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Barbara the Batgirl

by Reblatex

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© Copyright 2005 - Reblatex - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; transform; magic; vampire; nc; X

Barbara was a young woman, more or less 27 years old blonde with a body over the average due to her profession. She was an assassin, and she had to stay in a good shape, or she could loose her life.

That night, she felt a strange sensation on her spine, when she received a encrypted message from her guild, the Gordon’s daughters. She was not sure about her duty, but she had to obey. The alternative was death.

She arrived silently near the building, an old big house with a big garden all around. The old owner had vanished in strange circumstances, and the new one was a sorceress that was more a legend that a real person. She never left the house, and her maids were strange and quite frightening, all covered in shiny rubber or plastic. She was a very rich one, if she could afford such a suit for all her maids. In Bondia the more someone is restrained and latexed, the more she is rich or worked for someone rich. Well, looking at the outfits, the sorceress was horribly rich.

“Well, now the best part, or how to enter in the house…” thought Barbara, her slim body covered in matt black rubber from head to toe. Only her lower face was uncovered, because her eyes were masked.

She looked that no one was near to see or hear her, and she jumped on the wall and then in the garden, where she ran very quickly to a bush.

She sighed, now quite sure that if no fireballs, or traps or other strange things were happening, it seemed that the sorceress hadn’t put anything to protect her. She looked at a particular window on the first floor. It was the target room, and she was still awake, the candle light making the silhouette of the woman tremble.

“Go to sleep, my dear… I want to kill you during one of your dreams…” she whispered

She waited patiently for a while, well hidden also when two maids shuffled slowly around the house for a control walk. They were completely immobilised in a dark rubber straitjacket, their tight hobble skirt showing perfectly the high heel boots that were padlocked at their legs. The heads were in a rubber vice made like a faceless ovoid, not showing nothing of their features.

“How they can breath or see?” she thought, intrigued, and looking to them she started to feel a strange itch in her crotch. “Stop dreaming and do what you have to do!” she shouted mentally to herself.

Finally the light in the room vanished. Barbara waited some time, then, sure that her target was sleeping, she moved to the house, and with short steel claws sewed in her fingers and feet she climbed without any problem up the rock surface of the wall, arriving directly at the glass windows. The assassin looked inside, behind the thick curtains that were fogging all the internal, but she recognised a big bed, a wardrobe and a make-up table with a chair and a sofa. She moved a little iron lamella on the windows lock, and it opened without noise.

“Good work. I love when they greased all the systems…” she smiled entering in the room and grabbing a knife hidden in her right boot.

“Good night!” she whispered pushing the weapon blade on the figure under the bed sheets.

The figure disappeared in a thick puff of black smoke, and a sudden light blinded her.

“What the hells is hap…” she couldn’t finish the sentence, something big hit in her head and she passed out.

When she awoke, she was tied to a black marble altar, facing the ceiling. Her wrists and ankles were tied with thick rubber bands to the four sides of the altar, and her body was completely naked. Her mouth were stretched over a big rubber ball that left her drooling like a baby.

“Mmmmghhh! Mmmmmmhhh! Bbbbbllllhhhggg!” she tried to scream.

“Oh, my dear, you finally are awake! I thought that my slave hit you with too much strength.” Said a soft, deep voice. A plastic masked woman was standing near her left foot, only her eyes visible under the shiny costume. She was the sorceress, her clothes were self-explaining. “I know who you are, and why you are here, and also who payed for your services… me!”

“Mhhhhgg! Mmmmm!” Barbara widened her eyes, not believing her words.

“Please kill the sorceress named Countess. She lives in a old house near Bondia. For the service I will pay, when I will have her heart in my hands, the price you decide.” said laughing the sorceress, repeating perfectly the text of the letter she received. “I want you, my love. You will be perfect for my plans, and you will be the last one of my special slaves…”

“Gnnnnnooo!” she screamed, looking at the strange black glow that appeared over her belly button.

“Yessss!” shouted the woman when the blinding darkness disappeared in Barbara body, arching it like a bow.

The girl stayed immobile, her breath rushing in and out her nostrils but more and more faint, until she looked like she was sleeping quietly.

“Untie her!” the Countess said to her maids, than quickly as they could with rubber mittened hands, freed the girl and transported her, using a carriage, to her house, and in her bedroom.

Barbara awoke crying, and immediately moved on to the floor and looked around, ready to fight. No one in the room. She touched her body, still naked, searching for some sign of the spell the sorceress did to her.

“Maybe it was only a horrible nightmare…” she thought. “I’m in my room, and no one is in it. But this is a bad presentiment…”

She looked out of the windows, and started to tremble. It was quite near dawn, and in the road the Countess was smiling at her and waving her hand. She closed the windows and started to cry, hiding her eyes in her gloved hands.

“What?” she gasped, looking at the black rubber that was quickly moving from her hands to her arms and body, encasing her like a second skin that was thickening all over her. Her arms were moving against her will behind her back, and a tight armbinder started to grow and encasing her already restrained limbs, until her elbows were touching and her hands were immobile, her palms were touching each other. 

“No! I don’t want... I don’t want to be restrainnn! Gnnnoooo! I dddhoonnn wwwwnnnt!” she screamed with her mouth now held open from a big hard rubber ring gag that appeared suddenly. From it a mask started to spread all over her head, enclosing her face, nose, eyes and ears. Only her hair was free, but twisted in a braid that was attached to her steel rubber lined neck corset. She could see in black and white, and she discovered that she was completely deaf, and she was seeing the room with her mind, not with her now sealed eyes, also if she, looking in her mirror, had the same face as before, only rubberised. 

Two false plastic eyes were looking in the nothing. She wanted to cry, but she discovered she couldn’t, and she was frightened to see what was happening to her body. Her feet were encased in calf-high ballerina boots, and from her shoulders two big bat wings started to grow until they arrived to be very heavy on her body. Her face changed as well, because the rubber grew covering her gag and reshaping the whole lower face in a beautiful one, long teeth protruding from her mouth sides like a true vampire. She looked like a rubber monster, but a so beautiful one that she hoped to have her hands free to touch herself and bring her to pleasure.

“Whhhhhhthh?” she whined, frightened by the sudden sorceress apparition on her room.

“Just a little spell, my love… As you can see, you are now a monster, a vampire made in rubber and can live only if in the rubber and not at the sun.”

Whhhhiiiii?” she moved with mincing steps near the Countess, who caressed her rubber cheek.

“Why? I wanted you, and you want to be in rubber, isn’t it?

Barbara shook her head.

“My, my, don’t lie to me, I can feel everything that happens to you with this suit on, and you are sooooo aroused right now…” she smiled.

“Mmmmmghh! Mmmm… Mmmm…Mmmm!” she sobbed.

“But you haven’t need to worry. My curse can be broken!” said the sorceress. “You have to find a person that could love you as you are, latexed, masked and gagged, and obviously, vampire…” she giggled, then moved her gloved hand and the wings closed over Barbara body, encasing her like a body bag and stealing her all movement, because the legs also were sheathed like a perfect hobble skirt. She fell on the floor, but without any pain, and she quickly was taken by a deep sleep, like the true vampire when the sun is rising.

“Come on, my dear slaves, bring her to my castle, her crypt is waiting her, and her little slaves also. I will be very happy to design all the suits for them, and see if she could learn to sleep upside down…” she said, smiling evilly.


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