the white dress she had been given. She held it up, it looked like a catsuit but it was completely white and made from an odd material. It took a second to realize this was made from a very thin form of rubber. "I'm not wearing this!" Lisa said in horror.

She looked down to see Sophia had already got her rubber dress halfway over her talc-covered legs. "Well if you don't you will be the only one who isn't. Hey Jet someone has got cold feet and needs some help!" Sophia sang out.

At this a small swarm of giggling women flooded the changing room and began to hold Lisa. They clearly thought it was all very funny. Lisa stood captive while talc was powdered on to her body, arms, legs and the feet and legs of the catsuit were pulled on. Others including Meme pulled a long pair of white opera gloves onto Lisa's arms. By the time Jet entered the little crowd of dresser minxes were trying to push Lisa's unwilling gloved hands into the suits armholes. "Now what's going on here? Lisa I don't think your father will be very pleased if you turn up to the Ball of the year dressed in jeans and a tee shirt."

Lisa was going to say 'but do you know what this is?' but stopped when she noticed that Jet was now wearing a black catsuit in a similar style. Lisa told herself it was just for one night, just a weird party dress. With less argument and less struggling, Meme and her cohort were able to pull the zip from her neck down her back to Lisa's crotch. Once sealed in the cold rubber it began to warm up slightly. Cloths were handed around and covered in some cool liquid. Jet helped Sophia while Jillie came to help Meme do Lisa. Soon a myriad of hands were wiping Lisa's flesh. Every square inch of Lisa's skin felt the intensive brush of the soft cloths. Lisa shivered nervously unwanted and yet arousing attention. Meme worked to remove any slight hint of winkle and stood up in triumph. When finished Meme turned to help Jet and Millie.

Lisa wondered if she should join in? She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. The catsuit hung to her every curve the polished flesh managed to sensuously reflect every halogen light in the room. From her ankle to her high collared neck Lisa was now wrapped in shiny white latex. The short sleeves created a small gap of skin just above the top of the opera gloves. This gap was repeated as a capsule shaped hole just above her small breasts. The words 'Panopticon' were written in large black letters vertically up her calf. Aside from that it was like being naked only slightly better. The rubber pulled and formed as much as it contained. Minor scars and skin blemishes buried under the smooth shine of rubber.

Jet looked at Lisa in the mirror. "Look at that. A nice simple catsuit, you can't beat the classics can you?"

"Are you sure that's not tailored?" Sophia enquired, "that looks fantastic on you".

"No it's just been sitting on the rack waiting for someone to get in," Meme insisted.

"You know what's best?'" Jet added.

Lisa looked back at Jet in the mirror and shook her head.

"Baron designed that. The whole Panopticon range is his. He will be so pleased".

Lisa looked back at herself in the mirror. "But it makes me look so fat!" Lisa said struggling to find something to object too.

"Nonsense this is the peek of your youthful perfection. You look wonderful you are the pinnacle of hypersexuality. I promise Steel will do nothing but lust after you all night." The other girls started to agree it appeared Steel had very specific tastes in fashion.

"How does it make you feel?" Jillie asked.

Lisa didn't know quite what they wanted to hear. With the hair and the makeup she looked utterly different. Somehow looking different made her feel different almost be a different person. 'Sexy' Lisa said in a theatrical way.

"Oh shit look at the time", Sophia announced. "'Ok quick everyone out we have a lot of treasure to collect".

Jet took Lisa and thrust her from the crowded changing room. They moved at a fast walking pace through the aisles of the store. As Lisa walked she noticed the heads of men popping up from behind the aisles and tracking her. Her reaction was to stand up straight and walk more powerfully. They passed into an area full of shoes. The shoes were all presented with the heel facing out. "Too small," Jet announced walking at full speed glancing at the length of the heels, "Too wide, too platforms uck, too porn star, too fussy, too elaborate, too cheap, too inane, boots better." The aisles changed from court shoes to high-heeled boots. Jet continued her lighting speed evaluation, "too Barby, too pretty woman, too, too well". She snapped up a pair of white below the knee boots with four-inch stiletto heels. She continued grabbing another pair of ankle length boots and ploughed into an open space near the middle. A thin young man with a shaven head and a thick apron and tight latex pants emerged.

Lisa was led to an elaborate medieval looking wooden chair. The shoe subordinate kneeled down in front of Lisa and ritually took the left twin of the boot from the tissue of a large white shoe-box. There was a wooden stool in place to take Lisa's foot. From here the shoe man took charge and began to massage Lisa's foot before sinking it into the boot.

"Hurry up scum she hasn't got all day", Jet insisted.

"Yes mistress", came the passive response from the bald lowered head. From around the store, people of all shapes sizes and dress codes tried to walk nonchalantly by the heel emporium to see what the fuss was about.

"Baron's idea to have a one stop shop for all your perve needs. Never thought I would see it come in useful though," Jet admitted.

While Jet talked, the shoe subordinate took Lisa's naked foot and plunged it into the white patent leather. The front of the toe was rounded with a small flat area for her sole. Her foot was swallowed leaving a small sloping platform for her heel. Once squeezed in the heel the shoe subordinate began to carefully wrap the rest of the boot up to her knee. He then quickly and efficiently began to feed the white lace up the hooks and eyes up the front of her lower leg. Soon Lisa felt her foot and leg confined within the boot's intense embrace. Lisa was surprised contrary to her expectation she didn't feel any pain from the near verticality of her foots pose.

Jillie whispered into Lisa's ear, "He likes people to be rude and unpleasant to him".

This both confused and soothed Lisa. It seemed odd for someone to have such a public desire and a relief that everyone else were not turning into monsters. The subordinate started work on Lisa's other slender foot. He spoke or mumbled as he worked; clearly he knew the innate anatomy of the foot. Later Lisa leant that he worked as a reflexologist. Lisa looked down, "Listen if I wanted a running commentary I'd turn to radio five. Now shut it and tie the laces tighter scum".

The subordinate looked down, "yes mistress".

If anything the exquisiteness of his work improved. When the lacing was finished he tied the remaining lace in large knot. As proof of his craft the length of the reaming lace was exactly balanced between left and right boots. Finally the top of the boot had a strap that he closed, the outer part of the strap was held in place with a small golden padlock at the back. While Lisa got to her feet he passed the keys to Jet who slipped them up her latex sleeve. Jet smiled, Lisa was not getting those off in a hurry.

The boots weren't as uncomfortable as Lisa had expected. She had always been a bit of a tomboy then at school found she was too smart for the ditzy pure pink girly crowd. On the stiletto heels she wobbled like Bambi for a moment. "I'm sorry", Lisa said to Jet, "the high heels are a bit of a new experience for me".

Jet was silent for a spit second. Lisa could have said I'm sorry this breathing lark is a bit of a new experience for me to the same effect.

"Excellent", Jet responded with a smile, "I'd prefer an honest virgin to someone who had clunked around in her bedroom for a bit. No bad habits to undo. Now this is quite simple". For a full ten minuets Lisa got the intensive lesson in how to walk again. Jet adjusted Lisa's posture then got her to do a few laps round the fitting area. Again the heels had done more than changed her body. They nurtured a new way of looking at the world. The additional inches to her height let her look down on others. It gave her a feeling of being by some means increasingly significant. The imposition of an upright position put a tension to her body that the latex skin exaggerated and sexualized. "Good head back a little further, excellent. Head up, heels vertical, stop mincing, good keep that up", Jet coached, "practice while we walk".

Jet turned and marched off towards another part of the store. Lisa shadowed Jet and was followed by her own personal wake of devotees. As Lisa left she noticed the shoe subordinate kneeling on the ground face to the floor. As she passed she pushed him over with her boot. "Thank you mistress", came a quite voice from the upturned tortoise. The shoe subordinate laid there a blissful smile perfectly cut onto his thin face. Lisa was enveloped in a ripple of approval, Baron could hardly have done better himself. Lisa's first few minutes in stilettos were hectic ones, as Jet passed a counter with jewellery she paused picked a couple of items out and held them next to Lisa. She passed over a few simple rings for bracelets. Sampled a dozen earrings and then decided on one simple pair. Lisa took them and pulled off the five hundred pound price tag. The earrings were small simple titanium disks each with a diamond in the middle. Jet grabbed a ring in a similar design with a similar price tag. She then pushed the ring over Lisa's gloved little finger.

Intoxicated by the smash and grab Lisa grabbed a couple more items on her own initiative. Again the attendants acknowledged Jet's presence and in there own way wished her well. Strangely Lisa saw she shared some of the same tastes in elegant nearly utilitarian design as Jet. Jet always picked the simplest most refined objects from the pool of over decorated trash, the kind Lisa would like but never have the nerve to afford. Jet stopped and stared at Lisa's face. "Pity we can't spend the time to get your nose pierced. Do you still feel big?" Lisa nodded sucking in her tummy; they dashed up the stairs and blew like a hurricane into a mezzanine level. The space was dark and sparingly lit. It was filled with severed torsos each under a single harsh spotlight. Each torso supported a different curve and curl. It took a second for Lisa to realise they had entered a small forest of corsets.

Jet called for the fitter. Soon a tall man, again bald but this time with tattoos on the side of his skull emerged from a workshop. He wore a thick leather apron over some rough black overalls. "Did you get the measurements?" Jet asked.

"Yes I did but you know I don't do off the peg ones. These..," he said looking at the trunks around him "...are just samples".

"Look this is Baron's daughter", Jet began, "you wouldn't want her to appear at the Ball in someone else's gear would you?"

"Well no", the corset maker admitted, "but all my work is designed to fit perfectly. My work has a reputation for long term wear".

"So if we can find something nearly right for just the night everything will be cool then?" Jet negotiated.

"Ok yes if you can find something nearly right."

"Right well we will try this one and if it fits I promise to get her back to have a proper one made". Jet's memory guided her through forest to one pure white one.

The corset maker looked at Lisa, "Are you really Baron's daughter?"

"Absolutely". Lisa said masking her own uncertainties.

"Well ok if its Baron's daughter".

Lisa was guided over to what looked like a ballet bar complete with mirror. The elegant display case was opened and the corset removed from its sanctum. The corset Jet had remembered was made from pearly white PVC. Lisa had to bend over slightly and grab the bar. The corset maker grabbed her body and felt her bone structure. Pleased he enveloped her torso in the stiff garment. Quickly he laced up her back and then began to work the strings like a puppet master. "On one breath in, on three breath out. One two three", he ordered.

Lisa breathed out when she took a breath again she felt the pressure of the corset stopping her inhale. The process repeated three more times. Each breath became more difficult. "We could stop here, or if you want I can take another inch off".

The small posse around her said nothing but were clearly excited. Lisa had been secretly fascinated by the idea of instant reshaping but never able to indulge. It was one of those things she had wanted to at least try ever since she had read the Biography of Byron's daughter Ada Love Lace. Lisa nodded and inhaled as best as she could. The corset maker pulled again with his terrific strength. He stopped there and began to wrap the remained of the long laces around her narrow middle. "Wear this for a week or two and come in for a fitting. With practice I could lace another couple of inches off you", he promised.

Lisa felt he must have been joking. "If you cut another inch off me I would split into two", she promised. The pressure to her lungs actually appeared to change the way she spoke. It was a side effect she had never quite expected. Lisa wanted to check herself out in the mirror. The corset had pulled her in making her silhouette much more curvaceous than before. The corset went up to her breasts and with the cups presence made more of her flattish breasts. The transformation was again curious she finally had a tapered waist. She wanted to put her hands on her hips in the manner of some comic book superheroine. The corset also acted like armour protecting her from the outside.

Before she could get used to her new form Lisa was whisked off again. Like Alice holding on to the red queens hand she was pulled past some larger padded coats. Jet grabbed one with a high stiff collar, narrow waist and stiff splayed skirt nearly reaching the ground. Lisa flung it on, tried the next size down and then flew past the tills and books near the exit.

Lisa was out on the street again while they were inside day had turned to night. Jillie pulled up in Jet's car and everyone piled in. Jet took the drivers seat and roared up the motorway back to the estate. As they got close Lisa could see the sky over the mansion glow. Jet slowed the car near the long queue at the entrance. As they did, Lisa spotted an old man arguing with the dark glassed security guards at the gate. As they passed, Lisa sank into her seat and covered her face from the bright spotlights. Jet drove up the gravel drive towards the deep pounding in the air before them. As they got out Jet panicked. "Tickets! Where are the tickets!"

There was a desperate hunt, the car was combed and finally the tickets found in the glove box. Already a carnival of clubbers were entering the hall. Each ticket was quite large, elaborate, embossed and folded. "Has anyone got a pen!" Jillie shouted. Lisa looked at Sophia who passed over a pen to Lisa. Jillie signed her ticked and handed the pen over to Lisa. Quickly Lisa signed her ticket and then passed it to the gorilla on the door. The ticket was put under a UV light to check its authenticity and the door opened.

Lisa was quite stunned in the change Baron's mansion had undergone, from foreboding to glamorous in one afternoon. The sleepy hollow of the morning had become a large complex throbbing palace of the senses. From behind Gen ran in after them. "Wait wait!" she shouted. Gen ran up to Lisa and opened a small pack she had brought with her. She pulled out a brush and immediately began to fix up Lisa's visage.

"I wish I had that kind of service", Sophia complained.

"Oh it's a special moment!" Gen replied.

Perfected they walked into the hall. Jet strode through the door and immediately relaxed. She looked up to see Baron coming down the stairs with Steel in attendance. Baron was dressed in a perfectly smooth black suit with what might be practically called a dog collar. His face lit up to see Jet.

"Jet, where's..?" he stopped when he caught Lisa unbuttoning her coat. "Oh my god is that you?" he pronounced in excruciated delight. "Shit you look fantastic!" he said. "Jet you must go shopping more often!"

"Don't worry I will", Jet promised.

Baron ran his eye over the sensual bombshell beneath the discarded coat. "Hey that cat suit..." Baron said in honest delight, "You know I designed it. What do you think of it?"

Lisa was on the spot, "Yes Jet said. It's really good, very lush."

Baron turned to Steel. "It looks really good on you. Hey Steel what do you think of my little girl?"

Steel had already filtered out every other body in the ball from his mind. Only he and Lisa were present. "Such a homecoming. Hope you had no problems getting through security? Everything signed on the dotted line?" he enquired.

"No no problems", Lisa stumbled lamely.

Baron saw Lisa's demeanour. "Steel why don't you take Lisa around for a tour".

"I'd be totally delighted", Steel said offering his hand.

Baron turned to Lisa, "Have a look around. After the party I hope you can stay a few days so we can get to know each other".

"I don't really have that much stuff with me", Lisa began.

"Nonsense I'm sure you and Jet can make a couple of more trips to the shops, all on me", Baron insisted.

"Well.." Lisa drifted off transfixed like a puppy dog with Steel.

Baron took Jet aside. "No problems I hope?" he added quietly.

"No, I'm just a bit sorry for the bitch. I was faintly getting to like her", Jet admitted.

"Jet my dear we are not in the business of liking people!" Baron reminded her.

Lisa wondered through the Ball with Steel. The whole place was like a huge film set waiting for someone to shout 'action'. The Ball was a strange attractor drawing every form of fun seeking freak. It was like a circus of the senses some gorgeous some grotesque, all released by a sense of being not alone. Lisa had tried to get the dirt on Steel. Meme had indicated he had no actual girl friend at the moment. Sophia had intermitted that she should 'get down' quickly with Steel to claim the ground. After that hold out as long as possible as after the second intermission Steel was likely to lose interest and move on. It's a bit like holding your breath, eventually you give in or you pass out trying.

Lisa had grooved by some of the six dance tents with Steel. He was quite an elegant mover and he had been quite kind on her amateur jitters. The thin second latex skin did have the property that the hotter she got the sexier she felt. They had moved back to the more VIP areas of the house to calm down and rest Lisa's feet. Lisa's conversation with Steel had been fragmented by people approaching her and generally showering her with complements or identifying their link with Baron. Steel indicated the wide flight of stairs leading down into the basement. "Down here we train the ponies like to have a look?"

"Sure. Hey why do you train ponies underground?" Lisa said in a slight haze. Lisa looked down at the staircase. Jet's advice was to avoid downward staircases in those heels. Steel noticing her dilemma effortlessly grabbed her waist and lifted her down the short flight.

They continued down a stone corridor. "We call this the inner sanctum", Steel said pointing at the large rivet iron doors.

"What do you do in there?" Lisa said spotting an opportunity for a quite sit down.

"Why not come in and find out!" Steel tempted opening the door and standing inside. Lisa hesitated for a second. She knew very little about the guy and this was a very dangerous thing for her to do. Lisa had the feeling that Steel knew it too. Lisa crept through door Steel had opened for her. The room was lit with shadows and hard for her to make out what it contained. Steel grabbed her hand Lisa felt a slight flow of electricity at the touch as he expertly bent it round. Lisa pulled her hand away and could not snap it free from his grasp. She felt something snap around her wrist. There was a struggle for her free hand but Steel over came that too.

"What! Get off!" Lisa gasped.

Steel let go long enough for Lisa to realise that both hands were now attached to each other behind her back.

"What are you doing!" Lisa demanded pulling at the handcuffs.

Steel laughed, "Oh I think the question is what are you doing? You see we know you have been a naughty girl. We have found you out".

"What? Crap, no, how?" Lisa protested.

"We found the naff jump suit in your bags sister. We know your just trying to sneak in. So don't try to come the innocent with me". Steel unveiled.

"Listen I can explain alright!" Before Lisa could say any more Steel produced a narrow band with a ball attached to it. He pushed the gag between her glossy blood red lips and pulled the straps around the back of her head. Lisa panicked and tired to pull away and escape towards the door. Steel smiled and effortlessly picked her up. Ignoring her flailing legs, he dumped her chest down on to a large steel table.

"Yes sister your guilty as hell. Now we don't like wire runners here and you know what I don't like the way you tried to scam your way past Baron like that. You have been a very naughty girl and for that your going to pay."

Lisa was forced to lie chest down on the table. Her hips went over the edge and let her high heels reach the ground. He grabbed a leather ring from the far side of the table and tied it like a dog collar around her neck. Head fixed roughly in place he bent down and produced similar but smaller collars for her ankles. He tested the bonds, her legs were spread straight in a perfect A shape with her bottom at the apex. Her stomach, chest and head were laid out on the table with her hands on her back. Steel put his head on the table next to hers so she could perceive nothing else. Her ear and cheek could feel the cold chill of the metal table surface.

Steels blue eyes bore into hers, he smiled and spoke softly. "I've seen some scams in my time but nothing quite as despicable as persuading someone that they had a daughter in order to get into a gig. You managed to do something quite new. Create a new low of how desperate someone was to get in here. You've lowered the bar for everyone else now. To that end I have decided to craft the most elaborate series of punishments for you. I should be grateful really, your crime has liberated the chastity muse for me. I've been most inspired by your devilishness." Steel moved a little closer intimidating her with his intimacy. "I am going to punish you and train you at the same time. I'm going to grind you down, bit by bit, persistently pushing day and night. I am going to be exceptionally strict with you. The tinniest of infractions to my rules will result in the most terrible of sanctions, I promise." Steel was clearly a man in his element. As he spoke he took a finger and lightly trailed it down her back. The thin rubber cat suit transmitted every sensation even the slight heat of his finger.

"I will be relentlessness made manifest for you. When I am finished with you there is no humiliation you will not have born for me. There is no faction of your flesh that will not suffer my sanction. Then when I have made you again in the image of my compliance. When all you will be capable of will be to obey my will, then I will cast you out of this paradise. For the only true punishment is the endless void of empty regret."

Lisa mind was racing, all parts of her mind fired without co-ordination. She was scared and frightened by this change in Steel's demeanour. She was feeling lost and hopeless, bound in this provocative and defenceless position. Surrounded by a sea of strangers and beyond them high fences she had little hope of escape. Beside the reptilian brain her higher brain kept nagging that imprisonment was illegal he must be lying. Another part of her wanted to reach out and kiss him to subsume herself in the moment. Another part of herself was repelled at her falling for such forcible seduction.

Steel rolled on to his back and held himself up on his elbows. "Now I bet your wondering. Hey he can't do this when I get out I'll get the law on him".

Lisa felt abruptly more naked more transparent than before.

"Well that's were your wrong. This", he said lifting up the ticket and folding it out, "is a contract everyone signs to. We had so many problems that Baron had the idea of making sure we had written consent. If you try to take this to court, you will have to explain what you were doing accidentally coming in this hellhole missy. You are in a free fire zone get me?"

As the future exits snapped shut she felt up to her neck in solid panic. Lisa struggled at her ties looking for a way. Steel saw something in her body language and pull her gag away. "When Baron finds out he'll stop all this!" Lisa spat.

"My dear who do you think ordered all this?"

"But he's my father!" Lisa whispered in disbelief.

"Look you've been found out. I know Baron is not your real father' Steel revealed like a barrister pouncing in a courtroom drama.

"He is my father, he's always been my real father and he will always be my father!" Lisa said defiantly.

Steel knew a pivot when he saw one. What did the proverb say? Give me a pivot and a long enough lever and I will move the world. He let the gag go and it slammed back into Lisa's mouth. "Baron is not your father," Steel repeated his tone was of someone who was not used to being gainsaid.

Lisa shook her head.

Steel went over to the wall. The room had a plain cold concrete floor. The walls far from the central light, were dim and indistinct. They were lined with utilitarian metal office cupboards. Steel opened one looked for a second and removed a simple riding cane. He tested it on his hand, it delivered a strong whistling blow. Steel returned to Lisa he used the tip to explore her presented ass. She felt the narrow stiff probe as if on her bare skin. As the tip made its trail Lisa's breathing stepped up to a pant. She complained and pleaded through the gag.

"Baron is not your father" Steel announced clinically.

Lisa shook her head.

Steel put the side of the crop against Lisa's latex clad flesh. "Do you a deal, confess to the Baron you are not his little lost daughter and I'll stop".

Lisa shook her head. Lisa felt the crop move back and she whimpered and clenched her ass in anticipation. There was a dramatic pause then a whoosh. The blow was delivered expertly to her rear. Lisa flinched as if accidentally sitting down on a long thin redhot bar. The initial pain was doubled by the stroke's embers spreading like quick silver over her ass. Steel looked at the inferno in her eyes.

"Do you want me to continue?"

Lisa shook her head vigourously.

"Now is Baron you father?"

The question was answered by an equally vigourous shake.

"You wicked bitch." He whacked her again. With each blow the pain spread out until it touched her clit. Steel stopped and slowly bent down. He reached to her crotch zip and opened her up like a ripe banana. A fog of a foul stench emerged, a mixture of sweat and desperation. Steel inhaled as if he smelled the first cup of fresh coffee in the morning. Lisa writhed, she was covered from head to foot in rubber and the only part of her that was exposed was the only part she wanted covered. Steel moved his nose just touching her mount. "Hmm", he said approvingly, "you can smell the salty sea from here. Keep this up and you know you just might convince me you are Baron's spawn".

Steel was right she was just a little wet and more than a little turned on. Steel turned on Lisa again, "Now I'm going to show you what you gave up". As he spoke, he moved his finger again over her bare naked flesh. Lisa could feel herself still melt at this play. Callously Steel stood up and moved away. He pulled a hospital screen aside to reveal a metal door. With a heave, he opened the door to reveal a grid of men all dressed in black rubber with hoods all kneeling motionless on the ground. At a signal the men filled the chamber and surrounded Lisa. Lisa froze in anticipation of what they might do. Steel gave a signal and each of the hooded men bent over to her body. Each man had the same hood, no holes for ears or eyes. There was only one gap in each mask, for the mouth.

Within a second Lisa could feel a dozen lips trying to kiss every inch of her body. Some strong hands held her so they could peck their patch of flesh. Wave after wave of kisses fluttered over her body. Tongues played over her fingers, her arms, legs, thighs, back shoulders, bottom and feet. Every inch of her anatomy became galvanised by this methodical passion. The spur of the smooching became blended with the remainder of the sting of the spanking. The sting and the euphoria combined and recombined producing a sensation that was richer and more potent than either of the parts.

Steel released a catch that held a door in the table. It opened at just the space near her breasts and they sagged down into the space. Another hooded mouth was guided to the stiff nipples pushing against the thin latex. This one started to play with one taught fragment of personal flesh and then the other. This tongue started to alternatively lick and then nip at each tip in turn. Steel's face arrived up in front of Lisa's face again. She wanted to lean forward and bite him or possibly kiss him. "You see what you as the princess of this domain could have had", Steel promised. "I have a little gift for you".

Steel placed a strange metal object on the table in front of her. Lisa had no idea to its true purpose. It gleamed like a little organic sculpture, at intervals rings of strongly colored glass was inlayed in the metal. It began conically like a mechanical carrot. Near the top it curved to reduced to a stem. Like a wine glass the stem then broadened into a near flat disk. In the centre of the disk sat a hemisphere that looked like it had been cut in two. The parts had been moved apart and a small crystal like a ruby was held between the hemispheres. "This is a beginners size, over time I'm going to use ever wider ones until you are big enough for me", Steel promised. Lisa was still clueless to what he was on about and it was with profound shock when she guessed. The idea froze her mind to one pensive solid. Steel further unzipped her crotch zip. Lisa could then feel some cold cream or grease being generously applied to her hole.

She felt the rounded blunt point of the cold metal being rubbed around her ring. The wave of kissing began again and was accompanied by the soft steady pressure of the metal rod pushing up inside her. Lisa tried to hold her self in but it was futile against the strength Steel could use. She could feel the butt plug move both in and around. The width of the ring grew forcing her more open. While he worked, Steel lent over her back and began whispering into her ear. "From now on you will have to ask permission to go. Be nice or might not grant it. You know, I see you spending some of your penitence time as a Ponygirl. A huge plug up your ass much bigger than this one." He promised. "I see you with a long black tail emerging from your plug. Nothing discreet, something that reminds everyone else and you of your wickedness. I can see you now swinging your tail from side to side while you walk. Every step you take with this thing will remind you of who know owns you. A little internal reminder of your status as my carnal possession. Now stop trying to resist and let me in".

As he spoke he pushed up into Lisa relentlessly. The waves of kissing over her combined with the pressure he applied periodically like the sea breaking on her beach. She could feel the cool metal reach inside her and push her ring painfully apart. The gag made her begin to pant at his attentions. Steel took his gloved finger and ran it over her mount. He first smelt then licked the salty solution. He took another finger full to rub on her as more lubricant to his infernal drilling. The pressure to stop herself from being invaded managed to further engorge herself. Lisa could feel herself getting very close. At his signal the tit bites became more painful and a new heavier hand began to slap a paddle against her bottom.

Steel bent down, "You have been a very naughty girl. Now are you going to admit you are not Baron's daughter?"

Lisa shook her head as much as she could under the weight of flesh around her. Steel saw the look of falling on her.

"You wicked like bitch. I'll teach you to enjoy yourself without permission", he promised.

He pulled the gag out and instantly replaced it with a more cylindrical one. This one made from leather held her mouth further open. The core was hollow at the front. Steel pulled one of the hooded drones kissing her neck and stood him up. Lisa saw that this one had his hands tied behind his back. Steel unlocked a fly on the drone's thick rubber trousers. With a few lashes of the crop the drone's dick was stiff and expectantly erect. Steel placed a block around Lisa's head. This forced her head in a forward facing position. Mouth forced wide open Steel docked the tip of the man's head with the ring of hollow gag.

"Ever done this before?" Steel asked. From the way Lisa writhed he read it as a no.

"Don't worry you'll get used to it. Soon you won't need these training wheels. When I'm finished with you this is the least service you will provide".

The hooded drone now ran his member into Lisa's open red orifice and began to shuttle his cock in time with the loud dance thud with began to penetrate the space. Steel sat back into a straight back chair in the half gloom. As he did she saw the figure of Sophia sit up and come to kneel beside him. Steel open his legs while keeping his eyes firmly fixed on Lisa's growing panic. Sophia opened his fly with her teeth and then began to lick and play with his member. He didn't need much encouragement to harden up. The dance music outside boosted its tempo and beat. The whole room became synchronised to it's throb. "Come bitch come", Steel ordered looking at Lisa.

From her kneeling position, Sophia's eyes wondered over to Lisa. Lisa wasn't stupid she realised that Sophia was playing the part of Lisa's future submissive self. Lisa couldn't help but project her self into Sophia's place, subjecting herself to Steel's every service, adoring and having nothing but scorn in return. She would expect nothing to be reciprocated, the more the imbalance the more she would devote her self to him. It was both acutely repulsive and outlandishly alluring. Like being caught in the oncoming headlights of a fast moving truck. She was mesmerised by the whole terrible prospect. At Steel's signal, one lucky hooded rubber drone began to move towards Lisa's clit. This was it. Sophia hung her head back dribbling Steels semen from her pouting cherry lips. Sophia had her latex opera glove up her own rubber skirt. From the vacant look on her eyes, she was enjoying this pinnacle too.

Lisa could feel her skin begin to burn up. She felt the plug knock through to her clit and feel her self start to come. The tingling in her clit began to flow out joining with the pain in her ass, her legs for a brief moment she felt her whole skin engage in one dizzy orgasm. For a split second she could feel everything and it felt glorious her own personal internal sunrise. She screamed into the gag like she had done when doing her first parachute jump.

There was a loud desperate knock on the metal door from the outside. "Steel open up its me", Baron shouted.

At that moment the spell was broken. "What the..." Steel sat up clearly annoyed at Barons untimely interruption. This was against all the rules. Steel leapt up and reluctantly undid the lock. The rubber hooded drones exhausted by the scene fell back. Lights came on as the disco of flesh ended. Steel peeked his eyes round the door into the harsh bright corridors light.

"Steel this is Mr Mitchel, he's looking for his daughter Lisa. I promised him he could look any where in the gig including the inner sanctum", Baron quickly began. With Baron was a man with a small beard concentrated near his chin. There was a splattering of stiff white hairs near the edge of this beard. Above his head he had a large smooth bald patch that reached to the apex of his head. His dark brown sorrowful eyes where topped by large eyebrows that where beginning to sport long white mutant hairs. Mr Mitchel produced a family photo with a nineteen year old girl grinning from the middle of a full sofa.

"Have you seen this girl?" Mr Mitchel asked Steel.

Baron jumped in before Steel could respond. "I told Mr Mitchel that this might be that girl that turned up this morning. It looks like the story she told us, you know, might be true. I've promised that he could see all over our facility, open access".

Mr Mitchel moved over the crowd around Lisa. With the spell broken the rubber clad worshipers had started to drift back to the party. Mr Mitchel tried to stop all of them showing each the photograph in turn. Eventually only Lisa was left still attached to the table. Steel came over and undid her bonds, she stood up waiting to face the music. There was a slight pause and the old man came up to her. "I'm sorry to interrupt what ever it was that was going on miss but I'm looking for my daughter."

Lisa stared into her dads face. There was no light of recognition in his face. He produced his photograph. "Have you seen this girl?" he asked.

Lisa looked at the photograph for a second. It was at her birthday party before dad and mum had taken her aside to tell her the truth. Her hair, cloths and the ton of make up had created the perfect disguise. In her stiletto boots she was almost at eye level with her dad for the first time. She saw a worried old man. Lisa paused and shook her head. "No sorry I haven't seen her" she said.

The old man tilted his head in resignation. "Thanks", he said taking the photograph back and wondering off.

Baron walked over to Lisa and took her hands. "Sorry", he said, "I'll understand if you want to leave. Won't say I wasn't excited when you turned up. And I will sleep with the regret of what might have been from now on. But if you want to go then that's entirely understandable".

Lisa looked at Baron, with her heels she was nearly on an eye line with him. "Well the party has only just started and it wouldn't be a real party with out a family fight", Lisa comforted. Steel was at the door looking down the corridor at the figure of the determined father accosting everyone he could. He smiled as Lisa spoke. "Will he be alright?" Lisa said to Baron glancing in the direction of her real father.

"Him? He'll be all right leave that too me", Baron promised he turned and walked to the door. "Don't miss the bullfight in ring C starts at one. Oh and Vector a playing at two I will expect to see you there!" Baron reached the door and turned round. "Ok and in case anyone asks what do I call you?" Baron asked.

Lisa paused for a second, "Lilly" she said blankly.

"See you later Lilly."

Lisa put a handcuff round her wrist and waved it at Steel. "I thought you were going to show me how this worked", she said with a smirk.

Later Baron and Mr Mitchel sat on some old stone steps. Baron was tired, the kind of tiredness you get when you think you might be just a little to old for something so self destructive. "So no luck then?" Baron quizzed in a friendly manner while he pulled the head set from this ear.

"No." Mr Mitchel said, "Thanks for letting me look around though".

"No problem, my pleasure", Baron took a swig from a bottle and wished he had stuck to the orange juice he got for Mitchel.

"Only a parent would know this kind of panic. You a father yourself?" he asked.

Baron hesitated for a second, "I am actually".

"Then you will know what its like to lose a daughter".

"I've never lost a daughter, mislaid one once but never actually lost. You never lose them for good though do you?"

"I don't get you", Mitchel added.

"Well the worse that can happen is that they become a woman." Baron's eye was caught by the shape of Lisa's cat suit dancing in the distance with Steel.


"Look what makes you so certain she was here?" Baron changed the subject.

"Well we have neighbours Mark and Dorrine. Their girl is a good friend of Lisa's and she's just gone to college. They don't have a computer and they ask if I would keep an eye on their Jemma's journal. She has it on the Internet you know. Well there were these entries in it about a friend who had just turned up".

Baron nodded prodding the conversation along.

"It didn't mention a name but said she was smart, curious, inquisitive. Sounded just like our Lisa".

"Ahh well there you go. Did she mention the friend by name?" Baron asked.

"No. Just said she had borrowed some clothes from Jemma to try and get in to this party".

"Well there you go. Smart, curious, inquisitive could have as well been a description of my daughter".

"Really?" Asked Mr Mitchel in a slight tired surprise.


"So where is this girl of yours now?"

"Well I thought she is in a village outside Putatan helping build a water project". Baron looked at the worn photograph.

"Well then the kind of girl who is going to help build a water project in Putatan isn't going to come to a party like this. I'm sure she's there but having problems contacting you", Baron reassured him.

"I guess your right", said Mr Mitchel.

Mean while Baron was lost in thought looking at the faces in the crowd. His mind had become stuck like a vinyl record jumping at track again and again. 'I went to the sperm bank more than once. I wonder how many more are out there?'

A few days later Mr Mitchel found an email on his computer. "Sorry its taken so long to email, found an internet cafe in a near by town but a bit of a trek to get here. Locals very friendly but strange primative customs. The water project going to take longer than I thought. Everyone very nice and should have no problems living off my cash for a bit longer. Well send more when I can. See you closer to term time. Got to go electricity about to be shut off. Love Lisa."


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